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Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) 1.0.7
🚀🚀🚀"Speed Cleaner (Boost &Clean)”🚀🚀🚀The smallest phone cleaner, ram booster, game booster, junk filecleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster, battery optimizer and appmanager for your Android phones or tablet. Best New keep your phoneFaster App!☝️ Your device has become laggy and freezes all the time?☝️ Your battery has started draining quicker than ever?☝️ Your device overheats and needs to cool down?☝️ Your game freezes and drives you crazy?👍 Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the perfect solution to allthose problems. It is the only phone booster you need!⚡NO.1 optimization app in the world⚡Speed Cleaner (Boost & Clean) is the world's smallest andfastest Booster, able to boost your phone with just ONE tap. Withthe advanced process monitoring technique it can intelligentlyclean background processes, stop stealthy running apps. It canboost the speed of your phone by up to 60 percent!⚡Boost your games and apps⚡If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphone getsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearing cache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, or registrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fast solutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore about how toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the long andtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything going stepby step!⚡Our app will take care of everything⚡Making all memory clean steps required to bring back the speed ofyour device as when it was brand new or even better than when youturn it on for the first time! Other booster apps just clean thecaché of temporary files; this improves your phone but not at themaximum speed as making a deep cleaning! Be aware of otherspeedbooster free applications that only have virus and make theproblem worst; try our Speed Cleaner and begin to enjoy thebenefits!⚡Stop apps in 1 tap.⚡If your Battery is Draining Quicker, your Device Become Laggy,Freezes All the Time and it Overheats when Running Apps; it’s Timeto Take Care of It Before it Turns into a Turtle Phone! Restoreyour Device’s Health with Speed Cleaner for Free NOW!!!⚡Easy to Use⚡Easy to use, without complicated terms and different screens toactivate a wide variety of functions. Thanks to the integration ofa user friendly and intuitive interface, thinking in people thatare not aware of all those tricky terms, we made it really simple.Just tap the clean button and that’s it! Our master cleaning appwill get the job done without needing to wait for centuries orclicking on different dialog screens.Highlights:🚀 1 Tap Boost to optimize directly from your homescreen.🚀 A single touch to speed up your devices.🚀 Extremely Powerful Tool.🚀 Colourful and Friendly User Interface.🚀 Fast, compact and efficient with low memory.🚀 Low Space Needed to Install.🚀 Advanced Monitoring System.🚀 You can add frequently-used apps to your whitelist.🚀 Totally free from Ads and clutter.An Innovative Memory Cleaner and Speed Booster for Tablets and AllAndroid Devices is Here! Download NOW for FREE