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Background Eraser 1.02
Now change picture background easy way by using background Eraser.Now you can edit any picture with much easy without any effort. Forthis you have only select picture from gallery and add it inbackground eraser and use selection tool and select picture anderase background and add any frame or background. For selection youcan use magic tool or cut tool to use advance option. This app forthose who are found of picture and making memo for life. FeaturesCan do and undo Easy to use Nice way of selectionNice HD view
Big City Taxi Drive Simulation 1.02
Drive the taxi in big city with your powerfulskill and enjoy. Run the taxi through the long and beautifulbuildings. Take the passengers from road cross parking and shift itin time to the entire target. Take the passengers from parking androad sides and run the taxi to chase the target according to thepassengers location. Drive the taxi and enjoy its outstandingdrifts on the road and wide turns. Drive with great speed and longdrifts with skill. Drive with both staring and direction control asyou wish. Nice and easy realistic control to drive. Game with multilevels with more interest and fun as level complete find goodresponse from passengers. After picking the traveler follow the mapand reach the location in time. Do not waste time or go in wrongdirection just follow the map it help you lot. You drive taxithrough under pass and narrow streets of city feelings amazingstunts when pass high bridge and cross roads.Features;Beautiful city with lovely graphicsNice music and song optionEasy level modeSupport all android mobile and tabletCan change setting in play modeNice control to enjoyPick and drop the riderCrazy drive on roadNice traffic on road sharpen edge of roadsNice camera view to playNice and high buildings and cityHD roads and scenes
Delivery Mountain Truck Driver 1.1
Enjoy the mountain truck drive, deliver the goods on time.Hurry!!!.Delivery mountain truck driver a new goods delivery game.Which have required much driving skill. You are army truck driverand you have given a task to deliver the goods over the mountainsin time and safely. Now its your skill to how you achieve this taskin time. Many peoples have been failed in this task due to his poordriving. Now it’s depends on you how you fill this task with yourbest efforts and skills. You have given most powerful truck it canmove easily on rough roads. There are different kind of hurdles andups and down on the roads avoid from these hurdles move quickly andsafely so that you can complete the task in time and get the nexttask and level. Which is fully new challenge more attractive andchallenging for conquers.You have given twenty these kind of taskaccording to your interest with different types of goods andpowerful trucks and roads. So move a ahead take your first steprace up the truck and move up to your target and complete thechallenge as a challenging people. Move on deadly mountains fromone mountain to other throw roughly roads and curves and deepmountain forest. Achieve the target and got the promotion and getyour reward form army officer.This is a game for those who want toachieve every task and challenge that have come across them. Sodownload and enjoy this beautiful and challenging game.*How to playPush up the race button to accelerate the truck and got a speed asyou can mange.Middle button a break button use when ever yourequired.Left is move backward as you move wrongly you can moveback and can change your direction easily.Tilt your mobile andhandle the truck easily with your good skills.*FeatuersNice andeasy control.Nice 3d graphics and truckGood use of hurdles onroads.Nice mountains to see with green and lovely forest.Good anddifferent kind of music to listen.Twenty different kind oftask.Different types of truck.Really realistic and challenging gamefor everyone. This is a adventures game so download it andenjoy.Thanks If you want to give any feed back email me. I amwaiting to your suggestions.
Rush Roller Coaster 1.0
Get ready to ride on new roller coaster through the city with HDgraphics.Ride on rush roller coaster and run it through city parkand see the beautiful moment over the top. Play it with friend andhimself to enjoy and touch the sky and drift through the city andover the building and landscape. Ride on rush roller coaster andovercome the fear and making the other wonder. When you go downenjoy the pulling air effect and feel the nature. As the speedincrease do not need to worry and scare time be little and soonovercome because on moving up speed go down and time to relax andenjoy. Spend more and more time and enjoy the excitement. Get morescore as you ride more time. Features Nice 3d graphics. Nice cityenvironment. Nice top city view and capture moment. Lots of fun andjoke moments.
Traffic Girl Rider 2016 1.0
get ready to run a race in traffic with girl friend. Traffic GirlRider 2016 is an interesting new game in bike racing. Girlalongside with his boy friend dominate the racing track with herunique and fastest motorbike. It is not easy to ride throughbecause you need to maintain speed in the crowded track. Overtakecars, trucks and other bikes to win the game. You also need tocollect coin comes in your way to increase your score card. If youare a rider you will definitely love to play this game. It containsall you need in a motorbike racing. So install Traffic Girl Rider2016 now and enjoy endless fun on your device. Game Features:3unique and endless environments3 Exciting motorbikes to choose fromReal sounds effects for bikesEndless game play. Day and night viewHow to Play?Tilt to steer the bike and go as fast as you can.Support:Spirit fighters believe in developing quality games andwaiting for your reviews. Feel free to contact us about any query.
Helicopter Air Gunship Battle 1.0
Helicopter air battle a new exciting action war game.Helicopter airbattle a new exciting war game. Enemy air force has been attackedon you and they have try to demolish you with his full poweroriented jets and gunship helicopters. Now it’s your strategy tohow to over come with them. They are strong in number and weapons.They have try to occupy to your land and destroy you. They throwbombs rockets and speed up air craft weapons. You have to avoid tothere bomb’s rockets and destroy them with his new technical mindand plan. Do not allow to enter to any enemy air craft to enter toyour area. They can come from different sides to attack on you. Somove intelligently forward and attack on them bravely. As you moveforward you are awarded with different powers and weapons. So noneed to worry from enemy attack move forward destroy enemy base andhelicopter and jets and move safely back to your land so that youcan move to your next mission. *How to play;Touch your helicopterand drag it in front of enemy helicopters and jets and destroy themwith there weapons.You can move right left forward backward anywhere on the screen as you destroy enemy they left weapons andpowerful material collect them and rise your power so you candestroy them easily.You have unlimited bomb’s and guns they canreloaded it self. Your aim to move forward and collectpower.*FeaturesNice graphics to see and good army environment.Nicesound to listen not effect on your mind and ears.It’s one mangame.Good weapons to useReally realistic and addictive gamedifferent kinds of levels and helicopters download it and enjoy.Ifyou want to need any improvement email me I am glade to see yoursuggestion thanks.
Jurassic Dino Hunter Africa 1.0
Dino Sniper Hunter new dino hunting game enjoy.Dino Sniper Huntinghunt the biggest animal of the world in the jungle with sniper;Thisis new Dino hunting game with sniper in the jungle where you havecome to across the various type of dinosaur. They attack on youwith his full force and run toward you as you hit them. You have tokill them before that they attack on you and you are finished. Sotook up your sniper and move into the jungle before this theyreached into city and kill humans and destroy buildings and everythings. You have to take the mission to kill the number of Dino inlimited time to complete the level to move in next level. So walkinto the jungle with his strategy to complete the mission. You arehunter so they attack on you. You can be hunted so care about thiskeep himself safe and hunt them as they reach to you. You havegiven the power full weapons to complete his mission. There arevarious type of Dino you have to kill all of them because they havemany tricks to attack. They come to you from every side so don’tneed to worry and reload your weapon quickly and finish them as asniper expert. You have to given this job because you have theexpertise in this field especially live in jungle and face all kindof beast and hunt them and become a biggest fighter. Do not stillstand on a single place move forward and backward to and safehimself. Look at them from the distance and use sniper zoom tokill. You can kill them from distance easily with your power fullsniper. How to playPut your gun and look through the zoom of sniperfrom a distance and shoot them from distance as you fired they walktoward you so shoot them quickly before they reach to you.This isdifferent and new game so do not wait and download it and enjoythis hurry.*Features Nice 3D graphics to see. Dark jungle to hunt.Various type of Dino to kill. Great land and environment tohunt.Various guns and snipers to attack.So download this new gameand enjoy and give us your feedback if you find any thing missing.Give us your expensive view.I am waiting to your views andfeedbacks.Thanks for loading this game.
Stunts Bike Racing 3D 1.0
Stunts Bike Racing 3D a new stunts game for challengers.Stunts bikeracing 3D a new challenging racing game for racing game addicts.Run out great verity of ways roads blocks high mountains subwaysthrough tunnels bricks and lot of more .Makes great verity ofstunts by passing over the bricks elephant mountains and woods .Runand find over the insane jumping tricks by passing over the ways.The new stunting bike race with great graphics and designingthrough out the game .Enjoy the best stunts and fun for every one.Complete the level in time and find more fun and entertainment bypassing over the time .Four different and interesting levels withgreat graphics and trials and locations .Different types of stylishbikes with boosting speed though out the game. Near to realisticgame stunts game physics and great planning to land over mountainsby taking jumps. High speed bikes which can makes highly jumps andstunts really amazing game for every one to enjoy. So take a standand start up the speed boosted bike an pass the ways by makinginsane tricks. Challenge to his friends to run a race with them tohow will complete the level in less time. No need to hurry justhold your beneath kick up the bike and pass consciously andintelligently jumps. If you loss your gripe no need to worry makean others try because try makes a man perfects.*How to play. It isvery easy and interesting game to start and till end just push thespeed button to run the bike and pass quickly to inclines planesand lower the speed after landing over the bricks and woods. Keepthe bike in running position to complete the level. Avoid the biketo fall in hell and gaps and clear the gaps sharply. Use the jumpand position controlling button and use your every tricks to do thebest one.*Features.Different types of bike.Lots of stunts makingplanes and roots.Great graphics and physics used.Stylish andaddictive game play.Different and entertain making roots torun.Varity of levels.Nice 3d control.Angle making planes to make astunt.Find lots of actions and fun.End So download it and enjoy andgive us your feedback and rate us and give us your expensivesuggestions and play your roll. I am waiting your feedback andreviews.Thanks for downloading and feedback and reviews.
Off Road Bus Simulation 2016 1.01
hey everyone enjoy this new bus simulationgameon off roads.If you have not driven a real bus insprawlingenvironments then this game is for you.“off road speed bus simulation 2016”, a new game withlatestrealistic models and controls.Take on the role of a bus driver, pick and drop passengers totheirlocations within allotted fuel capacity. Each environment ismadealive using bypassing traffic, grazing cattle, activeweathersystem and animated grass, trees and people. We haveincorporateddifferent angles to view passengers as they leave andget on thebus, thus providing a much real life experience. It’s allnot merrythough, you have to drive through life endangering curveson steepmountains and watch out for the incoming traffic as youdeliver thepassengers to their respective locations within a givenamount oftime.Multi control drive.Features;Multiple interesting levelsDifferent camera viewNice HD graphicsBeautiful hill with lovely graphicsNice music and song optionEasy level modeSupport all android mobile and tabletCan change setting in play modeNice control to enjoyPick and drop the riderCrazy drive on roadNice traffic on road sharpen edge of roadsNice camera view to playNice and high buildings and cityHD roads and scenesIntelligent driving on roadsNice views of passengers and animalsMulti seasons weathers on hills with HD graphicsNice hill stationsNice multi control to use
Truck Drive Simulation 1.01
Truck Drive Simulation allows you toexperiencethe real truck driving. Featuring Pakistani trucks withrealisticmountain drive feel you like truck driver. You need tocargodifferent kinds of load including animal fodder, woodsanddrums.Unique Asian trucks are available with the excitement ofsimulation.Drive these heavy duty vehicles and become a skillfuldriver. Youneed to maintain a decent speed to deliver the packageontime.Features:Steering and Button control15 different and exciting levelsRealistic physics and trucksSmooth and interesting game playUnique sound effectsExcellent use of 3D graphicsGreen mountain environmentFuel IndicatorDifferent camera viewsHow to Play?Use Accelerator to start, apply brakes to stop and steeringorbuttons for truck movement.Support:We believe in developing realistic android game and alwayswelcomeuser’s valuable feedback. Rate it and give reviews.Install Truck Drive Simulation and share it with your friendsandfamily.