SurfMerchants LLC 应用

Shop Notifier 1.1.4
Note: SASSIE Mystery Shopper account required!Get Mystery Shop offers on your phone before other shoppers getthem in their email!An alternative to slow, unreliable emails, Shop Notifier alertsyour phone when a shop offer for ANY of your SASSIE (orSASSIE-affiliate) mystery shopping companies post new shop offersin your area.Simply enter the email address(es) for your SASSIE shopperaccount(s) and you'll immediately get shop offers sent to yourphone (in addition to OR instead of your email box)!Getting too many alerts? You can set Alert Frequency anywherebetween "ASAP" to "Every 4 Hours".Getting woken up at night? Set a "Blackout Period" when you wantyour shop offers to be silent.
SASSIE Rover 1.1.85
Rover allows mystery shoppers complete SASSIE mystery shoppingsurveys on their mobile device, primarily for situations whereinternet connectivity is unavailable or unreliable. Note: You willneed to have a mystery shopper account with a SASSIE MysteryShopping company in order to use this app properly. Note 2: Youwill not see all of your shops in this app. ONLY shops approved forRover by your mystery shopping company will be available forcompletion on your mobile device.
Sassie Dragon Dashboard 2.0.7
The SASSIE Dragon Dashboard app displays SASSIE Mystery Shoppingresults for Corporate Clients on a mobile device. A current ClientManager account on a SASSIE mystery shopping system is required.Your login code can be found by clicking the download icon whenlogged in to the web browser version of the Dragon Dashboard. Thisapp is NOT for mobile data collection and is NOT for MysteryShoppers. If you are a mystery shopper looking for a mobile mysteryshopping app please see our Presto Shopper app.
PrestoShopper 0.83.0
From the makers of SASSIE -- the world's number 1 mysteryshoppingsoftware -- comes the PrestoShopper mobile app! * InstantShopperSign Up * Instant Shop Self Assign * Instant Surveys * SuperFastPayment