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Hi Locker - Your Lock Screen 2.0.8
Hi locker is a lock screen that was developed based on the mix ofclassical “lock screen” on the older versions of Android, with themodern of android Lollipop, include notification system on lockscreen, and Material design style. Hi Locker will bring you anexperience that is both new and familiar, actually useful to you.Features: ★ With 3 unlock style: Classic, Lollipop, iOS. ★Supported Fingerprint for Samsung devices and some devices runningandroid Marshmallow ★ What's next: Show/Add events, weather in thenext few days on lock screen. ★ Hi Locker is your lock screen, youcan customize everything with your own style. ★ Hi Locker withsmart feature will automatically give some greetings to make youfeel funny and friendly when using such as: good morning, goodevening... ★ Enter your name: You can enter your name or favoritestatus on lock screen. ★ Hi locker displays notification on lockscreen, you can easy to view, or delete notification by swipingleft or right. ★ Drag "the dot" to circle lock or double tap to on"the dot" to unlock lock screen. ★ Open quickly or change usual appeasily. ★ Wallpaper: Easy to change, add or delete wallpaper.Automatically change wallpaper after a period of time, blurwallpaper when you have new notification... ★ Flickr: Randomwallpapers from Flickr. ★ More watch’s user interfaces forchoosing. ★ Weather: Automatically displaying weather informationafter a period of time. Secure Lock Screen: ★ Hi Locker has twounlocking modes by password, you can choose unlocking by PIN or by“Drawing”. ★ Supports fingerprint lock for samsung devices. ★Provide feature that allows showing, hiding notification on lockscreen. ★ Smartly turning off password feature: Automaticallyturning off password mode when your device connects to wifiaddress. ========= This app uses Accessibility services.
Lockdown Pro - AppLock & Vault 1.1.1-2019
★ Lockdown Pro is the BEST AppLock & Private Gallery, itsupporting more than 30 languages. ★ Lockdown Pro: Top 5 App ofyear by Features: ★ AppLock: lockdown any apps.★ Private Gallery: Hide pictures, videos (support .gif image). ★Three password modes: Pattern Lock, Classic Lock & CalculatorLock. ★ Supported Fingerprint for Samsung devices and some devicesrunning android Marshmallow ★ Smart lock: Auto lock/unlock withsmart watch, car or use address wifi, location. ★ Observer: Sendemail with some info and pictures of the person who wants to accessyour phone. ★ Fake cover: This feature will fake a crash dialoguecover when you open an app that has been locked. ★ Backup &restore registered apps to Google drive or sdcard. ★ Randomkeyboard password. ★Time pin password (Ex: If the time is 13:12,your PIN will be 1312). ★ Themes store (so many beautiful themeswith Material design for your choice). ★ Screen timeout: The screenwill never turn off when running registered app. ★ Auto-Rotate: Thescreen of your device will not auto-rotate when running registeredapp. ★ Hide app icon (Remove Lockdown Pro icon on App Draw &Home screen). ★ Easy to use, beautiful UI with Material design,ripple animation. ========= This app uses Accessibility services.
Hide Pictures - Gallery Plus 2.3.6
You have photos or videos on your phone and you don't wantchildren, friends or others people to see it? Gallery Plus willhelp you keep it safe, it to keep them protected from prying eyes.---------------------------------------------------------------Features: - Hide pictures (hide all videos, photos). - Support viewanimated-GIFs, JPG, PNG... (all photos and videos) - Featureschange icon application. - Hide "Hidden Gallery" enable/disablewith password. - Quick camera, create shortcut on home screen quickcapture/record and hide it - Filter photo or video to decreasesearching time. - Fastest and most secure private gallery. -Working as the original gallery, help you to view and arrange photofrom the original gallery and hidden gallery - The hidden one canreplace the original one, with full of photo gallery ‘s abilitysuch as set wallpaper, share and view photo, etc. - Load & viewphotos with more animation - Backup & Restore photo on cloud -Hide photo from other apps, such as the app for viewing originalphoto or the app that manages file, by “Share” feature. - Storageto hide (sdcard or internel storage) - Change themes -Enable/Disable password - Classic password, pattern password,calculator password - Hide application icon on app draw. - Take aphoto, recover video and auto hide it - View gallery with stockgallery and hidden gallery, easy switch between them - View photos,videos, zoom in, out, slideshow - Effect scroll then view photos,videos (Flip, 3D, zoom, stack...). - Multi-select photos, videos tohide. -...--------------------------------------------------------------- Howto Use: - Hide photos, videos with Gallery Plus: + Tap and hold onalbum, photos, videos you want hide, unhide and click hide, unhide.- Hide photos, videos from another apps: + Select album, photos,videos from gallery, file manager, etc, and choose "Share" and tap"Gallery Plus", media will auto hide. Need help? Send us an emailat before leaving a bad review and if youhave want more features.---------------------------------------------------------------PERMISSIONS: MODIFY USB STORAGE/SD CARD CONTENTS & READEXTERNAL STORAGE needs this to hide your files on your phoneINTERNET ACCESS & NETWORK COMMUNICATION Used to backup &restore WAKE LOCK Keep screen on during slideshow CAMERA takephotos, record videos and auto hide. PROCESS OUTGOING CALL to openGallery plus with diapad (call *#*#123*#*#)
Wallz - Stock, OEM Wallpapers 1.5.0
Wallz is a free wallpaper app that collects wallpapers from 30+OEMs with 100+ devices. Live wallpaper: Make Blur, dim wallpaper,double tap on home screen to show/hide blur, dim & parallaxscrolling wallpaper.========================================================= Features:- Great wallpapers from 30+ OEMs & 100+ devices (1000+ Stockwallpapers). - Easy to manage download wallpapers. - Easy to crop& set wallpaper. - Blur tool: Blur any wallpapers. -Automatically changing the wallpaper by hour or by day.
Wallz Pro: License for Wallz 1.0
Features:- Remove ads.- Full features & more...- Donate for The Lockdown Team.
BIG Watch Face - Fonts, Colors 1.0.1
BIG Watch Face: Focus on simple. And you will have betterexperience with large and clear number.Customize:★ 8 Font style.★Hours colors.★ Minute colors.★ Background colors.★ On/off 24-hourformat.----------★ BIG digital watch face.
Calc+ ★ Donate 1.0
Thank you for use Calc+ ★ Smart calculator. Buy this app to supportThe LockdownTeam.Calc+: