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*This 2D Battle Royale online io game requires an activeinternetconnection to play. ---- Do you love PVP and fantasy-basedgames?Go head-to-head with other players in this exciting 2DBattleRoyale io game. Make use of a large variety of unique itemsandequipment in your struggle to be the last one standing! Wehaverecently added Duos to our game modes so you can play withfriends.⚔ Thelast io - Current Features: - Solo (battle royaleonline mode- fight by yourself versus other players) - Duos (battleroyaleonline mode - fight as a team with friends or strangersversusother players) - Squads (battle royale online mode) - 20+uniqueequipment, including swords, axes, staves, guns andmagicalaccessories. Choose your own combat style! - 350+ uniquecosmeticsthat you can mix and match to customize your character -45+ badgesto be unlocked based on your progression - 30+ queststhat you cancomplete to earn rewards - Ranking system so you cancompare yourskill to other players - Rewards that can be earned invariousways. - Twitch integration for streamers so other playerscan seewho's streaming (streamers appear on the title screen) -Playertutorial ⚔ Thelast io - Planned Features: - New map - Newitems andequipment - New cosmetics - Airdrop ⚔ Thelast io - How ToPlay:Once you join a match you'll appear in a lobby. Once thematchbegins you will be carried over the map by an airship. You canjumpoff the airship when ready and free-fall or hold the dropbutton into descend more quickly. After you've landed you'll wantto find achest or break open containers to obtain weapons anditems. You'llthen have to fight your way to the end of the match,making use ofyour equipment, environment, and brain. As the matchprogresses thearea that you can safely travel in will graduallybecome smallerand smaller. Do you think you can achieve victory inthis 2D BattleRoyale online io game? If you ever need help or wantto make newfriends to play with, visit our official discordat: