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Park the Ark Sight Words Quest 2.1
Truth Gaming LLC
“Park the Ark” will be one of the fewaddicting games you will want your kids to play because “Park theArk” reinforces reading skills unlike other addicting games.With the use of a tilt screen, kids will steer Noah’s ark on aquest to find a parking space. The quest begins with collectingsight words, small phrases and then complete sentences, all ofwhich are made up of the dolch sight words learned from completinglevels of play. The scenery and 3-D graphics draw kids into thequest while repetition and practice help the kids master the dolchsight words list. New reading success will make this one of theaddicting games you will not want them to put down.Did you know that dolch sight words make up 50-75% of writtenwords? “Park the Ark” sight words quest was made to help your childmaster the dolch sight words list, increase automaticity, buildreading confidence, help with spelling, and will pull your childtoward greater reading comprehension.Ten minutes of “Park the Ark” play today may just help inspiretomorrow’s reading adventures.“Park the Ark” is one of the newest addicting games to come to theapp store. You definitely do not want to miss this boat.
2 By 2 Fun Games 2.04
Looking for fun games? Save the animals!!"Noah’s Ark for Kids, 2 By 2 " animals matching game is a chancefor kids rescue the animals before the flood waters rise bymatching animals to get them on the ark . This educational freematching game offers more than 25 levels of increasing challengemaking it a must have educational children’s app.Noah may have been the first to match animals, but "2 By 2" isan educational app that was designed to teach animal sounds andincrease memory matching skills. With over 25 levels, Noah’s Arkfor Kids, 2 By 2 fun games edition offers a lot of entertainmentand educational value.“Noah’s Ark for Kids, 2 By 2” fun games app for kids has3-dimensional graphics of animals with realistic sound effectsenhancing the theme of loading Noah’s Ark before the flood watersrise.“2 By 2” fun games edition is the children’s matching game thatis the perfect educational game for kids to play while findingthings to fill their free time, saving the animals is just aperk.This is the first release in the Noah's Ark for Kids app seriesof fun games...stay informed by visiting Truth Gaming 
Virtual Songbook Guitar 5.3.2
Because Virtual Songbook is convenient andmobile, you willalways be prepared to play.Available for mobile Android devices, Virtual Songbook isdesigned to allow you to carry all of your guitar music with youwherever life takes you.Virtual Songbook will quickly become your convenient, one stopmobile spot allowing you to create music sets for all yourperformances whether you land that gig you've been working towardor leading worship this weekend.You are always on the go. It’s time to have a mobile app thatfuels productivity.A few ways Virtual Songbook makes your life easier* Import songs in ChordPro OR text format* Mobile library of guitar music* Designed for individualized performance sets* Android mobile device compatability* Works with the PageFlip Cicada and Firefly bluetooth page turnerpedals
If My People - 7/14 Challenge 2.0
Truth Gaming LLC
WHAT: 7/14 Challenge – Commit to pray 7 daysaweek for 14 minutes per day.WHO: “If My People – 7/14 Challenge” by Truth Gaming is aglobalchallenge calling on Christians to take God at His word.WHY: In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God is speaking when He states, “IfMypeople who are called by My Name humble themselves and pray andseekMy face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear fromheavenand will forgive their sins and heal their land.”WHEN: NOW…It’s time for His people to humble themselves andpray.The 7/14 challenge can just make it easier to see how Godisworking.HOW it helps you:· 14 minute countdown· Daily reminder option· Verse of encouragement upon completion· Personal prayer list capabilities· Personal Book of Remembrance logging answers to prayer· Option to add your chapter to the online BookofRemembrance· Encouragement to persevereMalachi 3:17 states, “Then those who feared the LORD spokewithone another. The LORD paid attention and heard them, and a bookofremembrance was written before Him of those who feared the LORDandesteemed His name.”WHERE: It’s time to stand (Eph. 6:14). Will you take the7/14Challenge? See what God is doing by visiting Truth
Biplane Blaster 1.2
Truth Gaming LLC
Classic arcade games have a special placeinthe heart of any true gamer. Biplane Blaster by Truth Gamingisyour mobile option to relive the classic arcade games experience–minus the quarters.It’s time to hone your flight skills with Biplane Blaster.Inkeeping with the style of classic arcade games, your challengeisto blast a passage and maneuver your biplane throughobstacles.Facebook capability makes Biplane Blaster your platformto show offyour skills and rank among the highest biplane flightparticipants.Outranking your friends and keeping the record forBiplane Blasterhas never been so easy.Biplane Blaster captures the thrill of the classic arcadegameswith the freedom of mobility. You may prefer to leave yourquartersat home, but Biplane Blaster is the perfect app for thewaitingroom, the check-out line or even that long flight home fortheholidays.Don’t miss your flight – download it today.This is just one of the free apps available from TruthGaming...stay informed by visiting Truth
Pipe Drop 1.1
Truth Gaming LLC
Looking for new puzzle games? TruthGamingdelivers Pipe Drop. The simplicity of the challenge ismoredifficult than perceived. Test your skills, hone your reflexesandchallenge your brain function. Puzzle games offersimpleentertainment. Pipe drop offers entertainment simple enoughfor achild, but challenging enough for you. Matching colors hasneverbeen so entertaining.