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Growtopia 3.39
Welcome to Growtopia, the world’s most creative free to playsandbox! Growtopia is a popular MMO game where everyone is a hero!Play together with wizards, doctors, star explorers andsuperheroes! Discover thousands of unique items and build your ownworlds! JOIN OUR ENORMOUS COMMUNITY! Millions of players arewaiting for you to join and have fun! YOU CAN BUILD ANYTHING!Castles, dungeons, space stations, skyscrapers, artwork, puzzles -even your favorite movie scenes! CREATE YOUR UNIQUE CHARACTER!Become literally anyone! From space knight with a lightsaber to anoble queen with your own dragon! PLAY THOUSANDS OF MINI GAMES! Allgenerated by other players! From parkour and races to PVP battlesand ghost hunting! CRAFT AND TRADE! Craft new items and trade themto other players! MONTHLY UPDATES! We do our best to entertain youwith exciting monthly updates with new items and events! EXPLORECOUNTLESS UNIQUE PIXEL WORLDS! Enter any of them and explore withyour friends! Adventures await! CROSS PLATFORM! Play with yourfriends anywhere – on smartphones, tablets or using the desktopclient, - the progress is shared! Subscribe to our official YouTubechannel for giveaways, useful tutorials and funny videos -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNFTBaDHB4_Y8eFa8YssSMQ BE AWARE!This is an online game about collecting items – make sure to keepthem safe ** Note: This is a freemium game that has optional In-AppPurchases! ** Note: In-App Purchase, Chat, and Tapjoy Offer Walloptions can be disabled in a Personal Controls area in the Optionsmenu. Didn't get your gems or having a problem? Check out oursupport FAQ at www.growtopiagame.com/faq !
Horse Haven World Adventures 8.7.0
THE WORLD IS YOURS, MAKE IT THE PERFECT HORSE HAVEN! Create andmanage a dream horse farm spanning multiple exotic sites all overthe world. Raise the perfect horse companion and join together infun steeplechase races and activities! - CREATE YOUR DREAM HORSEHAVEN around the world: a majestic ranch in the USA, a charmingstud farm in France, an enchanting valley in Germany, a picturesquerural town in England and a gorgeous Fantasy Island. - RAISE THEBEST HORSES: pet, nurture, feed, and groom your equine friends tohelp them grow from foal to adult! - BREED over a HUNDRED uniqueHORSES and PONIES from the most famous ones: Gypsy Vanner, BlackForest, Arabian, Thoroughbred, Clydesdale, Shetland Pony, Quarter,Mustang and more. - Mate your champions with your FRIEND's tounlock the rarest and best horses! - CUSTOMIZE your horses withstylish saddles and fancy leg wraps. - CAPTURE and SHARE their bestlooks with your friends. - RUN STEEPLECHASE AROUND THE WORLD andcompete in the most gorgeous backdrops: The hills of Rio deJaneiro, Lapland’s Northern Lights, Japan’s cheery blossoms, andmore. - CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS to win trophies and climb the dailyleaderboards! Join your community! Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/HorseHavenWorldAdventures/ Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/horsehavenofficial/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/HorseHavenwA
Driver Speedboat Paradise 1.7.0
***DRIVER SPEEDBOAT PARADISE: Feel the thrillof high-speed boat races!! ***Embody a young, reckless driver trying to make it big in theruthless racing world.Race around exotic locations, feel the real racing thrill andbecome the best pilot on the waves! Impose your style! Customize and upgrade your boat to be thehottest driver on land!In the hot world of water racing, things go fast: Win races, getsponsored and become adulated by fans.Beware though, your chase for fame and fortune might take anunexpected turn: meet the legendary cop John Tanner and help him inhis showdown against the mafia.FEATURES• EXPERIENCE the real arcade racing thrill: blast, jump, nitro andboost your way through high-speed showdowns.• RACE in 6 different modes, including drag racing, and competeagainst your friends in the Weekly Tournament. • LIVE in the heat of the action and smash your rivals’ boats toovertake them!• FEEL the real offshore racing thrill thanks to our realisticwater & wave system! Gaze-upon stunning 3D visuals perfectedwith AAA effects. • DRIVE over real exotic locations around the world and ride yourcustom boat on each of the seven seas.• CHASE down and defeat each mafia boss in epic showdown races inthe duel racing mode.• UPGRADE the speed, acceleration, nitro and handling of more than20 boats to always have the fastest ride on the water.• CUSTOM-BUILD your ride with hot paint jobs, neons and decals tobe the king of the ocean.• BOOST your lifestyle level with houses and clothes to unlockinsane powerboats and leave your mark on the speedboatworld. • ENJOY an awesome soundtrack, created in collaboration with BackOffice Records, featuring the best of French electro: Workerz,Bobmo…Driver Speedboat Paradise features online save and gamepadcontrolsGame available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, and moreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/DriverSpeedboatParadiseTWITTER: http://twitter.com/driverspeedboatparadiseYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/UbisoftPLEASE NOTE: This game is free to download and play but some game items can bepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings
Valiant Hearts : The Great War 1.0.4
Immerse yourself in the touching story of four unsung heroes sweptup by World War 1 in this unique interactive graphic novel thatcombines action, puzzles and adventure.Valiant Hearts: The GreatWar is a 4-part, episodic game inspired by letters from World War1. Additional episodes are available as multipack or individualin-app purchases.PLAY A GRAPHIC NOVELAn emotional adventure gamedelivered with a unique tone and art style.A MIX OF EXPLORATION,ACTION AND PUZZLESMove into action and help your heroes survive theGreat War by solving puzzles or sneaking through enemy lines…FOLLOW THE STORY OF THESE VALIANT HEARTS…Lost in a maze oftrenches, play each of these characters and help a young Germansoldier find his love! All of them will be helped by their faithfulcanine companion, Walt.RELIVE THE GREAT WARThis fictitious storytakes you back to famous WW1 locations, revisiting historicalbattles on the Western Front, such as the Battle of the Marne orthe Battle of the Somme! INTERACT WITH HISTORYIn partnership withApocalypse World War 1 and the Mission Centenaire 14-18, learn moreabout the Great War through historical articles and share them withfriends. Included: FREE Art Book and Interactive Comic Bookinspired by the game.***Save 20% on additional episodes bypurchasing the Multipack directly in the game***
Prince of Persia Classic 2.1
You are the Prince of Persia on a daringrescue mission to save your Princess. Fulfill your destiny, play this game, and experience the thrillsand adventures of this classic taleFeaturesOld tale, New skinReplay the adventure of the original Prince of Persia in a completenew skin as you battle your way through the dungeon to rescue thePrincess.Perform death defying stunts as you proceed from the dark and grimdungeons to the beautiful Palace tower.Amazing LevelsThe path to rescue is never simple.Levels are filled with fiendish traps which will requireunflinching resolve to be completed and with Prison guards who canonly be defeated by excellent swordplay or trickery! Unveil thedark secret which will set in stone the legacy that willfollow.Multiple Game ModesNormal Mode: Understand the game, learn different tricks and findthe quickest way without having to worry about time or deathpenalty.Time Attack: Race against the sands of time as you navigate throughthe levels fighting the guards and find the exit on your quest torescue the Princess. Make haste… you have only 60 minutes.Survival: The most compelling and challenging way of rescuing thePrincess is the one in which the Prince remains unbeaten. Completethe game, in 60 minutes, without dying.
Just Dance Controller 6.1.2
No controller? No problem! The Just Dance Controller app scoresyour dance moves and allows you to navigate in your Just Dance gamesimply by using your smartphone. No other camera or additionalaccessory is required, just keep your smartphone in your right handwhile dancing to let the app track your awesome moves! It's easyand fun to play, with up to 6 players simultaneously, so grab yourfriends and family and join the party! Note: This app is acompanion to the Just Dance console game. You will need the JustDance® 2020, Just Dance® 2019, Just Dance® 2018, Just Dance® 2017,or Just Dance® 2016 console game and a compatible video gameconsole to use this app. THIS APP IS COMPATIBLE WITH: - Just Dance®2020 on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™ Lite, Xbox One,Playstation®4, and Stadia™. Also compatible with the Just Dance®2020 free demo available on Nintendo Switch™, Nintendo Switch™Lite, Xbox One, and Playstation®4. - Just Dance® 2019 on Xbox One,and Playstation®4 - Just Dance® 2018 on Nintendo Switch™, Wii U,Xbox One, and Playstation®4 - Just Dance® 2017 on Nintendo Switch™,Wii U, Xbox One, Playstation®4, and PC - Just Dance® 2016 on Wii U,Playstation®4, and Xbox One
Little Raiders Robin's Revenge 1.0.5
Build a treetop village and lead your Raiders into battle! LittleRaiders is a unique combat adventure, bringing a magical twist tothe classic Robin Hood tale.***Gamezebo - 4/5 – “Little Raiders: Robin’s Revenge is uniqueand fun, and receiving tons of loot makes victory prettysweet.”STORYRobin's home has been burnt to the ground and he needs your help totake his revenge!Are you ready for a fantastical yet dangerous adventure foughtthrough the lushest, vibrant forests of Snowbourne to the regallabyrinths of Brightstone? Follow an engaging plot, watch yourHeroes grow and overcome the perils of revelations!Now you're ready to take the fight back to the heartless SheriffBlackthorn!FEATURESCHOOSE from 5 different classes: Archers, Swordsmen, Alchemists,Guardians and RoguesTRAIN your villagers into fearless RaidersCRAFT the finest equipment for your squadBUILD YOUR TEAM of Raiders and lead them into battleQUEST for Epic rewards that will boost your Fame levelExperience THOUSANDS OF MISSIONS in vivid environmentsUPGRADE your treetop home with a variety of buildingsHELP your friends and get bonus resourcesPLEASE NOTELittle Raiders is free to play, you can choose to pay real moneyfor some in game items which will charge your account. You candisable in-app purchases by adjusting your device settings.
Ubisoft Club 6.1.2
Bring along your Ubisoft experience on your mobile to stay on topof your game at all times! Get more from your games! Take on moreChallenges! - Grind out more prizes and climb up leaderboards! -Check the list of Classic Challenges and complete them to earn ClubUnits, Club XP and Badges - Manage your Weekly Challenges directlyfrom your mobile. All you need to do is find your game and addchallenges from the challenge section. When a challenge has beencompleted, the “Collect” button lets you collect all related prizesand use them in game. Access more Rewards! - Get more than 700exclusive items across 90 console and PC games! Club Rewards areexclusive in-game items, such as weapon skins, costumes, andconsumables. All that cool stuff is only available in the UbisoftClub! - Find the best Rewards at a glance through colorclassification (Grey - Common, Blue - Rare, Purple - Epic, Orange -Legendary, and Black with gift icon - Exotic). Certain Rewards arefree, others need to be redeemed with Units! - Check all availableRewards for your games and get those you want directly from theApp. Simply click on any game from your game collection, chooseyour Reward and click the ‘’Get’’ button. It will be added to yourgame. Enjoy more benefits! Meet Sam, your new Personal GamingAssistant, only available in the Ubisoft Club App. It will takeyour gaming experience to a whole new level. - Check our exclusiveDaily Login feature to get stats, personalized tips, video guidesand more! All of this powered by your in-game activities in RainbowSix® Siege, Assassin's Creed® Odyssey, Tom Clancy's The Division™,Tom Clancy's The Division 2®, Far Cry® 5 and Ghost Recon®Wildlands. - Ask Sam* anything you’d like to know about game statsor Ubisoft games! Just type your questions or use voice commands. -Sam also provides useful shortcuts to support pages and the UbisoftStore. Enjoy a whole new social experience and real time updates! -Celebrate your achievements together with your friends - See yourfriends' activities and latest updates from your games - Getnotified in real time when something important takes place such asWeekly Challenges, Special Events, and friend requests. *Sam is inbeta and available in English only.
air.com.ubisoft.csi.HiddenCrimes 2.60.4
Join more than 20 million investigators & solve gruesome crimesin Las Vegas • WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE GAME • CSI: Hidden Crimesfeatures a fantastic interface & characters which you'llinstantly recognize from the show -- Product-Reviews.net Winner ofthe Tabby Award 2015 for Best Android Cards, Casino, Puzzle &Trivia game 5/5 “Best hidden objects game I've played” • FREE TOPLAY HIDDEN OBJECT GAME • Investigate stunning crime scenes to findevidence, analyze clues & interrogate your suspects! Exerciseyour brain to find more objects faster & feel sharper withevery new case. Logic & observation will be your key talents! •TEAM UP & NEVER MISS AN INVESTIGATION • Enjoy new episodesregularly available on tablets, smartphones & Facebook. Gethelp from friends! But will you let them beat your score? • BE ATRUE CSI • Unlock achievements, customize your avatar, investigatebetter with your recruits & get decisive advantages in teamingup with the CSI crew! Immerse yourself in the CSI universe withcases written by CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION writers. Feel thethrill of unraveling game-changing situations & puttingmurderers behind bars! About the franchise: “CSI: Hidden Crimes” isbased on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” which is a three timewinner of the Best Television Drama Series awarded by the Festivalde Television de Monte-Carlo, and was named the most watched showin the world for the 5th time in 2012. Game available in: English,French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian,Korean & Chinese. Like the gamehttp://facebook.com/CSIHiddenCrimes Follow us on Twitter@CSIHiddenCrimes And join your community! Facebookhttp://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames Twitterhttp://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile Youtubehttp://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Trials Frontier 7.9.1
Play the mobile version of the best-selling andcritically-acclaimed Trials series, by the award-winning developerRedLynx! Experience the ultimate SKILL-BASED BIKE RACING GAME forfree, on your smartphone and tablet! “Looking like the real deal.”- Pocket Gamer Trials Frontier is unlike any other bike or carracing game you’ve played before! Ride your motorcycles onextremely addictive tracks while you perform slick wheelies, crazyjumps, mid-air flips and menacing stunts! Battle players fromaround the world and dominate global leaderboards on every track!Race, explore, upgrade, and compete. Accept no substitutes!Features: - PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY Trials Frontier brings thecritically acclaimed Trials brand of physics-based gameplay tomobile! Control your bike with extreme accuracy, and shift yourweight backward or forward for better landings, wheelies andstunts! - MULTIPLAYER / PvP GAME MODES Monthly Ranked Seasons awaityou in the Bunker – where you race against Riders from around theworld to rank higher up the Leaderboards and win exclusive newRewards! - 250+ UNIQUE RACE-TRACKS Hundreds of truly trailblazingTracks to race on - with new tracks added every month! - 15+ WICKEDBIKES Tier I, II and III bikes, Legendary bikes, Crazy bikes andsome of the biggest motorcycle brands await you in the Frontier!Collect and build bikes in the Garage – each with unique speed andhandling! - PERFECTED GHOST RACING! Race Ghosts of players on theLeaderboards of any Track! Learn how to perform epic stunts andbreak world records from the best riders in the Frontier! - 250+CHALLENGING MISSIONS! With more than 50 hours of story-drivengameplay in 10 gorgeous environments, you’ll want to take your bikeout for a spin in the Frontier and get racing! Join the TrialsCommunity! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/trialsfrontier.gameTwitter: https://twitter.com/trialsfrontier Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/trials.frontier Disclaimer: Please Note -Trials Frontier is completely free to play, however some game itemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable the ability tomake in-app purchase in your device settings at any time.
Just Dance Now 4.0.0
Unleash your inner Dancer with Just Dance Now! Enjoy Just Dance'sgreatest songs and choreographies without a video game console!Dance to your favorite hits among more than 500 available songsincluding 40 awesome songs from the Just Dance 2018 console game:Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Shape Of You by EdSheeran Swish Swish by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj 24K Magic byBruno Mars Chantaje by Shakira ft. Maluma Naughty Girl by BeyoncéBad Liar by Selena Gomez Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul& Anne-Marie Another One Bites The Dust by Queen Enjoy the JustDance experience: • Instant: you can dance to your favorite songsin just a few taps! • Social: party with 10, 100, or 1000 playersif you want! Dance with the entire world! • Fresh: new songs andexclusive content are added every month! • Customize: create yourown playlists with your favorite songs! • HealthKit: See your totalcalories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Healthkitdashboard! While the game will work great with any connection, werecommend connecting with Wi-Fi or 4G for the best experience.
Nutty Fluffies Rollercoaster 1.0.5
★ Have you ever wanted to be a rollercoaster conductor? Now youcan! ★★ #1 featured game in Google Play! Over 2 million downloads andover 10 million game sessions!★Drive wild rollercoaster rides using a unique, swipe-basedcontrol system. Let the tightly tuned physics engine create themost thrilling rides of your life!Perfect your skills in over 30 tricky rides, from classic woodencoasters to steel speed demons!Use rockets, Jump jets and magnets, earn hearts and coins, runhuge loops, massive jumps and stomach-turning, upside-downtracks!★★★★★ REVIEWS & PREVIEWS ★★★★★“ These fluffies are a highly memorable bunch, even if they area bit nutty.”- Arcade Sushi.com“A tightly tuned physics engine that underpins some wonderfullysilly gameplay.”- Modojo.com“Nutty Fluffies is simply fun to play thanks to its strangelyintuitive physics that make it easy to almost think your waythrough its challenging stages.”- AppSpy.com“ Nutty Fluffies offers lots of fun and definitely comesrecommended.”- Slide to Play”Intuitive and immediately accessible”- Pocket Gamer★ Created by RedLynx:The developer of DrawRace 2, MotoHeroz and Trials Evolution.★★★★★ COOL FEATURES ★★★★★★ Touch-based Gameplay:Control your coasters with a simple touch-based interface thatcontrols your gas and brakes. Get ready for new power-ups likerockets, jump-jets and magnets on the most challenging tracks!★ Wacky Worlds of Wild Rides:Take your Fluffies on a tour, from rickety wooden roller coastersto jet-fast joyrides. The Fluffies keep coming back for more fun onWooden Ways, Metal Mayhem, Loonie Loops, and the extreme RaptureRides. More to come in updates!★ Meet the Nutty Fluffies:When the fair shuts down for the winter, the stuffed animals comeout to play! They climb out of their midway booths and take a rideon the wildest roller coasters around!★ Collect hearts with five unique animals:The Mouse, Cat, Dog, Pig and Elephant will help you to gatherhearts and earn coins from the wild rides. Use them to build evenlonger trains with more carts or unlock exciting new tracks toplay!★ Wanna ride with no ads? Just buy some coins and they will ALLdisappear!  Ain’t that swell? ★___________________Keep in Touch!twitter.com/redlynxgamerredlynx.com/nuttyfluffieswww.facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesGet Help!redlynxgame.com/forum/If you have any feedback, please email us at android.support@ubisoft.com
Watch Dogs Companion : ctOS 1.0.5
CHICAGO IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDConnect and play LIVE with anyWatch_Dogs player logged into their console or PC game. Control thecity of Chicago from anywhere in the world with the Watch_DogsCompanion: ctOS Mobile app.As a ctOS Operative, you will havecontrol of the Chicago Police and control of all ctOS devicesacross the city. The streets of the city become your ultimatebattleground where your goal is to stop players and maintainorder.Challenge and shut down other players with every toolavailable. To get the most out of your app, you will need toconnect with other players that own the console/pc game. You don’tneed the console/pc game to play.You can only play against humanplayers.EVERYTHING IS CONNECTEDConnect to any players from anyWatch_Dogs platform on console or PC. - Play LIVE with yourfriends, or with other players around the world.- Play with anyinternet connection from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G/LTE Networks.- Customizeyour own challenges and send them to your friends.CONNECTION ISPOWERYou are connected to Chicago and beyond.- Take over a ChicagoPD helicopter equipped with a sharpshooter and track down youropponents. - Control every ctOS device in the helicopter’s radiuslike traffic lights, road blockers, steam pipes and much more.-Dispatch and upgrade the different Chicago police units includingpatrols, SUVs and SWAT teams. BECOME THE BEST ctOS OPERATIVEEveryplayer you challenge is a new opportunity to advance and improveyour skills. - Gain XP and skill points as you win challenges.- Usethose skills points to upgrade your police arsenal and ctOSpowers.- Unlock even more abilities for your units by completingachievements.Note:- Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile requires aninternet connection to function correctly.- Watch_Dogs Companion:ctOS Mobile requires a Uplay account.- Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOSMobile is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU andPC.- Watch_Dogs Companion: ctOS Mobile requires a free Xbox Liveand/or PSN account to play against Xbox Live and/or PSN Players.
Assassin's Creed Pirates 2.9.1
***More than 10 million pirates already******More than 200 millionheroic naval battles fought***One of the world’s greatest actionfranchise is available on your mobile device! Become one of themost feared pirates of the Caribbean in this exclusive Assassin'sCreed adventure! Play as Alonzo Batilla, a young and ambitiouspirate captain, break the rules, challenge empires and amass gold!ENGAGE IN BRUTAL NAVAL COMBATSFight in real-time naval battles allover the Caribbean Sea.Choose from a wide range of weapons from thepivot cannon to the mortar, to destroy your foes and manoeuver tododge enemy shots. Show your skills, defeat legendary ships inbattle and become a true pirate legend!BUILD UP YOUR CREW AND YOURSHIPRaise your flag on the most iconic boats of the Golden Age ofPiracy; ranging from the smallest ship to the Man O’War floatingfortress.Upgrade your vessel with legendary customizations and themassive bounty plundered on the wild seas.Build your naval empireby recruiting the finest crew members and learn more than 50 newpirating techniques, cannon & sail upgrades to become a bettercaptain and master naval battles.EXPLORE THE IMMENSITY OF THECARIBBEAN... AND MUCH MORE!Sail throughout a vast array of islandsas you explore a huge map.Search for nearly one hundred treasuresand lost files.Run through dozens of lost Mayan temples, dodgeobstacles using epic assassin’s parkour moves and collect mayansstones. Parkour temples to find the fragments of ancient treasuremaps.Hunt sharks, whales and exotic fish to never run out ofsupplies.Furnish your fish collection with marvelous sea trophies,from small fry to massive sharks. Live the epic pirate life,raise the black flag and loot a merchant ship loaded with gold orset sail on quest to battle a slave ship.Beware of the Englishempire and the Spanish crown and their powerful master ship, as apirate you are always on the run.Compete with your friends for thehighest bounty.DISCOVER GROUNDBREAKING 3D VISUALS ON MOBILE ANDTABLETSBask in the West-Indies sunshine, admire beautiful seasunsets, navigate ice mazes and sail through the night alongbreathtaking coastlines.Changing weather conditions directly impactthe way you run your ship and redefine every landscape. Beware ofstorms and of the treacherous fog that will conceal your enemiesuntil the last moment!Master the sea to become the most skillfulpirate of the Caribbean Sea and be victorious in battles.EMBARK ONAN EPIC QUEST FOR A LEGENDARY TREASURELive a naval adventure thatwill reveal the truth about the mysterious lost treasure of thefamous French pirate and assassin La Buse.Cross paths withAssassins and Templars and take part in their age-old struggle.Meetthe most notorious and colorful pirates of the era, including SamBellamy, Ben Hornigold, Charles Vane and Blackbeard!Game availablein: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, BrazilianPortuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Turkish andIndonesianStay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, andmoreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames TWITTER: http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft•This game is free to download and free to play but some game itemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchasesin your device's settings.
Rayman Jungle Run 2.4.3
★ GOOGLE PLAY EDITORS' CHOICE ★ Rayman Jungle Run is powered by thesame UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins -Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Yearawards.  The legendary platforming hero is making the jump toyour favorite mobile device! -  Beautiful graphics -  Newworlds to discover -  New powers to unlock -  Captivatingmusic -  Smooth touch-based controls -  Exclusivewallpapers to unlock for your device Rayman Jungle Run is easy forall ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtimeRayman fans to master.  Unlock the Land of the Livid Deadlevels if you have the skills! Rayman’s journey in the junglecontinues with 20 entirely new levels… FOR FREE! ✓ Dodge cannonballs and jump your way through falling rocks in the new PirateShip section for more exhilarating action! ✓ Rush faster than everin the Boss Plant chapter to escape a giant “flower” that doesn’tsmell too good. ✓ After so much running, will you dare enter thetwo new Land of the Livid Dead levels? Some issues have also beenrecently fixed, including: ✓ Nexus 4 & Nexus 7 compatibilityStay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals and moreat.... FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames TWITTER:http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile YOUTUBE:http://youtube.com/user/UbisoftMobile If you have any feedback,please email us at android.support@ubisoft.com
Watch Dogs Dark Clouds 1.0.4
The full app is available is English, French, German, Italian,SpanishExtend your Watch_Dogs experience with this digital novelwhich offers a new standalone story written by John Shirley,prolific author and pioneer of the cyberpunk movement.John Shirleyeffortlessly combines the world of hacking, in the backdrop of adysfunctional Chicago, to deliver an action packed, high-tech crimethriller. This enhanced version of the novel features images,videos and interactive elements.KEY FEATURESDiscover a brand newstoryline in the Watch Dogs universe- Follow Mick Wolfe, anex-soldier, as he plunges inside Chicago’s underbelly to seek hisrevenge and maybe a little more than he bargained for in this brandnew techno thriller.Immersive interactive story- Access videos andimages that giving greater insight into Mick’s story throughout thenovel.Unlock rewards- Hack your way into Dedsec’s secret archivesand unlock exclusive wallpapers… Are you up to it ?
Far Cry® 4 Arena Master 1.0.7
Become the arena master with Far Cry® 4 Arena Master, the officialFar Cry®4 app. Collect animals and mercenary fighters for your ownpersonal arena pen and send them to battle against other Far Cry®4players for fame and fortune.Far Cry® 4 Arena Master can be linked directly to your Far Cry®4game, allowing you to share your arena progress and send custom FarCry® 4 arena challenges to your friends. Playing Far Cry® 4 arenacan also unlock new fighters in the Far Cry® 4 Arena Masterapp.The choice is yours, play Far Cry® 4 Arena Master as either astandalone game or as a companion to your Far Cry®4 experience.World MapSend mercenaries on quests to capture animals and recruit fighters.But be careful, they will experience all of the encounters andchallenges of the open world which can end in one of two ways:tragedy or victory. The World map is synced to your Far Cry®4 gameworld map, accurately reflecting outposts, bell towers, and otherprogress made in your game.PenUnlock cages and enclosures to collect and manage your animals andfighters. Buy, sell, hunt, and recruit units that you can send intobattle. Unlock stronger units as you gain fame and progress towardsthe status of Arena Master.BattleArena challenges:Send your warriors and animals into battle. Set up and send arenachallenges to your friends playing Far Cry®4. Earn in-game cash,experience and rewards as your challenges are played by Far Cry®4players.Solo:Battle against AI champions. Defeat the greatest arena fighters andbecome the Arena Master!
Anno: Build an Empire 2.0.0
***This game is compatible with Android 4.0 to 7.1, but not withAndroid 8.PLAYER REVIEWS:5/5 Very fun and addictive game5/5 Goodway to pass time and challenge yourself to bring up a civilization.5/5 I've always loved base and empire building games, but for amobile game it's amazing. It's now my second favorite gameever!!!FEATURES:BUILD YOUR EMPIRE STONE BY STONE: Construct a widerange of buildings to meet each one of their needs, such asentertainment, education or religion.MANAGE more than 60 resourcesand 150 different buildings, to take advantage of the specialtraits they offer. BECOME A CITY PLANNER: Prove yourself to be asmart city-planner by raising metropolises and find the right mixof residential complexes, production facilities andinfrastructure.ACQUIRE more power with your ever growing empire:build a big fleet, discover new islands and widen your realm stepby step.ENJOY every island in the game. They are unique and offerspecific resources which you can plant and harvest!INVITE friendsto join the game and trade resources with each other. Play yourcards right as a diplomatic merchant, and you'll get all theresources you'll need!CHAT with thousands of players and stay intouch with the ANNO community!JOIN YOURCOMMUNITY!FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AnnoBuildAnEmpireTWITTER: https://twitter.com/annoempire_enYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/UbisoftPLEASE NOTE:An internet connection is required to play ANNO: Buildan Empire.This game is free to download and play but some gameitems can be purchased for real money.
Valiant Hearts The Great War 1.0.1
Immerse yourself in the touching story of four unsung heroes sweptup by World War 1 in this unique interactive graphic novel thatcombines action, puzzles and adventure.Valiant Hearts: The GreatWar is a 4-part, episodic game inspired by letters from World War1. Additional episodes are available as multipack or individualin-app purchases.PLAY A GRAPHIC NOVELAn emotional adventure gamedelivered with a unique tone and art style.A MIX OF EXPLORATION,ACTION AND PUZZLESMove into action and help your heroes survive theGreat War by solving puzzles or sneaking through enemy lines…FOLLOW THE STORY OF THESE VALIANT HEARTS…Lost in a maze oftrenches, play each of these characters and help a young Germansoldier find his love! All of them will be helped by their faithfulcanine companion, Walt.RELIVE THE GREAT WARThis fictitious storytakes you back to famous WW1 locations, revisiting historicalbattles on the Western Front, such as the Battle of the Marne orthe Battle of the Somme! INTERACT WITH HISTORYIn partnership withApocalypse World War 1 and the Mission Centenaire 14-18, learn moreabout the Great War through historical articles and share them withfriends. ***Save 20% on additional episodes by purchasing theMultipack directly in the game***
Rayman Fiesta Run 1.4.2
★ Included in Google Play Picks: Best Games of 2013 ★ ***PocketGamer - 9/10 - “A spunky, joyous, addictive gem [...] Another giddyand breathless mix of memory and reflexes” Join legendaryplatforming hero Rayman for a new adventure on your favorite mobiledevice! If you enjoyed Rayman Jungle Run, you will love RaymanFiesta Run and its new wacky Fiesta world! Lunge for cocktailumbrellas, leap on limes and punch those piñatas…the sky’s thelimit! PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG * More than 75 levels welcome you forthe Fiesta! * Bounce on sausages and make your way through 4 newfestive worlds * Beat all 3 new epic bosses to reach the dreadedLand of the Livid Dead Island! * Collect Lums to get awesomerewards and power-ups DISCOVER RAYMAN'S AMAZING NEW POWERS * Raymancould jump, fly, punch and run up the walls… * …he can now slide,swim or shrink on the fly into a tiny hero * Unleash the power ofthe Super Punch! BEWARE OF THE INVASION! * Play all the levels youthought you knew in a totally different way * Avoid new traps anddefeat even fiercer enemies * Get ready for more great challenges!ENJOY GORGEOUS GRAPHICS * Rayman Jungle Run was pretty… RaymanFiesta Run looks absolutely delicious! * Immerse yourself into theFiesta thanks to the increased depth of field * And if you likegreat lightings, Rayman has put a brand new disco ball up for you!CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS Share your activities, post yourachievements on Facebook, and follow your friends on the world map.This game can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi needed to play!Bring the Fiesta to your Tablet ! Rayman Fiesta Run isabsolutely gorgeous on big screens Game available in: English,French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,Japanese, Korean, Russian and Arabic. Stay on top of your game! Getthe latest news, deals, and more at.... FACEBOOK:http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames TWITTER:http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile YOUTUBE:http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Prince of Persia Shadow&Flame 2.0.2
The rebirth of the legendaryaction-platformer, with brand-new visuals and controls redesignedto fit your device.** SlideToPlay – 4/4 – “A gorgeous and athletic blend ofplatforming and exploration”** TouchArcade – 4,5/5 – “Shadow and the Flame is a Prince ofPersia game in every way that counts”Set after the events of Prince of Persia Classic, Prince ofPersia The Shadow and the Flame continues the saga of the wandererwho was born a Prince. Now he must embark on an epic journey insearch of his past that will redefine his future!AN IMMERSIVE SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE* Follow the epic storyline of the original game.* Explore 14 levels rendered in visually-stunning 3D.* Dive into 5 state-of-the-art environments.A BRAND NEW COMBAT SYSTEM* Discover an exciting new combat system with multiple enemies andtactical challenges.* Unleash devastating combos and unlock even more powerful ones asyou progress.* Acquire new weapons for increasingly thrilling fightsequences.INTUITIVE CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR TOUCHSCREENS* Experience the highly-acclaimed Prince of Persia platforminggameplay.* Choose between gesture-based touch controls or the classicvirtual joystick.* Perform fluid and acrobatic moves to overcome challenges, or gostep-by-step with “Cautious Mode”.EXTEND YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY* Unlock achievements and ascend the leaderboards.* Share you scores with Facebook integration.Prince of Persia® The Shadow and the Flame is now MOGA Enhanced!Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online athttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comGame available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,Japanese, Chines, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkishand Arabic.Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, and moreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesTWITTER: http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Assassin’s Creed® Unity App 1.0.5
Enhance your Assassin’s Creed® Unity experience by takingRevolutionary Paris into the palm of your hand. This Companion appis filled with activities and strategic information to deliver theultimate second-screen experience. Resolve hidden glyph puzzles onfamous Paris landmarks and manage your own Nomad Brotherhood tounlock exclusive missions and rewards in Assassin’s Creed® Unity!INTERACTIVE WORLD MAPParis at the tips of your fingers. Navigatearound a fully 3D map, place a Helix marker to plan your missions,easily locate yourself, your Co-op friends and enemies, and see mapupdates, all in real time.GLYPH PUZZLESAs you progress inAssassin’s Creed® Unity, discover famous Paris landmarks on theCompanion World Map, and solve their hidden glyph puzzles to unlockexclusive Nomad Brotherhood missions.NOMAD BROTHERHOODOnly in theCompanion, manage your own Assassins and send your NomadBrotherhood on missions. Your success will unlock exclusivemissions and rewards in Assassin’s Creed® Unity!HEATMAPSDetailedcommunity Heatmaps for each mission show the paths taken by otherplayers, including conflicts they faced and kills they made,allowing you to better plan your strategies.EQUIPMENTView thestatistics of all wearable items in Assassin’s Creed® Unity; trythem out and see how different combinations affect yourabilities.DATABASETraining tips, tutorials and Database entriesunlocked in Assassin’s Creed® Unity can be consulted at yourconvenience.Note:• The application requires an internet connectionto function properly.• The application requires a Uplay account tosynchronize with your game data.• Assassin's Creed® Unity Companionis compatible with PS4, Xbox One, and PC.GEARView the statistics ofall wearable items in Assassin’s Creed® Unity; try them out and seehow different combinations affect Arno’s skills.DATABASETrainingtips, tutorials and unlocked Database entries in the main game areavailable to consult at your convenience.Note:• The applicationrequires an internet connection to function properly.• Theapplication requires a Uplay account to synchronize with your gamedata.• Assassin's Creed® Unity Companion is compatible with PS4,Xbox One, and PC.
Motoheroz 2.0.3
From RedLynx, creators of DrawRace 2 and Trials HD!MotoHeroz takesthe fun, fast gameplay of a Trials style game, adds it to a franticrally race, and delivers a fresh new kind of side-scrolling,platform racing game.Players race, chase, and rally their waythrough a brightly colored world, competing against their friendsfor the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting forsecrets and coins.Inspired by the critically acclaimed WiiWare gameMotoHeroz, named “Best WiiWare Game of the Year” by IGN andNintendo Life!*** COOL FEATURES ***- Physics-based racing: fungameplay with 6 vehicles in 30 exciting tracks- Single player fun:Unlock tracks by beating opponents and different challenges- Funfor many: Race against your friends in asynchronous multiplayer oneach track - Claim the top spot: Global and Friends Leader Boardslet gamers compete against each other- Fully optimized: File sizeunder 40 Mb and blazing fast load times, instant restarts- Upgradeyour vehicle and acquire in-game goodies for super boosts- Gathersecrets: Find all of the hidden treasures to beat the game 100%-Think you got what it takes to top the charts in MotoHeroz? ThenProve your worth in the One Shotchallenges!___________________“MotoHeroz is a remarkableachievement in track design and high score-chasing.” – PocketGamer“It's another downloadable delight from a developer that takeshaving fun very seriously indeed.” - Eurogamer“MotoHeroz is anotherfantastic entry in a genre that RedLynx has taken command of.” --148 Apps*Game available in English. ___________________Keep inTouch!twitter.com/redlynxgamerredlynx.com/motoherozGetHelp!redlynxgame.com/forum/
Far Cry 3 Outpost 1.0.5
Far Cry® 3 Outpost“Friends Matter”Join your friends and get ahead in the game with the Far Cry® 3mobile app for multiplayer and co-op. Earn advanced weapon mods foryour favorite guns and customize your loadouts on the go! The nexttime you jump into a multiplayer match or co-op chapter, you’ll beready to play.Features:- Decode the encrypted data you find in-game to unlock advancedweapon mods and earn bonus XP. Don’t wait until you’re playing thegame to start decoding. Instead, decode on the go! Once you unlocka weapon mod, you can accept it, give it to one of your friends orsell it for more XP straight from your phone.- Play The Grid to unlock new encrypted data sources to decode,even while away from the game!- View and customize your loadouts so that you’re ready to playonce you’re back in the game.- Keep track of your progress through the Daily and WeeklyChallenges. Completing these challenges will earn you XP.- Check out your personal stats and the stats of your friends,including time played, level, top weapons, awards and more.- Keep track of the maps you’ve made in the Map Editor. You canfollow the current tier placements and how many people have likedor favorited your maps.
M&M Clash of Heroes 1.4
The award-winning Puzzle-RPG is now remastered and optimized forAndroid devices!Live the epic adventure of 5 young Heroes leading their clans tosave the world of Might & Magic.DISCOVER A UNIQUE MIX OF RPG AND PUZZLE BATTLE MECHANICS- Create offensive or defensive unit formations, master advancedcombos and build up the right strategy to beat your enemies.- Master, earn and hire more than 10 heroes, 40 units and 50artifacts to create the ultimate army combination.- Overcome various challenges: enemy heroes, special challenges,Boss fights or riddle battles.- After each battle, earn XP and level up your hero and units tobecome more powerful.- Experience smooth touch-based controls.LIVE AN EPIC ADVENTURE- Play through a 20+ hours campaign in 5 different settings.- Explore vibrant and highly detailed maps full of knights, elves,wizards, necromancers and demons and interact with a uniquemanga-inspired environment.- Enjoy the rich Might & Magic graphics and music on yourAndroid device, all in HD!- Challenge one of your friends to continue the adventure in theFace-to-Face and Pass & Play modes.DISCOVER THE MIGHT & MAGIC UNIVERSE: http://mightandmagic.comVISIT OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/MightandMagicMORE UBISOFT MOBILE GAMES: https://www.facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesRequires 900MB of free space to be installed (it’s a biggame!)
Galaxy Life™:Pocket Adventures 1.7.0
Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is a new genreof massively multiplayer online strategy game. Join the mostentertaining strategy war game of the galaxy!Install the game for free to take control of crazy Starlingaliens, build rich planetary colonies, defend against invasions andlead your troops through interstellar epic battles!In Galaxy Life, evil enemies and rival players are everywhere,so bring friends to help you and show everyone who the boss of theuniverse is!***** “There are a lot of strategy games but none as good norcomplete as this one”***** “This game is adorable and fun. One of the best RTS styledgames I've played!”***** “One of THE best games ever”GAME FEATURES:•Play in an online persistent world with thousands of players•Attack other players in real time battles with more than 14different types of units•Build and manage your own star colonies•Defend your colonies with 8 different types of defenses•Explore the persistent galaxy for rivals and virgin planets tocolonize•Communicate with other players with an in game messagesystem•Find friends and cooperate with them by sharing defenses•Customize your avatar•Craft incredible items for battles and defensesPLEASE NOTE• WEB PLAYERS: Galaxy life: Pocket Adventures is unique with itsown persistent world. It is not interoperable with the Facebookversion.• Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures is completely free to play, butsome game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don'twant to use this feature, simply disable in-app purchases.• Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures requires an internet connection toplay (3G or WiFi).Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, and moreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesTWITTER: http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Hungry Shark World 3.8.0
***The Sharks are back in the bigger and badder sequel to HungryShark Evolution!*** Control a shark in a feeding frenzy and eatyour way through many oceans feasting on everything from bite-sizefish and birds to tasty whales and unwitting humans! ***This gameis only compatible with devices running on Android 5.0 or above***Official game for Shark Week, live every week like it's Shark Week!30 SPECIES OF SHARKS Choose from a range of sharks in 7 differentsize tiers, including an iconic ocean predator: the Great White!HUGE OPEN WORLDS Explore the lush Pacific Islands, frozen ArcticOcean, exotic Arabian Sea, and now the South China Sea, a vibranturban destination full of fresh, unwary victims! FEAST FOR YOUREYES Experience the feeding frenzy in stunning console quality 3Dgraphics that will blow everything else out of the water! SURVIVALOF THE HUNGRIEST It’s eat or be eaten in waters packed with 100s ofdelicious and dangerous creatures… Whales, submarines and wanderinglocals BEWARE! SMASHING SHARK SWAG Level up your shark and equipjawsome gadgets to bite harder, swim faster and grow even hungrier!No shark is complete without headphones, umbrella and a freakin'jetpack! SUPER SKINS Customize your predators with unique skins!These rockin’ looks not only release your inner shark’s personalitybut also maximise your stats! MANIC MISSIONS & BADASS BOSSESTake on more than 20 different types of mission including highscore challenges, prey hunts and epic boss fights! HELPFULPREDATORY PETS Baby sharks, whales, an octopus, and even a baldeagle are happy to help with special abilities to increase health,score and more! SUPERSIZED MEAL DEAL Unleash your shark's predatorpotential: SuperSize mode, rushes, explosion, hypnosis and more!Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements enabled. Use Facebook tosynchronise your progress across your GP devices. Hungry SharkWorld is regularly updated with new features, content andchallenges to keep you coming back for more! This app containsIn-App Purchases which allow you to buy Gems and Gold currencywhich can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Gems and Gold canalso be collected in game without requiring purchases. This gamecontains advertising. Advertising is disabled if you make anypurchase. Like the game on Facebook for the latest news:www.facebook.com/HungryShark Follow us on Twitter @Hungry_SharkInstagram @hungryshark Or Youtube:http://youtube.com/FutureGamesOfLondon And join our community!Facebook http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames Twitterhttp://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile Youtubehttp://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft Any Feedback? Contact:http://support.ubi.com Need support? Contact:http://support.ubi.com
Heroes of Might & Magic III HD 1.1.6
Ubisoft Entertainment
The most popular Heroes® title of all time is back in HD! Do youremember all those sleepless nights spent fighting Black Dragonsand Archangels, Demons and Necromancers? Were you a true fan ofHeroes® of Might & Magic® III? We have great news foryou!Fifteen years later, rediscover the epic tale of QueenCatherine Ironfist, as she re-embarks on her critically acclaimedquest to unite her ravaged homeland and re-conquer the kingdom ofErathia.Forge the destinies of mighty and magical heroes, leadingfantastic and ferocious creatures in a game that still stands todayas the landmark opus of the Heroes franchise.Heroes® of Might &Magic® III is a turn-based strategy game, originally released inFebruary 1999.A COMPLETELY NEW HD EXPERIENCE ON TABLETS* Re-livethe Heroes® III in HD, a true craftsmanship which offers playersfully remastered graphics, and hosting intuitive controls designedfor touchscreens* Heroes III now features a full wide screencompatibility.THE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED HEROES III GAMEPLAY IS BACK*Blaze your way through 7 exciting campaign scenarios, fightingalong 8 iconic factions.* Explore exclusive scenarios in around 50skirmish maps.* Pass the tablet around and play with your friendsin a thrilling local multiplayer modeFind more information aboutthe game on:www.might-and-magic.ubi.com
Hungry Shark Evolution
We're the Official game for Shark Week - live every week like it'sShark Week! Take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a franticocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by eating everythingand everyone in your way! Explore a beautiful underwater world andevolve iconic sharks like the Great White and Megalodon! In thisaction-packed aquatic adventure you can: • Unlock more than a dozenunique sharks and other fintastic creatures • Explore an open worldboth above and below the waves • Enjoy jawsome 3D graphics andsound effects • Discover and devour mysterious creatures of thedeep • Recruit Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers • Equipawesome accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats! • Find andcollect sunken Bonus Objects • Sink your teeth into loads ofchallenging missions • Activate Gold Rush to survive longer andscore higher • Take part in regular in-game events and win limitededition prizes • Attack with intuitive touch or tilt controls •Play offline wherever you are – no Wi-Fi needed! • Synchronize yourgame easily across Android devices Compatible with Android 4.1 andabove. This app contains In-App Purchases which allow you to buyGem and Coin currency which can be spent on upgrades andaccessories. Gems and Coins can also be collected in game withoutrequiring purchase, or by watching video advertisements from theTreasure screen. This game contains advertising. Advertising isdisabled if you make any purchase. Like on Facebook:https://hungryshark.co/FacebookPage Follow on Twitter @Hungry_SharkSubscribe on YouTube: https://hungryshark.co/HungryYouTube Join uson Instagram: Instagram @hungryshark Need support? Have somefeedback for us? Contact us here: https://support.ubi.com
헝그리 샤크 에볼루션 3.7.0
액션이 넘치는 바닷속에서 배고픈 상어를 조종하세요.보이는 건 전부 먹어치워 최대한 오래 생존하세요!귀상어, 대백상어,메갈로돈 등의 많은 다양한 상어를 모으고 진화시킬 수 있습니다!기능:+ 콘솔 품질의 3D 그래픽+ 12종류의 상어 잠금해제 가능+ 자유롭게 돌아다닐 수 있는 거대한 영역+ 사용하기 간편하게 터치하거나 기기를 기울여 조종+ 물속에 가라앉은보물 15개 찾기+ 75개가 넘는 미션+ 특별 장비와 아이템을 상어에 장착 가능+ 아기 상어를 잠금 해제해 포식 가능한힘 키우기+ 최고 득점을 위한 콤보 보너스와 골든 러시+ Facebook 소셜 기능+ Google+ cloud 세이브기능으로 모든 안드로이드 장비에서 게임을 동기화하십시오원하는 만큼 플레이하세요! - 일정 시간을 기다려야 하거나 에너지가필요하지 않습니다!***2013년 올해의 게임! (TIGA 수상)***이 앱에는 업그레이드나 액세서리에 사용할 수 있는보석과 코인 구매를 할 수 있게 해주는 앱 내 구매 기능이 포함되어 있습니다. 보석과 코인은 구매하지 않아도 게임 내에서획득하거나 보물 화면에서 동영상 광고를 시청해 받을 수도 있습니다.이 게임에는 광고가 포함되어 있습니다.구매를 통해광고를 제거할 수 있습니다.Please steer the action is full of hungry sharks inthe sea.Eat whole thing looks away survive long as possible,please!Hammerhead sharks, sharks of many different collectinglighthouse white shark, Megalodon can evolve!function:Consolequality 3D graphics ++ 12 kinds of sharks can be unlockedA hugearea where you can walk freely +Easily one trillion kinds of touchor tilt the device to use +Find 15 treasures sunk in the water ++Over 75 missions+ Can be equipped with special equipment and itemsShark+ Unlock the baby shark predation possible to raise power+Combo bonuses for top scorer and Golden Rush+ Facebook socialfeatures+ Google+ cloud save feature to synchronize with the gameon all Android devicesPlay as much as you want! - No need to waitfor a certain period of time or energy!*** 2013 Game of the Year!(TIGA Awards) ***This app includes the purchasing function withinthe app that allows you to buy jewelry and coins that can be usedfor upgrades and accessories. Jewelry and coins can also beobtained within the game do not buy or get for watching video adstreasure screen.The game contains ads.You can remove ads via thepurchase.
Assassin’s Creed® IV Companion 2.2
Elevate your Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flagexperience with this unique companion app. Turn your tablet deviceinto a second screen that provides you with features that furtherimmerse you into this Caribbean world.PLEASE NOTE: To get the most out of your app, you will need to syncwith your copy of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on your gamingplatform.*** Assassin's Creed IV's companion app is pretty rad –DestructoidAssassin’s Creed Black Flag’s Companion is an indispensable toolfor all would-be pirate captains. It acts like your very ownquartermaster, so that you will never need to break the immersionand flow of gameplay by pausing the game to navigate throughcertain menus. You are now free to fully concentrate on the job athand - to gain wealth and infamy on the high seas and in exoticcities.Login with Uplay to fully enjoy the following features:INTERACTIVE WORLD MAPMore exhaustive than your in-game map; see your mission objectivesin real-time, set waypoints, zoom in and out, and search forlocations with the tip of your finger. It’s also a great way toinvolve someone else in your single player experience, your friendcan be your quartermaster.KENWAY’S FLEETYou can now interact with the main game 24/7, wherever you may be.Use the ships that you have captured to send on missions, secureroutes and collect cargo and currency. The Atlantic Ocean isthriving with opportunities and you’ll need many ships to take fulladvantage. You can even help secure your Uplay friends’ routes andget rewarded.PROGRESS TRACKERAll your game data is stored here, including main mission progress,crafting completion, and your current game status.TREASURE MAPSFind treasure maps in-game and see them on your second screen whileyou cross-reference the real-world location on your TV.INITIATES FEEDDisplay received messages, notifications from your friends and findcommunity challenges.ANIMUS DATABASEEasily view, at your leisure, all the Animus Database entriesunlocked in the main game.Note:• Kenway’s Fleet, the Animus Database and real time updatedinformation require an internet connection to functioncorrectly.• The application requires a Uplay account to synchronize your gamedata.Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Companion is compatible with PS4,Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.
Smurfs Epic Run - Fun Platform Adventure 2.9.1
Gargamel’s has casted an evil fog spell to capture all the Smurfs.The whole village is gone and you’re the only Smurf left!Experience the next generation runner game with gorgeous 2Dgraphics!• RUN, jump, glide, rush, dash, parkour… your way throughmore than 100 levels to free all the captive Smurfs and defeatGargamel’s minions!• RACE and compete against your runner friends& the world to establish the best score in the WeeklyTournament. Who will run the farthest in these weekly endlessgames?• CUSTOMIZE your Smurfs with cute companions, magic rings andartefacts for awesome bonuses!Choose your favorite Smurf and embarkon an epic adventure!• PLAY with your favorite Smurfs includingSmurfette, Papa Smurf, Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and other famous& funny characters! • GATHER your team of blue runners andenter the Epic Adventure: a daily challenge where the danger iseverywhere. But so are the rewards!• FREE each Smurf and use theirunique epic powers (Dash, double jump, stomp, glide, magnet…) torush through each level and set the best score.Discover a gorgeous,magical and funny world directly inspired from the original Smurfcomic-books.• PARKOUR multiple locations of the Smurfs worldincluding the village, the forest, the mine and Gargamel’s Castle!• COLLECT dozens of items from the Smurf universe to complete setsand unlock bonuses.• EARN great prizes everyday by collectingGolden Keys, completing Daily Missions, spinning the Wheel ofChance or asking the Farmer Smurf for his Good Deals.Stay on top ofyour game! Meet other players and get the latest news, deals, andmore at....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/SmurfsEpicRun PLEASENOTE:• This game is free to download and free to play but some gameitems can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. • This game containsadvertisements.• Making any in-game purchase will disableinterstitial ads forever.
Rabbids Big Bang
Forget the Milky Way! This is the RabbidsWay!Rabbids Big Bang is the first Rabbids physic-based game on mobiledevices that lets you pilot a Rabbid in space with the tip of yourfinger!BECOME AN EXPERT RABBID PILOT WITH ONLY ONE FINGER!* Use a bat to thrust a Rabbid into space…* … and control its trajectory using the jetpack and planetgravity.* Play tactically as your fuel will drain when you boost.* Don’t crash into the planets... unless you’re asked to!COMPLETE 150 SILLY AND CHALLENGING MISSIONS* Explore 10 different wacky galaxies each of them offering 15missions.* Bounce on Space Duckies, hit Space Cows, or fly your Rabbid tothe Sun.* Use our ranking system to progress with your Rabbid and unlockachievements.UPGRADE & CUSTOMIZE YOUR RABBID* Collection coins to upgrade the jetpack and increase itspower.* Customize your Rabbid with new helmets, bats and more for thefunniest looks.* Equip your Rabbid with special items and master the galaxy offun!THE RABBIDS WACKY HUMOR*Space cows, cheese planets, UFOs… Your Rabbid will have more thanone occasion to scream Bwaaah…and so will you!Rabbids Big Bang is made for your children! It includes a parentalgate that prevents accidental in-app purchases.This game can be downloaded over the air, no Wi-Fi needed toplay!Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish,Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.Note that this application is not compatible with custom roms (ex:Cyanogen)Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, and moreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesTWITTER: http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Anno 2205: Asteroid Miner 1.2.0
DISCOVER THE FRONTIERS OF SPACE AND SECURE THE SURVIVAL OF MANKIND!From the makers of the award-winning Anno games comes a galacticMatch-3 adventure with MORE THAN 180 MISSIONS for thrilling mobileaction!Combine, switch, and move as many asteroid materials aspossible into rows, use drones to boost your game, and researchupgrades in your space station. Transfer rare materials fromAsteroid Miner to the PC version of Anno 2205 and build even biggerand more efficient metropolises.INFINITE SPACEDiscover fantasticgalaxies far away from Earth and master MORE THAN 180 TRICKYASTERIODS. Combine vertical, horizontal, and diagonal rows as longas possible, use drones for your advantage, and take on thechallenge in the special comet mode to break the highscore!WELCOMEON THE BRIDGE, COMMANDER!Research MORE THAN 120 UPGRADES in yourspace station and determine your own gaming style. Here you canunlock new skills and objects.CREATED FOR YOUR MOBILEYou can playAsteroid Miner COMPLETLY OFFLINE so you can use it anytime andeverywhere--on a train, on a bus, or in your spaceship! Playwhenever and wherever you like!CONNECTION WITH ANNO 2205If you ownthe PC version of Anno 2205, you can transfer RARE MATERIALS fromthe app into the game. This way you can speed-up the growth of yourmetropolises and become the best city-planner of the future!Take onthe challenge and prove your skill; the frontiers of space are justthe beginning of your journey.Stay up-to-date and receive thelatest news at:FACEBOOK: facebook.com/annogameTWITTER:twitter.com/anno_enYOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/user/ubisoftIf you havefeedback for us, please send it to android.support@ubisoft.com oruse the >Help & Support< function in the options of thegame.Note:Downloading and playing the game is free of charge.However, some game objects can be purchased for real money.
Rabbids Appisodes 1.0.0
Rabbids Appisodes: The kids’ hit animated TVshow is NOW INTERACTIVE!For the first time, kids will be able to unleash the Rabbids’silliness from their favorite hit TV Show: Rabbids Invasion- DISCOVER 7 interactive appisodes based on the hit animated TVshow Rabbids Invasion.- WATCH, PLAY AND INTERACT with Rabbids in various mini-games. Tapto throw eggs, tilt your device to prevent Rabbids from fallingdown, swipe to hit them and scream the iconic BWAAAH!-FIND hidden objects in each appisode to increase your scoring.Even amid the Rabbids mayhem, stay focused during the entireappisode!- COLLECT stickers and unlock puzzle pieces to complete newhilarious wallpapers for your tabletor smartphone. You can even customize them with your stickers!Stay tuned for all the latest Rabbids news on:FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/RabbidsTWITTER https://twitter.com/RabbidsOfficialYOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/RabbidsThe game is available in: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish, Russian and Simplified Chinese.
Sandstorm: Pirate Wars 1.19.2
Discover a sci-fi action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic desert worldinhabited by fearsome pirates and mutant scavengers. “The combat issuitably fun, strategic, and tense, and the world is a genuine joyto explore. There's a Fallout mixed with Pirates aesthetic here,and it really draws you in.”-Pocket GamerAs the Captain of a flyingSand-Cruiser battleship, you are a bold survivor in lands ruined bywar, pollution and nuclear fallout. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars featuresan epic single player story set in the not-so-distant future, anonline PvP battle arena, a formidable arsenal of weapons, and afleet of hover ships armored liketanks!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fight Real-TimePirate Arena Battles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•Defeat pirates from around the world on Local and GlobalLeaderboards• Plunder defeated enemies to find resources tocustomize and upgrade your fleet • Complete daily Pirate Arenamissions for extra loot• Invite your friends and crush them in PvPbattle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Create and ModifyPowerful War Machines~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •Choose from a huge variety of weapons including Lasers, Drones,Mini-Guns and Cannons• Strategically select combat systems todestroy your opponents tactically• Upgrade your weaponry withmaterials obtained from exploration and salvage• Customize yourShip by swapping out pieces and changingskins~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Survive DesertWastelands~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• Journey througharid desert space, gritty suburbs, ruined cities, and more•Encounter treacherous enemies and mysterious allies of differentfactions• Complete smuggler missions to earn resources to improveyour flying Sand-Cruiser• Loot and plunder fallen shipwrecks anddiscover rare combat SystemsJoin our Community of Pirates!Facebook- facebook.com/sandstormpiratewarsTwitter -twitter.com/sandstormpirateOfficial Forums -bit.ly/ss-forums***AWARD: The Best Music and Sound 2015 from theSpanish Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy ***Internetconnection required for play. Strong Wi-Fi connection recommendedfor best performance.Game availabe in: English, French, Italian,German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese,Simplified Chinese
ハングリーシャーク エボリューション 3.7.0
集めて進化させられる多彩なサメたち。ハンマーヘッド、グレートホワイト、あのメガロドンまで!特徴:+据え置き機クオリティの3Dグラフィック+12種類のサメをアンロック可能+広大な世界を自由に泳ぎ回り、恐怖に陥れよう+タッチや傾きによる直感的な操作+海に沈んだ宝は15種類+遊べるミッションは75個以上+スペシャルガジェットやアイテムをサメに装備させよう+ベビーシャークをアンロックすると捕獲性能がパワーアップ+コンボボーナスとゴールデンラッシュで自己ベストを更新+Facebookソーシャル機能+ Google+クラウドセーブを利用して全てのAndroidデバイスでゲームを同期できます。好きなように、好きなだけ遊ぼう!時間制限やエネルギー消費はありません!***2013年ゲーム・オブ・ザ・イヤー(TIGAアワード)***本アプリでは、ジェムとコインを購入するアプリ内購入が行なえます。ジェムとコインはアップグレードやアクセサリーの購入に使用します。ジェムとコインはゲーム内で集めたり、トレジャー画面の広告動画を視聴することで購入しなくても入手できます。本ゲームには広告が表示されます。購入すると広告は表示されなくなります。Collectedby a variety of sharks who are evolved. Hammerhead, Great White,until that Megalodon!Characteristic:+ Stationary machine quality of3D graphics+12 Kinds of unlockable shark+ Freely Mawari swim a vastworld, it will Otoshiireyo to fear+ Intuitive operation by thetouch and tilt+ Sank to the sea treasure 15 types+ Play mission is75 or moreTries equipped + special gadgets and items to the sharks+And capture performance power up to unlock the Baby SharkUpdate apersonal best in the + combo bonuses and Golden Rush+ Facebooksocial features+ You can synchronize the game with all of theAndroid device using the Google+ cloud save.As you like, Let's playas much as you like! There is no time limit and energyconsumption!*** 2013 Game of the Year (TIGA Awards) ***In this app,you can in-app purchase to buy the gems and coins. Gem and coinswill be used to purchase upgrades and accessories. Gem and coins orcollected in the game, without having to buy it to watchadvertising videos of Treasure screen available.In this game itwill be ads.To buy ads will not appear.
飢餓鯊魚:進化 3.7.0
收集並進化成各種不同的鯊魚,包括:雙髻鯊、大白鯊以及巨牙鯊!功能:+ 3D 操作畫面+ 12 種類的鯊魚等您解鎖+廣闊無際的世界任您征服+ 直覺式觸控或傾斜控制+ 15 種沉沒水中的寶藏等你發現+ 超過 75 項任務等你完成+使用特殊的器具和物件裝配您的鯊魚+ 解鎖鯊魚寶寶以提升您的掠奪力量+ 結合加分和黃金猛攻以獲得更高的分數+Facebook社交功能+使用 Google+ 雲端儲存來與你的所有 Android裝置同步你的遊戲存檔飢餓鯊魚:進化最近更新了新功能、新內容和新關卡來吸引你回來挑戰!想玩多久,就玩多久!-沒有時間或是能量的限制!*** TIGA 2013 年度遊戲!***此遊戲提供 App內購買功能,讓您能直接購買寶石和金幣以幫助升級或購買配件。如果您不想花錢購買,您也能在遊戲中收集寶石和金幣,或是透過在Treasure screen 上觀看廣告影片獲得。此遊戲含有廣告。當您做了任何消費後廣告即可消失。Collect hand intoa variety of sharks, including: hammerhead shark, great white sharkand the megalodon!Features:+ 3D operation screen+ 12 species ofsharks waiting for you to unlock+ Any of your vast boundless worldconquest+ Intuitive touch or tilt controls+ 15 kinds of sinking inthe water so you find treasures+ Over 75 you complete tasks+ Usespecial appliances and objects assembled your shark+ Unlock toimprove your baby shark predatory force+ Binding points and goldonslaught to get a higher score+ Facebook social features+ UseGoogle+ to cloud storage with all of your Android devices sync yourgame savesHunger Sharks: Evolution recently updated new features,new content and new levels challenge to attract you back!How longyou want to play, you play long! - There is no time or energylimit!*** TIGA 2013 Game of the Year! ***This game offers withinApp purchase function, so you can directly buy gems and gold tohelp upgrade or purchase accessories. If you do not want to spendmoney to buy, you can also collect gems and gold coins in the game,or by watching videos on Treasure screen ads get.This game containsads.When you do any post-consumer advertising can disappear.
Care Bears™ Belly Match 1.2.4
Ubisoft presents its match 3 game: *** CareBears ™ Belly Match ***Care Bears ™ Belly Match takes you to the beautiful world ofCare-a-lot and lets you be a Hero.In this fun and exciting game, Grumpy and all the other Care Bearsneed your help to make their world a HAPPY place again.Let’s switch and match Belly Badges through hundreds of levels inthis dreamy and magical world!FEATURES:- SWITCH, SWAP AND MATCH COLORFUL BELLY BADGES to unlock multiplelevels.-ENJOY CHEERFUL BOOSTERS such as Share Bear’s Scooter, Cheer Bear’sPom-Pom & many more.-DEFEAT the mischievous Beastly by beating him at his owngame!- RACE against the CLOCK in this rocking BEAR-BLITZ MODE: DASH asmany Belly Badges as possible before time runs out!- EXPRESS YOUR LOVE: Gift your friends a Care Package or even extralives!- EXPLORE HUNDREDS OF ENCHANTING ISLANDS while you gather therainbow sparrows or unwrap Share Bear’s delicious lollipops.Spread the Love:Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Care-Bears-Belly-Match/865851620143435Ubisoft Forums: http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/824 Please Note:-This game is free to download and play. However, special gameitems can be purchased for a fee. You can also disable in-apppurchases in your device’s settings.
Monkey King Escape 1.6.0
Watch out, here comes the Monkey King!Play as the legendary Monkey King and evade capture from thealmighty Jade Emperor of Heavenly Kingdom!Angered by the Jade Emperor’s refusal to grant him an honorableplace among the gods, the Monkey King gobbled down the preciousPeaches of Immortality he was assigned to protect.Only YOU can help him navigate the treacherous Heavenly Garden withthe Emperor’s armies hot on his furry heels!- BECOME THE MONKEY KING and learn his amazing powers- RUN, JUMP, SLIDE, FLY... and dash your way through Heaven!- DEFEAT EPIC BOSSES in exciting one on one fights- TRANSFORM INTO ANIMALS to wield their special powers!- Enjoy beautiful and colorful HD GRAPHICS- UNLOCK 4 additional playable characters- COLLECT boosts and power-ups- HELP your friends, or COMPETE against them for the highscore!This game can be downloaded through data connection, no Wi-Fi isneeded to play!-Join your community!Facebook http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGamesTwitter http://twitter.com/ubisoftmobileYoutube http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft
Rayman® Legends Beatbox 1.0.1
Welcome to Rayman® Legends’ musical universe!Rayman® Legends Beatbox is an intuitive, easy to use App, thatwill appeal to everyone.In Rayman® Legends Beatbox, play with the musical universe ofRayman Legends in two different modes.The “Legendary Mode” contains three music tracks to play withfrom Rayman® Legends. Each song is split into six instrumentalparts that you can choose to activate/deactivate for differenteffects.The “Creation Mode” will let you create your ownsongs. Access a rich library of instruments/melodies fromRayman’s universe to record your own creation, then share it withyour friends!-          Twodifferent game modes-          Legendarymode: 3 tracks from the Original Soundtrack of Rayman®Legends-          Creationmode: 5 categories of instrument-          Up to 6sounds per instrument-          Adrag&drop gameplay-          Record andshare your creation-          A lot offun!**Please note that this application requires at least AndroidSystem 4.0.3**Have fun!
Howrse 4.0.5
LIVE YOUR PASSION FOR HORSES WITHOUT LIMITS ! More than 60 millionpeople have already registered on Howrse.com, so don’t wait anymoreand join the community of Howrse lovers !- MANAGE your ownequestrian center- BREED your horses to improve the skills of yourfoals- CARE & TRAIN your horses - COMPETE in dressage,show-jumping, cross-country or trot and gallop races- PLAY IN TEAMto take the lead of the rankings- DESIGN your own horses and SHAREthem with the community
Far Cry® 4 Arcade Poker 1.0.2
Ubisoft OFFICIAL Far Cry 4 Arcade Pokergame!Match the best poker hands as the cards come down.Hire your friends as Jokers and reward them !Win some Cash for your Far Cry 4 Game !
Rayman Adventures 3.9.1c
The enchanted forest is in trouble - the Ancient Eggs that sustainthe Sacred Tree have been stolen and scattered across the world.Embark on an amazing adventure through legendary worlds to helpRayman and his friends rescue Ancient Eggs to breathe new life intothe Sacred Tree! AN EPIC PLATFORMER! · An exciting mix of timelessadventures and breathtaking visuals! · Over 55 playable characters- play as Rayman, Barbara, Globox, or Teensie! · Run, swim, hover,and take giant flying leaps as you dash through 200+ gorgeouslevels! · Jump into the action - battle Minotaurs, Bandits, andmany other monsters! EXPLORE VAST WORLDS! · Explore 7 extraordinaryworlds in this action-packed Rayman 2D platformer! · Grow yourSacred Tree to unlock new adventures, and soar above thecompetition! MEET THE INCREDIBALLS! · Collect Incrediballs with 3Special abilities - Seekers, Inhalers, and Protectors! · Feed theIncrediballs, and make music with them in the Beatbox Mode! ·Complete more than 50 various Incrediball families! · Seek andcollect over 320 unique Incrediballs! Run through variousmysterious lands, haunted medieval castles, and the mythical worldsof Olympus, and unravel their hidden secrets! Download thislegendary free-to-play Rayman platformer game that takes you on anadventure unlike any other! Game available in: English, French,Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish,Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Arabic andChinese. Join the Rayman Adventures Community on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/RaymanAdventures PLEASE NOTE: This game isfree to download and play but some game items can be purchased forreal money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.
Hungry Shark World 4.0.0
***The Sharks are back in the bigger and badder sequel to HungryShark Evolution!*** Control a shark in a feeding frenzy and eatyour way through many oceans feasting on everything from bite-sizefish and birds to tasty whales and unwitting humans! ***This gameis only compatible with devices running on Android 5.0 or above***Official game for Shark Week, live every week like it's Shark Week!33 SPECIES OF SHARKS Choose from a range of sharks in 8 differentsize tiers, including the most iconic ocean predator: the GreatWhite! HUGE OPEN WORLDS Explore the lush Pacific Islands, frozenArctic Ocean, exotic Arabian Sea, and now the South China Sea, avibrant urban destination full of fresh, unwary victims! FEAST FORYOUR EYES Experience the feeding frenzy in stunning console quality3D graphics that will blow everything else out of the water!SURVIVAL OF THE HUNGRIEST It’s eat or be eaten in waters packedwith 100s of delicious and dangerous creatures… Whales, submarinesand wandering locals BEWARE! SMASHING SHARK SWAG Level up yourshark and equip jawsome gadgets to bite harder, swim faster andgrow even hungrier! No shark is complete without headphones,umbrella and a freakin' jetpack! SUPER SKINS Customize yourpredators with unique skins! These rockin’ looks not only releaseyour inner shark’s personality but also maximise your stats! MANICMISSIONS & BADASS BOSSES Take on more than 20 different typesof mission including high score challenges, prey hunts and epicboss fights! HELPFUL PREDATORY PETS Baby sharks, whales, anoctopus, and even a bald eagle are happy to help with specialabilities to increase health, score and more! SUPERSIZED MEAL DEALUnleash your shark's predator potential: SuperSize mode, rushes,explosion, hypnosis and more! EXTINCTION MODE Ascend from the abyssto save the world from imminent destruction. Rise up to thechallenge! Activate Apex sharks abilities and rampage through theocean. Google Play Leaderboards and Achievements enabled. UseFacebook to synchronise your progress across your GP devices.Hungry Shark World is regularly updated with new features, contentand challenges to keep you coming back for more! This app containsIn-App Purchases which allow you to buy Gems and Gold currencywhich can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Gems, Gold andPearls can also be collected in game without requiring purchases.This game contains advertising. Advertising is disabled if you makeany purchase. Like the game on Facebook for the latest news:www.facebook.com/HungryShark Follow us on Twitter @Hungry_SharkInstagram @hungryshark Or Youtube:http://youtube.com/FutureGamesOfLondon And join our community!Facebook http://facebook.com/UbisoftMobileGames Twitterhttp://twitter.com/ubisoftmobile Youtubehttp://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft Any Feedback? Contact:http://support.ubi.com Need support? Contact:http://support.ubi.com
Ghost Recon Network 1.9.1
Be a Spec-Op 24/7. FREE APP AND SERVICE.Try out and customize in depth 52 real-life weapons from GhostRecon Future Soldier. Includes all pre-order and unlock weapons –giving you over 20 million unique weapons to create.- Use our mobile GunSmith to create your own unique weapon in 3D,all the way down the inner parts- Modify your weapon on the go and sync it to your console orPC*- Includes 52 weapons in Free Mode : ACR, 417, AK47, MP7, SkorpionEvo 3PKP, M118, MP7, M590A, Goblin and many more - preciselymodelled down the inner parts (available to everyone)- Post your custom weapon on the GunSmith Gallery or search for anyweapon you like- Access your multiplayer stats*- Manage your squad on the go*- Download the app and get 6 free, bonus attachment credits to usein Ghost Recon Future Soldier** : requires GRFS on console or PCWARNING : before entering Sync Mode or spending any credits,please make sure to purchase a copy of Ghost Recon Future Soldier,put it in your disc tray and link it to your Uplay account. Anychanges done before you have put the game in your home platformwill be void.More info onhttp://www.ghostrecon.com/networkFuture updates will include :- Access your in-game Ghost Feed, with Friend activity andChallenges- Access to Ghost Dossier (persistent persona) and other GRgamesCheck our FAQ at :http://ghostreconnetwork.ubi.com/en-GB/xbox/public/faqThanks for downloading, and we hope you enjoy this free, BETA app.If you have any feedback, please email us atgrnetwork-support@ubisoft.com
ハムゴラ ~ハムスター&マンドラゴラ~ 1.3.1
放置させない!待たせない!今までにない新型アクション農場ゲーム!◆農場ゲームなのに本格的ミニゲームがあるよ◆やりごたえのあるミニゲームを2種類実装!激ムズ難易度までチャレンジできる仕分けミニゲームと、燃料が切れるまでずっと宇宙を旅できるミニゲームの2種類があるよ。◆種を植えていろんなマンドラゴラを集めよう◆マンドラゴラはハムスターの大事なエサ!沢山栽培して、ハムスターをわんさか増やそう! 多種多様なマンドラゴラを収穫して、目指せ図鑑コンプリート! ◆“ハム文字”で最新ニュースを教えてくれる◆ハムスターを増やすと人文字ならぬ“ハム文字”で最新のニュースを教えてくれるよ!普段見る機会がないような、ユニークなニュースに巡り合えるかも!◆ニュースだけじゃない、占いだってお手の物◆「ねえ、ご飯何にする!?」 「えー何にしよう…」 そんな時はハムスター達に占ってもらおう!オススメのご飯から、今日の格言まで色々教えてくれるよ!面白い結果はTwitterやFacebookに投稿できるよ。
Shape Up Battle Run 1.0.1
TURN your run into a GAMEIf one more minute on a treadmill means you may die of boredomand finding a running buddy is tough, take on a challenger in ShapeUp Battle Run. You’ll be able to use interval-running to turn asimple fitness technique into a game. Audio cues guide you to poundthe pavement on the beat in a series of easy to high-intensityruns. Challengers and friends keep you motivated in the themedSTORY MODE or try short, 5 minute bursts in QUICK RACE mode. Put onyour headphones and start matching the rhythm to level up yourfitness.FEATURES·         Customize yourgameplay by selecting 5 to 30 minute jogs, runs, and sprints.·         Never run alone!Choose a Coach, Champion, or find a friend through Uplay.·         Tired of the sameroute around the neighborhood? Run through the jungle with lions onyour tail, make a mad-scramble through a zombie-infested cityscape,or blast off into space in STORY MODE.·         Audio clues andbeats will keep you at the right pace for the best workout.·         Every stepoutside earns you benefits in your living room. Sync with the ShapeUp console game and your Points and Bolts will be added to yourtotal score. Plus your stats are tracked: calories burned anddistance run, which count towards your overall in-game fitnessprogram.Shape Up is built on the idea that when you have fun, you getbetter results because you work harder. Shape Up Battle Run makesit easy to have a fun workout anytime, anywhere. Simple. Fun.Effective.Take the work out of the workout!
Rabbids Appisodes 1.0.0
Rabbids Appisodes: The kids’ hit animatedTVshow is NOW INTERACTIVE!For the first time, kids will be able to unleash theRabbids’silliness from their favorite hit TV Show: RabbidsInvasion- DISCOVER 7 interactive appisodes based on the hit animated TVshowRabbids Invasion.- WATCH, PLAY AND INTERACT with Rabbids in various mini-games.Tapto throw eggs, tilt your device to prevent Rabbids fromfallingdown, swipe to hit them and scream the iconic BWAAAH!-FIND hidden objects in each appisode to increase your scoring.Evenamid the Rabbids mayhem, stay focused during theentireappisode!- COLLECT stickers and unlock puzzle pieces to completenewhilarious wallpapers for your tabletor smartphone. You can even customize them with your stickers!Stay tuned for all the latest Rabbids news on:FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/RabbidsTWITTER https://twitter.com/RabbidsOfficialYOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/RabbidsThe game is available in: English, French, German, Italian,Spanish,Russian and Simplified Chinese.
Rayman Classic 1.0.1
To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the original Rayman is back… andfor the 1st time on your mobile!Embark on epic adventures withRayman in one of the most influent platform game of all times andrelive the experience of playing the original version of the 1995hit.“Rayman is side-scrolling, comic animation at its finest”Gamespot 1996“Rayman ranks as one of the most visually appealinggames of this or any year” Gamepro 1995“This will probably go downin the history books as the brightest platform game ever”Playstation Magazine 1995 “One of the greatest platformers games tocome out on PC” Joystick 1995The evil Mr Dark has stolen the GreatProtoon and captured the Electoons! Play as Rayman, the legendarylimbless hero, free the Electoons, defeat Mr Dark and restore theworld’s harmony. Features:• EMBODY Rayman, your favorite hero bornin 1995• REDISCOVER the fantasy cartoon worlds of the originalgame: The Dream Forest, The Band Lands, The Blue Mountains, TheCandy Castle…• RUN, dodge, jump, punch your way through the variouslevels of this classic platform game.• UNLEASH Rayman’s specialpowers from the telescopic fist to the helicopter and defeathostile creatures.• SEEK OUT & FREE the Electoons to completeeach level and restore the cosmic balance.• HELP iconic and funnyside characters in each world: The fairy Betilla, Tarayzan, Joe theextraterrestrial.• DEFEAT each and every boss (Moskito, Mister Sax,Mr Dark…) in epic showdowns to free your friends.• BEAT theHardcore mode with one single life or choose the Casual mode forinfinite tries.You are a Rayman’s fan? Go check out our otherawesome Rayman games from Ubisoft: Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman FiestaRun & Rayman Adventures!Game available in: English, French,Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean andRussian.Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, andmoreat....FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/raymanTWITTER: http://twitter.com/raymangame YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/user/Ubisoft