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NCLEX-RN Exam Ultimate Review 1.3.9
Mobile pocket reviewer for students andreviewees who will take NCLEX-RN Exams. Modern & Interactivedesign for your exam simulation experience, custom themeincluded!-- FEATURES --★ Challenge yourself and familiarize with different questions andproblems. It has three quiz modes;- Normal Mode - default, without time limit.- Timed Mode - with time pressure.- Vitali-3 - accumulate scores by preventing three mistakes.★ Easy Swipe Visual Aids / Mnemonics (with pinch-to-zoom featurefor small devices)★ NEW!!! Swipe and Slideshow for flashcards★ With 6 color-themes to choose
Electrical Engineer Reviewer 1.1.0
Helping students / reviewees prepare forElectrical Engineering and Master Electrician LicensureExams.Our goal is to provide an effective, and convenient way forstudents to maximize their learning and get better results fortheir REE RME exams.Challenge yourself and familiarize with different questions andproblems. It has three quiz modes;★ Normal Mode - answer a set of questions without time limit.★ Timed Mode - answer set of questions with time pressure.★ Vitali-3 - accumulate your scores by preventing threemistakes.Choose from 6 (six) available app color-themes; Light, Dark,Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Orange!
NCLEX PN Ultimate Reviewer 2020 1.6.2
Mobile pocket reviewer for students and reviewees who will takeNCLEX-PN Exams, LPN LVN (Licensed Practical / Vocational Nurse).Modern & Interactive design for your exam simulationexperience, quick response quiz for on the go review, practicequestions anywhere anytime. -- FEATURES -- ★ Challenge yourself andfamiliarize with different questions and problems. It has threequiz modes; - Normal Mode - default, without time limit. - TimedMode - with time pressure. - Vitali-3 - accumulate scores bypreventing three mistakes. ★ Easy Swipe Visual Aids / Mnemonics(with pinch-to-zoom feature for small devices) ★ Swipe andSlideshow for Flashcards ★ With 6 color-themes to choose NCLEX,NCLEX PN, LPN Reviewer, LPN LVN, Licensed Practical Nurse, LicensedVocational Nurse
Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2020 1.3.8
Review anytime anywhere with this Pocket Reviewer. Studydifferentsubjects covered by exams, this app will help you passbothProfessional and Sub-Professional Civil Service exam by theCivilService Commission Features: -Practise Multiple ChoiceExams-Choose different color themes -Track and beat yourscoresDisclaimer: This free app is not affiliated with CivilServiceCommission. It is for review purposes only.
Criminologist Licensure Exam Ultimate Reviewer 1.2.1
Review anytime anywhere with this Pocket Reviewer. Studydifferentsubjects covered by exams, this app will help you pass CLE-Criminologist Licensure Exam / Criminology Board Exams. Features:-Practise Multiple Choice Exams - Choose different color themes-Track and beat your scores A person is deemed to be engaged inthepractice of Criminology if he holds himself out to the publicinany of the following capacities: ● As a professor, instructororteacher in Criminology in any university, college or schooldulyrecognized by the government and teaches any of thefollowingsubjects: (a) Law Enforcement Administration, (b)Criminalists, (c)Correctional Administration, (d) CriminalSociology and alliedsubjects, and (e) other technical andspecialized subjects in theCriminology curriculum provided by theDepartment of Education. ●As law enforcement administrator,executive, adviser, consultant oragent in any government or privateagency. ● As technician indactyloscopy, ballistics, questionsdocuments, police photography,lie detection, forensic chemistry andother scientific aspects ofcrime detection. ● As correctionaladministrator, executivesupervisor, worker or officer in anycorrectional and penalinstitution. ● As counselor, expert, adviser,researcher in anygovernment or private agency on any aspects ofcriminal research orproject involving the causes of crime, juveniledelinquency,treatment of offenders, police operations, lawenforcementadministration, scientific criminal investigation orpublic welfareadministration.
LET Reviewer - Licensure Exam for Teachers 1.5
Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a PRC-regulatedexamwith most number of examinees being administered by the BoardofProfessional Teachers (BPT). Review anytime anywhere with thisFreePocket Reviewer for LET. Study different subjects covered byexams,this app will help you pass LET Exams; General Education (GenEd),Professional Education (Prof Ed) and Majorship or AreaofSpecialization. Major Specialization: Agriculture and FisheryArtsBiological Science Social Science Technology andLivelihoodEducation Features: -Practice Multiple Choice Exams-Choosedifferent color themes -Track and beat your scores LETReview, LETReviewer
NAPOLCOM PNP Exam Reviewer 1.0.1
Review anytime anywhere with this Pocket Reviewer. Studydifferentsubjects covered by exams, this app will help you passNAPOLCOM -PNP Entrance Exams and PNP Promotional Exams. Features:-PractiseMultiple Choice Exams -Choose different color themes-Track andbeat your scores The National Police Commission conductstwo setsof police examinations twice a year, one for those who arealreadyin the police service (promotional), and another for thoseaspiringto enter the Philippine National Police (PNP entrance).Disclaimer:This free app is not affiliated with National PoliceCommission norPhilippine National Police. It is for review purposesonly.