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AR Tank Fight 1.1
Umut Bebek
!THIS GAME IS A MULTIPLAYER ONLY (2 PEOPLE)VIA WIRELESS (Or Hotspot Wireless)Turn your home into an augmented reality war zone. Experiencevirtual reality on your floor or desk with your friend and make atank fight with machine guns and missiles on 9 differentarenas.IMPORTANT: This game is a multiplayer game and can not be playedas single player. You and your friend has to download the game andplay together (one of you will create the game and the other willjoin). Also this game needs to played on local wireless lannetwork. That means yo and your friend must bee on the samewireless network. Please refer to the Support URL to see how thethings works.This game has 2 modes.'Normal Mode': You can play the game as other games with thirdperson controller camera which follows your tank.'Augmented Mode': You can experience the virtual reality on yourhome or office just holding your camera to our special game picture(Please refer to Support URL) and double the enjoy.For the first play (only once) application checks the licenceand needs an active internet connection. Please be aware ofthis.This game brings the virtual reality in to your smartphones andtablets. This game uses high quality models and effects. So weadvise you to download the game if you have a high end device(iPhone 5 and equivalents or newer).
AR Space 1.0
Umut Bebek
Turn your home into an augmented realitysolarsystem. Understand the solar system infrastructure andgetinformation about sun and other 8 planets.You can view the solar system in normal mode (like in spaceview)or with augmented reality option.To use augmented reality just download and print hold your device's camera to the picture.For more information please visit the
Clever Rent 2.1
Umut Bebek
Clever Rent is a multi-purpose applicationtomanage your rentals or appointments. You can rent ortakeappointments for everything you need (hotels, hostels,cars,houses, clinics etc.). It runs on cloud and your data alwaysup todate! You do not have to make any synchronization betweendevices.If you have a hotel or hostel and want to rent rooms orevenbeds, if you have a car rental company and need to managerentingfor your cars, if you want rent apartments and need to seeyourdaily rental availability or even have a clinic for yourpatientsand need to manage appointments; Clever Rent is here foryou.You can reach your data anywhere in the world by cloudservices.So you can manage your data on different devices withoutanysynchronization. Your data always up to date. Application needsanactive internet connection all the time!Also you can manage your customers and accounts (incomingsandoutgoings) very easily.This version is a trial with 1 month full access. If you likeitand want to use further, you have to make payments for everymonth.Please read more information on: you want any enhancement, feel free to right , we will consider on all customersandimplement that functionality at once.
AR Jet Fighter 1.5
Umut Bebek
Please watch the game brings the virtual reality in to your smartphonesandtablets. This game uses high quality models and effects. Soweadvise you to download the game if you have a high end device.Gameuses user defined image targets, please watch the video to seehowit works.Fight against to 6 different aircrafts and 6 ground vehiclesandtry to beat your score each time and share it with socialmediaintegration.