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City Construction Road Builder 1.7.2
Driving, parking, excavation and construction all available in thisCity Construction Road Builder Simulator 3D game.We have our newest3d simulator game for you to work as a city constructor in thisconstruction simulator. This game will let you have the fullcontrol over the heavy construction vehicles including heavyexcavator , construction truck , painter & road roller. Be thecity road builder and drive heavy machinery to get job done andbuild the roads. In this game you will have to play the role of theconstruction guy to transport building material on yourconstruction truck and dump it on the construction site. Then youget to drive the road roller. So be perfect in your duty as aconstruction driver. Smooth steering, hydraulic controls, firstperson driving view and heavy machinery driving all here in cityroads builder sim 3d. Experience driving excavator, heavy roadroller and truck all ready at construction site. You are the newroad builder in town, city needs you, lay the infrastructure sothat people can drive and park easily on roads. Play as theconstruction contractor , take up the challenge of amazing roadconstruction, transport and excavator missions. One of the excitingthings about this 3d simulator game is you get to drive multipleheavy vehicles all in one game. Test your skills as theconstruction driver on a duty to build roads. The flow of thetraffic has stopped due to rough roads. Drive the truck to theconstruction and start your work today. Sit behind the steering andcontrol the heavy vehicles while performing your duty at theconstruction site. Don’t let your vehicle get damage and park themsafely when required. City Construction Road Builder Game Features:• Real Experience of Driving Heavy Vehicles• Explore theConstruction Site environment• Addictive Missions of Excavation,Transport & Road Construction• Smooth Steering, HydraulicBrakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls• Amazing 3D Graphics &Environment• Real-time Physics Controls for Driving HeavyVehiclesYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Police ForkLift vs Car Traffic 1.6
The city is turning into a crime town withstreet racers driving cars fast and racing on the roads. Thesethings cause road accidents and chaos. Play as a cop driving apolice forklift car transporter to lift the cars, stuck on theroads due to accidents or traffic jam, drop them to the station, inthis 3d driving simulator. Police forklift vs car traffic is a 3dsimulator game to play as a cop transporting cars from one point toanother within the city with his forklifting job. Drive, lift andcarry the cars away. You may have driven forklift to transportcargo but playing as a duty cop is different. Enjoy this newconcept in forklift driving simulator. You will get an extremeforklifting challenge with an aim to drive on the city roads andclear traffic jam. See if some cars are not properly parked orbadly stuck somewhere, lift them with your forklift and drive themto save zone to clear the traffic on roads.Police forklift vs car traffic is a car excavation game with carsstuck in heavy traffic on roads or in accidents. Maneuver aroundthe city and play as the cop officer to manage the traffic flow onroads by using your forklift vehicle to lift and move cars todesired spot in this heavy vehicle driving sim. The game includesday, night and rain scenes with amazing 3d environment and awesomegraphics. Swift and smooth gameplay controls make it even moreinteresting.FEATURES• Real Experience of Driving Police Forklift• Interesting Gameplay Missions• Play as a Police Officer Controlling Traffic• Smooth Steering, Car Lifting and Driving• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment• Real-time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy ForkliftYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Police Horse Crime City Chase 1.6
Police vs Criminals is an amazing concept and even better when youdo it while riding on your horse. Your day in the crime city beginswith criminal chasing and fighting against robbers. The gameplayawaits various police horse chase missions where you run behind thecriminals, robbers and thief and control crime rate. Criminals arerunning away with crimes so play as the duty cop officer to chasecriminals on your horse inside the city of crime. In ancient times,sheriffs were trained to ride on their wild horse and catch citygangsters to bring peace for the people. You will now prove in thisgame that not only police dogs are trained to catch criminalsinstead a horse can act the same when it comes to chasing andrunning behind crime city thugs. Those who love horse simulator andhorse run games will have fun playing crime city police chase game.Have you ever played as a cop? Do you want peace inside the city ofyours? Live the adventurous life of a police officer, riding horseand chasing criminals. This is totally a new way to play horsesimulator game with unique police chase missions. No matter if ahorse can’t sniff around to find criminals, the running power andspeed will help catch street robbers. Make people feel secure anddon’t let the criminals run away. Complete your tasks when you areon duty as the police officer. Nothing is better than playing horserun and horse simulator game with such unique gameplay missions.FEATURES• Real Horse Riding and Simulation• Crime City Scenes withVarious Missions• Police vs Robbers• Chase on Horse• Play as aPolice Cop to Catch CriminalsYour Feedbacks are of high value forus.
Police Dog Crime City Chase 1.3
The day starts as the criminal chase beginswhen you act as the professionally trained German shepherd to helppolice chase and catch criminals. Sniffing, chasing, running andjumping over the criminals, thief, robbers and other street thugs.Those who are looking to play as the police dog trained to chasecriminals and control crime in the city, download this game andhave a chance to play police dog crime city chase. Police dog chaseis the ultimate pursuit simulation where you chase down criminalson the streets. Be the cop hunting dog to hunt down criminals. Youlike dogs and want to play dog simulator in a whole new concept andchallenge? Let’s play this dog simulator to run and chasecriminals.Have you ever thought to play a dog simulator game with thrillinggameplay missions? You act as German shepherd running wildly behindcriminals. Law breakers are getting away with crimes inside thecity. You need to assist the police in search of criminals, thiefand robbers. As soon as criminals see you they will try to run awaybut it’s your duty to chase them down and get them arrested. Don’tbe a lazy dog, run fast through the streets and show how well youcan chase criminals in this police dog crime city chase simulator.Police chase and crime town games are popular but playing as a copdog is even more thrilling.FEATURES• Real German Shepherd Chasing Skills• Crime City Scenes with Various Missions• Running, Attacking and Chasing Simulator• Play as a Police Dog to Catch CriminalsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Log Transporter Truck Driver 1.5
Log Transporter Truck Driver is a 3D Transport simulator where youwill perform your duty as a trucker to transport logs in the offroad hill areas in sunny and in snow mountains.It’s all abouthandling heavy duty truck trailer, a forklift & heavy crane.From a series of cargo transporter games we bring a unique conceptin transport trailer where you will drive log transporter truck.Log transporter will give you the challenge of driving heavytrailer truck for transporting heavy logs. First you will drive amanual forklift with hydraulic controls to lift logs and transportthem further. Use the crane to deposit logs into the truck trailer.Begin the ride as the trucker in two different environmentsincluding sunny hills and snow mountains. The game includes smoothsteering, hydraulic controls, first person driving view and heavymachinery. Drive, Park and perform your duty as the trucker. Drivethe heavy vehicle like crane to transport logs to thefactory.Become the modern truck driver and show your drivingskills. Get ready to challenge the driving and transportermissions. Be the truck transporter driver, a crane operator, atrucker and much more. Simulator games have given a unique conceptevery time and 2015 log transporter truck is for excavator crane,forklift and truck driving fans. Easy to play but adventurous toload timber into the truck with the help of forklift and heavycrane. Be careful, you need not to lose the balance while carryingthe woods. Put your driving skills to test in the log transportercargo truck game. Sharp turns can shift balance so manage yourdrive safely. Improve your driving and transporter skills to becomethe modern truck driver in the hill city with driving precision andcontrol. FEATURES• Unique Experience of Driving Heavy Vehicles•Explore the sunny and snow Environments• Lift, Load and TransportLogs• Smooth Steering, Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting and RotationControls• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment• Real-time PhysicsControls for Driving Heavy VehiclesYour Feedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us.
Police Car Chase Smash 1.3
Start your cop duty with police car as your transport to chase& smash criminal cars. Prove yourself as the brave policeofficer to control crime and chase down criminals. Be the perfectpolice car driver to chase robbers, criminals and street racers.Have a furious drive on the city streets with chasing, smashing andcar stunts. Relive the rivalry between cops and robbers. Streetracers and criminals are getting away with crime so fulfill yourduty as a trained police cop driver to chase criminals. Are you atransport simulator fan? Do you love driving fast cars and driftaround. Time to get crazy with police car chase to smash criminalcars. One of the best real cop simulator game is here. A standoutcrime simulator where you will feel the heat of a real cop cardriver, hunting thief and thugs to clear the city of crime. Sharpturns, intense racing, criminal chase and fully action packed game.Chase criminals on your police car, smash them and arrest robbers,thief and street racers. Be careful with the heavy traffic on theroads. Don’t smash into a citizen’s car. It’s your duty to protectthe city premises and arrest criminals. Extreme car driving,racing, drifting and chasing with police car in this cop chase& smash simulator. The real challenging gameplay missions willmake you drive with extreme speed on a pursuit against criminals.FEATURES• Real Police Car Driving Simulation 3D• Crime City Sceneswith Various Missions• Extreme Crime Pursuit and Chase• SmoothDriving and Drifting• A Big New City to Explore• Chasing andSmashing Cars• Hours of Simulation FunYour Feedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us.
Heavy Excavator Crane Sim 1.9
Drive through the high rugged rough terrain playing as aconstruction worker. Test your skills at a real construction sitedriving heavy construction machinery.Experience manual handling ofthis hydraulic excavator crane. Have you ever thought to drive aheavy excavator crane for construction work? Not easy to handle,but fun to play heavy excavator crane sim 3d. Are you a pro heavytransport vehicle driver? A new concept in the construction andheavy crane driving games where you excavate sand, transportconstruction material through heavy trucks and more. You get tohandle the heavy excavator manually using the steering and othercontrollers. Drive on the rough terrain and move towards the sandon the construction site in this real construction drivingsimulator game. Complete the excavation challenges when you getbehind steering wheel of the heavy transport vehicles. As aconstruction crane and excavator driver you are on a duty totransport the building material. Real 3d graphics, driving,handling and environment will make your experience even moreinteresting. Complete all construction and sand excavation levelsof rotation, elevation and driving. Heavy machinery and vehiclesare not easy to drive so be careful and perfect in your duty as aheavy excavator crane driver in this 3d simulator game. STORY Startyour excavator tractor crane and drive your heavy vehicle on theconstruction site. Excavate the sand from the ground, lift yourcrane lifter and drop it into the dumper truck. Now get on thesteering of the dumper truck with trailer and drive it to the finalpoint. Park it for the construction team to move it further.FEATURES • Real Experience of Driving Heavy Excavator. • Explorethe Construction Site environment. • Complete all Levels of Drivingand Excavation. • Smooth Steering, Brakes, Lifting and RotationControls. • Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment. • More levels inupdates are coming soon. • 2 heavy vehicles to support and enjoyyour drive • Multiple Gameplay Missions • HD Graphics, Animationsand Sound Effects • Real-time Simulation & Driving YourFeedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Transport Truck Farm Ride 1.1
"Have you ever transported animals or exportedfarm materials like hay from village to the city? Time to play asfarm animal transporter driver to drive heavy duty cattle truck.Farm cattle transporter will let you perform the farming truckdriver duty to transport farm animals, harvested crops, hay, goats,horses, cow and other farming material from village to the citymarket. Transportation process needs to be smooth and save. Youwill find twisted roads, steep paths and dangerous turns in this 3dsimulator. Show your skills as the pro truck driver in thistransport truck farm ride. Extreme driving to transport farmanimals to the market inside the city. The game offers both, thetruck and the transport trailer. Attach the trailer with yourtransporter truck and carry animals to their destinations. You evenneed to transport the products harvested in the village.Livestock farming truck is ready to be driven by you. Act as thehay truck driver to transport the animals from village to the citymarket. You run the business of raising animals and harvest cropsand hay for sale purposes. Drive the truck to the farmyard atvillage. Load farm animals like horse, goat, cow and sheep. Youmight need to load hay, harvested crops, wheat or other stuff.Start your duty as the driver and begin your farm ride. The heavyduty truck is not easy to drive so be careful while you drive.Don’t let any animal get hurt during the transportation supply. Bethe best village trucker. Drive loader truck and deliver farmanimals to the market.FEATURES• Real Truck Driving Simulator 3D• Real Thrill of Driving 2 Different Heavy Vehicles• Transport Farm Animals and Other Products• Heavy Duty Truck Trailer Driving• Village Farm and City Environment to Explore• Challenging Gameplay to Safely Transport AnimalsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us."
City Construction Heavy Roads 1.5
City Construction Heavy Roads Builder Simulator 3D – is aboutdriving & Parking heavy vehicles like excavator cranes, Truckand building new roads in city. Driving, parking, excavation andconstruction all available in this city road construction simulator3D.City Construction Road Simulator 3D is about operating roadbuilding machines like excavator crane and bulldozer to build newcity roads. This game gives you the opportunity to drive &manage parking of all the construction vehicles like heavyexcavator, sand blower, sand truck, Road rollers, painter etc. Bethe city constructor, drive handle and park vehicles carefully toget the job done. Play the role of a construction drivertransporting material and dump it on the construction site. Smoothsteering, hydraulic controls, first person driving view and heavymachinery drive, all here in this 3d simulator game. Experiencedriving excavator, heavy road roller and truck all ready atconstruction site.After the over whelming response of CityConstruction Road Builder we have brought City construction heavyroads for our fans. Be the truck transporter driver, excavatorcrane operator and road constructor all in one. You get to driveheavy road rollers to make perfect roads. Don’t let the flow oftraffic slow down. Show your friends the driving and constructionskills you have got. First person driving view with smooth steeringand hydraulic controls is one of the most exciting features of thegame. Don’t let your vehicle get damage and park them safely onparking areas. Driving, Parking, Excavation and Construction allavailable in this City Construction 2015 simulator. GAME PLAYFEATURES• Unique and Real Experience of Driving Heavy Vehicles•Explore the Construction City Environment• Addictive missions ofExcavation, Transport & Road Construction• Smooth Steering,Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls• Amazing 3DGraphics & Environment• Real-time Physics Controls for DrivingHeavy VehiclesYour Feedback, Ratings and Comments are valuable forus.
Wild Tiger Jungle Hunt 3D 1.8
Enter the wild jungle and live as a wild Tiger to rule this largeforest and hunt for prey. Play as a virtual wild tiger in thistiger simulator jungle hunt game. Its time for you to get wild andhunt your own prey in the jungle. Life in the forest is not as easyas life in the city. Here you have to enter the jungle in search ofyour prey. Simulate around in this big forest, enjoy running andhunting other wildlife animals. Be a wild beast and feed yourhungry nature. Hunt down animals like horse, deer, crocodile, zebraand elephant. Beware of giant crocodiles and elephant, they willattack you as well so you have to be ferocious to rave attack onthem. You have to hunt alligator as well to live your life. Wildtiger jungle hunt is a 3d animal simulator game where you play as ahungry tiger looking for food. Jungle is filled with other wildanimals. Go on hunting and take out the safari animals. All animalsin forest are scared from the bloodthirsty hungry eyes, sharpteeth, deadly roar of the wildlife simulator tiger rampage. Showhow ferocious a tiger can be. Wild tiger jungle hunt is a hungrybeast animal simulator game where you have to play as tiger insearch of its prey. The game consists of 5 gameplay missions withmore updates on the way. Sound effects and graphics make it evenmore realistic. Enter the jungle and start your hunting in thiswild tiger simulator.We hope this is soon to be the best animalgame on the store FEATURES• Actual thrill of chasing down animals•Explore the Jungle environment• Hunt as long as you can before yourun out of time• Kill your target to accomplish missions• Amazing3D Graphics & Environment• Play as a virtual TigerYourFeedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Cargo Plane City Airport 1.8
Time to fly into the skies and be the transporter pilot in thiscargo plane city airport simulator. This is not a single task gamebut it has multiple challenges for you to accomplish. You get todrive forklift, heavy trailer truck and the big airplane. Be thecargo trucker, a fork-lifting driver and a pro pilot to drive cargoplanes. Cargo transportation is for relief or some other cause youhave taken up the duty of international cargo transport. Fly highand reach destinations safely. Ensure the safety of your cargo. Anew chapter in the simulation games with multiple challenges ahead.Luggage has been packed for transport and you need to handle allheavy machinery and vehicles. Load the airport cargo truck with thehelp of your forklift into the aircraft for a safe flight. Sitinside the cockpit and let’s play cargo plane city airport. Flyover the blue water and travel to different countries to transportcargo through your airplane. Cargo Plane City Airport is atransporter game to load and transport cargo to destinations. Thesecurity of the luggage is in your hands so be careful when you arebehind the steering wheels. Show your professional driving skills,fly airplanes and heavy duty cargo trucks. Driving on roads mightbe an easy task but airplane flight is not easy to handle. Freighthandling and transportation is a responsible task in this cargotransport simulator. Cargo transportation is your duty so fulfillyour job as the cargo trucker too. The objective of the game is allabout transporting cargo safely without getting anything damagewhile loading the truck or cargo aircraft.Complete alltransportation challenges and enjoy Cargo Plane City Airport.FEATURES• Real feel of flying Airplane in this Flight Simulator 3D•Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles• Explore the City andAirport on your Aircraft Flight• Transport Cargo on Forklift, CargoTruck and Cargo Plane to different islands• Smooth Handling,Lifting and Driving Controls• Thrill of flying Plane high in theSkies• Real-time Physics Controls of Driving Heavy VehiclesYourFeedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Airplane Pilot Car Transporter Game 3.0.8
Who wants to play the role of a cargo plane pilot in free airplanegames who takes off for an airplane flight? The best cargo flightsimulation game is here to play in airplane parking. Planetransport simulator 2020 where city airplane take off in transportgames 2020. The city airplane will fly in the sky with Cargo PlaneCar Transporter Flight. Take off city airport flight carrying cars,bikes in your big airplane and navigate the landings properly.Flying a city airport cargo plane is not easy task it requiresperfect pilot skills to take off and control landing. Your dutybegins with driving car simulator, driving bikes to airport andloading vehicles inside the big airplane. Once cars are driveninside cargo plane, your airplane is ready to board so fly high andride aircraft to landing point in free airplane games. Sit insidethe cockpit and let’s play Airplane Pilot Car Transporter Game. Flyover the blue water in airplane simulator and travel to differentcountries in car games to transport cargo through your airplane andtransport bike and cars as best transporter of city airport. A newway to test your driving games skills car driving, bike riding andcargo plane flying skills both with airplane pilot car transporterin free airplane games. Fulfill duty of domestic and internationalcar transporter in plane transport games where bike transportchallenges in free airplane games will make you best driver. Thebest of car games, plane transport simulator 2020, trailer truckdriving and best driving games is here to play. If you want to beairplane pilot car transporter and airplane pilot bike transporterall at the same time, then this free airplane pilot game is foryou. Best transport games for city airplane pilot car transporterand city airplane pilot bike transporter full of flight simulatorschallenge in your cargo plane. Transporting bike and cars asairplane pilot in free airplane games is the contract oftransporting company that can be accomplished by the real airplanepilot in airport simulator 2020 and car simulator. The safety andsecurity of the cars, bikes in city transport games is here toplay. City airplane parking, carrying cargo in your aircraft flightmight be an easy task, but loading, unloading and carrying cars inyour city airport plane while you fly is a different task. Don’tlet the vehicles get damaged in airplane flight and truck drivingcargo truck. The objective of the game is transportation of cars,transportation of bikes which starts with car driving, bike drivingloading into the airplane and ultimate flight carrying cars andbikes to the destination. Those who love playing airplane parking,city transport real airplane flight simulators will love thechallenge of car transport, bike transport on your cargo plane.Handling an airplane is not easy but let’s take off and fly high inbest driving games. Some of tourist have given the contract oftransporting cars, transporting bikes internationally so fulfillyour job and get yourself accomplish as the real airplane pilot inairplane pilot bike transporter and airplane pilot car transportergame. The game consist of real-life airplane flying scenarios thatairplane simulator games have and pilot duty to transport cars inyour aircraft. Successfully complete the flight simulatorchallenges and be the professional airplane pilot. Airplane PilotCar Transporter Game FEATURES: • Real feel of flying Airplane inthis Flight Simulator 3D • Multiple Vehicles like Cargo Truck &Forklift in airplane simulator • Real-time Plane Controls andHandling • Explore the City and Airport on your Aircraft Flight •City Transport Different Vehicles on your Cargo Plane • SmoothFlight Handling and Flying Controls • Transportation of cars, bikein airplane flight simulator
Off Road Tourist Bus Driving 1.8
Let’s play the most realistic tourist transporter extreme bus game.Tourist bus hill climbing is full of thrill and adventure to pickup and drop passengers to their destination. Bring back the touristfrom different hill station to the city. Get the real feel ofnature with realistic off road bus driving on hills and mountaintops. Play as the extreme hill bus driver to fulfill the duty ofpassenger transportation. Tourist always need safe and fasttransports especially in summer season when people move to hillsides, so be the furious bus driver in your transportation duty.Standout as the top driver of heavy duty vehicles. Adventurous andcraziest off road bus driving with real-time physics, hill topdriving, twisted turns and breathtaking gameplay scenes. Thegameplay revolves inside the mountains, hill tops, water, rocks andbeautiful nature scenes. Be careful with your driving. Drive bus,chauffeur on hills with steep paths picking up tourist and droppingthem to further hill stations or city too. Have you everexperienced an off-road drive? Be the bus driver to drive off-roadtourist bus in this extreme hill driving adventure. You might be anextreme hill driver but driving a bus filled with passengers insidethe hills and mountains is not an easy task. Enjoy hours ofnon-stop driving with multiple gameplay missions will tourist bussimulator. Show your skills with bus driving duty and have fun allthe way. Make sure your tourists are safe! FEATURES• Adventurous& Thrilling Bus Driving• Amazing Environment with Hills,Mountains Etc.• Extreme Bus Driving with Dangerous Turns • Acomplete Hill Station Environment to Explore• Pick and Drop Touristto their Destinations• Hours of Driving Fun with Bus DriverDutyYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Cargo Train City Station 1.3.2
Cargo train, a new concept on the city andvillage railway tracks, is ready on the station to get loaded withcars & oil barrels. Let’s experience the role of a train driverloaded with cars and oil barrels. Deliver cargo and vehicles toaccomplish the duty of a cargo train city station driver. Drive onthe rail roads with heavy cargo containers loaded on the train.Driving is not the only task but to begin with the transportationyou need to drive the cars and park them over the train. Once thecars are driven to their parking positions, your thrilling andadventurous ride will begin. The gameplay revolves around multiplevehicles driving like sports cars, forklift to load oil barrels andtrain. A brand new way to provide you the skills of driving heavyduty train. Cargo train city station is the car transporterchallenge to transport cars between two different city and villagestations. Take up the duty of rail road transport service.Manual driving is not an easy task especially having the controlsof the speedy train. Don’t let the luggage or cars get damaged onyour cargo train. The objective of the game is to provide learningto the simulator lovers on how to navigate a cargo train. Drivingof sports cars and parking them onto the train. Those who loveplaying real driving simulators will love the challenge of cartransport on your train. Controlling a train is as difficult asdriving a fully loaded forklift carrying oil cargo. Drive throughthe city controlling the speed on the turns. Be careful at therailway crossing with the city traffic.Complete all transportation challenges and enjoy Cargo Train CityStation.FEATURES• Real feel of Driving a Cargo Train• Real Experience of Driving Forklift & Train• Explore the City and Airport on your Aircraft Flight• Transport Cargo on Forklift and Ride the Train to differentStations• Smooth Handling, Lifting and Driving Controls• Real-time Driving Physics & Controls
Tourist Train Hill Driving 1.1
Get your hands on the most extreme and funfilled off-road tourist transport train game. Travel on rail roadsand transport tourist to their desired stations. Make your off roadbus & train departure and arrivals on time. Take the touristfor an outdoor trip on hill sides on your train & off road bus.Get the thrilling feel with realistic off road train driving onhills and mountains. With winter season around the corner, peoplelike to travel to hill stations for tourism. Fulfill the duty ofpassenger transport and tourist pick n drop on your off road train.Show your driving skills as a pro train driver. Real-time drivingcontrols, manual driving, hill top turns and extreme heights.Breathtaking nature & environment will make your tour anamazing experience.Start your travelling day with playing the role of an extremedriver. Ride train or drive off-road bus taking it over themountains, hills and extreme heights. Drive extreme bus, arrive onstations, pick tourist and travel to hill stations. Have your everexperienced a train drive on off road rails? Expand tourism withyour transport driving duty as a bus & train driver. Passengersare waiting on the bus stop to be transported for hill sideadventure. Be careful on steep paths and dangerous turns whilehandling the train. This is a non-stop train driving adventure toexperience the real thrill of off road drive. Make sure yourtourists are safe in this extreme off-road tourist train!The gameplay revolves around a beautiful environment from city tohill side filled with nature. The mountains and hills surround thearea. Winter season is approaching so start the driver duty andtransport tourist passengers to their desired tourism points. Thegame offers you to drive multiple vehicles. Drive off-road bus& ride your train on off road rail tracks from city to hilltop. Don’t miss out on any stations or you might miss some touristthat are waiting for the arrival of train. Relive the adventure ofoff road tourist bus driving with this tourist train hilldriving.FEATURES• Adventurous & Thrilling Drive• Amazing Environment with Hills, Mountains Etc.• Extreme Hill Driving with Train on Dangerous Turns• A complete Hill Station Environment to Explore• Pick and Drop Tourist to their Destinations• Hours of Driving Fun with Train Driver DutyYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Bike Racer City Highway 1.2
Let’s be brave enough to begin the extremehighway racing. High speed Moto driving, furious stunts, twists andturns in this most realistic bike racer city highway simulatorchallenge. Race against other city bikers on the highway roads. Theextreme ride is about to begin so be ready for adventurous bikeride. Enjoy the thrill of steering your bike on the city highway.Moto stunt games or bike racing games are not easy to play. Highwaydrive is dangerous as there is no space for slow driving. Fastpaced driving on your heavy Moto bike to portray your drivingskills. Be brave enough to step up to this extreme bike racingchallenge. Bring out the crazy bike rider inside you and enjoy thethrilling ride. Sharp turns, intense racing, extreme driving andfully action packed racing & driving simulator game.Are you a pro bike driver? Begin your intense racing on the cityhighway in this survival simulator 3d. Prove yourself on theseracing tracks. Speed, accuracy and timing will make you the beststreet bike racer of the city. Challenge the city bikers for a oneon one race on the highway. The speedy ride awaits for achallenging gameplay with multiple tracks to win. Survive againstthe top bike racers of the town. It’s all about speed, bikehandling and furious driving. Prove your driving skills in thisbike racer city highway simulator.Experience the thrilling adventure on the racing tracks withdangerous twists and turns. Let’s begin the race and drive onhighway with your Moto bikes.FEATURES• Extreme Bike Driving & Stunts• Realistic Bike Handling with Amazing Mechanics• Smooth Drifting, High Speed Racing• Multiple Racing Tracks to Compete against Opponents• Amazing Environment with Realistic Bike RacingYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
OffRoad Construction Simulator 1.5
Finally for our construction games & excavator crane fans, weare back with an amazing mountain city construction game on theplay store. Play as the lead worker of the construction crew andtake control of the off road construction with heavy excavatorcrane, cargo truck & road roller. Be the road builder in thiscity construction simulator. Transport heavy vehicles on ruggedterrains on your heavy trailer truck to play as a road builder. Usethe plow truck to excavate sand from the roads. Build heavy roadsbetween mountains, hills & off road steep paths. Get the jobdone with your offroad construction crew to build roads so thetraffic flow gets smooth between city and hill stations. Off roaddrivers face difficulty in taking tourist to hill station withrough roads. Make their paths smooth with road construction duty.One of the hard objectives of the game is to transport heavymachinery on your heavy truck trailer. Load the trailer with heavymachinery and take them to the city with great care. Smoothsteering, hydraulic excavator controls, first person off roaddriving and heavy machinery handling are the awesome features thatmake off road construction simulator an amazing 3d simulator of2016. Take the city construction material on your cargo truck, usethe heavy excavator crane to lift up stones and mountain rocks.Build smooth roads inside the city and over hill station paths.Driving, Parking, Excavation and Construction all available in thissimulator 2016. Your duty begin as the building contractor, takingup the challenge of off-road transporter and road builder. Sitbehind the excavator wheels and complete the assigned tasks. Buildroads and fulfill all tasks at the city construction site. Buildingroads inside mountain paths is not an easy tasks. Pickup excavatedrocks, transport them away from the hill side and build roads onhills & mountain paths. FEATURES• Real Experience of DrivingHeavy Vehicles• Explore the Off Road Construction Site • AddictiveMissions of Excavation, Transport & Road Construction• SmoothSteering, Hydraulic Brakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls• AmazingOff Road Hill Climbing• Real-time Physics for Driving HeavyConstruction Vehicles
Helicopter Pilot Air Attack 1.2
Engage yourself into an immersive actionpacked game to start the aerial battle against enemy with apachehelicopters and tanks. You have to fly a heavily loaded gunshiphelicopter to fight against enemy. Play the role of an army gunnerpilot throwing every bullet at the enemy. Control heavy gunship andeliminate the resistance. Experience real-time army aerial combatagainst apache helicopters. Control the armed forces and protectyour country’s pride. You’ve been sent to the frontline to assaultthe opposition army with your gunship helicopter pilot skills.Attack soldiers, tanks, helicopters and ambush them all. Combatagainst the enemy forces and survive the air attack. Fly over thewarfield and clear the battle field from enemy resistance.Ultimate action fps begins with helicopter pilot air attack. Flyhelicopter into the skies and battle against heavy attacks. Rip theenemy apart and show your authority as the gunship helicopterpilot. It’s the battle field, mountains covered with snow and basesfilled with soldiers ready to attack the opposition. Fly your armyhelicopter and find enemy bases to destroy them. Some panzer tanksare also moving inside the mountain paths, find and destroy themtoo! Be careful from the rocket launchers fired at you, dodge themand stay safe until all enemy is destroyed.The game begin with you as the helicopter pilot flying a gunshipapache to take down the army bases. Once you’ve taken down theenemy bases fly back to your base for the next task. Enemy armyjeeps and convoy trucks are transporting weaponry. Before they doso take them down and destroy every bit of the cargo and weapons.Tanks are also on a round to clear down any resistance in theirway. Fly through the mountains and heavy snow conditions to reacharmy bases. Launch missiles, bullets and destroy panzer tanks.Battle your way out and survive the enemy attacks. Reach your baseback once all enemies are eliminated.FEATURES>> Real Aerial Combat Experience>> Multiple Gameplay Missions to Battle the Enemy>> Explore the Battle field on your Gunship Helicopter>> Eliminate All Enemy Resistance>> Realistic Gunship Shooting & Animations>> Thrill of Air Battle Against Apache Helicopters & ArmyTanksYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Tour Bus Mountain Driver Craft 1.0
Time to play as the mountain tour bus driverin this blocky craft world, pick and drop transporter game.Realistic off road bus driving in multiple environments. Drive tourbus and transport tourists in blocky world. Tour bus mountaindriver craft is filled with challenging drive, drifting on slipperyroads and passenger transport driving. Play as hill driver who cando some extreme mountain bus hill climbing. Tourist are waiting atthe hill top bus station so be quick to give them the transportservice they need. All new blocky craft world with off-roaddriving, jungle drive and extreme snow and rainfall. Avoid hittingthe rocks & bring your best driving skills in this challenginggame of off road tourist bus driving.Experience tour bus mountain drive with craft world in multipleenvironments. Get the real feel of smooth driving, high speeddrifting in a totally new world. Pick and drop passengers to theirdestination in this off road bus mountain driver. Driving ondifficult roads will make your driving even better. Make sure thatthe safety of the tourist is not on the stake. The gameplayincludes multiple craft world where you play as the tour busdriver. Off road mountains, jungle, snow and rainfall are thedifferent environments included in this hill driver bus craft.Drive mountain tourist bus and get the real thrill of playing asthe off road tourist bus driver. Enjoy hours of non-stop drivingwith multiple gameplay missions while you drive off-road touristbus.Sit back and be relax while you drive extreme on off roads and getthe real feel of acting as the tour bus mountain driver. Get behindthe steering wheel and just DRIVE!FEATURES• Tour Bus Driving in a Blocky Craft World• Multiple Environments with Various Challenges• Tourist pick & drop with Off Road Tour Bus Driving• Explore the Off-Road & Jungle Environment• Different Climatic Conditions like Snow and RainYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Heavy Truck Driver Simulator3D 1.1
Heavy Truck Driver Simulator 3D is a new gamein the in which you deliver construction material on time, andwhere your real driving skills will be tested.Do you think you are a real truck driver?If you believe your extreme driving skills on roads and can takethis challenge to drive and park the heavy truck to deliver theconstruction material loaded on the trucker on time then thisdriving simulator is for you to play for hours and show yourskills.You will have to drive fast but don't get furious while drivingbecause the loaded material will drop and your game will beover.So what are you waiting for!!! download this game now and proveyour skills that you are the best.
Snow Rescue Excavator Sim 1.4
Extreme winter snowfall and snow blizzard hasmade the conditions worst for the civilians. Your job begins as asnow rescue excavator duty driver to operate heavy duty equipmentand excavator cranes. The best snow plow excavator sim is here todownload and enjoy. You might have mastered the truck driving orsnow plow excavator driving skills, this is a new task in extremewinter conditions. Your duty as a snow rescue team is to clear theroads and traffic jam due to excessive snowfall and land sliding.Identify the affected areas and drive your heavy excavator crane todig and dump snow. Heavy construction machinery like cranes,excavators, trucks and dumpers are not easy to drive. It’s time toshow your skills in driving to manage the snow rescue opexcavator.Most of the busy roads in the city are blocked due to frozen snowafter the extreme weather conditions. Play snow excavator simulator3d to make the roads snow free and let the traffic move. The snowymountains, weather conditions and smooth driving make this 3dsimulator fun driving for you. Drive your snow excavator crane andexcavate the snow with dump truck. Lift the crane to pick snow andput it in the dumper truck. Drive your dumper truck to the snowdumping side and park it safely to dump the snow. Being the driverof the excavator you will perform all the hydraulic operations.Lift, rotate, elevate and dump with easy to handle controls. Snowrescue excavator sim 3d includes extreme challenges for you. Enjoyparking, simulation and driving in this snow rescue op 3dsim.FEATURES:• Heavy Snow Excavator Crane & Truck• Various Snow Rescue Missions• HD Graphics and Sound Effects• Real-time Simulation & Driving• Realistic Snow Weather and AnimationsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Modern Police Tow Truck 1.1
Start your duty as the ultimate police tow truck driver to lift ,park and save busted cars. Traffic is blocked on modern city roadsdue to accidents and damaged cars stuck in between rush. Be readyfor the emergency 911 call for help. Relive the experience ofhandling a heavy crane and forklift. Drive your tow truck on thecity roads and rescue the people in trouble. Some missions will becompleted with the help of crane and some with forklifting.Simulator games have provided addiction to users in 2015. Helpthose who are having trouble with their wrecked cars. Tow cars andlift them safely to the garage. Enjoy manual driving and car lift.Be the car transporter to transport cars to the garage. Tow trucksimulation and parking will give you the thrill of driving insidethe city.Those who love driving heavy vehicles will love to drivemodern police tow truck , crane and forklift. Provide the citizensthe best trucker recovery services to transport the bustedvehicles. Show extreme and reckless driving to drop the vehicles tothe garage. All challenging levels awaits for you to show yourdriving and parking skills. Provide emergency services to thepeople in the modern city. FEATURES• Real Experience of DrivingPolice Tow Truck , crane and forklift• Explore the Big City•Addictive & Thrilling Gameplay Missions• Smooth Steering,Hydraulic Brakes & Lifting • Amazing 3D Graphics &EnvironmentYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable forus.
Police Heli Rescue Alert 1.1
Recently hired as a police air force pilot,your job starts with helicopter simulator, flying high into theskies to complete the rescue missions. All pilots are not proenough to handle this impossible task, but playing as the policehelicopter pilot you need to bring out your pro skills to flyhelicopter flight. The city needs someone to rescue them afterrecent floods and earthquakes. The flood relief tasks is in yourhands. All construction works have been stopped & roads areblocked with heavy traffic. Due to your experience as a helicopterpilot you have been assigned to rescue civilian lives. Flyingadventure begins with helicopter flight simulator to save citycivilians, flood victims, other co-pilots, news reporters andeveryone held in emergency situations.Take control of the city helicopter flight, take off from thehelipad and fly to the desired locations. It’s like playing therole of an air ambulance. The game includes chopper flying,complete navigation control and official police duty. Being therescue pilot, fly chopper to the rescue areas and save citycivilians in this chopper flying simulator. Some of the peoplemight be drowning on the beach while swimming & some of themare strangled in the building set on fire. Earthquake just struckthe city. Buildings are collapsing and roads are destroying. Peopleare running around for the help. Fly your heli and rescue thesurvivals. Save lives of people in danger and fulfill the duty ofan air ambulance pilot. Enough criminal chase and transportationtasks, go one step ahead and save lives.Complete all Rescue Missions and enjoy Police HelicopterFlight.FEATURES• Real-time Helicopter flying in this Flight Simulator 3D• Explore the City and Rescue Civilians• Smooth Flight Handling, Navigation and Physics• Thrill of flying Helicopter high in the Skies
Police Dog Airport Crime City 1.5
Time to secure the airport from crime and criminals. You have beentrained as a professional cop dog to chase criminals and controlcrime at airport. Sniff around and look for trouble at the lobbyand cargo clearance area. Some people might try to get in withweapons, illegal items or extra luggage. Just when you try to catchthem, they will try to run way so be the police k9 dog to chasecriminals at the airport. Be the best partner of a police cop. Huntdown criminals and show your skills as the trained German shepherd.Those who have played some dog simulators and dog chase gamesbefore will also love playing as the police airport dog to chasecrime. Town crime rate has increased and playing as the cop dog iseven more interesting. Sniffing around, searching for criminals,find illegal items and much more. Don’t let the criminals get awaywith crime. The security of the airport is in your hands now. Thethrill of chasing criminals and catching them is awesome. Bringdown the crime rate and help police officials secure the airportfrom criminals. Police Dog Airport Crime City is an action packedgame. Assist the police officer and other cop individuals to tracesuspects. FEATURES• Real German Shepherd Simulator• Airport CrimeScenes with Various Missions• Run and Chase Criminals• AssistPolice Officials to Catch Criminals• Sniff Around and CompleteGameplay ObjectivesYour Feedback Ratings and Comments are valuablefor us.
Off Road Extreme Car Driving 1.2
The thrilling gameplay begins with taking yourfavorite off road ride and bringing out the extreme off road cardriver within you. Let’s go off-road and perform crazy jumps, carstunts, driving, drifting and simulation. You get to play inmultiple environments and survive against car smashers, hammers,spiked hurdles and mad off road jumps. Be the mad driver to performhigh stunts, jump over speed breakers and survive against countlesshurdles. Do you love furious driving, high speed drifting and carjumping? Extreme Car Driving inside the stunts arena will take youon a crazy ride. Are you brave enough to play this extreme carstunts challenge 3D and show your amazing driving skills?It’s the survival test against an arena filled with multiplehurdles and off road racing tracks. The immense gameplay revolvesaround car stunts, furious racing, speed car drifts and actionpacked gameplay. The real challenge comes when you drive on offroad tracks and escape the stunts arena. Tighten your seatbelts anddominate the stunts arena. Can you prove yourself as the real carstunts driver? Prove your driving skills and perform massive jumpsto survive against spiked obstacles.FEATURES• Multiple Environments to Enjoy• Extreme Car Driving & Stunts• Realistic Driving & Car Jumping Experience• Smooth Driving and Drifting• Various Stunts MissionsYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us.
Pizza Truck Drive 3D Game free 1.0
Love Pizzas? Ever had to wait for them beingdelivered? Don’t you always wished to drive a truck when you were akid? Now you can fulfill your dreams and drive a truck as well asdeliver pizzas!Become a pizza delivery guy and drive 3 awesome trucks. Now you candrive your own truck and deliver pizzas to others.Have fun in this HUGE free environment and drop off pizza to hungrycustomers and make huge sum of money in tips!So get ready for new trend in the market of starting your own foodchain. Lets start with delivering pizzas to your customers withmore fun and action packed gameplay. The customers are waiting, SOHURRY UP! Be on time and park at the parking point, deliver pizzato the customer and attend call to take new order for pizza.What are you waiting for ??Download this free game today and enjoy your winter vacations andshow your friends and family that no one can drive that good as youcan.
Air Stunts Flying Simulator 1.2
From off road bus driving to airplane flight, paragliding &rope sliding over the mountains. Air stunts flying simulator is amulti-tasking 3d simulator that will take you on a height ofadventure. Tourist are ready for skydiving. Air stunts flysimulator has transporter challenges with off road bus driving andairplane pilot flight to transport tourist to hill tops and takethem sky high to perform paragliding. You will get a chance to jumpfrom airplane while pilot is busy in flying plane high in theskies. Fly your airplane high and let the sky divers perform airstunts. Ensure the safety with parachute. Pick up people waiting atthe bus stop and transport them to the hill top. Fly passengerflight and let the adventure begin with sky diving and paraglidesimulator. Flying an airplane is an amazing pilot tasks. Take yourflight high enough and open the exit doors to let the tourist jumpand enjoy air stunts flying simulator. Let your dream of flying inthe sky come true. Perform paragliding with realistic controls inan amazing environment. Feel the winds, hill climbing, fly overmountains and rivers. Navigate real-time tourist with amazingcontrols to fly and paraglide. Survive long into the air, manageyour speed according to the wind and paraglide to the finishingcheckpoint. Air stunts flying simulator will let you enjoy multiplethings. Off road bus driving, airplane flight, zip-line andparagliding. Complete the transportation and driving tasks toproceed to the sky flight. Leave plane and bus behind to enjoy thesky flying simulator with amazing air stunts. TOP ATTRACTIONS• RealFeel of Flying Airplane• Drive Off Road Bus to transport tourist tothe hill station• Explore hilly Environment while Paragliding•Smooth Paragliding and Driving Controls• Thrill of Flying High inthe Skies over islands• Multiple Challenges to Complete
Police Dog Subway Criminals 1.5
Subway train stations are always crowded with tourists and thepeople travelling on trains from different locations. Crime takesplace at such places and you have been appointed to secure thesubway station from criminals, thugs, robbers and thieves. Trainedas a professional police dog to sniff around, catch criminals andrescue civilians. People might try to sneak in with their illegalcargo, weapons or other items. Stay alert and be the best Germanshepherd for your police official squad. K9 dogs are used to huntdown criminals and chase robbers to rescue the city from crimeactivities. Those who love German shepherd police dog will loveplaying this dog simulation in a whole new environment of subwaytrain station with train arrivals and departures. Police Dog SubwayCriminals is a crime city game where you chase criminals andcontrol crime in the town. The security of tourist and othercivilians is in your hands now. Check travellers and tourism groupson arrivals and departures. Jump into the trains and findsuspicious items. Playing as police dog is interesting when yousniff around, chase criminals and pounce on them. Secure the cityand the subway station with high security. Help your partner policecop to catch criminals and control crime. Don’t let any gangstersneak in with weapons or illegal items. The thrill gets even betterwhen criminals run for their life and you as a police dog chasethem and catch them. Fulfil your duty and assist your partnerpolice cop to identify and catch criminals.One of the passengershas reported 911 about a bomb inside the subway train. Accompanybomb disposal squad to find and diffuse the bomb. Beware of thecriminal’s eye while on the mission to save the hostages from hiscustody. You have to play smart and clever to rescue all thetourists and passengers in trouble. You will find full thrillingand entertaining missions while proceeding to the next level. Playthis small yet addictive game for half an hour and recommend it toyour friend. FEATURES• Police Dog Chasing Criminals• Subway CrimeScenes with Various Missions• Sniff, Identify and Chase robbers•Assist Police Officials squad to catch thugs and stop streetcrimes.• New Concept for the lovers of Police dog GamesYourFeedback Ratings and Comments are valuable for us. Have fun playingthis game for about 30 minutes of gameplay and give us yourfeedback about this new and addictive game on the stores.
Police Bus Cop Transport 1.5
Have you ever taken the responsibility to play as the duty busdriver to transport police officers? Your day begins with fast busdriving and providing the duty of pick and drop to policemen. Playpolice bus cop transport and transport police officers to theirdesired locations. Drive your police bus, pick up duty officers anddrop them to various places like the police station, hospitals,cafe and crime scenes where criminal activity might have happened.There are several driving missions where you are presented with achance to be a hero to take police officials to crime scenes.Areyou a pro driver? Ever tried your hands on a big bus carrying anumber of people? Police bus cop transporter will let youexperience the thrilling drive on city roads. There might be sometraffic so be careful with your drifts and turns. Drivingsimulation lovers will love driving a big bus reaching crime sceneswith your furious driving skills. Manual steering, brakes andaccelerator will help you control the bus the way you like. You arenot chasing the criminals on your bus but you need to drop policeofficials to crime scenes. FEATURES• Pick and Drop PoliceOfficials• Real-time Manual Police Bus Driving• Explore the CityEnvironment• Smooth Steering, Brakes and Drifting• Play as a CopDuty Bus DriverYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuablefor us.
Cargo Transporter City Tycoon 1.8
Take control of a mega transport business and establish yourself asthe cargo transporter city tycoon. The game revolves around atransportation business where you play the role of a cartransporter & cargo contractor. Cars, airplane, cruise shipsand cargo truck driving. A new challenge in simulation toaccomplish. Be a real cargo truck driver, an airplane pilot, a cartransporter, a cruise ship sailor and a heavy crane operator. A newchapter in transport and simulation games. You have decided to opena transporter business. As the contractor you need to transportcargo, cars and other luggage via roads, sea and air. Takeinternational transportation contracts and grow yourbusiness.Transport City Tycoon will allow you to enjoy multipledriving and simulation experiences. Fly airplane, sail big ferry& drive cars into the ship. A classic simulation game withairplane flying, car diving, ship sailing and cargo transporttasks. A whole new environment with exotic City, docks and airportfor airplane flight and landings. A transporter game to load andtransport cargo to destinations with road, air and sea travelling.Fly over the blue water and travel to different cities to transportgoods through your cargo plane. Driving on roads might be an easytask but airplane flight is not easy to handle. The objective ofthe game is all about transportation. Deploy your vehicles formultiple tasks and build your transport industry as atransportation city tycoon. The transport story begins with cardriving inside the city and reaching the docks where you will parkthe cars inside the cruise ship, taking the cargo later to theother island. Some tasks would feature airplane flight to transportcars and luggage to the other cities. Operate heavy cranes to liftcontainers into the big trucks. Truck driving is also an importantpart of the game with airport transport and transportation insidethe city as well. Complete all transportation challenges and enjoyTransporter City Tycoon. FEATURES• A Complete TransportationBusiness to Run• Real Experience of Driving Multiple Vehicles•Explore the City, Docks & Airport • Transport Cargo onAirplane, Truck and Ferry• Smooth Handling, Lifting and DrivingControls• Thrill of flying Plane & Sailing a Ship• Real-timePhysics Controls of Driving Heavy Vehicles
Hill Tourist Bus Driving 1.3.2
Time to get your hands on the most realistic tourist transport gameto help you become the real bus driver. Latest edition of drivingin the simulation with Hill Tourist Bus Driving of 2016. It’s notan easy task to drive over the mountains while snow fall during thewinter season. Filled with thrill and adventure of off road driveon mountains and steep paths you can enjoy exotic locations. Thegame allows you to get the real feel of nature with multipleweathers, mountains, trees, snow fall and extreme dangerous pathswith off-road driving adventure. Play as the extreme mountain busdriver to transport passengers to hill side. It’s 2016, so be theoff road passenger bus driver to transport tourist. Enjoy thereal-time grand bus drive experience, tourist transport duty andadventurous ride. Bring in your pro bus driver skills and letsstandout as the perfect grand bus driver in this offroad bussimulator 2016.Mountain top drive, twisted turns and breathtakinggameplay scenes will make your day even better. Have you everexperienced an offroad drive during the winter season? Want totravel as hill tourist and enjoy off road bus driving? Download nowour latest simulator and show your skills with bus driving duty andhave fun all the way. Snowfall, greenery, mountains, hill tops andoff-road tourist bus driving. Hill stations are top attractions fortravellers especially during the winter season, so take up the jobof a tourist bus driver and make sure your tourist reach safely totheir destinations. Perfect hill climb bus driving will secure yourdriver duty and the safety of your passengers. Hill Tourist BusDriving available to play and enjoy.FEATURES• Thrilling Bus Drivewith Off Road Paths• Amazing Environment with Hills, Mountains,Snow Etc.• Multiple Camera Modes to Enhance Gameplay• Extreme BusDriving on Dangerous Turns • A complete Hill Station Environment toExplore• Pick and Drop Tourist to their Destinations• Hours ofDriving Fun with Bus Driver DutyYour Feedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us.
Wild Lion Forest Hunt
Lion is better known as the wildlife jungleking. Let’s play as the real lion in this wild lion simulator. Liveas the king of the forest, rule the jungle wildlife and be theferocious animal to play in this safari simulator. A real lionwould always rule the animal kingdom. Continue with the pride andhunt down all animals that come across.** SAVE YOUR FAMILY PRIDE **It’s your role to survive in this wildlife hunting simulator andprotect your family cubs. Hunt animals that attack your cubs. Itmight be a wolf, a crocodile, deer or some angry bear. Protect yourpride of lions and hunt for your prey.** HUNT or Get HUNTED **Be a wild beast and feed your hungry nature. Some wild animalsmight resist on your attack and pounce on you, so beware and go forthe kill.Jungle is filled with other wild animals. Go on hunting and takeout the safari animals. Show how ferocious a lion can be. Lion is ahungry beast animal that searches for its prey. The game consistsof various gameplay missions with more updates on the way. Soundeffects and graphics make it even more realistic. Enter the jungleand start your hunting in this Wild Lion Forest Hunt.FEATURES• Actual thrill of chasing down animals• Explore the Jungle environment• Attack & kill other animals• Kill your target to accomplish missions• Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment• Play as Real Wild LionYour Feedback are of high value for us
African Cheetah Survival Sim 1.5
You as African cheetah in this survival simulator series will getonly one chance to survive against other wild animals , likecrocodile , wolf , bull and your ferocious enemy "" TIGER "" , inthis high action wildlife cheetah hunt simulator game in forest.You can play the role of a real wild cheetah. Download this gameand control this African cat to find and hunt its prey and fightwith its enemies to survive in the wild jungle. You will have funplaying this survival game as you can enjoy fun sounds andanimations along with the hunt. This animal simulator has beendesigned for all ages. You will play the role of the world fastestrunning mammal and will have the experience of living a life in aforest. Take control of this African cheetah and hunt down animalslike deer , zebra , horse and some wild beast. So what are youwaiting for? Just start this ultimate game of survival from todayand tell your friend about your experience in this game !FEATURES•Actual thrill of chasing down animals• Survive in the wildlifeespecially against tiger• Explore the Jungle environment• Manythrilling and challenging levels• Attack & kill other animals•Kill your target to accomplish missions• Amazing 3D Graphics &Environment• Play as Real African CheetahYour Feedbacks are of highvalue for us
Wild Horse Fury - 3D Game 1.4.1
Have you played animal running and simulation games where you playas a wild horse going crazy and causing desctructioneverywhere?Wild Horse Fury is 3d animal simulator game that willlet you take control of a wild horse going crazy on the farmfields. Complete destruction and horse simulator challenges andshow your fury. Let’s inflict rampage and hit everything in yourway.Those who love playing horse games or 3d simulator games willlove to play as one of the wild horses. Are you a 3D simulatorlover? Do you like running games? Explore the city, cause rampage,unleash your fury and show the city how wild a horse can become.Get into action with wild horse fury 3d simulator and experiencethe thrill of being a horse.GAMEPLAY FEATURES• Multiple GameplayChallenges• Running, Destruction & Rampage• 3D Horse Simulationwith the Wild Horse• Explore the CityYour Feedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us
Police Dog Criminals Mission 1.7
The controversy between cops and criminals in crime town has takena new turn in this police arrest crime simulator. A complete storywith all sorts of crime cases and police duty tasks. Car driving,airplane flying, bus driving and even sniffing around as a k9 dog.A whole new simulator to play in 2016 and establish yourself as thebest police department officer in the town. You are presented withmultiple crime cases which you need to solve in this police arrestcrime simulator. Reach out for crime scenes with your police dogand take out the criminals. Patrol on the streets of crime citywith your police car and keep an eye on activities. You are amember of police department, having the control of police bus,police minivan, police car and airplane. Several missions withdifferent vehicles. Engage yourself in the criminal pursuit tochase down criminals, robbers and street racers of the crime town.The security of the city is in your hands now!!!Beginning the storythere are multiple crime cases to handle and transportation tasksto complete. Drive bus and transport prisoners to the central jail.If you need the help of your police dog carry him on the policeminivan with you to the crime scene. Sniff around and look forclues. Stealth missions are not easy when there is a hostagesituation. Rescue the civilians and take down the criminals. If youneed to transport criminals overseas, play as the airplane pilotand take off the police airplane flight carrying prisoners. A wholenew police driver story where you play as an officer of the policedepartment. This game will let you experience the life of a policeofficer. The objective is all about securing the town from crimesand criminals. Cleanup the gangster and bring peace to thecity.PLAY THE ROLES OF• Police Bus Driver• Car Driver• AirplanePilot• K9 German Shepherd FEATURES• Real Experience of DrivingMultiple Vehicles• Explore the City & Clear City from Crimes•Transport Prisoners & Chase Criminals • Smooth Handling, Flyingand Driving Controls• Thrill of Playing the Role of a PoliceOfficer• A Complete Police vs Crime Story to Accomplish
Taxi Driving Duty Free 1.1
Do you like playing 3d driving, parking &simulation games? Get the best taxi driving experience on yoursmartphones now! Feel like a real driver to drive through the city.Park at the desired places to pick up passenger around the city.The faster you drive better is your performance. Taxi Driving Duty3D is a realistic car driving game for the simulator lovers. Citydriving duty is a virtual job to pick up passengers and drive themwith safety to their destination. With traffic around you need tobe careful while driving. This super cool game will let you theexperience the thrill of driving, parking and simulation. Take yourcar, fasten your seat belt and play the role of the driver. TaxiDriving Duty 3D is a fantastic game which uses realistic carphysics and makes you feel like a real driver. If you are a big fanof cars driving and parking games then this 3D Taxi Driving Duty isthe coolest choice for you.Take a seat behind the steering wheel in this taxi driver game,your duty starts from today. Pick customers from one point and dropthem on the destination shown on the map. Fulfil your dreams ofplaying driving and parking games in one. Drive your passengers inthe city and then park your taxi on the destination.Features:* Crazy Traffic on the road.* Jumps over the ramps on the road.* Two types of controls (Steering and left right buttons)* Map Assistance.* Best fun game for you and your friends.
Heavy Snow Rescue Sim 1.3
Its winter season and snowfall isgettingheavy. The recent Blizzard has covered the city with snow.Roadsare frozen, with snow all over them, causing the trafficblockagein the city. You have got the duty to drive heavy snow plowtrucksand excavate the snow from roads. Heavy snow plow truckdriver is a3d truck driving sim to dig out the stiffed snow fromthe roads.The snow blizzard has made the city roads frozen with iceall overthem. You have to drive snow plow vehicles to make theroads snowfree again. Have you ever experienced driving heavy dutytrucks orconstruction vehicles? Experience driving heavy snow plowtruck andmake the life of the citizens easy by excavating the snowfromroads. People are stuck inside homes, no bus, car or taxiistravelling on the roads due to the recent heavy snow blizzard.Takethe job of the snow snow blower driver and clean the roads ofheavyfrozen snow.Do you consider yourself as a pro driver of drivingsimulatorgames? Eliminate the risk of driving on snowy roads forthe peopleof the city. Take your snow plow vehicle and drive insidethe cityto clear the snowy roads. There are different gameplaylevels whereyou can use different vehicles to play the role of adriver.FEATURES:• 2 Snow vehicles to support your drive• 10 Gameplay Missions• HD Graphics, Animations and Sound Effects• Real-time Simulation & DrivingYour Feedback, Ratings & Comments are valuable for us
Prison Escape Silent Mission 1.3
The main theme of the game revolves around youas the game character sentenced jail for several years. The task infront of you is never as hard as the power behind you. So bring inyour best tactical skills to escape the torturing prison of all.Stealth escape, sniper shooting, shootout and extreme car driving.Survive the police and help your partner prisoners to escape withyou. Finish it all for good.FEATURES• Amazing Prison Environment• Multiple Gameplay Tasks• Tactical Planning, Stealth, Sniper and Car Driving• Real Thrill of Escaping the Prison• Thrill of Playing the Role of a Criminal• A Complete Prison Escape Story to Accomplish
Wild Wolf - 3D Run 1.1
Wild Wolf - Run simulator game in 3D - Thebest running game in the market.Enjoy the adventurous run through a mysterious jungle where 'run tosurvive' has become a basic need for the wolves.Wild wolf is on the run in the jungle to escape from the wild life,wolves are always very keen to run, so help your wolf run and jumpto survive the hurdles and other wild animals in the jungle thatcomes in its wayYou are the real wolf,running for the freedom.You must run andovercome all the obstacles and hardships on your path. So get intothe role of the wild wolf who is on a run to escape the deadlyjungle. Snow fall is getting heavy and while running there are somewild and farm animals getting into your way. Try to avoid hittingthem. This is fast speed wolf run game to escape and find yourdestination.This Wild Wolf Run Simulation 3D game has great graphics, game-playthat allows you to play the role of the wolf and run freely overthe snow in jungle.GamePlay!!!Control your wild wolf that is on the run in the jungle, help himescape. Your wolf must not crash into other giant animals likehippos and zebras that come on its way. Make the wolf jump over theobstacles smoothly without hitting them. All the wolves and petanimals lovers, who like to play 3D simulator games will love tosimulate the real wolf in this jungle run simulator game.So take this as your duty to make the wolf run through the junglesafely. You will enjoy this game as the path is full of suspenseand unlimited action..
Airplane Flight Airport Rescue 1.1
Life of a pilot is never so easy. Flying highin the skies is the passion that makes you a perfect airplanepilot. A multi-tasking game that will take you to the height ofairplane flying, bus driving, oil tanker transporter truck driveand fire rescue truck simulation. A complete gameplay story to letyou enjoy the real thrill of a 3d simulator. The game begins withairport bus driving to transport passengers & tourist from theterminal to the airplane. Be the push back driver to fulfil yourduty on the runway. Make sure the fuel tank is full. Drive the oiltanker to fuel the plane before the flight takes off. A new chapterin the simulation games with multiple challenges ahead.Airplane Pilot Rescue Duty is a new concept in the plane simulatorgames with different challenges for you to accomplish. Begin theairport duty as the bus driver to transport airplane passengersfrom the terminal to airport plane. The flight is ready to board!One of the plane got an emergency alert as its propeller set onfire during the sky high flight. The plane is in emergencysituation, as the airplane pilot you need to make a crash landingbefore the fire gets dangerous for the passengers. Make anemergency airport landing and let the passengers escape safely.Bring in the rescue truck and extinguish the fire. Play the role ofa fire fighter at the airport.Airplane Flight Airport Rescue is an emergency rescue game whereyou play a vital role. Once you get the alert inside your cockpit,plan your landing and make it safe for your passengers. The planeis set on fire, drive your truck to the aircraft and extinguish thefire. One of the eye catching features in the game is multipledriving experiences. Complete all challenges and enjoy this 3dflying simulator.FEATURES• Real feel of flying Airplane in this Flight Simulator 3D• Experience the Drive of Multiple Vehicles• Drive Bus, Fly Aircraft and Play as Fire Fighter• Smooth Handling, Flying and Driving Controls• Thrill of Landing an Emergency Flight• Real-time Physics Controls• Chance to be a Hero to Rescue Emergency Airplane Flight• Experience the Crash Landing and Secure the Tourist onFlight
Prisoner Escape - Police Dog 1.5.1
The real prison escape story begins with you playing as the policedog to catch jail escaping prisoner. Be the k-9 police dog to savecity from criminals. Chase criminals, catch prisoners and controlthe security of the prison with the police force. Safety of thecity is your first priority so start your duty.A thrilling andexciting Police Dog escape mission simulator. Use your energies andtry to successfully chase & arrest prisoners. Surprisedangerous criminals and never let your town turn into a crime city!Enjoy Prisoner Escape Police Dog game in city jail break crimesenvironment and help cops to save the city.You have been chosen asan expert police dog to stop and hunt the robber involved in theprison break crime. Use your sniffing skills to chasing down andlockup dangerous criminals with Police Dog. Assist the policeofficer as a skilled K-9 cops dog to end up the criminalactivities.Clever hunting and sniffing skills to being the bestPolice dog in city! Actually this Police dog simulator game forthose who always want to play like a clever dog. Help police tochase and catch hard time criminals.• An Interesting prisonerescape Simulation game• Real time Police dog simulator Game Play•K-9 Dog Sniffing and catching criminals Action Pack Game• CitySubway Station & town streets to explore• Realistic jail,Subway train Station & city environment• Easy and funentertainment to play as Police Dog• 10 extreme action simulationpacked challenging missions
Sniper Police - Border Escape 1.1
You, as a professional sniper is calledtosecure the border area or kill them in stealth mode. A groupofextremely skilled enemies are going to cross the border inthisaction packed sniper shooter game. Your army needs your help.Youare supposed to upgrade your job from police anti-terroristsquadto the border for your country’s security. Track thoseterroristdown and eliminate them one by one silently. You are thebestsniper shooter of special police force. This operation is justlikecold war. This time it will be a real time ghost battle,becauseonce enemies cross the border they can get control of yourbase.So, try to reach the border territory and defend the basetoeliminate all of enemies.It’s not an easy mission as it looks like! High rises ofmountainsborder terrains between you and your targets, hugeMountainslimited your sight visibility and no time to waste. Youneed toplay as Special forces sniper shooter.Now pick up your rifle, breathe slowly, and search yourtargets.Crucial time to use your best sniper shooting skills wiselyandlatest long range sniper gun to kill enemy soldiers by takingclearshots. Be advised if your enemy is too close don’t missyourtarget. Take Clear HEADSHOT! Your role is of a truepatrioticnational Hero in this Police Sniper - Border Escapegame.Your stealth strategy will be to isolate them. So stay calm,holdyour breath, aim, take a clear shot and kill!Police Sniper - Border Escape Features:- Top sniper shooting skills- Action packed game- Secure the country’s border from terrorists- Realistic graphics & gameplay controls
Bull City Rampage - 3D Game 1.0
Let’s enter the city with the angry bullandrave rampage in the city. Bull city rampage 3D is a challengemodebull simulation game. Destruction is in your mind sodestroywhatever comes in your path. Play as bull in an angry modehittingeverything and causing destruction. A treat for those wholovetraditional Spanish bull fighting. It’s a chance you play as awildbull in this crazy 3d simulator game. Enjoy running around thecitywith real 3d surroundings and get crazy. Show you fury, getwildand let’s cause destruction.Are you a lover of 3d simulation game? Do you love playinganimalsimulator games? Become a virtual bull and destroy the city.Hitchickens, sheep, barriers, trees and more. Let’s see how wellyoucan explore the city with different stores, fruit market todestroydifferent fruits, water pool and much more.
Off Road 4x4 Mountain Driving 1.3
Select your favorite 4x4 Jeep, monster truck, SUV, vegan and driveit on offroad muddy tracks. Drive like a skilled driver on hillyland and avoid damaging your vehicle by racing, jumping &drifting through rugged terrains, water & dirt. Great hillclimbing experience and bumping over High Mountain rocks, try toavoid getting stuck in a narrow water drains, rocky edges &difficult mud areas. Nonstop fun because every level requires verychallenging skills!Speed up with no limitations into stunningvisuals, realistic physics, and adventurous riding excitements.Experience the real off Road Mountain driving simulator game withsmooth steering controls of Monster Trucks, 4x4 SUVs and heavyJeep!Off Road Driving Experience:It’s not just about simpledriving. Controlling your SUV Jeeps over the hills, slopes &rocks. All hurdles are fear factors against victory. Complete 20difficult challenges with 4 different vehicles in realisticenvironments, with stunning water and lighting effects!ExtremelyChallenging Drive:Can you cross every jump perfectly, driftaccurately, and complete the tasks within time limits withoutdamaging your SUV Jeep & monster truck? Smart use of theHandbrake will give you the perfect control over the crucial pointcompetitions.Highly Competitive Driving Environments:Drive againstmuddy & wet mountain surface will give you the best drivingexperience. Increase your driving skills and consider yourself as2016 pro offroad driver.Offroad 4x4 Mountain Driving Features:•Play the Best Offroad Driving Game of 2016• Drive Heavy SUV,Monster Truck, 4x4 Jeep and More• Realistic 4x4 Vehicles Drive•Realistic Monster Truck Driving Experience• 4x4 Jeep & SUVSmooth Physics• Smooth and Easy vehicle Controls• Advanced Engine,Brakes and Acceleration• Sound Effects with Cool Visual• RealisticWeather EffectYour feedback & comments will help us to developmore better games for you.
Prisoner Escape Hard Time Breakout 1.4
Prisoner Escape Hard Time Breakout is Fight hard to escape fromprison with your inmate where prisoners are treated like animals.Make an escape plan to rescue your inmate from this torturingimprisonment. This is not an easy task to make a safe escape fromthe jail as the security is high alert & police wardens arepatrolling in the corridors. You will be given a bomb. Plant thebomb with help of prisoner to clear your way to escape from jailsecurity walls. Sneaking in the police station for escaping is verytough as the guard and jail warden is continuously patrollingaround cell. Execute escaping plan from the prison even if you haveto bribe the police security guards. Only the lockdown prisonersand your cellmate’s robbers can help you in this escape otherwiseit’s impossible to break the cell and fight the wardens in PrisonerEscape Hard Time Breakout. Now your final mission is to help yourlockup mates, prisoners and make them escape the prison. Somedangerous criminals and gangsters are locked in special securitycells, get master key from warden so you can help escaping all. Dowhatever it takes to set lockup prisoners free and completebreakout mission. You have to fight really hard for your freedomthat you deserve. Get rid of this punishing custody. Your chance ofsurvival depends upon your intelligence and careful planning. Dodgepolice sniper & tower watchman while breaking in. Specialpolice team will come to assist jail warden. Escape and eliminatepolice officer threats in this mission which is hard to achieve.Prisoner Escape Hard Time Breakout Features: A Complete PrisonEscape Story to Accomplish Thrilling and challenging jail breakmissions Use Combat & Fighting Tools like Baseball Bat, wrench,Shovel, Hammer, Axe, Mattock, Fork, and Iron Pipe, Police Sword.Amazing 3D Prison Environment Real Thrill of Escaping the PrisonSmooth and intuitive controls Stunning & High Quality 3DGraphics
Silent Mission: NY 2 London 1.1
After the success of prison escapesilentmission, we have brought you the next episode, SilentMission: NY 2London which is an action packed realistic gangsterand mafia crimegame that requires you to shoot down all thecriminals, collect theclues and information in the environment ofLondon city. Themissions involves stunning and challenging gameplayfilled with cardriving, airplane flight, heavy gunship shooting andcommandosniper thrills. Where you will perform the role of atrained snipershooter who has special skills to face deadly tasksagainst enemieswithout any help. You will require to targetcriminals and shootthem to clear the crime city. Beware of yourenemies, they arepowerful so stealth will be your survivalstrategy. If you died inthe silent mission, you will lose yourgame. So prove yourself asone of the best surviving legend.Pain and Suffering: Innocent RevengeAfter hard time escape from Prison with the help of hisfellowprisoners, Johny went back to the NY city and decided tosearch thekillers & take revenge who plotted him to jail.Chapter-1A One Man War: New York VendettaPolice helicopters attacked on your chopper to stop you.Beforeshooting down your chopper you need to combat & shootdown allthe enemy helicopters with mini gun fixed in yourhelicopter. Youhave to destroy all police helicopters beforereaching thecity.Chapter-2Crime City Life: Golden Night Club EvidenceJohny located the dance bar club which is meeting spot ofCriminals& Gangster Mafia. He needs to find someone who isconnectedwith gangs and get some clues to reach the real boss.Complete allthe missions and tasks given by the spy informer. Justbeware ofthe town police that is searching for you all around thecity.Explore the streets and clubs of the NY city to find theperson whowill give you all next secret information about gangs andmafiabusinesses. Remember to collect clues & weapon to shootall theguards and criminals silently with silencer pistol.Chapter-3Hunt down the Criminals: Car & Airplane ChaseLet’s reach the airport faster by driving a sports car. As arealdriver you can wreck, smash and do some real drifting on thecitystreets. Get ready to face the traffic in your way. Reachtheairport safely and on time to show your flying skills andbecomethe airplane pilot. Fly plane as the real-time pilot to reachtheLondon city and to gather all the information in your wayduringyour flight.Chapter-4Let the gun do the talking: Sniper Traffic ShooterJust land yourself in a sniper shooting adventure which is fullofenemy shooters and professional killers. Destroy all theenemyvehicles as a trained sniper shooter, you have to fightaloneagainst the group of enemy sniper shooters in a stealth mode.Justbe consistent and never give up in any situation, Make the bestuseof your professional sniper shooting rifle while playing theroleof best shooter in this London city mafia war. Show your skillstosave yourself and get evidences against real criminals.Chapter-5Criminals Mastermind: Final Plan to EscapeAfter completing all tasks & collecting evidence now johnyhasreached the last destination of mastermind boss whoactuallyplotted you in Prison, this will be the last chance to takeyourrevenge. You have to shoot down the Mafia boss before sheescapefrom your targeted sniper gun range. Let’s kill the bossconvoy andbreak the security to take Clear head-shot.Silent Mission: NY to London Game-play Features:Real Experience of Car Driving & Airplane FlightExplore the City & Criminals HideoutsSmooth Flying Controls & Car DrivingExtreme Crime Pursuit and ChaseTouch And Move The Screen To Aim The Enemy.Use Sniper Scope to Zoom-In & Target Distance EnemiesUse Fire Button to Shoot Down GangsterFollow the Instructions to Finish All MissionsTop Sniper Shooting ExperienceGraphics & Gameplay Controls
Border Police: Sniper Shooting 1.0
Don't let your enemy cross the border and takecontrol of your base.
Prisoner Escape Police Plane 1.05
Prisoner Escape Police Plane -ReloadedPrisoner Escape Police Plane is a stealth & action packedrealistic adventure game of prisoner revenge operation. Thisprisoner airplane escape requires you to silently breakout fromPolice airplane lockup cell, fight all the police security guards,hijack the prisoner transport airplane, quest for the parachute anduse skydiving skill to jump out the Police Airplane before theplanted bomb blasts in plane.Gangster Vendetta - Back to Crime CityA year later, The Jimmy received message from Mafia contractor whoassigned him a task to kidnap a popular politician secretly, butMafia terminated the contract, apparently it was an accident butthe dispute converted them to silent enemies. Mafia Don engaged alady contract killer named Ms. Perkins to eliminate Jimmy or revealall evidence to police department to prove Jimmy as serial killer.You are now being transported by airplane to the city jail. Youhave to dodge all the police wardens and plan a safe escape fromthe police plane lockup. Grab the parachute and do skydiving &paragliding stunts to jump out of the cop airplane. It’s not aneasy task to use stealth skills & fight hard with cops toescape from prisoner transporter airplane in this criminaltransport jail breakout game.The Prisoner Escape Plan - Death Race Stealth MissionLet’s follow the politician car secretly and maintain theparticular distance while driving a black sports car. As a trainedcar driver, you can wreck, smash and do some real drifting on thecity streets but drive carefully in city traffic to avoid accidentbecause heavy buses, trucks are on your way. Become the real sportscar racing driver and track the officer car secretly. All themissions contains stunning and challenging game-play filled withextreme car driving skills, plane skydiving & paraglidingadventures.Your mission is to Plan a safe escape from Police airplane lockupwith cellmate prisoners using skills of Parachute diving &paragliding. Prisoner Escape Police Plane is all about planning atricky jail break & risky escape from the police airplane. Getready to fight hard with airplane security wardens. This is not aneasy task to make a safe escape from police aircraft lockup as thesecurity cops & wardens are watching all around. Dodge the citypolice security in the prisoner transport flight game.What are you waiting for? Plan & execute the airplane jailprison escape, enjoy airplane skydiving jump & paragliding andflying adventure. Experience the city roads sports car drivingthrill like flying car in space.Prisoner Escape Police Plane Game play Features:Real Experience of Skydiving, Paragliding, Car Driving &Airplane FlightExplore the Environment of City, Jail & AirportSmooth Controls of Paragliding, Airplane & Car DrivingExtreme Prisoner Stealth Escape Mission AdventureDifferent & New Fighting, Combating Tools Like Pipe,FilerPolice Transporter Airplane Controls and Flight SimulationRealistic 3D Graphics & Game play ControlsThrilling and Challenging MissionsStunning Visual Effects & High-Quality HD GraphicsFollow the Instructions to Finish All MissionsYour Feedback and Comments are highly appreciated.
Emergency Rescue Driving 1.1
Multi story emergency rescue game of 2016where you have to serve the people stuck in snow blizzard. Mostaddictive and challenging simulator game of emergency ambulancevan, heavy excavator crane, dumper truck, snow plow truck &food truck driving. Show your skills & drive like aprofessional driver to reach the city emergency places.Ambulance Van Driver Duty:Play as the emergency rescue team and be the ambulance driver. 911Ambulance Rescue Duty is challenging game to transport people tocity hospital. Now emergency rescue operation is a next level ofdriving simulation game with a very challenging role. So look outfor the hurdles, sharp turns and traffic. Don’t hit anything onyour way and get to the scene straight by following the signs.Precious lives depends on your driving skills. Act fast and rushtowards any emergency happened in the city.Heavy Excavator Crane Driving Simulator:Now it's time to drive heavy rescue vehicles & emergencyambulance to help the city. Let’s start driving heavy excavator todig, lift and load the snow on dumper truck to clear the roads fortraffic in city. Drive the dump truck and dump the snow out of thecity. Hydraulic crane operations like rotation, lifting andelevating will help you to easily remove snow from roads. Extremechallenges awaits in this emergency excavator rescue. Get this 3dsimulator game if you love parking, driving and simulation. Let thefast traffic flow swiftly after you successfully excavate snow fromroads.Snow Loader & Dumper Truck Driving:Play your role in keeping the snowy roads clean and drive a modernheavy dump truck to load the snow and throw it out of the city. Asa city heavy dump truck driver you have to clear the roads andstreets, load snow and transport it via city highway to dispose atsome point in city.Snow Plow Truck Road Cleaning Operation:Let’s drive big rig snow plow automobile truck to clear city roads& highway so people can easily move in snow season to completetheir routine jobs. As a dump truck driver of rescue operation teamyou will face extreme challenges like traffic & cityresidence.Food Delivery Truck Driver JobBe the expert food truck driver, carry food items & reach outto doorsteps and deliver food to the people who got stuck inemergency snowfall situation. Snowfall and extreme weather mighthave many difficulties to drive on city roads but as a rescue foodtruck driver it’s your duty to reach out to them and help thepeople.Emergency Rescue Driving Game Features:Multiple Highly Challenging Rescue Missions in DifferentScenarios5 Rescue Vehicles with 911 Emergency AmbulanceReal Experience of Ambulance DrivingReal-Time Physics Controls for Driving Heavy VehiclesParking, Driving & Simulation of Heavy Rescue VehiclesChallenging Missions of Excavation, Dumping & Snow PlowSmooth Touch Controls for Vehicle DrivingHydraulic Brakes, Lifting and Rotation ControlsExplore Realistic 3D Environment for Rescue Operation
Cargo Transporter Truck Driver 1.5
Get ready for the realistic and excitingdriving experience. Drive city cargo truck to explore townenvironment and test your professional driving skills. Driving incity industrial roads traffic is a real driving challenge in cargotruck driver simulator. Operate heavy cargo truck to transportconstruction material & industrial cargo and become a realhighway transporter truck driver.Drive mega transporter trucks and transport cargo to thedestination on industrial areas. Drive through the city roads withhigh speed. Heavy traffic could block your path anytime. Yourultimate truck driving challenge begins as a cargo trucktransporter tycoon driving simulation job. Drive the ultimate towntruck which carrying expensive cargo to show your skills as theextreme pro trucker to drive heavy duty transporter truck carryingcargo like drums and transport construction material as well. Becareful on dangerous road twisted turns to deliver cargosafely.An objective based transport truck game where you have to controlyour big monster truck with loaded cargo. Load the cargo on yourheavy truck and drive through under construction area roads. Youwill drive the heavy transport truck in extreme driving conditionsto your destination. City traffic, extreme turns and differentweather conditions will test your driving skills! Drive yourtransport truck carefully and try not to damage any cargo items ormaterial. Have you ever tried to drive huge transport truck withtrailer? Try it now by playing city Cargo Truck driver Simulatorgame!Extreme driving is the ultimate driving duty to transport cargothrough the rugged terrains. Your transporter truck might becarrying expensive cargo so drive carefully. Paths are difficult todrive on but you can handle this job with your perfect drivingsimulation skills. 4x4 truck driving with cargo transport drivingduty is an awesome concept for everyone to play world-wide.Cargo Transporter Truck Driver GameFeatures:• Real Experience of Seaport Cargo Truck Driving• 15 Exciting Game play Missions• Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting & Lifting• Amazing 3D Graphics & City Environment• Pick & Drop to Transport Drums & Boxes• Thrill of Driving, traffic and sharp road turns