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League Of Underworld 1.5.1
>> War Between Vampire And Werwolf Is OnThe Verge!!<<It takes one year to elaborately produce this U3D action mobilegame of 2015! Enjoy the killing spree!A dark fantasy game with free fabulous wings, weapon, etc![Features]--Delicate Graphics With Unity 3D –Enjoy a visual feast of U3D delicate graphics and cool specialeffects that can rival masterpieces of client games!-- Exciting Feeling Of Attack—Initiative TSD battle mode offers you perfect fighting experience-- lift or levitate, endless slash!-- Realtime Legion War --Let us fight in team instances, 1V1 and 3V3 realtime PK! Dominatethe world as the winner of Legion War!--Freely Instant Voice --Instant voice makes it easy for legion, team, friendcommunication.--Novel Gameplay Of Werewolf --Experience unique battle pleasure in werewolf transform!--Special Graphic Effects, Handy Gameplay, Strong Attack Feeling –All Make You Fall In Love With Fighting! --Innovative BattleGameplay, Werewolf Transform, TSD Battle Mode, Cool Combo Skills –All Immerse You In The Game!--Various Social Contact And Interaction Like Forming Teams,Chatting, PK, Legion War – All Bring You Fun And Relaxation!League Of Underworld, the 2015 Unity 3D action mobile game that youcan never miss!————◆Customer Service◆————For more activities, go to FaceBook fan page:https://www.facebook.com/leagueofunderworldFor more services, send emails to CS mail address:[email protected] more information, go and check the game homepage:https://underworld.vstargame.com/enAttention:1,Installation Needs A Short Time After Resource Downloading.Please Wait. Patient.2,2. If you cannot play the game even after the update processreaches 100%, please download APK version at our official websiteor Facebook homepage.
召唤之夜-实时多人3D动作手游 1.5.1
>> 吸血鬼狼人大战 一触即发 !!<<引爆多人实时大战!最顶级的4K画质,参与最激爽的军团战!魔幻暗黑题材,华丽翅膀、钻石等众多福利免费送!【游戏特色】--Unity 3D打造精美画面--精美画质尽享完美真实3D视觉盛宴,酷炫技能特效媲美端游大作!---千变翅膀炫装进阶---多种翅膀,时装造型惊艳来袭,打造属于你独一无二的个性外形!--超爽打击感,首创TSD战斗模式--真人动作捕抓技术,击飞浮空,超爽连招,让你享受极致的战斗体验!--实时对战 军团争霸--组队副本,1V1、3V3实时对战,军团争霸号令天下!--即时语音 畅所欲言--即时语聊,军团、组队、好友,一呼百应!--变身狼人 另类玩法--支持狼人变身,体验别致战斗乐趣!--百种英灵等你召唤!组合变身狼人具备超强打击感,让你一秒钟爱上战斗!--战斗玩法创新,狼人变身、TSD战斗模式、无限技能连招,引人入胜!--社交互动丰富,组队、聊天、PK、打军团战。邀你来战!2015,您绝对不能错过的实时3D动作手游!————◆客服服务◆————更多活动,请前往Facebook粉丝页:https://www.facebook.com/leagueofunderworld更多服务,请前往客服信箱:[email protected]更多资讯,请前往游戏主页:https://underworld.vstargame.com/zh-CN特别注意:1,资源下载完毕后会有短暂的安装时间,请耐心等候。2,如下载更新至100%后扔无法进入游戏,请到官方网站或者facebook主页下载APK版本。>> Vampire werewolfimminent war! ! <<Detonated multiplayer real war! 4K top quality, most Zestparticipation Corps war! Many welfare Dark magic theme, gorgeouswings, diamonds and other free delivery![Game Features]--Unity 3D to create beautiful images -Exquisite picture-perfect real 3D visual feast, cool specialeffects skills comparable to the end of the tour masterpiece!Hyun-changing wings --- Advanced ---Multiple wings, fashion modeling stunning strikes, to create yourown unique personality profile!- Super cool sense of combat, the first battle mode TSD -Capturing live-action technology, blow fly floating, super cooleven strokes, let you enjoy the ultimate fighting experience!- Real-time battle corps hegemony -Team replica, 1V1,3V3 real-time battle, the Legion hegemony ordersthe world!- Instant voice freely -Real-time voice chat corps, team, friends, mass response!- Turned werewolf Alternative play -Support werewolf transfiguration experience unique fightingfun!- One hundred kinds of souls waiting for you to call!Transfiguration werewolf combination with super fight against flu,let you fall in love with a second battle!- Combat gameplay innovation, werewolf transfiguration, TSD battlemode, unlimited skills even move, fascinating!- Rich social interaction, team, chat, PK, playing Legion war.Invite you to fight!2015, you absolutely can not miss the action in real-time 3D mobilegames!---- ◆ ◆ ---- Customer ServiceFor more events, please visit Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/leagueofunderworldFor more, go to Customer Service: [email protected] more information, please visit the game page: https://underworld.vstargame.com/zh-CNbe especially wary:1, there will be short-lived after the download is completeresource installation time, please be patient.2. Download the update to throw unable to enter the game after 100percent, go to the official website or facebook page download APKversion.
Fantasy Chronicles 3.4.0
>> Thousands of players realtime PKof3Dframes, unique pets and bloodline shapeshift!<<[Game Information]Fantasy Chronicles is a 3D fantasy MMORPG masterpieceofcuteversion. It creatively allows you to ride those lovely,uniquepetsand provides plenty functions such as BloodlineAwakening,DynamicAI Instances, Real-time Day and Night. Thousandsof skillsareavailable for free combination; peerless Halidom, GearsandSuitsare all yours; Single mode, Team mode and Legion skirmishinWildPK immerse players in a brand new MMORPG world.[Game Features]--Unlocked realtime wild battles allows thousands of playerstofightin one screen;--Inimitable pets are not only your rides but alsoassistantsinfight!--Legion War realizes a 60V60 realtime battlefield;--No limitation! Free fight, free trade, free wild PK!--Awake your ancient Bloodline: one role, two shapes;--A giant world map, alternation of day and night,dynamiclighting,world's top image quality;--Plane system makes it possible to shuttle in differentscenesandenjoy various combat styles;--Brilliant collection of multiple luxury fashions willdisplayyourrefined taste!A pinnacle of mobile games in 2016, a cartoonish3DMMORPGmasterpiece——Fantasy Chronicles, a hit of this year![Gameplay Introduction]--Exciting PVP: Innovative World Boss, Pillage andEscortquests,magnificent Legion Wars, Arena, Wild PK… All ofthemwilldefinitely satisfy your killing appetite, fulfill yourdesireforglory and show your overwhelming glamour as adynast!--Conquest: One server VS one person! Legendary Red Gearswillshowup here!--Pet Expedition: Our innovative gameplay! Pets willgetnewabilities through bloodline evolution and team upforexpedition.They overcome all the difficulties to bring backraretrophy fortheir owner!Tips: You can choose Chinese or English version freely.————◆Customer Service◆————Visit Facebook Fans Page formoreactivities:https://www.facebook.com/FantasyChroniclesSend emails to CS for more services: [email protected] our homepage for more news:Fantasy.vstargame.com