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Tap Tap Mega Dash 0.1
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WelcomeTap to jump or switch directionDon’t fall off the pathUnlock new characters POKEMONBe sure to get your friends to play to see who can get thefurthest.goGood luck!
Jump Cat 0.3
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Jump Cat is the hardest platform game, andanincredible addictive arcade game!Jump from platform to platform with your Jump Cat! Time yourjumpscarefully and don't crash into the other cats.Controlling your mini cat, you need to jump from platformtoplatform. With your Jump Cat, time your jumps carefully anddon'tcrash into the other cats.How high can you climb?Sounds pretty simple right? You’ll be surprised how hard it is.
Thebest thing is that you won’t be able to stop playing it!
Suicide Bunny - Archery Game 0.5
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Suicide Bunny - ARCHERY GAME is a archerygame2D with lovely graphics.Very Fun! Game for everybody!Tired of always losing at Hangman? Now it's time to get yourownback on that noose-wielding bully!Take a deep breath, focus..then SHOOT!Oh dang! You missed and just killed a stranger :o----FREE TODAY -----Suicide Bunny - ARCHERY GAME, the sequel to the Flash andiPhonesmash hit, gives you chance to save the poor victims beforetheyrun out of breath!'World of Gibbets' invites you to a gruesome place where peoplearejust moments away from..uhm..becoming angels. They hangongibbets!A truly innovative arcade puzzler where you'll have to aim yourbowand arrow carefully to cut the hangman's rope without causingthevictims further injury!Take your bow and arrows, shoot the rope and become ahero!Use all manner of bonuses and pick ups, warps and teleports, tohelpyou on your quest.Unfortunately, the game designers are evil! They added manytrapsand vicious tricks to each level so the chances are high thatyou'llend up in a bloody mess.You'll gain bonus points for rescuing multiple people with onearrowso try and gain the perfect score on each level.But really, we don't want that to happen. Bettertrainhard!Accumulate even more points with the vulture blasting bonusround,then upload your high scores to challenge your friends! Canyou thehandle the frantic pace and save the innocent before theytaketheir final breath?- Based on the 500 Million played Flash Hit Game- Draw back your bow in this truly unique game of skill.- Unlock awards and achievements for your expert bowmanship- Master the use of portals and pick ups across thecolourfuldetailed landscapes.- Awesome Physics Simulation- Accurate Touch Controls
Bear hunter miruku 0.2
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Bear Hunter Miruku is the best of archerygamewhich attracted uncountable number of players. This isthestaggering version improvement from Rush Archer with theuniqueBear graphics and intense sound tracks.Join Miruku as he saves the world from evil forces!Tap and hold to target the evil trooper, then releasetoshoot.In the Bear Hunter Miruku, gamers are in the Archer formfightingagainst the enemies in the Bear Kuma. The Army of the enemyiscrowd, strong and dangerous. They are also great kill shotwithmagic archeryUse your archery to kill all enemies of the Kill Shot. Or yourKillShot must die by shooting skillful enemies.Aim at the evil trooper's head to score more and get rewards!Shoot three headshots in a row to enter Fever Mode!Enter the FEVER MODE and go for the ULTRA KILL!!!Simple Play and become a talent Kill Shot!Touch and hold the Screen to adjust the archery. Shootinginstantlywhen you determine the exact point time to kill theenemiesAre you still up for this mission?Remember! The Kill Shot just has only one life so be careful!Be careful though, ONE WRONG AIM; YOU DIE.Don't fret, you can unlock fearless heroes along the way!Features- Unlimited Fun- Enjoy being a skillful Kill Shot- Graphic: 2D,unique, spectacular: Archery, Archer HeroandBear- Easy to play but hard to master- Close to player- Enless Archery Playing gameLet's Try this archery game now!Bear Hunter Miruku is the newest addictive game byGeagolGames
Basketball GO 0.1
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Shoot hoops and enjoy basketball game! Showtoeveryone your hidden basketball skills!Your aim is to gain the maximum points playing with thelimitednumber of balls. Shoot the ball through the basketwithout it touching the rim and gain additional balls. .The moreyouscore, the more various bonuses you getThe action takes place on a sheet of paper which adds ingenuityandunforgettable atmosphere to the game.Enjoy! go !
Swing ! Sunfish ! 0.4
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- good game pokemon modes- Excellent gameplay.- Great 3D graphics. go !
날아라! 개복치 2 0.1
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전세계 적으로 선풍적인 인기를 끌었던 개복치 시리즈w날아라! 개복치2 전격 출시!본격 원터치 점프 액션 게임 날아라! 개복치2【이 게임은】자신의 출생의 비밀을 알아내기 위해 전진하는 개복치눈앞에 장애물이 나타나고 살기위해 개복치는 점프한다.넘어도 넘어도 계속 나오는 돌기살아남아라! 날아라! 개복치 !!개복치는 무사히 뾰족계곡을 넘어 목적지 까지 갈 수 있을까?【그리고...】어서와 날아라 개복치 는 첨이지?날아라 개복치 하지 않겠는가?선생님 날아라 개복치 가 하고 싶어요.이마에 솟은 미묘한 지느러미를 신경써라!뒤에 파닥거리는 이의 정체는?!Sunfish Series wattracteda hugely popular around the worldTake it! Sunfish 2 Lightning released!Real-touch jump action game Fly! Sunfish 2[The game]Sunfish to advance to find out the secret of his birthThis obstacle appears in front of sunfish and jump to live.Also fall out continued even beyond the projectionsAra survive! Take it! Sunfish!How sunfish can go to a safe pointed across thevalleydestination?[And ...]Come Fly Sunfish are not attachments?Would not Fly Sunfish?I want the teacher to fly sunfish.Write a subtle fin nerve towering on the forehead!A distance behind the flapping its identity ?!
Rolling Craft 0.1
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Tap screen to control the ball rolling inazigzag across endless and unpredictable obstacles.Keep focusincase falling from the platform!It’s a challenging course in an beautiful 3D world which willbringyou a huge fun when play with friends.Collect diamonds as many as possible in order to unlock tonsofamazing new balls before you drop down!Ready? Only sky is your limit!Game Features- Easy to learn,Hard to master, one finger tap game.- Great Physics in gameplay- 3D pixel graphic, simlple and beautiful scenes- Huge number of obstacles to conquer- Earn star to unlock new spheres- Watch out! It's really hard