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a is for alphabet 1.0
This application is designed cribs inpreschool(3-6 years). Parents can install it to educate all theirchildren toEnglish alphabet letters and enjoy together. Pleasenote that theapplication language in English.' a is for alphabet ' educational game is a fun way to alphabetsandletters.In this age, should enjoy learn letters and numbers. Books can bealot of time when your child goes to school, when you spendtimetogether, and when the numbers point to them additionallearningand encourage curiosity.uttering a Word! She's a keeper. I love the sound. Obviouslyit'seasy to understand the issue correctly good speed. Give 5 starsifthe messages were bigger pictures, hold seniorpositionbetter.Children's education applications in writing letters andnumberskindergarten: signOnce you finish the game takes you to the kitchen and a roomwherelay in trying to guess the picture starts with the lettercurrentlylearning. So I think just three times-the victory comeswith threeothers of candy and Fireworks medals praiseLooking for fun and simple educational freedom application tohelpyour company child learn and tracking characters
Coloring drawing cartoons game 1.0
This game contains cartooncharacterslike.*yo gabba*Spliced*Fish Hooks*kick buttowski*Bing*fairy tail**Features*** All content is 100% (FREE)* Many, many different colors* "Coloring drawing cartoons" is very fun, simple and educationforall ages* Different strokes of pencil and colors* Colors with flash effect - dynamic random color for endlessbrightcolors* Over 100 cartoons stickers to decorate your paintings* Eraser function.* Undo // function and '''Clear All”' function* Save drawings in the album to then share or edit them* works perfectly in all smartphones* Simple design and very intuitive for children* Share your drawing via, Facebook* You can create your own painting, Save and load yourcoloringpages* Use a large screen with high resolution for the bestresultsthanks for download game color ...and