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MTERM App 2.8.4
With the MTERM app, you have access to a tool for an efficient useof the Cashback Solutions customer loyalty program. The app comeswith a range of handy functions for Cashback World LoyaltyMerchants: ✔ Logging sales recorded on the Cashback Card ✔ Signingup new loyal customers ✔ Logging existing Cashback World members asloyal customers What's more, you can enjoy a host of other benefitsif you sign up as a Card Pick-Up Point. This gives you the chanceto allow all Members of the Shopping Community to pick-up yourbusiness' Cashback Card from your store. Every Member who takesadvantage of this service from you will automatically become yourloyal customer. Regardless of whether you use MTERM at your POS oron the move - you can access your MTERM app wherever you are! Findnew loyal customers, any time, any place. You can offer yourcustomers Shopping Benefits in the form of Cashback and ShoppingPoints at any time, even while you are out making a delivery or atyour stall on the market – resulting in increased mobility andbetter service for you and your customers. Tip: To be able to usethe MTERM app, you must be a Cashback World Loyalty Merchant. Onlythen will you receive your login details so that you can benefitfrom the advantages of the MTERM app. Find out more
Lyoness Mobile 3.6.2
Just like Membership, the Mobile App is free-of-charge.
Cashback App 2.0.9 Cashback Card
Money back with every purchase, whether you're shopping in store oronline! A simple way to collect Cashback and Shopping Points whileyou're out and about: the Cashback app offers you a whole lot morethan just Cashback every time you shop. The Cashback World alsogives you the chance to save money while shopping. With our LoyaltyMerchant's exclusive offers and Shopping Point Deals, you receive awhole host of ways to secure discounts on top of Cashback andShopping Points. The Cashback App allows you to use your smartphoneto enjoy shopping benefits at thousands of Loyalty Merchants. Thefeatures at a glance: ✔ Cashback Card ready for use, any time, anyplace ✔ All the latest offers on your smartphone ✔ Overview of yourShopping Point Deals ✔ Quick and easy way to sign up to and redeemShopping Point Deals ✔ Direct access to your profile with a fulloverview of all your benefits ✔ Store search and route plannerOther features, such as news, your Deals and lots, lots more, addthe perfect finishing touch to the app, making it the idealcompanion. You too can benefit from the advantages of the CashbackApp. The Cashback App ensures that you as a Member of CashbackWorld and the following Cashback Programs are always up-to-date: +AS Roma Cashback Programm + MotoGP™ Cashback Programm + SK RapidCashback Programm + Sporthilfe Cashback Programm +Landesfeuerwehrverband Cashback Programm + Program Cashback LegiiWarszawa + Program Cashback Lecha Poznań + Program Cashback LechiiGdańsk + Program Cashback Wisły Kraków + Slavia Cashback Program +HC SLOVAN Cashback Program + HC Kometa LEgends Cashback Program +VELUX EHF FINAL4 Cashback Program + Jokerit Helsinki CashbackProgram + Medveščak Cashback Program + Vardar Cashback Program + NKOsijek Cashback Program And of course, the Cashback App is free,just like your Membership in the Cashback World!
Lyconet 1.21.0 (20190930162444)
Keep track of your Lyconet business, even when you're on the move:The Lyconet app enables you to create and maintain your ShoppingNetwork conveniently from your phone. Import your contacts, assigncategories, send messages, schedule meetings, keep notes, and keeptrack of your career development. This gives your career as aLyconet Marketer additional momentum! The features at a glance: •Import and categorise contacts • Direct message transmission tocontacts, e.g. via SMS or WhatsApp • Calendar to organise yourmeetings • Automatically synchronise your calendar • Create notesfor meetings • Countdown to the end of the Production Month with aProduction Dates calendar • Profile including defined targets Getthe perfect companion for Lyconet Marketers and create and maintainyour Shopping Network even more efficiently with the Lyconet app!
Lyconet Invite 1.3.5 (20190308204618)
Mit maximaler Geschwindigkeit zu hunderten Kontakten. Schnell undeinfach Kontakte zu einer Geschäftspräsentation einladen. Die besteApp für jeden Networker! In wenigen Minuten zu hunderten Namen?Diese App hat's drauf! Und das spielend einfach! Die Menschenwerden Spaß dabei haben! So wird die Qual vieler Menschen zu einemVergnügen! Automatisch ist man motivierter! Automatisch ist manerfolgreicher! Und das Lyconet Invite full-automatic Invite Systemsorgt dafür, dass mit jedem Kontakt auch wirklich eineGeschäftspräsentation stattfinden kann!
OMR Terminal 1.0
Diese Applikation dient zur Registrierung von MitgliedernzumCashback Program eines Cooperation Partners. Diese App istnichtfür Privatkunden nutzbar sondern ist nur zur Verwendung beiEventsdurch geschultes Personal gedacht. This application is usedtoregister members for the Cashback Program of a CooperationPartner.This app is not available for private customers but isintendedonly for use at events by trained staff.
UTERM 1.4.0
As a result, you can access all the top Cashback Program tools fromCashback World while on the go. Enjoy the features of your customerloyalty program no matter where you are, helping you to attractmore customers and boost your sales. How you benefit from UTERM • Asimple way to record revenue and access useful statistics; • A toolfor registering new customers; • A clear customer managementoverview in your CRM; • A tool for creating, managing and redeemingShopping Point Deals for customers; • A tool for creating andsending newsletters and customer surveys; • The option to set upspecific user rights for employees; • Extensive calendar functions.The UTERM app is the perfect companion, regardless of whetheryou're selling your products and services on the premises or whileon the go. Make sure your customers can access Cashback Worldbenefits wherever you are. And as a result, you will enjoyincreased customer loyalty any time, any place, even when you'remaking deliveries or running your market stand. Download the UTERMapp now and enjoy more mobility and better service for you and yourcustomers. Tip: To be able to use the UTERM app, you must be aCashback World Loyalty Merchant. Only then will you receive yourlogin details so that you can benefit from the advantages of theUTERM app. Find out more at