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Australia Weather Radar Widget 1.1.8
Show Australian weather radar images in a widget. Radar imagesdirectly from the Bureau of Meteorology are shown in a widget onyour device. Select the radar station and zoom level and you'redone. Support multiple simultaneous widgets.Free, no ads, light onsystem resources, and easy to use. What more could you want?;)NOTE: This is a widget. After install, go into your apps list,select the 'widgets' tab (not 'apps'), and add a widget of type'BOM radar'. After configuration hold on the widget to enter resizemode, the widget can be resized to any dimensions.PERMISSIONS:Network access to load the images. Play store billing for(optional) IAP donate function. Device start notification so it canstart the alarm to update the widget.This is not an official BOMapp - it's a fan-made widget.To come in future versions:- UIoverhaul. I know it's very bare-bones at the moment, but you don'tneed to use it after you setup the widget as the image is the onlyUI you see regularly.