team chimatsuri 应用

MikuTrump 2.01
team chimatsuri
It is a playing card of Hatsune MikuWe will increase the game that you can play in the updateWe plan to implement a solitaire (Spider) is a major update tothenextAlready mounted current list1. Freecell2. KlondikePlease take care save data because disappear will be deletedtheapp.-----------------------------------------------------Hatsune Miku Trump VOCALOIDFreeCellKlondike
HoneycombInvader 1.0.0
team chimatsuri
The honeycomb's familiar mascot ofAndroid3.xIt seems to have caused the rebellion.Please give to strengthen the honeycomb to defeat us theothermascot.Please take care save data because disappear will be deletedtheapp.-----------------------------------------------------Invader Honeycomb Bugdroid Androidインベーダー ハニカム ドロイド君 アンドロイド
MikuGestalt 1.24
team chimatsuri
I come out alongside a lot of thesamecharacter.Among them only one different character come outIs a game that I will continue to touch it, looking intently.I timed 10 questions in a row.Please try to challenge because it corresponds to theWorldRanking.There are four difficulty levels.Please register a user name at the time of the move for thefirsttime.Your name as it is displayed in the ranking.Please be careful also disappeared, so please save dataisdeleted the app.-----------------------------------------------------初音ミク ボーカロイド ボカロ VOCALOID ゲシュタルト崩壊 Hatsune
MikuSweeper 1.25
team chimatsuri
It is a Minesweeper Hatsune Miku.I have reproduced the Minesweeper certain OS basically.◎ functionDegree of difficultyEASY (9 * 9)NORMAL (16 * 16)HARD (16 * 32)MUSICSuch as BGM settingPlease take care save data because disappear will be deletedtheapp.-----------------------------------------------------初音ミク ボーカロイド ボカロ マインスイーパ MineSweeper VOCALOID hatsune