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SolarMeter is Android solar energy analyzer tool that allows you tocalculate, estimate and visualize solar power and energy output ofa solar panel at specific location using your phone or tablet. Itcan help to make solar cell panel profitable and cost efficient.You can't find a better source of energy then sunlight. It ispresented in unlimited amount all over the globe, it's free and ithas no destructive impact on the environment. If you have everthought of using this source, but have always had some doubts orquestions as "Is my location getting enough sunlight?", "Do I haveenough area on my roof to cover my annual energy consumption?","What side of my roof is more energy effective?", "How much area doI need to cover my energy needs?", "How would my energy bill changeafter PV system installation?", now you can answer all thesequestion using SolarMeter app for Android OS. Solar Meter helps youto check solar potential of your roof, how much solar power you aregetting at your location throughout the year and help to estimatehow much energy a photovoltaic system is able to produce per month.SolarMeter has following features: - Real-time solar powercalculation based on current location, panel/device orientation andpanel/device tilt** - Solar Power and Energy calculation fordifferent period of time: day, month, year - Ideal (calculated) andexperimental statistical solar data (offline) available - Sensorbased inputs for orientation and tilt - Automatic current locationsearch using GPS and Network - Graph/Plot 2D data presentation -Solar panel efficiency control - Bill and Saving estimation basedon user input (energy monthly or annual consumption). - Roof tiltangle measurement - Roof area calculation based on Planimeter *or/and Partometer* apps measurements - Metric and Imperial units -Save, share screenshots and text reports feature with LONG TOUCH onresults views. - available for Android phones and tablets Go green!* Note: These apps need to be installed to be able to use them formeasurements. ** Make sure your Time Zone settings are correct.
Planimeter - GPS area measure | land survey on map 5.2.1
Planimeter is a the best land surveying app and field area measuretool. You can also measure distance, perimeter, bearing, angle andGPS coordinates in different formats on Google Maps. You can save,edit, label, view, share your measurements as KML data files andscreenshots. Check out Free Planimeter Guide with details about howto determine square footage and all other features: you won't find in other apps:- liveauto map measure using GPS tracking (walk / drive around boundary)with time interval and accuracy settings;- magnifying glass forvery accurate pin placement for distance and area measure: add point with exact distance andangle input (Distance and Bearing Feature):, share and view KML directly from e-mail attachment , filebrowser, etc: - intuitive and friendly way toadd labels in Notes Mode (extra paid mode): share, directions and navigation to selected point isavailable from Notes Mode (extra paid mode): features to remove redundant points and generate convexareas;- different geo-coordinate formats;- quick switch and viewmeasured path and polygons in pre-cached Google Earth app (extrapaid feature);- Multiple areas measurements (in-app purchase): Circle Mode (in-app purchase) - radiusaround point Volume / Cost calculator whenheight or rate per area unit entered English, Portuguese, Russian,GermanThe app has many positive comments from users and has beensuccessfully used in different areas: - outdoor activities: sports,golf (distance between two points or holes), bike tours, trailplanning, travelling, quick path measure , map your run- garden andyard: landscape planning, grass cutting, lawn care and mowing,fencing, grass seeding.- agriculture, poultry and farming:harvesting, fertilizing, crops (corn, wheat, maize, beet, etc.)planning and estimation, crop fields labeling for the records,field area measure, paddocks and area fencing for cows, horses,chickens, rabbits, etc. - solar energy: area estimation for solarpanels, flat roof area estimation- construction: land survey, roadsealing, parking lot repairing - forestry: objects and treemapping, damage area estimation, measure land area- other: pondssize and are measure; pole lines planning; directions andnavigation to the marked / shared point; movement tracking; getexact GPS coordinates of way-points; fence calculation; measuredistance on google map, geocaching.More about the app, tips andupdates:
Laser Distance Meter cam tool 1.0.5
Laser Distance Meter is a camera distance measure tool for quickestimation of distances and length. You can use any referenceobject with known size for measurements. Laser Distance Meter hasalso automatic mode with image processing where you can make ameasurement with only one click!* The app features AutomaticMeasurement mode with image processing for one click measurements.(!) Calibration Guide: android camera device, phone or tablet, can be used formeasurement. Just follow the procedure to calibrate your device andyou are ready to measure distances to any object with yourcamera.Using standard objects like car, window, golf flag, humanheight, etc. as a reference you can measure distances to them -just select custom option and enter an object sizevalue.LaserDistanceMeter has a list of commonly used referenceobjects like credit card, Letter or A4 sheet, coins, DVD disk, etc.The App shows measurement results in different units: meter (m),millimeter (mm), centimeter (cm), feet (ft), inch (in), yard (yd)based on user settings. There is an option to make a picture andwork with the still image instead of live camera view, Zoom Viewfeature helps to align object boundaries accurately. You can usescreen outside the Zoom View for fine adjustment (1px step) The apphas following distinctive features: - automatic measurement mode -different measurement units - list of predefined reference objects- ability to define any custom object as a reference object -ability to calibrate any android camera to use for measurements -ability to use non-vertical and non-horizontal reference objects orfeatures - quick calibration with predefined standard objects. -save and share measurement results - exposure controlThis app canbe useful for outdoor and sport activities: golf, hiking,traveling, etc., where quick estimation of distances is needed. Italso can be used to measure room or apartment size, distance towalls (using standard objects as electric outlet, door width orheight, standard window size), or make measurement on constructionsites, to do land measurement and surveying, as a rangefinder. Forexample two persons can measure out landscape and distance usingheight of one person as the reference.It is also very easy tomeasure person's height with this app. In automatic mode you canmeasure height of your kids quickly and with good accuracy, andsave the measurement pictures for your progress records.Using thecustom option you can make measurements in wide range depending ona reference object size: from mm to km, from inches to miles.Pleaseenjoy the Laser Distance Meter and thank you for yoursupport!VisTech.Projects Team.
Measurement Tools Catalog 1.0
Want to use your Android device for measurements?This is anoverview of all our measurement tools in one place with shortdescriptions of important features and application areas. You canquickly slides through the apps in this catalogue, read and checkif there is something that you might be interesting in. Directlinks to the app Google Play pages are provided. You can contact usdirectly from the app if you have any specific questions regardingthe apps..With questions, requests or suggestions please directly.The catalog containsinformation about following apps:- Planimeter - GPS Area Measure-SolarMeter - GPS solar measure- Partometer - Camera Measure- MapTrack - GPS Real Time Tracking- Millimeter - Screen Ruler-Millimeter Pro - Screen Ruler- Partometer3D - Camera Measure 3D-Telemeter - Camera Measure- LaserDistanceMeter - Smart DistanceMeasure - Pupil Distance Meter - Camera PD measure- HappyTimer -Handy Timer- ColorMeter Free - Color Picker- ColorMeter - CameraColor Picker- Pie+ - Camera Measure- Converter4U - Instant UnitsConverter - Distance2Meter Camera Measure- Diskometer - CameraMeasure (for circular and rotational objects)Our mobile tools coverwide rage of measurements and application areas - from small objectand dimensions in sub-mm range to land measurements on a map andtracking. Some of the apps use GPS, camera hardware, tilt sensorsto make measurements possible.With our apps you can measure:distance, angle, area, ratio, perimeter, irregular shaped objects,tracking and path distances, time, length, dimensions, etc.Com osnossos aplicativos que você pode medir: a distância, ângulo, área,relação, perímetro, objetos de forma irregular, de rastreamento ede caminho distâncias, tempo, comprimento, dimensões, etcMit Appskann man messen: Abstand, Winkel, Fläche, Verhältnis, Umfang,unregelmäßig geformte Objekte, Tracking-und Wegstrecken-, Zeit,Länge, Abmessungen usw.Con le nostre applicazioni è possibilemisurare: distanza, angolo, area, rapporto, perimetrali, oggetti diforma irregolare, di monitoraggio e di percorso distanze, tempo,durata, dimensioni, eccCon nuestras aplicaciones se puede medir:distancia, ángulo, área, de relación, de perímetro, objetos deforma irregular, de seguimiento y de trayectoria distancias,tiempo, longitud, dimensiones, etcAvec nos applications, vouspouvez mesurer: la distance, l'angle, la région, rapport,périmètre, objets de forme irrégulière, de suivi et de chemindistances, temps, longueur, dimensions,etc我々のアプリを使用すると、測定することができます:距離、角度、面積、比率、周囲長、不規則な形状のオブジェクトトラッキングおよびパスの距離、時間、長さ、寸法などMedvåra program kan du mäta: avstånd, vinkel, area, ratio, omkrets,oregelbundet formade objekt, spårning och sökväg avstånd, tid,längd, mått, etc.Measurements are presented in different metric andimperial units: m, cm, mm, km, miles, ha, acres, inch, ft, etc.
Partometer - camera measure 4.5.1
Partometer is camera app for object size (length, width, height)measurements. It can be used for measurements of irregular shapedobjects: area and perimeter. Also it allows to estimate ratio andmake measurements on circular objects: radius, diameter, arc. Youcan also do pixels measurements on images. It can be used as acamera ruler or tape measure for accurate measurements on picturesand photos. Mor about app on our blog: guide: app performs remote, non-contact in plane measurementsusing Android phone or Android tablet. It uses the phone camera andany available object with known size as a reference. Most commonreference objects like credit card, sheet of paper, DVD/CD, etc.are included in the application. Moreover you can use your owncustom objects with known size to do camera measure. If your friendor colleague is next to you, you don't need a ruler: use his heightas a reference and measure objects around you. Use the app inmedical area: for example, to measure distance between pupils byholding a credit card next to your face. Measure fish size veryquickly and also you can load your pictures and measure allprevious catch using your own height.Modes: Length-Mode - measureand divide an object in certain ratio or mark length on the objectusing ratio ruler (slider). FreeHand-Mode - measure an object inany direction and compare sizes to each other. Angle-Mode /Protractor / Goniometer- measure length, area and angle on anobject in any direction and compare sizes to each other. Area-Mode- area calculator, measure area of different shapes Circle-Mode -measurements on circular objects: radius, arc, sector, area,angle.What's new in last version:- distance in pixels screen /original image,- pic load from Picasa, Drive, file browsers-auxiliary lines in Free Mode- scale grid, multiple rulers, addpoints on line in Area Mode, cycling through points, fractionsMeasurement result in different units like meters, millimeters,centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. It calculatesdimensions of an object in relative units with respect to areference You have an option to make a snapshot of the camera viewand work with a still camera measure image instead of live cameraview or load picture from a photo gallery. The app is useful tomeasure bigger distances on a plane, where a simple ruler or tapemeasure are difficult to apply. All you need to do is to place areference object (credit card or sheet of paper) on the measurementplane, make sure that the object of interest fits into the cameraview and take your measurementPartometer can be handful if:- movingin and need to measure size of your room quickly- buying furnitureand want to estimate its size- measure baggage size- when buyingglasses and need to measure Pupillary Distance (PD)- measure fabricor cloth area and size- measure trees- need to measure out somedistances on objects (handcraft, woodcraft, etc.)- outdoor and wantto know size of a big object that practically impossible to measurewith a ruler or tape measure. For example, you can measure: -height of a house using sheet of paper as a reference object.-small objects just by placing them on A4 or Letter sheet- orcompare height of a person- use as a pitch gauge- spark plug gap-rectangle areas- bearings, roller bearings, nuts, rings.- anyinternal feature or free, irregular shape area on X-ray if you havea reference, useful for dentistsApp has metric and imperial units:meters, centimeters, millimeters, inches, feetFeatures: flashlight,autofocus, Save/Share results.Depending on conditions this measureapp can achieve sub mm resolution
Partometer3D - camera measure 3.2.0
Partometer3D is camera app for area, perimeter, length anddistance, height and width, ratio, circle parameters (radius,diameter), angles measurements. It can be used as a camera ruler ortape measure for accurate measurements on pictures and photos. Thisapp allows user to make measurements in any defined direction andplane in 3D space. The distances and object size can also bemeasured by Partometer App, but Partometer3D has no constrains onthe camera position relative to the measured object.The measurementplane / object plane don't have to be parallel to the camera plane.It expands number of situations where application can be used. Forexample, big objects now can be measured by taking a picture fromthe side, objects and distances that are difficult to reach can bemeasured as well. Partometer3D has the same application area asPartometer, but gives you more flexibility and power. Angle Mode /Protractor / Goniometer can be used for roof angle measurements.This data can be used in SolarMeter app for solar energycalculations.It has following important and distinctive features:-measure in any selected plane in 3D space- Length, Angle, Area,Circle Modes- add/delete any number of measurement/ruler lines-values assigned to each ruler line- measure objects in differentdirections- save and share you measurement - find object ratios, ifyou do not need absolute measurements- compare object parts to eachother- use custom and predefined reference objects- automaticreference object fine alignment using image processing- resetreference object alignment by LONG TOUCH on auto alignment buttonPartometer3D uses a phone/tablet camera and any available objectwith known size as a reference to perform measurement. To definethe measurement plane a rectangular object (sheet of paper, creditcard, custom object) is used. Image processing is used forautomatic fine alignment with the reference object.The App showsmeasurement results in different units: meters, millimeters,centimeters, feet, inches based on user settings. It also calculatedimensions of the object in relative units with respect to thereference object (ROL). There is an option to make a picture andwork with the still image instead of live camera view. Picture Loadfeature is also implemented to work with any picture from yourphoto gallery. Zoom View feature helps to align object boundariesaccurately.Partomter3D can be very useful if you need to measurebigger distances on the plane, where the simple ruler or tape isdifficult to apply. All you need to do in this case is to place arectangular object (credit card or sheet of paper) on themeasurement plane, make sure that the object of interest fits intothe camera view and make measurements.Thank you for yoursupport.Follow us:Google+: +VisTechProjectsFacebook:vistech.projectsTwitter: @VTProjects
Telemeter - camera measure 1.3.6
Camera measure: Telemeter is a bundle of tools for outdoor andindoor measurements for Android OS. The tools complement each otherand are useful in such areas as distance measure, moving (usespirit level tool to adjust laundry machine), layout design,construction, room measurement and planning, house and roomdecoration and furnishing, trips and so on, where quick estimationof object dimensions, distance and size, orientation and exacthorizontal, vertical or angular alignment are needed. Sometimes atraditional ruler or tape are very difficult to apply for longdistances or big objects measurements. Telemeter is a very handysolution that can immediately estimate all these values for youusing camera measure technique.Modes: - Telemeter Tool: quickremote distance estimation without reference objects using only acamera measure. - SpiritLevel3D Tool: distant object alignment andtilt measurement using a camera. - Lines Tool: vertical andhorizontal reference lines, that can be used for horizontal orvertical object alignment and tilt elimination. - Augmented CompassTool: orientation detection in the room or space for better roomplanning, angle measurements, electromagnetic interference andmetal detection. - Angle Tool: measure and mark angles in verticaland horizontal planes. - Calibration Tool: calibrate your phonebefore measurements. - Unit Converter: convert results intodifferent length or area units. - Detailed helpThe distinctivefeature of the Telemeter Tool is two options: - Hand-mode -Stand-modeChoose Hand-Mode when the exact height of the camera isunknown and you are on the ground holding the device in youhands.Enter your height and smart algorithm estimates the cameraheight. You don't need to enter the exact camera height, asrequired in other applications. Since you know your height exactly,you can start measurements immediately. This is an advantage ofusing Hand-mode. This mode requires to hold and move your camera asshown in measurement guide that is included in the app.If the exactheight of the camera from the ground is known, Stand-Mode is to beused. Stand-mode doesn't make any assumption about your position.Exact camera height leads to more accurate measurement results. Youcan use this mode in different situations or build your own camerameasurement setup.Measurements can be conducted in metric andimperial units: feet, meters, inches. Angles are measured indegrees.With the Telemeter you can measure: - distance from you(observer) to an object - distance between points in direction'from an observer' - distance between two points in a plane -object dimensions (depth, height, width, length) - height from theground level - height of big objects or a person - angles betweenplanes (e.g. between two walls) - angles between two orientationsin the space - angles in horizontal or vertical planesYou can alsouse Telemeter for: - object alignment - tilt measurement orelimination, pitch gauge - checking orientation in space (cardinaldirections) - electromagnetic interference and metal detection -marking a plane for object placement (e.g. a wall for pictures andshelves mounting)Please try also Partometer - camera measure App,that uses common reference objects for measurements.For longdistance you can try Distance2Meter - camera measure that usesmotion for distance measurement. You can measure distances inhundred meters range with good accuracy.If you enjoy using thisapp, please take a moment to share your experience and rateit.Thank you for your support!G+: +VisTech.ProjectsFB: vistech.projectsTW: @VTProjects
ColorMeter Free - color picker 1.0.3
ColorMeter: take live color around you with your camera and use itfor you design projects or for your Android customization as awallpaper.ColorMeter is a free useful camera color picker tool thatallows you to pick live colors around you.It display RGB color onthe screen and the hexadecimal (HTML) color code that used ingraphics, web design, Photoshop and other picture or photo editors.Point cross-hair at different objects and see real time result onthe screen.You can use currently selected color for you Androidphone or tablet personalization and customization.Long touch on thecolor bar sets your current screen WALLPAPER to chosencolor.Features:- live color analyzer- make snapshots- white balance(PRO*)- load pictures from gallery(PRO)- average window size option(PRO)- RGB color on the screen- CMY color model (PRO)- flash light(PRO)- hexadecimal HTML color code- preview color (full screenmode) (PRO)- use color as WALLPAPER- AutoFocus button- Zoom Viewoption- select colors from any point on the uploaded picture (PRO)-color palette(PRO)- save, delete and preview colors in colorpalette(PRO)- save/export and share palette using HTML file (PRO)-find closest color sample in the color palette to the currentlyselected with color finder(PRO)- Help- ad free*PRO - available onlyin paid version. colorpicker, color picker, color analyzer, detect, phone personalizationand customization, web design, room design, graphicscolor measure,camera measure, RGB, HEX color, hexadecimal color, wallpaper, colorwallpaper, color selector, find color, camera app, skin tone,android
Millimeter - screen ruler app 2.3.0
Millimeter is a simple free screen ruler app. You can measure smallobjects that fit device screen with this ruler. There are NO ADs inthe app for best experience and real full screen measurements. ☛ANY DEVICE can be calibrated for accurate measurements inCalibration Mode, where common standard objects (coins, creditcards, etc) can be used as a reference. You can also customize yourapp by purchasing extra features or modes. 📏 What you can do infree version of the app: - Calibrate Millimeter with custom orstandard objects - Ruler Mode for measure in metric and imperialunits: mm and inch - Additional vertical ruler for 2D measurements(📐) - Area measurement for 2D measurements (⬛) - Calculate W/Hratio of the rectangular objects in 2D - Lock / Unlock rulers inany mode for better usability (🔒) - Fine grid (1mm for millimeterunits) 👍 - Use fractions for inch units - Read interactive Help /Guide about all available features in a mode - Use app as standardruler - Use full screen mode for better user experience in Rulermode 💳 You can customize your free version and purchase extramodules and features that add the following functionality: - PartsMode to split length or objects in equal parts - Thread per inch (TPI ) measurement pattern (🔩) in Parts mode( - Circle Mode to measure circularobjects (🔴) - Split circle into equal sector / angle - Protractor /Goniometer Mode - measure angles (⚪) - Set exact size, length,diameter, number of parts manually with keyboard input (⌨) - Changebackground to BW night mode for power saving (🔋) and bettervisualization (🌓) Use this screen ruler in different areas tomeasure small objects that fit your phone or tablet screen :jewelry, jewels, rings 💍 , stones, screws, bolts, buttons diameter,nuts, knitting needles, knitting pattern, washers, insects, mosaictile, hooks, thread, frame wrap angle, etc. Units: millimeter (mm),inch (in). Fractions are supported for inch units. Supportedlanguages: - English, German, Russian, Japanese and Frenchlanguages. 📖 More about app: ☎ If you have anyproblems with the app on your device, please first and we will help you. Thank you.VisTech.Projects Team.
Millimeter Pro - screen ruler, protractor, level 2.3.0
Millimeter is a screen ruler app. It uses full screen of Androiddevice for distance and length measurements as caliper or tapemeasure. Place an object on the scale paper screen and simply touchand move rulers to measure it. Check features for more details. Proversion measures area, circle, radius and diameter, angles, ratioand splits into equal parts, angle NO POP-UP ADS on your screen inthe app unlike other free ruler apps on market. Best and real fullscreen ruler. ☛ ANY DEVICE can be calibrated for accuratemeasurements in Calibration Mode, where common standard objects(coins, credit cards, etc) can be used as a reference. More aboutapp: 📖 posts about app: 📏 Whatyou can do in Pro version of the app: - Calibrate Millimeter withcustom or standard objects (💳) - Ruler Mode for measure in metricand imperial units: mm and inch - Use fractions for inch units -Use app as standard ruler - Use full screen mode for better userexperience in Ruler mode - Additional vertical ruler for 2Dmeasurements (📐) - Area measurement for 2D measurements (⬛) -Calculate W/H ratio of the rectangular objects in 2D - Parts Modeto split length or objects in equal parts - Thread per inch ( TPI )measurement pattern (🔩) in Parts mode( - Spirit / bubble level for checkingincline or tilt angle 🔮 - Circle Mode to measure circular objects(🔴) - Split circle into equal sector / angle - Protractor /Goniometer Mode - measure angles (⚪) - Lock / Unlock rulers in anymode for better usability (🔒) - Set exact size, length, diameter,number of parts manually with keyboard input (⌨) - Changebackground to BW night mode for power saving (🔋) and bettervisualization (🌓) - turn on/of fine grid (1 mm for millimeterunits) - Read interactive Help / Guide about all available featuresin a mode Use this screen ruler in different areas to measure smallobjects that fit your phone or tablet screen : jewelry, jewels,rings 💍 , stones, screws, bolts, buttons diameter, nuts, knittingneedles, knitting pattern, washers, insects, mosaic tile, hooks,thread, frame wrap angle, etc. Units: millimeter (mm), inch (in).Fractions are supported for inch units. Supported languages: -English, German, Russian, Japanese and French languages. ☎ If youhave any problems with the app on your device, please first and we will help you. Thank you.VisTech.Projects Team. Note: measurement range limited by size ofyour screen and with fine calibration the app gives you accuracycomparable to standard ruler or measure tape.
Pie+ camera measure 1.2.8
Camera measure: Pie+ is a free simple and useful camera measurementtool for Android OS that helps you to measure ratio, relative sizeof objects or to split objects into equal pieces. You can also useit to measure out parts of the whole objects or volumes andestimate parts ratio accurately. The application is easy andintuitive to use: point your camera at an object and use touchscreen to measure. It also has built-in help menu with a shortexplanation how to use it. You can use this App in differentsituations. For example you can cut a pie, pizza or something elsein equal parts or portions. Sometimes it is difficult to do bysight especially if you need odd number of pieces (5,7 or 9). Itcan be also helpful while cooking to measure out certain part ofthe volume, e.g. 1/3 glass, or cut something with a certainratio.This App can be used in every situation where the relativemeasurement is important:- you learn to draw and you want tomeasure exactly part ratios of an object and transfer them ontocanvas or paper. The App can also help you to draw objectproportions correctly.- find relative position on a wall for yourpictures, e.g. center of the wall or 1/3 wall from a ceiling.- usethe App as a woodworking or carpeting tool to lay off relativedistances from edges.- you can also use it for garden planning forrelative measurements.If you want to measure distance between twopoints try our camera measurement apps Partometer, Partometer3D,Telemeter or other. Thank you for your downloads andsupport!VisTech.Projects Team
Planimeter Area Measure Guide 1.0.4
(!) IMPORTANT: THIS IS A GUIDE for popular "Planimeter - GPS AreaMeasure" app ( From this guide you can learnabout Planimeter interface, functionality and main features beforepurchasing Planimeter. You can touch interface elements to get moredetails about their purpose and functionality. Don't hesitate tocontact with any questions or if youneed further assistance with Planimeter.This guide presented inEnglish, Russian, Portuguese and German.Info about the Planimeeterapp:"Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" - Android application for allkinds of measurements on Google Maps.It allows you to perform quickarea, distance, perimeter and angle measurements on maps usingdifferent input sources. You can perform measurement by touchingthe screen; adding way-points with geo-coordinates (latitude andlongitude); drawing on the map; using GPS tracking; dropping pinswith exact distance and bearing from the last point.The Planimeterapp can be used in many areas and applications where measurement onland are required:- outdoor activities: sports, golf (distancebetween two points or holes), bike tours, trail planning,travelling, quick measure - garden and yard: landscape planning,grass cutting, lawn mowing, fencing, grass seeding.- agricultureand farming: harvesting, fertilizing, crops (corn, wheat, maize,beet, etc.) planning and estimation, crop fields labeling for therecords, field area measure, paddocks and area fencing for cows,horses, chickens, rabbits, etc. - solar energy: area estimation forsolar panels, flat roof area estimation- construction: land survey,road sealing, parking lot repairing - forestry: objects and treemapping, damage area estimation- other: ponds size and are measure;pole lines planning; directions and navigation to the marked /shared point; movement tracking; get exact GPS coordinates ofway-points; fence calculation; measure distance on google mapsYoucan buy Planimeter - GPS Area Measure and read users feedback here: about Planimeter - GPS Area Measure, tipsand updates:
WHRMeter support version 1.0.0
This is support / donation version of the WHRMeter AVAILABLE FORFREE from VisTech.Projects developer. FREE version provides thesame functionality without any limitation or extra restrictions anddoes not contain any permissions or pop-up ads. Please buy thispaid version if you want to support the developer.WHRMeter is anAndroid app that calculates Waist To Height Ratio (WHR) and healthrisk based on it,Body Mass Index (BMI) and estimates CardiovascularDisease Risk (CVD). Using Body Mass Index you can check youroptimal weight for given height.Key Features:- optimized fortablets- imperial and metric units- convert input values todifferent metric system- instant WHR, BMI calculation and CVDestimation- show current weight condition (underweight, overweight,obesity level) and calculate optimal weight range- presentingresults in different forms- show your results relative to a fullscale of values for better understanding- share your parameters(age, height, weight, etc.) and calculation results- help section -no permissions and pop-up adsCheck HELP in the app for more infoabout WHR, BMI and CVD
Pupil Distance Meter | PD Camera Measure 2.0.3
Try new PRO version in public beta 👉: Meter - optometry tool that allows you to measurepupillary distance ( PD ) or Inter-pupillary distance ( IPD )quickly using your camera and a standard card (e.g. gift card, idcard, credit card, etc). Now you can measure PD with your deviceusing this app. PD is important for selecting right eye glasses orsunglasses. Features:- rear or front camera canbe used for taking a picture- upload picture from the gallery-millimeter (mm) units- special rulers to mark pupils and areference card- Double Tap or Pinch zoom for the best experienceand accurate alignment - auxiliary lines and points for segmentheight (bifocal), monocular (center to bridge) and framemeasurements- monocular measurements (O.D and O.S.)- call app fromother apps to get measurements results touse:1. Take or load a face picture with a reference card (see guidein the app how to hold the card properly)2. Mark eye pupils withthe ruler (white)3. Mark the card length with the card template(green)4. See PD result If you like the app and find it usefulplease support us with your feedback and comment. Feel free tocontact with any questions orcomments.Thank you,VisTech.Projects Team.
MapTrack GPS real time track 3.0.2
MapTrack app for Android phones and tablets makes recording yourtrack and sharing it in real time with friends easy, secure andfast. The app shows your live data and calculate distance whiledoing other outdoor activities.You friends can view your track andfollow you in real time IN USUAL BROWSER, special software orregistration on third-party services are NOT required. Use MapTrack as your personal online and offline tracker. Manage youronline tracks as usual document in your Google Drive. You can alsoexport your data as a KML file or screenshot.FEATURES:- Offlinetrack- Online track - Google Drive sync- Internet connection notrequired to start a track- Real-time tracking - Track time anddistance details- Continue or View last track- Metric and Imperialunits- Tracking Time Intervals- GPS Altitude option- Sharing:current location, KML, screenshot, Track URL and Viewer- TrackViewer generated in MapTrack for live data view in browser- Clearcurrent track - useful to start a new track, but keep the sametrack link - Auto/Manual data synchronization- Color stateindicator- Map/Satellite View- Map Zoom - search or add currentlocation using GPS or Network- Zoom to Fit-in and center points onscreen (quick point search)- Note for the current position - Lastpoint is auto centered - make it easy to use on scaled up map-Show/hide lines and pins- Open track in G Earth ( see the track onpre-cached G Earth when offline)Note: Created for personal useonly. The user alone is responsible for data application andsharing own data.Visit MapTrack page to learn more and seeinstructions:
Diskometer - camera measure 2.0.3
Diskometer is a handy app for dimension measurements. You canmeasure length, width, size, ratio, angle, area, arc length ofobjects. You can use camera in the app to take a picture or uploadpicture form the gallery to do measurements on it. You would need acircular reference with known size to preform measurements. App canbe used as a ruler or tape measure.Most common reference objectslike DVD/CD, coins, etc. are included in the application. Moreoveryou can use your own custom circular objects with known size toperform measurements.Modes:- FreeHand-Mode - measure an object inany direction. - Angle-Mode - measure length, area and angle on anobject in any direction and compare sizes to each other.- Area Mode- measure irregular shaped areaMetric and Imperial Units aresupported: meter, millimeter, centimeter, foot, inch. Relative (toreference) measurements are possible as well.Following measurementof a circle are possible in the app: - arc length, angle, radius,sector and segment measurementsDepending on the distance to anobject with this camera measure app you can achieve millimeterresolution: app can be used in wide rangeof applications to measure: discs, saw blade, circular saw, rim,wheel, brake shoe, bearing, roller bearing, ring and nut. It can bebest applied for measurement saw parameters, such as pitch,sawblade tooth back, face, rake and clearance angle, spacing,gullet.
ColorMeter camera color picker 3.1.1
ColorMeter is a useful camera tool that allows you to pick livecolors around you.It shows RGB components of the color and displayit on the screen. The hexadecimal (HTML) color code that used ingraphic, picture or photo editors is also displayed.You can createyour custom color palette, preview, save and share it, detectcolors on the picture and to find the best match (closest color)from the palette to the current one.You can pick and analyze colorsusing 3 different ways: - live camera view: point cross-hair ondifferent objects and see the real time result on the screen. -make a snapshot of objects and analyze colors on still image. -load pictures from the gallery and pick colors on them.You can usecurrently selected color as a wallpaper.Features: - live coloranalyzer - make snapshot and work with still image - load picturesfrom gallery - white balance with undo function (LONG TOUCH) -average window size option- color palette- save, delete and previewcolors in color palette- save/export and share palette using HTMLfile- find closest color sample in the color palette to thecurrently selected with color finder - value for R-, G-, B- channel- CMY color model - hexadecimal color code - flash light - save(select, freeze) color- preview color (full screen mode) - usecolor as wallpaper - Autofocus button - Zoom View option - Help
Happy Timer - free handy simple timer 1.1.0
Happy Timer is a very simple and handy timer. No keyboard inputjust touch control to setup time, start and stop the timer. Dynamiccolor bars display remaining time. Very intuitive and handy foreveryday usage: cooking, running, studying, testing, egg boiling,etc. Clean and simple.
Converter 4U - unit converter 1.0.7
Converter4U is a simple lightweight unit conversion calculatorapplication for the Android OS.This ad free and no permissions unitconverter supports most common units in the Length / Distance,Weight / Mass, Area and Temperature categories for the American(US) and European (EU) measuring systems. The goal of thedevelopment was not to cover all possible units and categories, buttocreate something very easy, fast and convenient for everydaypersonal use. It is very handy for those who travels oversea often.Colored screens schema and category icons help to navigate quicklyto the desired category. The "on the fly" conversion helps to savetime if the comparison of multiple units are needed.Metric andImperial units are supported.Screen swiping is used for intuitiveand quick category navigation.Requires Android 1.6 and up.Thank youfor your downloads and support!VisTech.Projects Team
Face Shape Meter Demo 1.1.0
(☛ *** before downloading or rating the app, please READ THEDESCRIPTION ***)This app is a DEMO, you have to make purchase inthe app to get the face shape result or purchase the paid version"My Face Shape Meter" with fullfunctionality: can download, try how itworks on your device, read help and use time limited FREE promooffer (condition applied) to see your FACE SHAPE. If you like theapp and want to use it later, you can use in-app purchase option toupgrade to full version. or purchase the full version here: NOTE : the app is clean, does only whatdeclared, does not contain popup Ads and uses only minimal set ofpermissions required for app work. The minimal price you pay (onlyif you want) will help us to provide support and possible furtherimprovements of the app. Thank you. FACE SHAPE METER is a simpleand easy to use tool for identifying your face shape from yourpicture. Knowing your face shape can be useful in many differentareas. For example, you would need to check your shape of face forfinding “the right” haircut or hairstyle, sun glasses that fit youwell, the best makeup or contouring for your face, or even wig orhat that suits you best. determine your faceshape you would need to do 3 simple steps:1. make or uploadpicture2. outline your face with special contour as shown onscreenshots3. press the button and see the result for your face(with in-app purchase or promo offer in the app!)Tips:- For bestresult use a picture with neutral face expression, where your headis directed straight to the camera. Turning your head might affectthe final result.- Before measurements make sure your hairline isvisible☎ If you have any problems with the app on your device orwith getting face shape result, or with any app functionality thatdescribed above, please contact firstand we will help you.Thank you.VisTech.Projects Team.
My Face Shape Meter match and try eyeglass frames 1.5.0
FACE SHAPE METER is a simple and easy to use tool for identifyingyour face shape from your picture. Knowing your face shape can beuseful in many different areas. For example, you would need tocheck your shape of face for finding “the right” haircut orhairstyle, sun glasses that fit you well the best makeup orcontouring for your face, or even wig or hat that suits you best. To determine your face shape you would need todo 3 simple steps: 1. make or upload picture 2. outline your facewith special contour as shown on screenshots 3. press the buttonand see the result for your face Tips: - For best result use apicture with neutral face expression, where your head is directedstraight to the camera. Turning your head might affect the finalresult. - Before measurements make sure your hairline is visibleYou can also check what popular eyeglass or sun-glass frames suityour face shape best and try them on ☎ If you have any problem withthe app on your device or with getting face shape result, if youneed assistance or want to cancel your order, please and we will try to help you. Thank youand enjoy the app! VisTech.Projects Team.
com.vistechprojects.whrmeterfree 1.1.1
WHRMeter - free app to check Waist To Height Ratio (WHR) and healthrisk based on it, Body Mass Index (BMI) and to estimatesCardiovascular Disease Risk (CVD). Using Body Mass Index you cancheck your optimal weight for given height. FREE, NO PERMISSIONSAND POP-UP ADS! Key Features: - optimized for tablets - imperialand metric units - convert input values to different metric system- instant WHR, BMI calculation and CVD estimation - show currentweight condition (underweight, overweight, obesity level) andcalculate optimal weight range - presenting results in differentforms - show your results relative to a full scale of values forbetter understanding - share your parameters (age, height, weight,etc.) and calculation results - help section - no permissions andpop-up ads Check HELP in the app for more info about WHR, BMI andCVD Note: if you like the app and want to support the developer,please feel free to purchase support/donation version of the app:
Distance2Meter camera measure 1.1.1
Camera measure: Distance2Meter is a camera measure tool that uses aphone camera for quick and easy estimation of the distance to anobject. "Mark-Move-Mark" Principle is used for measurement. Pointyour camera at the object. Move towards the object and point yourcamera at the same object again. See the measured distance on thescreen in units and steps. User interface and usage are intuitive."How to measure" guide is included in the App. Just follow theguide steps to start your measurement.Notable features:- Snapshotfeature is available in order to make your marking and measurementsmore comfortable and to achieve more precise results- Result ofmeasurements is shown in common units like millimeters,centimeters, meters, inches, feet, yards- Result in your "steps"can be shown as well- No reference object is needed formeasurements- No constrains on camera position and motion-Partially visible object can be used for measurements also (norequirements for complete object visibility in the camera view)ThisApp can be useful for outdoor and sport activities: golf, hiking,traveling, etc., where quick estimation of the distance to objectsis needed. The measurement range of this App depends on the"Motion-Mode" settings in App Preferences. It can be used in widerange of distances and right choice of Motion-Mode in particularsituation can lead to very accurate results. Motion-Mode can bedefined in steps or in selected measurement units.This Appcomplements the series of our tools that uses a phone camera forremote non-contact measurements.Object dimension and distancemeasurements with mm-accuracy are covered with Partometer App. Itcan be used as a ruler or tape measure. This app uses referenceobject. Choice of this object defines the range of measurements:from mm and up.For middle distance range, from cm to tens ofmeters, Telemeter App is used. It allows you to estimate remotelyobject Length, Height, Width and Depth without a reference objectjust using your camera. In addition Telemeter has other usefultools for object alignment, orientation detection, etc., that youcan use while moving or during indoor and outdoor activities.Thankyou for your downloads and support!VisTech.Projects Team
Pupil Distance Meter Pro | Accurate PD measure 1.0.0
The best mobile solution for pupillary distance (PD) measurementwith camera. 👓 Try-On basic eyeglass frames bonus 🆓 Check yourinterpupillary distance (IPD) before buying eye- or sunglasses orVR headset If you have any questions, requests or need assistancewith the app, please contact If youhave any issues with the app on your device we will address it assoon as you contact us or will give your a refund if you want tocancel your order for any reason.
Pupil Distance Meter | Custom PD Meter Frame TryOn 0.5.15
Custom solution for pupillary distance measurement with camera.Note, this is a custom/client version of the app with limitedaccess. An access code is needed to use the app. Check with youreye-wear retailers if they provide a code for the app. TryOn demofor basic frame included.
Face Shape Meter | Custom Version
FACE SHAPE METER is a simple and easy to use tool foridentifyingyour face shape from your picture. Knowing your faceshape can beuseful for finding “the right” haircut or hairstyle,sun glassesshapes that fit you well, the best makeup or contouringfor yourface, or even wig or hat that suits you best.