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There is a beautiful long hair mom in our brand new baby game.Today you job is to play the role of doctor to check her body andgive birth to twins. Firstly, put some medicines on the belly ofthe mother. Then check the twins healthy conditions. Measure thesize of the baby one by one and record it. Check their heart beatsand temperature. After that, you need to give something to eat forthe beautiful mom and let her give birth to the twins babiessuccessfully. In this stage, you need to care the babies carefully.Change diapers for them and feed them with milk. Moreover, put somebaby powders on their bodies and when they are crying, use the toysto play with them and let them be happy. After that, you can coverthem with quilt and let them sleep. At last, show us these lovelybabies with her mom together. Have fun. Features:1. Check the twinshealthy conditions carefully. 2. Take good care of the babies 3.Show us at last How to play:1. Put some medicines on the belly ofthe mom 2. Use medical tools to check the baby’s size3. Checktemperature and heart beats for the baby 4. Feed this mother withfood5. Let the mother give birth to babies successfully 6. Changediapers for the baby 7. Put some baby powder on the body of thebaby 8. Feed babies with milk 9. Use toys to stop them crying 10.Let babies have a sleep