5.0 / December 9, 2016
(3.8/5) (523)


Okey is the most popular game in the world, carried your mobiledevice. Play anywhere you want.Super Okey game is an online tablegame. In Super Okey you can play with your own friends or otherokey players. Try this rummy mobile game, have fun with play cueand pieces.Features:- Large player pool- Phone and tablet support-Super playability okey- Instant messaging with other users

App Information Super Okey (Online)

  • App Name
    Super Okey (Online)
  • 包名
  • 发布日期
    December 9, 2016
  • 文件大小
  • 系统要求
    Android 2.3 and up
  • 版本
  • 开发者
    FBE Games
  • 安装
  • 价钱
  • 分类
  • 开发者
    Hacımimi Mah. Kapıkulu Sok. No:26 Beyoğlu İstanbul
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- Günlük çengel bulmaca- 30 Gün boyunca geçmiş tarihli bulmacalarıçözebilme- 80.000 kelimeden fazla Türkçe cengel bulmaca terimlerihavuzu- Çözümleri otomatik kaydetme- Çözümleri paylaşabilme vegörüntüleyebilme- İndirilmiş cengel bulmacaları çevrimdışı olarakçözebilme- Daily hook puzzle- 30 Days throughout history dated tosolve puzzles- More than 80,000 Turkish word puzzle in terms ofjungle pool- Solutions autosave- Ability to share and viewSolutions- Reduced jungle puzzles to solve offline
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Have fun with the king of the playing cards game. It is similarlike barbu, hearts and tafferan games.HOW TO PLAY?Super KING isalso known as Rifki, Barbu, Hearts and Tafferan. It is a 4-personplaying card game that includes “penalties” and “trumps”. Normally,20 games are played and each player plays 3 penalties, 2 trumps. Atthe beginning cards are handed out to all players and after chekinghis cards the dealer decides which game that will be played on thetable (penalty or trump; if penalty, which penalty) and starts thegame handing out the first card. The aim for the trump games is totake as much hand as you can, and try not to take the panalty cardfor the penalty games. PENALTY GAMESKing has following 6 penaltygames. Each penalty is played twice. Each penalty has differentnegative ranks and recorded to players rank tables. No TricksTheaim of this game is not to win tricks. The winner of the trick isthe highest card of the suit played. There is no trump in penaltygames. Each trick has -50 golds. No HeartsThe aim of this game isnot to win hearts. The player who can’t follow the suit can playany other card. Anyone who wins, takes the heart that was handedout. A player must not start a trick with Hearts unless he holds noother suit. By the way after a heart handed out, every player can.Each heart has -30 golds. No QueensThe aim of this game is not towin queens. The player who can’t follow the suit must hand out aqueen. Anyone who wins, takes the queen that was handed out. If anace or a king is on the desk, the player who has a queen of thissuit must hand it out. Each queen has -100 golds. No BoysThe aim ofthis game is not to win kings or jacks. The player who can’t followthe suit must hand out an ace or a king. Anyone who wins, takes thejack/king that was handed out. If a higher card is on the deskwhich is more worthy than a jack or a king, the player who has ajack or a king of this suit must hand it out. Each jack/king has-60 golds. No Last 2The aim of this game is not to win the last 2tricks. It is not important who won the other hands till the lasttwo. Each trick is -180 golds. No KingKing of hearts as known asKING in this game. The aim of this game is not to win king ofhearts. In king of hearts game a player must not start a trick withHearts unless he holds no other suit. When the player cannot followsuit and if he has King of Hearts, he must hand it out. The one whowins the trick takes KING. It is -320 golds. TRUMP GAMESThedeclarer leads to the first trick. A trick is won by the highesttrump in it, or if it contains no trump, by the highest card of thesuit led. Players must follow suit if possible, if they cannot,they must play a trump if they have any. The winner of a trickleads to the next super king game. Each trick is +50 golds.
Super Pisti 15.9 APK
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Super Pisti is now played on Google Play. PISTI (also known asPispirik, Basra, Bastra, Pastra) is a game that played with 52playing cards. This game as can be played online via the Internetwith other users also have artificial intelligence. If users haveslow internet access, application can play automatically. So do notget bored while waiting for other users. The game is very fast andvery exciting! Free Pisti is waiting for you. If you want to enjoya taste of good quality games, you will not find better than SuperPisti. It is a plus for you. Play against real people. Whether youplay with a deck or four decks. The winner of the game takes thechips. You can earn thousands of free chips at no cost, plus youcan earn extra. Artificial intelligence, rich visual effects,simple and handy interface on Super Pisti game. Live playing withpeople. Game Options: - Play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 decks - Game prizeand bet choice Useful Features: - Create your own room and playwith your real friends - Instant messaging - Invite your friends togame with Google App Invite - Easily sign in with Google Sign In -Sorting - Statistics - Drag and drop or card click options - Earnchip by inviting friends - Earn chip as an hourly prize - Fast play- Ability to play and chat with real players - Thousands of giftchip money - Find friends, meet new friends - The system continuesto play automatically when one of the players leaves - Scoring -Voice on card throws
Super Okey (Online) 5.0 APK
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Okey is the most popular game in the world, carried your mobiledevice. Play anywhere you want.Super Okey game is an online tablegame. In Super Okey you can play with your own friends or otherokey players. Try this rummy mobile game, have fun with play cueand pieces.Features:- Large player pool- Phone and tablet support-Super playability okey- Instant messaging with other users
Super Chess (Online) 2.1 APK
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Challenge with people and friends real time on the chess board viaSuper Chess.Features:- Play chess with online users.- Sendinvitation to your own friends via SMS or E-mail to play chesslive.- Redirecting intived friends to the game automatically.-There are 6 grades as pawn, knight, bishop, rock, queen, king. Eachplayer starts the tournament with the lowest grade as pawn. Playerscan increase their grades via won games.- Game time and movementtime counters.- Create game options with white or black colorselections and editable time counters.- User friendly super GUI.
Super 121 1.5 APK
FBE Games
Super 121! It is a funny simple puzzle game. You will gain masteryto learn easily and solve puzzles with cleverness.In this addictivegame you simply place the pieces and make both horizontal andvertical lines on the screen and eliminate the lines, new areaswill be opened with the lines you have destroyed. Note that youlose if the screen is full with blocks.Show everybody who's thebest in blocks puzzle games.Fill in the screen the way you wantwithout having a time limit.
Super Spades 2.2 APK
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Super Spades brings you a real battle game experience with itsrenewed visuals and advanced artificial intelligence. Super Spadesawaits you on Google Play for your auctioned game experience. SuperSpades' Features:-Bid Choise-Select number of tricks,-Game speedsetting,-Trump info,-Sound effects,-Score chart-HD qualityinterface graphics
BabyFree - Wifi Baby Camera 1.2 APK
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You can evaluate your existing or old smartphones as babycamera.What you need to do is very simple; - Install theapplication onboth phones. - On one of your device, start theapplication as babycamera. - Start the application on your otherdevice as parentalcontrol unit. - Connect your two devices to thesame wirelessnetwork. If you don't have a wireless access point,activate thewireless network sharing feature on one of yourdevices. Make suresecond device is accessing to the first device. -The app willautomatically scan your wireless network and pair bothdevices.Features: Video and Audio Monitoring: You can watch yourbaby realtime by taking the application to video mode. Front/BackCameraSelection: If your device has more than one camera module,you canselect front or back camera you want to use from theparentalcontrol unit. Three Level Crying Alarm Mode: When you sleepatnight, you can choose the alarm mode instead of watching yourbabycontinuously. Thus, the noise in your baby room willbecontinuously measured and will be given an alarm to youwhennecessary. Baby Room Noise Chart: With the device you place asababy camera, the sound amplitude values ​​are regularlymeasuredand displayed on the parental control unit screen in agraphicalenvironment. Smart Warning System: An alarm will be issuedwhen thedevice battery is low or the wireless network isdisconnected.Internet Quota Saving: Both devices are communicatesover yourlocal wireless network and will not waste your internetquota.Wireless Network Sharing Support: Ability to pair devicesbyturning on a device's wireless network sharing feature forthosewho do not have a wireless access point.