1.0.6 / February 19, 2015
(3.7/5) (131)


Take advantage of Red Johnson's Chronicles at just 1,99 € : Anexceptional reduction of 60%! You play the role of Red Johnson, aprivate detective who is trying to find his place in the corruptedcity of Metropolis. You are taken on by the police who want you tosolve a murder with no corpse. Discover Metropolis, its uniqueatmosphere and get to know the rules quickly if you want tosurvive! It's up to you to look for clues, interrogate thewitnesses and put the evidence together in order to find theperpetrator.You'll also have to use your logic to solve thedifferent enigmas, and occasionally, you'll have to use your fists.- Solve various puzzles to advance through the game - Analyze theclues and use your logic to complete your investigationsuccessfully! - Know the right way to speak to witnesses and sortout the truth from the lies - An adventure game in a brutal worldwhere you'll need to learn how to fight! FOLLOW US! MICROIDS Ontwitter.com/microids_off On facebook.com/microids Onwww.microids.com/

App Information Red Johnson's Chronicles: Full

  • App Name
    Red Johnson's Chronicles: Full
  • 包名
  • 发布日期
    February 19, 2015
  • 文件大小
  • 系统要求
    Android 2.3 and up
  • 版本
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  • 开发者
    ANUMAN Interactive 57, RUE GASTON TESSIER CS 50061 75166 PARIS FRANCE
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