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STAX - Tab Style Icons 3.7
DrumDestroyer Themes
STAX takes adaptive icon design to new heights! Featuringslender,tab shaped icons with multi-level dimension enhancedlayeringeffects to really pop! Easy-to-use STAX app: • Auto-applyicon packto most popular launchers • Apply (or save) a hugeassortment ofexclusive wallpapers • Easily replace icons withbuilt-in iconsearch including category support • One-tap to requestanynon-themed icons to be themed • Option to Donate/tip :) STAXICONPACK • Pixel perfect, ultra crisp adaptive icon style design•Uniform stock color palette with layering effects • Systemicondesigns unique to your own device: Moto, Pixel, Samsung, HTC,Asus,LG and more! Switch to whatever you like • Use with yourfavoritelauncher, built-in support for all popular launcherspossible •Dynamic calendar support (icon changes each day) •Android Piesettings shortcut styles • Alternate icon styles andcolors • Sendany icon requests to complete your look • Premium iconrequestsavailable soon, follow me for schedule and info Even more!•Includes over 150+ wallpapers to choose from! • Includesadditionalmatching HD clock widget • Built-in Muzei Live Wallpapersupport •Constant updates with lots of new highest quality iconrequests Protips: - Auto apply to supported launchers, open STAXapp - Menu -Apply - Choose launcher - Send an icon request, openSTAX app -Menu - Icon Request - Tap to Send request - Forwallpaper, openSTAX app - Menu - Wallpapers - Apply. New wallpapersaddedfrequently. - Search or find an alternate icon: 1. Long pressiconto replace on homescreen - Icon options - Edit - Tap icon -SelectSTAX - Press arrow on top right to open icons 2. Swipe toaccessdifferent categories or use search bar to find alternateicon, tapto replace, done! Over 30+ launchers supported: - Nova,GO, Sony,Mini, Holo, L, Apex, Action Launcher 3, Arrow, Atom,Aviate,Cyanogen, Epic, EverythingMe, Hola, Inspire, KK, Lucid,Nemus,Next, Nine, Smart, Solo, TSF, Themer, LG Home, CM ThemeEngine, ZenUI, Evie Unicon and XGELS - Other launchers can simplyapply fromyour launcher settings Contact DrumDestroyer Themes JoinourDiscord server to leave suggestions, help or sayhello: Twitter: @drumdestroyer Thank youforyour support!
Jacto InfoGuide 2.8.8
With the intent of always helping customers in the bestway,Jactohas developed the Jacto InfoGuide for its netusers.Besidescontent about machine training programs whichenablecustomers toacquire knowledge and information wherever theyare,the App alsoprovides a wide range of materials and tools suchascatalogs,manuals, videos and technical notices that helpcustomerscarry outtheir daily working activities. Jacto InfoGuidemainfunction –offline access, provided contents are downloadedinmobile phones –make information available at any time withouttheneed of mobileor internet signal. To access the contents,contactJacto TrainingDepartment at so youcanregister and havean access key generated. Please be advisedthatthe App is meantfor Jacto resellers and customers. Otherprofilesrequire exclusiveapproval by Jacto team. It is informationin thepalm of your handin a quick, practical and dynamic way.