Top 48 Games Similar to The Stickman Wizard

Gatecrasher 1.3
Gatecrasher is a game. As a player of this game you will controlaship. You will have two buttons; one button to rotate yourshipclockwise, and another to rotate your ship the direction thatisn'tclockwise. You must navigate your ship through gates,withoutcrashing into them. I realise while writing this that thename ofthe game may be misleading, as the objective of the game isto notcrash into the gates. I apologise for this, and thoseresponsiblehave been fired.
Jelly Inc. 1.4.1
Welcome to Jelly Inc., an easy to learn but hard to master onetouchendless running game. Simply touch the screen to jump anddodgevarious traps like saws, moving saws and tasers. Jump overacidcontainers and avoid missile shooting robots, but watch out: Amadscientist is after you! Play one of many unlockable jellies andtryto survive as many randomly strung together floors. Collectin-gamecoins to unlock new jellies in this free endless runninggame. Tryto complete all 50 in-game challenges to unlock allachievements!With its easy one touch controls, this free endlessrunner game caneasily played with one hand. Jelly Inc. is veryhard and may be veryfrustrating. You've been warned! :) ⭐FEATURES****************************************************** ✓Collectand use mighty and funny power ups ✓ Pixel art graphics ✓Simpleone touch controls ✓ Play with one hand ✓ Easy to learn ✓Hard tomaster ✓ Many achievements ✓ Leaderboards - Compare yourhighscorewith your friends ✓ 50 Challenges ✓ Unlockable additionalJellies ✓Comprehensive in-game statistics ⭐ IN-APPPURCHASES****************************************************** ✓No ADs -remove ADs from the game. ✓ Coin Doubler - Every collectedcoincounts twice its value. ✓ 2000 Coins - Unlock additionaljelliesand buy continues with in-game coins ✓ 5000 Coins -Unlockadditional jellies and buy continues with in-game coins NOpay towin. ⭐ ARE YOU A FAN OF JELLYINC.?****************************************************** Becomeapart of the community: ♥ Twitter♥Facebook ♥Instagram ♥YouTube ⭐ABOUTTHEDEVELOPER******************************************************This freegame was developed in spare time by a single developer.I’d love tohear what you think about Jelly Inc.
Fire Patrol 1.1.5
Alert! The city is in danger! The building is on fire. Whowillextinguish the fire? Of course, Hippo and fire patrol are readyforthis! Don’t panic, rescuers are on their way! This time, afunnygame Hippo Fire Patrol is added to the free family gamessection.Everybody likes cartoons about firefighters and rescueworkers. Nowwe have an opportunity not only watch cartoon, but tryinterestingadventures with our favorite characters. To extinguishthe fire isnot as easy as it may seem. This is not a cartoon, whereeverythinghappens on its’ own. Today, Hippo and fire patrol arewaiting foryour help. You need to get to the building on fire assoon aspossible and get some water on your way. Control the truck,avoidobstacles, so that rescuers could arrive right on time.Havingarrived to the place, start rescuing people from a buildingon fireand extinguish the fire. Remember, it is not a cartoon. Adisasterwill happen without your aid. Try our new game from thefree familygames series. Hippo and fire patrol is waiting for you!Playtogether with your family members! Have positive emotionstogetherwith your kid. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free gameswillalways make you and your kids happy!
Dominos Game * Best Dominoes 1.0.17
Dominoes is loved all over the world. This FREE puzzle Dominosgameis soon to be by far the most played FREE game ever. So, itispretty simple. If you like Dominoes, then you must definitelyplaythis insanely addictive BEST Domino Game app developed foryou!Improve your strategic skills with the BEST Game! Here, youwillfind the three most played versions of this game: • All Fives(alsoknown as muggins) • Draw Dominoes • Block Dominoes PlayingDominosgame requires, if you want to win most times, of course, alot ofskill and some good luck. So, go ahead and have lots of funplayingthis unique game. Your goal is to achieve a certain score towinthe game. In order to get the pieces (or tiles, or bones)together,the number of pips at the end of each of the tiles mustmatch. Itis that simple. Go ahead, look no further. Start playingthe bestdomino game right now. YOU will LOVE it. SPECIAL FEATURES •3Dominoes versions: Play Classic Dominos, All Fives/ Draw orBlock.• Table customization: Choose your favorite background,choose yourscore. The higher the score the more the chances to win.•Difficulty level: Improve your performance. Game Auto adjusts.Themore you play, the better you become and the more tricks youlearn.• Opponent Strategy: Challenge yourself with the computeropponent,that knows how to play, and beat him. • Beautiful design:Play,relax and take it easy! • Detailed results & scores: Trackyourperformances of Domino games and show how good and smart youare.Do you recall your childhood? INSTALL FREE DOMINOES GAMENOW!Sharpen your mind! Have tons of fun! Enjoy yourself afantasticmatch with all-time Classic Dominos Game! Download the #1Dominosgame and start playing anytime, anywhere! We work hard tomake sureyou’ll get the best experience with regular and continuousupdates.Do remember to rate us. It makes us happy to keep providingyouwith even better and extraordinary experiences.
Slots - Pharaoh's Fire 3.12.1
Cervo Media
Fun, excitement, entertainment! The legend continues... ••• Slots-Pharaoh's Fire ••• is here!• Close to 20 million playersareenjoying the ever growing Slots - Pharaoh's Way. Now get readyforour next big thing: Welcome to the best multi-slots game evermadefor your Android device: ••• Slots - Pharaoh's Fire ••••Theseslots play just like a dream - easy to understand, bigwins,amazing bonuses. Join the Pharaoh on his breathtaking journey.Playlike a true winner, win like a true emperor!• Experiencefeaturesnever seen before: The "Moon Bonus" reflects the moonphases atyour place of residence and grants bonuses according tothe moonphase! Incredible! Collect relics and view them in the newandamazing "Relic room". You will have a blast!DOWNLOAD NOW! YOUWILLLOVE SLOTS - PHARAOH'S FIRE!Features:- Discover incrediblegames:25 lines, 50 lines, 100 lines and many more. WOW! And weconstantlyadd more games!- Amazing bonuses and game design bycasinoprofessionals- Beautiful graphics, premium presentationandauthentic sounds- Easy to play with multipleconvenientfeatures:> Fast reel stop> Individual reel stop>Autoplay> Double up/Gamble (50:50 and 75:25)!••• Slots -Pharaoh'sFire ••• is THE new premium slot experience for yourAndroiddevice.--> Please note:• This app is for entertainmentpurposesonly!• No real money or any other real world goods and/orservicescan be won in this game!This game uses virtual unitscalled"Credits" to play the game. You can purchaseadditionalcredit-packs for real money via the "Buy" popup. Thesecreditsbought or won cannot be changed back to real money andcashed out,transferred, redeemed or collected in any other way orchanged backto any other real world goods and/or services. Oncepurchased orwon, the credits can only be used to play this game.•This app doesnot reflect the actual game play of any casino-,online- or otherelectronic gaming machine. The payout percentages,odds, payoutmethods and other features on our for-fun,entertainment only slotsare higher/better/different than slotmachines in regular/onlinecasinos. You should not expect similarresults!• The developer ofthis app takes no responsibility orliability with regards to thelegal requirements to use this app inthe relevant jurisdiction theplayer is resident and plays the game,and therefore the use ofthis app is the sole responsibility of theplayer.• The playeragrees that he/she will comply fully with allapplicable laws,regulations, statutes and ordinances which areapplicable to usethis app.• Only play this game if you have reachedthe respectivelegal age required in your country of residence. Ifso, playresponsibly!
com.cervomedia.spw 8.0.3
••• Play the best multi - slot casino experience for free today!•••Fun, excitement and casino entertainment! Welcome to Slots-Pharaoh's Way! These popular casino slots play just like a dream-easy to understand, big wins, amazing bonuses inside theonlinecasino! Gorgeous slots graphics, smooth animations,fantasticbonuses and atmospherical sounds guarantee a premiumonline casinoslot experience. DOWNLOAD NOW! YOU WILL LOVE SLOTS -PHARAOH'S WAY!Features of Slots Pharaoh's Way: ✓ The first multislot experiencewith REALLY GOOD SLOTS! ✓ Discover incredible games:5 reels - 4symbols, 3 reels - 3 symbols, 25 lines, 50 lines, 10lines,consecutive symbols, 243 win-ways and many more - All in all,20slots are available now! WOW! And we constantly add more content!✓State of the art math/game design by casino professionals ✓ Easytoplay with multiple convenient features: • Fast reel stop•Individual reel stop • Auto play ✓ Discover amazing bonuses!✓Gorgeous presentation/authentic sounds! ✓ Double up/Gamble(50:50and 75:25)! ✓ Slots - Pharaoh's Way is THE premium slotexperiencefor Android --> Please note: • This app is forentertainmentpurposes only! • No real money or any other real worldgoods and/orservices can be won in this game! This game usesvirtual unitscalled "Credits" to play the game. You can purchaseadditionalcredit-packs for real money via the "Buy" popup. Thesecreditsbought or won cannot be changed back to real money andcashed out,transferred, redeemed or collected in any other way orchanged backto any other real world goods and/or services. Oncepurchased orwon, the credits can only be used to play this game. •This appdoes not reflect the actual game play of any casino-,online- orother electronic gaming machine. The payout percentages,odds,payout methods and other features on our for-fun,entertainmentonly slots are higher/better/different than slotmachines inregular/online casinos. You should not expect similarresults! •The developer of this app takes no responsibility orliability withregards to the legal requirements to use this app inthe relevantjurisdiction the player is resident and plays the game,andtherefore the use of this app is the sole responsibility oftheplayer. • The player agrees that he/she will comply fully withallapplicable laws, regulations, statutes and ordinances whichareapplicable to use this app. • Only play this game if youhavereached the respective legal age required in your countryofresidence. If so, play responsibly!
Solitaire like you’ve never played before! Crown Solitaire is anallnew strategy based version of the classic Solitaire game. Putyourbrain to the test with this Solitaire puzzle game! From themakersof the #1 Solitaire game for Android devices, MobilityWarehasdelivered a new Solitaire concept, sure to give even themostexperienced Klondike player a new challenge! The objectiveissimple: clear the cards off the table by tapping on a card thatisone value higher or lower than the current card in play. It’sjustlike TriPeaks Solitaire, except in Crown Solitaire, all thecardsare face-up! Think of Crown Solitaire as the perfectcombinationbetween TriPeaks and FreeCell. Crown Solitaire byMobilityWare isone of the best fun free games! If you’ve everplayed KlondikeSolitaire, Patience Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, orTriPeaksSolitaire, you’ll love the new twist that Crown Solitairebrings tothe original Klondike Solitaire game!
Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures 1.05
Super Adventure : Jungle Adventures is classic retro platformgamestyle. This game bring back memories of old school arcadegameswith numerous adventure. World of this game contains welldesignedlevels, various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nicegraphics andsoothing music and sounds.On beautiful sunny day Tedand hisgirlfriend were eating apples together and enjoying lifeandsuddenly "Evil Dinosaur Monster" appeared from deep jungle outofno where. That evil moster captured Ted's girlfriend and ranawayin deep jungle world. Ted is on Super Adventure to rescuehisgirlfriend by defeating Dinosaur Monster and teach him alesson.Tobring Ted's girlfriend back he needs your help. Run andjumpthrough the deep jungle adventures, avoid traps, clear allenemiesin your way and defeat all bosses. Super Adventure :JungleAdventures will give you classic feel throughout the gamewith sidescrolling view.Super Adventures : Jungle AdventuresFeatures:+Beautiful high-resolution graphics + Awesome gameplaysimilar toretro classic game+ Easy and intuitive controls withon-screenretro controller+ Hidden bonus bricks and blocks withstrawberry,flower and shield+ Destroyable bricks, blocks and movingplatform+Hidden bonus levels with lots of classic and moderncoins+Additional collectibles, coins, shields and more+7 beautifulworldswith 140 well designed levels+ Underground and water worlds,swim,jump and run+ Over 20 enemies and obstacles+ 12 boss fights:angryscorpio, spider, big bee and golem+ Store with additionalitems andrewards: unlock worlds before finish other worlds+ Unlockfreecoins, buy items to make mike and max stronger+ Classicretroplatform game style+ Suitable for all agesHow to playSuperAdventures : Jungle Adventure :+ Eat mushroom and flower tobecomestronger and defeat all monsters.+ Tap Left / Right to move.+Jumpto crash the enemy.+ Eat flower to shoot enemy.+ Collect allcoinsand bonus items to get more points and buy additional itemsinstore.Download Super Adventures : Jungle Adventures now! It isafun game super adventures for every one!Enjoy yourchildhoodmemories now!
Twilight Jump 0.1
Simple, yet very challenging game. Your only job is to jumponacorrect platform. Can you do that? But be careful, itisveryaddictive. Good luck and have fun! And remember it isnotyourphone's fault if you lose!
Fishing for Kids 1.0.40
Exciting baby game "Baby Fishing" is a favorite pastime for kidsandfor older children.In this game you have to go on a fishingtrip.The goal of the game for baby is simple - you need to catchas manyfish and collect the required number of points to pass thelevel.For each caught a fish you'll get points. But if you arecaught on ahook shoe tin or a dangerous predator - the points willbereducedUnusual and colorful fish attract the attention ofchildrenand do not leave you indifferent, and the fisherman - thecat willlove the children. Playing children's games , a child funhold time,because all the games for child are illustrated withcolorfulpictures, with a pleasant and fun music. Also, children'sgame willhelp in the development of such skills in children asattentiveness,memory, concentration. A good mood - is the key tosuccessfuldevelopment.Starting from an early age the childactively learns theworld, exploring everything that happensaround. Therefore,educational games for children at the forefrontof a child's life.Educational children’s games"Baby fish" broadenrepresentation babyabout the world, teach the baby to observe andhighlight theproperties and attributes of objects, such as size,shape, color, todistinguish them, as well as to establish therelationship betweenthem. Developing baby games fix children'sknowledge of thesurrounding environment, forming thoughtprocesses. Playingdeveloping children's games, the child willenjoy its results andachievements. Educational baby games can helpkids have fun and havefun, and at the same time will be anindispensable tool in thedevelopment and education of the child.Games from “YOVO Games” willhelp him to become observant,attentive, smart. Educational gamesfor children to developattention and memory, can help you with yourchild fun and to spendyour spare time!Kids fishing - fun game.Babyfishing - excitinggame.Children fishing - your baby will have agood mood.Visit usat: Site: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Ball Run 2.0
Touch the screen to rotate the arrows so that the ball colorofthesame color blocks (stay on road) How far you can go?Howmanypoints can you get? Try play game game and get thehighestscore .Touch the screen to rotate the arrows so that theball colorof thesame color blocks (stay on road). Just tap onscreen at therighttime to get perfect points. Very Fun! Game foreverybody!
Shoot Can Knockdown Timekiller 3.4.1
Evgeny Onyanov
Shoot Can is the great time killer game where you have to shootcanand do not let it to fall! Unlock all the achievements(Upgradeyour account very easy) ! Shoot can as long as you can. Bethefirst on the leaderboard! Are you good shooter? How high canyouraise it? Shoot Can is the best of all time killer games!Clicklike g+1 and tell your friends. Features: 1. Ease gameplay 2.Cleanand simple interface 3. Unobtrusive and pleasant music 4.Fewleaderboards and many achievments 5. Real physics due toUnity3dEngine
Galarika 1.19
Far far away on the very edge of the Carina Nebula, thefamousspacechallenge Galarika was about to start. Top 10 of thefastestheroescame together to enjoy the most crazy track of thegalaxyfull ofdangerous monsters and mysterious artifacts. Provethat youare thebest. Win the Title "Master of Maneuver" andovercomepreviousrecords. KEY FEATURES: ★ PLAY WITH BENEFITS - thegame isnot just apleasant pastime, but also it's a useful way toimproveyourreaction and focus thinking. ★ FLY, DODGE AND DON'T GIVEUP -flythrough as far as you can with only one life.BecomeInvulnerable. ★COLLECT THE DREAM TEAM - unlock all thecharactersand try them outin action. ★ PICK UP MYSTERIOUS ARTIFACTS- grabbonuses and makeyour play even more exciting. ★ DOZENS OFENEMIES- find the besttactics for each enemy, knowledge is power.★INTERNET NOT NEEDED -play anywhere and anytime, noconnectionrequired. ★ PLAY WITHOUTADVERTISING AND PAYWALL - thereare nointerrupting banners andforcing to buy "Pile of Gems". Allgamecontent available for free.LIKE US:
com.spungegames.failybrakes 14.0
The title of the game says it all! While cruising throughthemountains, car enthusiast Phil Faily suddenly experiencesacomplete brake failure, plunging him over the edge of asteepembankment. In this physics based driving and crashing gameyoumust maneuver an endless mountainside dodging hazardousterrainsuch as trees, rocks, traffic and trains resulting in somefun andhilarious near misses and crashes. FEATURES • NAVIGATEdownhill asfar as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way •AVOID trees,rocks, creeks, traffic and trains • DESTROY obstacleswith yourshield • COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique vehicles• SHAREyour epic crashes in 360º, slow-motion and share with yourfriends• ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun! *PermissionsDetails * Faily Brakes will require access to photos,media andfiles on your device. This is only used to cache theadvertising ingame and to allow the sharing of custom screenshotstaken in game.
Videogame Guardians 1.8.3
Super Planet
★ Heart Blowing BIG Update [Demon World] ★ Finally.. GuardiansgotNew Pets!? Cute appearance with Amazing Buff, World's cutestPowerup project begins! [POINTS to Note] ●When Demon Egg hatches,Demonresembling the Guardians is born! ●Demon buffs the Guardianitresembles! ●Demon can grow up to 5 Stars..! When it reaches5Stars, its appearance evolves too! ●At 5 Stars, Demonaccuqires[Demon Only Skill].. This is SUPEERR power..! ●DemonDungeon Open!Get new Demon Eggs & DNA pieces to raise Demons!●ClearDungeons with your own Strategy! Complete the missions formorerewards! ●Do not miss the various rewards and awesomepresents!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------★BIG~!!UPDATE [Guardian's Creed: Gray Flag]★ ▶Salty StrategicBattle on thePirate Ship! ▶Strategically Organize Your Own PirateCrew! OnlyStronger Pirate can Loot Bigger Treasures!! ▶Travel theWorld Mapwhere Enemies Grow Stronger, Defeat the 20 Enemies Maxand becomePirate King!! ▶Don't Fear the Defeat, You can RiseAgain!! Pirate'sSail towards the Gold Never Stops!! "Discover allthe SunkenTreasures, Set a Sail to Become PirateKing!!"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Haveyou ever imagined? There might be someone in the video gameswhoprepares all fun stuff?” Right! That’s our Secret Agents!Guardiansof the Video Game! Prepare all the necessities forgameplay byyourself! We Want You! Are you ready to become aGuardian ?!! Let'ssee who can escort our Hero to the furtheststage! ■ Fun Features 1.Automatic combat system! Idle RPG~! - 24/7full-time workers, alwaysworking even when you are logged out2.Defeat your enemies!! GLOBALPVP! - PVP World Series~ Test yourskills by competing against usersfrom around the world! 3.Real-time blockbuster Boss Raid! Bring iton! Boss!!! - Gather allthe parties! We are taking down the bosstogether! Let’s go,guys~!! 4. Let's climb the Pyramid! - The higheryou go , thegreater the rewards you will get! Can't stop climbing!5. The wayto become stronger;clear Dungeons! - Obtain powerfulitems,including Armors and Dragon Sword from the classic-gameDungeons!6. We are now recruiting new members! -Recruit! Train!Promote!!Get stronger LIMITLESS ! 7.Immortal Hero - If the Hero isat risk ,our best friend the “Carrier Pigeon” will rescue and bringhim 2stages back. 8. Hidden classic game parodies - Nostalgicretroclassic games are hidden all over the place~![Community][Support]
Scrambler – Classic 80s Arcade Game 1.94
Push your skills to the edge with this free retro arcadegameScrambler. It’s an old-school, game room style sidescrollingshooter game where you navigate your ship through 6differentstages packed with menacing enemies, on the way to thefinal EnemyBase. Then destroy the Base to receive your mission’sstats &prepare for the next exciting level! You can playoffline: no WiFi/ no internet required – you will just miss out onRewarded Videosoffers. NEW FEATURE - Quickly save your games - foron-the-gogaming – continue whenever you want to KEY FEATURES -Classicarcade coin-op experience; graphics, sounds, gameplay –everythingis there! - Two touchscreen player control methods, plusBluetoothGamepad Controller support - Free lives at unlimited scorepoints,continues offered, local & global high score tables -GooglePlay Games: Global Leaderboards & 24 Achievements -100%playable without in-app purchases! - Technically brilliantforAndroid; 60 FPS, responsive touchscreen, small APK / load time-Top up your fuel by shooting fuel tanks! Tip: Download to alargetablet and sit back with a Bluetooth wireless gamepad! GAMEINFOPause/Quit: Use your device’s Back ButtonHi-Scores/Leaderboards:Two types: 1: Local to your device: Seen inattract/demo mode 2:Global: Google Play Games: Sign-in/view frompre-game optionsNovice Mode (Easier): Auto set ON at install, &auto turns OFFforever when you’re familiar with the controlsDifficulty “Normal:Android Mode”: Terrain Avoidance System helps tostop you crashinginto the ground Easier Stage 5 (Maze) map Nolosing lives on thefinal End Base stage Difficulty “Brutal: GamePada must!”: None ofthe above! Tip: Use a Bluetooth ControllerGamePad! PLAYER CONTROLTIPS Tip 1: Learn to quickly lift your leftthumb & then touchagain to “reset” the distance between yourthumb & ship. E.g.push your ship forward then lift + retouchbehind & above tofly near the ground, etc. Tip 2: You can veryquickly fire bothyour Lasers + Bombs by sliding your right thumb up& down overthe buttons. You don’t need to lift your thumb(& both buttonsare auto-fire). PERMISSIONS EXPLAINED Note:Since Scrambler is freeto play, it is supported by (optional) VideoAds, & helped byAnalytics. Read/modify/delete contents of SDcard / USB storage:Your SD card is only used for Video ads, whichare cached to avoiddelays/stuttering with playback. Scrambler doesNOT access anyother data. View network connections / Full networkaccess: VideoAds & Analytics need access to the internet tofunction. - Sendbugs or suggestions to - Youare allowed (andencouraged!) to put footage of Scrambler on YouTubeor any otherwebsite ***This game is an unofficial clone of an oldoriginal gameand is not endorsed by the registered trademark andcopyrightowners.
Bingo Adventure - World Tour 2.1.8
Elestorm Casino
Bingo Adventure is the newest Classic & Special Bingo Gamewith8 CARD VERSION! Here is the best game experience with thehighestchance to get bingo! Best features, exciting challenges,realtimemultiplayer and continuously updated make it no wonder abestchoice to play fun! Wanna get more bingos? Wanna be more fun?Justplay Bingo Adventure! Game Features: ★ Realtime multiplayer!Playagainst other players and win top BINGOS! ★ 8 Cards Opened!Winningmore tickets & Level Up faster! ★ Chasing Tournament:each roomhas a chasing game. Play in chasing game and win moretournamentscores to win big bonus! ★ Crazy game play, really a kindof blitz!★ 500 Tickets & 10 Golden Tickets & 30 PowerUpsjust giveyou to start out! ★ A big map to travel ALL OVER THEWORLD! Enjoythe adventure trip! ★ Every day you log in you will geta bonusgift of 150+ Tickets & 10+ Golden Tickets & 2+Powerups –you don’t want to miss a day! ★ Level up & finishpuzzles toincrease your daily bonus! Keep playing and win more! ★Each roomhas several puzzles to collect. Collect them all to winbig bonus!★ 7 types of power-ups let you get rewards and have ahigher chanceof winning! ★ Play in 30+ different Bingo game themes.We will berolling out more rooms all the time! If you love bingoand want totry a new one, Bingo Adventure is the best choice. Justhave a restout from Bingo Blitz & Bingo Bash, here has the samegame playand better graphics! Just have a rest out from BingoShowdown, herehas a better Chasing Tournament! Come experience thefantastic NEWBINGO game, we will not let you down! Don't Wait anddownload now,a new Bingo World is waiting for you! Have questionsor suggestionsabout Bingo Adventure - World Tour? Email yourquestions Thank you for playing andhave awonderful bingo trip!
Real Sea Battle 2.4
The real arcade machine “Battleship” Download one of the mosticonicarcade machines Battleshipinto your phoneand dive into thewarm lamphouse atmosphere of real game of that time. Carefullychosen colorsand unique design will not leave all the fans of thisbeautifulgameindifferent. We not onlyrecreated theslot machineofthattime,but alsobrought alot of new thingsto createamoreinterestinggame.You willnot onlysee the all toofamiliarclassic gamein whichyoumustdestroytenshipsusingonetorpedoforeach ship, but also arealcareerwith a hugerangeof different missions. Take the pathfroma simplesailor, tothe marshal. Destroythe enemyonminefieldsandthe North Pole. Savetheoil platforms fromterrorists, tankers andcontainer shipsfrompirates, interceptconvoysand showtruesniper skillsto completeallmissions andbringyoursubmarineto victory. Gamefeatures: -Uniquegraphicdesign; -Maximumclosetotheoriginal; - Morethan 10typesofdifferentmissions; -Day and night missions; - Varioussurrounding atmosphere;
Circle 1.5.1
Make the circle jump and avoid hitting the line!What is yourbestscore?
com.spilgames.UphillRush 3.28.8
Spil Games
Get ready for some extreme waterslide action in the world’scraziestwater park racing simulator! 🌊 NOW WITH A MULTIPLAYERMODE! 🌊 Try itfor free today! How long can you surf while youperform crazystunts, flips, and slide through everything in yourpath? Masteryour surfing skills and bounce through roller coasterstylecorkscrews, loops, and more! Will you dare to try someseriouslyinsane racing tracks? This is more than just fun in thesun in anamusement park. Do you have the skills to make it to thefinish lineand not wipe out? Test yourself with an epic andthrilling ride now!TAKE IT TO THE MAX! Take the fun to anotherlevel! You'll flip overour most thrilling water slide game whenyou choose from tons of rad“boards” like bathtubs, sharks, or jetskis, each with their ownunique specs. CHALLENGE your friends inthe new multiplayer mode!CLIMB UP the leader board. Set up surfingraces, beat records, andbecome a surfing master. UNLOCK coolupgrades, and use power-ups togive yourself an extreme boost!CREATE your own amusement parklevels that can be played by yourfriends and other players fromaround the world. They will rateyour levels and help you climb tothe top of the leader board. Ofcourse, you can just play otherplayers' levels too. Tons of newones will be added daily! JOIN thegreatest surfboard masters.SUPER FUN FEATURES: • An amazing, newcruise ship world that willmake you flip! • Conquer the world’smost dangerous attractions andtry not to wipe out. • Experienceextreme water park surfingthrills. • Perform mind-blowing stuntswhile trying not to flipover. • Choose from 20+ rides, and manydifferent characters andoutfits. • Master all levels in Level Mode.• Survive as long asyou can in Endless Mode. Test your surfingskills, slide, and trynot to wipe out for as long as you can. •Create your own amusementpark content in the level editor. • Tonsof new levels are addedevery day by the community. • Discoverhidden diamonds and unlockpower-ups. • Conquer the globalleaderboard. • Play anytime andanywhere. No Wi-Fi needed! Will youwipe out or will you proveyourself to be a water park pro? Jump ona board and find outtoday! PRIVACYPOLICY TERMS OFUSE
Bulb in plug - aims 12.1
Imesta Inc.
Bulb in plug - aims This game is a total boredom killing app, asthename suggest the main theme of this game is to plug the bulb -aims,there are so many interesting and challenging level that youcan tryit out. In this game there will be a socket in which thebulb needto be plug, it's not that simple as there will be morechallenges asyou complete the levels. There will be many bonuslevel that willenhance your playing experience. There will bebonus level like:- 1)train, helicopter, ballons, drone, bumpercar, spider, boomerang,aeroblade, fan etc... The game containstotal 50 levels, thefollowing are the features of this game:- 1Simple and easy gamewith best graphics. 2 Store available to buyextra chips. 3 Properguide for the first play levels. 4 Smoothfunctioning without anylag. 5 Just need to swipe the bulb to plugthe bulb. 6 Player canchange the color of the bulb with simpletap. 7 Various bonus levelsare included to earn extra chips. 8Player can buy up the bulbs withthe chips they earn. Give yourbrain a kicks of refreshment by thisgame, and have a beautifulexperience with this game. Also show ussome love by rating andreviews based upon your experience.
Mickey Mouse for Catching Eggs- Game and Watch 1.01
Mickey Mouse for catching eggs Instruction: - Two game levelsforyou to play- Game A and Game B buttons can be selected- Timebuttonis for Pause - Mute button is for Mute- Exit button is forExitHowto play:- There are left top, left bottom, right top, rightbottom,four buttons- Eggs are sliding down from the four corners-Pleasemove the four buttons to catch the eggsInstructions andsoundeffects, such as a liquid crystal display, was reproducedtheatmosphere of the good old electronic games.Please enjoy theworldof electronic games.
Angry Birds Space HD 2.2.14
The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space!Playover300interstellar levels across 10 planets – includingourveryownSolar System! Whether it’s the icy orbs of ColdCuts,thevolcanicexplosiveness of Red Planet, Utopia – aplanetmadeentirely ofjunk food, or even our own Solar System,eachepisodeoffersintergalactic fun at every turn! Andthelow-gravityenvironment ofspace results in spectaculargameplayranging fromslow-motionpuzzles to lightspeed destruction.Withbrand new birds,specialabilities, and a whole galaxy toexplore,the sky is nolonger thelimit! ----- “Intergalacticphenomenon worthevery penny”–AppCraver “Takes the fundamentalphysics-basedflinging oftheoriginal and turns it on its head...It'ssatisfying,yetcompletely familiar, and is heaps ofpig-smashingfun.” –Gamespot“Anyone burnt out on vanilla birdflinging willenjoy thegame'sout-of-this-world adventure.” -- IGN----- - Over300interstellarlevels! - New playable characters! -Uniquespecialabilities foreach bird! - Zero-gravity spaceadventures! -Trickshots usingplanets’ gravity! - Hidden bonuslevels! -Beautifullydetailedbackgrounds! - Daily Missions! -----Join theglobalphenomenon asit goes galactic! Become a fan of AngryBirdsonFacebook: FollowusonTwitter:http://twitter.angrybirds.comTermsofUse: application mayrequireinternetconnectivity and subsequent datatransfer chargesmayapply.Important Message for Parents This gamemay include: -Directlinksto social networking websites that areintended foranaudienceover the age of 13. - Direct links to theinternet thatcantakeplayers away from the game with the potentialto browseanywebpage. - Advertising of Rovio products and alsoproductsfromselectpartners. - The option to make in-app purchases.Thebillpayershould always be consulted beforehand.
Adventure Escape: Murder Manor
Haiku Games
Can you solve the murder and escape? Detective Kate Grey isinvitedto the famous Wickham Manor when her car breaks downoutside. Sheis shocked to witness a murder occur before evendessert is served.Join hundreds of thousands of happy AdventureEscape players andsee if you can crack the case and escape! Playthis premium escapegame! - Beautiful graphics bring the luxuriousbut creepy Manor tolife - Complete 9 chapters - all FREE - eachwith unique escapechallenges! - Gather tools and items to aid inyour escape! -Discover the mystery of the manor. Can who is themurderer? Andwhy? - Hilarious story with memorable characters likeFontana, whois convinced she can see the future! - Solve deviouspuzzles andriddles! - Find hidden objects that help you break free!- It’sfree! No registration, no hassles, just download and play.Discoverthe secrets of luxurious yet mysterious Wickham Manor. Willmoreguests be murdered? Will you be able to solve the case andescapebefore it is too late? Like uson!
Stickman Archer 2 2.3.1
Stickman Indie
Second part game Stickman Archer. Destroy enemies and stayalive!!Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag and drop yourfingerfor targeting and firing. Simulator shooting with bow. Theenemy iskilled by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso, anarm or aleg. Play with people in Multiplayer mode!!! Features: -gamemodes: - single - multiplayer - shoot to apple on head stickman-shoot to bottles - hero skins - bow skins - arrow skins Have agoodgame!
King Tongue 1.2.0
BANANABUNGA!!! Since the BANANA KING declared war on themonkeys,thousands of bananas ARMED TO THE TEETH have come from allover toattack with everything they’ve got! BUT IT’S PAYBACK TIME!You’reKING TONGUE, lord of the monkeys, a gorilla among capuchins,andyou’re going to make these bananas go monkeys! You’ve only gotoneweapon against the high-tech military hordes waiting tostrike:your TONGUE! It might not seem like much, but... it’s arealGRAPNEL! No mercy for bananas! You’re public enemy #1inBananaland! And one thing is for certain: you’ll give noquarter...Features • King Tongue is an old-school arcade game whereyou usejumps and combo sequences to try and get the highest score!• Yourtongue is one of a kind in the animal kingdom! Thisone-buttongrappling hook lets you hang, swing, and throw yourselfto and frowith an ease rarely seen with a single finger! • Take onthe wavesof bananasoldiers, each with more improbable weapons thanthe last(bananazookas, bananacopters, superbananas, and more)! It’sup toyou to find and exploit their weaknesses... • There are40magnificent and peaceful (before you got there, anyway) arenas in4worlds for you to drool over (and to make you suffer)! • Unlocknewmonkeys! What’s after King Tongue? You can play with PingThongue,Hong Tongue and Queen Tongue! In addition to having theirownstyle, each primate has a different specialty! • The holy grailofthis very lofty quest: an infinite mode to show who’s boss! Thisiswhere you want to score! Who’s the King of the kings!? • Thegameis 100% playable offline, so you can play it wherever andwheneveryou want.
Stickman War Machine 1.1.0
Become an awesome destroyer of robots. Help stickman save aworld.Simulator of war machine. Old games are rocks. Fight withdangerousenemy in stickman mech warriors MAIN FEATURES:• Battlewith warmachine against 50 levels• Playable offline• Small downloadsize•Smart AI to fight against Game is completely FREE!!!
Can You Escape 2.1.0
The purpose of this game is to break out of the rooms. Solvethepuzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use intherooms in order to advance to the next floor. Challenge yourselfinthis fun, addictive, free and popular puzzle game. 12challengingrooms available at the moment! ↗ Smartphone puzzles! ↗Addictingmini puzzles! ↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themedrooms! ↗Constant updates of New Rooms! ↗ it’s FREE! Can You Escape2available now!
Fluffy Fall: Fly Fast to Dodge the Danger! 1.2.26
WHAT (games)
Dash headlong into an astonishingly fun (and incredibly cute)3Dendless-run adventure! Take on level after level as you flyyourcuddly Fluffy through danger with just a finger. Dodge ablaze,snake around ice, go rolling past lasers and escape othercrazyhazards that block your way. The road is full of pitfalls, butit’ssure to pull you in. Features: • Amazing 3D animationmeetsaccessible gameplay that’s popular with kids, but still hasenoughfast arcade action to give anyone a rush. • Dodgescreen-blurringice blocks, escape flames and blaze past loads ofother dangersthat can harm your adorable Fluffy. • Collect Gold tounlock morethan 60 cool Fluffies and find the cute little puff thatsuits youthe best. The perfect game for rolling out to kids (yetstill superaddicting to adults) who enjoy the popular endless-rungameplaystyle and fastaction!_____________________________________________ Visit Follow us on:Facebook: This appallows youto purchase virtual items within the app and maycontainthird-party advertisements that may redirect you to athird-partysite. End-User License Agreement: Terms of Use:
Mail Boy Adventure 1.07.0
Mail Boy begins his journey and adventure through an amazingworlds.You will enjoy a very entertaining gameplay with one of thebest 2Dplatformer games. Get ready for the variety of enemiesandobstacles. Challenging your skills by finishing all levelsandachieve the destination. FEATURES: - Nice graphics. -Addictivegameplay. - Challenging level design. - Fun for allages.Instruction: - Control Mail Boy smoothly in the way you like.-Stomp on enemies to get rid of them. - Get ‘Big Baseball’ andthrowthem to enemies. - Collect 100 coins to get 1 extra life.Thank youfor playing Mail Boy Adventure. We will keep working andupdatingmore levels!
Jewel Games 2019 - Match 3 Jewels 1.4.5
Jewel Games 2019💎 Match, Combine, Blast!👏 Enjoy the magicmoment!✨To be No.1 amongfriends!👫-----------------------------------------------------------------❓HOWTO PLAY TOP JEWEL GAME MANIA ★ Drag and drop the jewel to thegrid.★ Match 3 jewels in a row or column, you will get mergedgems. ★ Tapthe jewel to rotate before dropping it. ★ Get moremerged jewels andcreate diamonds. ★ Match 3 of them to make bigjewel blast. ★Unlimited crush and fun! Win the jewel star. ★ Mergejewels reachingdifferent level target. Get more rewards! 👏FEATURESOF BEST JEWELGAME MANIA ★ Easy to learn and play. ★ Suitable forall ages. ★ NoWIFI needed. You can play with jewels online andoffline. ★ Amazingsound and visual effects. ★ No time limits inthis free jewel quest.🎮EASY AND FUN PLAY ★ Easy to control, fun toplay, great graphics! ★Just match 3 jewels in a row, blast and getmerged jewels with yoursingle finger! ★ You can use hammer tobreak the needlessjewels.-----------------------------------------------------------------JewelGames 2019 is now free available in Google Play store. Becomeamember of classic jewel crush game and win the jewel star now!Ifyou have the highest score, your profile will be shown on the No.1place in the ranking list! Get as many merged jewels as you canandcrush more jewels. Jewel Games brings you challenging jewelquestin a leisure playing environment. Bring your friends togethertobreak records in this jewel quest! You can play thismulticoloredjewel crush game anywhere without internet orwifi.💪-----------------------------------------------------------------NOTESThis best Jewel match 3 jewel crush game is completely freeto play,but has some in-game purchase items such as extra Challenge this amazing jewel questnow!Enjoy the newest and best jewel games 2019 and become jewelgamemania! Thanks for playing! ✌️
Commute: Heavy Traffic 2.01.6
Kiary games
Welcome to the near future, the city where all the carsarecontrolled by computers. It would seem that now there should benotraffic jams and accidents ... But this is not the case.Trafficjams are not eradicated by the rules of driving. With theonly carthat does not have autopilot, can you still reach yourdestination?ATTENTION: Automatic cars can crash into you frombehind if youdon't move like other cars in a traffic jam. Stayclose to the carin front of you and everything will be fine!Features: - MANAGE AVARIETY OF CARS. In each car its own uniquecharacteristics(BRAKES,ACCELERATION, MAXIMUM SPEED), which changethe gameplay and thethrill of driving. Choose your suitable to yourstyle! - CITIES.Various city with a special atmosphere. Generatedrandomly andendless. Each new game in the different scenery. -VARIOUSMISSIONS. Get to all the attractions of the city. - EASYCONTROLS.Driving a car has never been so easy! A simple tap on thescreen isall that is required of you. - The rhythm of movement ofcars,close to the real traffic jams! - Various ACHIEVEMENTS andLEADERBOARDS. Get all of them! Become the best in the world!
Piano Tap - fnaf 10
Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf Piano Tap is developed tofulfileveryone's piano dreams. Don't touch on the white tiles, taptheblack tiles to keep the song going. If you love piano or music,youwill enjoy this piano tap app. All piano lover should downloadthispiano tap app! DISCLAIMER: Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf PianoTapis an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated withorendorsed by Five Nights at Freddy's fnaf, or his record label.Thisapp does not include any copyrighted material. The pianomelodiesare arranged with individual piano notes.. Forentertainmentpurposes only.
Skater Boy 1.18.41
Speeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the airandlanding safety. The game "Skater boy" is so easy but super fun.Youonly need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the roadandget the scores as possible as you can. The way to play isveryeasy. Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right oneisaccelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool tricksinthe air can get extra points. Features: -Clear and simplepictures-3 different terrains -90 cool and addictive levels.-Various cooltricks. -More levels are coming soon.
The Clown 1.2.5
His raven is his third eye.
 His velvet bear is his alarm. TheClownis intelligent.
 The Clown is rude.
 He is fast. Helaughshysterically while he chases you. You have 6 tries. Younoticecouple of things on your work desk, weird machine connectedto PCand message light blinking on your phone. You lookthroughtelescope and you see Him. The searchbegins.___________________________________________________ 

●Craft toolswhich will help you to advance in your search ● Beintelligent morethan him ● Sneak ● Run and hide ● And mostimportant, don’t bescared Key Features : 
 ● Tense Gameplay ●Puzzles ● InteractiveEnvironment ● Jump scares ● Crafting Machine 
● Stealthfirst-person Key advice : ● Shoot the messenger 

Did wesay not toscare ? Well you will, that’s for sure.
Anime Puzzles 2.0
Anime Jigsaw puzzles is a puzzle game that requires assemblageofinterlocking anime pieces. Release stress, relax brain,indulgeyourself and share anime puzzle fun with friends and familybyplaying Jigsaw. Anime Jigsaw Puzzle Features: *** CompletelyFREEJigsaw photo puzzle game *** Enjoyable game for EVERYONE:Kid,Adult, Commuter, Girl, Boy, Housewives, Elderly etc. ***Playwhenever and wherever you want, without connection to theInternet;*** Rich collection of high definition images about Animechibi,anime love, anime boy, anime girls... *** Intuitive interfaceandtouch controls are designed to be played jigsaw puzzles withlevelseven by children; *** Can play on your Android device,smartphoneor tablet! *** More than 100+ shapes. Download and joinAnimeJigsaw puzzles game NOW! Keywords: anime puzzles, androidanimegame, best anime game, ジグソーパズル, japan anime, animejapanese,japanese puzzles, anime japones, アニメ レビュー, japonês deanime,japanese puzzle, japanese games, classic jigsaw puzzle, gamemanga,manga game, manga wallpaper, anime images, best jigsawpuzzles,jigsaw collection, japonês anime, jigsaw for adults,dessinsanimés, japanese manga collection, パズル イラスト, ア, пазлыбезинтернета, головоломки пазлы, 動漫, 动漫, アニメ画像, пазлы,головоломки,剧情漫画, マンガゲーム, anime jigsaw, アニメ ゲーム, japan game,จิ๊กซอว์, จิ๊กซอ,manga collection, imagenes anime, epic jigsawpuzzles, awesomejigsaw, hör bücher roman, anime love games, animechibi
Battle of Legends 1.4.0
◆ Introduction ◆ Battle of Legends is a fan game . You will dohardtraining and become the best mid lanner in the world Thegameplayis very simple, you control your character dodge theenemy'sattacks and pay off, the winner is the last remaining . Youwilltrain your reflexes, and that can be helpful when you playrealchampions on pc game ◆ Champions ◆ + Now only two championssupport, i will update soon ◆ A.I Battle ◆ You will be trainingyourskills with AI, earn points and upgrade your rank. Do notbesurprised if AI is stronger than you, it's a challenge foryou.Only a few have achieved the highest rank - the challenger◆Character Upgrade ◆ You can upgrade champion stats to makegameeasy ◆ PVP ◆ Find out who's better with your friends! ◆ Skins ◆Allskins of available champions are available now. ◆ Note ◆Moreupdates, features, and characters are coming soon. Youcansuggestions are important to us. You can write us an email.Justdownload and have fun !!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------◆IntellectualProperty Infomation◆ Battle of Legends is a fan madegame. Werespect the law of the Riot, this game is free. If Riot'spolicieschange in the future and the game becomes illegal, pleasecontact meand I will stop providing this game on the store. Q: CanI use adsto make money from my free website or mobile app? A: Weknow thatyou might pour a ton of time and energy into buildingawesomeexperiences for your fellow players. If you want to recoupsome ofthat time and energy, that’s perfectly understandable. Forthe mostpart we’re fine with you bringing in ad revenue fromdistribution ofyour Project, so long as your Project is freelyavailable toeveryone. If, however, we find that you’re using ourIP in a waythat we find inappropriate, we can still shut it down.No funnybusiness, please. July 2018 Infomation about intellectualproperty :
Geometry Dash World 1.03
RobTop Games
Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! New levels,newmusic, new monsters, new everything! Flex your clicky finger asyoujump, fly and flip your way through dark caves and spikyobstacles.Discover the lands, play online levels and find thesecrets hiddenwithin the World of Geometry Dash!• Rhythm-basedActionPlatforming!• Ten unique levels with music from DexArson,Waterflame and F-777!• Play daily quests and earn rewards!•Playonline levels created by the Geometry Dash community!•Unlockunique icons and colors to customize your character!• Flyrockets,flip gravity and much more!• Use practice mode to sharpenyourskills!• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!ApprovedbyRubRub \ (•◡•) /
Ultra Anime Champions 1.1.4
This excellent crossover fighting game is back in acompletelyredesigned version featuring a new combat system. Thegame offersmore than 50 characters to choose from, including themost famousones in the anime universe: blue sea pirate, saiyan ssjwarrior,super ultimate ninja world. Ultra Anime Champions featuresmanydifferent game modes (1vs1, 2vs2 or even 1vs3) as well asseveraladditional opponents. In this version there are a lot ofnewplayers from the Anime world. The beautiful martial arts areverybeautiful and powerful has also been updated. Does theappearanceof these players make a difference? Who will become thehighestplayer? Play Ultra Anime Champions and find out! Your taskis todefeat opponents in the battle to win. Ultra AnimeChampionscontroler: - Move left, right - Jump, dash, attack, normalskill, -Support Skill, Util Skill and Power Secret Skill You cancombinemove button with attack and normal skill to make many strongcomboskill. Many exciting modes ( fight 1vs1, team vs cpu, storymode,practice mode) are waiting for you. Join our arena fight roundoneand be the champion. Enjoy ! Thanks !
Clumsy Climber 1.9
Clumsiest of all climbing games! The flood is coming, hang inthereand grab for your life!Climb as far as you can, go throughalllevels and unlock more than 80 cosmetic items.
Lol Piano Surprise Eggs & Dolls 2 1.0
TeamMarina inc
NEW!! Lol Surprise Piano Dolls And Eggs 🎁 Piano tilesgameiscolorful game.what a surprise my little loved girls!!wehavespecial piano games for girls Pink Piano games forgirlsAndmorethan 100 musical pieces suitable for young audiencesthatarespecially designed for themWe have integrated the toy dollsintoaunique mold to give us toy dolls and pianosIf you are a fanoflolsurprise dolls games you need to download this wallpapersnow!anddon't forget to give 5 stars to our game!!Welcome to oneofthebest lol surprise games . for the first time on the ingoogleplaystore, game the puppets are in a terrible mergerwiththepiano.Collections of beautiful drawings drawingsofcartooncharacters cartoon Lol Surprise Dolls Eggsadventuresurprisepianoin this amazing adventure and use the eggs tounlockothercharacters Eggs LOL Surprises,Game Features LolSurprisePianoDolls Eggs :★ Pop coordinating Lol surprise balls.★Pianogames forall ages★ Build your own Lol surprise dollaccumulation.★Pianotiles game is colorful game★ awesome soundavailable in pianoPinktiles.★ Unbox every one of the 6 things toopen anotherLolsurprise doll.★ multi color piano tiles games★multiplesoundcollections★ Piano games give you the best soundsandamazinggraphics.★ Sound of high quality makes you feel likeinaconcert.No special skills needed, all this game asks of youisanattentive mind and fast fingers! Play the most amazinglolsurprisedolls Dolls game and compete with your friends tocollectmore loleggs as you eggs and explore multi colorpianotilessimilar to other games.We have developed the gameLolSurprisePiano according to the size of your child's hand to makeiteasy tomove from one tile to anotherHow To Play:Don't tap thewhitetiles!Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don'tmissanytile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction!
Dwarfs World Adventure 1.6
How long you haven't play the classic childhood game when youwerestill a teenager? Do you want to play one of the classiclegendgames ? Download Dwarf World Adventure to experienceanentertaining free game available in Play Store now. DwarfWorldAdventure is a classic platform game that combines the oldfashionstyle that we played in our childhood with a moderninnovativecharacter and anemies. Surf as sboy dash, smash and rushwithouthoverboard to avoid the nasty creatures like if you arerunning insubway. You will play underwater deep in the ocean as adwarfwithout being caught by the evils enemies like a brave hero.Runlike a Super Dwarf and jump to avoid the variousdifficultobstacles.Let's play super amazing world game with twofastcharacters without hoverboard and win levels like in Subwaywithrunning dash and rush. Be a legend, a hero and beat yourfriend'sscore. Make an amazing achievement and be a true legendSuperDwarf. Dwarfs World Adventure is a game that started it all isfreeand easy to play. This adventure games free to play willsastifyall you guys with relaxing moment. You can call it by anyname:Super Dwarfs Adventure, Super Jumper, Super Dwarfs and soon!Features: • Amazing high-resolution graphics • More than 100levels• Good exciting new music and sound • Classic platform gamestylemixed with modern touch to play • Various challenges andobstacles• different characters and enemies • Available in manylanguages
Balloon Keeper 1.0.1
PlaySpot Games
★★★★★ Balloon Keeper is FUN, simple and 100% RELAXINGguaranteed!Get your BEST game today and train your brain andfingers! ◉Balloon Keeper helps you relieve stress ◉ Balloon Keeperhelps youimprove your brain ◉ Balloon Keeper is the relaxing funyou need ◉Balloon Keeper is the only game thats also a brainworkout ◉ Playbefore you go to sleep and you will improve yourinstincts for thenext day ◉ Its fun and good for you!
Red Comrades 2 2.9.2
The most famous and awarded Russian adventure game of all timenowavailable worldwide!Three generations of Russian gamers wasraisedon adventures of Pete and Vasily Ivanovich. Now you can playit onyour smartphone!About the game:Some characters are real,allstories are surreal…Russia. 1917AD.Wounded Red ArmycommanderChapaev tries to cross the Ural river, but he catchesenemy'abullet. Looks like this is the end… But all of a suddenatractorbeam from the space delivers Vasiliy Ivanovich to the spaceship.After the chain of inhuman experiments, about which Chapaevwouldbetter forget, aliens transform his body into a killer-machine—terminator. This is where the story begins...
Pet Pet Rush 8.1
Do you have a good reactivity? Choose your pet and try to run1000meter in the cutest endless runner pet game you have ever seen.Ifyou can do it, you will get a certificate of good reactivity.Andyou can be proud of yourself. You can also make cool AR-photoswithyour pet and compete with your friends around the world. Whocanrun the furthest? Features: - 1000m Challenge with Certificate-Easy gameplay: Try to run as far as you can - 40+ super cutepetswith unique skills - Cute and challenging level design -FantasticAR Mode – present your pet in a real environment! - GlobalRankingSystem - compare your best score with players around theworld
LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush 1.4.0
LEGO System A/S
We wanted to make a LEGO run game that would be fast-to-the-funandhave heaps of things to collect and do. Right now we haveAndrea,Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie and a bunch of their LEGOfriends inthe game for you to drive around with. There’s heaps ofmissions togo on, collecting things as you drive, fligh, jump, duckand dodgeyour way around other vehicles and obstacles on thestreet. Zobo isin there too, and when you collect him, you’ll turninto adifferent sort of vehicle. Even though it is a LEGO Friendsgame,it is not meant to be a game for girls only. If you or yourfamilylove run games, racing, collecting cool items, we hopefalling inlove with LEGO Friends game will come easy. - DRIVEthrough LEGOHeartlake City as your favorite Friends character! -COLLECT coins,ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, confetti bombs, anda specialcollectible item for each of the five Friends! - PURCHASEspecialcharacters or an amazing Stud Doubler! - CUSTOMIZE your carswithdecals, colored tires, and aerial toppers! - COMPLETE MISSIONStolevel up and earn more coins! - DODGE enemies coming right atyou!- DECORATE your cars with unlockable decals! - BOOST ANDTRANSFORMyour car into a jet by picking up Zobo the robot! - UNLOCKall 10playable LEGO Friends characters and cars by earning coinrewards!- MIX AND MATCH your characters, cars, and decals for atrue LEGOgame building experience! - SAFETY FIRST: Play in a safe,closedenvironment, with NO third-party advertising, links toexternalwebsites or hidden data collection. LEGO marketing contentandinformation is served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO setsandother LEGO games, in hope of inspiring creative play. Pleasenotethat you can download this game for free and it is free to playtheapp but additional content is available via in-app purchase.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable the ability to make in-app purchases, change thedevicesettings. For app support, contact LEGO Consumer Service.Forcontact details, refer to Weloveto take your comments from reviews to our internal designmeetings,and talk about how to make our play experiences better.Please takethe time to tell us what you think! Child Safety andPrivacy isimportant to the LEGO Group. Please read more about themon policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app. LEGO, the LEGO logo and the FRIENDS logoaretrademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2018 TheLEGOGroup. All rights reserved.
Galaxy Shooting: Alien War 2.9.5
Are you fan of Galaxy Shooting, bullet hell games and like toblastenemies for glory? The answer is Galaxy Shooting will suityoubest! If you like space shooting and survival games and liketosimulate sky shooting in for glory and duty, then galaxyspaceinvader is the one you should be shooter playing. HOW TO PLAY:*Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemstoupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * High qualityimagesoptimized for tablets and large screens. * Ability to useactiveskills during the space battles. * The game is packed with30+levels on various difficulties. * Beautiful levels withimmersivemissions to complete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. *Upgradeyour guns and lasers. Download Galaxy Shooting ( & Enjoyit !!!#Tag Galaxy Shooting Ban ga khong gian Bắn gà không gian Banga vutru
Slendrina: Asylum 1.2.7
Slendrina is back in a new scary adventure!She is more evilthanusual. It almost seems as if she is protecting something. Sobeextra careful when you turn around. You must also be preparedtomeet Slendrinas mother wandering in the corridors. If you seeher,then run! You can hide in closets and behind some things, butdonot let her see you!Try to find 8 pages of an old medical bookinthe abandoned asylum.You also need to find keys to opencertaindoorsand health potions that give you a little more healthwhen youhave been injured.If you like Slendrina the Cellar andHouse ofSlendrina, then you will love this horror game.Thank youall foryour kind ratings you have given me! You are the best!If youwantto send an email to me, please write in English or Swedish.Thegameis free but it contains advertising.Have fun!