Top 49 Games Similar to Meteor Strike

New levitation Game 1.0
The Levitation Game is a game that needs intenseconcentrationinorder to overcome obstacles in the way.So I adviseyou toleaveeverything around you and focus in the box swing in theairandhelp him to go up and progress and achieve thegreatestpossibleachievements.The way of playing:All you have to dois touchthescreen every time you want to make the box risetothetop.Levitation Game features:high-definitionpicturesGreatsoundeffectsLevitation is a game suitable for all agesand can beplayedanywhere, but you have to be very careful not toskip becauseyouare in the wrong situation will return to thebeginning
Digital Invaders 1.6
PA Labs
A classic 80's calculator game. Shoot down theinvaders.DigitalInvaders originally appeared on the CasioMG-880calculator.This isa fast paced action game that will putyourfingers to thetest.Invader SpeedCompared to the originalcalculatorgame, thisgame is almost identical but with a fewslightmodifications asdescribed below. The time given for eachstage isthe time it takesfor one invader to travel all the wayacross thedisplay and causeone life to be lost. Digital InvadersAndroidApp:stage 1 - 6.6secstage 9 - 2.2 secinterval (scoreshowing) -1.8secCalculator:stage 1 - 7 secstage 9 - 2.3secinterval(scoreshowing) - 2 secSince the early stages of the gameare quiteslow,I decided to increase the speed a little bit (0.4 secfasteratstage 1). This is quite negligible. Stage 9 isvirtuallythesame.INSTRUCTIONSThe aim is to score the most amount ofpointsbydestroying the invaders approaching from the right.UsetheAIMbutton to match the leftmost digit on the display with anyoftheapproaching invaders. Press the FIRE button todestroytheinvader.If the sum of the shot down invaders is amultiple of10,the next invader will be a UFO (shaped like an 'n')unlessthestage is completed.The defence lines next to the AimDigitindicatethe number of lives the player has left.There are 2levelsand eachlevel has 9 stages. In each stage you must shoot downall16invaders with 30 shots or less. The speed of theinvadersincreaseswith each successive stage. In level 2 theinvaders startattackingfrom one position closer. After completinglevel 2 thegame willreturn to level 1.When the game is over, thedisplay showsthestage that the player reached and thescore.SCORINGThe highscoreis shown at the start of the game.Thepoints awarded forshootingdown an invader depend on the invader'sposition. Startingfrom therightmost position, the points are asfollows:Level 160,50, 40,30, 20, 10Level 2100, 80, 60, 40, 20Anextra 300 points isawardedfor shooting down a UFO.To share yourscores online and seetheleaderboard, sign in to Google Play Games.
in:dark 1.0.2
StoryMemories become broken. The hero was drifting in the darkseawhere various enemies and traps were waiting. While connectingthebody and the bare soul with a single chain, I am just seekingwhatis behind this darkness. Beyond the limit of life to the bottomofdark water. What is waiting deep in the ocean ....ActionBypullingthe body by manipulating soul, you sink to theseafloor.Blazeattack with tap, dash tackle with quick flick, "souleat" bitingsoul close to enemy.It is the key to capture to makegood use ofthese things.Recovery of memoryMemory of the hero ismuddy, it isbroken. Strengthening by getting back memory, the storyemerges. Inorder to restore you have to defeat the enemies andcollect thekarma.Please reach the end of this story by playingwhilepredicting the future.
104.9 Max Country 11.8.12
Take Max Country where ever you go! The Max app featureslivestreaming, an alarm clock, access to exclusive podcasts, andanopen mic so you can talk to the Max crew. You can even use theMaxCountry app to play contests to win tickets and prizes.
Shipper Cow 3.1
Do yout think the game is to hard? Try the new easy mode,trainyourShipper Cow flights and become the best!How to play:1.Touchthescreen and make Shipper Cow fly through the pipes. 2. Getasfar asyou can!3. Have fun!
Asteroids Pack 1.5
The space is dangerous ... and beautiful. In space there is noemptyareas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling throughspace,they will encounter many types of Asteroids. Part of themwill serveas a source of rare minerals not available on the planetearth. Someof asteroids can carry an alien form of life ...such asbacteria.Check how the asteroid belt might look like and whatminerals can beextracted. This live wallpaper includes many typesof 3D asteroids.It has a dynamic camera that will take you betweenasteroids.Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. You canselect andset the appropriate background nebula.You can also settheappropriate light in the space and the aura that surroundstheasteroid. All of these elements compose a single whole.Wallpaperis drawn in real time. Good lucks on the tablets andphones. PleaseRate ! Thanks !
com.ZephirothGames.AsteroidStorm 1.59
Zephiroth Games
Enjoy Retro Arcade games? Like Battles in Space? LikeShoot'em'ups?Love Vector Graphics? Appreciate Quality SmoothGame-play? Likeseeing your name in lights? Love Asteroids? Did youalways want toget better at it? Survive wave after wave ofAsteroid-fields andAlien UFOs! Features: - Uses proprietary"Vectrox" Library forincredible smooth and crisp, anti-aliased,neon, vector graphics onyour device!! - Doesn't use normal 2Dsprites for the game-play,but vector-rendering technology. Crispquality on all devices! -Aim to beat the High-scores and gain entryinto the High-scoretable - Gain extra lives by scoring high -Artificial Intelligenceon UFOs with increasing difficulty -Context-sensitive music tomatch the action - Wrap-around space area- An arcade-machine inyour pocket! For all support please useZephirothGames@gmail.comYou can also message the developersuggestions for your favouritenew features and these will beconsidered for the next update Welook forward to reading yourcomments. Enjoy!
UFO Crest 1.13
Salman Ayub
An Endless game in which you have to save the UFO from asteroidsandrescue as many Aliens as You can.Share Your high scoreswitheveryone and compete with your friends and Family.Enjoy playingUFOCrest game :)
ASTEROIDS! Full Release 3.2
Baobab Studios
From the director of Madagascar, ASTEROIDS! is the follow-upepisodeto the Emmy award-winning film INVASION! DIVE INTO A NEWANIMATEDSPACE ADVENTURE and experience the challenges of outerspace as youbecome part of the crew in a journey with quirkyaliens Mac, Cheez(Elizabeth Banks) and their sidekick Peas (IngridNilsen). In this11-minute immersive cinematic, you are a taskrobot, and it’s up toyou to save the crew while you are taken on adeep space missionwhere you and your new friends come face-to-facewith teeth-gnashingspace-bugs and careening asteroids. In theprocess of saving thecrew, you become a respected member of theship and are taught whatreally matters in life. ASTEROIDS! was aSundance Official Selectionand won the Unity Vision Award for bestvirtual reality. **BONUSSHIP EXPLORER MODE**EXPLORE MAC AND CHEEZFANTASTIC SPACESHIP andget a first look with exclusivebehind-the-scenes concept art andcolorful backstory. Look around,and uncover alien secrets usingyour own special Transponder. Justbe courteous and don't peekinside their bedrooms!
Meteor Shower Calendar 2.4.2
Would you like to know when the next meteor shower is? This appwilldisplay a list of upcoming meteor showers and the approximatedatein which they will peak with specific details oneach.Features:• Areminder system to automatically notify you whenthe next shower iscoming up and more details on an Android Weardevice!!• Expandablenotifications on 4.1+ devices• Share this appwith a friend on bothAndroid and iOS• Widget for your home screento show the number ofdays until the next shower, your location'ssunrise/sunset times,and the current phase of the Moon! •LockScreen widget on 4.2+devices• Share details about anindividual meteor shower• Choose tosort the list of meteor showersby peak, start, or ending dates•Swipe left/right to seenext/previous meteor showers when viewingthe details page• Theupcoming sunrise or sunset time is shown atthe top • Enable the"Auto theme" feature and the theme willautomatically change to dayand night mode before and aftersunrise/sunset!• Conduct a GoogleSearch within the app to read evenmore about each meteor showersuch as its origins and many, manyother details and share it withyour friends via SMS, Email,Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or anyother social network!• View a SkyMap search to point youapproximately where in the sky to look forthe meteor shower whenit peaks. Compatible with SkEye and GoogleSky Map• See currentWeather Forecast to get ready for the theupcoming conditions•Shows the Phase of the Moon on the approximatemeteor shower peakdate!Go out and enjoy looking at the sky!Adsupported. To removeads and support development, please purchasethe Meteor ShowerCalendar Key Permissions:- Internet needed to showads and downloadweather data - Location needed to calculatesunrise/sunset timesand weather data- Automatically start at bootneeded for thenotification system
Tiny Space Program
Cinnabar Games
This game is in a early release and is updated constantly.Almostevery week more content is added. Everything in-game is free.Ifyou like the genre and are willing to help and give somefeedbackabout this game, feel free to try it out! What would you doif youare a billionaire? owning your own space program, researchingandbuilding new space ships, mining on planets and moons,bringingtourist into space for a space walk or just sendingresearchers toexplore what is out there. How far would you go?Would you go toMars, stay in our solar system, or go interstellarin this littlemobile pixel art game. features: - Building ofoff-world outposts -Building of unique space ships - Research ships- Elaborate techtree - Character progression of astronauts - Miningof planets
Thousand+ 5.334
ENJOY THE GAME-Open and Play - don't waste your time in menus-Dragcards with you finger -Undo and Redo when you wish -Auto saveonexit ENJOY THE VISUALS-Choose Landscape or Portrait mode-Animatedcards
2 Minutes in Space - Missiles Vs. Asteroids 1.5.2
Fly your space ship, avoid missiles, shot back and watch outforasteroids!  Collect gold pieces on your way and unlocknewships and weapons! - Control the ship with the joystick,wholescreen or left/right buttons. - 12 Spaceships - 3 Game modes:Moon,Asteroid Field and Orion Nebula. - Collect gold to unlocknewspaceships with different abilities and weapons. - Useshields,weapons, EMP, Speed Boost and other power-ups to helpdestroy andevade missiles. - Make the missiles collide with eachother toincrease final score. - Dodge missiles and avoid asteroidsandnebulas to survive! - Compete with others on GooglePlayleaderboards. For some people, the sky is the limit.Forothers, it’s just the beginning. „2 Minutes in Space” isanadditional proof of it. This free action and survival gamewillthrow you into a world of endless space, full of dangerousobjectsand challenges. Your mission is simple: just survive! Do youfeelsometimes that each next day looks like the previous and thereisnothing that can surprise you any more? Then it’s the right timetoleave this planet and spend 2 Minutes in Space!
Solar System Explorer HD Pro 2.7.9
Neil Burlock
Soar into space and visit dozens of planets, moons and asteroidsonan exciting journey through our solar system. Highdefinitiongraphics and atmospheric music will make you feel likeyou arethere!This pro version of Solar Explorer includes morespacecraft,more functions and has no ads!Features:★ HD graphics andawesomemusic and sound effects★ Easy to use and intuitivecontrols★Detailed information about dozens of planets and moons★Imagesbased on real photos taken by telescopes or NASA spacecraft★Idealeducational introduction to the solar system for kids★Anatmospheric experience in the vacuum of space!Easy to usecontrolsmake navigation a breeze. A simple tap will send yousoaring intothe outer reaches of deep space. Another tap willreturn you safelyhome to Earth.There’s lots to see and do. Inaddition to beautifulgraphics, Solar System Explorer also includesa great deal ofinformation about the planetary systems you’llvisit. Learning hasnever been so enjoyable!Become the pilot. Withthe new free-flightoption, you can take direct control and fly thespaceship yourself.Accompanied by a rumbling engine, you’ll beswooping through theasteroid belt, diving through the gas giantSaturn’s rings andsurfing the upper atmosphere of planets. It’s thenext best thingto a space walk!The 3D models in this app are basedon photos takenby NASA spacecraft and both space-based and groundbasedtelescopes. Because some of the moons around the gas giantshaveonly been visited once or twice, we may have partiallycompleteimages. Missing surface detail for these moons is estimatedfromwhat can be seen.In this solar system simulator, visitthebrilliant blue-green planet Uranus, knocked onto its side byamassive collision. See the proto-planet Ceres which makes uponethird of the mass of the asteroid belt. Travel to Neptune'smoonTriton which orbits in the opposite direction to its othermoon,Proteus. Take in the sights of the Jupiter's heavily scarredmoonCallisto, its surface pockmarked by countless impactcraters.Placesto visit in the Solar System Explorer orrery:The Sun,otherwiseknown as SolPlanets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, MarsGas giantplanets:Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NeptuneMoons: Luna, Deimos andPhobos,Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Mimas, Tethys, Enceladus,Dione,Rhea, Titan, Iapetus, Miranda, Umbriel, Ariel, Oberon,Titania,Triton, Proteus, CharonDwarf planets: Ceres and VestaTheformerplanet PlutoSpacecraft including NASA's Voyager, Juno,NewHorizons, Dawn, Cassini, Pioneer and Russia's Zond 3SolarSystemExplorer: the 3D solar system simulator for pocketastronomers!Download the old Solar Explorer Liteat
Government Directory India 2.0
Creating this App is to solve the problems face by the people duetolack of direct contact with the government. Government Directoryhasmade a medium, where contact numbers of Officials / Authoritiesoremployees will be obtained, including details of post theyareholding, at Central, State and at District level.This helpsyoueasily reach to the Government Authorities within territory.Keyfeature :-• Contact your Officials / Authorities.• AtCentral,State and at District level.• Easy searchable.• Directcalloption.Let your troubleshooter with you.Our link to Website–
Asteroids 2 2.0.1
Asteroids: the reborn of a classic!Asteroids is a game focusedonthe player's ability to avoid and shoot the asteroids and trytosurvive. In each level the difficulty is increased and it'sneededto be even faster to stay alive.The original Asteroids wasasuccesful game because of it's new gameplay concept andit'srepetitive cycle of asteroids destruction. If you are a fanofStranger Things, following the heroic Salvation missionoraccompanying Chris in his childhood and youth, you knowhowAsteroids seasoned and continues to be one of the most funandnostalgic games of all times.The Asteroids 2 gets a higher levelofdifficulty due to the artificial inteligence of the enemyships,which attempt to shoot the player, furthermore, each leveltheshp's precision is increased.Prepare to experience this amusingandchalenging adventure, download now Asteroids!
AppLock Theme Kiss 1.0.3
Thank you very much for your feedback and your support means alotto us. If you find no theme suits you, please contact us andtellus what's your thought and we will make specially-designedthemesfor you. Thank you.Beautify AppLock lock screen withexclusive Kisstheme for your Android device. Free android theme andwallpaperspecially designed for AppLock, to customize and beautifyyourAndroid App Lock screen, to lock apps and hide photos &videosto further protect your phone privacy. Decorate your Androidscreenand secure your phone privacy using PIN lock and Patternlock.Simple and intuitive design for AppLock Kiss theme.How toapply applock theme?1) Download & Install AppLock first2)Download applock theme from theme store3) Apply Kiss theme to setPIN lock orPattern LockA free theme for applock which is a free applock andprivacy guard to prevent intruders & snoopers frompeeping atyour private data, hide sensitive photos and videos byencryptingyour Gallery, keep children or snoopers away from messingup yoursettings, deleting important things or making in-apppurchase.Customize app lock settings as you want, more secure andsmart tolock all privacy in one small AppLock.AppLock can lockphotos andvideos.AppLock provides invisible pattern lock and randomkeyboard.Highlights:> Beautiful & HD background images,speciallydesigned for AppLock lock screen> Free live wallpaperto makeyour futuristic Applock even cooler> Support many themes.Youcan DIY/customize your Android device by using differentapplocktheme> Customize your home screen, make your smart phonemenumore personalized> Be your own designer and create yourownthemes & wallpaperIf you have any questions orsuggestions,please feel free to contact us.
APOD - Space Images 1.5
Browse NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day with this intuitiveandpowerful app. Each day a new astronomy picture of ourfascinatinguniverse, accompanied by an explanation written byprofessionalastronomers. Features: - Intuitive interface - Accessmore than7000 APOD images, since 1995 - Search the image you need -Sortspace images by newest or oldest - Swipe supported betweenimages -Save APOD to your gallery Set image as your wallpaperDouble tap togo full screen and zoom image Share APOD with friends
Popular Hashtags 1.4.1
2018 Popular Hashtags mix - get instagram followers andlikesso easly. Popular hashtags app will help you to increase"likes" ofyour photos, and help to get instagram followers. Justcopy andpaste necessary hashtags. You can edit hashtags and add toyour ownhashtag set list. Also you can create your own hashtagsets.Popular hashtags. Hashtags Instagram. Use 2018 popularhashtags forinstagram and get likes and followers and comments. İfyou want tohashtags mix - get instagram followers than you findyour app. Besthashtags mix - get instagram followers. Best way toget instagramfollowers is the downloading that hashtags mix - getinstagramfollowers. Use popular hashtags and hashtags mix - getinstagramfollowers. 2018 popular hashtags for instagram. Tophashtags arehere.HashTags app provide for you many hashtagcategories as:Sports, Popular, Entertainment, Animals, Fashion,Social, TextArt,Weather/Seasons, Celebrities, Food
Pocket Planets 1.0.5
Pocket Planets is the most comprehensive 3D Solar SystemSimulatorin the Google Play Store.With accurate scalerepresentation of theSun, Planets, Moons, Asteroids, Dwarfs anddetailed information tothe celestial objects.Use it as educationalsoftware for your kids,or regardless if you are a beginner oradvanced astronomer, thisApp brings you closer to the planets thanany telescope.Workinggreat on smartphones and tablets.Discover...★the Sun, the brightshining star in the center of our Solar System★Mercury, thefastest planet orbiting around our Sun★ Venus, itsgreenhouseeffect produces a surface temperature that would meltlead★ Earth,the blue oasis and only place filled with life★ Mars,inspirationfor many SciFi films and books★ Jupiter, the giant,guardian andprotector in our neighborhood★ Saturn, with rings ofunique beautyand elegance★ Uranus, which rolls over its orbit likea bowlingball★ Neptune, the outermost recognized planet★ Pluto, oneof a newcategory of dwarf planetsBut these are not all objects ofthissimulator, because so far you do not know Orcus, Varuna,Ceres,Pallas, Haumea and all the other asteroids and dwarf planets.Notto mention Sedna whose orbit is still speculative toscience.Nearly200 objects are included, but not as static images,rather asliving objects in a living universe. Enjoy the SolarSystem inrealtime, in the future or past.Bring the cosmos to lifewith aninnovative timeslider. Let time take its course, how fastdependson the scale factor of the timeslider. A wipe with yourfinger andthe simulator comes to life.For a more exiting viewingexperiencevarious camera modes are available. Attach the camera toa planetor place it at a fixed location in space and let thecelestialbodies pass by, in portrait or landscape mode, whateveryouprefer.And that's still not all. A built in encyclopedia givesyouuseful information about each object of the simulation,extractedfrom Wikipedia.Don't miss this unique viewing experience,there isno easier way to explore the wonderful world beyond ourplanet.Andif you ever feel "Lost in Space", don't worry, becauseit's just asimulation.Features:★ Super smooth UI★ Nearly 200simulationobjects★ Simulation of real celestial body distancesanddimensions★ Adjustable simulator time with aninnovativetimeslider★ Flexible camera system for a unique viewingexperience★Portrait and landscape mode★ Many HD textures, some oforiginalrecordings (NASA Voyager, Cassini spacecraft)★ Manypreferenceoptions★ Ephemeris data based on NASA Horizons system★Orbitcalculations with modified Kepler algorithms★Encyclopediafunction, the most important information fromWikipediaPlease tryPocket Planets Lite before buying this fullversion to ensuredevice compatibility.If you have any problemsplease don't hesitateto contact me via email because this is theonly way I can helpyou, thank you.
Thala HD Images 1.4
ComeBack Studios
Browse and set as wallpaper background of your handset.Simpleandeasy to use.Special Features-> 720p Pictures->SimpleUserExperience-> Suitable from 4 - 5.5 inches screen->Itworksboth offline & online-> Easy to setasWallpaper->SwipeImages-> Share the App with yourfriendsthrough Socialmedia-> Latest updatesDisclaimer: AllImages usedin this Appare taken from the web.If any image wants tobe removedfrom theApp, Please send mail to developer id withspecificimage.We willRemove the image ASAP. Thank you forDownloading.Please Rate &Review the App.
Highongames - Games & Requirements 1.0.7
HOG network
PC Game releases and game requirements at your fingertips. •Latest,upcoming, top & trending game titles. • Watch trailer,gameplaysand check moments/screenshots from a game. • Check if youcan run agame on your system's hardware. Search • Search from10,000+ andcounting game titles. • See what users are mostsearching for on theapp in the trending searches. Game Archive •Top 100: Most playedand high rated games from all time. • Recentlyreleased: Gamesreleased in the past one month period with exactdate-time. •Trending: Most talked game or played currently •Upcoming: Gamesreleasing in coming days or months Genre filterSelect single ormultiple genres to filters the records from thegame's list. Can yourun it • Check whether your system can handlea game by simplytapping on 'can you run it' which shows a detailedgraph by matchingyour PC configuration with game's minimum andrecommendedrequirements. • Switch easily between configs bystoring multipleconfigurations in-app. Want to reach us? Drop amail and we will get back to you at theearliest.
com.andromo.dev623845.app726298 1.2
Colorful Wallpapers on your phone screen. You just selectwhichimage you like and then you just turn it into wallpaper onyourmobile phone. Please check all screenshots of "ColorfulWallpapers"app given below to know how your device will look like.U’lldefinitely love to have this app on your device. Share it withyourfriends. Enjoy the App and please rate us. Features of"ColorfulWallpapers" app: - Customize the wallpaper to fit yourscreen. -All wallpapers in full HD quality. - You can preview theimage onyour device first. - Easy to set wallpapers. - No need todownloadwallpapers.
Moe Rewards 2.0.2
Welcome to Moe’s! Order ahead, save your faves and earn rewardswithjust a few taps. Personalize your Moe’s Southwest Grillexperience.FEATURES • Earn Rewards – Earn 10 points for every $1spent at Moe’sSouthwest Grill; when you earn 1,000 points, you’llreceive a $10credit. Boom. • Birthday Burrito – Get a free burritoon yourbirthday every year. Happy birthday to you. • Order Ahead –Saveyour time and order from the app to skip the line. Easy peasy.•Save your Faves – We’ll remind you what you like. Or what youdon’t.• Join through Facebook and get 50 free points. We shouldtotally beFacebook friends. • Refer a friend – 50 points for themand 100points for you when they scan their first visit. It’s awin-win foreveryone. • Receive exclusive offers and hear thelatest Moe’s news.You know you wanna. • Moe Rewards is onlyavailable for guests 13years of age and older. After you register,don’t forget to turn onyour notifications. That’s how you’ll hearabout the exclusiveoffers and latest menu options.
Relay for reddit
Relay is a fun new way to browse the news and entertainmentwebsiteReddit. Whether you're a casual 'lurker', power user, oreven amoderator, Relay makes using reddit a pleasure. Highlights:•Beautiful and intuitive interface, inspired by Material Design.•Delightful animations throughout enhance the experience. •Linksand comments load at the same time. A simple swipe switchesbetweenthem. • Inline previewing of pictures, YouTube, gifs andhtml 5videos. • Advanced comment navigation - next/previous thread,findwords, IAMA and more! • Comprehensive Moderatorfeatures(distinguish, sticky posts, ban users etc) • A selection ofthemesas well as a relaxing night mode. • Multiple accounts •Replystraight from your Inbox. • Notifications for mail, modmessagesand your modqueue. • Filter out subreddits you dislike •Spoilersupport • Extensive customisation options including fontstyle andsize, left-handed viewing. • Hi-resolution thumbnails. •Fullfriends & search funtionality. • Rageface and MLPemoticons(via PonyMotes) Head over tothe to ask questions orgivefeedback directly to the developer -me...
Add Space theme content to AR (Augmented Reality) effects whenyoutake pictures and shoot videos! You can add the Space themecontentto Xperia AR effect application. Experience the awe oftakingpictures aliens and astronauts with the main camera. Betheastronaut piloting the spaceship and experience its geekyinteriorswith the front camera. Hurtle through the vast expanse ofUniverseaboard a spaceship and create memorable photos and videos.Sony'sFACE RECOGNITION Technology and SmartAR* Engineautomaticallydetect faces and 3D environments and decorate themwith fun ARitems. *SmartAR is the registered trademark or trademarkof SonyCorporation in Japan and other countries, for the augmentedrealitytechnology developed by Sony Corporation. Interaction withARitems: 1. Drag animations to change their position 2. Taponobjects to change their action NOTE: 1. This theme apprequiresv3.1.1 or higher version of AR effect. Please upgrade yourAReffect application. 2. This application uses Google Analyticstocollect and aggregate usage statistics in order to help usimprovethe application and our services. None of this data can beused toidentify you.
Kimono Anime Wallpaper 1.2
Customize your phone screen to be more cool and amazing withthisapp and choose your favorite wallpaper. Features : *Completelyfree for download * Contain 100+ best quality wallpapers* Simpleand easy Interface * Easy to save and share anytime andanywherePlease leaving a comments, feedback or sugestions to helpus makeit better in the future. Thank you for your support.Disclaimer :All images are copyright of their perspective ownersand simplyused for aesthetic purpose only. Any request to removeone of theimages will be honored.
Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir - The Official Game 4.5.20
The OFFICIAL Miraculous Ladybug app - don’t let any old redwithblack polkadot games fool you! This game is the real deal!JoinMiraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir on their Paris rescue mission,inthis challenging, addictive & super fun runner! Paris,yourbeloved city, is in trouble, and only you can save itfromdestruction! Turn into awesome superheroes Miraculous LadybugandCat Noir, enter the Miraculous universe and run through thestreetsof Paris as you avoid obstacles and defeat villains.Everyonethinks you’re just an awkward teenager. But you’ve got aSECRET.You may be a run-of-the-mill teen by day, but by night youbecome asuperhero. The city of love is in danger of being takenover by themysterious supervillain Hawk Moth and his evil Akumas,and it’s upto you to save it. * Leap over rooftops & runthrough alleywaysto save the day * Dodge obstacles in your path *Play as Marinette& Ladybug, Adrien & Cat Noir * Collecttokens & othersurprises as you explore Paris * Collect awesomepower-ups * Faceoff with dangerous villains Dark Cupid, StormyWeather, The Bubbler& more © 2018 ZAGTOON™– METHOD™ – ALLRIGHTS RESERVED.
Smashy Bugs 1.0.8
Perfect Play
Smashy Bugs Have you ever noticed the poor bugs that smashed byyourfeet? Now, in Smashy Bugs, you can not only closely noticetheselovely bugs, but also can have a terrific experience of beingthesebugs. In this game, you will have a unique eye view of bugsand allyou need to do is to dodge the upcoming feet. When you trytosurvive among these feet, don’t forget to collect coins, thesecoinscan help you unlock new adorable bug characters! Watch out!Don’t besquashed! Friendly reminder: you’d better bring your bugsto oneside of one foot, otherwise you will probably be trappedbetween twofeet and cannot escape. :) Game feature: - Creativebugs eye view -Variety of scene: City, Beach, Desert and TheJurassic Park - Morethan 20 bug species - Your score will bestored on the leaderboardand will compete with other globalplayers
Homeland Free
In Homeland Free, you and the Nicaraguan people must stopthetyranny of the Trompudo-Chamuca dictatorship that haskidnappedNicaragua, confront malignant hordes and repel the ChayosBalls.Face the greatest tyrant and thief in history in a Taco toTaco inorder to expel the evil that afflicts Nicaragüita! HomelandFree isan entertaining and easy-to-play video game: Test yourskills andcommitment to reach the end. Repels evil hordes possessedbyChamuca-léfica. Nicaragüita once again needs your help! FreegameSupport Free for the development of levels, improvementsandpublication in IOS.
Mobile Observatory 2 - Astronomy 2.75
Wolfgang Zima
A new app, Mobile Observatory 3 Pro is now available on GooglePlaywith many exciting new features, enhanced graphics and anoptimizeduser interface. If your device has Android 7 or later, youcanpurchase the new apphere: is the perfect tool for anybody interested inthe sky'swonders, from the occasional sky gazer to the passionateamateurastronomer. Do you want to know if the next lunar eclipseis visiblefrom your location or when the next bright comet isvisible? Wouldyou like to be notified by your smart phone nexttime, Jupiter andthe Moon meet in the sky? Do you want to knowwhat the blazingbright object in the evening sky is? Do you wantto be alwaysup-to-date which celestial events that are visiblefrom yourlocation? Then this app is a must-have for you! MobileObservatorydoes not only include a live, zoomable sky map whichtells you whatsky object you are looking at but provides you withloads ofdetailed extra information on stars, planets, deep skyobjects,meteor showers, comets, asteroids, lunar and solareclipses as wellas detailed ephemeris of all included sky objectsand an interactivetop-down view of the Solar System. All that injust one app! MainFeatures - Zoomable sky map showing stars,planets, asteroids, andmore (above and below the horizon) -Interactive top-down view ofthe Solar System - Live mode (pointdevice on sky and getinformation on what you see) - Calendarshowing detaileddescriptions of celestial events - Push celestialevents to yourphone's calendar and set a reminder alarm - Rise,set, and transittimes for any object - Position of any object inthe sky (altitudeand direction) - Twilight times, length of day -Bright Star Catalog(~9000 stars) with detailed information - Morethan 400 000additional stars from the PPM Star Catalog (Android3.1 or higherrequired) - 2500 selected NGC objects (galaxies,clusters, ...) -Messier Catalog (110 objects) complete with images- CaldwellCatalog (110 objects) complete with images - HiddenTreasuresCatalog (109 objects) complete with images - Meteorstreams (begin,maximum, hourly rate, ...) - Lunar and solareclipses information -Lunar librations, ascending node, maximumdeclination - Brightcomets (automatically selected according tothe date) - Dwarfplanets: The five known dwarf planets - Minorplanets: bright, nearEarth, trans-Neptune (more than 10000 in thedatabase) - Updatedatabase online: download up-to-date orbitalelements of comets andminor planets - Moon phases, the apparentview of the sun andplanets - Current image of the Sun and sunspotnumber -Automatically generated visibility report for any object-Simulation of light pollution - Intuitive User Interface:quicklyfind what you are looking for - Widget with rise & settimes ofthe Sun and Moon - Maintain your favorite locations in alist -Automatic location determination from the mobile network orGPS -Select a location from a built-in database or online viaGoogleMaps - 400 observatory locations - Choose any time and date-Detailed ephemeris, visibility information of all objects -Datesof conjunctions between any object with planets or the Moon-3D-view of the Moon and the planets - Accurate calculationsfordates between 1900 and 2100 Keywords: Meteor shower, shootingstars
Chess Coach - Chess Puzzles 2.04
Improve your chess skills with a collection of thematicpuzzles.Solve chess puzzles in training or challenge mode. Usehints indifficult positions. All puzzles are grouped into sectionsandlevels of difficulty: - Four blocks of problems in which youneedto checkmate the king; - Ten sections with puzzles on tactics,forexample: fork, pin, double attack; - Three levels of difficultyinwhich the number of moves increases and the depth ofcalculationoptions is complicated. Additional functions of theapplication: -Learn two popular gambits in the "Opening" section";- Practicememorizing field notation in virtual whiteboard mode; -Watch thegames of Magnus Carlson and Fabiano Caruana at the 2018World Cup;- Move your favorite puzzles to Favorites; - Keep trackof thenumber of hints and errors; - Buy the Pro version if you likethepuzzles and want to continue learning. Please rate the app 5starsand write your comment. Your feedback will help make theappbetter. We wish you a pleasant game, Team KemigoGames.
Harley Wallpaper 1.3
If you looking for a cool and amazing Custom HarleyDavidsonWallpapers, then this is the best app for your mobilephone.Features : > Completely free for download > Contain100+ bestquality wallpapers > Simple and easy Interface >Share withyour friends anytime Please leaving a comments, feedbackorsugestions to help us make it better in the future. Thank youforyour support. Disclaimer : All images are copyright oftheirperspective owners. Any request to remove one of the imageswill behonored.
ISS Live Now: Live Earth View and ISS Tracker 5.4.9
VKL Apps
See the Earth as the astronauts see it with a 24/7 videolivestreamfrom the International Space Station. If you like spaceorastronomy then you will love ISS Live Now. ISS Live Now givesyoueasy access to a live video feed of Earth from theInternationalSpace Station, which is orbiting about 400 kilometers(250 miles)above the planet. The app provides an excitingexperience marked bythoughtful design and features numerouscustomization options. WithISS Live Now, you can view amazing livevideo streams directly fromthe International Space Station’scameras. The app utilizes thenative Android Google Map (ISStracker), which allows you to followthe Space Station’s orbitaround our planet. You can zoom, rotate,drag and tilt the map;choose between different types of maps (suchas satellite orterrain); and view data such as the speed of orbit,altitude,visibility, latitude and longitude, and even what countrytheStation is above at any moment in time. All of these optionsareeasily customizable from the settings menu. You will havesixdifferent sources of live video streaming, including: 1.Livestandard camera: It shows a live stream of the Earth and, fromtimeto time, details about the ISS (like tests, maintenanceandcommunication with Earth). 2. NASA TV: The television serviceofthe United States government agency NASA (National AeronauticsandSpace Administration). You can watch science andspacedocumentaries, interview with scientists, astronauts,engineers andpersonalities such as Elon Musk. 3. NASA TV Media. 4.Spacewalk(recorded): Beautiful HD images of astronauts from camerasoutsidethe ISS. 5. Inside the International Space Station: Take avideotour of each module inside the ISS, all explained bytheastronauts. 6. Eventual channel: Temporary live cameras fromNASA,the European Space Agency (ESA), the Russian SpaceAgency(Roscosmos) and the SpaceX. You can also watch these livefeeds onyour television via Google Cast. You even have the optionto benotified when the next sunset or sunrise will occur, allowingyouto watch it live directly from the International Space Station.Doyou want to see the ISS in the sky at night? This is theeasiestway to spot the Station. With the built-in ISS detectortool, ISSLive Now will tell you when and where to look for theSpaceStation. You’ll receive a notification a few minutes beforeitpasses by your location. You can also choose to be notifiedwhenthe ISS is about to pass over your region during the day,allowingyou to admire your country from space. Other notificationoptionsinclude special events, such as spacewalks. ExploretheInternational Space Station with Google Street View ThankstoGoogle, aspiring astronauts can now simulate the experienceoffloating on the International Space Station (ISS). Thecompanyworked with astronauts to provide a Google Street View ofthelow-orbit satellite, from its science labs to itsbeautifulEarth-facing Cupola window. Note: When the ISS(International SpaceStation) is on the night side of Earth, thevideo image is black,which is normal. Sometimes, video is notavailable due totransmission issues, or because the crew ischanging cameras. Insuch cases, you will usually have a blue orblank screen. In a fewminutes the transmission should return, so,please be patient. Thisis not a problem with the app. Stay tunedfor the new moviestarring Brad Pitt, Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga andTommy Lee Jones: AdAstra. A man travels inside a lawless solarsystem to find hismissing father - a renegade scientist who poses athreat tohumanity. Watch the trailers and interviews with the castanddirector. Twitter: @isslivenow - You can find news about theISS,NASA, space, Earth and the video stream. Instagram: isslivenow-Pictures taken of the Earth by the streaming cameras
3D Snake . io 4.5
Timuz Games
Play against real people from around the world! Can you becomethelongest slither snake? The larger snakes move slowly and aremoredifficult to turn and maneuver. If you are small then you havetomove carefully as the bigger ones are waiting for theopportunityto trap and eat you up! Slither left or right to consumedots, asyou wriggle fast, you get more stronger. The trick is touse theaccelerator key that can make it easier to win. 1. Consumeas muchfood as possible to grow longer 2. Play offline in singleplayeragainst AI when offline or Multiplayer online 3. No Lag.Noperformance issues 4. You can control the slithering easily
Spaceflight Simulator 1.4 1.4.06
This is a game about building your own rocket from partsandlaunching it to explore space! • Realistically scaled planets,withsome up to hundreds to kilometers in size, and millionofkilometers of space between them. • Realistic orbital mechanics•Open universe, if you see something in the distance, you cangothere, no limits, no invisible walls. Current planets and moons:•Mercury • Venus ( A planet with a extremely dense andhotatmosphere) • Earth ( Our home, our pale blue dot :) ) • Moon (Ourcelestial neighbour) • Mars ( The red planet with athinatmosphere) • Phobos ( Mars inner moon, with rough terrain andlowgravity) • Deimos ( Mars outer moon, with a extremely lowgravityand a smooth surface) We have a really active discordcommunity! Video tutorials: Orbittutorial: Moonlanding:
Vozy 1.3
Control the rocket and avoid asteroids. Survive to win !
Mod Jurassic for MCPE 1.0
Mod Jurassic is an incredible addon which includes manydifferentdinosaurs in one pack. Each of them include a unique setofbehaviors. For example, some of them you can tame and rideandothers you have to be extra careful with since theiraggressivebehavior will make them want to kill and eat you. Thisaddoninclude:- Raptors- Carnotaurus- T-Rex- IndominusRex-Compsognathus- Mosasaurus & Tylosauros-Brachiosaurus-Triceratops...and many others dinosaurs!For usingthismodiffication you must have an offitial Minecraft PE onyourdevice!This is free app which can be easy to install in oneclick.Attention: This is an unofficial application for MinecraftPocketEdition. This application is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. The Name, the Brand and the Assets are all property ofMojangAB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. Incompliancewith
Power Warriors 5.0
Prepare for a 2D fast paced team fighting game in the palm ofyourhand Features: -Up to 3 VS 3 combat -Create your dream teamoffighters -Fun and easy to play -Unlock new characters-Eachcharacter has unique stats -Story mode -Arcade mode -Freebattlemode -Training mode Thank you for playing
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack 1.373
If you are a fan of space shooting games and like to simulateskyfire shooting, so Space shooter: Galaxy attack game is gameforyou. This is a game developed from classic arcade games genre,oldgame but with a new context, more vivid graphics, moremoderncombat scene, fiercer, more glamorous. One day, ourbeautifulgalaxy is under attack of the space terminator and thealienattack. The alien invaders beat our squad, they destroyed allofgalactica. And you are the chosen hero. Your mission is to betheguardians of the galaxy. Now, find the companion, build spaceteam,command the spaceship to protect the origin galaxians andthesurrounding asteroids. Space Shooter : Galaxy Attack game putsyouat the galaxy on fire with infinity shooting war. You will befacedan increasingly large number of enemies and deal with manystrikerbosses in space war. Are you sure you will survival thebullet hell? As the game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade yourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. FEATURE- Amazinglighting and special effects - Includes Power-ups andBosses! -Leader board global. - Lucky circle. - PVP - onlineshooting gamesHOW TO PLAY - Move spaceship - Kill space intruders -Upgrade spaceship - Change your weapons. The Galaxy's future is nowin yourhands. Get your weapons ready for infinity battle in thisshootergames
Knife Rush 1.1.1
Throw blades, collect coins, and go up the level ladder.Remember,you have only limited number of cutting weapons tocomplete everylevel. Do not hit other swords and obstacles! Do notwaste knivesin vain! Great knife features: – 30+ cold steel arms –Dozens oflevels to become a skilled knife master – Free chests forsplashyresults – Easy-to-understand gameplay Master your impressiveninjaaccuracy and caution! Just point, tap and hit the target.Anaddictive game that will definitely absorb you in itsspinuniverse!
thanhnd.easy.note 3.2.4
Notes is an intuitive, lightweight application that allows youtocapture and organize your ideas. It gives you a quick andsimplenote editing experience when you write notes, memos,messages,audio record, map location, draw on photo or picture. EasyNote issimple and very easy to use. Offline note that you can useto writeon all the notes to remember without the need forinternetconnection. Features: - Organize notes by color, timeline.- Applock (Pattern + Fingerprint). - Sort notes by date created,dateupdated. - Add reminders. - Voice memos - high quality and lowsizeM4A audio recordings - Picture attachments for notes. - Writenoteswith finger (handwritten note taking & drawings). - Drawonphoto or picture. - Support multi photos or images. - Locateonmap. - Filter by date.
Wrecking Squad 1.0.6
Big Blue Bubble
Collect a colorful cast of unique characters and smash yourwaythrough a fully destructible 3D city in an all new physicsbasedpuzzle game from Big Blue Bubble. Breaker and the WreckingSquadare the only ones capable of smashing the abandoned buildingsofToppelopolis and keeping it safe from the robo-jerks. By usingtheWrecking Squad's unique abilities like explosives, drills,andstructure destroying science you’ll be able to smash everythinginsight!Features:• Unique characters with special abilities• Levelupyour squad• Fully destructible 3D environments• Over 250puzzlinglevels to destroyEnlist today, join the WreckingSquad!:Facebook( is completely free toplay, however some game items can alsobe purchased for real money.If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. WreckingSquad requires aninternet connection to play (3G or WiFi).HELP& SUPPORT: Get ahold of us byvisiting orcontacting us ingame by going to Options > Support.
Sigma Dimension 1.0.8
Sigma dimension is a weird area in the space. There violates mostofthe physical laws and common sense. One of our spacecraftgetstrapped in the area, and we need you to help the spacecrafttogather enough resources and energy in order to break out ofSigmadimension.Sigma dimension is a weird area in the space.Thereviolates most of the physical laws and common sense. One ofourspacecraft gets trapped in the area, and we need you to helpthespacecraft to gather enough resources and energy in order tobreakout of Sigma dimension.
He’s cute. He’s loveable. He’s a CHAINSAW. Meet Waynesaw, yournewbest friend! Tear through the forest as Waynesaw in the hopesofreuniting with your lost family. But watch out! The forestisteeming with toxic waste, and the forest critters havetransformedinto vicious mutated zombies. Fortunately, you are achainsaw!Destroy trees! Obliterate your enemies! Upgrade your sawblade toannihilate everything in exciting and horrible ways! Jumpon aBoostpad or grab a Chaingun to wreak unthinkable carnage upontheforest. When you’ve rained enough havoc, transform intotheferocious and unstoppable SUPERSAW! Rev up your engine,becausewhat’s better than wielding a chainsaw? BEING A CHAINSAW.
Crazy AA 1.0
MIA Game
The game play is simple, a rotation ball in the center, someradiantballs surrounding it, players need to shoot radiant ball totherotation ball one by one, but must not touch others. As thegamegoing, the balls will be more and more, the rotation ball maybequickly or slowly, this game become harder. The Crazy AA has1200levels. You will be relaxed, don't miss it. Let's us know ifyouhave any feedback.
Run Cow Run 2.1.2
Run Cow Run - The game the meat industry doesn't want you to know!♥Help the cow to escape from the farmer ♥ One day, the littlecowrealizes what happens to all of the farm animals and makesanescape for her life! While being chased by the vicious farmer,sherescues other farm animals from their cages and tries not to endupas a steak in the farm’s slaughterhouse. Jump over obstacles,slideunder windmills, set the farm animals free and collect coinstopurchase unique power-ups that will help the cow make ittofreedom! DODGE the angry farmer! New Flappy Cow Mini-game: Flapthelittle wings of the Cow and avoid getting hit by theobstacles!Features: • Free Game • Amazing 2D Graphics • SmoothGameplay •Unique Power Ups • "Google Play Games" AchievementsandLeaderboards • Android TV support - Control with remotecontrolD-pad, no need for external joystick • Save Farm Animals:pig,chicken, duck, sheep and Noogra (the squirrel from Noogra Nuts)•Free Run Cow Run clock widget included • New Flappy CowMini-game!Go vegan, save the cow! (This game is also suitable forvegetariansand carnivores) Award winning game - Best Running Game(GameIS)Inspired by the true stories of the cows: Maxine andYvonne.
Paris Wallpaper 2.1
Do you admire Paris? Surely? So do we. Here is an app just foryou.These wallpapers are shining with magic and luxury of Paris.Parisin your heart, in your thoughts and on your phone screen.Uploadthe colours of the city of eternal Love.
Henry Danger Crime Warp 1.1
The Game Shakers & Henry Danger have joined forces to bringyouthe Henry Danger Crime Warp game! The Time Jerker and hisevilallies have escaped through time. Collect mad coinage as youslide,jump, dive and punch giant popcorn monsters, in this non-stopdashto stop them! • Play a REAL game from Nickelodeon's hit tvshows:GAME SHAKERS and HENRY DANGER!• Swipe your finger to jump,slide,and punch nonstop through time!• Unlock new levels as yougo!• Warpthrough 5 worlds to beat Swellview's most notorious badguys!•Power up as Kid Danger or Captain Man!• Collecting coinsandupgrading gear feels goooood! So what are you waiting for?Downloadthe Crime Warp app on your Android device today!HenryDanger CrimeWarp collects personal user data as well asnon-personal user data(including aggregated data). User datacollection is in accordancewith applicable law, such as COPPA. Userdata may be used, forexample, to respond to user requests; enableusers to takeadvantage of certain features and services;personalize content andadvertising; and manage and improveNickelodeon's services. Formore information regarding Nickelodeon’suse of personal user data,please visit the Nickelodeon GroupPrivacy Policy below. OurPrivacy Policy is in addition to anyterms, conditions or policiesagreed to between you and Google,Inc., and Nickelodeon and itsaffiliated entities are notresponsible for Google's collection oruse of your personal userdata and information. Additionally, thisApp may use “localnotifications.” Local notifications are sentdirectly from the Appto your device (you don’t need to beconnected to the Internet) andmay be used to notify you of newcontent or events within your App,among other reasons. Use of thisapp is subject to the NickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. Forusers residing in the EU, HenryDanger Crime Warp may include theuse of persistent identifiers forgame management purposes andinstallation of this app constitutesyour permission to such usageof persistent identifiers for allusers on your device.End UserLicense Agreement: End User LicenseAgreementfor this app includes arbitration for disputes – seeFAQs: