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Baby First Words 1.0
“Baby First Words” is a brilliant&verySimple app that is perfect for child development.Guaranteedtostimulate your baby's mind and to teach him/heressentialwords. Baby must application (6 months – 3 years).We were very exited to read the below comment on"BabyFirstWords" :★★★★★ Raphael on Thursday, November 22, 2012at23:57MotorolaDROID RAZR (cdma_spyder)Version 1.0My baby actually started speaking!!! I bought thisappaftersearching for something to stimulate my 15 month old,shestillhadn't spoke. After playing with the app for a week,shesuddenlyout of the bloom, pointed to the fruit bowl on thekitchentableand said "banana"!!!! I always imagined her saying Mamafirstbut Iwas so happy I didn't care. THIS APP WORKS!veryrecommended.------------------------------------------------------------As one of your baby’s first apps, this surprisinglycreativegamesupplies the wonderful mixture of entertainment andeducationall inone!With many colorful and inviting themes, along with manyfiguresshownin their original surrounding, your baby will enjoy asimpleyetintelligent game that will encourage their thinking,motorskills,and a much wider vocabulary.In this app there are several groups of themesrepresentedbyremarkably cute and elaborate figures that arecrossing thescreen.By simply pressing on a displayed figure, thefigure's namewill bepronounced and your baby will be exposed at avery early ageto theprinciple of action and re-action and willdevelop awidervocabulary.In each of the fascinating themes, your baby will comeacrosswithfamiliar characters from the underwater world, such asadolphin,wild animals from the jungle, even fruits&vegetables, and manymore... (In order to avoid clutterandconfusion for your baby, alsoto help develop better attentionandconcentration abilities, eachfigure enters thescreenindividually.)Once the character is pressed there are prominentindicatorsofsounds and movement.These actions contribute to:• Hand-eye coordination• Understanding the effects of action and reaction• The ability to focus on one task at a time• Teaching new words & improves the baby's vocabularyThe perfect educational app for your baby!Please Join us on Facebook – Baby First