Top 2 Apps Similar to Max-RAM: Fill-Up RAM Simulator

Developer Toolbelt - Fill RAM 1.0.2
An open source app to help developers test their apps.Lowmemory& state issues are common reasons for crashes inAndroid.Ibuilt this app to reproduce low-memory situations &helpsquashbugs! There's a detailed guide on how to test yourapphere:•Fill RAM Memory • No annoying ads! If you have an ideaforanotherfeature, head over to Github and create afeaturerequest:
Fill RAM Memory Ad free 1
Application helps developers easily reproduce low memorysituation.So, just pushing one button you can check how otherapplicationbehave in low memory situation and recover after it.Also it makesyou phone work faster! By filling your ram and thenexit ofapplication helps clean your phone memory without root andkillingapp due to it's done by android OS.