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My Airtel-Online Recharge, Pay Bill, Wallet, UPI
India’s first Payments bank is now part of the all new MyAirtelApp. The My Airtel App is now not just the fastest &mostsecure way to recharge your Mobile & DTH accounts, paypostpaid& broadband bills, pay electricity bills but also letsyoumanage your Airtel Payments Bank Savings and Wallet account aswellas send and receive money through airtel paymentsBankUPI/BHIM.What does My Airtel App offer?1. Prepaid- Enjoyexclusiveoffers, exciting deals and coupons on online recharge withthepayments app- View tariff plans of full talk time, top ups,nightpacks, daily packs, SMS, internet packs, roaming packs, 4G, 3Gand2G usage, prepaid mobile recharge - Claim your handsetbundledoffer from the online recharge app to enjoy amazingbenefits- Youcan buy international roaming packs from the mobilerecharge APP-Repeat your frequent prepaid mobile online recharge onthe go -Alerts for your data usage & go in for quick rechargefor moredata packs- Lets you activate family share with few clicks2.Airtel Payments Bank Account- Your mobile number becomes yourbankaccount number- You earn a high interest rate of 5.5% p.a. onyoursavings balance- Free personal accident insurance of Rs. 1lac-Talk-time equivalent to the money deposited at the time ofaccountopening- Account opening, cash deposit and cash withdrawalat anyof our Banking Points- Pay bills, make online payment anddorecharges conveniently- Use Airtel UPI to easily transfer themoneyfrom your phone- Easy money transfer from your phone-Cashlesspayments at a vast network of our merchants- Option to payat over1 lac ecommerce sites using the online debit card3.Postpaid- Usethe app to register and receive postpaid bills on youremail. Ifyou have forgotten the password to retrieve your bill, youcanrequest for the same through the app- You can check thecreditlimit of your mobile postpaid account from the app- Detailsof DataBalance, Account balance, Bills, Bill plan and Unbilledamount-Alerts for your data usage & offers for more datapacks4. DTH-Repeat your frequent DTH recharge on the go- Enjoyexclusiveoffers, exciting deals and coupons on easy recharge of DTHof alloperators5. DSL/Broadband- Enjoy 100% secure transaction onallyour broadband bill payment with PCI-DSS.- View tariff plansofbroadband & fixed line/landline bill payment. - Youcancheck the history and status of your past service requestfromSmartbyte consumption detail APP. You can see the amount ofdatathat has been purchased and consumed as Smartbytes 6.AdditionalFeatures - View all your transaction history for onlinerecharge& bill payments- Add and manage your dongle with easefrom theMyAirtel App- Notifications to remind you about youraccounts andkeep you on track- Make payments and do mobile rechargeusingAirtel Money UPI- Make online payments using debit cards,creditcards and net banking facility- MyAirtel app makes paymentsandinstant recharge a super quick mobile experience. -EasyPrepaid Recharges, Bill Payments and DTH recharges foralloperators- PCIDSS certification makes the My Airtel app thesafestapp and mobile wallet to use and allows fastest checkoutsforprepaid recharge, postpaid bill payment and Airtel moneyloadcash.- You can also make life simpler by adding allyourfamily/friends prepaid, postpaid, DTH & Broadband /Landlineaccounts for mobile recharge offers & for bill paymentsat onesingle place.- Enjoy exclusive offers, exciting deals andcouponson recharge of your mobile & DTH and bill payments.Recharge itnow and enjoy free recharge and bill payment services.-Manage allyour services & raise all your complaints &requests at onetouch with 24X7 customer care. - Rechargehistory and billsummary on the bill payment app
My Orange Egypt 2.7
Orange Egypt
Easily follow up on your consumption and control your line MyOrangeusage is free local and while roaming My Orange will helpyou: •Know your tariff name, For Orange Dolphin, Panther and Foxusers canmanage their tariff features and change their tariff •Enjoy theinternet with no surprises as you can monitor yourconsumption andmanage your internet subscription from My Internet:o Subscribe oChange package o Buy extension o Get Mini GO o Buyonline extrapackages • Receive live consumption push notificationsby selectingbetween 3 different alert plans (default, medium andheavy) • Viewyour unpaid bills (up to 4 invoices) and pay fullamount orpartially through credit card, scratch card or creditbalance • Beon top your credit balance and recharge throughscratch card orcredit card • Follow up on your consumption fromunits, calls, SMSsthrough My Consumption • Monitor and manage yourdata roaming bucketand your consumption limit • Subscribe toOrange offers andpromotions • know your Special points, availablegifts and accessyour membership card as a First Class customer •Find Orange Storesaround you using GPS or by specific area •"Continued use of GPSrunning in background can dramaticallydecrease battery life"
Call Recorder License - ACR 10.0
This license key removes adverts from ACR Call Recorder( )andgives access to PREMIUM features such as- Ability to recordbycontact- Ability to start recording in the middle ofconversationvia manual recording setting- Dropbox integration-Google driveintegration- Auto email- Auto delete shortrecordingsand more..This app is ONLY USED TO ACTIVATE PREMIUMFEATURES OF ACR,YOUNEED TO HAVE ACR INSTALLED ON YOUR PHONE.If youdon't, downloaditfrom phone after installing ACR License
arproductions.andrew.worklog 4.1.1
Work Log is a quick, easy and free way to keep track of yourshiftsand calculate the number of hours worked and wages paid overyourpay period. ★ Fast, simple and straightforward way to trackyourhours, expenses, tips, mileage and more ★ Save time withfeatureslike automatic break deduction and pay period settings ★Usewidgets to punch in and out quickly, or as a shortcut to add anewshift. (tap on the punch in time to cancel it) ★ Punch In andout,or enter your hours manually ★ Customize how Work Log lookswithoptions like date and time formatting, when your week startsand alight or dark theme ★ View your hours in a variety of wayssuch asby week, month, pay period or all of your shifts at once ★Set yourpay period to automatically calculate how many hours youworked andyour wages for each paycheck ★ Track as many details asyou wantwith a variety of tracking options like Expenses, Tips,Sales,Mileage, Holiday Pay and more ★ Have deductions and/orbonusesautomatically calculated for paycheck estimates ★ Keep trackofovertime hours and wages for up to two separate overtimesInstallwith Work Log Pro for extra features like tracking multiplejobs,removing ads, exporting all data as a spreadsheet (.CSV), aswellas backup and import all saved data as a database via email.BothWork Log Free and Work Log Pro must be installed to benefitfromthese features
Sunarp 2.1.4
¡DONDE ESTES LA SUNARP VA CONTIGO! Ahora ya no tienes que acudiralas oficinas de la Sunarp para realizar tus trámitesregistrales.La Sunarp actualiza su app conservando los serviciosgratuitos desiempre, pero ahora también te permite solicitarservicios pagadosde información registral (Publicidad Registral)cuyos documentosserán enviados al correo electrónico del ciudadano.No esperes más,descarga la app de la Sunarp y disfruta de susbeneficios. WHEREARE YOU THE SUNARP GOES WITH YOU! Now you do nothave to go to theoffices of Sunarp to perform your registrationprocedures. Sunarpupdates your app while retaining the usual freeservices, but nowit also allows you to request paid services ofregistrationinformation (Registration Advertising) whose documentswill be sentto the citizen's email. Do not wait any longer,download the Sunarpapp and enjoy its benefits.
My Cloud 4.4.14
Access your My Cloud and My Passport Wireless drives, including :MyCloud, My Cloud Expert series, My Cloud Pro series, MyPassportWireless Pro, and My Passport Wireless. My Cloud Home userspleasedownload the My Cloud Home app. The My Cloud app makesaccessingand sharing from anywhere easy. And with automatic photoand videobackup to your personal cloud storage, it helps reliablystore yourirreplaceable moments so you can free up space on yourtablet orsmartphone. The My Cloud app also integrates with othercloudservices, providing a centralized location for all yourcontent.Note: The My Cloud app requires a WD My Cloud product orMyPassport Wireless product to work (sold separately). Like usonFacebook: Follow us onTwitter:@WesternDigital Follow us on Instagram: westerndigital
Game Booster: 2X Speed for games 8.0
AJK Labs
Game Booster is an extremely powerful tool to play your Androidgamein an optimal performance.Game Booster frees up your phonememory& close unused apps/tasks to boost best environment foryourAndroid Game play. Game Booster will unleash your phonepotentialand bring your game play experience to the next level! ►What canGame Booster do?1. Automatically solve RAM (memory)problems whileopening game from game launcher.2. Automaticallyboost games up to40%+ when launching from game list .► If you havean excellent phonebut it mysteriously can't run games well, orhave an older phonethat needs a quick performance increase, thenthis is the perfectapp for you. Download GameBooster right now andsee just how fastyour phone can be!■FAQ-----------------------------★ Q: How doesthis app work?☆ A: Itkills useless running apps and free up memorybefore launching yourgame, so your game will run more smoothly.★ Q:Can this app boostnon-game apps?☆ A: Sure, you can add non-gameapps and boost themas well.
Millimeter Pro - screen ruler, protractor, level 2.3.0
Millimeter is a screen ruler app. It uses full screen ofAndroiddevice for distance and length measurements as caliper ortapemeasure. Place an object on the scale paper screen and simplytouchand move rulers to measure it. Check features for moredetails. Proversion measures area, circle, radius and diameter,angles, ratioand splits into equal parts, angle NO POP-UP ADS onyour screen inthe app unlike other free ruler apps on market. Bestand real fullscreen ruler. ☛ ANY DEVICE can be calibrated foraccuratemeasurements in Calibration Mode, where common standardobjects(coins, credit cards, etc) can be used as a reference. Moreaboutapp: 📖 posts about app: 📏Whatyou can do in Pro version of the app: - Calibrate Millimeterwithcustom or standard objects (💳) - Ruler Mode for measure inmetricand imperial units: mm and inch - Use fractions for inchunits -Use app as standard ruler - Use full screen mode for betteruserexperience in Ruler mode - Additional vertical ruler for2Dmeasurements (📐) - Area measurement for 2D measurements (⬛)-Calculate W/H ratio of the rectangular objects in 2D - PartsModeto split length or objects in equal parts - Thread per inch (TPI )measurement pattern (🔩) in Partsmode( - Spirit / bubble level forcheckingincline or tilt angle 🔮 - Circle Mode to measure circularobjects(🔴) - Split circle into equal sector / angle - Protractor/Goniometer Mode - measure angles (⚪) - Lock / Unlock rulers inanymode for better usability (🔒) - Set exact size, length,diameter,number of parts manually with keyboard input (⌨) -Changebackground to BW night mode for power saving (🔋) andbettervisualization (🌓) - turn on/of fine grid (1 mm formillimeterunits) - Read interactive Help / Guide about allavailable featuresin a mode Use this screen ruler in differentareas to measure smallobjects that fit your phone or tablet screen: jewelry, jewels,rings 💍 , stones, screws, bolts, buttonsdiameter, nuts, knittingneedles, knitting pattern, washers,insects, mosaic tile, hooks,thread, frame wrap angle, etc. Units:millimeter (mm), inch (in).Fractions are supported for inch units.Supported languages: -English, German, Russian, Japanese and Frenchlanguages. ☎ If youhave any problems with the app on your device,please first and we will helpyou. Thank you.VisTech.Projects Team. Note: measurement rangelimited by size ofyour screen and with fine calibration the appgives you accuracycomparable to standard ruler or measure tape.
Amcrest View Pro 4.2.008
The Amcrest View Pro app was specifically designed for ourAmcrestIP Cameras, HDCVI DVRs, and NVRs. Watch your cameras liveusingyour Android device! As a leader in the home securityspace,Amcrest offers products to help you and your loved ones feelsafe,no matter where you are. With the Amcrest View Pro app, it'ssimpleto check in on what you care about, from anywhere.
Should I Answer? Obsolete Version 2019.01.11011
IMPORTANT: if you have Android version 6 and higher, considerusingour brand new app version with simplier user interface, fulldialerfunctionality and better support of newer Android versions -can bedownloaded fromlink from older app please folllowlink Should I Answer isfreemobile security application protecting you againstunsolicited,expensive, unwanted or unknown calls. Should I answerthe call?This question can come into a mind of every person whosees anunknown incoming call. Each of us had (or will have)theopportunity to face the unsolicited call, telemarketingcampaign,advertisement or some kind of fraud call. How should wefind outthat the calling number is harmless and answering it willnot costus tens of minutes of precious time or significant amountof money?Notification Features • Displays phone number ratingimmediatelywhen phone starts ringing • Does not touch or displayratings foryour numbers stored in contacts! • Works offline – usesofflinerating database (internet connection not needed) • Fastaccess todetailed phone number information and user reviews • Fastaccess towrite own review Optional Blocking Features • Blocks callsfromhidden numbers • Blocks calls to premium rate numbers •Blockscalls to foreign countries • Blocks calls from/to negativeratednumbers • Blocks calls from numbers defined on private blocklist •Can blocks all calls from numbers which are not in contactlist! •Never blocks or touch any number from your contact list!OnlineManual: Howis the database of ratings and numbers created? The databaseisbuilt-up by the community of all users who have theapplicationinstalled and/or visiting the application pages. Theusers cananonymously send ratings and reviews for public phonenumbers (wedo not collect info for private numbers) based on realansweredcalls. These ratings are stored in central server databasewhereour admins can check them and after evaluation and approvalthereviews with ranking are then distributed to all mobile phoneswithour application installed. Why the application demands accesstocontacts and phone calls in my mobile? Such information are usedbythe application to distinguish between your private contactsstoredin your mobile and new incoming calls – so the rating formisdisplayed only for new not rated/not private numbers inyourhistory. Your private contacts are never sent to server(generallyspeaking they never leave your mobile).
com.specialyg.ippro 3.3.2
wu peilin
IP Pro IPC Pro,24 Hour Remote Video Surveillance MoblieApplicationConcise and fashion GUI, Multi-image and real- timepreview, QRscan, PTZ control, video capture, recording backup. Morefunctionsare waiting for you,just download it
MyRightel 9.1.0
Manage Your SIM Card by "My RighTel" App. My RighTel enables youtocomplete a wide range of affairs related to your SIMCardincluding, but not limited to, purchasing internet packages,buyingRials and Exciting charges, getting aware of your RighTelSIMCard's details and description of your previous and presentplansand packages, observing and paying your bills, checkingcoveragemaps, and finding RighTel stores, without having to contacttheCustomer Service Center. Some features of MyRighTel include:•Package Report (My Packages): By selecting this option, apageshowing active packages will be displayed. • Package Purchase:Inthis section, a multitude of offers are presented tosubscribers,who are able to make the best choice according to theirneeds. •Current Services: By selecting Current Services, you canwitnessthe status of your different services andactivate/deactivate yourintended service. These services includeMissed calls, Call report,Rinavaz Services, International Roaming,Teleconference, Callwaiting, Keeping a current call • Normal DirectCharge: The optionTop-Up active only for prepaid and datasubscriptions. • Excitingcharge: Users of data and prepaidsubscriptions are subject to anincremental charge up to 35% withregard to the manner by whichthey purchase their credit. • Paymentof Bills: The option Paymentof Bills is active only for postpaidsubscriptions. • Family andFriends: The service Family and Friendswill enable you to add upto five on-net and two off-net mobilenumbers to which you makeyour most frequent calls. From now on, youwill have specialdiscounts on making voice calls to them. •Coverage Map: Byselecting the intended city, coverage map will bedisplayed. •RighTel Stores: By clicking on this icon, a list ofactive RighTelstores will be displayed, showing their addresses andbusinesshours and days. • My Payments: In this section, achronologicallist of all your payments for buying RighTel servicesand productswill be shown. • Call detail record (CDR): On allRighTel SIMcards, you can receive in your inbox your PDF-formatcall detailrecords within your intended time interval. • Submittinga Problem:In case you ever encounter any problem, you can registerit withoutthe need to call the RighTel Customer Service Center,whose expertswill appropriately resolve all registered problems assoon aspossible.
iWOWNfit supports a stylish bracelet available in differentcolorsequipped with a 3D sensor and Bluetooth 4.0 that allows ittoconnect with ios and Android Smart Phones. Once connected totheSmart Phone, user can also enjoy Phone Call and SMSnotificationthrough bracelet vibration.
Mitt3 3.11.20-SNAPSHOT
Med Mitt3-appen i din mobil får du full koll på dinaabonnemangeller kontantkort hos Tre. Populära funktioner iMitt3-appen •Följa användning av data, samtal, SMS och tjänster •Se och betaladin faktura • Lägga till och avsluta tjänster • Köpatill Extradata Mitt3-appen är tillgänglig för alla Tresprivatkunder samtföretagskunder med upp till 50 abonnemang. Har duförslag på hurappen kan bli bättre? Tyck till direkt underInställningar i appen.With the Mitt3 app on your mobile, you getfull access to yoursubscriptions or prepaid cards at Tre. Popularfeatures of the My3app • Follow usage of data, calls, SMS andservices • View and payyour invoice • Add and exit services •Purchase to Additional DataThe Mitt3 app is available to all Tresprivate customers andcorporate customers with up to 50subscriptions. Do you havesuggestions on how the app could getbetter? Enjoy directly underSettings in the app.
com.bibas.worksclocks 4.8.3
Features: ★ Supports NFC for clocking in and out ★ Upon arrivaltojob site, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (abletoprogram multiple locations). ★ At predetermined time, app cansendreminder alert to clock in and out ★ Multiple ways to clock inandout including: Clock in/out with a simple touch of yourfingerOption to clock in/out by typing ★ Track hours for salaryemployees★ Able to program different hourly rates for variouslocations/jobsites ★ Able to set different shift differentials.Including dayshift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, andholidays. ★ Changeand calculate retroactive salary for entire listor selected month★ Search, sort, calculate, edit, delete days underspecial notes ★New interface which allows for various colorselections and colorthemes to correlate with different shifts ★Able to manually modifytime log. ★ Option to automatically back updata to the device. ★Clock widget for ease and accessibility forclock in and out ★Customize settings for unlimited number of jobs ★Able to togglebetween jobs on the list with ease ★ Automaticallyadjusts forshift differentials and displays them in custom colorsassigned byuser ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions onan as neededbasis ★ Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions ona permanentbasis ★ Able to enter in vacation pay, sick pay, andholidays ★Calculates mandatory deductions such as state tax,federal tax,state disability (according to user settings) ★ Able tocalculatetravel expenses per day or per month ★ Capable to back upto GoogleDrive or drop box ★ Able to send data by e-mail in anExcel or text★ Calculate daily, monthly, or annual salary ★ Markmonth / day asPaid or Unpaid. ★ And more... Work Log, Work Time,Time Shift,Shift Hour.
Zeroner Health Pro
Zeroner Health Pro supports a stylish bracelet availableindifferent colors equipped with a 3D sensor and Bluetooth 4.0thatallows it to connect with ios and Android Smart Phones.Onceconnected to the Smart Phone, user can also enjoy Phone CallandSMS notification through bracelet vibration. The latestversionsupports English, German, French, Japanese, Korean,TraditionalChinese, Spanish, Turkish, Polish ,Italian and Dutch.
Round Corners Pro 1.14
Tools Bucket Lab
Give your phone a modern look with a rounded corners theme. Nowyoucan customize the corners of your screen and make it looksmoothand very pleasing to the eye. By using rounded corners, youcanmake a smooth transition between your phone's body and thescreen.Remember, you can choose the color of the corners so thatitmatches the color of your phone. What can you customize? -Theradius for each corner separately. - The color of the corners.-Each app may have its own settings. Why Round Screen Corners Pro?-Customization with a big amount of options. - Clean interface.-Ease of use. - Here at Tools Bucket Lab, we focus on deliveringasolid experience to our users.
Auto Call Recorder 1.6
Auto Call Recorder is a simple and smart auto telephonevoicerecorder & call id app for all android phones PhoneCallRecorder is automatic call recording during audio call.AutomaticCall Recorder is best call recorder, automatic callrecorder, phonecall recorder. By using Call recorder, You canautomatic callrecording and save any phone call you want. Automaticcallrecorder, best phone call recorder for android. PleasedownloadAuto Call Recorder, You can record any incoming calls andoutgoingcall with high quality. Call recording is automatic andveryreliable. How Call Recorder works : - Open the CallRecorderAndroid app it will now run in the background toincreaseproductivity by enabling easy access. - Make or receive acall andit will begin recording once the call connects - Select theapp toaccess the list of previously recorded calls and play them.AutoCall Recorder Main features: - CALL RECORDING/ CALL RECORDER-Record your calls automatically while calling. - Automaticcallrecorder - Records Calls in HD sound quality - CallRecorderfeatures directly from the after call screen - Recordoutgoing call- record incoming calls - Call Recorder Automatic,Phone CallRecorder, voice calls Recorder - Conversation Recorder inPhoneCall Recorder Free - Identify Numbers in real-time – eventhose notin your contact list - Record your all calls automaticallywhilecalling or ask every-time to record new call. - Search call bynameor phone number. - Organize your call records. You can seecalls asall calls records, only incoming, only outgoing, date andtimeeasily. - This phone recorder app is all call recorder, thatmeansusers can record all calls including internal callsorinternational calls Auto call recorder is a the best freecallrecorder application with these features : - Record incomingcall -Record Outgoing call - Favorite - Cube Call Recorder -Android CallRecorder - Smart Auto Call Recorder - Search - Grabadordellamadas, grabar llamadas - Records all your phone calls -Playrecorded audio - Call Recorder - Automatic - AutomaticCallRecorder - Delete recorded items - Lock recorded items topreventfrom auto-cleaning - Share recorded items - Record alltelephonyconversations. - Play audio recorded conversations. -Markingrecordings as important - Galaxy Call Recorder - All CallRecorderAutomatic - Multi select, delete, send - Ability startdelayedrecording - Different recording modes by number,contact,non-contact or just selected contacts Auto Call RecorderThe bestcall recorder, automatic call recorder. Another name isauto callrecorder. Records any Incoming & Outgoing calls in HDvoiceQuality, play any recorded call whenever you want to listenit.Call Recorder is an application that allows you to recordyouroutgoing telephone calls. The entire call is recorded and savedonyour phone and your phone only. Unlike other call recordingappsyour recordings are private and are not saved on a thirdpartyserver. Automatic Call Recording Record any phone call youwant andchoose which calls you want to save. You can set whichcalls arerecorded and which are ignored. Recorded calls are storedin theInbox. You can set the size of the inbox. You can phonerecorderany call through voice call recorder. Auto Call RecorderRecordsincoming/outgoing phone calls in crystal clear quality soundfromboth side and identifies unknown phone calls for you. CallRecordsFeatures Play, Delete, Call, Share, Share Direct to CallSharingapps. "Call recorder" - an application for automatic andmanualcall recording and a voice recorder. Multiple Audio Input&Recording Formats Supports 3GPP,MPEG4 to record. Please notethatcall recording does not work on certain handsets and can resultininferior quality recordings.
auto Call Recorder 2018 1.02.2018.11
Please read the description of the program, thisisimportant!The2018 self-timer program is one of therecommendedprograms forviewing, sending or sharing with aparticularperson.Call Recorder2018 is one of the best programs onGooglePlay.2018 Advantages:Thebottom is comfortable and harmless totheeyes.Management ofautomatic recording of the recorder.• Start/stop recordingmanually• Very simple! (Very simple!) • Verysimple!•very simple!(Very easy!)Dialogue after the conversation,"dialogueafter theconversation," "dialogue after the conversation."(Veryeasy!)•Time markers (very simple!)• Lock mode to not knowwhoismonitoring your calls.Call the 2018 recorder or call onlythemostimportant calls• Save or delete the recorder immediatelyafteracall• Adjust the segment• Fixed a reminder inthenotificationpanel (login / deactivation, adding comments, addingtofavorites)- Quick access to the burner (very easy!)Selectthequality of therecorder 2018.• Record to "amr", "mp3", "wav","mp3"or "mpg" withthe ability to select the recording.Viewsavedconversations•Groups (all / inputs / outputs / favorites)•Sort by(date,subscriber name, phone number, duration, file size)•Searchbetweenall records• Quick filtering to the specifiednumberEditingandmanaging recorded conversations• Change logininformation•Timemarkers• Contact the program participant•Protectionagainstdeletion of the registry (favorites)• Automaticdeletionofrecords• Send files via TTS or FSPOK• Change whererecordsarestoredNotifications• Stop notifications from startingtherecorder2018• Notification mode when "Do not show" -nonotifications,"Show during recording" Start / Stop entrymanually,add a comment,add to favorites.• Save conversationafterconversation• Notify incase of an error• Notificationafterdeletion of recordsOnly in thecall recorder: you can configurethecall recorder 2018 fromcertain contacts to registerautomatically.Will be saved in thecloud.Note:This program may notwork on somephones due to theweakness of the store or the phonemanager.You cansend yourrecommendations or any information abouterrors orproblems of theprogram on my email. Thank you.
Aplicativo para TV BOX ANDROID e Celulares ANDROID
Pro Metronome 0.13.0
Pro Metronome is a powerful tool that helps you master bothdailypractice and stage performance. It has redefined how more than3million people sync to a beat on iOS, and now, Pro Metronomeiscoming to Android.The free version is packed with features likethenewly designed time signature interface – customized it any wayyouwant. 13 time-keeping styles let you choose beat sounds thatworkfor you – even a counting voice.. With RTP (Real-TimePlayback)technology, it's more precise than a traditionalmechanicalmetronome.Pro Metronome is all about customization –change beatsounds, accents, and even choose from 4 different beatvolumelevels ("f", "mf", "p" and "mute.") With the Pro Version,accesssubdivisions, polyrhythm settings, and create complexpatterns withtriplets, dotted notes, and non-standard timesignatures.The appsupports several ways to experience beats. Allversions have sound,but upgrading to Pro enables Visual, Flash andVibrate. Visual andVibrate Modes are great when you're playing loudinstruments orwhen you need to FEEL the beat. Flash Mode uses thedevice's cameraflash to help your whole band sync up easily.But ProMetronomedoesn't just help you keep time, it also helps you train.Manymusicians, especially drummers, are looking for some way tohelpthemselves keep a steadier beat. So Pro Metronome built theRhythmTrainer - it plays one bar of beats, then mutes the next,lettingyou check how steady your timing really is. Increase mutetime asyou get better and soon you'll be closer to having perfecttiming.It's a simple idea not found in any other app, one that lotsofpeople have requested to increase their stamina andprecision.ProMetronome supports many other features: polyrhythmmode to helpdrummers hear and visualize complex, interlocking beatpatterns;background play mode; in-app volume adjust; even savingplayliststhat you can share with friends, no matter which systemthey areusing(Android/iOS). It's a powerful, elegant app that iseasy foranyone to get started with, and useful for any musician. Sopick itup and sync to your own beat today!We know that ProMetronome forAndroid is far from perfect right now. However, we'llkeepimproving it in the next update and finally provide thesameexperiences as on iOS devices.Free Version Features:+Extremelyeasy to use and AD FREE (We hate banner ads as much asyou do)!+Dynamic time signature settings+13 different time-keepingstyles,including a counting voice+Dynamic accent settings,including f,mf, p, and mute indicators+Calculate BPM by tapping inrealtime+Color Mode – see the beats+Pendulum Mode, forvisualfeedback+Power-Saving/Background Modes – works in lockscreen,home, or in another app+In-app volume adjustment+Timer tohelp youremember to practice and how long you did it for+Universalapp –supported on phones and tablets+Landscape Mode+Stage Mode –theindispensable companion for performing musicians.Upgrade toProVersion to enable Pro Features: +LED/Screen Flash Mode *+VibrateMode, makes you FEEL the beats * +Subdivisions, includingTriplet,Dot note, and many other patterns. +Polyrhythms – play tworhythmtracks at once+Favorite Mode – save and load yourfavoritesettings+Rhythm Trainer – helps to develop yoursteadybeats+Wirelessly share presets and playlists(cross platformbetweenAndroid and iOS systems)+Practice Mode – allows you toprogrammeautomatic tempo change to suit your practice regime.* LEDFlashMode only available for LED-Enabled devices* Vibrate Modeonlyavailable for phones * We need the Camera Permission to enabletheLED Flash Mode function=== About EUMLab ===EUMLab helpsunleashyour musical talent! With pioneering technology, EUMLabcreatesleek, beautiful products for both the professional andnovicemusician alike.Find out more about us: Follow usonTwitter/Facebook: @EUMLab Questions? Write
Brand new FREE theme for GO SMS Pro!❤Notice:GO SMS theme isonlyavailable for phones with GO SMS Pro installed. Click heretoinstall GO SMS Pro!❤How to use this theme:After downloadingandinstalling this theme, go to Mine -> My Theme ->Chooseyourtheme -> Apply❤❤❤Follow us:GOSMSFacebook:
Call recorder 1.0
smart mobile app
Record any phone call you want and choose which calls youwanttosave. You can set which calls are recorded and whichareignored.Listen to the recording, add notes and shareit.Integration withGoogle Drive allows calls to be savedandsynchronized to the cloudas well. You can set passwordforrecordsCall Recorder is a freecall recorder application. It isoneof the best call recorders inthe Play Store and offers tonsoffeatures such as:- Enable/Disablecall recording- Set passwordforsecurity- Synchronize data withGoogle Drive- Records all yourphonecalls, record incoming oroutgoing calls- Record incomingcall-Record Outgoing call- Easychange audio format (3gp, mp4,amr),audio source (voice call,voice communication, mic), or recordpathon settings-Enable/Disable notification when recording-Displayingcontact nameon records list- Sort records list by contactor lastrecord time-Multi select, delete record items- Play recordedaudioby touch onthe item- Clean material design.
Your Phone Cleaner Lite - Pro Cleaner 1.1b
Your Phone Cleaner Lite Can Do :-Clean All Your Jun FilesCleanAllYour Junk AppsBoost Your Phone For High PerformanceSave YourPhoneBattery For More PowerAnd Lots more try us now
com.callblocker.whocalledme 1.4.1
Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top true name caller id app.CallerID works like a phone number lookup, spam call blocker,phone dialerand call screen app. 30 million people trust! CallerID helpidentify unknown callers and show who’s calling you. Blockspamcalls, robocalls, telemarketing and unwanted calls. Displaytruecaller id name and region for you. Caller ID - Who CalledMehighlight: Instant Caller ID - Caller identification helpidentifyunknown and private callers. Shows the caller id and name.Find outtrue phone caller id and more number details. Not onlyidentifyunknown calls, Caller ID - Who Called Me can also help youidentifyspam, scam and telemarketing calls. Figure out the truecaller byinstalling Caller ID. Call Blocker - Block unwanted callssuch astelemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud, by addingthem tocalls blacklist. Caller ID app will automatically blocknumber fromyour blacklist and help you say goodbye to all spamcalls. PhoneNumber Search - Caller ID lets you perform a phonenumber lookupany number to find out who it is and find out whocalled. You cancopy any number you see and put it into the searchbox. Caller ID -Who Called Me will identify the number and displaytrue phonecaller id and more details. Based on a huge data base, itis thebest phone number lookup and phone number search tool inAndroid!Smart Dialer - Make phone calls in the app directly. NowyourDialer is truly yours to block number. Use our smart dialertoquickly search in your call logs and contacts, and enjoythesmoothest dialing experience! Call Screen - Want to color yourcallscreen? Caller ID provides various beautiful, stylish andcolorfulcaller screen themes for customizing incoming calls.Continuouslyupdated caller screen themes. Now you can personalizethe way yousee your full screen Caller ID! Share the Color CallFlash withyour friends. Call Log Scan - Have you ever checked yourcallhistory and wondered: who called me? Caller ID app scanseveryunknown caller to protect your security. See all the callhistoryin the recent calls. Including the missed calls, completedincomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. Show you all callregion andtrue phone caller id. No unknown numbers anymore. CallerID - WhoCalled Me is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful. Ifyou wantto find a number detail, you can also try phone numbersearch inCaller ID - Who Called Me. You will get the best resultsabout thisnumber. Caller ID - Who Called Me is a free caller ID appdedicatedto serving users. It has never been easier to identifynumbers fromunknown callers and block numbers and unwanted calls!DownloadCaller ID - Who Called Me today! Note: * Caller ID app doesnotupload your phonebook to make it searchable. We also do notsell,share data with any third party application and/ororganization. *All authorized permission will only be usedinternally for CallerID to provide better service. * Up to Android6.0 versions requestpermission on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Drawover other apps. *Caller ID app will not show the actual MobileNumber Locator / GPSlocation of the caller. All locationinformation is at State / Citylevel only.
Kh-Fortune Teller Pro 1.7
This is the best app build for Khmer people to guess your name.Doyou know each name can have a different meaning? Well, let thisapptell you which type of person you are. Kh-Fortune Teller Procanpredict your behavior, personality, love, marriage, job andmoney.How to use this app: • Type your latin name correctly • Thenitwill tell you which type of person you are • Just look andscanthrough the text Feature: • Guess your behavior andcharacteristic• Guess your personality • Guess your love andmarriage • Guessyour job and money Please keep in mind that this isjust a FortuneTeller application. It can not predict your future100% correctly.If you found any problem in this app(Khmer text,Display problem),please kindly feedback us. We love to hear yourfeedback. So whatare you waiting for? Download Kh-Fortune TellerPro into your phonenow☟☟
Cache Cleaner Pro 5.0.1
The ultimate cache cleaning app.Cleans Cache more than otherCacheCleaning Apps in Android, Does it without root access!FlushAllApps Cache, Clean individual App Cache, Auto Clean Cache(ProFeature), and lot more features..Cache Cleaner gives youultimatecontrol over your device cache. Now Free up 100's ofpriceless MBsfrom your device/phone memory (Internal) and boostyour devicespeed in just one click of a button!Auto-Cleaner (ProFeature),Cleans memory automatically. Available intervals: 1minute, 5minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours,12hours, 1 day .Works on both rooted andnon-rooteddevices.Permission requirement:WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For deletingcache files from external storage.By,8JAPPS
ATLAS PRO Ultimate 1.97
NDASAT Atlaspro
ATLAS PRO Ultimate, est une application exclusivement dédiéeauxabonnés ATLAS PRO, c'est le premier portail Multimedia offrant àlafois l'iptv et d'autres services TV.Accés à la TV endirect.VODGuide TVReplayMusiqueRadioSocialtvActualité.Assistanceclientèle.ATLAS PRO Ultimate is anapplication exclusivelydedicated to ATLAS PRO subscribers, this isthe first multimediaportal offering both IPTV and other TVservices.Access to LiveTV.VODTV GuideReplayMusicRadiosocialtVNews.Customer Support.
com.bhanu.volumeschedulerpro 1.15
Yogesh Dama
Control volume levels and ringer, change ringtone andnotificationtone on given time. You need Volume Scheduler, Thereasons arenumerous to count. Firstly, it seems to be muchirritating whenyour mobile rings during a meeting, businessconference and othersensitive occasions. You may put your mobile onsilence mode butsometimes you forget to do that. Secondly, in caseyour mobile ison silence there are many chances that you did notremember toactivate the ringtone while an important call isawaiting for you.Thirdly, assume you are in a crowded place andyour mobileconstantly rings in your pocket and you are unable tolisten to theringtone. What can you do in these troublesomesituations ? Installthe Volume Scheduler app for android that caneasily andautomatically change the ringtone volume of your phonefrom low tohigh and high to low based on the schedule you provide.There areplenty of apps that do the same job, but they are verycomplicated,for such a basic and easy task you should just providetime andvolume levels, that's all. but most of the apps are askingfor listof settings to configure, like change profile when gpslocation isactive, selected wifi connection is active and so on.and this costyou more battery loss and also occupies more memory ofthe phone.Volume Scheduler is very simple app that do not use anybackgroundservice neither it uses gps, wifi and such other androidservicesto change the profile, you simply need to specify the timeyou wantto change the profile, most of the time you are well awareof yourschedule, still some time things are not as per schedulelike youget late to office, or at home, so app provide youthesnooze/postponed options, so you can postponed applying thesilent/ loud profile by just single tap. try the app and you willfindhow its very clear and simple app on this category, and howitshelps smartly changing volume levels, ringtones andnotificationtones. Ringer mode options: Silent mode, Normal mode orVibrateMode. Please visit for more details Ifyou likethis App don't forget to rate 5 star ★★★★★ or review.
Brand new FREE theme for GO SMS Pro!❤Notice:GO SMS theme isonlyavailable for phones with GO SMS Pro installed. Click heretoinstall GO SMS Pro!❤How to use this theme:After downloadingandinstalling this theme, go to Mine -> My Theme ->Chooseyourtheme -> Apply❤❤❤Follow us:GOSMSFacebook:
Password Safe - Secure Password Manager 6.4.6
Robert Ehrhardt
Annoyed of forgetting your access data for hundreds ofservices,apps and co.? Do you want a secure way of storing andorganizingall your passwords instead of writing them down on asheet ofpaper? Password Safe and Manager is the best solution foryou!Password Safe and Manager stores and manages all your entereddatain an encrypted way, so you have a secure storage of youraccessdata and you only have to remember your master-password.Thispassword manager allows you to manage and keep track about allyoursensitive data, which are stored completely encrypted and safe.Theencryption which is used for protecting your data vault is basedonthe strong Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256bit. You cantrustPassword Safe 100% as it does not have any access to theinternet.Note, the password manager is totally offline, so it hasNOautomatic sync-feature, because of themissinginternet-permissions. To share the vault, upload/backupthedatabase to any cloud service like Dropbox or similar and importitfrom there on another device, which is super easy yet, you canusethe inbuilt export/import functionality. With the includedwidgets,you can generate as many randomly created passwords rightfrom yourhomescreen, and it will automatically be copied to yourclipboard.Essential functions at a glance • secure storage andmanagement ofyour passwords, pins, accounts, access data, etc. •categorize yourentries in the Password Safe • access via onesinglemaster-password • Password Generator for creating securepasswords• backup and restore the encrypted database •customizability ofthe user interface • statistics • automaticclearing of theclipboard (some restriction on some devices) •PasswordGenerator-widgets • local auto-backup • csv-import/export•password strength indicator • no unnecessary Android rights •[PRO]attach images to entries • [PRO] own entry-fields can bedefinedand reordered • [PRO] entry-fields can be used more thanonce •[PRO] biometric login • [PRO] archive entries • [PRO]definemultiple categories for an entry • [PRO] see password history•[PRO] mass assign entries to category • [PRO] import/exportfrom/toexcel table • [PRO] automatic logout after specific time andwhenscreen turned off • [PRO] further designs • [PRO]self-destructionEASE OF USE Just remember only one single passwordand get accessto all of yours! Its intuitive design helps you tomanage your dataeasily and efficiently. Use categories to organizeyour entries,which makes it super easy to arrange and to findspecific content.Use your fingerprint to comfortably login to theapp and get toyour credentials fast and secure. SECURITY Securityis guaranteedby the used 256bit strong Advanced EncryptionStandard. No ideaabout a new strong password? Simply create a newand secure onewithin the app. CUSTOMIZATION Bored of standard userinterfacesettings? Password Safe and Manager offers you severaloptions tocustomize the user interface to your needs. INSIGHTS Wantto getsome insights? What passwords are used most often? Which aretooshort? Check the statistics within this Password Manager!DATASOVEREIGNTY Just you are handling your data. There is no reasontofear any data leak, hacked server data or similar as thePasswordManager is totally offline. You nonetheless have theopportunity tobackup your data and restore them easily. Note thatthe data inthis app are completely encrypted, so a recovery of anydata orreset of master password is not possible if the originalmasterpassword has been lost. Do not hesitate to contact me if youfoundbugs, want to help me translate Password Safe into otherlanguages,have any feature requests, problems or something likethat :)
Brand new FREE theme for GO SMS Pro!❤Notice:GO SMS theme isonlyavailable for phones with GO SMS Pro installed. Click heretoinstall GO SMS Pro!❤How to use this theme:After downloadingandinstalling this theme, go to Mine -> My Theme ->Chooseyourtheme -> Apply❤❤❤Follow us:GOSMSFacebook:
Your Ram Booster Pro 1.6ra
#1 Phone Optimizer App - Gives you high performance. YourRamBooster Pro Gives You High-end Boosting Of Your Smartphone.OthersOnly Say, We Do it, Try Your RAM Booster Pro Now, Feel TheNew EraExperience With Us. ★★ Features ★★ ★ Your RAM Booster: BoostyourRAM by safe killing tasks and cleaning cache. ☆ 1 Tap HomescreenWidget [NEW]. ☆ 1 Click RAM Booster. Clean RAM in 1 click! ☆SaveBattery by killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services. ☆ AutoRAMBooster (Boost Ram automatically per 1 min, 2 mins, 5 mins,10mins, 30 mins, 1 hr, 3 hrs, 6 hrs, 12 hrs or per day)[ProFeature]. ☆ Cleans Cache too. ☆ No crashes for killed App. ☆Notifyafter Auto RAM Boost. ★ Task Killer: Your Android will runsmoothand faster, Safe Kill Tasks now. ☆ Boost your RAM by safekillingtasks. ☆ Kill any tasks that consumes RAM. ☆ Kill tasksalltogether or individually. ☆ White-list Add/Remove. (Appsinwhite-list won't be killed). ☆ Save battery by killing appsthatdrains lot of battery. Cleans RAM ☆ Uninstall Apps that seemsto besuspicious. ☆ See details of tasks before killing. ☆ SaveBatteryby killing malfunctioning Tasks\Services. More acurate, morefast,more powerful, try it once. Disclosure :- We did not collectanypersonal data of our users, what we collect is just foranalyticsand crash reporting. Help fight against deceptive ads :-Your RamBooster Pro is committed to fighting against misleadingdownloads.You can find our full official policy on this matterhere: come across one of these ads, please report to . The more detailed, thebetterwe work.
MyTorrent Pro : Advance Torrent App 1.9
MyTorrent Pro app is Ad-free, Advance, Premium TorrentApplicationfor Android Smartphones. This is the Premium version ofthe TorrentClient which is Published under the same name on GooglePlaystore.This Android application helps users to download(torrent)their your phone or tablet in hassle free way. This Fullfeaturesapp comes with most of Advanced features. This is one ofthe besttorrent downloader with no download speed or download sizelimits.So if you tired of So much ads then you can Try this app.How toUse MyTorrent Pro app?* First go on the Page/Website fromwhere youhave to Download Torrent.* Tap to Download Torrent, Thenyou willbe asked to Choose app.* Choose MyTorrent App and Make itDefault.*Download will be start shortly.* Alternatively You can usetheFloating Shortcut bar (+) Icon to Add the Link of Torrent.Hereisthe features that you can Enjoy in our MyTorrent proApp✔Auto-shutdown feature to Automatically exit app whenDownloadingwill finish ✔ No speed limits and no size limits.Completely freefor Lifetime.✔ Easily change file path with inbuiltfile manager.✔Easily switch between night & Day mode. Bothoptions isavailable in setting menu.✔ Advanced information whileDownloadingthe files.✔ Beautifully light, clean design.✔ Wi-Fi modeto savemobile data.✔ Option to keep CPU Awake to ignore Screen turnoff.✔Battery Control feature to Pause when battery Lavel goesbelow15%.✔DHT, LSD, UTP, UPnP, NAT-PMP, Encryption mode &option toturn on Ip filtering.******* In case you find any Bug inthis Appthen you can Write us on Admin@Apptricker.Com. We will tryto fixissues as Soon as Possible ******** If you Find this appusefulPlease provide as 5 star rating. Your Feedback isalwaysappreciated.
SnapShot - Screenshots Pro 2.0.4 Pro
Introne Apps
This app allows you to take a secret screenshot on your phone,withjust the home button! It's easy, it's fast, it's great! Howitworks With this app you can take screenshots with nonotificationsbeing shown. With this app you can take these secretscreenshotswith just the home button! You support Lollipop? Yes,but you haveto be more careful when using the app on Android 5/5.1.Read theFAQ for more info. Permissions: We ACTUALLY care about yourprivacyDifferent from all those other app telling you they do to,weactually care about your privacy. SnapShot doesn't havetheFULL_INTERNET_ACCESS permission and can thus not accesstheinternet in any way. Here are the reasons for the fewrequestedpermissions: Start on startup SnapShot uses thispermission toenable a workaround to an issue happening on someSamsung devices,where SnapShot will stop working after a reboot.When this optionis enabled in Settings, SnapShot runs a few linesof code to fixthe errror on startup. Draw over other apps Thispermission is usedto show hints when the user has not enabled allneccessary optionsin the settings and wants to take a screenshot.Read/Write ExternalStorage This is (obviously) for storing thescreenshots on thephone's memory. Google Play License Check This isto make sure youare not using some fake version of the app, onlythe officialversion downloaded from here.
Your Call Recorder 1.3
Your Call Recorder Is The Best Call Recorder App FornewEraSmartphones The best call recorder, automatic callrecorder,phonecall recorderBy using Call recorder, You canautomaticcallrecording and save any phone call you want. You canset whichcallsare recorded to white list and which are ignored.Listen totherecording, add notes and share it. Synchronized to thecloudaswell.You can set a conversation is important, save it anditwillbe stored in the important tab. If not, oldrecordingswillautomatically be deleted when new calls fill up theinbox.A lotoffunctions for callrecording,all you need is in thiscallrecordingapp Functions:- Record your calls automaticallywhilecalling.-Organize your call records. You can view all yourcallswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or groupbydates.-You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on yourSDcard.-Automatic call recorder - Record outgoing call -recordincomingcalls- Record all telofonnyh conversations.- Playaudiorecordedconversations.- Delete recorded conversations.-Blocking ofthecalls listed to the automatic removal.- Send calls tolistedtoemail.- Show confirmation dialog for saving the recordedcall.Askimmediately after the call and set up in theoptions.-Favorite-Search- White list- Black list- And much more...- Setsource (Mic,voice call, a video camera)Auto call recorderis a thebest freecall recorder application with thesefeaturesFeatures:-Recordincoming call- Record Outgoing call-Favorite- Search-Markingrecordings as important- Multi select,delete, send-Displayingcontact name and photo- Excluded numbers-Set password toprotectprivacy- Lots of recording formats- Setsource (Mic, Voicecall,camcorder)- Ability start delayed recording-Differentrecordingmodes by number, contact, non-contact or justselectedcontacts-Enable/Disable call recording- Records all yourphonecalls- Playrecorded audio- Delete recorded items- Lockrecordeditems toprevent from auto-cleaning- Share recordeditems-Blacklist- Andmany more...
Your Phone Cleaner - YPC 3.4a.b
Your Phone Cleaner - YPC as a professional Android Cleaner&Optimizer, is the first choice of over 1 Million users allover theworld In Just 3 Months Of Its Launch Need more storage?Want higherperformance? Try Your Phone Cleaner - YPC!------------------------------------------ Accurately CleanAndBoost Your Phone, It Doesn't Need Any Extra App We Give YouAllFeatures In One App With Junk Cleaner Phone Booster BatteryBoosterAnd Saver CPU Cooler Amazing Graphics And Ui So Try Us Now 🔥JUNKCLEANER (JUNK FILES & RESIDUAL FILES CLEANER) YourPhoneCleaner helps free up your storage space by removing junk,residualand cache files which slows down your phone. With ourprofessionalcleaner, you can also free up much more space fromcleaning cachedata from social apps without worrying about deletingthe wrongfiles. 🌟 WiFi PROTECTOR Your Phone Cleaner added the WiFiSecurityfeature to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections.Keep yourphone safe from insecure public WiFi. 🚀 PHONE RAM BOOSTEROne TapBoost helps speed up phone by freeing up RAM. After boostingyourmobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster it is.🔋ADVANCE BATTERY SAVER Your Phone Cleaner helps to savebatterypower and extend battery life by hibernating running apps. 🎮GameBooster With Game Booster, you can manage your games,accelerateloading speed of games and find more fun games here.Otheroptimization features:- ☆SMART CHARGER - Preventsovercharging,displays charging status and application message whilecharging. ☆APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe with an AppLock PINorpattern. ☆ iSWIPE- Quick access to other apps and tools. ☆APPMANAGER - Back up and uninstall apps. Your Phone Cleaner ,theworld's leading space cleaner app on Google Play. Disclosure :-Wedid not collect any personal data of our users, what we collectisjust for analytics and crash reporting. What You Can Do WithThisApp :- 👉 You can clean out all junks files from your phone🌡️Youcan cool cpu of your phone 👉 You Can Boost Your Phone Helpfightagainst deceptive ads :- 8G Phone Cleaner is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. You can find our fullofficial policyon this matterhere: come across one of these ads, please report to . The more detailed, thebetterwe work.
My BASE 1.15.0
Telenet Group
More than 300,000 customers already use the My BASE app With MyBASEyou always have everything you need from BASE close at hand: -Checkyour usage whenever you like. - Change your monthly planquickly andeasily. - Add or remove options. - Easily set handyusagenotifications. - Check and pay your invoices, or pay someoneelse's.- Easily top up your SIM card or someone else's, extraadvantagesincluded. - Find a BASE shop near you. - Contact ourcustomerservice straight from the app. - Switch to electronicinvoicing atthe press of a button. - Keep informed about ourpromotional offers.- Find what you're looking for more easily withour improved searchfunction. - Sign into the BASE network withouta password. -Discover all the possibilities at andconditions of use: The My BASE app is only accessible foractiveBASE customers via BASE's EDGE, 3G and 4G mobile networks orviaWi-Fi. The app itself is free to download and costs nothing touse.The price of the data usage to download and use the appdepends onyour tariff plan.
Repair Droid System Pro 2018 13.1.3
RepairDroid Pro is a simple app makes your mobile phone cleanandsafe again like it was before, stable and with highperformance,repair manual your android without waiting for someoneelse torepair it. RepairDroid Pro is one of the most apps of 2018,so theapp can understand any issues can come from other apps, likemakeyour mobile phone slowdown or affect battery life… So, the appwhenstart doing the work supposed to do, it’s repairing batteryandandroid in the same time. RepairDroid Pro to conclude: Repairoldphotos when stopped showing because of missing file or issuefromanother app. Repair touch screen, when we say that we meantheslowdown done by some issue it will be fixed. Repair sd-card,theapp can detect the external memory. 4G repair, by fixing anyissuerelated by network. System auto repair. Cool down the system.Makethe android phone system stable by fixing error android. 
Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company LimitedProvidesfollowing features to the consumers through Mobile App.1.Electricity Bills 2. No Power Complaints. 3. Service Complaints.4.Bill History 5. Complaint Status. 6. New ServiceRegistrationStatus 7. Tariff Details 8. Energy Saving Tips 9. News&Announcements 10. Pay bills to Multiple Services
QuickEdit Text Editor Pro - Writer & Code Editor 1.4.8
Rhythm Software
QuickEdit text editor is a fast, stable and full featuredtexteditor. It has been optimized for use on phones andtablets.QuickEdit text editor can be used as standard text editorfor plaintext files, or as a code editor for programming files. Itissuitable for both general and professional use. QuickEdittexteditor includes a number of performance optimizations anduserexperience tweaks. The speed and responsiveness of the app aremuchbetter than other text editor apps commonly found on GooglePlay.Features: ✓ Enhanced notepad application withnumerousimprovements. ✓ Code editor and syntax highlight for 50+languages(C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl,Python, Ruby,Smali, Swift, etc). ✓ High performance with no lag,even on largetext files (more than 10,000 lines). ✓ Easily navigatebetweenmultiple open tabs. ✓ Show or hide line numbers. ✓ Undo andredochanges without limit. ✓ Display, increase, or decreaselineindentations. ✓ Fast selecting and editing abilities. ✓Physicalkeyboard support, including key combinations. ✓ Smoothscrollingboth vertically and horizontally. ✓ Directly target anyspecifiedline number. ✓ Quickly search and replace content. ✓Easily inputhex color values. ✓ Automatically detect charset andencoding. ✓Automatically indent new lines. ✓ Various fonts andsizes. ✓Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files. ✓ Open files fromrecentlyopened or added file collections. ✓ Ability to edit systemfiles onrooted devices. ✓ Access files from FTP, Google Drive,Dropbox, andOneDrive. ✓ Supports both light and dark themes. ✓Optimized usagefor phones and tablets. ✓ Ad-free version. If youcan help totranslate this application to your native language,please contactour email: If you run into anyissues or haveany suggestions, please feel free to You can also share your comments withtheQuickEdit thread onxda-developers: using QuickEdit!
Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro
SafeInCloud Password Manager allows you to keep yourlogins,passwords, and other private info safe and secure in anencrypteddatabase. You can synchronize your data with anotherphone, tablet,Mac or PC via your own cloud account. Nosubscriptions, no monthlyfees! You purchase SafeInCloud once anduse it on all your Androiddevices without any additional fees. Youcan share this app with upto 5 members of Google Play FamilyLibrary. KEY FEATURES ◆ Easy toUse ◆ Material Design ◆ Black Theme◆ Strong Encryption (256-bitAdvanced Encryption Standard) ◆ CloudSynchronization (GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, NAS,ownCloud, WebDAV) ◆Login with Fingerprint ◆ Autofill in Apps(Android 8+) ◆ BrowserIntegration ◆ Android Wear App ◆ PasswordStrength Analysis ◆Password Generator ◆ Browser Integration ◆ FreeDesktop App(Windows, Mac) ◆ Automatic Data Import ◆ Cross-PlatformEASY TO USETry it yourself and enjoy an easy-to-use yet powerfuluserinterface. MATERIAL DESIGN SafeInCloud was completelyredesigned tomatch new Material Design user interface language byGoogle. Inaddition to the standard Light theme SafeInCloud also hasa Darktheme option to help you saving a significant amount ofbatterylife. STRONG ENCRYPTION Your data is always encrypted on adeviceand in a cloud with a strong 256-bit Advanced EncryptionStandard(AES). This algorithm is used by the U.S. Government forprotectionof a top secret information. AES is also widely adoptedworldwideand became the de facto encryption standard. CLOUDSYNCHRONIZATIONYour database is automatically synchronized withyour own cloudaccount (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, YandexDisk, NAS,ownCloud, WebDAV). Thus you can easily restore yourentire databasefrom a cloud to a new phone or computer (in case ofa loss or anupgrade). Your phone, tablet and computer are alsoautomaticallysynchronized between each other via a cloud. LOGINWITH FINGERPRINTYou can instantly unlock SafeInCloud with afingerprint on deviceswith a fingerprint sensor. This feature isavailable on all Samsungdevices. Devices from other manufacturersshould have Android 6.0or higher. AUTOFILL IN APPS (Android 8+) Youcan autofill login andpassword fields into any app on your phonedirectly fromSafeInCloud. You don't need to copy and paste themmanually.ANDROID WEAR APP You can put some selected cards on yourwrist toeasily access them on the run. These could be your creditcardPINs, door and locker codes. PASSWORD STRENGTH ANALYSISSafeInCloudanalyses your password strengths and shows a strengthindicatornext to each password. The strength indicator displays anestimatedcrack time for a password. All cards with weak passwordsare markedwith a red sign. PASSWORD GENERATOR The passwordgenerator helpsyou generating random and secure passwords. There isalso an optionto generate memorable, but still strong passwords.FREE DESKTOP APPDownload a free Desktop application for Windows orMac OS to be able access your database onyourcomputer. The Desktop application also makes data entry andeditingfast and easy using a hardware keyboard. AUTOMATIC DATAIMPORT TheDesktop application can automatically import your datafrom anotherpassword manager. You don't need to manually reenterall yourpasswords.
Easy Voice Recorder Pro
Easy Voice Recorder Pro is your everyday companion torecordimportant moments. Capture meetings, personal notes,classes,songs, and much more, without time limits or ads! ForstudentsRecord classes and lectures with clear quality, even whentheteacher is not right in front of you. Listen to these recordingsasmany times as you want to help you study for that next exam.Speedup or slow down playback to listen at a comfortable pace. Withnotime limits and the option to choose a compressed format, it'seasyto record the longest classes and lectures. For businessCaptureinterviews and meetings from your phone, tablet, or smartwatch,then share them with your colleagues through email oryourfavourite messaging app. Take advantage of powerful widgetsandshortcuts to start a new recording right from the home screen.Youcan even enable cloud upload to record voice notes whilecommutingand have them automatically sent to your laptop. Formusicians andfor everyone With many options to fine-tune therecording, the appis great for rehearsals and for capturingmelodies that pop intoyour head. Try new ideas fast, hear theresults and makeadjustments on a new take. Quickly switch betweenvoice notes,meetings & lectures, and music & raw sound witheasy to usesettings and presets. Exclusive Pro features (availableonsupported devices): ★ Upload new recordings automatically toyourGoogle Drive or Dropbox. ★ Record to MP3 and AAC, in additiontoall the formats available in the free version. ★ Record usingaBluetooth microphone. ★ Trim recordings and removeunwantedsections with Edit mode. ★ Manage and organize yourrecordings withfolders, and save recordings to your SD card. ★Control therecorder from anywhere using the notifications bar, orthrough ourTasker and Locale plugins. ★ Bonus features: record instereo,import files, skip silence, volume boost, custom bitrates,andmore. Plus all the great features you find in the free version:-Record to high-quality PCM and MP4, or use AMR to save space.-Quickly start a new recording with widgets and shortcuts,andrecord in the background. - Share recordings easily throughemailor your favourite app, or set one of them as a ringtone. -AndroidWear support - record from your smartwatch. - Light anddarkthemes, and many other cool features. Easy Voice Recorderisexactly what the name says: an easy to use audio recorder andsoundrecorder. Reliable, fast and flexible, it adapts to yourneeds.Need help? Please note that Easy Voice Recorder Pro is not acallrecorder and can’t record phone calls on most phones. If thereareany problems, please contact us at Wearealways happy to assist you. Terms of Use Terms ofUse: Photos/Media/Files - Save recordings to yourexternalstorage. Microphone - Record audio from your microphone.
Eye-D Pro 4.8.6 RC
What’s new Eye-D Pro and What on the way: • Read Text Offline(Nowread Latin based language texts even when you are not connectedtothe internet) • Eye-D Market • Advanced OCR (Available inEye-Dmarket for reading multiple languages, sharing, savingtherecognised text and many more) • Accessible Camera (Now useboththe front and back cameras to click photos that recognise facesandtell about the lighting condition) • New and Improved AroundMe(Now you can check the rating, call a place directly from theEye-DApp) • Travel Mode with sticky notification in notificationdrawer• Improved GPS accuracy with accuracy count • Search OptioninAround Me • Scene Recognition in See Object (Coming Soon) •Newgrid layout to make space for more features • Ad Free (We knowadsare irritating but we had our reasons for incorporating themandnow you get a change to get rid of it by going PRO) • Expectmore(We will continue adding features and improveperformanceregularly) Check free version of the Eye-D App fordetails: us on social media
YouTags Pro 4.0
Cyborg Systems.
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SimpleMind Pro - Intuitive Mind Mapping 1.24.0
Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember thingsandgenerate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app,soyou can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want.SimpleMindis designed to synchronize your Mind Maps acrossplatforms. Forexample (as a separate purchase) for Windows and Mac- Highlights • Easy to use. •Continuouslyfine-tuned based on customer feedback. • Trustworthyand reliable:7 years of updates and improvements. • Used in a widerange ofapplications: business, education, legal and medical. •Unique freelayout or different auto layouts. • Seamlesssynchronization usingDropbox or Google Drive. • Add media anddocuments. • Share MindMaps. • Change and customize the appearance.• Tools to help youmaintain overview. • Create ○ place topicsanywhere you want in thefree layout ○ or use one of the differentauto layouts (great forbrainstorming) ○ virtually unlimited pagesize and number ofelements ○ supports multiple Mind Maps on onepage ○ start with animage at the center of the Mind Map ○reorganize and restructureusing drag, rotate, re-arrange orreconnect ○ use single select ormultiple select ○ use checkboxes,auto-numbering ○ link any twotopics with a crosslink ○ labelrelations • Seamlesssynchronization using Dropbox or Google Drive ○sync your Mind Mapswith other devices using Dropbox or Google Driveas a conduit ○avoid data loss by recovering deleted Mind Maps ○restore previousversions of a Mind Map ○ Dropbox stores deletedfiles and fileversions for at least 30 days • Add media anddocuments ○ voicememos ○ videos ○ images ○ photos ○ notes ○ icons(stock or custom)○ links (navigation or hyperlink) • Share yourMind Map ○ forexample as PDF or Image ○ outline, can be imported inwordprocessors ○ import/export as Freemind or opml ○ usethepresentation mode to show your Mind Map to others ○ print •Changeand customize the appearance ○ apply our pre-defined stylesheets ○pick colors from the style color palette or choose customcolors ○change the appearance of topics and lines ○ customizebackgroundcolor • Maintain overview ○ collapse and expand branches○ hide orshow branches or topics ○ highlight branches by displayingbranchborders ○ organize your Mind Maps in folders ○ searchSimpleMind isoptimized for both phones and tablets. Some featuresare onlyavailable in more recent versions of Android.
Calculator PanecalST Plus 5.1.0
Information: After installing paid version, you can find a newiconthat is another icon of free version on your phone or tablet.Thiscalculator indicates formulas on the display and giveseasyoperation for editing by using a cursor. Features: -Fourarithmetic operations, root, percentages, time and taxcalculations- Calculations with parentheses - Memory, M+, M-, MR,MC - Scrollup/down lines - Easy editing by using a cursor operation- Cut,copy, and paste - Expressions history and answer history -Groupingseparator and decimal point - Various functions settings(Long tapMENU key) Various uses: - General calculator - Taxcalculation inthe shop - Sales calculation - Calculation of splitthe cost - Longformulas of calculation - Calculation of elapsedtime Fourarithmetic operations: 1 + 2 - 3 × 4 ÷ 5 = 0.6   Timecalculation16:15 - 12:45 = 3:30:00 1.5 × (16:15 - 12:45) = 5:15:00Press[H:M:S] key for changing value after calculation. =5.25Root(Longpress): √( 2 × 2) = 2   Percentage calculation: 500 + 20%= 600 500- 20% = 400 500 × 20% = 100 100 ÷ 500% = 20   Taxcalculation: 500Tax+= 525 525 Tax-= 500   Parentheses calculation:( 1 + 2 ) × ( 3+ 4 ) = 21 ( 1 + 2 ) ( 3 + 4 ) ( 5 + 6 ) = 231  Grouping separatorand decimal point: 123,456,789.1 + 0.02 =123,456,789.12123.456.789,1 + 0,02 = 123.456.789,12 (Depends onsetting)  Display: This calculator can indicate long expressions onthedisplay. If you may mistake to input expressions, you cancorrectthis expressions easily and quickly using by BS(back space)key,arrow keys and C(clear) key. Re-play and history functions:Re-playfunctions is that indicates expressions that you inputted intherecently using by △(re-play)key. If you long-press re-play key,atable of the expressions history is available. Last answerandhistory functions: Last answer is that indicates thelastcalculation result by using ans key. If you long-press ans key,atable of the last answer history is available. Percentcalculation:If you would like to calculate “20% more $50”, you caninput 50+20%and get a result. Tax calculation: This calculator canstore taxrate in the setting. And you can get price including /excludingtax easily and quickly using by Tax+/Tax- keys.[Disclaimer] Appsysdoes not accept responsibility for any losswhich may arise fromreliance on the software or materials publishedon this site.
MyShiftWork Pro 4.0.2
MT Soft
MyShiftWork Pro is a calendar for people who work shifts. Amongitsfeatures are: - Adds all shift changes / incidents that arewantedfor the same day. - Enter the shift patterns andgenerateautomatically. - Enter new tags to collect new incidents. -Allowsyou to customize the appearance of icons on the calendar. -You cansave the image to send WhatsApp shifts with another person -Youcan enter the holidays. - Allows the export / import ofthedatabase, if we changed phone and want to transfer the data. -Youcan customize the date format and the starting day of the week.-Allows add widget to home screen. - You can collect thefollowingincidents: * Off * Day * Evening * Night * Night's rest *Teacherpermission * Unpaid leave * Holidays * Paid leave * Medicalleave *Double shift * Guard located * Guard physical presence * 2/3Day *1/2 Day * 1/3 Day * 2/3 Night * 1/2 Night * 1/3 Night *Learningpermission * 2/3 Evening * 1/2 Evening * 1/3 Evening *Previousyear holidays * Maternity leave * Days by age * Strike *Permissionelections * Paternity leave * Family needs permission *Permissionunion release * Permission for marriage * Moving house*Examination leave
ImageMeter Pro - photo measure
Dirk Farin
ImageMeter provides tools that help you measure lengths, anglesandareas in your photos. Instead of drawing sketches by hand,simplytake a photo and annotate it with the dimensions on yourphone ortablet. ImageMeter has the broadest support for Bluetoothlaserdistance measurement devices. Most devices fromvariousmanufacturers are supported (see below for full list ofdevices).What is also special about ImageMeter is that it enablesyou tomeasure within the image once you calibrated it with areferenceobject of known size. It often happens that after takingthe photo,being back at home or in the office, one realizes thatsomeimportant distances have not been measured. This is noproblemanymore with ImageMeter because it enables you to measurethemissing data directly from the photos, afterwards.Additionally,with this feature, you can also easily measure thedimensions forplaces which are too difficult to reach. The onlything you willneed to do this is some kind of reference object tocalibrate toabsolute size. ImageMeter will take care of allperspectiveforeshortening and will still compute the measurementscorrectly.Features: - measure lengths, angles, circles, andarbitrarilyshaped areas based on a single reference measure, -measure theheight of poles using two reference markings on thepole, -freehand drawing, insert texts, draw basic geometric shapes,-Bluetooth connectivity to laser distance meters formeasuringlengths, areas, and angles, - context sensitive cursorsnapping todraw quickly and accurately, - export to PDF, JPEG andPNG, - sortyour images into subfolders and export complete foldersas ZIParchives, - metric and imperial units (decimal andfractionalinches), - fast and correct value input withautocompletion, - textannotation with user definable preset textsand automatic textformatting. Supported bluetooth laser distancemeters: - LeicaDisto D110, D810, D510, S910, D2, X4, - Leica DistoD3a-BT, D8, A6,D330i, - Bosch PLR30c, PLR40c, PLR50c, GLM50c,GLM100c, - StanleyTLM99s, TLM99si, - Stabila LD520, LD250, - HiltiPD-I, PD-38, - CEMiLDM-150, Toolcraft LDM-70BT, - TruPulse 200 and360, - Suaoki D5T,P7, - Mileseey P7, - eTape16, - Precaster CX100,- ADA Cosmo120.---------------------------------------------------- This isthepro-version of ImageMeter, with: - unlimited number ofannotations- circle and point measurement tool - no watermarks inyourexported images. - unlimited Bluetooth measurements Note: ifyouare trying to reinstall the pro version on a new device butthePlayStore tells you that you should pay again even thoughyoualready upgraded to the pro version, this is probably becauseyouupgraded the free version through an in-app upgrade. In thiscase,please install the free version again. It will thenautomaticallyupgrade to the proversion.----------------------------------------------------ImageMeter isa winner of the "Mopria Tap to Print contest 2017":most creativeAndroid apps with mobile printcapabilities.----------------------------------------------------*** This OldHouse TOP 100 Best New Home Products: "a superpower foranyoneshopping for furnishings to fit a space"***---------------------------------------------------- Feel free to contact me if you observeanyproblems, or just want to give feedback. I will answer toyouremails and help you resolveproblems.---------------------------------------------------- Atthis place,I'd like to thank all users for all the positivefeedback I get.Many of your proposals have already been implementedand improvedthe app a lot, and many ideas are waiting to beincluded in thenext versions. Let me assure you that all of yourproposals areconsidered, as my goal is to make this app as good aspossible toimprove your productivity.