Top 49 Apps Similar to MC'Form

Adobe Fill & Sign: Easy PDF Doc & Form Filler. 1.5.0
The free Adobe Fill & Sign app streamlines the paperworkprocessand enhances productivity with contracts, businessdocuments, andmore. The app lets you fill, sign, and send any formfast andreliably. You can even snap a picture of a paper form andfill it inon your phone or tablet, then e-sign and send. It’s thateasy: nophysical document, no printing or faxing needed. HOW ITWORKS: •FILL. The Adobe Fill & Sign app allows you to scanpaper formswith your camera or open a file straight from youremail. Simply tapto enter text or checkmarks in form fields. Theapp’s customautofill entries let you fill forms even faster. •SIGN. With thedocument signer, easily create your signature withyour finger or astylus, then apply it or your initials directly tothe form. • SEND.Save your forms, contracts, and businessdocuments easily, and sendto others immediately via email. Withthe sleekest pdf editor andsignature app out there it’s that easy.WHAT CAN ADOBE FILL &SIGN DO FOR YOU? • GET IT DONE NOW. AdobeFill & Sign is anintuitive, easy-to-use platform suited toevery situation. As longas you have an internet connection, theapp allows you to signdocuments, anytime, anywhere. • GO GREEN.Our document signing andediting app allows you to go trulypaperless. With Adobe Fill &Sign, send forms by email andavoid wasting paper. • STAY ORGANIZED.No more messy paperwork withFill & Sign. The app allows you tostore your forms aftersigning and sending them. With your documentsall in one place,simply access the app to consult your forms at alater date. • GETIT DONE NOW. Adobe Fill & Sign is anintuitive, easy-to-useplatform suited to every situation. As longas you have an internetconnection, the app allows you to handle anyforms, anytime,anywhere. Terms & Conditions: Your use of thisapplication isgoverned by the Adobe General (Terms ofUse: AdobePrivacyPolicy: )
Income Tax Form 2017-18 - Gujarati 1.2
This app is providing income tax calculator and forms togovernmentemployees working in Gujarat. It is very easy to use.Users willfind all guidance about tax acts and usage of appfunctions. Youhave to enter figures of salaries, other incomes anddeductibleamounts. All the calculations are displayed in the app.There areoptions for export forms - Gujarati form, Form - 16 andSalaryStatement as Excel file.
Collect - Data Collection Tool 2.4.38
Collect is a mobile data collection app and web dashboard thathelpsyou build mobile forms and collect high-quality data indifferentways ranging from simple text, and numeric data to audio,video, andlocation data. The Collect app works offline, lettingyou easilycollect data in places without internet or electricity.Collect'sweb dashboard allows you to create and publish exhaustiveforms,manage your teams, and view the incoming data in real-time.You canadd skip logic, create sections, and enable real-timedatavalidations for ensuring better data collection and analysis.Italso supports grouping of questions in order to easilyincluderepetitive questions, making your survey efficient. Just aclick ofa button, and you can publish your questionnaire as amobile surveyto any Android device around the world! Collect isbuilt to bebudget-friendly and runs smoothly on low-cost deviceswith limitedmemory and storage. It supports over 460 languages,making sureyour data collection project can pan the globe. Over 150globalorganizations rely on Collect for their data collectionneeds.Using it you can conduct surveys like: - Baseline, midline,andendline surveys - Impact assessment surveys - Trackingandmonitoring surveys - Customer feedback surveys - Marketresearchsurveys - Supply chain management and logistics -Socialdevelopment surveys and any survey you want! Collect'sfeaturesinclude: - Works offline – No internet connectivity? Noproblem! -Built-in monitoring — Track entities over time withouthaving tore-enter baseline information. - GPS-based locationtracking on amap (even offline!) - Infinite levels of skip logicforcomprehensive mobile surveys - Custom validations to ensuredataquality - Upload questionnaires from Excel to quickly buildasurvey - Over 20 question types — images, audio, video,tabular,monitoring, map, geolocation, signature, barcode, date,time, phonenumber, email, dropdown, scale, and more. - Run multiplesurveysunder the same organization - Download data in real timeTake thefirst step towards smarter, mobile-based data collectionwithCollect.
FormsApp for Google Forms 5.2.1
Google Forms can be Created using FormsApp easily. - CreateGoogleForms and Edit on the Go. - Create Forms easily by usingfollowingTemplates, - Job Application Form - Contact InformationForm -Event Registration Form - Event Feedback Form - Order RequestForm- Time off Request Form - Work Request Form - CustomerFeedbackForm - Exit ticket Form - Assessment Form - CourseEvaluation Form- Questions Form - Party Invitation Form - EventParticipationForm. - Get Notified for New Google Form Responses. -Draft yourincomplete Google Forms. - Work Offline - Share GoogleForms andget Responses through Notifications. - Access MultipleGoogle FormAccounts. - FormsApp is useful to conduct Surveys onlineand toview responses in mobile device itself via Google Forms .
Teddy Bear Pattern Lock Screen 4.4
The all new latest Teddy Bear pattern screen lock is here togiveyour phone a colorful and ravishing look. you can refresh thelookof your phone by downloading this free of cost application thatisTeddy Bear pattern screen lock. You just have to swipe up onthedots in the previously set pattern and your phone will giveyouaccess to the content of your phone. It is an easy and securewayto protect your phone data. App Flow: When you open "TeddyBearPattern Screen Lock" app. By tapping on settings you will movetosettings screen. In Settings, you will see enable or disablelockscreen checkbox. When you check enable for the first time youraremoved to next screen where you can set the pattern as peryourdesire. Your Pattern must cover at least 4 dots. When youswipeover the dots, they glow to give you a fascinating look andshowsyou that you swiped over these specific dots. Then aftertapping onContinue, the application will ask you to draw thepreviously setpattern again for confirmation and to avoid any sortof ambiguity.In case you draw a different pattern this time, dotswill turnblack and you will have to draw the same pattern again.Then, whenyou draw correct pattern, the "Confirm" option will turnvivid andyou can tap it now. After tapping over it you havesuccessfully setyour Teddy Bear pattern Screen lock. To experiencea coherentusage, you are advised to disable the default phone lock.For this,you can tap on the "Disable Default Lock" Option from theSettingsof the application "Teddy Bear Pattern Screen lock." Itwill moveyou to security lock screen settings of your device. Fromthere youcan disable the default lock. By doing this you will justhave toenter a single pattern of Teddy Bear screen lock to getaccess ofyour device. Else wise, you will have to unlock multiplelocks.First, the pattern of Teddy Bear screen lock and then thedefaultlock of your device. You can also change the background ofthe lockscreen. You are provided with several beautiful andmesmerizingwallpapers in the application other than the defaultbackground.FEATURES: ~ Enable/Disable the application from thesettings. ~Change wallpapers from settings ~ Date and Timedisplayed on LockScreen ~ FREE for everyone. ~ Finest security lockscreen ~ Noprivacy assault How to set Lock ~ Enable your Teddy Bearpatternscreen lock from setting screen ~ Set the pattern andremember itHow to unlock ~ Draw your pattern correctly to Unlock ~If you drawwrong pattern, those dots turn red. You can appreciateus andsuggest us if there are any improvements that can be made toTeddyBear pattern locker. You can also tell us via email aboutanyissues that you are facing while using the application. Wewillhelp you in any way possible. Please give your preciousfeedback sothat we make improvement and provide you a useful toolwith awesomeeffects. Your suggestions and feedback will be highlyappreciated!Thanks and Enjoy Teddy Bear pattern screen lock
Passport Seva Online 1.3
Passport Seva OnlinePassport Seva app has been designed todeliverPassport and related services to citizens in a timely,transparent,more accessible, reliable manner. You can search trackpassportstatus, user login, online form submission, downloadforms,appointment or any other information you will get throughthisapp.Passport Seva mobile app has been designed to deliverPassportand related services to citizens in a timely, transparent,moreaccessible, reliable manner.A Passport is an essentialtraveldocument for those who are travelling abroad foreducation,pilgrimage, tourism, business purposes, medical ...Applyand trackyour passport online in one simple mobile appKeyFeatures-PassportTrackPassport Seva LoginApply for FreshPassportRenew your IndianPassportKnow your Police StationPassportStatus OnlinePassportRenewalPassport AppointmentNRIPassportPassport FeeCalculatorPassport Document AdvisorDownloadPassport Seva app andsave time and enjoy benefits of thisapp.Remember:Please note thanthis not official govt app forPassport related service online. Youcan directly visit govtofficial app for passport related onlineportal directly.
Full Forms 1.9
Full Forms We often use some words in our daily life, but wedon'tknow their full forms. Get the Full Forms of all theabbreviationsalong with their description. You will surprised toknow themultiple full forms of single term. Full Forms app is anextensivefree online library that contains full forms ofabbreviations andacronyms.Just search for any abbreviation and getall possible andmostly used full forms in clicks. It has largestsearch engine forFull forms, Abbreviation and Acronyms.This appdesigned to keep inmind each and every requirements of every user,which is used byStudents, teachers and other professionals as areference guide.This app contains more than 50,000 full and shortforms from everybranch with hourly updates of new words. You canfind all fullforms categories wise also. It is very helpful incompetitive Examspreparations, No need to go on Google forsearching full forms ofabbreviations and acronyms. You can get allfull forms in yourpocket. ★ Features : • Perfect meanings of morethan 50,000 wordswith explanation. • Gives you an easier and moreenjoyable searchexperience • Provides definitions and explanations• Very easy,dynamic, fluidic and friendly user interface. • Smallapplicationsize • Easy and user friendly interface • The app iscompletelyfree
Fill and Sign PDF Forms
Binary Solutions
!!! READ BEFORE INSTALLING !!! Fill and Sign any PDF formcontaining***AcroFields***. Attach photos, save created document,view it,mail it, share it, etc. Select PDF forms by navigating infilebrowser or by clicking on 'Fill and Sign' context menu item(showsup after a long touch). Signature capture capability dependsonexternal Signature Capture library. You will be promptedforinstallation from the Android Market once when needed.Produceddocuments in demo/trial mode are watermaked. *** In ordertoimprove the application we need your feedback *** * Contactthesupport email instead of leaving 'it does not work'comment.Comments like that do not help us make a better app. Theywill bemarked as spam. We also assume that you have read thedescriptionbefore installing the app. * Request and vote formissing featureson our support forum here: *If you areinterested in becoming our beta tester, having an accessto thelatest app versions even before they get released publiclyand, ofcourse, providing us feedback, please contact the supportemail. *For custom tailored business applications contact thesupportemail. Important notes: * check boxes are supported but mostof PDFviewers on Android devices do not show them correctly.Selectedcheck boxes *are* present in output PDF document which canbechecked with Adobe Acrobat Reader on PC. * If you need a tooltocreate PDF forms, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office andfreeOpen/Libre Office have that functionality.
Viewer for MS Access Database (ACCDB - MDB - DB)
********** Viewer For Access database for Android **********allowyou to Open Access database for Android ( ACCDB or MDB(Jet)format.) to open table Rows with Paging, Sorting and Filtering, *Microsoft Access 2000 database * Microsoft Access 2002 database*Microsoft Access 2003 database * Microsoft Access 2007 database*Microsoft Access 2010 database * Microsoft Access 2013 database*Microsoft Access 2016 database Features • Open All msAccessdatabase Version • open ACCDB database or MDB database . •opentable data with paging list. • Filter on specific columnData(Withmany options) • Sort table data by column • View RowDetail Form •support Big database (Tested on 350MB 2,5 millionRows). • Openencrypt database with Password • View recordrelationships • opencloud database by click on File Notes: Thisapplication does notsupport Insert Data, Edit Data and Delete Rows,Also it does notdisplay queries and forms (I'm working on this). Ifyou face anyproblems or you have any suggest on our database appplease contactus.
Full Forms Dictionary 1.0
Full Form,acronyms and abbreviations dictionary This is thelargestfull form dictionary on play store powered by EngineeringBug,which contains full forms of abbreviations and acronyms. Nomatterfrom which field you are. It will help you in every term. Itis thesmart Full Form dictionary app designed to keep in mind eachandevery requirement of every user, which is used by, teachersandother professionals as a reference guide.It contains morethan50,000 full and short forms from every branch with hourlyupdatesof new words.It is very helpful in competitive Examspreparations,No need to go on Google for searching full forms ofabbreviationsand acronyms. Whole access is in your hands. You canfind hereterms related toA to Z FullFormsAbbreviationsAcronymsAcademicDegreesAccountingAfricanActuatorsAeronautical engineeringAerospaceEngineeringAirTransportAirline CodesAirplanes &AircraftAirportCodesAlternative MedicineAluminum and MetalsAmateurRadioAMEXSymbolsAnimal ConservationAnimalDiseasesArtsAssociationsAssemblyAstronomy & SpaceScienceAviationengineeringAwardsBanking AbbreviationsBankingBaseballBasketballBiochemistryBiotechnologyBuildings&LandmarksBusiness AbbreviationsBusinessAssociationsBusinessOperationsBusiness TermsCables andWiresCanadianCelebrities &FamousCensus & StatisticsChatAbbreviations.ChatslangChemicalengineeringChemistryCivilEngineeringCodecCoinsCommandsCommunicationCommunityCompanies&CorporationsCompression & EncodingComputationalScienceComputerAbbreviations Computer engineeringConferences &EventsCountriesCoursesCredit Unions CricketCurrenciesDataStorageDatabasesDaycare& PreschoolDepartments &AgenciesDesign andDraftingEducationalEducationalOrganizationsElectricalElectricalengineeringElectrical-Mechatronicsand RoboticsElectromechanicsElectronicsFileExtensionsFinanceFinancialAbbreviationsFirms &OrganizationsHumanGenomeMarketingolympic,olympicsterms,StandardsState &LocalStates &DistrictsStationeryStock MarketTreatments &ProceduresTreeSpeciesTurkishTV & RadioUnclassifiedViruses& BacteriaVisualartsWater SportsWater TransportWeapons &ForcesAnd so manyFeatures of full from Dictionary. • All Offlinedictionary, No needof internet connection every time• EasySearching with Autosuggested words on typing.• Learning with fun,learn the meaning ofRandom words.• You can add your favorite wordsin MY DICTIONARY menufor quick access and can read them later •You can share yourknowledge by contributing the words you thinkyou know better.• Grabthe meaning of any word, on just singleclicking on it as likeWikipedia. • Stay updated with EngineeringNews and New happeningsin engineering world• It will give youmeaning of every engineeringterm in proper defined way withexamples.• You can search almostevery engineering term related allengineering world.• You can seeyour last search words with time ofsearched, on main screen and cancheck meaning any time.• You canput words in search box by speakingwith feature of Google speak. •To keep you update in engineeringworld it will give a word meaningdaily on your notification penal.• We are very sure that you willlike this app .so quick access isin your hand, to share it withyour friends with so many channels.•Very easy, dynamic, fluidicand friendly user interface. • Perfectmeanings of more than 50,000words with explanation.• It connectsyou with online world. • Youcan request for best meaning of anyword to our experts.• We thinkthat Learning should not be stopped,so we are updating ourdatabase hourly.
Shape Camera 1.2
Fun Photo Apps
Geometry Camera is an amazing photo editor created to transformyourphotos into elegant designs with sharp geometric shapes. It isverysimple to use: you can turn your shots into artworks in just afewtaps. Intuitive interface and clean design make the editingprocessincredible fun. Circle, square, triangle, rhombus andothergeometric shapes will help you to transform your photo andmake itunique. Geometry Camera is great for both portraits andlandscapes.Share fashion and hipster photos with your friends onsocialnetworks! Also you can adjust every photo aspect usingGeometryCamera (form) tool • Lot of customized magic mirroreffects. •Brightness • Contrast • Saturation • Blur • Temperature•Shadows/Highlights • Crop • Focus
in.smc 5.5.1
== SMC App == SMC App is a mobile application developed bySuratMunicipal Corporation. It enables the service deliveryandinformation sharing using the latest mobile technology. ==DownloadSMC App and you can == • Check and Pay Outstanding orAdvanceProperty Tax and register Mobile number for SMS alerts •Check andPay Profession Tax (EC) • Check and Pay Water Meter Bills• Checkand obtain Birth Certificate • Check and obtain DeathCertificate •Check Shops & Establishment RegistrationCertificate details •Complaint Registration and Reopen • Share yourFeedback • ElectedWing details (committee wise and ward wise) •Admin Wing details •Active Tender information • Active Recruitmentadvertisements •Rainfall information (details of Ukai dam level,estimated inflowand discharge, status of weir-cum-causeway etc.during monsoon) •Where can I? (using GPS technology you can findyour nearest zoneor city civic center to access services) •Download Forms (facilityto download and use forms related to SMC atfree of cost) • CitizenFacilities (details about various facilitiesof SMC) • EmergencyToolkit (contains tools like Flash Light, StrobeLight, Alarm, I'mSafe Button) SMC App is aimed to provideservices/information asquickly and conveniently as possible.==Contact us== In case of anyissues, please contact us by or call +91-261-2423751
Verify Driving License 3.0
You can use this app to get all information can apply for new driving license, renew yourdrivinglicense,track your driving license, verify your drivinglicense,1.Apply For Driving License: Now you can easily apply fornew drivinglicense and learn terms and policies of DLIMS for yourlicense likeage limits Requirements to fulfill to get newlicense.2. VerifyYour Driving License: Now you can verify yourdriving license byentering your CNIC in this App, you get all infoabout your licenselike expiry date etc.3. Find Licensing Centers:Just one click andyou get list of all licensing centers with theircomplete addressand contact info. Find your nearest licensingcenters and apply forlicense.4.Downloads you can download formsrequired for drivinglicense, I. Regular Driving License Form. II.Driving LicenseRenewal Form III. Duplicate License Form IV.International DrivingLicense Form V. Medical Form
Handwritten PDF e-signatures 2.1.3
Sign handwritten digital signatures on PDF documents fromyourtablet. FREE. No ads. No subscriptions. No limits. Fromanywhere.Without internet connection. SIMPLE and COMPLETE Sign andsend anydocument in three steps. It's simple! 1. Select thedocument fromyour Mailbox, from Drop-box, device storage, Evernote,GoogleDrive... 2. Sign with SIGNply: you can sign with your fingerorwith a pencil. 3. Save it and send to whoever you wish. Withtheconfiguration options, you can discover the mostcompletee-Signature signing App. LEGAL SECURITY Advancedelectronicsignature, complying with all guarantees required by theEuropeanLegislation and the Law on Electronic Signatures:Authenticity andintegrity guarantees. - SINGply collects biometricdata on eachline (pressure, speed...) which guarantees theauthenticity of thebiometric signature. - The document iselectronically signed toguarantee its integrity. The conventionaldigital signatureprotects the handwritten signature. SHA256 -PAdES-LTV Lastingsignature: SIGNply permits activating TSP timestamps and the statevalidation of certificate revocation at thetime of the OCSPsigning, with which a long-duration PAdES-XLsignature is obtained.These elements constitute the evidence thatguarantee success inany expert process. NOTE: You need an internetconnection to accessyour TSP and OCSP. FROM YOUR DEVICE Theelectronic signature isdone on your tablet: you don't need toconnect to a server. Don'tlose control of the document. You don'thave to send the documentto a third party to sign it. Only sendyour document to who youwant! FREE. IT'S FREE. Without anylimitation on the number ofsignatures. You can sign all thedocuments you need. Save time andmoney. Become a paperless office!SIGNply digital signatures canreplace paper. PERSONALIZE THESIGNATURE Drag and drop: bydragging, you can place the signature inany location and with sizeyou want. The configuration lets youdefine the the Author, reasonfor signature, contact information andlocation. FROM WHERE YOUWANT AND TO WHERE YOU WANT: MOBILITY Youcan sign and senddocuments from any place. To sign, you don't needan internetconnection. STANDARD The signature is embedded withinthe PDFdocument. You can verify the signature with Adobe Reader orwithany other standard solution. Biometric data is encryptedinaccordance with international interoperability standards.SIGNply:sign simply! It's easy, simple, safe! For more information,visitour website at
Sample Letters Applications 4.8
Semi Techs
SemiOffice.Com is offering more than 5000 business lettersanddocuments formats available for our mobile users.Semiofficedeliver free samples of official letters, applications,forms,certificates, planers and resumes This AppIncludes:-Acknowledgement Letters Samples -Appointment LettersSamples-Appreciation Letters Samples -Business Letters Samples-CoverLetters Samples -Contract Letters Samples -ExperienceLettersSamples -Interview Letters Samples -Invitation LettersSamples-Resign Letters Samples -Salary Letters Samples-SponsorshipLetters Samples -Thanks Letters Samples -Free LetterTemplatesSamples -Business letter sample Samples -Write businessletterSamples -Job Applications Samples -Leave ApplicationsSamples-Office Applications Samples -Salary Applications Samples-SampleSpeeches Templates -Sample Resumes -Sample Certificates-SamplePlanners -Sample Bill Formats -Sample Invoices -Sample SlipsYoucan post and contribute by sending your created formatsofdocuments, letters, applications or anything else that you wanttomake available at for free. Feedback: Shareyourideas to improve We will transform it intoreality
Heart Pattern Lock Screen 3.5
The all new latest Heart pattern screen lock is here to giveyourphone a colorful and ravishing look. You can refresh the lookofyour phone by downloading this free of cost application thatisHeart pattern screen lock. You just have to swipe up on the dotsinthe previously set pattern and your phone will give you accesstothe content of your phone. It is an easy and secure way toprotectyour phone data. App Flow: When you open "Heart PatternScreenLock" app. In Settings, you will see enable or disable lockscreencheckbox. When you check enable for the first time your aremovedto next screen where you can set the pattern as per yourdesire.You Pattern must cover at least 4 dots. When you swipe overthedots, they glow to give you a fascinating look and shows youthatyou swiped over these specific dots. Then after tappingonContinue, the application will ask you to draw the previouslysetpattern again for confirmation and to avoid any sort ofambiguity.In case you draw a different pattern this time, dots willturnblack and you will have to draw the same pattern again. Then,whenyou draw correct pattern, the "Confirm" option will turn vividandyou can tap it now. After tapping over it you have successfullysetyour Heart pattern Screen lock. To experience a coherent usage,youare advised to disable the default phone lock. For this, youcantap on the "Disable Default Lock" Option from the Settings oftheapplication "Heart Pattern Screen lock." It will move youtosecurity lock screen settings of your device. From there youcandisable the default lock. By doing this you will just have toentera single pattern of Heart screen lock to get access of yourdevice.Else wise, you will have to unlock multiple locks. First,thepattern of Heart screen lock and then the default lock ofyourdevice. You can also change the background of the lock screen.Youare provided with several beautiful and mesmerizing wallpapersinthe application other than the default background. FEATURES:~Enable/Disable the application from the settings. ~Changewallpapers from settings ~ Date and Time displayed on LockScreen ~FREE for everyone. ~ Finest security lock screen ~ Noprivacyassault How to set Lock ~ Enable your Heart pattern screenlockfrom setting screen ~ Set the pattern and remember it How tounlock~ Draw your pattern correctly to Unlock ~ If you drawwrongpattern, those dots turn red. You can appreciate us andsuggest usif there are any improvements that can be made to Heartpatternlocker. You can also tell us via email about any issues thatyouare facing while using the application. We will help you in anywaypossible. Please give your precious feedback so that wemakeimprovement and provide you a useful tool with awesomeeffects.Your suggestions and feedback will be highly appreciated!Thanksand Enjoy Heart pattern screen lock!
de.sawischa.blankmessages 1.0.2
99th Studio
This app makes it possible to send empty WhatsApp messages. Butyoucan also just copy the empty text into your clipboard, so thatyoucan put it in your WhatsApp status or post it in otherSocialNetworks. 🌟 All advantages at a glance🌟-------------------------------------------------------- ➡️Simpleto use ➡️ Different options ➡️ Confused friends guaranteed ;)Howcan i send blank WhatsAppmessages?------------------------------------------- The app isvery simpleto use: At first you have to choose wether you want tosend justsingle characters or whole rows of empty text in yourblankmessage. Then you can choose the number of characters or rowsto besent. Last but not least you have the option to send theemptymessage directly via WhatsApp or you can just copy the blanktextinto your clipboard. What is it good for to send blank messagesviaWhatsApp? ------------------------------------------- Youcanimpress your friends with your abilities or you can just getontheir nervs. When you send an empty message with 10,000 rowsittakes quite a lot of time to scroll the whole message until theend😏 Download now the app "Blank message (for WhatsApp) for FREE
300 Legal Forms 1.0
Are you confused looking for legal foms? Find all the legalformsyou need in this app. There are over 300 kinds of legal formsyoucan find. Such as legal forms of business, legal formsofownership, real estate legal forms, and much more. Here are someofthe 300 legal form references you can get:Accident ClaimNoticeForm OLF01Acknowledging a Notification of Maternity LeaveFormE67Agreement Form OLF06Anti-Gazumping Agreement FormBS05Assignmentof Contract Form TA02Authorization to Return GoodsForm BS06BoardResolution: Approval of Directors' Report andAccounts FormC14Breach of Contract Notice Form OLF10Builders' WorkComplaintForm GS03Certificate of Product Conformity Form BS07Changein SalesRepresentative Agreement Form E06Company Let Terms &ConditionsForm RT01Demand for Delivery Form BS14Demand to PayPromissory NoteForm LB02Employee Dismissal for Lateness FormE18Extension ofOption to Purchase Property Form OLF15FurnishedHouse / Flat RentalAgreement Terms and Conditions Form F301GeneralAssignment FormTA08Landlord's Reference Requirements FormRT08Letter RefusingTrade Terms Form CDC18License for use of a CarParking Space FormOLF22Magazine Article Commissioning Contract FormOLF25Notice ofClaim for Indemnity From Joint-Venturer (Non-Partner)FormOLF30Notice to Dissolve a Two-Party Partnership FormB25PersonalProperty Rental Agreement Form PF15Rent Statement FormRT17SecurityAgreement Form LB11Special Notice for the Removal ofAuditors FormB35Special Notice for the Removal of a Director ofForm B34Featuresof this app:- more than 300 legal forms- fulloffline, NO NEEDINTERNET CONNECTION- search feature- Clear and easyto understand-Interesting viewEnjoy this legal forms app.Disclaimer :All ofcontent in this application is not our trademark.We only get thecontent from search engine and website. Please letme know if youroriginal content want to remove from ourapplication.
SignNow - Sign and Fill Docs 4.8.2
Negotiate and close deals faster from anywhere using theSignNowmobile app. You can sign and send contracts, agreements,NDAs,applications and medical documents for signature directly fromyourmobile device. The SignNow mobile app has been designed toautomatesignature workflows no matter how complicated they are.SignNow isan e-signature solution that regularly wins awards forease of use,ease of setup and administration: ✓ SignNow is used by40% of theFortune 1,000 to sign and manage contracts ✓ Big namebrands aswell as small and mid-sized businesses choose SignNowtosignificantly reduce document lifecycles to minuteswhileincreasing their deal closing rates by more than 5%. ✓SignNowhelps maximize staff efficiency, saving your employees asmuch as 4hours a day on paperwork while alleviating costs that yourcompanyused to spend on paper-based processes. Stay productive&organized while on-the-go with the SignNow mobile app: ✓Quicklyand easily upload documents from your email, Google Drive,Egnyte,Dropbox, Salesforce or by taking a photo of the document youneed ✓Upload an image file or Word document and automaticallyconvert itinto a PDF ✓ Set the signing order and assign roles formultiplesigners ✓ Sign documents even without an internetconnection ✓Generate templates of your most used documents andreuse theirlayout as many times as needed ✓ Complete forms byadding text,date and signatures ✓ Stay informed on who signed yourdocument,when and from what device with the document Audit Trail ✓Storedocuments in the cloud or archive and access them any time youneed✓ Export documents to the apps you use every day How cantheSignNow mobile app optimize your workflow and benefityourbusiness? ✓ Increase close rates by more than 5% when yousignsales contracts and business agreements in-person rightafternegotiations ✓ Save an average of $70 on each document whenyouavoid faxing, scanning and overnighting documents ✓ Trackthesigning progress of your document on your mobile devicefromwherever you are ✓ Minimize the risk of losing ormisplacingdocuments by saving them to the cloud from your mobiledevice ✓Focus on your core business by leaving paperwork behind TheSignNowapp for Android is free for download. If you have anyquestionsplease email Find out more aboutSignNow at: or read our blog to learn howe-signaturetechnology is used across industries at
SignEasy | Sign and Fill PDF and other Documents
SignEasy is the simplest and fastest way to sign documentsorgetting documents signed from your Android phone andtablet.Trusted and loved by over 6 million users. • Featured amongtheBest of 2016 apps on Google Play. • Among the top 3eSignaturesolutions for SMBs, Mid-Market & Enterprise companieson G2Crowd Get started for FREE with your first 3 documents and •Sign,fill and send any document format - PDF, Word, Excel, Text,Pages,JPG, PNG etc. • Send documents to others for signing •Simplifydocument signing for your customers by adding fields tothedocument. • Seamlessly sign documents from Email, Dropbox,Box,OneDrive, Evernote and Google Drive • Sign documents rightwithin100+ other apps • Access all documents in one place by usingyourSignEasy account from your Android phone, tablet or WebSignEasy isperfect to sign and fill documents such as NDAs, Taxforms, Realestate contracts, Lease agreements, Invoices, Purchaseorders,Financial agreements, Job offers, Permission slips and Workorders.KEY FEATURES (including both free and paid features)•Self-signing, In-person signing and Remote signing • Signdocumentsyourself, with finger or stylus • Collect signatures inperson fromcustomers • Send documents for signature to colleagues,customers,partners • Simplify document signing for your customersby addingfields to the document such as signature, initials, text,date,checkbox. • Track document status, receive signaturenotificationsand send reminders. • Add a cc recipient as a part ofthe workflow– enabling them to receive a copy of the final signeddocument. •Enable signers to sign documents one by one in aspecified order(Sequential Workflow) or all at once (ParallelWorkflow). • UseFreestyle feature to allow unlimited signers on adocument •Offline Signing: Fill paperwork even when you aredisconnected fromthe internet • Add date, text, checkboxes, logos,images and more •Save signature and initials for reuse • Savein-progress documentsas drafts • Set frequently used information asCustom Fields Workswith email and your favourite apps • Connectwith popular cloudservices like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box,Evernote to easily importand save files • Import files from otherapps using “Open In”functionality LEGALLY BINDING AND SECURE • Fullaudit-trail forlegal evidence, including signer email ID, deviceIP, signaturetimestamp and more • Compliant with the ESIGN Act andeIDAS andrecognized globally • Documents sent and stored usingSSLencryption • Extra protection with passcode and fingerprinttoprevent unauthorized access FREE AND PAID PLANS Sign up andsignthe first 3 documents for free. Refer to sign more documents. •TheSignEasy subscriptions start at $9.99/month, with annualandmonthly billing options, and let you sign unlimited documents,senddocuments for signature, add document fields, collectsignaturesin-person among other benefits. • In select countries,you can alsopurchase the Pay As You Go plan for 10 document creditsfor $4.99 -use the document credits whenever you want.Subscriptions arecharged to Google Play at confirmation ofpurchase. Subscriptionsautomatically renew unless auto-renewal isturned off at least 24hbefore the end of the current period. Theaccount will be chargedfor renewal within 24h prior to the end ofthe current period.Subscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may beturned off by going to the user's accountsettings after purchase.No cancellation of the current subscriptionduring the activeperiod. Access to external storage is used to saveand editdocuments to sign. Use of your account list is needed tosimplifythe signup process by pre-filling your email ID. Access toyourcontacts is requested when sending documents to remote partiesforsignature. For questions, feedback, bugs:support@signeasy.comLearn more:
DocuSign - Upload & Sign Docs 3.14.1
We are in the business of saving paper. With over 50 millionusersworldwide, DocuSign is the most widely used eSignature andDigitalTransaction Management platform in the world. Our appoffersunlimited free signing as well as upgrade options for yourbusinessneeds. Change the way you do business today! UNLIMITED FREESIGNING| Sign documents on the go. • Step 1: Create yourcustomizedsignature directly on your device. • Step 2: Uploaddocumentseasily via email, Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Evernote,Salesforce,or photo scanning. • Step 3: E-sign your documents forfree with nomonthly limit. SEND & MANAGE AGREEMENTS | Send& managefiles straight from your device. • Step 1: Import filesto prepareand send out for signature directly from your device. •Step 2:Prepare your document with “Sign Here” tags that showpreciselywhere to sign, initial, or add additional information. Setthesigning order and workflow for multiple signers. DocuSignsupportsin-person and remote signing. • Step 3: Remind signers tosign witha single tap or void a document that has already been sentforsignature. • Step 4: Receive real-time push notifications whenadocument has been signed. E-SIGNATURE IS LEGAL & SECURE.•Legally binding agreements—DocuSign’s complies with the eSignAct.• Complete audit trail to see who signed when and where.•Documents are encrypted—safer and more secure than paper.•DocuSign is ISO 27001 SSAE16compliant.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inaddition to our free signing experience, we offer advancedfeaturesthrough our premium plans, take a look and see which planmight beright for you: Standard Plan • Send documents out forsignature. •Access to advanced fields including DocuSign’s mostpopular. •Manage signing on-the-go. Remind, void, in-personsigning, andreusable templates. Real Estate Plan • Send documentsout forsignature. • Powerful real estate features includingzipForm Plusintegration and web branding. • Managing signingon-the-go. Remind,void, in-person signing, and reusable templates.Personal Plan •Limited document sending. Send up to 5 documentsmonthly. • Accessto essential fields. Request signature, date, andname. • Reusabletemplates so you can standardize yourdocuments.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Supportedfile types: • PDF • Word • Excel • Images (JPEG, PNG,TIFF) • Text +more Common documents to sign with DocuSign • NDAs •Sales contracts• Health care documents • Financial agreements •Waivers •Permission slips • Lease agreements For questions orfeedback emailus: Find out more aboutDocuSign andelectronicsignatures: Payment will be charged to Google Play atconfirmationof purchase. Subscriptions automatically renews unlessauto-renew isturned off at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrent period.Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to the endof the current period, and identify the cost ofthe renewal.Subscriptions may be managed by the user andauto-renewal may beturned off by going to the user's accountsettings after purchase.No cancellation of the currentsubscription is allowed during activesubscription period.
Password Manager: Generator & Secure Safe Vault
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Password Manager offers secure storage for yourpasswords,addresses, bank card details, private notes and imagesofconfidential documents, like your passport and driver’s license,andsyncs them across all your devices – giving you faster accesstoyour online accounts, apps and important information. Keyfeatures:-KEEP YOUR PERSONAL DATA UNDER LOCK & KEY Secure yourpasswords,addresses, bank card details, private notes and imagesof importantdocuments in an encrypted vault only you can unlock.-ACCESS YOURSTUFF WITH ONE PASSWORD Unlock your vault with amaster password.Plus access everything in double-quick time usingthe latestfingerprint sensor technology. - SYNC EVERYTHING ACROSSALL YOURDEVICES Keep your passwords and private stuff synced andeasilyaccessible across your different mobile devices, PCs, Macsandbrowsers. -SAVE TIME WITH PASSWORD AUTOFILL Log in to youraccountsquickly and easily through Chrome. -IMPROVE YOUR SECURITYWITH OURPASSWORD GENERATOR Use our password generator to getstrongpasswords. -SECURE YOUR BANK CARD DETAILS Scan and secureyour bankcard details with one tap of a button. -STORE ALL YOURIMPORTANTDOCUMENTS Also scan and secure your passport, driver’slicense,medical documents and other sensitive documents, sothey’re out ofreach to everyone but you. -SEARCH AND ORGANIZE YOURDOCUMENTS THEWAY YOU WANT Tag documents as “Favorites”. Accessrecently viewedstuff with a single tap. And group items intofolders so it’s easyto find things later. -GET TO YOUR STUFF VIAYOUR MY KASPERSKYACCOUNT Access and manage passwords and documentsfrom anywhere youcan get online. Why you need Kaspersky PasswordManager Rememberingall your passwords is hard. In fact, requestinga password resetafter a forgot password moment is a chore we allrecognize. Withfree Password Manager, your personal passwordkeeper, you can saveprecious time over and over again. With allyour passwords in apassword safe and accessible with one password,it’s simple to signin to your accounts, even those you rarelyvisit – helping youbanish forgot password brain freezes for good.But the benefits offree Password Manager don’t end there. Did youknow that besidespassword storage and protection, the app providesyou with apassword generator? With our password generator, you cangeneratestrong new passwords, add them to your password safe anduse them toreplace existing passwords that put your passwordsecurity at risk.Plus we also guard your most confidentialdocuments in a securevault – so only you can reach them. So tryKaspersky PasswordManager today. It’s not just a password keeper.It’s not just a freepassword manager. It answers all your passwordsecurity fears plusmore. OUR SECURITY We follow Zero-KnowledgeSecurity, which meansneither Kaspersky – as the applicationdeveloper – nor anybody else,knows a single thing about your data.Your data belongs only to youand is accessible only by you. Werespect users’ privacy completely.Also, Kaspersky Password Managerdoesn't store your master passwordon your devices or in cloudstorage. FREE version Does everythingthe Premium version does, butit only allows you to store a maximumtotal of 15 entries. Forcorrect operation, please install thelatest version of KasperskyPassword Manager free on all yourdevices. Having the old versionand new version on different devicesmay cause operating issues.
SuperTatkal - Train ticket 6.27
The FASTEST app in the market to book your train tickets onIRCTC.Here comes the superman of train ticket booking on IRCTCwebsite.This simple app allows you to book IRCTC train tatkaltickets fast,using prefilled forms. All the details will beautofilled and theuser has to enter only the Captcha to completetheir booking. Whywait ? Download your app and give it a try. It'sfree. P.S: Usersare requested to give their comments and feedbackfor the app. Themost popular feature requests will be added in thenext revision.We hope to make this the best and fastest tatkalticket booking appavailable on Android with your support. Thankyou. Happy booking!--------------------- Instructions for using theapp:--------------------- * Before starting to book please readthebest practices mentioned at the bottom of the page. * Create anewform by clicking on the "New Form" button. * Fill alltheinformation you need and click on the save icon on the toprightcorner of the page. * You can also initiate the booking byclickingon the book now link on the right corner of the page. Doingso,auto saves the form. * Once the browser is opened all thedetailsthat you have entered in the form will be autofilled. *Please notewhenever a data autofilled, a message would pop up onthe screenconfirming it. * If the message did not appear, it meanstheautofill has not completed the process. In such case, pleasedoublecheck the info that you have saved in the form. * Autopaymentoption is added for most popular banks. For FAQ referto:
Squid - Take Notes & Markup PDFs
New: We partnered with Google to bring incredibly fast,low-latencyink to Squid on the Google Pixelbook and SamsungChromebook Plus(with Chrome 62). See the difference: handwritten notes naturally onyour Android tablet, phone, orChromebook supporting Android apps!With Squid you can write justlike you would on paper using anactive pen, passive stylus, oryour finger. Easily markup PDFs tofill out forms, edit/gradepapers, or sign documents. Import images,draw shapes, and addtyped text to your notes. Quickly select,copy/paste, and movecontent between pages and notes. Organize yournotes withinnotebooks and increase your productivity! Turn yourdevice into avirtual whiteboard or give presentations in a class,meeting, orconference by wirelessly casting to a TV/projector (e.g.usingMiracast, Chromecast). Export notes as PDFs or images, thensharethem with others or store them in the cloud! Squid is vectorbased- keeping your notes beautiful at any zoom level and on anydevice.You can erase entire letters and words quickly with thestrokeeraser tool, or just parts of words with the true erasertool. Theselection tool allows you to change the color andthickness of yourhandwriting and even resize a drawing whenever youwant without anyloss in quality. Squid takes special advantage ofactive pens oncapable devices to provide natural, pressuresensitive handwriting.Just write with the pen and erase with yourfinger! Squid isdesigned to be both powerful and simple to use,allowing you totake notes quickly and efficiently.Awards/Recognition • FeaturedApp in Google Play • CategoryHonorable Mention for Productivity inthe Samsung Galaxy Note S PenApp Challenge: •Popular Choice Award in theDual Screen App Challenge: Key Features • Takenotes naturally with a penand erase with your finger on active penenabled devices (e.g.Galaxy Note devices with S Pen) • Take noteswith your finger orpassive stylus on non-active pen devices (e.g.Nexus 7) • Vectorgraphics engine • Multiple paper types (e.g.blank, ruled, graph)and sizes (e.g. infinite, letter, A4) •Undo/redo, select, move,and resize • Change the color and weight ofselected items • Cut,copy, and paste items between notes • Twofinger scroll andpinch-to-zoom • Two finger double tap to quicklyjump to a specificzoom level • Organize notes within notebooks •Sort notes andnotebooks • Import, crop, and resize images • Exportnotes to PDF,PNG, or JPEG for printing, archiving, or sharing •Share notes withfriends and colleagues via email, Evernote, etc. •Multi-Windowsupport • Shortcuts to create a new note or open anotebook •Present notes on a secondary display via HDMI,Chromecast, etc.(Android 4.2+) Squid Premium • Create notes andpages with premiumbackgrounds (math, engineering, music, sports,etc.) • Import PDFsand mark them up like any other note • Expressyourself withadditional tools (highlighter, “true” eraser, shapes,text) •Backup/restore and bulk export notes as PDFs to cloudstorageproviders Dropbox and Box Learn more about SquidPremium: G Suite for Education customers canpurchaseSquid Premium in bulk using the Squid EDU Bulk Licenseapp( Information about active pendevices: Explanation of requiredpermissions: If you encounter any bugs, pleaseemail us with a description of thebug! We wouldlove to hear any feedback or feature requests you haveat Interested in beta testing?Joinour public beta directly through Google Play!
JPG to PDF Converter Free 1.22
SR Group
This free online JPG to PDF converter allows to combinemultipleimages into a single PDF document. Besides JPG/JPEG, thistoolsupports conversion of PNG and BMP files too. Image toPDFconverter offline you can choose the images from gallery inorderwith image reorder option and convert it to PDF in a singleclick.Free Image to PDF converter app by using this, image couldbeconverted to PDF in a minute and designed with morefriendlyapproached design. JPG to PDF Converter is very useful toolforcorporate office, business meetings, daily uses, governmentoffice,and online registration account and to upload your KYC soon. 🔹FreeImage to PDF Converter Features : - All our features are100% FREESuite. - Image to PDF converter can use in offline mode. -Protectyour documents with a passcode. - Convert multiple imagesintosingle PDF. - JPG to PDF converter supports generation ofpasswordprotected PDF. - Set page sizes for PDF (Letter, Legal, A4,andmore) - Grayscale and black white image effects settings. - JPGtoPDF converter is very easy to use and quick. - ImageQualitysetting including no compression, low, medium and high. -Thumbnailor list view, sort scans by date or title. - Search,scroll, andzoom in and out. - Change page Size Scan to PDFConverter Free. -Open the PDF with any PDF viewer/editor. - ChooseSingle Page,Continuous scroll, or Reading mode. - Use your devicecamera tosnap a photo of anything—a document, whiteboard, form,picture,receipt, or note—and save it as a PDF. - Take picture ofanyofficial form like ID or official document or school documentsorresume (CV), bills, invoices, messages, and web pages and sendthemVIA Mail or Gmail. - Convert all kind of documents then sendthemvia : E-mail , Gmail, WhatsApp , MMS, Dropbox, Google drivedocs,Evernote, Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth or Facebook, Twitter, Skypeandmore, it can also read and preview pdf files. 🔹Save thefollowingdocument formats to PDF: - JPG to PDF Converter - BMP toPDFConverter - PNG to PDF Converter - GIF to PDF Converter - Imagetopdf converter - Convert JPG to PDF - Convert to Pdf - PDFConverter- Convert JPG to PDF - JPG to PDF Document Converter 🔹Howit works:- Take picture of the documents that you want to convertor send. -Choose the picture (PNG, JPEG, XPS, TIFF, JFIF, and GIF)or thedocument that you want to convert or send as pdf. - Resize it+Apply Effects + Change rotation. - Send them via E-mail,Gmail,Yahoo Mail, Whatsapp, MMS, Dropbox, Google drive docs,Evernote,Wifi direct, Bluetooth or Facebook, Twitter, Skype andmore, it canalso read and preview pdf files. 🔹GOT QUESTIONS? CAN'TFIGURE OUTHOW TO DO SOMETHING? If you have any problem about thisJPG to PDFconverter app please email us, andwe’ll help you figure it out. Try andenjoy 2017 - 2018 best JPG toPDF converter app to PDF all new apps2017 - 2018.
Bills Reminder 2.3.1
No.1 Bill Reminder App loved by 3,00,000 users. Manages yourBillsand reminds you before due date. Completely free App, NoHiddenCharges Features: 1. Manage all bills 2. Friendlynotificationswith paid/payment action 3. Ease of access 4.Customization 4.Backup and restore 5. Full Features are free. Not aDemo / TrialApp It's not fun when you realize you've missed payinga bill byits due date, after all they come with late payment fees.Even withthe best of intentions, forgetting to pay that bill couldhappenmore than once in a year. That's some serious money you'reblowingon late payment fees.If you are trying to save money, thefirstthing to do is stop allowing this to happen by using our appBillsReminder. 1. Bills Reminder is the leading app that lets youmanageand organize your bills in one place. You can manage all ofyourutility bills etc., 2. This app automatically posts remindersofall of your bills with simple payment action, makingbillmanagement easy and stress free. 3. This app can organizeyourbills as Upcoming, Overdue, Paid and Unpaid based on the duedate.It allows you to access all your bills in easy manner. 4. Itallowsyou to customize the default options. (Currency, Remindertime etc)as your wish. And you can create recurring bills to anydaterange. 5. Yes. It is full version not a Trial/Demo appWorkingscenarios: You can add new bills, by touch the '+' icon ontopright corner. Then fill the friendly form details such asbillname, payment amount and the due date etc. You can also createarecurring bills in very flexible manner. Want to changedefaultsetting such as Currency, Reminder Time etc., ? You canchange thedefault setting at any time in Settings menu. It is easyto createrecurring bills. Repeating period is more flexible, Setany daterange (Example: every 3 days, every 2 weeks, every 2 monthetc.,)Stay tuned with us on Facebookat: app requires certainpermissions to give you the bestexperience. AUTOMATICALLY START ATBOOT → Required to configure thealarm timer when you boot thedevice. FULL INTERNET ACCESS →Required to get crash report forimproving the app quality. &Display ads Chart library license:Get a copy of the Chart libraryLicense at
SBI Life Smart Advisor 177.0
Sbilife ISG-AAR
SBI Life Smart Advisor is a Mobile Applicationspecificallydeveloped to provide SBI Life Insurance Advisors accessto theirkey business data like Policy & Customer details,Product &Premium details, News & Updates on SBI Life etc.To registerplease use your Agency online id (example IA99999999)& agencyonline password. The application have many usefulfeatures for you,like : - Dashboard containing summary of your MTD& YTDbusiness - Planner to manage your meetings - Reports tocheckPolicy List, Policy Details, Customer Details, Renewal DueList,Maturity List etc. - Commission details - Premium Calculator&Product Details - Links to our website to check NAV, DownloadFormsetc. - News & Updates from SBI Life. We have integratedthepayment acknowledgement module in this release of Smart advisor.Advisor has to select Renewal premium option from the menutheyhave simply key the policy number and dob of the customer onclickbutton policy details will populate . Once data would populatetheyhave to key cheque or draft details and finally click onsubmitbutton. In case of new business they have simply key theproposalnumber and cheque details and finally click on synchbutton.
HandWrite Pro Note & Draw 4.6
HandWrite Pro is a note-taking app for your finger or stylus, butitis also an advanced vector-based drawing app. Smooth writinganddrawing is enabled using the “Scribmaster” drawing engine.Easilymarkup PDFs to fill out forms, edit or grade papers andsigndocuments with the new PDF import. You can either useyourfingertips, an active pen (e.g. the stylus from the SamsungGalaxyNote series) or a passive pen. The vector graphics engineallowsyou to zoom in without pixelation or losing quality. If youuse astylus you can set the "stylus only" option so that yourwristwon't accidentally draw lines. The app also allows you toexportyour work for refinement on a PC later. The app allows you towriteor draw during lectures and meetings. Export to PDF afterwardstoshare your work. The simple and intuitive user interfacemakeswriting or drawing as easy as on paper. Just give it a try.Most ofthe features are available for free! Free Features: • Drawwith anactive Stylus (e.g. Samsung Note S-Pen) for pressuresensitivity**• BETA-Support for the Scriba pen (• Simulatevariable line width with your finger or a passive penusing the"speed pen" option • Vector graphics engine, lossless zoom• Copy& Paste • PDF export • JPG & PNG export • Exportdirectlyto Evernote • Image import • Endless page size or differentpapersizes • Two finger pinch-to-zoom or canvas movement • Uselayers asin professional imaging software • Vector pointmanipulation •Organize your documents with labels like "work","art" and so on.Premium Features* • Economy Package All premiumfeatures in onepackage • Export Package Export your drawing intothe SVG format.You can refine your drawings on your PC withInkscape (a free opensource tool) or Adobe Illustrator Import PDFfiles Synchronize withGoogle Drive • Feature Package Fill-penCalligraphic pen Filloption for forms (rectangle, ellipse)HandWrite Pro is perfect foryour next lecture or meeting! In caseyou experience bugs, pleaseemail us at with ashort description. There isa discussion forum at our homepage at orjust visit our facebook page at* Available via in-app purchasing** Devices: S-Pen: Samsung GalaxyNote, Note 2, Note 3, Note 8.0,Note 10.1, Note 10.1 2014 Edition,and Note Pro, Nvidia Directstylus
Learn MS Excel Course & Keys 2.0.0
RK Technolabs
Learn MS Excel Full Course and Keyboard Shortcuts easilyandquickly.♦ The App's Design is User friendly and it can workinOffline mode (without Internet) as well. If you don'trememberMicrosoft Excel Shortcuts Keys, then you can use this App.♦The Appcontains below points :Basic of excelFormulas inexcelFunctions inexcelConditionalSpreadsheet in excelProcessing inexcelCharts inexcelAdvanced excelms excel learninglearnexcelMicrosoft excelmsoffice excelexcel learningeasy to learnexceleasy to useexcellearning applearning from homeexcel fromhomeexcel course freelearning ♦ The App can be used to LearnMicrosoft Excel Full Courseto create:Reports, Budgets, Planners,Plans and proposals,Schedules, Timesheets, Accounting, Auditing orFinancial Tasks,Calendars, Cards, Charts and Diagrams, FinancialTools (Loancalculators etc.), Flyers, Forms, Worksheet,Inventories, Invoices,Lists and to-do checklists, Agendas, etc♦ TheApp contains termssuch as:Excel Tutorial, Excel 2016 Tutorial,Basics of Excel - EASYExcel Tutorial, Learn Excel 2016, Free ExcelFormulas, How to LearnExcel, LEARN Excel Campus, Learn ExcelOnline, Microsoft Office365, Learn Excel Offline, excel online,excel formulas, microsoftexcel keyboard shortcuts, microsoft excelfree, microsoft exceldownload, excel for dummies, xlsx, csv, xls,excel macros,SalaryAccount,Business Account,Profit LossAccount,Accounting Terms,TaxCalculation,Sales Tax,Service Tax, VAT,Excise Tax, Excise Duty,FBT, GST,CST,Tally, AccountingSoftware,Goods and Service Tax,Value Added Tax, Central ServiceTax, IGST, SGST, CGST, State GST,Central GST, Integrated GST, e-waybills, etc, how to use excel,excel viewer, microsoft word,microsoft powerpoint, licindia,income tax, esic, irda,sbi mutualfund, Governmentjobs,Keyword installs, how to use microsoft excel,excel courses,excel free download, Microsoft Kaizala, excel sheet,adobe cs2,excel vba, excel for mac, macromedia, creative suite,visual basicexcel, excel templates.
GoCanvas Business Apps & Forms
GoCanvas gives you the power to collect the information youneedfrom customers and co-workers and transform it into PDFsthatreflect your brand — all from your mobile device, allwithoutwriting a line of code. The Mobile Builder will guide youthroughconverting your paper forms into customized Apps that looklike theoriginal, but do so much more. Design and launch your Appsandstart gathering and sharing data immediately. You’ll never havetoworry about inaccurate or incomplete info,hard-to-readhandwriting, or missing pages again. With GoCanvas youcan: - Takephotos - Input text and numeric values - Capture GPSlocation -Record date and time - Scan barcodes - Automatecalculations -Collect signatures - and more Build your App fromscratch or getgoing with one of our templates, designedspecifically for: -Estimates - Inspections - Invoices - Waivers -Work orders Then useour drag-and-drop Mobile Builder to customizeyour output, allwithout booting up a computer. Start enteringcustomer or jobinformation immediately and transmit it directly tothe cloud.We’ll help you get it in the hands of the people who needit. Nomore filing cabinets, no more mistakes, no more delays. Getstartedwith our 30-day free trial to test out all of our features,thendecide if you want to stay on our free Individual Plan orupgradeto have multiple users and advanced features.
com.pdffiller.singleform.w9 1.7.13
airSlate, Inc.
Everybody knows that the W-9 form is one of the most frequentlyusedtemplates because filing a tax report correctly isimpossiblewithout the information it contains. It’s necessary forbothindependent contractors and self-employed individuals, (as theyarenot officially employed) to provide personal andtaxpayerinformation in this document and send it to the IRS. Youdon't needto worry about filing this sample to the person youprovide yourservices to as an independent contractor because youhave one ofthe best tax management apps at your disposal. Using theW-9 formfiller, you can complete the document anywhere, evenon-the-go. Thetax filling app can easily be installed on yoursmartphone and usedfor completing the current W-9 variant. Itsinterface is very easyto use and understand. The income tax returnfilling app hasnumerous features, including: ✓ The ability toinsert text anywherein the template. It’s done by clicking on thehighlighted fillablefields or by adding your own cells with theText option. ✓ Simplenavigation between cells by using arrows or bymanually clicking onthe needed field. ✓ Adding graphic signs,images, lines, checkmarks etc. ✓ The automatic inserting of thecurrent date (ormanually add the needed date). ✓ Digitalcertification. You cansign the sample with a digitallegally-binding signature. Create itby drawing your initials withyour finger, apply any changes andthe system will automatically fitit in the corresponding field(you may certify the document using adefault cell or add yourown). ✓ A high data protection level. Editthe template in a secureenvironment and with the latest dataencryption methods. You canshare the completed W-9 form right fromthe application. Justselect one of the e-mail addresses from yourcontact list and sendthe sample. For security reasons, always askwhy a person ororganization requests the template. If it’s afamiliar individualor company, then you should provide the documentsince it is an IRSrequirement.
SailformsPlus Forms Database 2.0.25c
Sailforms, LLC
Your Personal Database SailformsPlus is a powerful, but easy tousePersonal Database. SailformsPlus comes preload with forms youcanuse and modify. You can customize the sample forms, or createyourown forms from scratch. Easy form layout lets you buildfunctionaland attractive entry forms. Text, Notes, Numbers, Dates,Times andCheckboxes can be saved. Create Listboxes for Text andNumbers. Youcan add calculations with the Number, Date and Timeentry fields.Listing and sorting your list is automatic. You cangraph yournumeric entries. You can secure your forms with passwordsandbackup and restore your database to your external SDCard. •EasyForm Layout • Autocomplete Text Entry • Number, Date and TimeMath• Pictures and Camera • Graphical List Charting • Date EntrywithPopup Calendar • Time Entry with Popup Timewheels • Fixed andFloatdecimals • Colored Sizable Text Labels • Backup and RestoretoSDCard • Custom List Reporting and Sorting • List TotalingandSubtotaling • Organize Forms into Groups • Password SecureGroups •Portrait and Landscape Layout • Sample Forms IncludedGrocery list,ToDo List, Tasks, Projects list, Gifts, Pets, Cars,Recipe form,Contacts, form Time Card, Gas Mileage, Profit loss andPasswordsList forms and more provided.
Epicollect5 Data Collection 2.0.6
Epicollect5 is a mobile & web application for free and easydatacollection hosted by Imperial College Londonat It provides both the web andmobileapplication for the generation of forms (questionnaires) andfreelyhosted project websites for data collection. Data arecollected(including GPS and media) using multiple devices and alldata canbe viewed on a central server (via map, tables, charts).Data canbe exported in CSV and JSON format Full User Guide can befoundat issues and bugs or just for more info, go to ourcommunity
Binders | Database 3.861
General conditions No subscription, no ads. Your data privacyisrespected. You can learn for free to manage your data. Thenthelicense is required. The license is valid for lifetime and forallyour devices. It's our only income. The desktop applicationisfree. Design for your needs An innovative solution to manageyourdatabase. Much more efficient than conventional databases.Easilycreate your forms and link them. Choose how to display,calculate,validate your data. Your professional solution is readyto use!Standalone and open Available on Android, Windows, OS X andLinuxwith JavaFX or OpenJFX. Encrypted synchronization on GoogleDrive,OneDrive, Dropbox and FTP. CSV, XML files import. PDF, CSV,XML,TXT, GPX files export. Highly adaptable All users we knowcreatedvery different binders. For private collections orbusinessmanagement. They didn't find a suitable application onGoogle Play.They just configured a binder for their needs. Activeandresponsive For six years, we have developed theapplicationaccording to user feedback. So do not hesitate tocontact us forany question or suggestion. All users benefit fromeachimprovement. A dedicated support engineer responds within theday.Resourceful Configurable field types. Automatic calculationsandvalidations. Form sub-types, form parts. Changes history,deletedforms restore. Example binders • World atlas • Small shop •Notes •Tasks to do • Customer relations CRM • Fuel consumption •Racesresults • Travel packing checklist • Inventory • Bank accounts•Price comparisons • Equity funds • Medicines • Family tree•Payroll managment • Computer troubleshooting • Passwords•Dictionary • Books • Magazines • Post stamps • Recordings •Recipes• Movies • Artworks • Contacts • Locations • Shippings •Meetings •School Example fields • Possibility • Number • Text •Date •Duration • GPS position • Picture • Linked forms • Check box•Price • Percentage • Incremental counter • Description • Password•Email • Phone • Web address • File path Example functions•Constant value • Field from the current form • Field fromtheprevious form • Field from all forms • Condition •Alternativevalue • Number of forms • Number of all forms • Roundedvalue •Text value • Date value • Minutes between two dates • Daysbetweentwo dates • Months between two dates • Years between twodates •Days of a duration • Hours of a duration • Latitude •Longitude •Distance between two GPS positions • Text length • Textposition •Case constant value • Number of cases • Formidentification code •Random number • Power • Square root • Pi •Sine • Cosine •Exponential • Logarithm • Opposite number • Inversenumber •Operations • Minimum • Maximum • Average • Increase •Decrease •Difference • Weather temperature • Number • Date • ISOdate • Weekday • Spelled number • Text part • Concatenation •Multilingualtext • System variable • Weather conditions • Now •Mixed date •Binder last change • Form last change • Form creation •Addition •Subtraction • Between two dates • Multiplication •Division Website Link Copyright ©2013-2019 Generism
One++ Calculator 1.7.5
Sascha Haubold
One++ Calculator is a digital formulary and may be the bestadditionfor your favourite calculator app! writesabout thiscalculator: "One++ is the flagship killer calculator appof Android"Main functions: ★ 245 menu items with more than 1000+formulas ★ 5categories: Everyday, math, converter, physics undeconomy ★ 5Material themes: dark, light, black and translucent,grey ★ 7 menulayouts: Icons, Pattern, Tiles, Simplistic,Simplistic Cards,Simplistic Icons, Simplistic Tiles ★ 12languages: German, English,Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian,French, Indonesian, Portuguese,Chinese, Croatian, Turkish ★ 15list animations ★ voice output (ifyour device support's it) forcalculations by clicking on it ★Xposed module InApp DPI settings ★Action menu: You can createshortcuts for your favourite apps tohave quick access to them ★ newparticle system: Let it snow :-) ★a lot of settings for customizingThis might be the fastest way ofcalculating! It's very easy: Givehim a variable and One++calculates everything you want to know.Example 1: Enter the sidelength of a cuboid and this calculatortells you the surface area,the volume, the diagonal length and somemore. Example 2: Enter avalid range of numbers and One++ Calculatorwill tell you theprimes, twin-primes or something else you want toknow within thisrange. One++ is not just another calculator app!It's the bestaddition for your favourite calculator app and yourcompanion forfast caltulations in almost every situation! You willbe impressed,how easy mathematics, physics or economics can be!Happycalculating! :-)
MoreApp Forms 5.10.0
Use MoreApp to fill in any business form. No matter if it's aworkorder, inspection, survey, or any other digital form.Capturesignatures, add photos and videos, search imported data, andmore.From now on capturing data will be cheaper, faster, and morefun!MoreApp received the ISO 27001 certificate. Thiscertificateindicates that MoreApp complies with internationalstandards in thefield of information security. MoreApp Forms is nowForever Freefor users who use up to 100 forms per month. ThePremium accountoffers more advanced forms, and reporting thanMoreApp ForeverFree. The possibility to customize PDF reports paidhooks andadvanced widgets are only available for Premium users.Afterpurchasing the first bundle, the account will automaticallybeactivated as a Premium account. There are no monthlyobligations.You only Pay-Per-Use and testing is for free! Startsaving money,time, and paper forms. Sign up now for a free account!Our solutionto convert your paper forms into digital forms includemultipleservices facilitating the process. We provide the best andmosteasy to use drag & drop Form Builder and a Marketplace fullofform templates created by our users. Next to filling in formsonyour mobile device, you can simply open your browser and useourWeb Client. Digital Forms Collecting data with business formsonthe go is as easy as it gets with our digital forms app.Withdigital forms, you always have all the right forms on yoursmartdevice. MoreApp enables mobile users to receive pre-filledforms,collect data on location, and submit completed forms withphotos,notes, signatures, GPS location, and many more. You can evencreateyour own widgets! MoreApp also works offline and enablessavingpartially completed forms to fill them in later. The digitalformsapp works on smart devices but also supports filling indigitalforms on any browser using our Web Client and sending webforms tounregistered users. Enter the email of the customer intothe formand they directly receive an email with a PDF or Wordreport thatcan be further processed digitally. Create Digital FormsCreate andmanage every form yourself using your computer. Ourcomprehensiveonline drag & drop Form Builder is so simple touse thateveryone can create professional digital business forms inno time.Additionally, you can configure existing templates from theMoreAppMarketplace and fit them to your own needs. How fast can itgo?Within 10 minutes you can have your mobile form ready: -workorders - surveys - visit reports - inspections - audits-time-tracking - and every other digital business form Here aresomereasons why our users chose MoreApp: - Best in class FormBuilder -Unlimited amount of users - Import data via Excel orGoogle Sheetsand search for it in forms - The data is yours andalways secure -MoreApp is white-labeled, which means that it'spossible to replaceour logos and branding colors with your own -Marketplace withwidgets and plug-ins - Free API and manyintegrations - Pay-Per-Usepricing - Send pre-filled forms - Usesubforms in subforms insubforms - Email the PDF or Word report -Export to Excel or GoogleSheets - Add pins and notes to a drawingor photo You want to saveeven more time and money? Let us help youintegrate MoreApp withyour existing IT systems. Our APIdocumentation is available forfree. If you need help buildingmobile forms, let us know bysending an email to support@moreapp.comKeep up to date with ourdevelopments by connecting with us onTwitter, Facebook andInstagram or subscribe to our monthlyNewsletter.
Mobile Data Collection
GIS Cloud
GIS Cloud Mobile Data Collection is a tool for web andmobiledevices which allows you to collect data in real time, withcustomdesigned forms, work in offline mode and more. Collect fielddataand conduct field surveys faster and easier than everbefore.Simply sign in with your GIS Cloud account (or sign up forfree)and send collected data directly to your GIS Cloud app inthecloud. You can customize your data forms to include photosandaudio as well as standard text, number, or choice inputs.Couplethis mobile app with the MDC Portal web appon and have your team out and about inaquarter of an hour! GIS Cloud, powerful next-generationcloudsolutions that manage geo-located assets and information. Allyouneed in the field: - Offline data capture - Media (photos&audio) enriched location information - QR code and barcodesupport- Dropdowns, lists, input boxes and comments based on customforms- Review data attributes directly in the app - Edit existingdata -Listen to audio and view images - Real time GPS location -View andexplore maps in the field Prepare and analyse in theoffice: -Cloud based web apps - Custom forms designer - Rich GISsymbologyand visualization - Data editing and exporting - One-clickmap anddata sharing - Real time collaboration - Map publishing -SpatialQueries & Analysis - Account administration
Advanced Wireless Forms
ActSoft, Inc.
Lose the paper and get digital with Advanced Wireless Forms’mobileforms for your electronic devices, smartphones, pads andtablets.Compatible with both Mac and PC software Advanced WirelessForms(AWF) helps you collect a wide variety of information throughyourwireless forms including digital signatures, photos,sketches,notes, barcodes, order information, invoices and more.Eitherdownload and store the information for later or transmit thedatato your system in real time. ★ NEW-FREE ACCOUNTS CAN NOWCREATECUSTOM FORMS ★ ★ PLEASE NOTE: Forms are built on ourWEBSITE.Credentials provided upon sign up ★ Do more in the field: ✔Offlinedata capture ✔ Signature capture and Image capture ✔Barcodescanning ✔ Multiple/Single choice combo fields ✔ Complexarithmeticcalculations ✔ Archive and template form progress ✔Preview/Printforms as PDF ✔ Email forms as PDF Create and managefrom theoffice: (Credentials provided upon sign up) ✔ Cloud basedwebportal ✔ Powerful form designer ✔ Form decision logic ✔Powerfulreporting capability ✔ In-depth dashboard analytics ✔Businessintelligence in a single place Top customer support: ★Frost &Sullivan’s 2009 Customer Service Excellence Award
Kizeo Forms - create Forms 6.8.1
Create unlimited forms and collect all your information onyourmobile or tablet directly from the field (even without anyinternetconnection!) --> Create 100% customizable forms andcollect thedata you are looking for! Whatever your job is, KizeoForms™tailors your needs and your work procedures. It allows youtocreate your own application forms, thanks to a wide rangeofcombination tools. No matter what your profession is, KizeoForms™will fit your needs. Here are some examples. - Sitesupervision
 -Minutes - Intervention report - Inventory of fixtures- Expensereport - Order form - Security intervention - Businessfollowings
- Contact making - etc. --> WithoutInternet-connection! Work onyour operations and your interventionswherever you are with KizeoForms™ Offline Mode. All your data isstored in your device andpending to receive an Internet connection.--> Improvecommunication with your employees and spread yourinformation inreal time!
Feed your data back to your company andincrease yourresponsiveness.
Communicate easily with yourtechnicians and otherout-of-office workers to enhance productivity.--> Recover yourdata in the file format you want: 
All therecorded data arecentralized and can be consulted in real time. Youcan eitherforward your data or simply collect it back in PDF orWord format(for reports, assessments, summaries, etc.), in Excel(to organizeyour data, draw statistics, perform calculations, etc.)or even inCSV format, which will allow you to integrate these datadirectlyin your company’s database. --> Communicate better andenhancethe image of your company: 
Once your data is collected, anE-Mailwith your PDF report attached can be sent out toco-workers,employees, clients or other users. The Title and body ofyour emailcan also be customized. You want to combine your datawith yourcomputer system? --> Send your data to your servers viaFTP.Update your Software automatically with the Web Service.Easyset-up! Step 1: Register now and create your account onKizeoForms™ website Step 2: Create your form.Step3: Collect your data on the field with Kizeo Forms™ App.
 Step4:Recover your data online.
SailformsPro Relational DB 2.0.25c
Sailforms, LLC
Relational Application Builder SailformsPro is a powerful, buteasyto use Forms Application builder. SailformsPro comes preloadwithforms and applications you can use and modify. You cantakeSailforms Forms you have built and hook them together inanApplication System. You can connect Forms, look up values, getandput values between forms. You can setup transactions to AddandSubtract values to remote forms, these transactionsautomaticallyadjust when values are changed and deleted. PivotTables let youembed remote form entries in a form to list andselect commonrelated values. Define buttons and menus to controlthe work flow.Look at the application samples to see what can bedone withSailformsPro.
MobileForms (CrowdForce) 1.8.0
Agents and Merchants Make extra income from your local communitybyperforming micro tasks and surveys to help companiesimproveservice delivery in your area. Key Benefits for Businesses:Createforms online and collect quality data using any mobiledevice. RunCampaigns and get real time responses from our globalagent networkQuick turn-around with over-the-air form distribution.Design aform today and start collecting data today. Capture Moredata: GPSLocation, Images, Signatures Real time data upload Offlinedatacollection (out of service, no wifi) Ensures accurate datacaptureand eliminates redundancy Real time reports and Dashboards
FORM Watch Face 1.0.2
This is an Android Wear watch face based on the typeface usedforFORM, Google's first design conference. For more on FORM, and check out the #FORMSF14 hashtagonTwitter on Google+.FORM typeface and animations thanks to thegreatwork of the UXA team at Google.The source code for the watchfacecan be found at
Computer Full Forms IT Abbreviations & Acronyms 1.0
This is the largest full form dictionary on play store poweredbyEngineering Bug, which contains full forms of abbreviationsandacronyms. No matter from which field you are. It will help youinevery term. It is the smart Full Form dictionary app designedtokeep in mind each and every requirement of every user, whichisused by, teachers and other professionals as areferenceguide.Acronyms or abbreviations, commonly used on internetandwriting. This page provides yThis is the largest fullformdictionary on play store powered by Engineering Bug, whichcontainsfull forms of abbreviations and acronyms. No matter fromwhichfield you are. It will help you in every term. It is the smartFullForm dictionary app designed to keep in mind each andeveryrequirement of every user, which is used by, teachers andotherprofessionals as a reference guide.Acronyms orabbreviations,commonly used on internet and writing. This pageprovides you withthe most common used abbreviations and acronyms incomputer and ITfield.Computer industry likes to use acronymsandabbreviations.There are literally thousands ofcomputerabbreviations out there. Many are concerned with thetechnicalaspects of the computer while others deal withpersonalcommunication. Following are some of them.ou with the mostcommonused abbreviations and acronyms in computer and ITfield.Computerindustry likes to use acronyms andabbreviations.There areliterally thousands of computerabbreviations out there. Many areconcerned with the technicalaspects of the computer while othersdeal with personalcommunication. Following are some of them.Thisis the largest fullform dictionary on play store powered byEngineering Bug, whichcontains full forms of abbreviations andacronyms. No matter fromwhich field you are. It will help you inevery term. It is the smartFull Form dictionary app designed tokeep in mind each and everyrequirement of every user, which isused by, teachers and otherprofessionals as a referenceguide.Acronyms or abbreviations,commonly used on internet andwriting. This page provides you withthe most common usedabbreviations and acronyms in computer and ITfield.Computerindustry likes to use acronyms andabbreviations.There areliterally thousands of computerabbreviations out there. Many areconcerned with the technicalaspects of the computer while othersdeal with personalcommunication. Following are some of them.
ENAGIC • MOBI 3.4.5112
Get Enagic's official app to manage your entire Enagicbusiness!From prospecting, to education, to demos, to sales, thisapp putsEnagic magic in your pocket! • Manage your contacts (SMS,Call,Notes, etc) • Manage your Sales / Orders • Get notified whenordersship & track them! • Access your demo video library •Sendpre-written Kangen Water information to your contacts • Stay uptodate on the latest Enagic News The Order Management system ofthisapp is the shining star. The easiest and fastest way to bookyoursales! Pre-fill your order forms with customer info fromyourcontacts database, then save for later, or send it off toyourcustomer who can simply click to pay and sign! Receivenotificationwhen your orders are placed, when they are shipped, andtrack themall from the app! The app will also track any and allorders madethrough your EWS websites!
Forms by LegalShield 4.0.0
Forms by LegalShield has been featured in the New York Times, theLATimes, TechCrunch, Forbes, Above The Law, and VentureBeat toname afew.ABOUT FORMS BY LEGALSHIELD Forms by LegalShield combinesthesimplicity of a handshake with the security of a legalcontract. Theconvenience of easy to access online forms with theassurance of ahigh-quality, full service law firm. Use Forms byLegalShield toquickly and easily create, sign and send legallybindingagreements.With a LegalShield membership, you have accessto allforms and questionnaires and you have your LegalShieldprovider firmavailable to answer any legal questions you mayhave.STEP 1 - CreateChoose a contract template or upload your own.Enter yourLegalShield membership number to access additionalforms. Customizethe document by answering a few easyquestions.STEP 2 - SignElectronically sign your agreement oneither your smartphone ortablet.STEP 3 - Send Send your agreementto another party/otherparties to sign, or if you're together, havethem signon-the-spot.STEP 4 – ConsultLegalShield members canconsult withtheir Provider law firm if they have any questionsabout choosing orfilling out a form.KEY FORMS BY LEGALSHIELDFEATURES • Pre-installedlibrary featuring templates forfreelancing jobs, NDA's, loaningmoney, bill-of-sales, andrenting/lending items. • Additionaltemplates can be added at forfree at • Supports bothin-person andremote signing options • Receive notifications whenagreements arecompleted • Electronic audit trail for all contracts• Get waiversand releases signed anytime, anywhere • Access thecamera to easilyadd a photo to your model/image releases• Use yourLegalShieldmembership to access all forms and consult with alawyer on anyquestions you may haveWHY YOU'LL LOVE CREATINGCONTRACTS WITH FORMSBY LEGALSHIELD • Quick - Create contracts in amatter of seconds. •Simple - Agreements are written in plainEnglish. • Convenient-Forms by LegalShield is free! Additionalforms and legalconsultations are included with a LegalShieldmembership.For moreinformation about Forms by LegalShield, pleasevisit Forms by LegalShield -CreateContracts, Legal Documents, NDAs, Releases and moreWhat's NewinVersion 4.0.0Shake by LegalShield has been rebranded as FormsbyLegalShield! We have all the same benefits our users haveenjoyed,under a new name.
Binders | License 1.8
General conditions No subscription, no ads. Your data privacyisrespected. You can learn for free to manage your data. Thenthelicense is required. The license is valid for lifetime and forallyour devices. It's our only income. The desktop applicationisfree. Design for your needs An innovative solution to manageyourdatabase. Much more efficient than conventional databases.Easilycreate your forms and link them. Choose how to display,calculate,validate your data. Your professional solution is readyto use!Standalone and open Available on Android, Windows, OS X andLinuxwith JavaFX or OpenJFX. Encrypted synchronization on GoogleDrive,OneDrive, Dropbox and FTP. CSV, XML files import. PDF, CSV,XML,TXT, GPX files export. Highly adaptable All users we knowcreatedvery different binders. For private collections orbusinessmanagement. They didn't find a suitable application onGoogle Play.They just configured a binder for their needs. Activeandresponsive For six years, we have developed theapplicationaccording to user feedback. So do not hesitate tocontact us forany question or suggestion. All users benefit fromeachimprovement. A dedicated support engineer responds within theday.Resourceful Configurable field types. Automatic calculationsandvalidations. Form sub-types, form parts. Changes history,deletedforms restore. Example binders • World atlas • Small shop •Notes •Tasks to do • Customer relations CRM • Fuel consumption •Racesresults • Travel packing checklist • Inventory • Bank accounts•Price comparisons • Equity funds • Medicines • Family tree•Payroll managment • Computer troubleshooting • Passwords•Dictionary • Books • Magazines • Post stamps • Recordings •Recipes• Movies • Artworks • Contacts • Locations • Shippings •Meetings •School Example fields • Possibility • Number • Text •Date •Duration • GPS position • Picture • Linked forms • Check box•Price • Percentage • Incremental counter • Description • Password•Email • Phone • Web address • File path Example functions•Constant value • Field from the current form • Field fromtheprevious form • Field from all forms • Condition •Alternativevalue • Number of forms • Number of all forms • Roundedvalue •Text value • Date value • Minutes between two dates • Daysbetweentwo dates • Months between two dates • Years between twodates •Days of a duration • Hours of a duration • Latitude •Longitude •Distance between two GPS positions • Text length • Textposition •Case constant value • Number of cases • Formidentification code •Random • Power • Square root • Pi • Sine •Cosine • Exponential •Logarithm • Opposite number • Inverse number• Operations • Minimum• Maximum • Average • Increase • Decrease •Difference • Number •Date • ISO date • Week day • Spelled number •Text part •Concatenation • Multilingual text • System variable •Now • Mixeddate • Binder last change • Form last change • Formcreation •Addition • Subtraction • Between two dates •Multiplication Website Link Copyright ©2013-2019 Generism
VT Mobile
VisiTrack Corp.
VT Mobile is the easiest way to get rid of the paperwork inyourbusiness, keeping track of your mobile workforce, andpreventingall the mistakes, oversights, and hassles that paperforms cause.By easily converting paper forms into mobile forms, VTMobileallows you to automate and monitor in real time yourfieldactivities. VT Mobile helps your businesses with improvedcustomerservice, increased productivity, verified proof of visit,andhigher quality by providing these capabilities: * Convert anypaperform into a mobile form * Generate electronic confirmationthatfield service employees are visiting every job site thatisassigned each day * Track time from job start to job completionforeach and every job * Verify arrival times with reporting toshowjobs that start on time or late arrivals * Track productivitytodetail the number of jobs completed per day, quality levelsandother business performance metrics *Capture job siteinformationsuch as assets id’s serviced, follow up requests,special notationsand more * Alerts that are customized based onyour specificbusiness rules and can be sent via text message oremail dependingon your configuration * High level monitoring formanagers atheadquarters as well as easy to use tools for fieldserviceemployees with mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets,orlaptops that have internet connectivity What makes VT Mobilestandout above the rest? * Leading edge technology to track andmonitorfield assets and service requests * Real-time record keepingandinformation tracking with proof of visit and specific detailsofthe visit * Secure interface for only authorized users *Highlycustomizable and configurable software that adapts to YOURbusinessrules * Visibility for managers to see high levelproductivity andalso drill down to a specific field employee or jobsite toidentify and isolate issues * Instantaneous alerts thatareconfigured based on your business rules Industries served byVTMobile: * Pest Control. * Pool maintenance. * Fieldsalesrepresentatives. * Insurance adjusters. * Equipmentmaintenancesuch as refrigeration, HVAC, generators and more. *Inventoryrestock/planogram installers. * Portablerestroom/wastemaintenance. * Delivery companies. * Plumbing andelectrical. *Construction crews. * Office copier or printermaintenance. * Andmore!. 2.31.190428
Are you tired of filling out monotonous medical history forms?Metoo. That's why I created an app to e-mail my medication list.Itcan make those forms easier to deal with. . Every time I visitanew doctor, they want me to fill out another long boringmedicalhistory form. They all want the same basic information buteachform has a different format so you can't just use a copy ofthelast one you completed. . The worst part is the medicationslist.You know, writing out all those long nonsensical drug namesthatare difficult to pronounce and nearly impossible to spell.Ofcourse the doctors needs this information. But honestly, Idon'teven want to remember those silly names, much less struggletowrite them down again. So, why not have a simple app you cancarryaround in your cell phone? Instead of copying the same stuffoverand over again, enter the information about your medicationsonceto the app and e-mail the list whenever you need. Easier,right?You bet it is. Worked for me already. Went to a newdentistrecently (the old one kept raising his prices). Whenhisreceptionist gave me the medical history form, I powered upmyphone and sent him my drug list with just a couple of quickclicks,right there in his office. I was prepared. You will be too,afteryou install this app. Might even come in handy duringemergencies.This app is designed to be easy to use. Not a lot ofbells andwhistles to complicate things. Why not give it a try? Itwon't evencost you anything – the app is free.
Laserfiche 10.4.3
Securely capture, store, manage and work with all your files,photosand documents with Laserfiche. Laserfiche helps yourorganizationtransform into an efficient, digital workplace—and youget your workdone no matter where you are. With Laserfiche, youcan easily: •Organize and categorize information so you find itright when youneed it • Access files online, from your desktop andon your phoneor tablet • Share important documents and photos withcolleagues •Approve and review important documents, forms andtasks right fromyour phone or tablet The Laserfiche App features:• Photo, document,audio and video upload • Instantly search andaccess a variety offile types, including PDF, Word, Excel, JPG andmore • The abilityto add comments, highlight important points andadd signatures todocuments • File sharing and collaboration,including emailingsecured documents or folder links • Approval,review and statusreports for forms and business processes you’re apart of • Accessto documents and forms saved locally on the device• Field-levelencryption, redaction and security controls Pleasenote: To use theLaserfiche app, you must be a current licenseduser. You can previewthe Laserfiche app by registering to use atemporary account. Theapp works with the Laserfiche repository orLaserfiche Forms as apart of a Laserfiche Avante or Laserfiche Riosystem. The LaserficheMobile Server, which enables the LaserficheServer and Forms toaccept connections from the app, is availablefor download from theLaserfiche Support Site.