Top 49 Apps Similar to Bikram Yoga Simsbury

Moksha Hot Yoga 4.2.2
Download the Moksha Hot Yoga App today to help plan your MokshaHotYoga classes! From this App you can view the classschedule,sign-up for classes, view the ongoing promotions, as wellas viewstudio’s location and contact info. Optimize your time andmaximizethe convenience of signing up for classes from your phone!Downloadthis App today!Also be sure to check out our websiteat:http://www.mokshayoga.caPLEASE NOTE, ONLY SOME LOCATIONSAREINCLUDED. If you're studio location is not available, pleasespeakto your studio owner about opting in to the mobile app.
Be Hot Yoga 4.2.5
"Ready to get salty? Download our Free BE HOT YOGA and BEUNIVERSITYapp now! Local? Get started with our 7 days for $7 offerand stay upto date on class schedules, times, your favoriteteachers, purchasememberships, view app only specials. Registerfor yoga teachertrainings and events and stay connected to youryoga practice.Locations, hours, and contact info available 24/7."Also be sure tocheck out our website at:
The Hot Yoga Spot 4.2.5
Download the The Hot Yoga Spot App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this Mobile App you can view class schedules,sign-upfor classes, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
breathe hot yoga 4.2.7
Download the breathe hot yoga App today to plan and scheduleyourclasses! From this App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your mobile!Downloadthis App today!
AimFit 4.2.5
Download the AimFit App today to start booking your classes!Fromthis mobile App you can view class schedules, book classes,viewongoing promotions, as well as view the studio’s locationandcontact information. You can also click through to oursocialpages! Remember, your AimFit class pass gives you access toANYclass at ANY AimFit location, as long as you BOOK in advance.SoDOWNLOAD NOW and get booking!
Yoga Challenge App 170.0
Yoga Challenge is a new app that can be really funny. Completeasmany solo or team poses as you can before the time runs out.Thisapp is full featured and contains many features which increasethefun. There are multiple difficulties, the yoga challenge fortwocan be completed solo or with a friend co-op. You can unlockgreatprizes like avatars and backgrounds. There are manydifferentstyles of poses and disciplines. Yoga asanas, Yoga Nidra,BikramYoga, Kundalini Yoga, Acro Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and more. TeamMode(2Player): Master yoga poses with a friend in a yoga challengefortwo. Solo Mode(1 Player): Practice your yoga in variousdifferentdisciplines. Special Features: -Yoga Challenge GO, hasYoga forbeginners, Yoga for kids, yoga for dummies and Yoggies.-DifficultyModes: Beginner Yoga, Easy Yoga, Medium Yoga. Hard Yogaposes.-Weight Loss Goals: Encourages a healthy lifestyle,physicalexercise and breathing techniques. -Yoga Friend/FamilyParty: Youcan play this with one and two player modes. -60+ Yogaphysicalexercise poses. -Artistic hand drawn poses. -Unlock avatarsandbackgrounds. Please ,leave a review and feedback on what youloveabout that app and what we can improve :)
Find My Device 2.3.008
Google LLC
Find My Device helps you locate a lost Android device and keepsyourdata safe and sound while you’re looking for it. FeaturesLocateyour phone, tablet or watch on a map. If current location isnotavailable, last known location is displayed instead. Play asound.Find My Device can play a sound at full volume, even if yourdeviceis on silent. Lock or erase the device, or show a custommessage andcontact number on lock screen. Find My Device lets yousecure yourdevice by signing out of your Google Account or addinga lock screenmessage. Permissions Notice • Location: Needed toshow your device’scurrent location on the map. • Contacts: Neededto access the emailaddress associated with your Google account.
Yoga Challenge App 2.2
Yoga Challenge App is the new free Android game fromButtershyStudios. Yoga Challenge is a funny game concept born inYouTube,where players from all over the world have to try toimitate aseries of Yoga Poses within a time limit to win.YogaChallenge Appimproves this concept so you can focus on playing:Random YogaPoses for 1 or 2 Players in coop, configurable number ofrounds, atimer, final results screen, automatic picture takingduringgameplay, ‘share in social networks’ option, integratedmusicplayer filled with songs perfect for Yoga, and muchmore.YogaChallenge App contains Yoga Poses of differentdifficulties, soanyone can play it, and different Yoga Disciplines,such as: BikramYoga, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga,Yoga Nidra,Vinyasa Yoga, Acro Yoga, and some PranayamaExercises.SpecialFeatures:- Yoga for kids, Yoga for beginners, Yogafor dummies:Yoga Challenge App includes Yoga Poses easy to performby kids orbeginner Yoggies. We are implementing a "difficultyselection"option to make playing easier, so stay tuned.-Challenging AdvancedYoga Poses: if you are looking for Acro Yogaand more advanced YogaPoses, Yoga Challenge App has you covered,too.- Weight loss: YogaChallenge App is a nice and fun alternativeto traditionalexercises to lose weight.- Relax: Yoga exercises area perfectrelaxing method after a hard day.- Family Party Game:includingYoga Poses for 1 or 2 players, Yoga Challenge App is theperfectgame to play with your family or friends.- Free Board Game:forgetabout Parchis and Chess. Yoga Challenge App will get boredomawayin those family reunions.Yoga Challenge App is constantlybeingupdated to add new Yoga Poses and features, so stay tuned tooursocial networks and keep the app installed if you want toreceivenew versions as they come out.Please, let us know youropinionabout our game. Leave a review with your ideas about newfeatures,Yoga Poses or how we can improve your playing experiencein YogaChallenge App.
YogaTrail - Follow Your Yoga 4.2.0
Into yoga? Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa? YOGATRAILkeepsmind-body practitioners in the loop with all their classesandupcoming events from their favorite teachers and studios. Andit’sfree.Quick and easy overview of your own personal yoga worldmakesplanning your yoga schedule a breeze. Be in the know aboutschedulechanges, workshops, upcoming local and international yogaevents...ask your teacher questions or chat with your studio...YOGATRAILputs the worlds largest yoga network in the palm ofyourhand.Features:CLASS GURU - YOUR PERSONAL YOGA WORLD⁃ Addyourteachers and studios to your Class Guru and get everyone’sclassesin one place
⁃ 'Favorite' classes for even better planningof youryoga schedule
⁃ Get instant notifications about classchanges,cancellations or teacher substitutes
⁃ Get notificationswhen yourteacher adds a new location, posts upcoming events, orgoes onvacationMESSENGER - CONNECT WITH YOUR YOGA PROVIDERS⁃ getdirectmessages and announcements from your teachers or studios 
⁃askquestions or chat 1:1 with your yoga providers inrealtime
⁃ Powered by thelargestyoga database in the world with over 100,000 teachers&studios, and over 1 million classes
⁃ Worldwide coverage in101countries: perfect for travellers abroad
⁃ See reviews andratingsby other yogis for a sense of what you’re getting into. Andshareyour own, of course!EXPLORE YOGA EVENTS AROUND TOWN &AROUNDTHE WORLD⁃ Over 15,000 local and international yoga events atyourfingertips
⁃ Find festivals, workshops, retreats,teachertrainings, kirtan and community events
Millions of yogis gotoYogaTrail to find and follow their yoga. It’s the must-have appforyoga practitioners around the globe. Get the YogaTrail app onyourphone and connect with your own yoga world today!FORYOGAPROFESSIONALS:To be included in the YOGATRAIL app, please addyourlisting at and get all the tools you needtoengage with yogis, communicate with your students,manageappointments, take bookings and payments, and much more… anddon'tworry, YogaTrail is free.We hope you enjoy YogaTrail. Don’t beshy:send your questions, suggestions, and ideasto or visit us at
com.vinhashapp.fastcharger 3.9.2
Super Fast Charger helps charger the battery faster than normal,letuse it Super Fast Charger is a FREE quick charger saving appthatnot only helps in increasing battery timings but alsooptimizesdevice`s performance, battery charger not only faster,but alsoextend the life of your battery. Super Fast Charger is ausefultool, which can boost your battery charging, applicationswill killall apps running in the background and consumes batteryservicessuch as wifi, 3G, mobile internet, blue tooth ... so willcausefaster charging. Super Fast Charger will automaticallyactivate whenyou connect your Charging and it will boost yourcharging speed.Customize a mode that fits your energy usage;Charging, FastCharging Plus How to use Supper Fast Charging: Whenyou connect yourcharger, Fast charger will detect it and limit thepower consumptionof your phone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’twithdraw much powerduring the charging time and therefore it cancharge very quickly. -Click start button to start charging - Clickstop button to endcharging Functions: * Super Fast Charger is notonly faster but alsoextend the life of the battery. * Show batterybasic informationsuch as: battery temperature, battery voltage,battery health,battery technology... * Beautifully designed andeasy to use. * Showinformation about Ram, CPU your phone. *Optimize battery * The appis free forever! Support devices:Samsung galaxy, Sony, Lenovo,Oppo, Asus, LG, Huawei, Nexus,Tablet, Xaomi, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus,LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P,Xperia Z4, Z5 Compact,Note 5, Galaxys8 plus, Galaxy S7..... If youhave any question about Super FastCharging, please send to me viaemail:vinhashapp@gmail.com
Modo Yoga 4.2.7
Download the Modo Yoga App today to help plan your ModoYogaclasses! From this App you can view the class schedule, sign-upforclasses, view the ongoing promotions, as well as viewstudio’slocation and contact info. Optimize your time and maximizetheconvenience of signing up for classes from your phone!Downloadthis App today!
Yogatown 4.2.5
Download the Yogatown App today to plan and schedule yourclasses!From this Mobile App you can view class schedules, sign-upforclasses, view ongoing promotions, as well as view thestudio’slocation and contact information. You can also clickthrough to ourFacebook and Twitter pages! Optimize your time andmaximize theconvenience of signing up for classes from your Mobile!Downloadthis App today!
com.downdogapp 4.2.4
Yoga Buddhi Co.
With Down Dog you get a brand new yoga practice every time youcometo your mat. Unlike following pre-recorded videos, Down Dogwon’tmake you do the same workout over and over again. With over30,000different configurations, Down Dog gives you the power tobuild ayoga practice you love! BEGINNER FRIENDLY Start in thecomfort ofyour own home with our 3-day Intro to Yoga series.RELIEVE YOURBACK PAIN All our practices work to strengthen andstretch yourback - if you want more, you can use the Boost featuretospecifically target Backbends, Back Strength, or Low BackOpening.CHOOSE VOICES Choose from 7 different yoga teachers to beguided bya voice you love. DYNAMIC CHANGING MUSIC Music that risesand fallswith your breathing. OFFLINE Download a practice foroffline useand take it with you anywhere! Practice in your livingroom, in ahotel, or on the beach. SYNC BETWEEN DEVICESAutomatically syncsacross all your devices. BOOST FEATURE Focus on12 differentpractice areas to really sharpen a particular area, orto vary upyour routine by rotating through them all. But don’t justtake ourword for it: “I LOVE your app. I am a physician and Irecommend itto my patients all the time, for those suffering fromanxiety andpanic disorder to those with low back pain. I can’tthank youenough for brining yoga back into my life- making it soaccessible,approachable, and convenient.” -James “Love it, asalways. You guyshave changed my life. I’m not a T-Rex anymore and Ican movewithout back pain. Thank you :)” -Sharon “Restorative modeisperfect for my 71 year old body!” -Margaret “I amabsolutelythrilled with the quality of this practice. I felt like Iwas in astudio and I was really sweaty and challenged. Well done!”-Emily
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin 7.4.9
app lock new version 2018 latest pattern pin is an AppLocker orAppProtector that will lock and protect apps using a password orhiderpattern and fingerprint.Lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery appswithhider password and prevent the apps from being exposedbysnooper!Lock by pattern, password, keypad applock-fingerprint&pin many types for lock apps. very interestingYou havecustomizeyour lock, eg: change lock passcode for whatsapp type,changebackgroundLock app with senha aplicativos patternLock appwithpassword- Social apps: AppLock can lock Facebook, hiderWhatsApp,Messenger, Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat andso on. Noapplock-fingerprint & pin one can peep at your privatechat anymore. - System apps: AppLock can lock Contacts, SMS,passcode forwhatsapp Gallery, Videos, Email and so on. No one canmess up senhano zap your settings for system apps.- Android payapps: AppLockcan lock hider Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal and soon. No onecan use your wallet to applock-fingerprint & pinpurchase anyitem. With App Lock ,you can :- Lock anyapps(message,applock-fingerprint & pin Game, Photos, Videos...)- Lock appsusing Fake senha aplicativos Forced Close pop-up-Lock apps usingsenha no zap multiple password- Lock incoming calls-Lock systemsettings to prevent a hider mess by kids- Lock GooglePlay toprevent buy passcode for whatsapp games, movies, books-Lockmessage, Lock call applock-fingerprint & pin ...- LockphonesettingWith AppLock, you will:- Never worry about parentscheckhider your Snapchat,!- Never worry aboutfriendsapplock-fingerprint & pin borrow your phone to playgames withmobile data again!- Never worry about a workmate getsyour passcodefor whatsapp phone to look the gallery again!- Neverworry senha nozap about someone reads hider private data in yourapps again!-Never worry about kids mess up Settings, passcode forwhatsapp sendwrong messages, paying games again!Feature- PatternLock: simpleand fresh interface, passcode for whatsapp unlockfaster!- PIN lock(keypad lock):Much applock-fingerprint & pinsafer for you tolock apps- App Lock can lock your photos , gallerypasscode forwhatsapp and messages from prying eyes and nosy friends. To besenha no zap your privacy guard !- Application lock, bestapp lock& privacy guard applock-fingerprint & pin , is themostsmart Application lock !- Full protection for passcode forwhatsappyour phone.- Support multiple language- Lock your app senhano zapaccurately and smartly- Good at performanceapplock-fingerprint& pin and power-saving- Kinds of beautifullock types-passcodefor whatsapp Customize: change type, changebutton, changewallpaper- Lock app very effective- Lock app veryhigh security-Easy to use applock-fingerprint & pin and fast.-Lowercapacity, less passcode for whatsapp memory.- Power savingmode tosave battery.
Files To Other Devices 1.160
Michal Bukáček
Regular use of app Files To Other Devices gives you oneclicksolution to share your files with your family, friendsorcolleagues. You can quickly copy your photos, videos, documentsordownloads from your internal memory or SD Card to anotherdevicevia Wifi. This app Files To Other Devices is a one clickfastsolution to copy your files from internal memory or SD cardtoanother device via Wi-Fi. ✔️ Copy files to another device ✔️ From/to Internal memory or SD Card ✔️ Via Wifi, one clicksolution,without wires, fast, save and easy ✔️ Select just specificfiles byfile extension Just pair device you want to copy to, selectfilesyou want to copy, click big button and that’s all, fast andeasysave, without wires, without stress. You can choose if you wanttocopy FROM internal memory or SD Card or TO internal memory orSDCard of paired device. App displays large previews of fileswithmore details which appear after a long touch of the selectedfile.You can also select specific files to move / copy by fileextensionand move or backup your files faster. By first install andby everyrestart you must enable access to SD card.
10 Daily Yoga Poses 1.0
Using this app will help you to relieve stress, get flexibleandcalm your mind. The daily yoga routine contains 10 posesorexercises. Do it daily to create a toned, flexible and strongbody.Yoga helps you to look and feel younger than your age. Improveyourathletic performance. Doing yoga daily is good for yourbody.Doingthe yoga workout will make you feel stronger, healthier,improveenergy and control weight. Working out benefits every partof thebody. Total body fitness workout. Full complete yoga bodytrainingwith log.***FEATURES***- Free and Simple- 10 Yoga Poses -WorkoutLog- Set Reminder- Total FitnessThe yoga workout routinecontainsboat pose, bridge pose, chair pose, child's pose, cobrapose, cowpose, downward facing dog, standing forward bend, plankand upwardextended feet.
Turbo RAM Booster Speed Master 1.5
Easy Logics
RAM Booster is an awesome memory optimizer speed boost forAndroidDevices. Get the most user-friendly one key solution to freeupRAM, speed up memory with gpt , clean cache , kill backgroundextrarunning apps and gain ultimate boost fitness for your device.Thereason behind the abnormal speed of device is the foregoingappsrunning in the background. RAM booster is accelerate optimizerthatautomatically recognizes and kills apps when your devicereaches ata maximum threshold of memory usage RAM booster isamemorymaster.Features- One key RAM optimizer -Automaticnotification on reaching threshold- Simple and easyinterface-Users can choose which apps to kill- Detailed usage statswithlisted running apps
Annoying Sound Simulator 1.2
Sprinkle Cool
Annoying sound and bass is an app to produce a sound. Dependingonwhich frequency the sound has, it becomes an annoying beep(highfrequency) or extremely strong bass (low frequency)! You canannoyyour friends with the high beep or celebrate the bass togetherinthe car or at home! With this app you always have a device foreachsituation. Play sounds! Whether you want to party with yourfriendsor relax, with annoying sound and bass you will have lots offunand laugh with your friends!Danger:Do not use annoying soundsorbass near children, animals, or with headphones! This can harmtheears!
battery charger fast pro -free 1.8
battery charger fast pro is a FREE battery saving app thatmakesyour battery last longer, and can help you get up to 40%morebattery life for your Android phone!. With battery charger fastprosmart pre-set battery power management modes, Our specialone-tapoptimization feature stops power-consuming apps with asingletap.Start using battery charger fast pro today and take yourphonewherever you like without thinking about this old, shortlastingbattery.Feature list:- Save Power Shortcut which kills taskswithone tap!- Kill apps when screen is off!- Accurate batteryliferemaining time!- Accurate charging timeremaining!-Wi-Fi/Data/Bluetooth toggles!- Brightness control!-Smart chargingtips!- Simple easy-to-use interface!- Really simpleinterface madefor everyone.- Use Repair battery charger fast proevery week andboost your battery duration.- Use Repair batterysaver connectedwith our other Battery tools to share informationand make yourbattery last even better.- Top notch support. We hearourcustomers! battery chargerbattery charger2017superfast batterybatterycharging fast charger........Try it now! It'ssimply the best at what it does.
5 Minute Yoga 2.1.0
5 Minute Yoga: ideal for those wanting quick and easy dailyyogaworkouts Each session is created from a selection of simplebuteffective yoga poses making it ideal for beginners. Everyposefeatures clear images and detailed instructions ensuring allposesare performed correctly - vital for effective practice. Tohelpkeep your yoga practice quick but effective a timerfunctionensures all poses are performed for the correct amount oftime.Every session takes less than 5 minutes! Quick workouts areidealfor many situations; a perfect way to start the day, an easyway torelieve stress in the office or to help unwind before bed.Regularyoga practice improves flexibility, increases strength,tonesmuscles and reduces stress. Be amazed at what you can achievein 5minutes a day.
TelLIVE Remote 0.2.3
This application requires that you have a Telldus LIVE! accountandsupported hardware i.e. Tellstick NET or Tellstick DUO. This isthefull version that has widget support, wear support, sensorgraphsand import/export of sensordata. Please note that whenusingTellstick DUO or Tellstick connected to Tellstick LIVEthroughTellstick Center you are not able to edit or add but you areableto control. To be able to add/edit a Tellstick NET isrequired.Readthe values of your sensors or control lights,doorbells, blinds orany equipment connected to supported socketreceivers directly fromyou phone, tablet or wear device fromanywhere in the world. Thisis a native Android application andrequires no additionallibraries but you will need to login to yourTelldus LIVE! accountto allow this app to control your devices andread your sensors.Formore information about getting an account andsupported hardwareplease visit
Royal Clock Gold Luxury 1.1.6
Launcher Fantasy
Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme is ready for your android phone!ApplySSS Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme, and enjoy thousands offreethemes and wallpapers! Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme gives youRoyalClock Gold Luxury live wallpapers with AAA background and CCCRoyalClock Gold Luxury home screen. Royal Clock Gold Luxuryprovides AAACCC icon pack .This beautiful Royal Clock Gold Luxurytheme isspecially made for guys who love AAA and SSS. Royal ClockGoldLuxury theme is a perfect theme with HD live wallpaper andbringsyou a CCC experience. Make your device CCC and SSS withcustomizedapp icon pack, lock screen themes, organized folders,sliding screeneffects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You will lovethis SSS RoyalClock Gold Luxury theme to customize your androidhome screen. Nomatter you like AAA HD live wallpaper or SSS mobilephone, you willlove this AAA theme with CCC decoration. Beautifyyour android homescreen with this Royal Clock Gold Luxury themenow! Royal Clock GoldLuxury theme is available on most androidphones.Features1、RoyalClock Gold Luxury theme lock screen with AAASSS HD livewallpaper.2、AAA SSS icon packs decorate your homescreen.3、RoyalClock Gold Luxury theme HD live wallpaper with AAAstyle gives you avisual experience you've never seenbefore.4、Royal Clock Gold Luxurytheme provides advanced securitysystem and lock screen themes. Yourandroid system will beprotected, safe, secure, fast and convenient,with less powerconsumption.5、AAA skin with SSS icon makes you feelCCC.6、3Ddynamic launcher makes your android phone SSS style.7、DIYHDwallpaper in the best theme center and turns your creativeideasinto unique themes right on your phone! Royal Clock GoldLuxurytheme - How to apply?Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme isspeciallydesigned for Launcher. Install our launcher first andapply itsuccessfully. Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme does notsupport anyother Launcher app. Royal Clock Gold Luxury theme withAAA CCC HDlive wallpaper is free now! Royal Clock Gold Luxury themewill letyou enjoy a faster and smoother mobile operatingexperience. RoyalClock Gold Luxury theme has AAA balloon andwallpaper, with the SSSicon pack style. After apply Royal ClockGold Luxury themesuccessfully, you can also only change thebackground wallpaper andlock screen wallpaper while keeping the AAASSS icon the same. Ifyou do not like this Royal Clock Gold Luxurytheme, you can alsouninstall it anytime, you can always find yourfavorite themes on3D Launcher.There are pink, red, yellow, lovelyand romantic themesfor cute girls; Blue, gray and black theme forbusiness, tech andauto & vehicle fans; Colorful themes forcartoon and movieaddicts; Abstract themes and live wallpapers forart fans; Cutepets & animals for animal lovers; Football andbasketballcelebrities for sports fans; Greenery themes for thosewho lovenature; And the starry night theme for those who lovestars. Duringholidays, you can find our beautiful festive themeswhen it's timeto celebrate. There are also 3D themes, livewallpapers and otherfashion elements to redefine your vision. RoyalClock Gold Luxurytheme is made for launcher to customize yourmobile phone withRoyal Clock Gold Luxury theme live wallpaper andSSS lock menu.Anything you like can be put into your home screen!
Fast charging - Charge Battery Fast 2.1.7
Congratulations to fast changer on reaching over 5.000.000downloadsFast Battery Charger - The faster battery chargingapplication forphones Fast charger by removing background appsthat help your phonespeed up battery charging. ⚡ Do you know whenyou're charging, appsrunning in the background and connecting to3G, wifi, bluetooth, ...on your phone is the main reason whycharging time for phones is somuch longer. The solution to chargerfast battery and help yourdevice charge it super fast is to turnoff background apps andunnecessary connections on your phone tosave energy. help speed upcharging process is much faster. FastBattery Charger gives you anoptimal solution for your device! Witha simple and easy-to-useinterface design, you will have a greatexperience using the fastcharging . The salient features of theapplication: 🚀 OPTIMAL ONLYWITH 1 CLICK With just 1 click yourphone will be optimized in manyways: ✓ Clean RAM - Turn offapplications that are running in thebackground ✓ Reduce screenbrightness to the lowest ✓ Turn off Wifi✓ Turn off Bluetooth ✓Turn off the screen rotation ✓ Show batterycharge status You cancustomize the above options by going to thesettings in theapplication. The application is still in thedevelopment stage, wealways listen to feedback from you, we hopeyou rate and comment,we will definitely upgrade and develop morefeatures as required.your kind. Sincerely thank!
Fast Charging 1.4
Power Lover
Fast Charging for Android is ultimate tool powered by YourBatteryCharger team, which can boost your battery charging speed byabout20 - 40%. This app will automatically activate when youconnectyour charger and will boost your charging speed. How SuperFastCharging work: When you plug the charging device, theapplicationwill automatically be activated, click "Start" to beginthecharging process faster. Applications will kill all apps runninginthe background and consumes battery services such as wifi,3G,bluetooth, auto-sync, brightness level, screen timeout ... sowillcause faster charging. When you click on "Stop" or "Exit" alltheprocesses and signals will be connected again. Super FastBatteryCharger not only improve the speed of charging but alsoenhanceyour battery life. Super Fast Charging Features - NiceandUser-friendly UI. - Shows the battery info such asbatterytemperature, battery voltage, battery health. -Automaticallyactivates fast charging mode. - Automatically turn offwifi -Automatically turn off bluetooth - Automatically changebrightnesslevel, screen timeout. - Fast charging is FREE foreverThanks foruse Super Fast Charger
Fast Charger Battery Master - Fast Charging (2019) 1.5.5
Fast charger battery is the best applications produced tohelpmobile users boost charging speed (automatic fast charger )withone click. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Have you ever faced with the issue ofslowcharging and time wasting on charging? ♻️ The fact shows that:Whenyou are charging battery of your devices, plenty ofbackgroundapplications and services are still running; sometimesWi-Fi,3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, NFC and many other connections arestillavailable. This is the main causes resulted that yourphone/tabletstill consume a large amount of energy which leads totheconsequence you have to spend much longer for battery charging.Tohave quick charge, there is only one method: Kill background,turnoff all background services and applications, turn offallunnecessary connections to optimize your device. All thesethingswill help your phone charge battery faster. However, all thewaysabove is too complicated and hard to do quickly. 🍀🍀🍀 Don’tworry,with Fast charger battery (fast charging 2018), all thosestuffswill be done automatically. Only one click to charging boostspeed! Only one click to optimize devices and have fast charge!What anamazing application! ️ KEY FUNCTION ON FAST CHARGING ️🏆 🚀 1clickoptimize ⚡ Turn off Wi-Fi (Automatic) ⚡ Turn off DataSync(Automatic) ⚡ Turn off Bluetooth (Automatic) ⚡ Clean RAM –Killbackground applications and running services (Automatic) ⚡Superlite lock screen with charging status (Automatic) ⚡Automaticallyreduce screen brightness to lowest ⚡Boost chargingspeed on Androiddevices (Automatic) ⚡ Turn off Screen auto rotation(Automatic) 🚀Smart charge option ⚡ When plug charging, devices willshow modeselections for charging: - Normal Charge - Fast Charge ⚡All youneed to do is choose “Fast Charge” and Fast charger batterywill dothe rest. All optimizing process to have fast healthybatterycharge will be done automatically Then you can enjoy thequickcharge battery process. Also you can change the setting ofsmartcharging mode by click to “setting” icon ⚡ Fast chargingsupport99.99% Android devices If you are looking for an app tospeed upcharging, Fast charging battery is the best selection foryou tohave quick charger The application is being developed. Alltheappreciations and Feedback from users is great supports for ustocreate perfect application for people all over the world.Hopefullywe can see rating and feedback from you! Many thanks!------------------------------------------------------ VNSTUDIO--------------------------------------------------------
Yoga For All 2.2.1
Covers 55 different Yoga Asanas and Pranayamas! Asanasforstrengthening body parts, curing diseases. Prebundled 3workoutlists based on skill level Play Video : Now watch videos ofAsanas.Watch and learn ! English & Sanskrit names of AsanasSupportsText To Speech i.e Reads the Asana description toyou.***IMPORTANT*** Though we have tried to put the bestpossibleinformation, still we advise you to do all these exercisesin frontof a trained Yoga expert. Doing the Asanas incorrectly canbefatal. If you have any problem please drop an describing the problem. If you like it,pleaseshare it on FB, G+, Twitter! Thanks!
Ultra Fast Charging 5X 8.0
Ultra Fast Charging 5XIf you want to get fully chargedmobilebattery in few minutes,Ultra Fast charger is superfastrechargeable batteries help to boost charging speed andfastcharger for Android devices. Ultra Fast Charging 5xhelps youtoturn off all the services consuming battery in one screen andfastcharge 20 – 35%.and your mobile phone charged fully just in30-50minutes. Quick Charger & Phone Cooler is a freeapplication foryour phone with Ultra Fast Charging 5X,and ultimatetool,work onalmost every device, mobiles and tablets as well asevery androidversion too.Ultra Fast Charging 5x is new batterycharger freeapplication with Battery saver that provide a greatsupport to yourPhone that help to kill all the background processesjust withsingle click. Automatic run when plug chargingWhen youplug in thedevice, the Ultra Fast Charging 5X application isautomaticallyturned on. To start the charger process fasterStopsbatterydraining apps running when charging.The application willkill allrunning apps background and use battery services such WiFi,3G,mobile internet, Bluetooth etc.ultra fast charger 5x is veryeasyto use and there is no complex process. Just download andinstallit for Free on your android Smartphone or tablet. Launch theUltraFast charger 5X application,It will automatically activatesfastcharging mode. How to use Ultra Fast charger 5x1. Launch theUltraFast charger 5X application.2. It will automatically boostyourcharging speed when you plug in the device.3. Ultra Fastcharger 5xfast charger 20 – 35%.and your mobile phone charged fullyjust in30-50 minutes. Ultra Fast Charger 5x Help out to reducechargingtime as well as improve battery health and power. ***** TheUltraFast Charger 5x The best thing in our longer battery life appisthat you can use it for Free.*****Download the applicationUltraFast Charging 5X on the phone and rated 5 * support developer
Daily Mudras (Yoga) - for health 1.7
Daily Mudras (Yoga) app assist you to perform Yoga Mudras -handgesture exercise to improve your physical, mental &spiritualhealthy life. App features: • In this Daily Mudras(Yoga)application, you can access 50 important Yoga Mudras,theirbenefits, specialties, steps to do descriptions, beneficialbodyparts etc., • We have provided step by step hand gestureprocedurewith photos for easy practice. • In this application,contents areprovided in English, Hindi and Tamil languages, bydefault appcontent is in English, you can change it to yourpreferred languagefrom Language Settings. • This application willsuggest you list ofMudras according to your age, gender andprofession. • Mudras aresegregated by body parts and by benefits toget completerejuvenation from diseases. For eg; Mudras for eyes,heart,kidneys, obesity, hair loss, relaxation, stress,constipation,asthma, thyroid, self confidence, menstruation, sperm& muchmore. • In this application you can find treatment for100+diseases. • No matter if you are searching Mudras for healingorMudras for health or Mudras for peace of mind, this applicationhasthe answer. • Quick practice workout session. • In workoutsession, various meditation musics are provided to keep themindand soul in meditation state. • Alarm & bookmarkingfacilitiesare also provided. • Text font size can be adjusted forbetterreadability. • Search option is available for easy access,you cansearch here for Mudra's name, bodyparts, benefits and alsootherdiscomforts like appetite, acne and much more. • In this appyoucan access Mudras in English, Mudras in Hindi & MudrasinTamil. • This app is fully FREE! • Most importantly itworksoffline as well. • This app is ads supported. You can removeadswith affordable price (optional). • Mudras for health. All withthepurpose to help you feel fantastic and to feel perfect.AboutMudras: Mudra is a Sanskrit word which means posture or pose.Inthe word Mudra 'mud' means joy and 'ra' means produce. Itproducesjoy and cheerfulness. Mudras originated from Hinduism andBuddhism.200 Mudras are used in Bharatanatyam and 250 Mudras areinMohiniattam, 108 Mudras used in Tantric rituals. In othertermMudras are silent language of self expression and consistingofhand gestures and finger postures. Mudras involves the entirebodyand looks as a closed electrical circuits which can passenergythroughout body. The physical body is made up of fiveelements. TheThumb, Index, Middle, Ring and Little fingerrepresents Fire, Air,Sky, Earth and Water respectively. Imbalanceof these five elementsinterrupts the immunity system and causesdiseases. When a fingerrepresenting an element is brought intocontact with the thumbelement the disturbance is brought intobalance, therefore thedisease caused by the imbalance is cured.Usually from 5 to 45minutes is required to practice everyday byusing appropriate Mudrawith proper pressure and touch includingsitting position andbreathing. However the effectiveness of theMudras not only dependon the practices but it also depends up onthe eating habit, dietand the lifestyle of a person. Speciality ofMudras: • Mudras areused extensively in Yoga, meditation and dance.• Mudras can be aneffective alternative to many medicines. • Itdoes not need anymoney or special ability to be performed but itjust needs somepatience. • There is no age limit to perform Mudras,people of agegroup 5 to 90 can perform it. • If you want to stayhealthy byphysically, mentally and spiritually it is recommended topracticethe Mudras daily. For any comments, feedback,additionalinformation or any support, kindly contact If you like this application, kindly sharewithyour family & friends. And also kindly rate this appwith5-star rating to serve you better with more updates. Wish youall ahappy and healthy life!
Yoga Moment Lite 1.7
Daniel Ch
The latest version of Yoga Moment enables you to createyourfavorites playlist with blue "clover" marks. When encounteringanimpressive tune, mark it as your favorite and it will be placedtotop of the default playlist. In this case Play Mode Functionwillbecome effective for the tunes you marked. Yoga Momentprovidesgraceful and attractive yoga tunes with a far-easternaroma. Thisapp aims not only to help you relax at your leisuretime, but alsocan be set as the background music when practicingYoga. (The totallength of music pieces in the full version is about60 minutes,just the same as a normal Yoga class hour.)Yoga, a wordof Sanskritorigin, carries a meaning of "to control", "to yoke" or"to unite".It is a practice which emphasizes self control both inmind andphysical movements, further to unite one's body and soul toachievean optimum state. Constantly listening to Yoga music, we canrelaxand heal our minds as well as stimulate our inner potentials.Weneed refreshment to be more energetic, and self control to bemoreefficient. Here we let the music be our guidance, awakeningourinherent power to heal our minds, which has been burdened withtoomuch pressure. Features:- 15 soothing yoga tunes (7 inLiteVersion)- Slide show of varied background images- Set yourfavoritetunes to Top of the playlist- Both for relaxation andpracticingYoga- Music length equal to a Yoga class hour
Device Cooler Heat Minimizer 3.2.4
Easy Logics
Smartphone's nowadays are capable of handling the most demandingoftasks with relative ease. But that performance is bound toleaveyou stranded for the long run. Carrying out high CPU, GPU andRAMconsumption tasks for a continuous period of timebecomesimpossible for most devices, as the extreme heat fromprocessesdrains away precious battery life and the devicemalfunctionsoccasionally and slowly.One of the Simplest cpu fastcool masterand professional android phone app that overcomes thecommonheating problem of smartphones.The professionaltemperaturemonitoring and controlling app like fast Device Cooleror HeatController is detects and closes heavy resource consumingapps toreduce CPU usage and cool down your device. Now multitaskingwithease and comfortable, without having to worry about device heatandcooling functions. Keep your device performance optimum withCoolMaster Smartphone’s ultimate cooling Solution Smart DeviceHeatMinimizer or in other word smart fast Cooler Masterfunctionscleans up battery hogging applications, frees up RAMduring tedioustasks, and manages tasks according to memoryconsumption tominimize and retain system cooling, enabling devicesto perform atan optimal rate for a longer time. Some apps tend touse the CPUfor very long time in the back ground which causes yourandroidphone to produce excessive warm and will increase thetemperatureof your phone. Phone Cooler is a cooling device for yourandroid.Now you cool down phone temperature , cool down device ,coolerbattery and cool cpu by the help of device cooler app not acoolergame. This system cooling app is used to moderate device heatandminimize device temperature. ram cooler to release and coolrammemory. App reduce heating and detect slowly running apps.Itssmartcooling and heat minimization algorithm is highly effectiveinincreasing battery life in heavy usage, and better performanceinmultimedia and game usage to reduce warming deviceseffectiveness.Heat master app accelerate storage device andincrease efficiency.Now multitask with ease and comfort, withouthaving to worry aboutdevice heat and cooling functions. Keep yourdevice performanceoptimum with cpu fast cooler super Heat Minimizer. Features -Smart CPU, GPU and RAM controls according to devicecooling needs-Optimize performance with the ease of one tap- Realtime moniteringin temperature graph- Get categorized analysis ofheat producingapps and multi task processes to remove unnecessaryones- Monitormemory hogging apps and restrict Ram usage whendelivering heavyduty functions from device- Now add a new and veryattractivewallpapers of iceberg or ice bergs Tips: Why does myphoneoverheat? Constantly high CPU usage is mostly the main reasonofwhy your phone overheats. Some apps tend to use the CPU for averylong time in the background running apps, which causes yourphone ,especially android phones to produce excessive heat.How doseDeviceCooler super Heat Minimizer work? cpu cooler super HeatMinimizeris designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, anddetect appswith high CPU usage so you can close them. phone coolerreduce cpuwarming release data from your RAM memory so you get yourphonecool down. super Cooler is a cooling device for your phone.Whydoesmy phone get so hot? It’s normal for your phone to get hot whenyouare using complicated apps, watching video clips, or whileyourecharge it. In such cases, just put your phone somewhere coolandventilated, and the temperature should drop soon.
My Android Device Info Droid 1.1
Easy Logics
Are you want to know more about your Android device? smartsysteminfo is here for your helping.My android device Info is acleanutility app for android. Info app show information aboutyourphone, like CPU, system, device, battery and lots more.AndroidorDroid Info is a hardware specification app withdetailedinformation about your smartphone.Following are the mainfeature ofthis app.- device id or IMEI- device serial- androidversion-device type- android sdk version- android api - board-hardware-sim serial number- phone number- manufacturer name-android devicemodel- screen resolution- screen density code- RAMsize- RAM used -RAM free- screen density- screen diagonal- ROMsize- ROM used - ROMfree- Sharing if you like- send Feedback forsuggestion- great userinterface
Yoga Poses For Flexibility and Stretching 2.0
App4Life dev
How do I increase my flexibility ? What are the best exercisestoincrease flexibility? How long will it take to becomemoreflexible? These are all becoming very common questions asmorepeople realise that being flexible and being fit, go hand inhandtogether. Proper stretching and increasing the flexibilityofmuscles and joints can aid in your workouts, help you go forlongerand improve on your weight lifting pr’s.Being flexible canalsohelp you avoid injury and damage to muscles and other joints inthebody, however, it is often neglected by a lot of people lookingtoget fit and lose weight. They instead focus on cardio andweighttraining, skipping out on the benefits that yoga andstretching canprovide.Combining a yoga style stretching routineinto your fitnessregime is a great way to maximise all the resultsyou will get asyou continue to improve your health and body.Stretching can alsohelp improve your posture, which in turn, canhelp remove theillusion of a larger stomach and help you straightenup your back,making you look taller and in better shape.In thisfree App, wehave collected a list of the best Yoga poses we feelwill helpmassively improve your flexibility and aid in getting youahealthier and more correct posture. Be sure to perform eachstretchwith theproperform.-------------------------------------------------KEYWORDSYogaPosesTo Help Increase Your Flexibilityyoga asanas yoga exercisesbikramyoga yoga moves kundalini yoga hatha yoga hatha yoga posesyogapositions ashtanga yoga yoga dvd yoga nidra what is yoga typesofyoga easy yoga yoga benefits yoga stretches how to do yogayogapictures pranayama yoga vinyasa yoga best yoga videos bikramyogaposes easy yoga poses asana yoga yoga routine yoga workoutadvancedyoga poses restorative yoga poses yoga for youstretchstretchingexercises flexibility exercises stretching routine legstretchesstretching exercises video stretching workout goodstretches beststretching exercises stretching program flexibilitystretches backstretching exercises stretching video exercisestretches legstretching exercises stretches for runners goodstretchingexercises stretching muscles simple stretching exercisesstretchingexercises for flexibility names of stretches stretchingguideworkout stretches pre workout stretches flexibility exerciseeasystretching exercises runners stretches muscle stretches listofstretches stretching before exerciseflexiblestretchingexercisesflexibility exercises flexibility training flexibilitystretchesflexibility workout stretching routine exercises forflexibilitystretching exercises for flexibility flexibilitytraining programincrease flexibility stretches for flexibilityflexibilityactivities flexibility exercise stretches to increaseflexibilitystretches to improve flexibility improve flexibilityflexibilitytraining exercises exercises to improve flexibility beststretchingexercises flexibility program stretching programflexibilitybenefits increasing flexibility flexible joint jointflexibilitylist of flexibility exercises exercises to increaseflexibilityflexibility exercises list hamstring stretches hipflexibility
Block WiFi Freeloader - Detect Who Use My WiFi? 1.1.1
wifi manager
Block WiFi Freeloader is a simple and free network tool to helpyouscan WiFi , show all devices connected to your WiFi, see who isonmy WiFi, and block the strange device in router admin page orinone click. Block WiFi Freeloader helps you find out WiFiintruders,and make your home network clean and fast. Do you want toknow ifsomeone is connected to your wireless network withoutyourpermission?Do you want to know if someone are stealing yourWiFiwhen your connection is slow, and who is on my WiFidownloadsomething? Are you sure nobody is spying yourNetworkcommunications? Worried that neighbors may have accessto yourpersonal data? Don't worry, Block WiFi Freeloader istheall-in-one professional tool for better WiFi speedexperience.Using Block WiFi Freeloader can easily scan my wifi andsee howmany people or device connected to your network/router suchastplink/tp-link, dlink or huawei router etc. In seconds you canknowhow many and which device is connected to your router with IP,MACID and vendor listing.Block WiFi Freeloader always findallconnected devices!! Check who is using your WiFi!! Millionsofactive installations demonstrate their reliability!!Scan andviewwho is connected to your WiFi It’s designed to monitor yourWiFiconnected devices and protect your WiFi security. Asasuper-fast network scanner, it can scan all devices connectedtoyour WiFi HotSpots in seconds, and monitor your WiFi connectioninreal-time.It also allows to save a list of known deviceswithcustom name.This makes it easier for us and you will not needto gochecking the data whenever we make a scan.Block WiFi thief inoneclickQuickly identify other devices who are using your WiFinetworkand causing your network speed slow, and further cut outWiFifreeloaders after detecting them.This app can be used as akickerto prevent WiFi squatter from stealing WiFi orrubbingWiFi.One-click to block freeloader devices (requirecompatible WiFirouter hardware).Clear UI and easy to useAll this ina clean andsimple design that allows you to see that your personaldata aresafe in a few seconds.A must-have for a wide range of usersfrombeginners to IT specialist and skillednetworkadministrators.Advantages of Block WiFi Freeloader★ SimpleUIdesign and Easy Interface. ★ Scan your WiFi network inseconds.★ Display Wired & Wireless Devices connected to yournetwork.★Clear design to show detail info of each connecteddevice.★ Displaydetails of connected devices (IP/MAC Address/DeviceName/etc),simply to mark the connecting devices as "Known" or"Stranger".★Compatible with most common WiFi routers includingTP-Link,Netgear, D-Link or Linksys routers.★ Reminder for you tochange theWiFi password immediately when strangers are found★Shortcut toturn on/turn off device WiFi function.★ Low demand onsystemresources.★ Free App will less Ads.Languages of BlockWiFiFreeloader- English - Russian -Hindi -Indonesian - French - Filipino -Portuguese -Spanish ArabicCome on and have a try!Wecontinue working toimprove Block WiFi Freeloader and we greatlyappreciate that youshare your opinions whether positive ornegative.Please, if youhave any problem/suggestion, do not hesitateto send it to us, inyour comment or with, and wewill try to fix it.
Yoga+ 1.3.1
Ronak Vijay
Experience the new and better Yoga app - Yoga+ . An all inonefitness application for fitness geeks. Download and be blessedwiththe power of Yoga.Yoga+ is beautiful, simple and delightful touse.50+ poses ,meditation and exercises, all shown in a simpleandelegant format. Search for poses by skill level, your fitnessgoalor by type.This fitness app facilitates the most convenienthomeexercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares youallthe tiresome workouts and help you achieve fitness goals withyoga+on the go.KEY FEATURES: - 50+ Asanas- Detail explanation(About,Procedure and Benifits).- Video demonstrations for all poses.-Types of Meditation(include 10 types).- Physical Exercises (canbedone at home).- Images for every Yoga pose ,Exercise.-Personalized section MyYoga+.- Asanas for FatLoss/Diseases/BodyParts.- Easy to use DISCLAIMER:We have putsincere efforts to putthe best possible information, still weadvise you to do all theseAsanas under trained Yoga expert.If youliked the app, then supportus by leaving positive remarks as a lotof effort has been put intoit. If you have any suggestion pleasesend an email describing the suggestion.Thisapp can veryuseful to someone, please share it on facebook, G+,twitteretc!Privacy Policy: ofService:* Yoga+ is aregisteredtrademark of Appsron Mobility. Find out even moreat
Yoga - Poses & Classes 1.32
• 100+ Poses easy to follow for one pose to next. • Createdworkoutcollections to achieve specific yoga and fitness goals. •20+unique yoga classes designed by certified yoga experts foralllevels. • Increase flexibility to boost your performance. •Leavethe stress and focus on positive energy. • Balance the bodywhilefocusing the mind. • Collection of sounds and melodies tocreateunlimited ambiances and atmosphere, stress & anxietyrelief.MAIN CLASSES: BALANCE - different yoga styles are combinedthat arefocused to improve your balance. STRENGTH - a combinationof poweryoga poses that will help you to build your bodystrength.FLEXIBILITY - learn to focus how to breath, on your musclerecoveryand flexibility of your body. GET IN SHAPE: Quick Yoga Fix- fityoga into a busy day with a sequence that is both groundingandenergizing. Getting Toned - develop muscle tone in keyareas,including arms, shoulders, core, glutes, and legs. MorningYoga -start your day with an invigorating yoga practice thatemphasizesmoving the spine in all directions. Daily Yoga for ABS -target andtone deep abdominal muscles. Yoga for Runners - yogaoffers aunique combination of balance flexibility, strength,andmindfulness training that can help runners to improveperformance.Boost Your Energy - recharge with this sequencedesigned toinvigorate your body, mind, and spirit. Challenge YourFlexibility- develop flexibility through a series of intensestretches andapply the results to more advanced yoga posture.NUTRITION - be inthe best shape ever! learn what to eat, discoverfat burning foodsand recipes. Eat tasty meals to speed up yourmetabolism. HOW TOUSE THE APP & SUBSCRIPTIONS The download anduse of Yoga app isfree. Get all available workouts within the appas part of themonthly subscription. The subscription costs $12,99for 1 month or$35,99 for 12 months. If you opt for thesubscription, you pay thefixed price for your country which isdisplayed in the app. Thesubscription will be renewed automaticallyif it is not canceledwithin at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrent subscriptionperiod. Your Play Market account account willbe charged for eachnew term within 24 hours prior to the expirationof the currentsubscription. The current term of In-Appsubscriptions cannot becanceled. You can disable the automaticrenewal via the Play Marketaccount settings at anytime. MORE: •Discover new Apps from VGFITand achieve fitness goals. • Find outmore Yoga Classes and Guidesfor your healthy lifestyle. • Playclasses on your TV with AirPlayor Chromecast mirroring. • GetMotivation and share it with friendsJoin community.
Cox Homelife
From jet-setters to go-getters and everyone in between, CoxHomelifeoffers home security and automation to fit any lifestyle.Customerscan use the Cox Homelife app to securely view &control theirsystem anytime, anywhere on their smart phone ortablet. Note: Theapplication’s features may vary depending on thedevices installedas part of your Homelife system. The followingsupported devicesrequire Android operating system version 5.0 orhigher: • GoogleNexus 4, 5, 6P, 7, 9, 10, Prime • Google Pixel7.x, Pixel XL, Pixel2 • HTC One M9+ • LG G4, G5, V10 • SamsungGalaxy Note 4, Note 5,Note 8 • Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge,S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8Plus Note: Devices with Google Chrome versionv66 require the 9.1.1Mobile App is required. Mobile App versionsprior to version 9.1.1are incompatible with v 66 of Google Chrome.To use this app, youmust be a current Cox Homelife customer.Please call 1-877-404-2568to learn more about Cox Homelife.Supported markets: AR, AZ, CA, CT,FL, GA, IA, ID, KS, LA, NE, NV,OH, OK, RI, and VA.
Yoga 108 Satya
Yoga 108 app helps you learn and pronounce asana ( yoga poses)names in Sanskrit. The audio can also be played at a slower pacetofacilitate easy learning. App features: - More than 100 poses,withpictures. - Asana names in English and Sanskrit. -Asanapronunciation in Sanskrit. - A study of Asana names. - Playaudioat a slower pace to facilitate easy learning. - SwitchbetweenEnglish and Sanskrit names. - Search for poses in EnglishandSanskrit. - Swipe left or right for easy navigation. - Ashtanga/Sivananda opening and closing prayers. - General SanskritPrayers.- Ashtanga Primary Series Sequence with audio in Sanskrit.- Bikramyoga sequence with audio in Sanskrit. - Sivananda yogasequencewith audio in Sanskrit. - Scroll View on the bottom of thesequencepage for easy navigation. - Definition of 8 limbs of yoga.
7 Minute Yoga workout 2.2
Home Fitness
Yoga is a technique for controlling body and mind. This yogaappwill help you to spare all the tiredness of the day,facilitatesthe more convenient home exercise and nourishes yourhealth. Thisallows you to take your Guru with you and getinstructions step bystep wherever you choose to exercise. Chooseproper time and placefor yoga where you can get peace - like earlymorning is the besttime. Yoga daily workouts have many advantagescompared to othermethods such as cycling, elliptical, stepaerobics, zumba, martialarts, running, HIIT. The holistic weightloss weries yoga sessionshelp you build a perfect body so you willemerge from this classesfeeling grounded and calm. With 7 minuteyoga workout you can keepup with your practice at your own pace inthe comforts of your ownhome. Simply roll out your mat, place yourdevice in front, andPocket Yoga will guide you through your entiresession. Now you cankeep track of your yoga workout on the calendarand create alarmsfor the days and hours you want to perform atraining program.FEATURES - Support all Screens - Free and Simple -Many Yoga Poses- Workout Log - Set Reminder - Yoga levels(Beginner, Intermediateand Advanced). - Always get notifications oflatest yoga updates. -Counter BENEFITS OF DAILY YOGA - Helps youkeep your cool - You’rehappier - Yoga for Energy Improvement -Calming Your Mind -Improves posture and strengthens back -Confidence booster -Improve Your Flexibility - Yoga for BetterSleep - Yoga for BodyToning - Yoga for Great Legs - fitness andhealth - You sleepbetter - Weight Loss - Yoga for a Strong Back andmore... This isan exercise app with plenty of Yoga sessionsessential for dailyroutines and help your stretching exercises.Download and allowyourself the space to let go, relax, and releaseresidual tension.I hope that it is useful for improve your healthand fitness. Ifyou like this app, please rate for us 5 star tosupport us improveit better. Thanks so much!
Simple Succinct Purple Business Theme 1.1.2
This is our latest release: simple launcher succinct theme!Installsimple launcher theme and enjoy your favorite succinct styleandpurple business Android.simple (icon packs) (theme) havesuccinctwallpapers, simple app icons, and purple business digitaleffect.This simple launcher theme is specially designed forsuccinctpeople who love purple business theme.Want to make yourphonestylish? Come and download the simple theme, simple can beused fordifferent IM apps, like Instagram, Messenger, BeeTalk,FacebookLite and so on.simple is also compatible with differentbrands ofphones like Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, SamsungGalaxy S8,Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung GalaxyNote8), Huawei(Huawei P9, Huawei P8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8,Huawei Honor8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony XperiaZ3, SonyXperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTCDesire 10Pro). simple launcher theme is designed to let you enjoysuccinctfeeling, a faster and smoother mobile and purple businessoperatingexperience.★How to apply simple launcher theme?Note: Thisthemesupports our launcher (icon packs) only.1) Download simpletheme,tap the INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, simple, cool,crystal(krystal), purple business, golden, succinct, pink, skull,neon,shiny and many more. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offeryouwallpapers of purple business style, so you could enjoy afullexperience of your chosen succinct theme. More purplebusiness,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized succinct purple business lockscreenper your preference, making your phone look amazing everytime youflip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! Sharepurplebusiness simple themes, succinct wallpapers and app iconswith yourfriends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Make yourphoneunique with all sorts of cool succinct animated effects.
Fastest Charging Phone 9
Fastest Charging PhoneIf you want to reduce the waiting timeforcharging the battery and doing the Faster Charger.FastestChargingPhone, quick charge Smartphone in a few minutes thanbefore. Thisapp will quick charging automatically activate when youconnectyour charger and it will boost charge speed.Help to Chargefastbattery and charging your mobile phone fully charge fast only30-50minutes. Super Battery saver are more thanPower-efficientapplications that do not require an onlineconnection to performtasks. “Fast charging” also has chart toreview how your batery wascharged, help you control baterystatus.AUTOMATIC SMART BOOSTCHARGE MODE :✓ Works fast chargeautomatically when plugged in.When you plug in the device, thebattery pro application isautomatically turned on. To start thecharger process faster. Theapplication will kill all running appsbackground and use bateryservices such WiFi, 3G, mobile internet,Bluetooth etc.✓ Boostcharge speed up and fast charger battery proyour device. BoostCharge Screen Saver will close your backgroundrunning apps thatare not needed during charging to help acceleratetime to rechargeyour batteries and recommends you functions to turnoff in order tosave even more. ✓Show charging levels, optimizationfor quickcharging Show comprehensive battery information for you,and knowyour battery status. Quick Charging will help you optimizeBoostCharge progress.✓Extending battery life with Quick Chargingwillhelp you optimize charging performance. Which can boost chargeyourbattery charge faster speed by about 20 - 40%.✓Quick chargethat donot require an online connection. This app willautomaticallylaunch when you connect the charger right away byphone withouthaving an internet connection..✓Battery charger isfree app FastestCharging Phone It's the most powerful boost chargeBattery Saver, afree charge faster battery application that allowsyou to extendthe standby time for your Android phone!Step BatteryCharge fasterworks. 1. Saving your battery is just one tapaway.Connect thebattery charger to your phone, then Battery Chargefaster willdetect and activated automatically speed charger fastcharging isworks.2. Fastest Charging Phone application Helps savepowerbattery saver from overheating and apps running in thebackgroundand consumes batery services such as wifi, 3G, mobileinternet,blue tooth, other power surges and also help repairproblems duringcharge faster batterie rapidement.3. Then yourbattery doesn’twithdraw much power during the charging time andtherefore it canspeed charger fast charging.Fastest Charging Phoneis a baterysaver app, protect battery of android device.Thisapplication isoperational on all android Smartphones.Download thisapp for Quickfast charger battery.Battery Saver helper : • Analysisbatterytemperature, battery status and time remaining.• Killapplicationsthat are not needed during charging to help acceleratetime torecharge your batteries.• One-tap Battery Optimizer.•Optimizingbattery life with one click.• Intelligent power batterysaver• TheCharge faster app is free forever!.We hope users willlike FastestCharging Phone app. If you feel the app is useful foryou, pleaserate us 5*Thanks for use Fastest Charging Phone ,thebest chargefaster Application.
com.quickcharger.fastchargerbattery.kingdom 1.0
Quick Charger , Faster Charger Fast Battery Charger is anultimatetool, which can boost your battery charging speed by48%.This appwill automatically activate when you connect your chargerand itwill boost your charging speed. Unique app for android userstocharge their mobile/tablet devices faster than normal. Itworkslike a doctor for battery or as a battery manager to boostbatterycharging speed. Fast Battery Charger Features : ☆Automaticallyactivates fast charging mode. It will automaticallyboost yourcharging speed when you connect the charger next time. ☆No need todo any things to speed up charger speed. Only connectpower andquick charger auto Launch and switch on fast charger mode☆ Niceand User-friendly UI. ☆ Show process charging ☆ Shows thebatterycapacity in the app while charging battery ☆Automaticallyactivates fast charging mode. ☆ Automatically turn offwifi, 3G. ☆Automatically turn off blutooth ☆ Kill process ☆Notificaton whenfull battery ☆ Quick Charger is free app. thisbattery fastercharger will help you charger faster and save batterywith batterysaver mode. it will let your phone battery life longerand powerfulthan normal Not only a smart faster charger, it'sbattery savertool for your phone. Battery Saver helper • Analysebattery:battery status, temperature, and time left • Killsunnecessary appsduring charge to help speed up your batterycharging time. •One-tap Battery Optimizer • Battery consumptionoptimization injust one click • Intelligent battery saver Savingyour battery isjust one tap away. Battery Saver will close yourbackground runningapps and recommends you functions to turn off inorder to save evenmore. Battery Saving Mode or your custom Theapplication issuitable for all device. particularly good supportfor devices:Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, LG G4, G5, V10, Nexus 5x, 6P,Xperia Z4, Z5Compact,Note 5, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7... Thanksusing fastercharger and battery saver Team "Battery Charger 2019"FasterCharger - Fast Battery Charger
FluMoS mobile 1.30.01
The FluMoS mobile FluidMonitoring software is a tool forthewireless transmission of fluid data to mobile end devices(e.g.Smartphone, Tablet-PC). This makes it possible not only todisplayreceived measured values in real time in tabular and graphicform,but also to save them on mobile end devices and to distributethemusing the "Share" button (e.g. e-mail dispatch,file-sharingsystems, cloud upload, etc.). On the HYDAC side,currently theproducts FCU 1000, SMU 1200 and CSI-C-11 (e.g. as anextension toCSM) are supported by FluMoS, whereby the CSI-C-11 canalso beparameterized via the app (e.g. Wi-Fi settings, parametersofconnected sensors). FluMoS mobile is thus an importantcomponentfor the analysis of measured fluid parameters andmaintenancemeasures to be derived from them in the context ofmodernPredictive Maintenance approaches. Simple data distributionfromthe machine to Predictive Maintenance planning thus takesplace,either in each office or to globally networked end devices.FluMoSmobile thus integrates itself seamlessly into the familyofcondition monitoring solutions from the HYDAC Company.Applications- Wireless transmission to and storage of the data fromthe FCU,SMU, CSM on your smartphone - Easy data transfer from thefield tothe maintenance staff, your office, central file-sharingsystems orany PC The advantages to you - Displays currentmeasurement valuesin tabular format - Graphical representation ofthe changes insensor measured values or system state data (trendanalysis) -Selective download of log files in .dat format from theinternalmemory of the FCU 1000, SMU 1200 or CSI-C-11 to yourAndroid device- Data transfer from the field to the customer,service or PC inthe office via smartphone - Ideal component for thecompletion ofmodern Predictive Maintenance approaches---------------------NOTICE: Please note that by installing FluMoS,you accept the"Special Sales and Delivery Conditions forSoftwareProducts/Freeware" terms andconditions. application requires the followingprivileges: - Networkcommunication - Connect to Bluetooth devices- Access Bluetoothsettings - System files 2.9
Charge smart phone battery with super fast charger. Thisisabsolutely faster when you need concurrently enhancing batterylifewith SUPER FAST CHARGER utterly free. Just connect chargertodevice it activates, closes high power draining servicesandapplications like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, Mobile data, Highscreenbrightness, Screen timeout and Auto Sync etc. FASTCHARGERstimulates charging efficiency by 140 percent hence adds 50percentbattery life. Keeping device battery charged, keeps youworrilessas long as your device remains intact. Running out ofbatterycharge stresses you especially when you are on the go, needrapidcharging, Ultra fast charging takes your device to fullcharginglimit in no time relatively. SUPER FAST CHARGER lets youkeep amonitoring eye on battery limits, device temperature andgives youone window to close your inactive application that arerunningbehind the scene, resulting faster charging and saving life.Whatare you waiting for? Download free battery charger and savertoincrease considerable battery life; we own the record forstrivingto provide the best user experience in past and will keepdoing infuture as well. Features: 👉 Charges 150% faster than anyotherbattery charger. 👉 Saves battery life up to 50% with uniquebatterysaver. 👉 Automattically resume all services upon fullcharging andstop fast charging. 👉 Application activatesautomatically by justconnecting charger 👉 Scans and deactivatespower consuming servicesduring charging time 👉 Absolutely freePlease give your preciousfeedback so that we make more useful toolsfor fast charging..!!Thanks..!!
Gold Diamond HD Watch 1.1.9
The gold glitter HD watch theme of fashion gold diamond andgoldglitter has hd watch live wallpaper with golden background withbigstuff git HD watch. Gold glitter HD watch theme is lovegoldentheme to bring you a gold glitter HD watch. Gold diamond HDwatchtheme has gorgeous gold glitter HD watch with the glittersanddiamonds of HD watch . Gold glitter HD watch theme hasgoldenhd watch wallpaper and gold glitter HD watch lock screenhome. Hopeyou will love this gold glitter HD watch theme to lookbeautiful onandroid phone . All the french golden icons are specialdesignedfor all apps. Beautify your android home  screensaverwiththis cool and sweet gold theme now ! Customize your phone withgoldkeyboard to get gold glitter HD launcher theme for Valentine’sday,M aple Sugar Festival,Easter,Songkran Festival Day,Mother’sDay,Father’s Day,International Children’s Day, Oktoberfest,PumpkinDay,Halloween, Hallowmas,Christmas Eve, Merry ChristmasDay,HappyNew Year celebration.We all love gold diverse theme . Getgoldglitter HD watch theme free to meetyourvalentine,lover,friend,family,mother,father,children in thehappynew year 2017. Enable gold glitter HD watch theme topersonalizeandroid screen cool gold. If you love gold , get thispure goldglitter HD watch theme now for this customize hd wallpaperandpersonalized background screensaver.Gold glitter HD watch theme–how to use it ? This gold glitter HD watch theme is asafelauncher designed for CM Launcher . You need to install CMlauncherfirst to apply it successfully . We does not support anyother onelauncher . Gold glitter HD watch theme with Gold glitterHD watchlive wallpaper is free and has no ads ! Gold glitterHD watchtheme to get gold HD watch of fashion luxury gold glittersanddeluxe diamonds.A Gold glitter HD watch lock screenwallpaperwith mini iron watch on golden background.Gold glitter HDwatchtheme with golden HD watch live wallpaper with golden iconsspecialgolden icons for 56 popular apps in gold glitter HD watchframeiconsnice gold glitter HD watch wallpaper to search goldglitter HDwatch of diverse and individual golden glitter HDwatch.Goldglitter HD watch live wallpaper make it classic romanticgoldthemeWeather widget design with love diamond theme and GoldglitterHD watch clock widgetgold lock screen to protect androidprivacyeasy cool and lock apps3d dynamic launcher home to make yourphonespecial romantic luminous themeYou can DIY live wallpaper andyoucan change as you wish any time into Gold glitter HDwatch.functions of Gold glitter HD watch launcher theme❤ Goldglitter HDwatch live wallpaper : change DIY wallpaper in gold themecenter❤support diy gold glitter HD watch screen lock and applockwith appcenter apps❤ 3d dynamic launcher with 3d touch effect ,swipe foldeffect and wave lock effect❤ one tap to sort apps withinsmartgroups app drawer ❤ fast boost android and save batterywithinsafe launcher❤ daily news – swipe left to read local newsandheadline news daily❤ DIY wallpaper and launcher theme as yourownsweet home❤ it is a beauty and cool app to customize your phoneasa Gold glitter HD watch love phone❤ tons of free themes tochangegold theme horror halloween or any stylish theme★We havemoreholiday themes coming to celebrate happy festival theme,hopeyouenjoy your stay in our Gold glitter HD watch launcher home! ★Gold glitter HD watch theme is made for CM launcher tocustomizeyour phone with Gold glitter HD watch live wallpaper andgoldenglitter screen lock . Want to have a special gold glitter HDwatchkeyboard with this gold glitter HD watch theme ? Just visitthe appcenter to search whatever you need in this 3d dynamiclauncher !
Orange Launcher
The Orange Launcher is one of the new mobile launcher themes wehavereleased in 2017! This amazing launcher theme new designfeatures avery popular stress release toy: the fidget spinner. Asyou haveseen, they are loved by people of all ages and they comein allshapes and sizes. Since everyone fell in love with fingerspinnerswe tried to integrate them into one of the best appslauncher themesout there! Try the amazing fidget spinner themetoday and startusing it to see the difference. The Orange Launcheris a wonderfultheme for Android that completely transforms thephone menu and appscreen with new backgrounds, app icons and more!Try our new freeLauncher theme: Orange Launcher! Give your phone anew look withthis new Launcher theme. Try the free launcher themefor Android:Orange Launcher . It has a unique style, with a newwallpaper andnew icon theme! ★How to install the new OrangeLauncher★ ✱ DownloadOrange Launcher; ✱ Open the theme for Androidapp and swipe to beginthe activation process; ✱ Select the 'SetActive Theme' button; ✱One of the best launcher themes isactivating; ✱ Enjoy a new way ofusing your Android phone orAndroid tablet! Why install a free themefor Android: OrangeLauncher: ✱ Download one of the best launcherthemes free! ✱Customize app icons and change all the app icons onyour phone! ✱With the visual effects, this theme for Android freehas alauncher-theme wallpaper gallery! ★ Find the latest themelaunchertrend! ★ Visit our developer page! We have hundreds ofamazinglauncher themes for Android! If you love this launchertheme,please rate and review! We've created Orange Launcher to beone ofthe best launcher theme apps! With new personalizationfeatures,Orange Launcher will become your favorite if you likelauncherswith themes. ★What you get with this phone launcher theme★•Personalize your icons - Orange Launcher includes a set ofcustomicons that will complete the new look of your Android phone!•Includes free icon masks for all of your app icons! • Changethefont and color with one of the new free launcher themes! • Openthesettings menu on your Android phone. Choose more new themes,newwallpapers or new live wallpapers! ★ Notice ★ Orange Launcherworkswith GO Launcher-Theme, Wallpaper, Latest Launcher App orNewLauncher 2017. If you do not have a compatible Launcherappinstalled on your device, don't worry! You will get instructionstodownload it! Now you can continue the activation of thenewLauncher theme! You can personalize your Android phone ortabletwith our amazing Launcher theme, Orange Launcher!
Yoga Morning Routine 1.9
Yoga Morning Routine This energizing morning yoga routine canworkas a natural stimulant to set you up for 
a productive day.Thissequence combines some back bend postures that will help warmupthe body and bring you from repose to refresh. Many of ussleep
with the spine and hips rounded in fetal position, whichiscalming and introspective for rest and contemplation. Incontrast,back bends, stretch and extend the spine and hips andbring anenergetic openness to the body, to prepare you for action.Takejust a few minutes every morning to practice this yoga routine,andyou'll begin each day feeling centered, wide-awake and readyforanything!.
book.shelf.wooden.theme 1.1.12
Hot Launcher
New Wooden Touch Launcher is coming! Apply the Wooden TouchLaunchertheme to enjoy more FREE Wallpapers and Themes! Make yourphonestylish! Wooden Touch Launcher is our latest free themewithbeautiful Wooden Touch Launcher HD wallpaper and WoodenTouchLauncher icon pack. The Wooden Touch Launcher theme is packedwithHD Wooden Touch Launcher wallpapers and exquisite WoodenTouchLauncher app icons, designed for mobile theme fanatics.Pleasedownload the Wooden Touch Launcher theme now, more surprisesarewaiting for you to discover! Come and download the WoodenTouchLauncher theme for free and make your Samsung, Huawei and anyotherbrands of Android mobile stylish. You can enjoy with WoodenTouchLauncher: Cool themes and HD wallpapers - High qualityImagesspecially designed for your phone - Brand new beautifulthemesupdated every day 3D themes - Add Wooden Touch Launcher themetoyour 3D theme - Wooden Touch Launcher dynamic wallpapers withavariety of touch gestures, so you can feel the beauty ofWoodenTouch Launcher at your fingertips. - More 3D themes anddynamicwallpapers with fluid 3D effects, experience today'scutting-edgetechnology. Live Wallpapers - Different livewallpapers, includingthe gold rose, waterfall and many more. - Youcan also add gesturesand particles to the wallpapers to make yourphone look cool Otherbenefits: s - Different variety of themes,wallpaper, app icons anddaily updates. - We provide special designsduring festive periods,whether it's Christmas, Halloween and otherholidays, we will havea theme for you and everyone, so you can feelthe festiveatmosphere that you love. - Like football, basketballand othersports? Find your favorite sports theme here, along withyourfavorite celebrities, cartoons, and anything else. -Experiencesmooth 3D and HD themes and wallpapers regardless of whatphonemodel you use How to apply the Wooden Touch Launcher theme?Toapply the theme, please install our launcher first. ApplytheWooden Touch Launcher theme, to make your phone faster, orderlyandcool. The original app icons, clock and weather theme of yourphonewill be replaced by the Wooden Touch Launcher theme. Wehavedesigned many customized themes for popular apps, theseincludecamera apps, social apps, entertainment apps, useful toolsandmessenger apps. Our app also provides you thousands of themesfromother categories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffitithemes,gold themes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and manymore.All of our beautiful themes are free and available at GooglePlayStore. Download and apply Wooden Touch Launcher now! There aremoresports (football, basketball), games and other beautifulthemeswaiting for you! Apply the Wooden Touch Launcher theme now,to makeyour phone faster and organized. The original app icons,clock andweather theme of your phone will be replaced by the WoodenTouchLauncher theme. Come and enjoy this Wooden Touch Launchertheme ofyour mobile phone. If you have already tired of the boringscreenof your phone, please enjoy this Wooden Touch Launcher theme!
Avigilon eDocs 2.2.0
Avigilon™ eDocs is a comprehensive and easy to use appcontaininginstallation manuals for current Avigilon devices. Thisconvenientapp enables you to quickly find the critical informationyou needfor a successful installation on-site and on-demand.
Weed Green Theme 1.1.7
Hot Launcher
New weed green theme is coming! Apply the weed green theme themetoenjoy more FREE Wallpapers and Themes! Make your phonestylish!weed green theme is our latest free theme with beautifulweed greentheme HD wallpaper and weed green theme icon pack. Theweed greentheme theme is packed with HD weed green theme wallpapersandexquisite weed green theme app icons, designed for mobilethemefanatics. Please download the weed green theme theme now,moresurprises are waiting for you to discover!Come and downloadtheweed green theme theme for free and make your Samsung, Huaweiandany other brands of Android mobile stylish. You can enjoy withweedgreen theme: Cool themes and HD wallpapers- High qualityImagesspecially designed for your phone- Brand new beautifulthemesupdated every day3D themes - Add weed green theme theme toyour 3Dtheme- weed green theme dynamic wallpapers with a variety oftouchgestures, so you can feel the beauty of weed green theme atyourfingertips.- More 3D themes and dynamic wallpapers with fluid3Deffects, experience today's cutting-edgetechnology.LiveWallpapers- Different live wallpapers, including thegold rose,waterfall and many more. - You can also add gestures andparticlesto the wallpapers to make your phone look cool Otherbenefits: s-Different variety of themes, wallpaper, app icons anddailyupdates.- We provide special designs during festiveperiods,whether it's Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, wewill havea theme for you and everyone, so you can feel thefestiveatmosphere that you love.- Like football, basketball andothersports? Find your favorite sports theme here, along withyourfavorite celebrities, cartoons, and anything else.-Experiencesmooth 3D and HD themes and wallpapers regardless of whatphonemodel you useHow to apply the weed green theme theme? To applythetheme, please install our launcher first. Apply the weedgreentheme theme, to make your phone faster, orderly and cool.Theoriginal app icons, clock and weather theme of your phone willbereplaced by the weed green theme theme. We have designedmanycustomized themes for popular apps, these include cameraapps,social apps, entertainment apps, useful tools and messengerapps.Our app also provides you thousands of themes fromothercategories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffiti themes,goldthemes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and many more.Allof our beautiful themes are free and available at GooglePlayStore. Download and apply weed green theme now! There aremoresports (football, basketball), games and other beautifulthemeswaiting for you!Apply the weed green theme theme now, to makeyourphone faster and organized. The original app icons, clockandweather theme of your phone will be replaced by the weedgreentheme theme. Come and enjoy this weed green theme theme ofyourmobile phone. If you have already tired of the boring screenofyour phone, please enjoy this weed green theme theme!