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Memory Animal Kid 5.3
Ten Games
Memory Animal Kid Memory Animal Kid is the classic kid’s boardgame,a memory game to improve memory skills for kids. Playingthisanimals matching game with your kids will help them improvetheirrecognition while having fun. Kids memory game contains verycuteimages of animals as lion, cat, dog, elephant, etc., which areonmemory cards. Animals memory game is a game for children ofallages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens. Both,boysand girls will love this game. <> Rule is simple: makingthesame couple of image to get point. To achieve the highestscore,match pairs of adorable image as quickly. Features of MemoryAnimalKid - Levels of difficulty to keep both kids and adultsentertained- Share your best score with friends - Cute graphic andsound -Easy to play >> Thanks for awesome imagesfrom: >> Please followus onfan page:
Matching Cards 3.22
Matching cards is a fun and addictive puzzle game. Find allthematching pairs of cards and go to the next level. Try tomatchpairs in as little moves as possible or you can flip thecardsquickly and race against the clock to beat your old besttimes.Features * nice background music * cool graphics * simple onetouchcontrols * different levels of difficulty Enjoy fungameplay,exercise your brain. Improve your concentration skillswith thisclassic matching game.
Super Memory 1.0.2
Baderat Industry
Super Memory is the best game forimprovingyourmemory and concentration skills! Choose your favoritepackageanddifficulty level, open the cards, try to remember thepictures,matchthe pairs and develop your attentiveness andabilities ofyour visualmemory! Have the most useful andentertaining pastimewith SuperMemory!You will definitely enjoy:- Simple interface;- 16 different packages with colorful pictures that you canuseaswallpapers for your device!- 4 difficulty levels: from 4 to 16 pairs;- Buy packages for virtual coins!- Amazing reward system: the more difficult level youchoose,themore coins you get!- Ability to share your achievements with friends insocialnets!Train your memory and have fun!
Paw Puppy Memory Game 1.0
Paw Puppy Memory Game is an awesomeinteractiveMemory puzzle game for kids.Enjoy playing the Paw Puppy Memory Game game and improveyourproblem solving skills.This game app recommended for kids, toddlers, girls, boys.How to play?-There are many puzzles to choose from with differentdifficultylevels.-Pick the number of pieces to start from.-Select Paw Puppy Memory Game difficulty level to solve itbyclicking 'Pieces'.-Find find exact match for the pieces to win the game!This game improves stimulate memory, cognitive skills,logicalthinking, math, develop social skills, patrol and so on. Inotherwords, they make you and your kids smarter!This Kids game is a simple and funny shuffle Paw Puppy MemoryGame,ideal for your children because it will train theirbrain,imagination and creativity while having fun.This is an educational game for kids, because it hasbeendemonstrated that solving puzzles helps in the developmentofskills and abilities of children, such as creativity,motricity,spatial skills, language and self-esteem.*** If you share this Game with your family and friend, Ibelieveyou will give them a surprise.***And we are not affiliated or linked with in any way at all tothepaw patrol trademark owner. This game application compliesfullywith US Copyright law guidelines of the "fair use". In caseIf youfeel there is a direct copyrights or trademarks violationthat doesnot fall within the "fair use" guidelines then in thatcase pleasecontact us directly.This Game have no relation with paw patrol cartoon, we are notthemakers of the cartoon and we don't claim any relationwiththem.FEATURES:★★★★★ High quality graphics★★★★★ Fun to play★★★★★ Lightweight GameDownload Paw Puppy Memory Game for FREE, Today!
Brain Training: Match and Drag & Drop 3.0
Exercise your brain, This is the best free match game exerciseforyou. This is a very simple and addictive exercise which helpsyouto make active and test your short-term memory andconcentration.You are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman, adultor any agegroup. You love to give test in Memory game. Its dailypracticewill really help you to keep active your brain. Challengeyourselfin this fun, addictive, free and popular brain puzzle game.How toPlay Arrange Mode: - To memorize position of Images - Aftermovingimages, arrange images to its original position. How to PlayPairMode: - To memorize images - After disappearing it, uncoverthepairs with minimum attempts.
Fun With Animals Matching Game 2.3
Fun with animals matching game is a greatwayto improve your retention, matching skills like visualmemory,visual retention, mnemonic skills, concentration andcognitiveskills!It is not only capable of being challenging enough for adultsbutalso as easy as for kids and toddlers to play. This game addsalevel of cute to everyday matching games, by using colorfulandvivid graphics for each card.After all cards are laid face down, they are flipped over bytheplayer over each turn.Player must then recall where they and touch them to createamatch.Exercise your retention, mnemonic skills trying to find twosamecards. Matching pairs is not only fun but also educational.The game has four categories:Easy, medium, hard and time based.Easy part consists 4x4 matrix, Medium part consist of 5x5, Hardpartconsist of 6x6 and lastly time based part consists of 6x6matrix andyou will have 90 sec. If you have time after finishingthe game, itwill be points of your score. You will see your scoreaftercompetition.Download Fun With Animals matching game and enjoy, in one ofthebest apps for preschool students!-Cute farm animals-Colourful images-Flip the cards-Match the pairs-Different difficulty levels easy, hard and time-Easy and simple to play-Have fun playingPlay fun with animals matching game regularly and you willseeyour retention, memory skills improve, concentration levelsriseand will have a better ability to focus easily. This excellentmindtrainer will give you and your kid an excellent “braintraining”activity. It is completely free of charge and you'll getthe bestbrain gym.If you like our app please rate it, comment and give us feedbackforfurther update, for better application.Thank you!
Pairs game 3.1.1
Pairs Puzzle helps develop memory forbothadults and children.Goal of the game to find all pairs of images on theplayingfieldThe game has three difficulty levels 12, 20 and 48 pictures.Unfinished game is saved and you can continue it at any time.
Logo Memory Games
Welcome to free memory match games (themeNewlogo quiz 2015). Logo Memory Games is a fun free memory game.Checkhow many logos and brands of companies you can recognizeanddiscover new one !!!Rules of this game are very simple - touch and discover thecard,find two the same logos, then disappear. The aim of the gameis tomatch all the pairs of cards at every level of the game. Themeofthe game are various logos of companies like a Facebook,BMW,Samsung, McDonalds and a lots of others - do you know them ?Checkit now !!!Logo Memory Game offers sets of (similar) logos to play aclassicmemory game with. The game can be played at three differentgamelevels. Car Logo Memory GameThis is memory games for toddler and adults. If you findtoddlergames age 2-3. We're confirm this game can help your kidsenjoy andfun. And most importantly, it's free kids train game viaultimatelogo quiz games. Memory games for toddlers is the classickid’sboard game, a memory game to improve memory skills fortoddlers andadult.How To Play:- Toutch Match pairs of cardsFeature:- Time Compettion 60s- It's have Kids memory game all New logo quiz 2015 gamesCard- Colorful and vivid graphics.- 9 different kinds of New logo memory gameBenefits:- To help improve kids' memory skills.- To help recognition of objects.- To help improve kids' memory skills.- To help kids to increase their brain power along withimprovingtheir memory.This Memory Game """"4 years kids games""""Writing games for preschoolFree game for toddlerFree memory match games via New logo quiz 2015Free toddler teddy bear test games of kids' memory skills.Can meet matching car logo quiz ultimate.Are you ready for logo guess game for kids? Great fun to playwithfriends and family! Who can make the highest score in logomatchinggames?We hope memory logo game free can help you and your kids enjoyandfun to play memory logo games. If you have question or problemyoucan tell me via email or comment below. In order to improvetheapps for best of all logo matching games.we has been testing the latest equipment, such as Samsung GalaxyS4,Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, samsung s3, wallpapermoto x,lg optimus pro and Sony Xperia Z series. If your settingare notsupported. It's logo matching games for tablets, PleaseContact usvia email or comment below.This is an educational, engaging and entertaining game forchildrenof all ages. We hope you enjoy and fun with play logo matchgamesis a great way to improve your retention, memory skills likevisualretention, mnemonic skills, concentration andcognitiveskills!Have fun to play! **Please rate it if your kids enjoy! Thankyou!
Memory Mastermind 1.20
RobTop Games
"This one is really addictive!" -"Memory Mastermind will surely force you to improveyourphotographic memory quickly!" - Playandroid.comMemory Mastermind is a unique mix of Memory and Mastermindthatwill push your skills to the limit. Train and enhance yourmemory,processing speed, pattern recognition, flexibility, andproblemsolving in this intense puzzle experience.Features:- Push your skills to the limit as you progress throughincreasinglydifficult levels.- Challenge yourself in the Challenge Mode (If you dare)- Lots of Achievements!Start your challenge NOW!Visit us at 
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Memory Tiles 1.2
Memory Tiles is a very simple game where you have to memorizethelocation of colored tiles. The aim of the game is to find asmanytiles as possible, the game difficulty increases with thelevel.There are several game modes: - Classic: the gamedifficultyincreases with the level, the games can be wrong threetimes -Speed: you have less than 1 second to memorize the tileslocations- Crazy: it will drive you crazy! - Impossible Mission:probablyone of the most difficult modes - Endurance: quite easy butbepatient - Kamikaze: very hard, no mistake is allowed (0 lives)Bethe best on each mode and share your best scores with yourfriends!Play Games - 65 achievements to unlock - 6 leaderboards, 1for eachgame mode ---------- If you have any difficulty withtheapplication, please contact me through the contact form (bottomofthis page), I will fix your issue as soon as possible.