Top 3 Games Similar to Jetmas

Repton 2 1.0.21
Repton 2 is one of our most popular Repton games,introducingspirits, cages, transporters, skulls, guardian skulls,savepoints,starports and puzzle pieces! All of the official Repton2 scenarioshave been thoroughly tested and they can definitely becompleted.If you would like any help, This new version ofRepton2 includes several features that have been requested byReptonplayers: * game progress can be saved at any location. *classic,mid-range or modern graphics can be selected. * classic ormodernsound effects can be selected. * classic, intermezzo ormodernmusic can be selected. * maps are available for all levels,and allof the maps can be moved and zoomed in and out. * ImmortalReptonoptions can be chosen including infinite lives andimmortality tospecific hazards. * infopoints in the introductoryWelcome scenarioto ease new players into the game. The game hassome easy levels aswell as more challenging ones, so it’s ideal foreveryone fromchildren to seasoned puzzlers! In-app purchasing viathe in-gamestore offers new scenarios to Repton 2 fans: * MegaBundle: a valuepack containing all of the extra scenarios,comprising 240 Repton 2levels in total! * 10 scenarios ranging fromrelatively easy tovery challenging: Castle, Message (Classic &Modern), Loch,Shrine, Playground, Labyrinth, Caverns, Volcano,Fjord and Jungle.* 2 bonus scenarios: Notebook and Memories. Reptonbegan as a BBCMicro game by a talented 16-year-old called TimTyler. This wasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winningRepton range hasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 unitsacross computersystems including the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron,Commodore 64,Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Windows PC! Can you completeall of theRepton 2 levels?
The Forgotten Room - The Paranormal Room Escape 1.0.8
Glitch Games
🌟 Play as paranormal investigator John "Buster of Ghosts" Murrasyou explore yet another mysteriously creepy house. You'llneeddecipher clues, solve puzzles, and look for evidence in ordertofind out what happened in this forgotten room! 🌟 🌟 Can youhelpEvelyn Bright escape her father's old sins? Or will you shebeforever lost in this forgotten room? 🌟 The Forgotten Room isafirst person point and click adventure game that is stuffed fulloflogical puzzles, fantastic graphics, mind-blowingriddles,intriguing story details, superb voice acting, andbeautiful music!Easy to pick up, hard to put down! Play asparanormal investigatorJohn "Buster of Ghosts" Murr as he exploresyet anothermysteriously creepy house full of puzzles, clues,mysteries, andthe unknown. This time he's on the case of EvelynBright, a 10 yearold girl that went missing whilst playing hide andseek with herfather. Will John solve the mystery of the missinggirl anddiscover what really happened in the forgotten room? Tunein rightnow to find out! Key Features: • In game camera so you cantakephotos of all the clues you find. Less back tracking! 📸 •Plenty ofpuzzles to solve! • Rooms to escape from! • Loads of itemsto findand use! Here are some you may see -🔦🗝🔐👻🏚️🗞️🌧️🕵️‍♂️🔑🔎🔨💻🎤🍂📍🔪📕😱🌩️ •Clues to find and puzzles to solve! •Classic gameplay akin toMyst! • Candles! Candles are a featureright?🕯️🕯️ • Beautifulsoundtrack composed by Richard J. Moir. 🎶 •Auto-save feature,never lose your progress again! Other Games: 🌟🌟🌟🌟 🌟If you like TheForgotten Room you'll no doubt love our othergames as weexclusively make the best narrative-driven room escapegames on themarket. These titles include; the Forever Lost trilogy,CabinEscape: Alice's Story, Ferris Mueller's Day Off, A Short Tale,andAll That Remains. 🌟🌟🌟 🌟 🌟 Facebook & Future Game Releases:
Repton 3 1.0.8
Repton 3 takes the popular Repton 1 idea of level-by-levelplay,adds most of the extra Repton 2 characters, and brings intimecapsules, fungus and crowns. The time capsules allow forsomecunning time-based puzzles, while the fungus is also atime-relatedfeature – it's often wise to block it in before itspreads wild.The game includes some easy levels as well as morechallengingones, so it’s ideal for everyone from children toseasonedpuzzlers! Here are some of the comments about AndroidRepton 3 fromthe the Google Play Store 5-star reviews: "Excellentgame" /"Another Superior hit!" / "THANK YOU THANK YOU X You guysareamazing ... The minute I got my email saying it was out I feltlikea child in a candy store lol I ran to the play store and got itsoonce again thank you." / "An absolute ton of content, new andold,will keep me going for years!" / "5 Stars. Perfect" You canchooseto play each level using: * timed or untimed gameplay *classic ormodern graphics * themed or standard mode In-apppurchasing via thein-game store offers many extra levels to Repton3 fans: * MegaBundle: a value pack containing all of the Repton 3levels at adiscounted price. * Repton Symphony: five scenarioscomprising thewell-known Prelude, Toccata and Finale scenarios plusOverture andEncore. * Around The World: America, Arctic, Orient,Oceans andAfrica. * The Life of Repton: Baby, School, Teens, Workand Senior.* Repton Thru Time: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Victorian,Now andFuture. * Repton’s Adventures: Greek (Mythology), Roman,Arabian(Nights), Medieval and Aztec. * Nova and Rainbow: tworemarkable,atmospheric scenarios. * Reptology: five scenarioscontainingskilfully worked classics and four new designs. Reptonbegan as aBBC Micro game by a talented 16-year-old called TimTyler. This wasfollowed by several sequels, and our award-winningRepton range hasachieved collective sales of over 125,000 acrosscomputer systemsincluding the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore64, Sinclair ZXSpectrum and Windows PC! Can you complete all ofRepton 3?