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Kong Adventure: Banana Jungle
“Kong Adventure: Banana Jungle” is a super classic adventureandlegendary side-scrolling arcade game, which will recall yourjoyousmemories of great retro games.• Addictive, thrilling, joyousandchallenging jungle world• Side-scrolling arcade game withnumerousadventures and cute monsters• Well-designed levels, variousenemiesand bosses—a classic enjoyable game for kids, children andadults•Simple gameplay with easy game console pad controls• Classicjungleretro running and jumping adventure with nice graphics andsoothingmusic and sounds.In “Kong Adventure: Banana Jungle” you canplay asa monkey. It’s a beautiful day outside so you, the monkey,decideto pick some bananas to please your girlfriend. Now theoutsidejungle is full of danger and monsters. Are you ready? Yourjourneyof collecting coins and bananas will lead you throughbeautifulworlds and many well-designed levels. Now, you should runand jumpthrough the deep jungle, avoid traps, clear all enemies inyour wayand defeat all bosses. "Kong Adventure: Banana Jungle" willgiveyou a classic and joyous feeling of super smash throughout thegamewith side-scrolling view.How to play “Kong Adventure:BananaJungle”:• Tap the Left and Right buttons to run and the UpButtonto jump.• Jump onto enemies to defeat them.• Find and collectallhidden coins and bananas.• Avoid dangerous traps andobstacles.•Jump over the bricks and throw pebbles to hit theenemies andbosses.• After eating bananas you will become a supermonkey.•After eating a weapon seed you will become a marvelousmonkeyhaving the ability to shoot the monsters.“Kong Adventure:BananaJungle” Features:• Experience an exciting mix between ACTIONandEXPLORATION in this joyous side-scrolling game.• At least4different addictive worlds for you to explore. • More than60beautiful, well-designed and challenging levels fullofexcitement.• Traps, obstacles and different monsters withgreatanimation such as rabbits, spiders, snails, etc.•Extremelystunning 2D graphics with retro arcade music and soundeffects.•Perfect and intuitive game control.• Suitable for allages. Cutemonkey and other animals.• Collect coins and bananas frombricks.•Awesome gameplay reminds you of retro classic games.• Tryto unlockall achievements and to be No.1 of leader boards!•Excitingside-scrolling jump and run jungle adventure gameplay andsupersmash.Remember to be careful. Lots of enemies, troubles,obstacles,traps and bosses are blocking your way through the jungleandwonderful worlds. You will have to run and jump overobstacles,shoot against angry rabbits, spiders, snails and manyothermonsters. Avoid traps, find hidden blocks and gifts, collectcoinsand bananas, explore the challenging and addictive jungleworld anddefeat all cruel enemies and bosses. Now you can downloadthiscool, addictive non-stop retro arcade jungle adventure game“KongAdventure: Banana Jungle” for free! Enjoy the joyousexperience ofsuper smash to feel the great excitement. 【contactus】Any problemsencountered in the game, please feel free to contactus.CustomerService E-mail: [email protected]:
Jungle Adventures 8.72
Rendered Ideas
On a beautiful sunny day Addu and his girlfriend were eatingapplestogether and enjoying life and suddenly an evil monsterappearedfrom the deep jungle out of nowhere. That evil monstercapturedAddu's girlfriend and ran away into the deep jungle. Adduis on anadventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating the monsterandteach him a lesson. To bring Addu's girlfriend back he needsyourhelp. Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid traps andclearall enemies in your way and defeat all the bosses. Features :+Classic gameplay + Simple yet beautiful graphics + Easyandintuitive controls + Ability to double jump + More than 80uniquelevels + Ton of boss battles + Suitable for all ages Contactus [email protected] if you need any help! Follow Us togetnews and updates: following permissionsare required by this app: Record_Audio:This permission is requiredto better understand users TV mediaconsumption behavior and totarget relevant content and improve userexperience. Users can optout and further details can be obtainedat Microphone: The app requiresthispermission to analyze television media viewing patterns.Location:To help serve specific offers & ads. This app containsasoftware development kit (“SDK”) from a third party, Red BrickLaneMarketing Solutions Private Limited (“RBL”). The SDK isintegratedwith this app for the purposes of profiling the device onmediaconsumption and other device data and utilizing the same totargetrelevant content and ads to the device (“Services”) pursuantto theterms and conditions of RBL Services (“Terms of Use”).Furtherdetails can be obtained at
Craft the Adventure: Games of Exploration & Story 1.5
Peasant! Yes, I talk to you! You’re going on a great, trulyepicadventure in one of the best story quest games! What?Peasantsdon’t go on epic adventure quests? You want me to tell atalefirst? And you don’t know what story quest games are? ThencheckCraft the Adventure game, quickly!The epic questbegins!Yeah,Wizard Conradus isn’t the most pleasant person you’veever met. Andprobably not the most reliable one. But still, yougave him yourocarina and he just… disappeared! It’s not the mostepic item youfound in RPG games or point and click adventure games,but hey, hewon’t get away with it! Time to launch the time travelmode!Whathappened in the cubic castle of Conradus?Your epicadventure startsat cubic castle of Conradus and it might be yourlongest journeyever! This may sounds like a fairytale, but when theonly person,who can tell you anything about this disappearance is adrunk toothfairy, you know this fairy tale has gone wrong… Like inthe bestpoint and click adventure games! Craft your own story!Modeofaction? Travelling through time and space!But this is justthebeginning of an epic adventure story quest through time andspacein blocky sandbox world, going after Conradus and yourocarina!Meet ancient dinosaurs, cowboys and indians from the WildWest andsome alien species from the sci-fi future! Look for gold,burntwater, taste the… Glutenfree Onion Jam made by IvotheWitchenchantress, or meet a cute mermaid! In Craft theAdventuregame sky isn’t a limit!Make choices and feelconsequencesWould youslay a beast from the s? Will you trust adrunk fairy tale on yourepic adventure quest? Your choices matterlike in real RPG games!Complete a little-less-epic quest for agravedigger or even takepart in unexpected wedding! And still, thiscrazy survival quest ina blocky world of Craft The Adventure is farfrom being finished!Get epic loot and fancy yourself like a pixelhero!Tell a tale ofadventure! Games of exploration story like neverbefore!Craft theAdventure isn’t one of typical crafting &building games. Westripped the elements of crafting & buildinggames to give youthe best experience of story quest game! Almostendless explorationwith lite humour, memorable characters andbeautiful, hand-craftedworlds full of possibilities: cubic castles,deep blue ocean,paradise island, endless sea… Visit them all andeven more in oneof the best story quest games of 2018! It’s likeyour favouritecrafting & building adventure games but withoutthe crafting& building mode!EPIC (at least a little bit)FEATURES:➡️ EmbodyThe Peasant, a pixel hero - the smartest peasantyou’ve ever seenin point and click adventure games!➡️ Tell a taleof (somewhat)honor and (a bit of) bravery - your own legendarystory!➡️ Rich,blocky world for the fans of adventure games &explorationgames!➡️ Choices that matter! Finish countless epicside-quests andcraft your own legend!➡️ Why so serious? One of thestory games,where fairytale has gone wrong…➡️ No crafting &building mode!Crafting is fun, but let’s focus on this adventureepic quest! So,are you ready to become the pixel hero and embark onan epicadventure quest in a blocky sandbox world? Of course youare, sodon’t waste your time on some crafting & building gamesand hitthe DOWNLOAD button and start an epic quest for glory, fameand…your priceless ocarina! Craft the Adventure!
Jungle Adventure 1.0.1
So many threats are waiting for super boy! You will have themostamazing and exciting moments when playing this game. As apartnerof super jungle boy, you guys will face with a lot ofdangers andchallenges. Jump, run or use weapon, The Jungle boy cando anythingto kill monster. On the way to kill the enemies, don’tforget tocollect more weapon to become powerful!FEATURES- Play forall ages-Game is free- Spirit of old school classic platformers-Greatgraphics and music- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield,hiddenblocks...- 55 levels freeHOW TO PLAY- Use button to jump,move andfire- Find weapon in boxWe hope all our players have agreat timeplaying it, please rate and thanks a lot for playing!Whatare youwaiting for? Play Jungle Adventures World Run now!
Caveman Adventure 1.12
STEM Studios
Caveman Adventure !!! is a 2D action-adventure side scrollgamedeveloped by STEM studios. It brings the memories of our oldkidgames like Mario and Islander game, with improved graphicsandsound effects. The story follows a caveman's kids are taken byadinosaur and the caveman starts to search the kids in thedinosaurworld. Our caveman have to face a lot of wild dinosaurs intheJurassic jungle. In its pacing and structure, cavemanadventuregame is similar to a old Mario and adventure island game,with 4worlds that contain plot twists. The game itself consists of20stages, and the adventure is continued by 4 specialworlds.Together, caveman adventure make the best adventure game ofthemonth. Additionally, powerups and the effects in thecavemanadventure game makes the gameplay exciting and addictive.cavemanadventure is a simple 2D game with relaxing music andaddictivegraphics. even a small kid can play this simple run game.cavemanadventure has support for almost all android devices. Don'tworryabout the space in the phone, this exciting caveman adventureisjust 5 MB almost all can afford for some entertainment.Goodluck!Features1. Have Four different adventure worlds.2.1 HaveOneperfectly designed fly background.2.2 Have One perfectlydesignedcave background.3. Have 20 levels to reach the BossDinosaur.4.Have lot of enemy Dinosaurs in the land5. Have 20Dinosaur birds.6.Have 1 Boss to defeat.7. Have checkpoints to savethe progress inthis adventure world.8. Have cool sound effects& backgroundmusic.9. Support SD card installation.
Hidden Object - Dreamscape 1.0.0
Embark on a fanciful and relaxing adventure in our latestHiddenObject gem – Dreamscape. Travel through a variety ofbeautiful,fairy-tale scenes while searching for artfullyhiddenobjects.-------------------------------GAMEMODES-------------------------------▸Free PlayFind hidden objectsat your own pace. Find objects by theirpicture, silhouette, wordor random combination. Sit back, relax andplay casual rounds withno time pressure or – if you fancy achallenge – you can play thetrickier timed modes. Can you find allthe hidden objects beforetime runs out?▸ Campaign ModeFor theultimate hidden objectadventure, try the campaign mode! Explore 200stunning locations inDreamscape and complete hidden object puzzleswith increasingdifficulty. Hunt down objects in a variety of ways,playchallenging timed levels, and enjoy fun bonus rounds andminigames!When trying to find hidden objects, it can be difficultifthe items are too small. That’s why we’ve made it possible tozoomand pan the HD images on each level – just tap on thesearchobjects to enlarge them. Stuck on a puzzle and can’t findtheobject? Hints are always available when you needthem!------------------------------------------------HIDDENOBJECTHIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------•200hidden object levels• Explore stunning locations on yourDreamyadventure• Tap to zoom on an object• Earn coins & receivefreedaily rewards• Fun match 3 and memory mini games to play•3-starratings and highscoresWhether you’re in the car, commuting towork,on holiday or anywhere else, you can enjoy HiddenObject:Dreamscape wherever you are! No internet connection isrequired toplay, so you can dive in and enjoy a fun hidden objectexperienceany place, anytime!====================================================================EXPLOREDREAMSCAPE& EMBARK ON A HIDDEN OBJECTADVENTURETODAY!====================================================================
OZ Kingdom Journey
OZ kingdom journeyTravel through magical lands on thisepicadventure with oz charactera fairytale,comes as a unique andjoyfulmatch 3 puzzle game!it’s a great time killerpuzzleGameFeaturesBest unique OZ graphics ever!Perfect choice forlovers ofstrategy gamesNow 1,000 levels of excitement!Clearly astep aheadof all other match 3 games in every aspect
Super Toby Adventure 1.0.4
PVN Studio
Super Toby Adventure is a Super classic video game, now availableonMobile.Super Toby Adventure was designed with classicgraphics,classic game play and sound, Super Toby Adventure willbring you toyour childhood.Super Toby Adventure have over 100levels with manychallenges.
Trump World Adventure - Super Classic Games 1.3
Classic Channel
Who is Donald Trump?Trump World Adventure bros go with Trump toajourney that come to the president, come on with him.In thesuperjungle world, Trump must smash enemies to pass somuchthreats.Trump'll run and collect coins, power-up to fight with8boss on 4 worlds, smash and smash.Special Features of thisgame:-Great graphics and music.- 80 levels free with 4 worlds and 8bossfights and more coming soon.- Over 20 enemies and powerupobstacles- 7 leaderboard- 26 achievements- it've appeared onallstore: IOS, Google Play, Google...You can see anywhere, it'ssosimpleJoin us on Trump World AdventureFacebookPage: go with Trump tohisjourney Adventure, are you ready, install and play now!
Crocodile Adventure World 1.06
STEM Studios
Crocodile Adventure World!!! A giant monster has takenourcrocodile's lover, and our poor crocodile has to run throughthisadventure world to reach the monster to rescue his lover.Thisadventure world has a lot of animals which will block the wayofour crocodile. Our little crocodile has to run and defeat alltheenemies in the adventure world to rescue the little crocodile.Helpour crocodile to run through this dangerous adventureworldincluding under water and ocean and defeat the monster torescuethe croc's lover.Crocodile Adventure World is simpleadventure gamewith exciting game play that will surely entertainyou. ThisAdventure game will offer great fun to all aged peoplesincludingkids. Defeat the enemies by throwing stones on them or byjumpingon them. Enjoy this cute little crocodile adventuregame.Everything in this adventure world has been carefully designedforyou to have a lot of fun!Good luck!Features1. Have Fourdifferentadventure worlds.2. Have One perfectly designed underwaterworld[Sea background].3. Have 24 levels to reach the monster.4.Have lotof enemies in the land5. Have 20 fishes including sharks intheunderwater world.6. Have 1 Boss to defeat.7. Have checkpointstosave the progress in this adventure world.8. Perfectlydesignedadventure levels.9. Have cool sound effects.10. Support SDcardinstallation.
Jungle world Boy-Adventure 3.0
Jungle world Boy Adventure is the best classic platform games withajourney of boy. In the super world, super boy must pass somuchthreats to run to target super world. boy runs and jumpsacrossplatforms and atop enemies in themed levels. Jungle BoyAdventurehave simple plots, typically with boy rescuing thekidnappedPrincess from the primary antagonist. These include amultitude ofpower-ups and items that give boy special magic powerssuch asfireball-throwing and size-changing into giant andminiaturesizes.In boy World, boy should pass most threats to run tofocus onsuper world.The Jungle boy will jump, run and he will useweapon tokill monster however weapon is hidden in somewhere on thejungle tokill all enemies on the means.World Jungle Adventure isabout theadventures of jungle Adventure. The Jungle Boy AdventureWorldhabitat was invaded by monsters,Mashroum.... that makesthemdisplaced. There is a brave super boy that do not wanttosurrender, He start the adventures to get rid the monster outofthe World area.boy has the ability to stomp the monsters andhasskill of throwing bones to attack the monsters. Of coursethemonsters waiting him with so many stuffs and traps.JungleBoyAdventure is one of the most popular and enduring series ofalltime.Jungle Boy Adventure the legend offree games bringyourchildhood back!How to play:+ Eat apple and star to becomestrongerand defeat all monsters.+ Tap Left / Right to move.+ Jumpto crashthe enemy.+ Eat star to shoot enemy.Get "Jungle BoyAdventure 2017"for free today.
Jungle Adventure Island 1.2
Jungle adventure island is a classic adventure carryinganexploration into your childhood. Retro game with jumpinggameplay,running and destroying enemies on this stunning island.Destroy thebricks and get a bonus tab in every hidden item. Theboys decide tohunt down the wicked magicians and find the treasurethrough themap on the island. Help the boys through the jungle onthe islandsafely. The Island Adventure is a game of everyone wholoves thecompetition and challenge because it contains many ofthem, besidesthe beautiful graphics of the game that gives theperfect joy toplay it.HOW TO PLAY+ Use the buttons to jump, move,shoot.+ Collectcoins, do not fall off the ground.+ Run to the endof the map toskip the level.FEATURES+ Easy, intuitive control.+Classic stylegame style.+ Over 80 levels, 30 monsters, 5 epicBosses.+ Goodgraphics and sound.+ Free games, no need to buy+Suitable for kids
Moro's Adventures World
Moro's Adventures World as in classic platform games with ajourneyof Moro's boy that bring your childhood back.Moro'sAdventuresWorld is an adventure game that your oiram can jump, runand shootenemy.Features:+ Classic retro platform game style+Beautifulgraphics+ Destroyable bricks, blocks and moving platform+Awesomegameplay similar to retro classic game+ Easy and intuitivecontrolswith on-screen retro controller+ 3 beautiful worlds with 30welldesigned levelsHow to play :+ Tap Left / Right to move.+ Jumptocrash the enemy.+ Take the ball to shoot enemy.+ Collect allcoinsand bonus items to get more points.What are you waiting for?PlayMoro's Adventures World now!
mickey subway mouse run adventure 1.0
Mickey adventure run is an award winning3Drunner that takes place in a cool trains subway From thecreatorsof the best 3D Running Games.Help the Mickey & Minnie Mouse complete all level questsandunlock the mysterious secrets! Be careful on the subway anddon'tforget to collect all the coins .Download Mickey Minnie run adventure game now & start havingablast! Have fun in this new top rated and amazing pig forFREE!This game features addictive game play, intense Minnie Mouserhythmand miraculous graphics. Challenge your friends and family toseewho has the highest score.So many threats are waiting for minnie and mouse ; You will havethemost amazing and exciting moments when playing this mouseadventureon mickey game. As a partner of banana jungle bendy boy,you guyswill face with a lot of dangers and challenges.Jump, run or use weapon, The cup on head boy can do anything tokillmonster. On the way to kill the enemies, dont forget tocollect moreweapon to become powerful!*Features:+Nice 3D graphics and sounds+Easy to controls+More fun with mouse many powerup: Jump shoe,pogo,magicmouserotation,jetpack*How to play:+Drag left,right to move left, right.+Drag up to jump.+double click to kill enemies
Victo’s World - jungle adventure - super world 1.3.9
🍄 Victo’s Adventures or jungle adventure is a journey ofsuperJungle boy. In heat jungle, Victo must pass so much threats torunto target world. On his road, you can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere.🐌🐌🐌 Game Features :🍀 Realretrogame play - Jungle Adventure is a classic platform game.🍀 Morethan80 colorful levels. Map carefully designed to make theadventuremore enjoyable and addictive.🍀 Beautiful graphics andmusic.🍀Smooth game play and easy to play.🍀 4 super worlds unlockfree whenplay to end of that super world.🍀 Tricky monsters: snails,spiders,scorpion, carnivorous flower and so many otherenemies...destroythem with jungle boy.🍀 Play, run, jump and attackenemies and superboss and discover worlds with journey game🍀 It Isan addictiveadventure game game and a lot of challenges.🐌🐌🐌 How toplay thisadventure game:+ Use button to jump, move and fire+ Findweapon inflowers🍄 Start your adventure now and smash through thosetrickymonsters: snails, spiders, scorpion, carnivorous flower andso manyother enemies🍄 Super Victo- journey game. Runs and jumpsacrossplatforms and atop enemies in themed this adventuregameThese include a multitude of power-ups and items that givesuperboy special magic powers such as fireball-throwingandsize-changing into giant and miniature sizes.🍄 With thisjourneygame, Run across secret worlds and discover greenisland,jungle,desert, and deep sea...It is amazing adventure withsuperboy.Adventure game - Are you ready?Play Victo’s Adventure-adventure game and come back to chilhood with jungle boy !🐌🐌🐌GetVicto’s Adventures - Jungle Adventure for free today. Have fun !
Super Nod's World Jungle Adventure Classic Game 1.3
Super Nod's World Jungle Adventure is a super adventure ofjungleworld, a jungle boy (man heroes) want to become atreasurehunter.One day, Jungle boy (man heroes) found an ancientmap in thewarehouse of his grandfather, it leads to the superjungleworld.Given that it was a treasure map, boy decided to jumpintojungle adventure to find treasure without knowing that a lotofthreats in super jungle world are waiting for him.In thesuperworld, must pass so much threats to run to target superworld.Superjungle runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemiesin themedlevels.Super Jungle World is one of the best jungleadventure game.The game has several challenging levels to play anddiscover.SuperJungle World (Nod's World) Full HD (4K support) fansarecomplaining that their creations are being removed from thegamewithout a reason or explanation.This has happened before butfansknew that it was for the stages that had glitches.Thecompanyshould explain to the fans that they have changed theprocess. Ifnot, they should still tell them about the stages andwhy they arebeing removed from the game. A few months ago, gamerswere toldthat the stages in Super Jungle World (Nod's World) FullHD (4K)with glitches would be removed.Features:- So much scenes:jungle,frozen, cave, subway world- Addictive game-play- Amazinggraphics-Addictive gameplay- Challenging level design- Fun for allages-amazing world- jungle Beautiful graphics- +80 level toplay-Beautiful graphics and control- Many challenging levelscontested-Try to get high scoreDownload Super Nod's World JungleAdventure(Super Jungle World) now and enjoy the game.The gameincludes:-Achievements- 60+ different enemies- Easy, intuitivecontrols- 4beautiful worlds(more coming soon)- 80 awesomelevels(more comingsoon)- Classic platform game style- And a lotmore features!How toplay- Use button to jump, move and fire- Findweapon in flowers-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadSuper Nod's WorldJungle Adventure is the greatest platformadventure for yourandroid!Everything has been carefully designedfor you to have alot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game sogood luck!Allthis completely free, so you should at least try it.We hope allour players have a great time playing it, please rateand thanks alot for playing Worry about downloading this appmay cost youa lot?Developed and being maintained by a professionalteam, thisapp will service you well.Thank you download and play mygame.
Adventures Story 4.2.2
Rendered Ideas
On a peaceful day like every other, Chingu and his brotherweretaking a nap in a jungle of flowers. Suddenly an evilmonsterappeared out of nowhere, Chingu ran but his little brothercouldn'trun and he got captured by the monster. After feeling theguilt ofrunning away Chingu decided to rescue his little brotherand takerevenge and teach the monster and his mate's a lesson. Tobringback Chingu's little brother home safely he set out to go intoadeep jungle. So help him in his adventure to rescue hislittlebrother. Run and jump in the jungle, take out all the enemiesinyour way and defeat all the bosses. Features : + Cute andbeautifulgraphics + Easy and intuitive controls + Ability to doublejump +50 unique levels + Suitable for all ages Contact [email protected] if you need any help! Follow US togetnews and updates:
Super Woody with Lost World 30
Super Woody is a fun, action packed adventure and platformgamewhere you need to test your skills as you try to help Woodythetimberman find his friends. In this amazing title you can takeyourplatforming to the next level by collecting coins which canbetraded for power-ups, all while avoiding the enemies that canbefound at all corners and which give you demandinggameplaychallenges that you want to avoid.We extend the adventurewith LostWorld and Bonus World new adventures in this awesome worldof SuperWoody.Tip: There are some new tricks in the game. Like theGodMode.Features:• Fun adventure and platforming gameplay•Collectcoins and unlock powerful bonuses• Stunning HD graphics•Unique,fun soundtrack• Access multiple game worlds like themountain,forest or desert
Super Ninja : Magic World Adventure 1.2
Super Ninja: Magic World Adventure will bring you to exploreawonderful journey and experience a magical world.Our hero -ninjarabbit was assigned to explore the island. He needs yourhelp,leading him through the magic forest, endless desert andthebeautiful snow mountains, and escape from this fallingworld.Tapthe button to jump, move and attack the enemies, shootingwith theunique ninja darts, the more ninja darts you have, the morerelaxedthis adventure will be. Surely if you enjoy explore theadventurebare-handed, it will also be a thrilling and wonderfuljourney.Thisadventure is difficult, and you will meet many enemiesandobstacles along the way. It also has a lot of fun, there willbemany hints in the map, and there are many hidding treasureboxeswaiting for you.At the same time, the game scenes arebeautiful, wecan enjoy a visual feast along the way. The journey islong, butit's also with amazing scenery. The fantastic adventurestarts withamazing visual effects.Don't miss any tip along the way.You willbe quite interested in the combination of action andexplorationwhile solving each mystery.Game features:Amazing visualeffects andbeautiful game graphicsCute ninja rabbitClassic gameplay withsimple controlMore of surprises! Keeping a senseofexcitementInteresting animation effects
Super Jungle Adventures 2.4
Jungle Adventure
🍅 Hometown of super boy was invaded and destroyed byunexpectedmonsters. Super boy was all alone! Go help him take hishometownback!🍓 Super jungle adventures - Run and jump is the bestjungleadventure game for ever. The game has many difficult levelsto playand to discover.🍅 Special Feature: 🍅⛄ 90 new levels andchallenge⛄6 super worlds with magnificent graphics⛄ 22 differentmonstersfrom the former versions⛄ Super boy can transform his sizewithsuper mushroom, marvelous experience!⛄ Great graphics andmusic.⛄Play, run, jump and attack enemies and super boss⛄ Superworldsunlock free when play to end of that super world.🍒 Super boyinJungle World as in classic platform games with a journey ofsuperboy. In this jungle adventure , Super boy must pass so muchthreatsto run to target super world. You can use weapon to killmonsterbut weapon is hidden in somewhere. Super boy must be findit.🍅 Letgo ! and discover Super jungle adventures- jungleadventureDownload now and enjoy it !👉 Contact us:[email protected]
Sonic Temple adventure runner
sonic pixel world adventure is simple and easy to play, you havetochoose Sonic as a character and run, jump, fly and Slide toavoidobstacles to earn many coins and get high scores beatingandchallenging your friends .Super Shadow Dash is the bestnonstopgame running. Super Shadow Dash lets you enjoy by lettingyou gounlimited from suburbs to city, city to sea, and from seatoforest. As a child of lustful hedgehogs can glide through mudandzip lines over deadly sea monsters. Also Super Dash Runisendlessly nonstop experience with 2D environment. It lets youtopastime with many incredible features and controls.It’s not aspacegame but a road one the Blue Runner Sonic Run bird going torun asfast as he can with his speed that have have the lightspeedandavoid the obsatcles in front of him because he is so angry ofthemthey want the destroy the beloved earth.Remember to collectcoinand fireball and solve all the mystery puzzle ahead. Be arealadventurer, complete all the quest given and find the realexitdoor! Are you brave enough to overcome the ancient monsterandcollect all the legendary hidden treasure ??Feature:-Fun andfastpace adventure action game-HD quality game graphics-Suitableforall types of PHONES-Supports tablet and all types ofsmartdevicesDownload this great game now!
Dash Quest Heroes 1.4.2
Become a Legendary Hero and explore a vast world offantasyadventure in Dash Quest Heroes! The Kingdom of Solas hasfallenprey to the fiendish Zaru and it's up to the Heroes of theworld todefeat him. Collect incredible gear and forge new items asyou setout on a journey through rolling hills, cryptic caves,shroudedforests and more! Only the mightiest of Heroes will becomelegend.Features: • Create and customize your Hero! • Unlock andDash as anAdventurer, Warrior, Mage or Rogue! • Compete withfriends viaOnline Leaderboards! • Power up your Hero with over 200skillsacross 50 levels • More than 40 unique magical abilitieswithunique animations! • Fight epic boss battles! • Complete Questsforunique rewards! • Craft, acquire and enhance loot withforging,legendary drops and gear perks! • Challenging Minigameslike MineCart Madness, Archery and Fishing! • Retro inspiredlevels, musicand sound effects! Capturing the spirit of RPGadventure classicsfrom the 16-bit era, Dash Quest Heroes is themuch-awaited followup to the award-winning game, Dash Quest. Thefate of the worldrests in your hands - if you dare to Dash! Notes:Dash Quest Heroesrequires an active internet connection to play.
Woody adventures super Woodpecker
woody Adventures woodpecker is a super classic adventureandlegendary side-scrolling arcade platformer.+ addictive,thrillingand challenging jungle adventure hit+ old school jump andrunplatform / obstacles runner+ classic platformer for kids,childrenand adults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy game consolepadcontrols+ easy and free to play - hard to master+ classicjungleretro junning and jumping adventurewoodpecker`s princesswoody isbeing kidnapped by evil crocs, spiders and dragons andbrought todark castles. It is up to woody Super woodpecker , thelittle kidto rescue her!But take care! Lots of enemies, troubles,obstacles,traps and bosses are defending your way through thejungle andwonder worlds.To get to the loveley princess, picapauwill have torun and jump over obstacles, fight and shoot againstangry bees,crocs, crawfishes, snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs,mushrooms,skeletons, leps, snails and many other dragons andmonsters.Climbup huge mountains and stairs, fight againstperhistoric enemies,avoid falling bricks, find hidden blocks andlevels, collect coinsand diamonds, swim through dangerous seas,explore lot ofchallenging and addictive jungle worlds and lands anddefeat allcruel enemies and bosses.This cool Jump and Run is anaddictivenon-stop old school arcade jungle adventure game!Featuresof woodyadventures super woodpecker:+ 4 different addictive worlds(wonderland, crazy forest, egypt world and cave land)+ 80beautiful,well-designed and challening levels with increasingdifficulty+ 8awesome boss fights (angry scorpion, dangerous spider,bee golemand crocodile boss) in 8 different castles+ many powerups, bonuslevels, hidden blocks and bonus items+ over 20 different,greatanimated enemies such as crocs, frogs, spiders, snails andmanymore+ high resolution graphics - great mix between 2D and3Dgraphics+ retro arcade music and old school sound effects+perfect,intuitve game control through retro control pad like onconsolegames+ special woody super woodpecker skills hidden indestroyableblocks and bricks+ awesome gameplay reminding to retroclassicgames+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running and swimming!+ tryto unlock all achievements and to be number one ofleaderboards!Howto play woody woodpecker Adventures:+ for movingthe woody superwoodpecker character click on right or left on thecontrol pad!+click down for ducking or on some tree stumps to getto a bonuslevel!+ press B-button to make Super woodpecker jumping!+pressA-button AND right or left for running; press A and B togetherfora higher and wider jump!+ after eating an apple you becomeSuperSilver woody woodpecker and will be able to destroy bricks!+aftereating a golden flower you become Super Golden woody super andwillbe able to shoot balls - press B-Button for shooting!+ woodysuperwoodpecker swimming: press A-Button multiple times to swimhigher... release your finger from button to go down!Enjoy thisbrand newsuper jungle adventure platformer game!
Super MoMo World Jungle Adventure 1.0
Super MoMo World Jungle Adventure is a classic classic game fromtheday you have four buttons that will give you a sense ofchildhood.Inthe dream boy MoMo transformed into a lovelyadventurous ink on theground to findthe treasure of the pirates toleave. MoMo'sadventures seem to have encountered manydifficultiesand challengesbut prehistoric monsters like SBoy's elephant havehorns andhorn.Then the Nob's snails guard the bright star of thesky that theyprotect. Lep's wormshoots but the ball is not toopoisonous you haveto stay away. Vito's uncle, who isasleep, walksinto the land of theuncle to wake up and chase after you. And alot ofmonsters tochallenge you to pass. You have to pass 4 spring,summer, autumn,winter with many maps are extremely beautifuland difficult tovery attractive you can notignore.During the moveyou can avoid themonsters or jump to the top of the monster toattackthem and killthem to get money to buy clothes, eyewear,eyeglasses and somanythings in the game.You try to collect all thegold coins andbreak the rocks in the game. In blocks there aremanyunexpectedrewards for you. As shoes help you speed up the moveveryquickly.Then protective armor can attack all monsters when ithitsyou. Then guns to shootmonsters from far away items.How toplay :Toplay the game you use the buttons in the game to moveleft. Goright, jump, shoot.What is new in Super MoMo World JungleAdventure?- Game content is extremely sharp and attractivecontent.- The gamehas beautiful graphics and cute.- Thelightweight 4K quality gamesupports all Android devices.- Theoptimal game does not get hot asyou like.- Especially the game iscompletely free and regularlyupdated with many differentlevels.Thank you download and play mygame !
Krishna Super Jungle Adventure 5.0
Do you love Roll no 21 jungleadventurescartoon series? so this game is what you are lookingfor.Krishna have to Collect coins and beat monsters. so help himtoexplore all the levels, and beat the 8 level bosses.Try to help Krishna and with his friends to fight againsttheenemies and change his destiny in this amazing jungle adventureinthe roll no 21 and try to passes all those obstacles. it’snotdifficult as you think because you just drive Kris to passthroughenemies such as trees, lavas, Cactus, and otherenemies.In this free adventurous game, you will get a variety ofinterestingthings. This game is very easy to play and you can feelfree andenjoying it, it’s so addictive I can guarantee this,download nowits freeFEATURES:-------------------★★★★★ High-quality graphics.★★★★★ mobile games, phone games and tablets!★★★★★ 5+ worlds: Forests, Deserts, Castles, lava cave,ocean,etc.★★★★★ 80+ Challenging Levels Survival★★★★★ enemies everywhere: Hedgehogs, Bats, Cactus, Chicks,Bees,etc.★★★★★ Powerful items to be stronger and undefeatable★★★★★ Underground levels★★★★★ 8 Difficult level monster boss you have to beat him★★★★★ Free kids, girls and boy’s games★★★★★ High Speed character!*********** BE THE FIRST TO END THE GAME CHALLENGE***********>>>>> Your friends are playing it - can youbeattheir high scores?! <<<<<>>>>> Download "Krishna Super Jungle Adventure"NOW!!! its FREE<<<<<If you really love Super Adventure games, this game isperfectchoice for you and your kids.
Super Ted Adventure 2 (Jungle Adventure ) 1.1.16
64 Games
--- 5 MILLION DOWNLOADS Super ted Adventure ---Now 64 gamespresentsclassic side scroller "Jungle Adventures" game. This gamebring backmemories of old school adventure games withnumerousadventure.Jungle World of this game contains well designedlevels,various enemies, bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphicsandsoothing music and sounds.Super Ted Adventure 2 is aclassicplatform game with a journey of Super Jungle Adventure thatbringsyour childhood back. This classic game will make you addictto.Inthe new super jungle world, ted must smash enemies to pass somanythreats. With familiar characters, Super Ted Adventure 2 issuch achildhood game. In this jungle adventure game, Ted runandcollect coins, power-up to fight with bosses in newworlds.GreatFeatures Of Game- Great graphics and music.- freelevels with 2worlds and 2 bosses to fight and more coming soon.-Over 30 enemiesand power up obstacles- 64 jungle world is waithingfor you (thereare more than 64 jungle world in super ted adventure1 & superted adventure 2)Please Download now and start theJungle Adventurejourney .
Tom 3D World Adventure Games ; Modern Platformer
tom 3d Jungle Knight Adventures is a nutmeg diversion cherishletterto the platforming and enterprise recreations of the pastyou can Asuper experience amusement with a moving stage as anafterthought.Run, bounce and cut your way through an immenseuniverse ofplatforming challenges and leave on an epic experience!versatileexperience tom diversion and jerry a 3D platformer, Youdon't recallhow you got to this island, however now you'restranded in nature.Getting by here will be no straightforwardassignment. presentlyadditionally accessible for Androidtelephones and tablets. "." -SlideToPlay Investigate a mysticaldomain of cells, towns, treasuresand underhanded beasts. Pick upunderstanding and step up yourcharacter. In the first place you'llhave to discover sustenance,create some crude apparatuses, andfabricate a haven. Think you havewhat it takes? Your survival tom3d jerry island enterprise is goingto start ...
Adventure Oggy And Jack
Adventure Oggy and Jack is a super magical adventure and afantasticside scrolling platform gameOGGY AND THE CAFARDS land ina crazyrace! Joey, Deedee and Marky are going to show you all thecolors,cockroach hunting is open!Try to get to the end of theroad, pullthe obstacles and get back and get coins.Ready,Set,SCROLL!*************Jump, shoot, run, hurry, sprint asyou can!Let's start running with Hero right now.Try to get to theend ofthe road, pull the obstacles and get back and get thechicken.Helpthe blue cat Oggy to jump like a ninja from onebuilding to anotherand collect coins. The more you collect coins.Be careful and donot fall, otherwise you will lose yourlifeDownload for free a funand exciting magic adventure game forkids and adults. Startplaying games running and you will lay themoff!If you likecartoon, you can try this new game, it's free andit's just a fanbrand.we are sure you gonna be addicted to this Oggybattle dachhedgehog game after you try it. just go and downloadyour copy ofit and score better than your friends! Swipe to turn,jump andslide to avoid hitting obstacles, barrier and Subway 3D.Haveexciting run surfers on Bus,collect coins and buy power up.Unlocknew characters, and see how far you can run! Undergroundcityadventure travel along the subway tracks start now,surf withyourfriends. Run like hell and challenge your limit. But Rush mustbe avery fun run surfers game. Download it now and start yourSubwayand Rush run at the forest surfers, join the most thrillingdash.Super crazy running game, subway game surf is to run run asfast asyou can! Subway 2018 is an amazing running game on subwayforrunner. Run along the chaos complex traffic subway and escapefromthe trap.How to play:>> Press your device tojump.>>Hold for a higher jump. This is an importantmoment.>>Collect as much space as possible with asparklingprincess.Characteristics:>> Cool graphics and smoothphysicssimulation.>> Funny sounds Oggy.>> Stepsforexperienced users and beginners.>> Always up to dateforfuture levels.
Super Sonic Jungle World Run 1.1
Super sonic jungle world run game is a funny classicaladventureplateforme for girl and kids. This cute super sonic gameadventureis very funny and addictive, climb the hill with yoursweet soni onhis cut candy adventure and avoid obstacles, help himto clean thejungle , go run of obstacles and get your new levels.You have tofind 3 diamonds in the jungle and overcoming theseobstacles andcollect more coins. You will enjoy the sonic adventuregame byjumping from the enemies cyborgs. We have prepared bigadventurefor you in the jungle with a realistic game. Greatgraphics withrealistic, prepare your self for a big adventure , agame full ofendeless challenging tasks. Enjoy exciting and funsurfer game of2017. enjoy the adrenaline rush at speed ofultrasonic . dash 4your life at insane speeds on 2 subway traintracks. tap screen torun, dash 2, & rush 2 complete over 30challenging levels.collect coins to unlock new levels. best game 4kids and free on google play today. great freegame.In a multiplefantasies worlds of sonic app games, an adventuretook place withthe sonic games to collect sweet coins. The speedysonic jungle isa fast and super addictive game that will providelot of enjoymentand free excitement games through an adventure! So,get super sonicadventure Games for free now!!!Very few gamers couldreach the1-million-point mark in this super jungle game - are youone ofthem?! From the creators of subway and Rush is an awardwinningadventure-scrolling action that takes place in a beautifullushforest, full of funny people monster, flowers and trees.likeParadise Although the forest has air straight out of a fairytale,2D Run Fast Animals Run is a 2D you can show off yourjumpingsurfers, shooting, and sliding skill to collect the highestcoinsfor upgrading. Run and dash throughout the castle. Rushingtheendless game and pick up free special items you must not missout.Enjoy the high quality graphic and exciting music.Fun isguaranteedwith Super boom Go for all family members with thedarkand bluesonic shooter.★★★How to play sonic jungle world★★★Thereare 4controls to left, right, shoot and jump, to facilitate youincontrol sonicshiva★★★FEATURES Of Super Sonic worldRunner★★★★★★Have a nice graphical style and the HD display.★★★ Hasan excellentUI menu.★★★ Graphics Design and animation is verythorough.★★★ Funand games for free soniczombies.★★★ Has two controljumps andslides.★★★ Have a vibration force when something out oftheground.★★★ Visually pleasing to play in variousenvironments★★★Free & easy to play, challenging to masterwe aresure you gonnabe addicted to this sonic battle dach hedgehog gameafter you tryit. just go and download your copy of it and scorebetter than yourfriends! Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoidhitting obstacles,barrier and Subway 3D. Have exciting run surferson Bus,collectcoins and buy power up. Unlock new characters, andsee how far youcan run! Underground city adventure travel along thesubway tracksstart now,surf with your friends. Run like hell andchallenge yourlimit. But Rush must be a very fun run surfers game.Download itnow and start your Subway and Rush run at the forestsurfers, jointhe most thrilling dash.Super crazy running game,subway game surfis to run run as fast as you can! Subway 2017 is anamazing runninggame on subway for runner. Run along the chaoscomplex trafficsubway and escape from the monster.
Unicorn Adventures World 1.4
Worify Media Ltd
Unicorn Adventures is a super magical adventure andfantasyside-scrolling unicorn platformer + thrilling andchallengingpegasus jungle adventure hit + magical pony Jump `n` Runobstacles/ platform runner + horse game especially for kids, girlsand boys,but also adults + unicorn runner gameplay with easy onetap gamecontrol + easy and free to play but hard to master +classic jungleretro running and jumping adventure Little Unicorn`sfamily isbeing kidnapped by evil enemies and brought to dark castleworld.It is up to Super Unicorn, the little flying pony to rescuethem!But be careful! Lots of troubles, traps, leps and bossesaredefending your way through the jungle and rainbow wonderworlds.Collect as many cupcakes and sweets as you can and dash,ride andjump over all obstacles in rainbow adventure land. Gallopthroughthe wilderness, explore lot of challenging magical worldsand landsand defeat all evil crocs, dragons and monsters. This funJump andRun is an addictive old school arcade jungle adventuregame!Miraculous features of Unicorn Adventures: + 5 addictive,magicaland fantasy rainbow worlds + little and cute pony unicorns +100beautiful, well-designed and challening levels withincreasingdifficulty + many different traps, obstacles and dangers+ magicpower ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonus items +gorgeoushigh resolution graphics - great mix between 2D and 3Dgraphicelements + retro arcade music and old school sound effects+perfect, intuitve gameplay through one-finger game control+special unicorn skills hidden in destroyable blocks and bricks+awesome gameplay reminding to retro classic games +running,jumping, galopping and dashing through a fairytale worldHow toplay Unicorn Adventures: + your cute little pony ridescompletlyfrom alone + just tap on screen to make your unicorn jumpor flyEnjoy this brand new super pony adventure platformer game!
Nine Worlds Adventure - A Viking Saga 1.5.1
Aperico Software
Astounding and undoubtedly epic, Nine Worlds Adventure - AVikingSaga is the ultimate adventure platform jump and run gamethat willchallenge and thrill you to the fullest! Lure into theworld ofVikings and dominate this stunning free platform jumpinggame! ⚔️BE THE HERO THAT WILL SAVE THE 9 WORLDSSomething is amissinMidgard, the world of the humans. You have sensed it for alongtime now and lately it has gotten worse. You have just been onasuccessful raid on distant shores and your ship is filled withlootof treasures and artifacts. On the open sea your ship getscaughtin a terrible storm. The ship starts taking in water andsinks,taking your brothers in arms and all your looted treasurewith it.You struggle to keep your face above the surface, but thewater istoo cold and the sea too angry. Finally, the light goesout... Hereour story begins, now it is up to you to find out whyyou havewoken up in Elfheim, the land of the Fae after the stormand who orwhat is corrupting the nine worlds and making themdescend intochaos. Help the mysterious fairy Ozma bring balanceback to thenine worlds and emerge as the hero of ages.📥 A REALADVENTUREPLATFORM JUMPERNine Worlds - A Viking saga is an adventureplatformgame of epic proportions. Filled with lore of the Vikingsand theold Norse gods. Experience the engaging story as you playthroughthe chapters of this grand Viking saga. The powerful weaponsgiveyou the ability to jump and shoot your enemies!🌠 STUNNINGVISUALS& JUMP AND RUN GAMEPLAYJump, chop, spin and stab todefeatmonsters, avoid traps and collect coins, gems and othervaluableitems. Battle against challenging bosses and evil gods.Find thehidden treasure rooms and the gateways leading to the bonuslevels.⚔️ GET ULTRA-POWERFUL & BLAST YOUR ENEMIESStart outsimple withonly your hands as your weapon. As you progress you willacquirenew and more powerful weapons and learn new devastatingweapontechniques. Become even stronger by finding the scarceHearths ofLife scattered around the nine worlds. You need to becomestrongerif you want to stand a chance against the tougher enemiesthat youwill encounter in the later chapters of the saga. 🏆 LOOKOUT FORTHE DAILY REWARDS & LEADERBOARDIn addition to the mainstoryquest, you can complete daily quests for bountifulrewards.Challenge yourself by competing against your friends forthe topscores and try to place high in the leader-boards.Earnachievements to boast your skills and increase your GooglePlayGames experience points. ⚔️ Nine Worlds Adventure - A VikingSagaFEATURES:✅ engaging storyline✅ jump and run adventureplatformer✅striking HD design✅ breathtaking visuals and artwork✅tons ofdifferent powerful weapons✅ challenging bosses and enemies✅compete against friends✅ global leaderboard✅ dailyrewards------------------One of the best run and jump games of2017!Don’tmiss your chance to play this action adventure gamebecause youwill have a blast while playing through all the levelsandexperiencing the original and exciting story.Download now forFREE!
Around The World in 80 Days : find objects game 1.2.003
You will travel round the world with the Jules Verne heroes!Newfind objects game from the creators of Time Trap. Immerseyourselfin a new Around The World adventure! This new find thehiddenobjects game (HOPA) is TRULY FREE: you can download thefullversion for free and unlock every scene with no in-gamepurchases.Fogg's journey with his servant Passepartout begins inEngland,then he travels to France, Egypt, India, China, Japan,America andother countries. Along the way he faces many dangers. Heis pursuedby detective Fix who has convinced the police that Foggis a robberof the Bank of England and that the bet is just a way toescape thelaw. Each location (scene) is a new continent, a newcountry or anew town where you will find yourself in the atmosphereof thisregion thanks to the picturesque and colorful graphics andtheunique musical background. Watch out: in exotic lands,familiarobjects may look quite unrecognizable! This new findobjects gamehas the following special features: - Vibrant ethnicinteriorsettings and music - Diverse and difficult challenges:there is theclassic hidden object adventure game HOPA based on nameoroutlines, finding differences, and search for pairs ofidenticalitems. Pyramid-shaped puzzles and search for logical pairssupplyspecial treats! - After finishing the seek and find game asFoggand Passepartout, you will get an opportunity to play it asFix,facing brand new challenges! - All our hidden objectadventuregames can be downloaded absolutely free of charge andeasilycompleted without the need for any in-game purchases.Gamemechanics: The game includes scenes where the task is tofindobjects (Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure, HOPA), transitionalscenesbetween search locations, scenes for finding differences,andsearch for pairs of identical items. Jules Verne was an authorwhoalways surprised the world. His stories are so realistic that,eventoday, readers are convinced that the journeys he describedwerereal. If you are looking for high-quality really free newhiddenobject adventure games, then “ Around The World in 80 Days :findobjects game “ is exactly what you need! We'll be happy to stayintouch with you at : leave comments,askquestions and get news about coming games! Look for more newfindobjects adventure games from our studio! Trusting us you canalwaysdownload new find the hidden items game full version forfree.Start your Around The World in eighty Days find objects game !
run Jake And The Pirates 3.1
Brian J. Thomas
Jake And The Pirates is heading into an adventure 2Dplatformers.Somany threats are waiting for Jungle to pass and runto target worldin heat jungle. Jump, and or use weapon, Jake can doanything tokill monster.You will enjoy adventures full of dangerwithmushroom. The game has a lot of traps, monsters, andunexpectedsituations through each level that we have built.-Collect coinsand treasure.- Unlock 4 different worlds.- 90 levelswith carefullybuild.- Jungle World with great graphics and vividcolors.- Variouspowerups to help you fight against enemies.- Moredangerous enemiesto face.How to play Jake And The Pirates:- Usebutton to jump, moveand fire- Find weapon in box- Eat strawberryand flower to becomestronger and defeat all monsters.- Tap Left /Right to move.- Jumpto crash the enemy.- Eat flower to shootenemy.- Collect all coinsand bonus items to get more points and buyadditional items instore.- Use on screen button to move thePirate.- Pirate canrun/walk, jump and climb any ladder.- Each levelwill ask you tocollect all 3 stars.- Use collected stars to unlockWorld.- UsePowerups to gain more power against enemies like Bee,Skull Archer,Stone Archer, Bird, Dragon, Hidden Venus andArachnida.- You canupgrade Powerups with coin you have collected.Wehope all ourplayers have a great time playing it, please rate andthanks a lotfor playing!Play it now and enjoy Jake And ThePirates!Thanks[BestVisual Experience]High quality graphics! Awesomespecial effects!Jake And The Pirates offering the best gamingexperience![SimpleOperation & Smooth]Free switching abilityheroes and theirskills! You will experience the greatest battleyou'll everencounter!
Vegeta Dragon Saiyan Super Z
Vegeta Dragon Saiyan Super Z is a adventure & action gameaboutsaiyan clan story to find out super dragon god.The main storyisperformed by the vegeta prince of saiyan planet. Him mustdepartureto earth planet for find the lost dragon ball. Along theway, hemet with the fighters son goku, who is a rival. throughouthis. Andmeet many skilled fighters there are both allies andenemies. so heneed to develop dexterity and skill for cope withincreasinglystrong enemies. And try to transform to vegeta godform. He wouldfind dragon god ball or not? It depends on you !!Thisisn't justnormal action game. Because this game is have specialsystem morethan other game such as multiple character that waitingto unlock& play, A variety of skills and signature skill indifferentcharacter, In addition to training, then you can bestronger byvariety of equipment that waiting discovery from commonlevel up tolegendary level, But if you are not completely satisfiedwith yourstrength. you can upgrade weapon & armor up to level10.Inaddition have a variety of gameplay modes. Whether it is astorymode with a realistic story, more than 100 level. You canplaystory mode for unlock new warriors & new equipments. Forpeoplewho like a challenge you can play challenger mode to fightwithstrong enemies. and you can find epic & legendarylevelequipment from this mode. We also have a special mode boththespecial stage, secret dungeon, tournament league, dailybattle.Which you can hunt special reward from this mode.FEATURES:•You canset different character up to 60 warrior.• Find dragon balltounlock new warrior.• vegeta & goku in super saiyan formSSJSSJ2 SSJ3 SSGSS• Ultimate signature skill such as finalflash,spirit bomb, kaioken, dragon power ball.• 150+ stage and 50+boss.•Equipment class system level uncommon, common, rare,epic,legendary• You can upgrade your device up to +10.• Power upstatusyour fighter up to 50 level.• New control system easy to playforall ages.Develop by anime dragon super fan. And madeforentertainment only. Please enjoy and have fun.We just wanttocreate the best game for the fans. If you have idea and needmorefeatures please contact us. We promise that we will not stopthedevelopment this game if you're not stop playing us games.
Duke Dashington Remastered 1.2.0
Hop in the shoes of Duke Dashington, bumbling adventurerandexplorer and save treasures from collapsing dungeons! You haveonly10 seconds to escape each room before the ceiling collapses! Doyouhave what it takes to be the fastest treasure hunter intheworld?Originally released in 2014, Duke Dashington Remastered isacomplete remake with improved controls, polished level designandcompletely redrawn graphics!Game features:- High-speedpuzzleplatforming!- Easy to use dashing controls!- 5 differentdungeonsto explore!- 150 rooms of deadly traps and mind-bogglingpuzzles!-Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards forfastest cleartimes!- Important information! - This game is fundedby adverts,but is completely free to play with no timers orboosters to ruinyour experience. There is an option to remove popupads for a onetime in-app purchase.
Hero Spongebob: The Quickster Adventure 2.0
Crazy Fans
Are you crazy fans of spongebob pants ?whatside of you in IJLSA vs EVIL ?Hero Spongebob: The Quickster Adventure is a platformer gameandspace adventure game in an awesome environment!Use spongebob hero powers and weapons to take down the evilgeniusin a gigantic heropants adventure !Explore the galaxy and battle tons of bad guys in wrath ofdeepsea!Transform, battle and fight in Hero Spongebob: TheQuicksterAdventure.Play as sponge heropants and unlock his super powers as he takesonthe evil of the villain.Hero Spongebob: The Quickster Adventure is an all-new freegamewhere you unleash your favorite cartoon from tv series.This is a real funny game that children can amuse themselves withintheir free time.So are you able to hit your new score? Then show us what you candowith sponge squarepants.Prove yourself as a true a professional gamer. Use your buttontojump over the villain transform.Hero Spongebob: The Quickster Adventure Feature :- Nice Graphic- Many villain transform creature- Amazing gameplay- Easy to Play- Super addicting game for kidDownload now it's totally free!All Right Reserved
Chaves Adventures 2.3
Chaves Adventures is a super classic adventure andlegendaryside-scrolling arcade platformer.+ addictive, thrillingandchallenging jungle adventure hit+ old school jump and runplatform/ obstacles runner+ classic platformer for kids, childrenandadults+ side-scroller gameplay with easy game console padcontrols+easy and free to play - hard to master+ classic jungleretrojunning and jumping adventureChaves`s princess is beingkidnappedby evil crocs, spiders and dragons and brought to darkcastles. Itis up to Super Chaves, the little kid to rescue her!Buttake care!Lots of enemies, troubles, obstacles, traps and bossesaredefending your way through the jungle and wonder worlds.To gettothe loveley princess, Chaves will have to run and jumpoverobstacles, fight and shoot against angry bees, crocs,crawfishes,snakes, birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms, skeletons,leps, snailsand many other dragons and monsters.Climb up hugemountains andstairs, fight against perhistoric enemies, avoidfalling bricks,find hidden blocks and levels, collect coins anddiamonds, swimthrough dangerous seas, explore lot of challengingand addictivejungle worlds and lands and defeat all cruel enemiesandbosses.This cool Jump and Run is an addictive non-stop oldschoolarcade jungle adventure game!Features of Chaves Adventures:+4different addictive worlds (wonder land, crazy forest, egyptworldand cave land) + 80 beautiful, well-designed and challeninglevelswith increasing difficulty+ 8 awesome boss fights (angryscorpion,dangerous spider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8differentcastles+ many power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks andbonusitems+ over 20 different, great animated enemies such ascrocs,frogs, spiders, snails and many more+ high resolutiongraphics -great mix between 2D and 3D graphics+ retro arcade musicand oldschool sound effects+ perfect, intuitve game control throughretrocontrol pad like on console games+ special chaves skillshidden indestroyable blocks and bricks+ awesome gameplay remindingto retroclassic games+ sea and water worlds - jumping, running andswimming!+ try to unlock all achievements and to be number oneofleaderboards!How to play Chaves Adventures:+ for moving thechavescharacter click on right or left on the control pad!+ clickdownfor ducking or on some tree stumps to get to a bonus level!+pressB-button to make Super Chaves jumping!+ press A-button ANDright orleft for running; press A and B together for a higher andwiderjump!+ after eating an apple you become Super Silver Chavesandwill be able to destroy bricks!+ after eating a golden floweryoubecome Super Golden Chaves and will be able to shoot balls -pressB-Button for shooting!+ chaves swimming: press A-Buttonmultipletimes to swim higher ... release your finger from button togodown!Enjoy this brand new super jungle adventureplatformergame!bae786b946
Jungle Story - Jungle adventure - super jungle run 1.0.2
Manji Games
🍗 Ready to jump, run! Enjoy your jungle adventure world now! 🍗TheSuper boy who is traveling throughout the jungle world willbringyou a lot of fun during his jungle adventures world injourneygame. Jungle run is a fun, action-packed adventure andplatformadventure game where you need to test your skills. Ifyou'relooking for a cool jump and jungle run platform game in thestyleof super adventure, this is your best choice! 🌲 Game Features:🌵200 well - designed challenging levels with increasingdifficultyof the adventure game.🌵 A amazing world with 2Dappearance🌵 Junglerun and super jump with style to rescue Princessjourney game. 🌵Super boy can transform his size, marvelousexperience!🌵 Cutecharacters super jump and many different enemiesto defeat injungle adventure world.🌵 Well-designed graphics andcool soundeffects.🌵 So many scenes: jungle world, cave, superworld🌵 Now youcan buy mushrooms, flowers, and shields from thestore using thecoins you collected while playing the journey game -jungleadventure.🌲 How to play: - Move by a left and right button oftheadventure game.- Jump by jump button in jungle run.- Run to theendof the jungle run to pass the level.🌲 Once you startplayingjourney game, you’ll enter into the real super world.Encountersmany threats and obstacles and he tries to defeat all ofthem injourney game to pass between levels and jungle worldswhilecollecting coins. You can defeat and fight with the threats bygunand some other necessary tools. Download Jungle Story - Junglegamefree now and enjoy !
Ato's Adventure 1.1
Ola Febiola
Ato's Adventure is the best adventure game that isincredible,adventure through debt with many threats from monstersand wildanimals. Classic and popular games that combine jumping andrunninggames with modern Parkour screenings.Be careful with thetrapspierced this way! This is the most challenging adventure. Thisisreally a super hard and challenging jump game. It willchallengeyour focus and your time jumping skills. Join the Ato'sadventuregame now !!!Super adventure game features:- 80 levels ofcolor with4 super worlds- Super worlds unlock free when playing atthe end ofthe super world.- Collect coins with ease- Trickymonster: snails,spiders, scorpions, carnivorous flowers and so manyother enemies...- Good graphics and HD animations.How to play superadventure:-Move button: move right, left, jump and down stairs withsupersimple controller.- Tap to jump and double-tap to double jumpandescape the trap. Beware of signboards and complete all levels.-Youcan jump to your enemy to kill them and your goal is to guidetheboys to the end.Come and enjoy challenging levels, remindyourchildhood memories!
Chaves Burger World El Chavo 2
Key Burgers Worlds is a classic adventure andlegendaryside-scrolling game platform game.An addictive, excitingandchallenging adventureExciting obstacles and runninggameClassicplatforms for babies, children and adultsSide-scrollergameplaywith easy game console controls.Easy and free to play -difficultto masterClassic Junning Retro Jungle and JumpingAdventureKey ishungry and needs to get the hamburgers to quench hishunger,spiders and dragons and crods are trying to emet. It's up tothelittle boy keys to venture out to harvest the hamburgers!Butbecareful! Many enemies, problems, obstacles, and traps are ontheirway through the jungle and wonderland worlds.To get to thecastleof Hamburgeres, Keys will have to run and jump overobstacles,fight and shoot against angry bees, crocs, crawfishes,snakes,birds, frogs, hedgehogs, mushrooms, skeletons, leps, snailsandmany other dragons and monsters.Climb huge mountains andstairs,fight against enemies, avoid falling from the bricks, findhiddenblocks and levels, collect coins and diamonds, swimthroughdangerous seas, explore many worlds and challenging lands,jungleand defeat all the cruel enemies and bosses.This jumpingandsliding game is an arcade jungle and adventure game withnoaddictive age limit!Key Burgers Worlds resources:+ 5differentaddictive worlds (Wonderland, Mad Foresters, World Egyptand CaveEarth)+ 120 beautiful and well designed levels withincreasingdifficulty+ 8 striking striking bosses (angry scorpion,dangerousspider, bee golem and crocodile boss) in 8 differentcastles+ Manypower-ups, bonus levels, hidden blocks and bonusitems+ Over 20different, great animated enemies like crocs, frogs,spiders,snails and many more+ High resolution graphics - great mixbetween2D and 3D graphics+ Sound effects retro arcade music fromourchildhood+ Perfect, intuitive game control throughretro-likecontrol block in console games+ Skills Special keyshidden indestructible blocks and bricksIncredible gameplayreminding classicretro games+ Try to unlock all the achievementsand be the numberone leader!How to play Chaves Burgeres Worlds:+ Tomove the Chavescharacter click right or left on the control panel!+Click down onsome tree stumps to get to a bonus level!+ PressB-button to makethe super keys jump!+ Press the button to the rightor left to run;Press A and B together for a longer and longerjump!+ After takinga magic portion you become Super Silver Keys andwill be able todestroy bricks!+ After eating a special hamburgeryou become SuperGold Keys and will be able to shoot balls - pressB-Button toshoot!+ Swim Swim: press a button several times to swimhigher ...remove your finger from the button to go down!Enjoy thisnew gameof jungle, adventure and platform!
Super Jungle World - Super Jungle Boy 1.0
Super World Adventure is a super adventure of jungle world, ajungleboy want to become a treasure hunter.One day, Jungle boyfound anancient map in the warehouse of his grandfather, it leadsto thesuper jungle world.Given that it was a treasure map, boydecided tojump into jungle adventure to find treasure withoutknowing that alot of threats in super jungle world are waiting forhim.In thesuper world, must pass so much threats to run to targetsuperworld.Super jungle runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesin themed levels.Super Jungle World is one of the bestjungleadventure game. The game has several challenging levels toplay anddiscover.Super Jungle World HD fans are complaining thattheircreations are being removed from the game without a reasonorexplanation.This has happened before but fans knew that it wasforthe stages that had glitches.The company should explain to thefansthat they have changed the process. If not, they should stilltellthem about the stages and why they are being removed from thegame.A few months ago, gamers were told that the stages in SuperJungleWorld HD with glitches would be removed.Features:- So muchscenes:jungle, frozen, cave, subway world- Addictive game-play-Amazinggraphics- Addictive gameplay- Challenging level design- Funfor allages- amazing world- jungle Beautiful graphics- +199 levelto play-Beautiful graphics and control- Many challenging levelscontested-Try to get highscoreDownload Super Jungle World now andenjoy thegame.The game includes:- Achievements- 40+ differentenemies- Easy,intuitive controls- 8 beautiful worlds(more comingsoon)- 32awesome levels(more coming soon)- Classic platform gamestyle- Anda lot more features!How to play- Use button to jump, moveand fire-Find weapon in flowers- Kill enemies by firing or jumpingon theirheadNod's World Adventure is the greatest platformadventure foryour android!Everything has been carefully designedfor you to havea lot of fun! We warn you, it´s not an easy game sogood luck!Allthis completely free, so you should at least try it.We hope allour players have a great time playing it, please rateand thanks alot for playing Worry about downloading this app maycost you alot?Developed and being maintained by a professionalteam, this appwill service you well
Dungeon Survivor II 1.1.4
Leiting Games
Official sequel of classic popular adventure game DungeonSurvivor.Dungeon Survivor II – Dark Tide is a simulation anddungeonadventure game. This time, you will lead your daring missionto theno-man’s land, have an unexpected fantasy adventure in theancientand mysterious continent. Story of the World - Be the Rulerof theSanctuary, the eschatological Manor, guide your people andwarriorsto fight against the fallen Country. - Upon the journey,you’llencounter different people. Will you draw out the sword orreachout your hand? That is for you to decide. - Little, helplessandpathetic humans gather together to battle against the BlackTide.Every decision you make is of vital importance. Class&Adventure - 6 main Classes with more than 50 sub-classes, eachwithunique personality. - Easy but flexible team formation, Mixed?AllMelee? All Mages, whatever you like. Your Imagination is theonlylimit. - Diverting strategy setting, play a sure card and winthebattle! - Vicious creatures, quirky traps, weirdstrangers-theworld is always full of accidents and surprises. -Find thepowerful Monster and beat them up! Battle & Speed -Real-timePVP with hand control. let’s duke it out in the Arena! -Heading tothe leaderboard for the CROWN! - Marching on the LostCastle andunlock the Arena! Classic placing and gain mode - Nopains butgains Place and gain resources every time you enter thegame. - Witand adroit like you, even with limited resources, candefinitelybuild up a prosperous Manor. ======Contact Us======FACEBOOK:
Kizi Adventures 1.3.5
Kizi Games
Kizi Adventures is one of the best platform games evermade!Discover mysterious planets, defeat your enemies, and be aHERO!Find out who stole Kizi’s special spaceship and search forhiddenspaceship parts. Learn new skills, upgrade your Kizicharacter,complete many challenging levels, and win amazingtrophies! Familyfun game for boys and girls!★ User’s testimonials:-“This game isso cool and easy to install. Unlike other adventuregames, Kiziadventures is actually super exciting game to play. Bestgame evermade for family and kids.”- “This is one of the bestadventuregames I have ever played. It’s kinda like JungleAdventures, but Ilike Kizi better! This is probably the one of thecoolest games Iplayed in my life.”- “Awesome gameplay and supercool graphics. Mykids are playing this amazing game on a dailybasis.”★ Features:✔Help Kizi Stomp, Freeze and Smash a variety ofminions, beforetaking on the big boss himself!✔ Complete varioustasks andchallenges throughout the game and win trophies!✔ 24excitinglevels filled with fun puzzles and rewarding bonuses!✔Awesomegameplay, unique graphics and Epic game mechanics!GuideKizithrough this amazing adventure as Kizi jumps, stomps, andglidesacross mysterious planets, searching for missing parts ofhisspaceship. Install now! It’s amazing!🚀 Kizi Adventures is 100%freeand safe, with absolutely NO in-app purchases! 🚀★Community:Like uson Facebook - toour YouTubechannel - morefun freegames, visit our website - – Life isfun!
Pharaoh Adventure Quest 1.3
pharaoh adventure questPlay and take the challenge!Pharaohadventure questIt's an addictive game for everyone withPharaohadventure. Over 780+ Levels is waiting for you.!Just swapand matchthree or more same gems jewels to eliminate them, try tomake morecombos. Your target is to line up same kind of gemsjewels!Enjoyvarious animation & effect with special items !.Howto play-Touch and slide the jewels with finger to change itsposition.Youcan erase 3 or more jewels by putting them on the sameline!- Getpoint by erasing them.- Make longer chain of jewels toget morepoints!
Epic smurf jungle adventures 1.0
Epic smurf jungle adventuresYou can finally upload our latest Epic smurf jungle adventures.This game allows you to play with a smurf character in asubwayjungle . Run and surf dash and rush to earn coins and toavoidobstacles. Play as smurf and collect the maximum of coins . Befastlike the character of despicable me 2 to beat yourfriend' and exciting games to play, let's download friends now forfree.Let's play this game by helping the intrepid smurf hero passtheroad full of difficult obstacles to get the precious coin toopen anew world at a higher level. This game can be played byanyoneFeatures:- different Worlds- Cute character papa ; smurffete- endless runner-subway surf style- Colorful & smooth graphics- Easy one-touch controls and gameplay- Rich background music and sound effects- Intense and exciting game rhythm- Explore the mysterious castle! ! !- Face the unknown dangers and fear temple runner ! ! !