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Spardha Chanakya e-Magazine App 2.1
Spardha Chanakya e-Magazine App, which contains monthly magazineinelectronics form, which is useful to get through the examslikeIAS, KAS, PSI, PDO, B.Ed etc. Specials Features are:1.E-Magazineis available Offline2. The system is secured with useraccounts sousers have the feature to login into their accounts.3.Reviews andfeedback can be obtained.4. Payment gateway facility:Users candownload the magazines directly if it is a free versionavailableif not then users are directed to the payment gateway forpaidmagazines5. Read the magazine anytime and anywhere.6. Have alltheissues in one convenient place, for free.7. Single pageviewmagazine reader, with better zoom and scrolling.Filter,issuesmonth wise on Homepage.8. Delete issues from Setting. 9.Readerscan select which magazine issue they wish to read, downloadit toread at a later time.10. App is optimized for the Androidplatform11. Device Independent magazine needs to reach userswherever theyare and regardless of what device they are using
Радио 1 Рок - Едно рок радио! Радио 1 Рок е утвърденокатонай-доброто радио за рок музика в България! Програмата сепридържакъм мелодичното звучене на Classic Rock/Album-OrientedRock. Radio1 Rock - A Rock Radio! Radio 1 Rock is recognized as thebest rockmusic radio in Bulgaria! The program sticks to the melodicsound ofClassic Rock / Album-Oriented Rock.
MPR eMagazine 3.8.7
Research doesn't have to be heavy: the Max Planck Society'ssciencemagazine, MaxPlanckResearch, is now also available as afreeeMagazine to read on your iPad or Android tablet. TheeMagazinefills you in on the history behind the stories –thoroughlyresearched and written in an accessible manner. Renownedsciencejournalists visit the research institutes of the Max PlanckSocietyand look over the shoulders of scientists while they goabout theirwork. This is how we deliver first-hand reports on whatscience isup to today and will achieve tomorrow. Alongside topicalshortreports as well as the sections Physics & Astronomy,Biology& Medicine, Matter & Material, Environment &Climate,and Culture & Society, every issue contains a specialfocus ona specific subject. The articles cover all areas ofcurrentfundamental research – from cosmic objects on the frontiersofspace and time through ecological and social systems, up tothemolecular and atomic structures on which the inanimate worldisbased. The MaxPlanckResearch eMagazine is published four timesayear, both in German and English. Subscribing to the neweMagazinemeans you will be able to read all issues on your ipad orAndroidtablet.
com.magzter.heartfulnessemagazine 7.5.1
Magzter Inc.
Welcome to Heartfulness eMagazine, a monthly magazine in whichweexplore everything from self-development and health,relationshipswith family and friends, how to thrive in theworkplace, to livingin tune with nature. We also bring youinspiration from the livesof people who have made a difference tohumanity over the ages.This magazine is brought to you by SahajMarg SpiritualityFoundation, a non-profit organization. We alsolook forward tohearing from you. Send your letters and feedbacktocontributions@heartfulnessmagazine.orgsubscriptions@heartfulnessmagazine.org
Zafer Dergisi 2.4.0
Saveas Yazılım
Kırk yılı aşkın süredir yayınlanmaya devam eden Zafer Dergisi,artıkbu uygulama ile e-dergi olarak okuyucuları ile buluşuyor.Uygulamaüzerinden ücretsiz yazılarımızı okuyabilir, basılıdergimize vee-dergimize abone olabilirsiniz. For more than fortyyears thatcontinue to run Victory Magazine, now meets with readersase-journals with this application. You can read our freearticlethrough the application, and you can subscribe to ourprintedmagazine to our e-magazine.
my.smartech.mp3quran 3.0.4
Quran Audio Library App (MP3Quran - V 0.3) aims to provideQuranrecitations in different narrations from vary of recitersformobile device holders. The "Third Edition" of MP3Quran websiteandapplication "The official application for" isintendedfor reading and listening to Quran recitations by more than230famous reciters in the Islamic world, on your smart device(mobile,tablet). The updates of the third version: * A favoritesection toget quick access to your favorite reciter. * A list offavoriteradio stations and reciters. * Recording from The HolyQuran Radio.* A comprehensive update to manage downloads, aseparate folder toaggregate all the reciter's recordings “Telawat”,with thepossibility of downloading to the whole recordingsMushaf/Telawator a part of it. * Numbering the chapters “Surah” (1.Al-Fatihah,2. Al-Baqarah, etc.). * Add the search feature to thename of thechapter “Surah”. * Show the history of your recentplayedrecitations, from newest to oldest. * Filter to sortnarrations"Riwayat" (identify the narration and then show reciterswho havereitations in this narration). *The "newly added" sectionof thenew recitations or narrations that are added to theapplicationfirst. * A new design that takes into consideration theease ofuse, user experience, color beauty and simplicity. *Multi-formatthemes "backgrounds" for the audio player, in 4different colors,of which two for night reading mode. * A pictureof the Masjidal-Haram in Makkah, in the background when the MeccanChapter“Surah” is played, and a picture of the Prophet's Mosquewhen theCivil chapter is played. * A system for the blind andvisuallyimpaired people, to use the application to talk to it byvoicecommands, starts working by shaking the phone twice. * Theblindsystem helps the blind to use his/her voice to determine thenameof the reciter - the novel - the chapter “Surah”, and anyothersettings, and play it, easily. Key Application Features: *Listento Surah or several selected verses in your favorite voiceamongthe hundreds of famous reciters of the Holy Quran, inmanynarrations “Riwayat”: Hafs, Rash, Qaloun, Al Duri. * Choosetimingframe to listen a part from Surah, with a specified number oftimesto repeat. * Easy to browse Quran index in Surah’s or part’snames.* High-speed search in your reciters list to access any verseorword easily. * Choose a number of verses in the "Favorites"toquickly return them. * Available in easy-to-use interface in15languages. "Quran Audio Library App (MP3Quran V 0.3)"mobileapplication was developed and designed by Smartech ITSolutions, inMalaysia. We are pleased toreceive yourinquiries and suggestions for development Third version of this app waspublished inMay 2019 - Ramadan 1440. We will be releasing updatesgoingforward. Your suggestions in this matter is highlyappreciated. MayAllah bless you all. MP3 Quran Family
Cairo 360 Guide to Cairo
Discovering Cairo just got a whole lot easier. As thedefinitiveguide to living in Egypt’s Capital, multi-award winningonlinemagazine, Cairo 360 brand new open’s users to even morereviews,features, listings and useful information for those lookingto getthe best out of the biggest capital city in Africa.Coveringeverything from dining, nightlife and shopping, to travel,arts& culture and health & fitness, everything you need isjusta swipe away
EZ Web Video Cast | Chromecast 1.1
**EZ Web Video Cast only works with a Google Chromecast or aGoogleCast powered device** EZ Web Video Cast is the best browserappthat allows you to stream videos of online movies, TV showsandother media from internet websites to your Chromecast. Whileyouare browsing web videos on the internet, EZ Web Castautomaticallygrabs the video URLs inside the web page and let youquickly sendthem to your Chromecast device. As a result, videosfrom theinternet will be played directly on your TV. NotableFeatures of EZWeb Cast - Chromecast remote control options: play,pause, changevolume ... - Browser options: bookmark, search engine(Google bydefault), ads blocker, home page ... **IMPORTANT NOTE** -GoogleHome (previously Google Cast) is required for this web castapp towork - Since EZ Web Video Cast does not host the videos, ifyouexperience loading problem or slow buffering, please checktheinternet connection or the video hosting sites. - This web castappdoes not support Flash or FLV videos. Get started Before usingthiscasting app, please use Google Home (formerly Google Cast) tosetupyour Chromecast device. After your device is ready, pleasefollowthese step-by-step instructions to start casting: 1 - Visityourfavorite video-sites or use Google to find a video to watch. 2-Play the video as normally and this casting app will detect andletyou send the video url to Chromecast. 3 - If the detected videoisnot what you want, you can select another video in the"Detectedvideo list". 4 - If no video url is found, please reloadpage. Incase the video is not casted, try to disconnect andreconnect toChromecast using the Cast button. If you have anyquestion/feedbackregarding this web cast app or you find a websitethat needs bettersupport, please send an email
Lord Shiv Ringtones 2.0
Har Har Mahadev - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Lord Shiva is one of themostpopular God in Hindu. Lord Shiva Refer asMahadev,Bholenath,ShivSambhu, Nilkanth & Rudra. ThisApplication Include ShivMantra,Stotram, Jap, Dhun, Ringtones,Shivtandav & WallpaperFeatures of Shiv Ringtones: 1. HighQuality Ringtones 2. HD ShivPhoto's 3. Set Ringtones andWallpapers. How to use Shiv Ringtones?Just click on top of ScreenGiven GREEN Button Set wallpapers andringtones.
HRH Bible 6.5
MediaHosting LTD
Welcome to Hard Rock Hell Radio, bringing you the best ofrock,punk, metal, AOR, doom, blues, prog and more. Music,interviews,exclusive airplays, guest slots! There is a party inhell and youjust arrived at the gates! Hard Rock Hell Radio wasborn out ofpassion for the music. A 24 hour radio station bringingthe best inunsigned, independent and well known artists. Regularschedule ofprograms from a group of highly passionate radiopresenters as wellas special guest hosts, interviews and more. Thestation will haveregular HRH branded shows dedicated to the genresof the eventsplus announcements of bands playing the festivals too.
The Best of Metallica 1.0
Green Coffee
Listen and enjoy to the best metal hardcore rock legendMetallicafrom your smartphone anywhere and anytime.This app havesimpleinterface, easy to useMusic streaming appno downloadoptionMorethan 150 songs insideSongs and album list"Whiplash" ·"Seek &Destroy" · "Jump in the Fire" · "Fade to Black" ·"Creeping Death"· "For Whom the Bell Tolls" · "Master of Puppets" ·"Battery" ·"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" · "Eye of the Beholder" ·"Harvester ofSorrow" · "And Justice for All" · "One" · "EnterSandman" · "Don'tTread on Me" · "The Unforgiven" · "Nothing ElseMatters" ·"Wherever I May Roam" · "Sad but True" · "Until ItSleeps" · "Heroof the Day" · "Mama Said" · "King Nothing" ·"Bleeding Me" · "TheMemory Remains" · "The Unforgiven II" · "Fuel"· "Better than You"· "Turn the Page" · "Whiskey in the Jar" · "Die,Die My Darling" ·"No Leaf Clover" · "I Disappear" · "St. Anger" ·"Frantic" · "TheUnnamed Feeling" · "Some Kind of Monster" · "TheDay That NeverComes" · "My Apocalypse" · "Cyanide" · "The JudasKiss" · "AllNightmare Long" · "Broken, Beat & Scarred" · "TheView" ·"Lords of Summer" · "Hardwired" · "Moth into Flame" ·"Atlas,Rise!"metallica greatest hitsmetallica i disappearmetallicawhiskeyin the jarmetallica albumall songs metallicametallicablackalbumbest of metallicaenter sandman metallicanothing elsemattersmetallicametallica ride the lightning metallica songs
Panama + Tak Tunk Tuang Ringtones 1.2
Best hot new of ringtone right nowWondering how you can live uptothe ringtone? With a drum beat Ringtones for me All in One AppFreeRingtonesDifferent genres: classical pop, piano, disco, etc.(over50)!Ringtones is Business services providers face asignificanteconomic challengeLawyer the more you think that good ofringtones.
Fotadhol 1.0
This app has been made with an aim to help readers of read easily on their mobiles andtablets.
The Best of Air Supply Collection 1.0
Green Coffee
Listen and enjoy your favorite world legend classic rocksongscompilation anywhere and anytime from your smartphoneFeatures:-Free- Easy to use- Modern and user friendly interface- Lowdatausage- Low memory usage- More than 100 songs- Auto off whenyoureceive an incoming call- No download OptionSong List :All OutOfLove(Graham Russell-Clive Davis)All Out Of LoveAll ThatYouWantAlwaysBread And BloodCan'T Stop The RainChancesComeWhatMayDame AmorDancing With The MountainDaybreakDo It AgainDo WhatYouDoDoes It MatterDon'T Be AfraidDon'T Tell MeEmpty PagesEnd OfTheLineEven The Nights Are Better(Wallace-KennethEven The NightsAreBetterEvery Woman In The WorldEvidence Of LoveFaithFeel ForYourLoveFeel The BreezeGoodbyeHeart & SoulHeart Of The RoseHereIAmHope Springs EternalI Can Wait Forever(Graham Rl-Jan-DavidFtICan Wait ForeverI Can'T Believe My EyesI Know You Better ThanYouThinkI Want To Give It AllI'Ll Never Get EnoughOfYou(Jeannie-GaryI'Ll Never Get Enough Of YouI'Ve Got YourLoveIt'SNever Too LateIt'S Not EasyIt'S Not Too LateJust AnotherWomanJustAs I AmJust Between The LinesKiss Me Like You Mean ItLet'SStayTogether TonightLonely Is The Night(AlbertHammond-DianeWarren)Lonely Is The NightLongerLost In Love(GrahamRussell)Lost InLoveLove And Other BruisesLove Comes To MeLoveConquers TimeLove IsAll(Graham Russell)Make It Feel Like HomeAgainMaking Love Out OfNothing At All(Jim Steinman)Making Love OutOf Nothing At AllMotherSaidMy Best FriendNever Fade AwayNews FromNowhereNow AndForever(Graham Russell)Now And ForeverOnceOne MoreChanceOne StepCloserOo SentimentalPrimitive ManReady For YouSheNever Heard MeCallShe'S Got The AnswerSo Much LoveSomeone WhoBelieves InYou(Gerry Goffin-Carole King)Someone Who BelievesInYouSomeoneSpeaking Of LoveSpirit Of LoveStars In Your EyesStopTheTearsStrangers In LoveStrong, Strong WindStronger ThanTheNightSweet Dreams(Graham Russell)Sweet DreamsTaking TheChanceTeachMe To RunThat'S How The Whole Thing StartedThe AnswerLiesThe BookOf LoveThe Earth IsThe Eyes Of A ChildThe One That YouLoveThePower Of LoveThe SceneThe Sun Ain'T Gonna ShineAnymore(BobCrew-Bob Gaudio)The Vanishing RaceThe Weight Is MySoulThere'SNothing I Can DoTime For LoveTonight (Tonite)(GrahamRussell)TwoLess Lonely People In The WorldUnchaincd MelodyWe ThePeopleWhat ALife-Parts 1 And 2What Becomes Of The BrokenheartedWhatKing OfGirlWhen I SayWhen The Time Is RightWhere Did The FeelingGo(NormanSaleet)Who Will Love Me NowWithout YouWould You EverWalkAwayYou'Re Only In LoveYoung LoveOnly One ForeverThe WayIFeelYours Trullyair supply all songsair supply all songswithlyricsair supply all songs mp3air supply all songsofflineairsupply albumthe best of air supplyhaving you near me byairsupplysong by air supplybest of air supplyair supplyconcertairsupply songs free downloadair supply songs freedownloadair supplygreatest hitsair supply greatest hitshaving younear me by airsupplyhaving you near me air supplyair supplykaraokeair supplylyricsair supply love songair supply all songswith lyricsairsupply songs with lyricsair supply top lyricsairsupply musicairsupply music videoair supply mp3music of airsupplyhaving you nearme by air supplyhaving you near me by airsupplyhaving you near meair supplythe best of air supplymusic ofair supplyair supply allsongs offlineall songs of air supplysong ofair supplyair supplysongsair supply songs free downloadair supplysongs with lyricsairsupply song and lyricsair supply all songsairsupply top lyricsthebest of air supplyair supply musichaving younear me air supplyairsupply songsair supplyair supply all songsairsupply musicairsupply greatest hitsRock, Hard Rock, Blues Rock,Heavy Metal, FolkRock, Rock Progressif, Pop
RockFM 105.5
Escuchá las 24 horas rock con la aplicación oficial de RockFM105.5de Nicaragua. Listen to rock 24 hours with theofficialimplementation of RockFM 105.5 of Nicaragua.
Baglama Tuner 3.0.6
sobe app
First Baglama Tuner App in Android Platform withfollowingfeatures.> Easy and accurate> Default Tunings forShort Type(E-D-A) and Long Type (G-D-A) Baglama> 19 differenttuningoptions> No need to go crazy to remember which string istowhich note> Shift notes lower or higher and match yourbaglama'stuning rangeLeave a comment to ask for moreimprovements...StayTuned
com.sonicoctaves.baal_sanskar_marathi_demo 24.8.a.3.030819
ABOUT APP : This app contains all the Mantras and Sloks alongwithits Explanation in Marathi. It contains all the Mantras /Sloksused in our daily prayers. This CD contains Mantras likeRaamRaksha, Gayatri Mantra, Marutri Slok, Ganapati Slok and manymore.Track List : - Sakalache Shlok Devata Vandan - Maata Pita -GuruVandan - Surya Namaskar - Snan Mantr - Gayatri Mantra -VyankateshStotr - Madhura Ashtak - Aatm Shatakam - Pradnya VivartanStotr -Karuna Ashtak - Samaj Prarthana - Sandhyakalache Shlok - RamRaksha- Maruti Stotra - Ganapati Stotra - Sampoorna Atharvasheersh-Nivadak Bodh Vachan - Nivadak Subhashite - Manache Shlok Shlok 1-Manache Shlok Shlok 2 - 27 - Manache Shlok Shlok 28 - 135 -ManacheShlok Shlok 136 - 174 - Manache Shlok Shlok 175 - 201 -ManacheShlok Shlok 202 - 204 - Manache Shlok Shlok 205 - Pasaydan -DeviSukt - Shanti Mantr - Ratriche Shlok KEY FEATURES OF APP:+Bookmark important points in audio track & Later listen toitany time + Highlight the specific section of an audio track&listing to it again + Share tracks that you are listening,withyour friends on social networking sites & apps +Easynavigation and detail information about album and tracks+Automatic pausing when receiving or dialling a call onmobiledevice + Download remaining tracks in background while youlistento the first few tracks + User Friendly notifications forthedownloading and other features UNIQUENESS : Detailed explanationofthe Mantra / Sloks and its benefits in the CD . It includes alltheMantras / Sloks in this CD which is required to be recitedfrommorning to evening by kids. Beautiful narration with music inthebackground to give the listener the feel of the Mantras andSloks.Type of App : Audio Album Name of Developer : Sonic OctavesPvt.Ltd. Album Producer : Sonic Octaves Pvt. Ltd. Artiste :RajendraVaishampayan Gayatri Vaishampayan Recorded and Mixed at :SonicOctaves Studios Malad, Mumbai IMPORTANT NOTES RELATED TO THISAPP:** AUDIO CONTENTS IN THIS APP IS IN MARATHI LANGUAGE(REGIONALLANGUAGE FROM INDIA) ** FREE CONTENT SHOULD BE DOWNLOADEDAFTER APPIS INSTALLED ** WIFI CONNECTION IS RECOMMENDED FORDOWNLOAD
Ze Rock Radio 4.2.12
Nobex Partners
Ze Rock Radio - Israel's first 24/7 rock radio station, withliveshows and playlists dedicated to all rock genres - classic andhardrock, metal/grunge, indie and more!This application istheofficial, exclusive application for Ze Rock Radio underanagreement between Ze Rock Radio and Nobex Technologies.
Rock FM Costa Rica 2.0
Raccoon Hosting
24 horas de programación continua, escucha lo mejor del rock ymetalen nuestra app oficial, y escucha nuestros programas a lolargo dela semana.Además podrás visitar nuestro sitio web yfacebook sinsalir de la app.Somos ROCK FM Costa Rica.24 hours ofcontinuousprogramming, listen to the best rock and metal in ourofficial app,and listen to our programs throughout the week.Youcan also visitour web site and Facebook without leaving the app.WeROCK FM CostaRica. 1.2
Sabitzer app
امداح نبوية بدون انترنت 2018 - Amdah NabawiaAmdah propheticInternetwithout 2018 - Amdah Nabawia
KCAL96.7 4.39.3
This free app gets you hooked up with the station that’sbeenRockin’ The Empire in Southern California for decades! Ozzy,AC/DC,Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen,and theFoo Fighters!
Classic Rock Quiz (Free) 2.6.7
App Quizzes
A fun classic rock music trivia quiz brimming with questionsaboutthe greatest rock music and bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s.Thistrivia quiz covers the best-selling artists of all timesuchincluding Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, Guns N' Roses, VanHalen,Black Sabbath, Queen, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Aerosmith,Eagles,Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, IronMaiden, EricClapton, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, TheBeatles, TomPetty, Deep Purple, Rush, Thin Lizzy, The Band, BryanAdams,Foreigner, Skid Row, Boston, Dire Straits, Journey and manymanymore. Test your knowledge about the greatest vocal, guitar,bass,drum and keyboard (& bagpipe) music ever created. It issimpleto play - just answer classic rock questions correctly.GamesModes: Classic Quiz Levels Quiz Everlasting Quiz Beat theClockQuiz Battle of the Bands Competition, Hangman (Free BonusFeature),Codebreakers (Free Bonus Feature), Achievements to gainandHigh-Score Leaderboards to record your best scores. There areZEROin-app purchases and ZERO locked content as I don't believeinasking users to pay to progress. This version does containadvertsas a way of keeping this app FREE to the user. If youprefer, thereis an ad-free version of the app available. See mystore listingbelow to download. I add questions periodically.Latest addition -21 Jan 2018. This quiz has been a real labor oflove to create. Ifyou enjoy playing then please provide a 5*rating. If there are anyproblems with the appearance or function ofthe app then pleasecontact me at and I will domy best to rectifythem. I hope you enjoy playing. Keep on rocking!!
Photo Lock 1.0.4
MobiDev Studio
1) Exquisite design2) Dense screen3) Private content storedinencrypted form, the real security worries Password /PIN-basedaccess4) Ulti-language applications.5) Do not haveunlimited imagestorage limit.6) Select multiple images whenimporting.Multi-selectfeature to quickly import hundreds ofimages.7) Easy unlock onlyone faucet.8) The interface is easy touse password9) With gallerylinkage And memory / SD card to importand export images to yourdevice.You can only open a private photogallery by typing thecorrect password. From the Android photogallery sensitive photoscan be stored safely locked in a securelocker photos only by asecret PIN code access. 2.5.3
Vertikali medija is one of the largest transport portals inLithuania.Here you will find thousands offers - cars,motorcycles,agricultural machinery, rims, tires, audio equipment,parts etc.Also you can check your road traffic rules skills, readarticles,reviews take part in car enthusiasts forums.
TvQuran Mp3 Quran Offline 1.0.1
TvQuran Is Audio Quran App So You Can Stream Audio QuranFromInternet With More Than 100 Reciter Without Internet Tv QuranMp3Quran App have 100 Reciters You Can Play Download set favoriteandsave and download and search in reciter list also you can readthequran pages also you can set timer
mc pedrinho palco mp3 2.4
Novos Aplicativos Música E Letras "Mc Pedrinho"Top Músicas"McPedrinho"** Nosso Amor** Menino Sonhador** Dom Dom Dom** SoltaoGrave** Geral Embrazando** Vida Diferenciada 2** Hoje EuQuero**Vem Oh** A Vontade** Retorno da Putari
com.yunosolutions.taiwancalendar 2.8.2
Taiwan holiday calendar with lunar calendar [Features] - AllTaiwanpublic holiday and Chinese festivals - Chinese Lunar Calendar-Reminder Feature - Syncs with Google Calendar - Date Calculator-Lunar Calendar Converter - Pan and Zoom feature - Availableforyear 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 By installing and using this app,youwill accept the Terms of Use ( andPrivacyPolicy ( [Keywords] Taiwan CalendarPublicHoliday, Chinese Calendar, Lunar Calendar 2019 - 2020
Juz Amma MP3 Offline 1.8
Midafa Apps
Listen to Juz Amma MP3 Offline for all
1008 Amman Pottri 11.0.0
App is with the following features : 1.Set Images aswallpaper..2..Set the mantra as Alarm as well as ringtone. 3.Tamilas well asEnglish full mantra Lyrics with the meaning. 4. Setnumber ofrepetition 5. Full of animations.with light. 6.There is noneed ofinternet during use of app. 7.we can use Shankh &Garland aswell as Bell , 8.Collection of Sri Amman Images , whichchangesauto. 9.App can be moved to SD Card. 10.Play, pause, seekbar foreasy navigation.
A dedicated ANA Mileage Club app is on its way. ◆Use yourANAMileage Club Digital Membership Card on your smartphone forvariousservices such as mileage accumulation, just like a regularplasticcard. ◆Check how many miles, premium points or ANA SKY COINyouhave earned through easy-to-understand numbers and graphs.◆Withthe ANA Mileage Club App, you can now also shop online andmakerestaurant reservations easily. What’s more, you can not onlyrackup miles in various places, such as shopping online andmakingappointments for the hairdresser, but also earn points forshops’own points programs at the same time. ◆Life & Mile,anavigation system containing valuable information on theANAMileage Club that you may have not known, is also availablethroughthe app. - For customers having problems with the app due tobugsor other defects- Please go to the following link and fill outthesurvey to provide us with details of theproblems: This survey isintended tocollect feedback from customers regarding specificproblems thatthey want fixed.
K keyboard - Myanmar 1.1.8
Kyaw Su Thwe
•HOW TO ENABLE “K KEYBOARD”: •Step1: Press “Enable Keyboard”andselect Kkeyboard” •Step2: Press “Set Default Android Keyboard”set“K keyboard” •“K keyboard” is working on android version 4.1.1andup. •Language "Myanmar(Zg) , Myanmar(Uni) , Shan(Zt) , Shan(Uni),Paoh(Zg) , Paoh(Uni) , Thai(10key & 12key)" •Emoji andskintone •Emotion •Art •Stickers •Translate •Translate ButtonLongPressBy Select Language •Clipboard •Clipboard to Auto MyanmarTextConverter and Favorite •SmartPopup Myanmar Text AutoConverter•Background Color. •Background Wallpaper. •SuggestionBackgroundColor. •KeyBoard Key Style. •Fonts Color. •Myanmar(Uni)EasilyTyping. - And more... • if you like this app, you willclickfbpages and like
Hz Generator 1.03b
Hz Generator is the perfect tool for testing audio systems. Youcanalso use it to prank your friends! - Generates mono sinewaveaudio. - Use it as a simple 50 Hz test tone or pickanotherfrequency. - Configurable from 20 Hz up to 20 000 Hz! - NEW:Playssound in background (paid Unlocker required) To play soundinbackground install Unlockerside-by-side: use: - Set the frequency with slider or buttons - Thepowerbutton toggles audio on and off. - Adjust volume usingdevicevolume controls. DISCLAIMER Always remember to turn thevolume downon your sound system before connecting and turning HzGenerator on.All frequencies are not playable on all devices/audiosystems. Allfrequencies cannot be heard, but can be harmful if tooloud. Alsobe kind to animals and neighbors. We are not in any wayresponsiblefor any health, material or other damage resultingdirectly orindirectly from the use, operation or malfunction ofthisapplication.
Gold Mine 5
Muhammad Saeed
Gold Mine is a highly addictive game with cool graphicsandgameplay. Download for free and have Fun!All the levels aretestedand achieved with three stars so have fun!
The Best 80's Hits 1.3
The List has been compiled based on Total Airplay and LastingPoweron the Music Charts, as well as Total Impact. Heavy Researchwentinto compiling this List of the "Top Hit Songs of the 80's"Can'tfind your favorite 80's sound, email the name to us and wewillinclude it on our app. DISCLAIMER: This app does not collectorretain any personal information by using this application.Thematerial belongs to the online publishers. Many of the linkscomesfrom online open rights connections. This application justdisplaysthe site that is offered freely online by their publishers.Thisapplication does not download information. The content providedinthis app is hosted by their publishers and is available inpublicdomain. This app is just an organized way to browse andsearch theinformation. REQUIRES INTERNET CONNECTION
Imperial Russian Coins 3.0
Allows to specify the number of coins you have in yourcollectionand the grading of coins. Allows to view your collectionin tablemode and export it to Excel! You can leave notes andcomments tocoins. Has the ability to make backup copy of yourcollection,which can be transferred to another device. Theapplicationcontains prices of coins. Rare coins have yellowbackground, raritycoins have red background. Now your collection isalways at hand!
com.ztx.ibo 16
Best music ibrahim Tatlisis Best music ibrahim Tatlisis ForAllWorld Kurdish.
Song Cutter 3.5
Song Cutter is reduce the satisfactory a part of your audio songandsave it as your ringtone/alarm/tune report/notification tone.thecut consequences are stored in "/mnt/sdcard/media/audio".SongCuttermake your personal mp3 ringtones rapid and smooth with thisapp. youmay even document a stay audio and this mp3 editor canedit and trimthe nice parts from it free of charge. helps mp3,wav, aac, amr andmost different track codecs. this app is likewisea trackeditor/alarm tone maker/ ringtone cutter and notificationtonecreator.exceptional utility to apply as ringtone maker orchristmassound modifier and also as track slicer.useful for musiccutter voice editor.specific feature of ringtonemaker♪ you mayalso make small clip from tool’s default audio filesand defaultdevice's music cut and merge also as track cut up.♪there may be nosuch software on play save which offers you thisparticularfunction. so this ringtone maker is an specificandroidapplication.♪ thru baseline set any cutest audio reportasfavorite, it’s simply audio trimmer,ringtone maker,audio cutterandmp3 cutter, track slicer and merger,reverse,use with videoeditorand tabemate.make cutest video clips, christmas tunemixer,songsplit.other salient functions:Song Cutter :-make ringtoneforandroid.♪Song Cutter multi-languages supported withsoundenhancing.set,shorten song to make ringtones.the use of asmusicreduce and paste app,best tune cutter app for android.♪ SongCuttercut any format type music,reduce mp3 music,cut wav music,allcodecssupported.♪ Song Cutter use for ringtonemaker,mp3cutter,creator,editor,christmas waveform,reverse, trackslicer,songsplitter,track merger.use audio parellal to video cutterfortabemate,music cutter and mixer.♪ Song Cutter report andmakebeautiful and cutest tone and set as catering alarm,notificationand set as touch tone attention n filter out.make extraaudio filecollectively.merge also.♪ Song Cutter reduce track andreduce tunedocuments stored on the tool,higher then tone downloadermake acreative tone or edit tune,slice tune.track tageditor,musicmixer,track cutter and mixer.♪Song Cutter helps alltune formatsmp3, wav, aac, amr, 3gpp, 3gp, m4a,ogg.♪ Song Cutteradditionallyuse as track mixer,track cutter and paste,musicseparator.♪SongCutter woks flawlessly as song cutter andmixer,voice editor.♪SongCutter use as nice ringtone maker.♪SongCutter set any songdocument to as default tone or cateringnotification or alarm uptobaseline.♪Song Cutter audio enhancingfeatures filter atmillisecond-level perfect tune reduce, andmerge,two music mixerafter reduce.♪Song Cutter first-class workingas tune cut and pasteapp.just like wiz app.♪Song Cutter option torename the new createdsong whilst saving it,merge it withtabemate,mp3 cutter,use afterringtone ,tune cutter and mixer.♪SongCutter make creative and newchristmas tone to impress your friendsand additionally percentagewith them.track tag edit.use as voicemixer,tune separator.the wayto use:step 1: selectsearch any trackdocument to edit and cut orto make small compact songs.step 2:edit,song cut upnow, contactand drag markers to set proper timingof music. press the playbutton to preview the chosen tone earlierthan saving it.additionally you could manually edit begin and stopfactors ofdesire music report.reduce music.cognizance track andclear outit.ringtone maker,mp3 cutter.great song cut,pasteapp,trackseparator.step three: shopsave the record and you couldconvert itto an alarm or a ringtone or a notification tone. andultimatelyset cutest tone to your beloved,first-class tune reduceand pasteapp for android
Whatsapp Status Saver | whatsaver 3.1.9
Bassam B. Alabsi
If you don't want to miss any status of your friends, now u cansavethem easily*features-easy-save images and videos-share mediawithyour friends
Donkey Sounds 1.0
eBook Apps
You'll be amazed at the funny sounds made by real donkeys! Thislessprestigious relative of the horse may look similar in bodytype, butas soon as gets it opens its mouth, the distinctioncouldn't be moreclear. While horses neigh and whinny, donkeys andmules (which aredonkey and horse hybrids) create a more obnoxiousand harsh soundcalled a bray. Donkeys braying make a “hee-haw or“eeyore” soundthat is quite unique! Donkeys use vocalizations tointeract with therest of the herd, varying the pitch of theirvoices to communicatedifferent things. While braying may be adonkey’s way of asking forfood or calling out to their burrofriends, most commonly it is theanimal's sign of distress. Can youtell the difference between afriendly and a distressed bray? Kidsand adults alike will enjoylearning about donkey vocalizationswith the high quality sounds inthis app!
KHL 3.7.4
The app is convenient and user-friendly, with a new interface,swiftinfo updates, and live broadcasts of key moments from games.The newtradition of Mastercard and KHL gives hockey fans anopportunity toshare a trophy with the player of their favoriteteam. You can votefor the best players of the game in the KHL appand collect points.We make all these improvements to KHL apps justfor you, so staytuned for the latest news You can send anyrequests and comments
com.deuxvelva.surveyor 54
Bingung menentukan lokasi yang banyak orderannya? Mencarilokasiyang banyak orderan gofood? Aplikasi ini membantu driveruntukmenjawab pertanyaan di atas. Dengan menganalisa ribuan dataorder,Surveyor akan memberikan informasi banyak sedikitnya orderdalamsuatu wilayah dalam bentuk grafis. Confused determine thelocationof the lot orderannya? Find a location that many ordersgofood?This application helps the driver to answer the abovequestions. Byanalyzing thousands of orders data, the surveyor willprovideinformation on the extent of order in a region in graphicalform.
AL QURAN AUDIO MP3 30 JUZ OFFLINE FULL with Beautiful Sound BySaadAl-Ghamidi with Best Audio Quality
Hidden Secrets Free 1.27
Digital Secrets
The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, justinsertit to advance to the next puzzle. This phrase usually"makessense".Research can be essential to solve some puzzles, feelfreeto look up information and use third-party software. Good luckinyour challenge.This is the free version of HiddenSecrets,sometimes ads will be displayed. Buy the paid version toremove theads and support the developer.
Volume Booster 1.5
Multimedia star
Volume Booster will improve your android listeningexperiencesubstantially. This free volume boosting app usessophisticatedmethods to really give you loud, enhanced sound.VolumeBooster isreally able to make your sound louder - it's not avolumecontroller, not a music player, it's a free booster appthatenhances sound volume and enables you to experience asmuchloudness as possible.If Volume Booster doesn't work on yourdevice,make sure you don't have any other volume boosters oraudioboosters, enhancers active. If that doesn't help, try usingadifferent media player.Remember that Volume Booster works bestwithheadphones!Use at your own risk and enjoy the free VolumeBooster!If you like Volume Booster, please rate and tell yourFacebook,instagram and Google+ friends so they can also enjoy theloud,boosted sound.
Animatic by Inkboard 1.3.7-play-free, Inc.
Animatic is a fun way to create flip book-like animations onyourAndroid device. - Create animations using our frame by frameeditor- Export animations to animated GIFs and video
Tamil Bakthi Padalgal Murugan - Tamil Devotional
* முருகன் பக்தி பாடல்கள் * 15 Popular Murugan devotional songs*Easy controls * No internet required * Change any songs easily*Audio controls to Forward, Rewind, Next, Previous, Loop etc.*Contains தண்டாயுதபாணியின் வரலாறு text
Lord Balaji Live Wallpaper 1.5
Sri Venkateshwara Live Wallpaper... Features: * easy to use *10beautiful backgrounds. * Choose your favorite BackgroundfromBalaji Live Wallpaper. * 3 different icons. * choose yourfavoriteicon to falling on the background. * Choose random also tofallingicons randomly on the background. * touch the screen to moveicons.* configure falling speed. * configure falling amount. *configurefalling direction.
Best Hits of Queen 1.0
Now you can hear and enjoy Queen's best hits from anywhereandanytime using this free, light, and easy-to-use musicplayerapp.Albums included:[1974] Queen II[1974] Sheer HeartAttack[1975]A Night At The Opera[1976] A Day At The Races[1981]GreatestHits[1981] Greatest Hits II[1986] Live Magic[1986] QueenLive AtWembley' 86 CD1[1986] Queen Live At Wembley' 86CD2[1991]Innuendo[1995] Made in Heaven[1997] Queen RocksTitlesincluded:(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care39A Kind OfMagicAWinter's TaleAll God's PeopleAnother One Bites TheDustBicycleRaceThese Are The Days Of Our LivesTie Your MotherDownToo MuchLove Will Kill YouTutti FruttiUnder PressureWe Are TheChampionsWeWill Rock YouWhite ManWhite Queen As It BeganWho WantsTo LiveForeverYou And IYou Don't Fool MeYou Take My BreathAwayYou're MyBest Friend..and many more!!!Queen are a British rockband thatformed in London in 1970. Their classic line-up wasFreddie Mercury(lead vocals, piano), Brian May (lead guitar,vocals), Roger Taylor(drums, vocals), and John Deacon (bassguitar). Queen's earliestworks were influenced by progressive rock,hard rock and heavymetal, but the band gradually ventured into moreconventional andradio-friendly works by incorporating furtherstyles, such as arenarock and pop rock, into their music.Beforeforming Queen, Brian Mayand Roger Taylor had played together inSmile. Mercury, then knownby his birth name, Farrokh "Freddie"Bulsara, was a fan of Smileand encouraged them to experiment withmore elaborate stage andrecording techniques. Mercury joined in1970, suggested the name"Queen", and adopted his familiar stagename. Deacon was recruitedbefore the band recorded their eponymousdebut album in 1973. Queenfirst charted in the UK with their secondalbum, Queen II, in 1974,but it was the release of Sheer HeartAttack later that year and ANight at the Opera in 1975 whichbrought them internationalsuccess. The latter featured "BohemianRhapsody", which stayed atnumber one in the UK for nine weeks andwas influential in helpingto popularise the music video.The band's1977 album News of theWorld contained "We Will Rock You" and "WeAre the Champions",which have become anthems at sporting events. Bythe early 1980s,Queen were one of the biggest stadium rock bands inthe world."Another One Bites the Dust" (1980) became theirbest-sellingsingle, while their 1981 compilation album GreatestHits is thebest-selling album in the UK and is certified eighttimes platinumin the US. Their performance at the 1985 Live Aidconcert has beenranked among the greatest in rock history byvarious musicpublications. In 1991, Mercury died ofbronchopneumonia, acomplication of AIDS, and Deacon retired in1997. May and Taylorhave performed under the Queen name with PaulRodgers and AdamLambert as vocalists on several tourssince.Estimates of theirrecord sales range from 150 million to 300million records, makingthem one of the world's best-selling musicartists. Queen receivedthe Outstanding Contribution to BritishMusic Award from theBritish Phonographic Industry in 1990. Theywere inducted into theRock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001.
Singapore Map
Hello Everyone, Streetdirectory App comes Offline maps&real-time bus timing Exciting Feature ★ The mostup-to-dateSingapore maps ★ Bus arrival time ★ 2019 Singapore Maps ★2019Johor Maps ★ Latest Bus-stops and train stations withreal-timedata. ★ Free Offline Maps, once you download the offlinemap, youcan use the map without internet connection. ★ Directionsby Car,Taxi, Bus & MRT ★ Traffic, Bus timing & ERPpricinginformation ★ Complete 2019 Business directory data forSGbusinesses and retailers.