Top 49 Games Similar to HarryDown!

Lonely Guy
Terrible App Appeared!Lonely Guy likes to be alone.Now, take care this guy.Get over many terrible events, and drive happy guys away.He will grow to be something weird creature.----------------------------TIPSUnlock places first!If you can move many places, you can get many coins and many LPsata time.Music by MaouDamashii
World of Warriors: Duel 1.1.2
Mind Candy Ltd
Whose finger’s fastest? Let battle commence in this simplebutfist-bitingly tense reaction game! Ready… Steady… FIGHT!Defeatcountless warriors as you tap your way to triumph. Makemincemeatof Vikings, Romans, Ninjas and more! It’s hilariouslyruthless! KEYFEATURES: WHOSE FINGER’S FASTEST? You'll need nervesof steel andlightning reactions! AMASS AN ARMY: Unlock 30 ofhistory’s finestwarriors! MULTIPLAYER: Who will reign supreme? Seewho's got thefastest finger! Share your favourite warrior and showoff your highscore. Check out the official World of Warriorswebsite for all thelatest news: Ourofficial Facebookpage with news, behind the scenes andmuchmore! Having problems?Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you! Reach us atsupportat: [email protected] contain advertising.
Enterchained 1.0
8/10 "it’s an absolute blast" - SlimGamerTake down your foeswithslashes, sword throws and chain trips to complete quests forgearand glory.- Brutal hack 'n' slash combat- Hours ofchallengingquests- Dozens of swords, shields and helms to unlock-IAP Free,100% skill based unlocks
Spider-Battlefield 54.0
There is a battlefield. Destroy enemy armored cars,attackhelicopters, and defeat the boss! how to play Tap the screentojump swing An enemy can defeat it with a swing Boss attackswithtap
Crazy Stone Age 7.3.2
Let's gp adventure with stone age in order to protect villagesandpeople from dangerous dinosaurs and tigers which want todestroytheir wonderful home.Key features:※ Action Adventure classicgame※Super easy to control※ Fun music and sound ※ Five differentmainmaps※ Amazing different styles of stage
Stickman Ninja Fighting 1.04
Stickman Ninja - ready your sword, for it is timeforwar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Only by sword fighting can get yourrevengeand unleash your anger on your stick ninja enemies.Thelegends haveforetold this war.. A fighter arises to become aherowarrior…-Warning! Lots of blood and stickmankilling!-Features:◘ 3Dninja stick men, including Ronin, Ikko Ikkiand Ashigaru◘Exploreancient japan cities, forest, egypt anddungeon◘Your sword andarmor is vital, upgrade it for betterkilling◘Easy controls as wellas gamepad support◘stickmanRagdollphysicsSounds:freesound.orgMusic:Battle_Experiment_foxhead128
Super Adventure Run 6.6.668
Lost in the deep forest, where you have to find to the castle,wheremany treasures introduced the game Super Adventure Run. Wheredo youbecome a warrior? Go exploring the deep forest to find thecastlecontains treasure, this is extremely difficult and arduousstate, somany pitfalls on the way you go. You will take a look Ontheadventure is extremely interesting but also full of danger.🍀Options and how to play 🍀 - Use the left navigation key to movethecharacter forward - Use A to shoot - Use B to jump - Buyadditionalitems to make it easy to join the expedition - Along theway lookfor brick blocks, inside which you can earn coins andsupport itemsSuper Adventure is a great game, it helps you trainyour ingenuity,put you in an exciting world, where there arestrange creatures,very special game system, lots of play to createThe richness ofthe game. 🍀 The ability 🍀 - Extremely light weight,easy to install- The screen system is rich, many levels you willplay up themountain, underground, go to the jungle scene, or coldice. - Thedrama of the game - Beautiful graphics, lively - Dynamicsound ️🏆One of the best action genre games ️🏆   If you havedifficultyin playing but also want to contribute, please contactthe emailaddress below for the fastest support. Emailaddress:[email protected] Thank you for downloading theSuperAdventure Run game, wish you a happy game
Highway Shooting Rivals 3D 2.3
GunFire Games
Highway Shooting Rivals 3D is best shooting game of shootingthemilitary armored vehicles on traffic highway. This game isallabout testing your shooting skills. Can you shoot fastmovingtraffic and other military armored vehicles? Do you everwished forskills to destroy the enemy military armored vehicles onhighway?This is game that gives you the opportunity to shoot themilitaryarmored vehicles by using the latest rock launcher on thehighwayentering by the city.PrivacyPolicy:
Flip Archery 1.3
Innovative games
This is an advanced version of our archery game. Here you canflipyour play side which suits you better. You can alsochoosedifferent types of world which you like more. Aim and shootatboard and make a great score. If you shoot at center of theboardthen you will get a bonus arrow. You can also submit yourscore andcompete with your friends and whole world.
Funny Blast 1.5
Are you a super fan of addictive Funny Blast? If the answer isyes,Funny Blast games that you must have.It has a lot of new itemstomake the Games much more interesting and challenging.☆☆☆☆☆ Howtoplay ☆☆☆☆☆1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot.2. Whenthreeor more same color as the beads are removed.3. Make moreCombos andChains to get the higher score.☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features☆☆☆☆☆1.Well-designed maps, to make the games more enjoyableandaddictive;2. Two game modes : puzzle mode, arcade modeEnjoybestshooting experience in this Shoot games!!!
Hanuman Game 5.0
Cheaper Nepal
Hanuman game is Android game which is based on God Flying HanumanorFlying Monkey. you can enjoy this Game saving Hanuman fromarrowthrown BY Ravan. we called Him Flying Hanuman 2.5.2
Vertikali medija is one of the largest transport portals inLithuania.Here you will find thousands offers - cars,motorcycles,agricultural machinery, rims, tires, audio equipment,parts etc.Also you can check your road traffic rules skills, readarticles,reviews take part in car enthusiasts forums.
Sahadan Live Scores 5.2.3
The widest content for football and basketball, find instantlivescores, super fast push notifications, team and playerstatisticsin 750+ leagues, cups, championships from all over theworld mobile application.
Crazy 8s & Mau Mau 3.13
Frigate Studios
Features: - a large number of rules to customize the game asyoulike - portrait and landscape screen orientation - you canchoose aback of cards, playing deck and background - drag a card orusedouble tap for move - play against up to 4 opponents CrazyEightsis a shedding-type card game for two to seven players. Theobjectof the game is to be the first to get rid of all the player'scardsto a discard pile. There are many variations of the basicgame, anda number of different names including Craits, Last One,Mau-Mau,Pesten, Rockaway, Swedish Rummy, Switch, Last Card, ScrewYourNeighbour, Püskiyon, and Tschausepp. You can play most ofthesegames.
ShotZombieHalloween 1.2
ShotZombie 2.5 million DL series total'll becomeHalloween!Fire!Shoot the zombies!The White getting rid of zombiesthat hinder theway!The Chirase kick the zombies in theinstantaneous power ofpride!I will defeat the zombies before anyoneelse.■ How to play ■■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■I tap the buttonon the column there are zombie closest.Just asimple game ofit.面白革命 ranking deployment!And able to compete andscore peoplearound the world!
Lord Balaji Live Wallpaper 1.5
Sri Venkateshwara Live Wallpaper... Features: * easy to use *10beautiful backgrounds. * Choose your favorite BackgroundfromBalaji Live Wallpaper. * 3 different icons. * choose yourfavoriteicon to falling on the background. * Choose random also tofallingicons randomly on the background. * touch the screen to moveicons.* configure falling speed. * configure falling amount. *configurefalling direction.
TULIO Recomienda 1.3
adiante apps
Guía de los mejores restaurantes y experiencias enColombia:Losmejores restaurantes de Medellín.Los mejoresrestaurantes deBogotá.Los mejores restaurantes de Cali.Los mejoresrestaurantes deCartagena.Los Mejores restaurantes de Colombia.Lasmejoresreposterías de Medellín y Bogotá.Los mejores helados deMedellín yBogotá.Tulio Recomienda qué comer, los mejoresrestaurantes,heladerías, reposterías, bares, comidas y lugaresdonde comer yvivir una experiencia inolvidable!AprendersobreGastronomía.Crítica Gastronómica.Las mejores experienciasdeMedellín y Bogotá.Artículos.LA GASTRONOMÍA es mi Religión!Guidetothe best restaurants and experiences in Colombia:Thebestrestaurants in Medellin.The best restaurants in Bogota.Thebestrestaurants in Cali.The best restaurants in Cartagena.Thebestrestaurants in Colombia.The best pastries in MedellinandBogota.The best ice cream in Medellin and Bogota.Tuliorecommendswhat to eat, the best restaurants, ice cream parlors,bakeries,bars, food and places to eat and live anunforgettableexperience!Learn about Gastronomy.Gastronomicreview.The bestexperiences of Medellin and Bogota.Items.Gastronomyis my Religion!
Mad Caveman 7.2.3
Back to the stone age, let's be a caveman.Simple game play.Justjump run and throw your weapon to kill dinosaurs. Collect Coinsandhave fun.Nice GameEasy ControlGood MusicThis addictive and fungamewill have you hooked from the beginning!Your goal is to jump onthenecessary blocks without falling down... Sounds easy?It'snot!Every level brings more challenges but also tricks youcanperform to reach your goals!With amazing graphics and effectsgetready to use your logistics skills to the max!Readycaveman?Goooooo!!!!
Hidden Secrets Free 1.27
Digital Secrets
The answer to each puzzle is a simple phrase in English, justinsertit to advance to the next puzzle. This phrase usually"makessense".Research can be essential to solve some puzzles, feelfreeto look up information and use third-party software. Good luckinyour challenge.This is the free version of HiddenSecrets,sometimes ads will be displayed. Buy the paid version toremove theads and support the developer.
LATAMAN 2.06.02
iOS versionhere:'SNOT DEAD!!! Bring back the punk in you with the beat'em upofLATAMAN.
Gênio Quiz 1 1.1
André Birnfeld
Gênio Quiz 1 trás 50 questões exclusivas para testar todoseuconhecimento!Eis algumas características:-Perguntas inovadorasecapciosas;-Originalidade em perguntas únicas;-Aprendasedivertindo!Genius Quiz 1 50 back issues unique to test allyourknowledge!Here are some features:and innovativetrick-Questions;-Originalidade in single questions;-Learn havingfun!
Niño Rata 1.7
Ayuda al NIÑO RATTA a atrapar los PACKS pero esquiva losBANsprro!!NIÑO RATTA creado por NEGAS(c)Juego desarrollado porLUDEKU(c)Help the boy to catch RATTA PACKS but dodge bans PRRO!!CHILDRATTA created by negas (c)Game developed by LUDEKU (c)
Belka Card Game 1.43
Yura Card Games
Belka is the favorite game of Karaganda and other citiesofKazakhstan.The goal is to win the game opening 12 "eye" intheparty or to get 120 points in the distribution.Features:- Easyniceinterface.- 3 classic deck of cards, 3 card backs and 3 tablestochoose.- Have the ability to change the deck of cards for thegameby pressing the "back"button.- Have the ability to changerulesbefore the party starts.- Save the selected settings.
Genius Quiz 15 1.0
André Birnfeld
Features:-50 unique questions-Sometimes the answers are not inthealternatives-Only 2% of people finish this game
Online Belka Card Game 2.20
Yura Card Games
Online Belka is the favorite game of Karaganda and other citiesofKazakhstan.The goal is to win the game opening 12 "eye" intheparty or to get 120 points in the distribution.
ReacheeE 5.1
AppStore [the 1st place of free application synthesis] of iPhoneissaved over several days!! a total of 3 million download overIt isanew appearance to android!!■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■Astick is only lengthened! If it does not arrive, it is headlongtothe bottom of a valley. With no shouting-involuntarily-,"Ahhhhhh"mistake! ■ How to Play ■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ 1.Pushのばす andlengthen a stick. 2.Lift a finger by moderate length. 3.Astickfalls. It is merely right!
Pixel Sketch - Color by Number 1.0.3
Pixel Sketch is more than just coloring. It's a pleasant waytorelax and bring out your creativity.
FoxOne Advanced Free 1.5.18
FoxOne Advanced Edition is a special release of the actionflightsimulator FoxOne, released last year by SkyFox Games. ThisFreeversion contains many of the features of the full version, likethe★Cockpit View★ feature, ★7 free to play stages★, and 5flyableplanes (★MiG-21, F-4 Phantom, F-18 Super Hornet, TornadoandRafale★).This release also includes improved graphicsandperformance.■■■Features:■■■★★★★★ Unparalleled sense of speed:feelthe thrill of blasting throughthe skies in 5 differentsupersonicjets, based on real aircraft models,each one having itsplace anduse in the game.★★★★★ Incredible small file size(<40MB) with HDgraphics quality.★★★★★ Easy controls: unlikeother action flightsims, FoxOne hasintuitive and very responsivecontrols, so you canfocus in the battleinstead of trying to stayairborne.★★★★★ Rangeof different weapons to equip your jet: fromthe built-incannons toguided air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles,bombs andunguidedrockets.★★★★★ Fly through 15 stages (★7 in thisfree version★),with challengingand varied missions in differentplaces of theworld, in a non-linear way.★★★★★ Destroy reactors andbases hiddendeep inside canyons.★★★★★ Gritty and visceral: nocartoony visualsand silly characters,this is the real deal: flyingseveral types offighter jets as a mercenaryfighter pilot is aserious business, andFoxOne's atmosphere is tense andchilling. Flyto live, kill orbekilled.■■■Relatedlinks:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Interviewwiththedevelopers:■■■◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆■■■Support:■■■■■■ContactEmail:■■■[email protected]
Lord Shiv Ringtones 1.9
Har Har Mahadev - Devon Ke Dev MahadevLord Shiva is one of themostpopular God in Hindu.Lord Shiva Refer asMahadev,Bholenath,ShivSambhu, Nilkanth & Rudra.This ApplicationInclude ShivMantra,Stotram, Jap, Dhun, Ringtones, Shivtandav &WallpaperFeatures of Shiv Ringtones: 1. High Quality Ringtones 2.HD ShivPhoto's 3. Set Ringtones and Wallpapers. How to use ShivRingtones?Just click on top of Screen Given GREEN Button Setwallpapers andringtones.
bhs2 (backhandsprings 2) 1.0
Ryan Dorang
backhandsprings 2 (bhs2)back handsprings and back flipssimulatornowwith slow motion modewatch video to see how controlswork2e0dc84798
Fans Of Elli Di 1.0
Fans Of Elli Di is an application that collects all videos fromElliDi channel so it is easier to enjoy. In this app containsvideossuch as Shopping and haul, Prank and fun, travel andtax,Experiments , Challenges, unpacking of parcels and many more
25000+ Motivational Thoughts 1.3
Droid Copz
Get a positive start in morning, with 25000+ BestMotivational,Inspirational and Success thoughts to start the day. #Be motivatedall the day.# Win every situation and dont getdepressed.# Get“Thought of The Day: daily and start your day withenthusiasm.#Share on whatsapp, facebook or any social site or app.#Copy andpaste anywhere.# 20000+ Best Motivational Thoughts# Alltypes ofthoughts Love, Success, Motivational etc# Thoughts from allgreatleaders like Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs etc.# Addathought in favorite for quick access.# New Thoughts added weekly.#Every day new thought with new screen.# You can share thoughtwithyour friends using Facebook or using Messaging and also youcanmail.# keep yourself refreshed by reading these free quotes onthego.# You get to read a new thought each day to help you reflectonsubjects like love, faith, compassion, motivation and more…#Spreadthe wisdom by sharing these inspirational quotes with yourfriendsvia facebook, Whatsapp and text messages.
Broken Dawn:Trauma HD 1.1.6
This HD version uses a higher resolution texture、fullymatcheddevice resolution,the picture quality more clear.The worldwasengulfed by mutants of unknown origin overnight.Cities fell onebyone, and the survival of humanity waned.An extraterrestrialattack?Or a biological one? What does the truth matter?What'simportant isto keep on the road of survival, in the dead citieswhere dangerlurks around every corner……Broken Dawn:Trauma HD is acampaignexpansion of Broken Dawn:a 3D RPG shooter with intensecombat,immersive controls and polished graphics, with technicalspecs thatedge out other titles of this genre on mobile.This HDversion usesa higher resolution texture,fully matched deviceresolution,thepicture quality more clear.*Real-time dynamiclighting*Excellentgameplay*Immersive combat*Rich battle campaign
Rocks Style Fashion Games 1.0
Rocks Style Fashion Games with loli rock charactersIrisAurianaTalia Carissa Lynaloli rock games dress upIris lolirockAurianaloli rockTalia loli rockCarissa loli rockLyna lolirockIris AurianaTalia Carissa Lyna
2048 1.5
2048 is played on a gray 4×4 grid, with numbered tiles thatslidesmoothly when a player moves them using the four arrow keys.Everyturn, a new tile will randomly appear in an empty spot on theboardwith a value of either 2 or 4. Tiles slide as far as possibleinthe chosen direction until they are stopped by either anothertileor the edge of the grid. If two tiles of the same numbercollidewhile moving, they will merge into a tile with the totalvalue ofthe two tiles that collided.The resulting tile cannot mergewithanother tile again in the same move. Higher-scoring tiles emitasoft glow.HOW TO PLAY: Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to movethetiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they mergeintoone. When 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ...1024.. 2048.Completely native implementaion
Bug Jam Adventure 1.0.4
Shadow Masters
The acclaimed action tower defense game is now availableforAndroid! Your quiet little town is infested with bugs! And allyouwanted to do was sit down and have a nice slice of cake. Andsomeberries. And ice cream. Nachos would be good. A big box ofcandy,too.Now you have to defend your goodies against hordes ofgreedybugs. Funky Flies, Furious Flies, Slugger Slugs, thegrotesque BigMamma. Even Splitters and the almost invulnerableTanker. You andyour trusty bug-squashing finger.Travel throughfarmland, forestand desert, over oceans and tundra. Discover thatonly you and yourfriends can save the world from being overrun bybugs.Customizeyour defensive strategy. Deploy bug-beating frogallies. Collectenough bug juice from your defeated foes to power-upan awesomearsenal of weapons and defenses. From The God Finger toNapalmNuke, you can rain down fire on your foes!Only then canyoucelebrate with a nice big slice of....Bug Jam Adventurehighlights:• 6 chapters with total number of 180 levels• Over adozen ofpower-ups! Burn, freeze, blow up your enemies! • Over 27differentenemies from Slugs to Termites, each with their ownskills! (Bewareof the Cockroaches!) • Intensive boss fights at theend of eachchapter! • Hours of gameplay with almost 30 achievements• Awesomecartoon art of high definition• In-game encyclopediawithinformation about your power-ups and bugs.
Çocuk ilahileri 3.0
Birbirinden güzel Çocuk ilahilerini buuygulamadabulabilirsiniz.Uygulamamız çocuklar için tasarlanmıştır.Güzel vesade arayüzü ile çok basit kullanımı vardır.Rahatsızedicireklamlar bulunmamaktadır.You can find the divine Childicrediblethis application.Our application is designed for children.Thereare very simple to use with a nice and simple interface.Thereareno annoying ads.
Morse is the best translator for converting text into morse codeandvice-versa.
Panama + Tak Tunk Tuang Ringtones 1.2
Best hot new of ringtone right nowWondering how you can live uptothe ringtone? With a drum beat Ringtones for me All in One AppFreeRingtonesDifferent genres: classical pop, piano, disco, etc.(over50)!Ringtones is Business services providers face asignificanteconomic challengeLawyer the more you think that good ofringtones.
NextApp Studio
The basic rule for the game is to make five in a row, columnordiagonal before your opponent. Mode Game:- Play With AI:3difficulty levels- 2 Play: Offline - play against your friendonthe same device.No need waste paper to play puzzle games!
Laser Weapons Lightsaber 1.4
Big Pink
Laser Weapons Lightsaber - is a new generation lightsabersimulator.Use your camera to project your sword and create anaugmentedreality effect! Choose your favourite lightsaber an feelthe powerof mighty weapon of the jedi. Super realistic lightsabersimulatoris waiting for you! Change the force crystal in yoursword to changeits color! Use your own unique combination of thesword hilt and alaser crystal. Swing your sword and see what willhappen! Chooseyour side! Will you be a light jedi or a dark sith?Swing the swordwith your friends in the real world! Applicationuses camera and theflash light of your phone to create the mostrealistic effects ofthe AR simulation. Dive in the atmosphere ofspace wars, conquer thegalaxy and feel the force inside! Excitingsound effects andgraphics will help you with that. Have fun andleave your comments.Thank you for playing
Titan Evolution World 2.2.1
Controlling a Titan's life is obviously going to be moreexcitingthan standing on a shoulder of one. 5.35 million secondsinto thecreation of a Titan, the largest creature to walk the faceof theEarth. 3 waves of Contemplation, Exploration, Changes,Joy,Fatigue, and Shifting. You~~~~ I~~~~ It~~~~She~~~~~~~~~Titans~~~~~ Download for free.FacebookFansPage suggestion? Anyproblem?We’d love to hearfromyou:[email protected]: ofPolicy:[email protected]
Lucky3&4!GoodLuckNumbers 2.1.2
Lucky 3 & Lucky 4 Numbers!!! Try it and Change your luck!!!GoodLuck!!!
Capitals of the countries - Quiz 1.5
This game is perfect for learning the capitals of all thecountriesor for testing your geography knowledge: - Several gamemodes areavailable: world quiz, quiz by continent... - And achallenge forthose who like competition! - You can review and learnthe capitalsof all the countries by using the list mode. - Itcontains thecapitals of the 199 countries. - It is user friendly.When playingthe quiz, the point of the game is to get as manycorrect answersas possible, with 3 wrong answers allowed. Whenplaying thechallenge, you have a limited time to guess the maximumnumber ofcapitals possible. Will you succeed to reach the bestscore?
National Anthem of India 1.0
Clima Tech
Provides the user with the National Anthem of India.Thisapplication provides with the vocal version of India's anthem.
Grim Reaper Wallpaper 1.6
The Grim Reaper or the "Angel of Death" is a conceptual entitythatis depicted as pale skeletal figure in a long black cloak withahood, and scythe in hand.Nice Features OF "Grim ReaperWallpapers"Application: - Compatible with 99% of mobile phones anddevices.-You can save or Share- Best Mobile Apps 2017Grim ReaperPictures& Backgrounds Graphics Art 3D Illustrations FreeDownload !!!
Puppy Wallpapers 1.0
In this application, a very beautiful wallpaper withcutepuppies.Puppies were always very cute creatures, and remaintoday.These amazing little puppies are always very nice andfunny.Wallpaper with the puppies for the people who love theselittlecreatures and are ready to look at them always.Wallpaper withapuppy work fine without an internet connection, you need onlyonetime download this app and enjoy the view of puppieseveryday!Wallpaper with the puppies have a lot of bright, colorfulandunforgettable wallpaper with pups, which please you every dayandyou will enjoy these moments and the image of the puppies!
Andhra Pradesh Land Record :- View,Save,Print and Share :- 1)MEEBHOOMI 2) IMPORTANT SERVICE STATUS ADHARCARD,PANCARD,PASSPORTANDTRAIN ENQUIRY Notes :- 1) The land record provided here is onlyforgeneral information. 2)If you want original copy ,Pleasecontactyour goverment office.
Cineplex 1.1
Sign in to:• Add movies and TV shows to your Watch-list• SeeRatingof movies and TV show.Explore and search:• Our catalog of3+million movie and TV titles.• Over 7+ million creditedcelebrities,actors, actresses, directors, and crew members• Currentmovietrailers and entertainment news.• Movie & TV sometimes anduser& critics reviews• Lists of Best Picture winners, top-ratedandmost popular movies and TV, celebrity birthdays, and more