Top 47 Games Similar to 召唤之夜-实时多人3D动作手游

Combat Pixel Arena 3D Multiplayer 1.14
Action multiplayer Fps Pixel style , You can fight with friendsorother peoples. New environment block world and pixel styleweaponsin game . Its funny pocket fps block style shooter game.HaveFun!Please connect the game server by WIFI or 4G network.
Iron Kill: Robot Games 1.9.171
***Best Robot Fighting Game on Mobile!*** Join more than 10MillionRobot Fighters Online!Like robots, battlebots, robotfightinggames? Then Iron Kill: Robot Games is for you! FEATURES ☆Own &fight 35 unique battle robots & battle mechs☆ PvPmultiplayerrobot fights with real players worldwide ☆ Unleashdevastatingcombos, abilities and special moves ☆ Upgrade, researchand equipboosts to dominate fights ☆ Fight in ChampionshipLeagues,Restricted Fights and Limited Time Events ☆ Stunning highqualitygraphics and animations ☆ Compete against your FacebookFriends inLeagues COLLECT YOUR MIGHTIEST BATTLE HEROES Build yourlegendaryfighters from 35 mean metal machines, fighting robots anddominatein the contest through a post-apocalyptic world. UNLEASHREALDEVASTATING MOVES Start your robot boxing fight using quickattacksto stay agile or heavy attacks to go strong. Perform a widerangeof boxing & fighting tactics along with unique abilitieslikestun, critical strike, shock shield…etc. during fights to turntheodds in your favour. Fill your revenge meter and unleashthesuperpower of your boxing robot made of steel. Unleash yourcombatskills to dominate in the real fight of champions!UPGRADE,RESEARCH & EQUIP BOOSTS Win and upgrade your battlebotstoenhance their steel and attack skills. Equip them with Booststodouble their power in the fights. Perform research tacticallytoenhance your bots and accelerate your overall journey. LEAGUEROBOTBATTLES, RESTRICTED FIGHTS AND LIMITED TIME EVENTS Combatthrough60 league fights challenging 12 unique champions to wintheUltimate Iron Kill Championship! Complete restriction events towinspecial Pro edition steel made boxing robots. Participateinlimited time events to win cool in-game rewards. STUNNING3DGRAPHICS Immerse yourself in 7 flawless real lookingarenasdesigned to hold the deadly robot wars between 35 realrobots.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURES Compete against players worldwideon thejourney to become Bot Fight Club Champion! Brag about yourwins towin cool in-game rewards. Challenge your friends incompletingachievements. Download and start fighting! Build theultimateimmortals and kill everything that stands in your way todominatethe bot fighting championship, Ironkill! A networkconnection isrequired to play. Having problems? Any suggestions?You can reachus at [email protected]
Armored Aces - 3D Tank War Online 3.1.0
i6 Games
A free team-based multiplayer mobile 3D online tank battle gameformobile devices. Join the armored force of tens of thousands ofrealplayers and drive into ferocious team deathmatch andspecialCapture The Flag mode battles! ★DIVISIONS OF TANKS★ Choosefrommany real-world tanks and armored vehicles. ★BATTLEUPGRADES★Improve its parameters with multiple upgrades.★BLITZKRIEG★ Attackin legendary tanks such as the mighty Tiger orthe modern era M1A2Abrams. ★TEAMPLAY★ Cooperate with friends viaplatoon play orcreate/join epic Tank Clan Brigades and dominate inveteran BrigadeWars. ★INCREDIBLE FUN★ Experience ultimate gameplayand thrillingwins! ★STATE OF THE ART★ Enjoy the high-res graphics,detailed tankmodels, realistic tank physics and spectacularparticleeffects!facebook:
Online RPG AVABEL [Action] 6.32.1
Asobimo, Inc.
-About the Game Action online RPG with ultimate graphics [AVABELONLINE] AVABEL ONLINE is a 3D-MMORPG that delivers the bestinsmartphone graphics. Users can enjoy the gamesexhilaratingfeatures, such as smooth combo strikes, sequentialattacks withjump action, etc in the same world. Enjoy huntingmonsters andquests in the MMO field "Main Tower" (multiplayerfield), or the"Dungeon" in the MO Field (Played by parties or bysolo), the PvP(Player versus player), or the tower scramble where amax of 1000players fight each other in real time all with the bestgraphics.-------------------------------------------------------------------------[RECOMMENDEDFOR THE FOLLOWING PLAYERS] --- Note this game can alsobe enjoyedfor beginners!! - If it is the first time to play onlineRPGs - Ifyou have played MMORPGs for PC but not for mobile and arelookingfor a full scale 3D online RPG for smart phones - If youare lookingfor a free-to-play role playing game, or just craverole playinggames - If you like fantasy games, or action games -If you want toexperience exciting battles - If you have masteredmany RPGs in thepast The game can be enjoyed for all players thatapply for theabove. Build your parties and guilds and enjoy thereal timeadventure as in online RPGs forFREE!------------------------------------------ ■OfficialTwitter ■OfficialFacebook
Knights & Dragons - Action RPG 1.53.000
Knights & Dragons is a non-stop action role playing gamewithendless battles against mythical creatures in amassiveaction-packed RPG adventure! Battle the Dark Prince &hismonsters with a brave army of knights in epic role playinggameaction. As the Knight Commander, collect powerful heroes,craftarmor with rare elements, embark on legendary quests &join amultiplayer guild to protect your kingdom! *NEW Battle Pets!*Petshave joined the fight for glory! Hunt, train and raiseheroiccompanions to aid your knights in battle. =Features= BRAVEKNIGHTSBECOME HEROES - BATTLE EVIL IN ALLIANCES - Alliances with upto 5other knights ready you for battle with rival kingdoms -Raiddungeon boss monsters with your Alliance for rare loot -Heroesrise - Customize each knight with fusion armor &devastatingweapons FIGHTING ADVENTURE GAMES - DUEL ENEMIES IN EPICACTION RPGCOMBAT - Duel in RPG battles with mystic enemies - Fightmonsters,dragons, knights and more on a world-spanning adventure-Gladiators level up, perform devastating massacre attacks&earn new armor PETS JOIN THE BATTLE - COLLECT, UPGRADE&COMBINE YOURS TO WIN - Collect virtual pets by using baittoattract rare & more powerful pets - Pets power-up yourattackand defense abilities as their strength grows - Battle yourpetsalongside your knights to increase critical attacks, dealburningdamage & improve your defense FUSION GAMES - CRAFTINGFANTASYARMOR ENHANCES STATS - Craft fusion armor by battling epicdungeonboss monsters for elements - Fusion lets you use elements tocraftspecialized weapons & stunning armor - Armor with thepower of5 elements: Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth & Air ELEMENTSJOIN -FANTASY ARMORY FORGED FOR GLORY - Elements combine toforgestunning new armor sets - Battle fantasy creatures to earncraftingelements - Glory goes to the kingdom with the best armoryMONSTERSATTACK - COMBAT THE DARK PRINCE’S MYTHICAL CREATURES -Dragonsassault your city! Battle mystical monsters to defend yourhome -Monsters & dragons challenge your gladiator in epicbattlesequences - Mythical creatures from hydras to dark knightsraidyour kingdom PVP MULTIPLAYER GAMES - JOIN A GUILD WITH FRIENDS!-Guilds up the fun! Join or create an alliance to earnmassiverewards - PVP games let you duel rivals & clash inintenseversus battles - PVP leaderboards rank you against rivalkingdomsin 3 modes HEROES BATTLE EVIL - ROLE PLAYING GAMES WITHEPIC WARACTION - Role Play as the Knight Commander and rise withepicheroes against a dark army of monsters & dragons - Battleinrole playing game combat with customizable knights - FantasyRPGduels with massive monsters & mythical creatures Battle eviltosave the kingdom & become a legend in Knights &Dragons,the epic free RPG story that pits you & your guildagainstlegions of monster legends! Challenge gladiators inmultiplayerbattle games, use fusion to craft the best castlearmory, &defeat the Dark Prince once and for all! Your kingdomcalls!Download Knights & Dragons today! Use of this applicationisgoverned by GREE's Terms of Service. In addition, please notethatGREE respects your privacy and asks you to review the GREEPrivacyPolicy. The GREE Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can befoundin the Legal section below as well asat
Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG 3.2.2
Enter a huge 3D world of magic, warcraft and adventure in thistrueopen world 3D MMORPG for your mobile device! Team up withmillionsof players from across the globe in a truly stunningandunforgettable real-time fantasy MMO roleplaying actionadventure,in a massive 3D persistent, evolving world full ofchallengingquests, epic battles, heroic feats and new friendships!Become aCeltic Heroes legend, and lead your Clan to victory inthisincredible, unique and epic MMORPG gaming experience on yourmobiledevice with hundreds of thousands of hours of game-playavailable!★ Set out on a truly amazing MMO 3D RPG adventure acrossthe vastand beautiful lands of Dal Riata.. ★ Customise yourcharacter withunique features ★ Develop and master your skills tomatch your ownplay style,building new friendships with otherplayers! ★ Team uptogether and compete against rivals in real-time.Fight leagues oflegendary enemies including ruthless invaders,infernal imps andfire breathing dragons, crafted for war! ★ Chatand trade in-gameitems with other Celtic Heroes and Clan mates asyour quest on youradventures to bring order to the mythical landsof Dal Riata fromthreatening forces of darkness and chaos! Joinmillions of playersonline in an epic journey through a 3D MassiveMultiplayer OnlineRoleplaying open-world of Celtic MythologyFeatures: + FREE TOPLAY: true 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes in real-time!+ 5 fullycustomisable character classes to play - Warrior, Mage,Druid,Ranger, Rogue. + Massive stunning 3D MMO open-worldgameplay(worldwide) + Chat and form Clans with hundreds ofthousands ofplayers from around the world in real-time! + RPG stylehundreds ofvaried and challenging quests to complete, inspired byCelticmythology + PvP Battles and Combat Duels challenging thebravest! +Earn & trade thousands of weapons, armour and items +Clashagainst other Clans with our new in-game Leader boards! +GameLanguage: English ➟ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up ➟ Gameaccessrequires mobile internet or wifi connection ➟ Touchscreendevicerequired to play Millions of gamers have already venturedinto theexpansive worlds of this massive 3D MMO Celtic Heroes themostimmersive 3D MMO on mobile. Join now for an epic open-worldtrue 3DMMORPG experience in real-time! Are you a true hero? DalRiataneeds you! ===== FREE ONLINE 3D MMO CELTIC HEROES! ===== VisitourMMORPG website for news and updates online: 3D MMO Celtic Heroes- Chat with otherplayers: Follow us onTwitter! Like us onFacebook! + us onGoogle+!
Cyberspace Tanks 3D 1.2.1
Ubicuo Studio
Cyberspace Tanks 3D is a tank arena shooting game set in a lowpoly,flat designed, digitalized universe.Fight in real-time 3Dbattlesagainst randomized challenging AI controlled TanksandHover-Tanks.Why is Cyberspace Tanks 3D special?* Workscompletelyoffline, so no queues and no lag issues, just fire it upand play!*Small download and no extra files needed.* More than 20vehicles tounlock, including Tanks and Hover-Tanks, each one withtheir ownstats (armor, speed, damage, reload time...).* Variouspopular gamemodes to play.* Activate modifiers on your tanks toshoot powerfullasers or be indestructible for a few seconds.* Cloudstorage isavailable, you just need to register once and the gamewill syncyour progress to recover it in case you change your phoneortablet.
Aurcus Online MMORPG 3.0.2
Asobimo, Inc.
◇◆Super exhilarating action with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMORPG)for smartphones "Aurcus Online"◆◇ Action RPG you can enjoyOnline onyour smart device is right here! ◆Simple yet deep combatsystemSimple tap to release Skill plus the non-targeting systembringsfreedom to combats. Combine the easy-to-control strikes andvariousSkills to finish the enemies in aerial combos! Experiencethestimulation taking full control of your character, and theexcitingrealistic action combats! ◆Enjoy the PvP (Player VSPlayer) withyour friends Arena feature where you fight against oneanother isavailable. It sure will be exciting to battle with thecharacter youhave trained! Communicating with your friends usingthe Chat orEmotion feature will make the tactics even wider!◆World ofadventure with infinite possibility New fields, jobs,etc. will beadded from updates. The world of adventure willexpand, and will notend! ─────────── [Story] Levaria, the landprotected by the spirits.Countries have fought with swords andmagic for hundreds of yearsfor their order and independence. A fewyears ago, the advent of theDark Force brought further chaos tothe world. Nations were perishedovernight and many towns wereinvaded. Not only monsters gettingwild in various places but alsothe ancient beast is about to awakeby the dark power of death. Tocope with the Dark Force, thealliance of the countries wasinevitable. However, the common enemywas not enough to wash awaythe grudges from the past. The GalleriaKingdom proposed thefounding of cooperative organization, and theconclusion of "BloodOath". That is an ancient spell that cannot bediscarded even bythe destruction of the world. Thus, in the midstof the emergenceof the Dark Force and the discord of the countries,a statelessorganization- Sword of Aurcus was born. People start togather tojoin the organization. And you are just one of them rightnow...─────────── [To Start the Game] Please read carefully andagree to"Terms of Use", "Terms of Use Violation" and "PrivacyPolicy" onthe RPG "Aurcus Online" official website, then please tapon the"Free App Download" banner to download the application.───────────[Notes] Please contact us via Contact in the officialwebsite (seebelow) for requests or report ofissues. *We prioritize on reportsthatcame via Contact. *Please note that you cannot play thegamewithout SD card, or with the card with insufficient space.*Largeamount of data will be downloaded on the initial boot up.Pleaseboot in the stable connection environment. ───────────AurcusOnline
Pocket Starships - PvP Arena: Space Shooter MMO 1.1.177
Fight in MOBA style Arenas against other Pilots and climb up intheLeague.Explore and conquer the galaxy in a MassiveMultiplayerOnline (MMO) space action for your smartphone, tabletand browser.

• Compete in 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 Arena fights toclimb to the topof the league• Fight with and against thousands ofplayers todominate the Galaxy!• Defeat the terrifying alienfleet.•Experience tactical battles against opponents from all overtheworld. • Create powerful alliances 
• Advanced crafting andupgradesystem for your spaceship.• Global- and alliance live chatsystemsfor a easy communication• True Cross-PlatformTechnology: you like Space MMOs orRPG - thisis your game! A real massive online game with thousandsof players,moving simultaneously in the same galaxy. build your ownspaceship,upgrade your weapons and refine your combat tactics.Prepareyourself together with your friends in a never ending battleforgalaxy supremacyTo play Pocket Starships you need anactiveInternet connection.IMPORTANT: The game is constantlyevolving andgame mechanics are subject to change at any time.OurForum:http://forum.spectaclegames.comFacebook: Game: case ofproblems,contact the support team:
Warship Fury 1.7.3
Brings the World War 2 naval strategy and action to thehighlyimmersive, quick and fast paced action on mobile and tablet.Youcan now master the great juggernauts from USA, Japan,Germany,Britain, Russia and China; with a variety of Battleships,Cruisers,Destroyers, Aircraft carriers and even Submarines, andjumpstraight into quick, action-packed 5vs5 epic warships battlesnomatter where you are! A truly free-to-play game. No timers,energybars, fuel—play as much as you want and whenever you want.
Slash Arena Online 1.1323
Facebook Page: Team up andfightfor glory in the best free to play PvP multiplayer experienceonmobile! Competitive team battles, unique heroes evolved totheextreme, legendary fantasy brawler action and stunning 3Dgraphics– Slash Arena Online gives you everything you might wantfrom themobile PvP battleground. Glorious mix of battle arenaaction andMOBA will put your champion skills to the ultimate test.Downloadright now and become the true mobile Legend! The yetunknownbattleground awaits you – guide your unique hero to the topof theworld ranking, clash with your friends in the fierce fighttobecome the arena Legend, lead your team to victory. FeedyoureSports spirit with challenging competition. Never before havetheMOBA and PvP battle arena games been so engaging, beautifulandthrilling! FEATURES: ★ Slash Arena Online takes the onlinePvPaction to the next level! The realms of order and chaosclashtogether in the world of fantasy battlegrounds and engagegamerswith stunning 3D graphics. If you’re looking for legendaryactionand a chance to test your skills in a deadly fight thendownloadSlash Arena and dive into the depth of battle with fiercewarriorsand royal champions to achieve glorious victory! ★ Thebattle arenaand brave heroes are waiting for your choice! Paladin,Necromancer,Skeleton, Mage – unique heroes fit for any playstyle.Everychampion is modeled with attention to the smallest details.Variousbeautiful locations in stunning 3D will immediately catchyour eye!★Simple controls, easy to master! Forget about overloadedMOBAinterface, all you need is a few buttons and your own skills togetto the top of the world ranking and become a Living Legend andaTrue Warrior. Slash your enemies with swords, dodge theirattacks,burst into action and demolish other players with evolvedweapons!★Create a unique Hero and arm him with a unique weapon thatwillbring death and destruction upon other players! Rich anddeepcustomization in keeping with the best traditions of classicMOBAgames will suit all your needs. Unlock over 30 upgrade levelsofweapons and armor for free, just play and win in the PvPbattlesand get your heroes evolved to the max! ★Slash Arena Onlineis afree to play mobile MOBA like experience! Don’t pay to win,it’sall about Play to Win. Choose your champion, brawl your waytovictory on the battlegrounds and evolve your unique Heroes.Unlocknew skills with new levels! ★Choose what Slash Arena onlinemodesuits you best! Online battle “Deathmatch” – a massive fightwithup to 30 players, true survival of the fittest! Online battle“TeamDeathmatch” – struggle between two teams. Test your personalskillsas well as your bond with teammates. Online battles “1x1”,“2x2”,“3x3” – a ranking PvP duel for hardcore warriors of themobilearena. ★Daily challenge for true evolved Heroes and Legends!Put onyour armor, draw your sword, gather your team and dive intoactionor stand as a lone warrior and show other players whatyou’recapable of. Your phone thirsts for battle! ★An online gamewithtrue potential to become an eSports Legend among mobile games!Withevolved matchmaking the battleground will bring you thrillingandfair action every time as well as find other players matchingyourskills and hero level for glorious online PvP battles.★Regularupdates! We work hard on continuous support of Slash ArenaOnlineto release new content on a regular basis. Look forward tomorearmor and weapons, gorgeous locations and unique heroes. ★Findmorefriends with our global community that thrives on the supportofactive players on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook! Slash ArenaOnlineis a free to play online PvP multiplayer action game, but ifyouwish, you can enrich your experience by purchasing game itemswithreal money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjustingyourmobile device’s settings.
Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D 7.6
Blue Arrow Games
Try Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D shooter where you canfightagainst players worldwide! In this FPS pocket edition you canusemultiply block guns (from axes to sniper) and play with friendsonawesome maps! Join with thousands of players around the world!Pickyour weapon and start your duty causing havoc and destructioninthis battle thorn environment of Pixel Fury! IN THIS FREEWORLDWIDE MULTIPLAYER YOU CAN: + Battle against friends withwidevariety of guns including bazookas, mini gun, axes,shotguns,combat rifles, sniper, UZI, AK, RPG and many other! + Earnpointsto unlock new pixel weapons & characters! + Choosebetweendifferent awesome FPS game modes of DEATHMATCH, TEAMDEATHMATCH andCAPTURE THE FLAG! + Customize your character withVAST SELECTION OFDIFFERENT SKINS! + Play on AWESOME MULTIPLAYERMAPS IN 3D which areall UNLOCKED! + Cause HAVOC: Throw grenades,sniper the enemy,shoot with bazooka! Soldier! You have to free yourfull fury andcraft a bulletproof plan to survive in these wars ofmassdestruction. Which weapon are your going to pick forsurvival?Different block guns have different abilities, would it bebest tokill the enemy with a close up combat knife or craft apistol forthat? Sniper him from a distance or call extinguish tohis survivalusing a bazooka? In this modern shooter game, sniper isgreat forcity maps and it is a wonderful firearm in teamdeathmatches. Whilecops team runs into the robbers hordes withblock knifes,kalashnikovs blazing and RPG roaming, you caneliminate enemies instealth mode. Another wicked craft is to waitfor the robbers togather up in the city center and blast them awayusing a missileweapon. Or you can use a close combat weapon in thefast paced cityfights to take the robbers out from a short range.However, if youwish to enjoy great multiplayer action in the goodold shootinggames style, pick a pixel gun or AK 47 and have funshooting! Youhave to constantly improve in this shooting game, themore wars yousurvive the stronger you get. After each duty you willincrease inexperience, which allows you to craft new weapons nskins. Buymodern weapons & fps enhancers like armor, ammo andfirepowerto your guns. You can upgrade firearms to improve ammocapacity,accuracy and fire rate. There are a lot of different skinsin thispixel shooter, play as general, zombie, boy or cop! Callyour warskin wisely, some skins work well for night time maps,blending inwith the battleground n increasing your chances ofsurvival, somejust look very cool! You can blast the enemies indifferent worlds!There are fps maps which take place in a desert orcity. You canshoot the robbers at night time in harbor containerfields orduring a snowy day in an open arena or even in space! Bewisechoosing the best shooting game mode for you! Duringdeathmatchwars you can shoot all opponents. Get your best gun out ncalldestruction. It is the survival of the fittest. However,whentrying to call for team deathmatch, do your best to helpyourmilitary commando! Fill your duty by using a missile weapon orjumpinto shooter action with a shotgun! When you have chosencapturethe flag mode you have to craft a clever plan. Find therightbalance between defending your commando outpost while tryingtocapture the robbers base. One war tactic is to divide theblockarmy. One great block commando duty is to go behind theenemylines, shooting everyone in the city, while the other commandowillguard your flag in full honor! The battle is yours! Experiencea 3Dwar like never before! Cause immense havoc! Wide variety offirearms offer you best & awesome shooting experience for hoursinthis world of action. Join Pixel Fury multiplayer 3D shooteronGoogle Play! And get your gun blazing in massive FPS battle!Goodluck, soldier! Visit
World of Gunships Online Game 1.4.4
GameSpire Ltd.
World of Gunships is the most immersiveonlinehelicopterbattleaction game has arrived on Google Play!Takecontrol ofthepowerful combat helicopters in this free-to-playPVPactiongame.Featuring stunning 3D graphics combinedwithintuitivecontrols andunforgettable flying experience!More than20battlehelicopterswith a high variety of weapons andequipment.Highlycustomizablegunship with machine guns, guidedmissiles, heattraps,camouflageand decal types.Visit the world wellknownlocations toplayinstant PVP gunship battles with other playersfromall overtheworld! Up to 8 players online per battle in‘Deathmatch’and‘TeamDeathmatch’ game modes.Features ★ Completemissions inEpisodemodeinspired by real-life conflicts.★ RealtimemultiplayerPVPnon-stopaction.★ Realistic 3D graphics andstunningvisualeffects.★ Only55 MB with no additional download!★ 5uniqueworldarenas.★ 22 warbirds to pilot.★ Lots of equipmentandcoolcamouflages.★ Controlsoptimized for 3D flight on mobilephoneortablet.★ Tilt controlsand Gamepad support.★ Bonus SurvivalModeforpractice against AI.★Originalsoundtrack!Internetconnectionrequired!If you enjoy FPS,shooting, orracing games, thisis theperfect game for you.You'llfind yourselfwhirling through theskiesacross intensecrossfire.Here is promo codefor freereward:XXXYYZZZLike usonFacebook:
Contra City Online 0.9.9
Edkon Games GmbH
Are you a fan of 3D shooter games? Grab the weapon and fightonlinewith millions of players all over the world in new onlineFPSContra City. Choose the equipment you like among the varietyofoutfits. You can look like commando, gangster, military,raper,biker and dozens of other characters. Show everyone who isthe bossof the city!WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT:• Variety of modernweapons:Katana, Desert Eagle, Kalashnikov AK47, Minigun, RocketLauncherand Flamethrower. Also hand gun, assault rifles, gatlingguns andeven Golden weapons and bullets for real pro players!•Differentoutfits: hats, masks, camouflage. Equipment setswithbonuses.UPGRADES AND CONTRACTS:• Improve your character’stalentsin Gym and make him undefeatable.• Upgrade your favouriteweapons.•Get new interesting tasks every day and receivetherewards!COMMUNICATION:• Invite your friends and find the newones.Compete with your friends and show your skills.• Join a clanorcreate your own one. Chat with your clanmates and improve yourclantogether.• All your friends and clanmates will see yourprogressand achievements! MAPS AND MODES:• Fight counter otherplayers indifferent modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture theFlag,Control Points, Zombie mode.• Balanced maps of appropriatesize fordifferent game styles: for snipers and for those who likeclosecombat shooting.• Exciting Zombie mode: kill all zombies orbecomea Zombie boss to infect other players!TOPs AND RATINGS:•Leagues:earn the world ranking among the top shooters and getcombatbonuses.• Create your own strike squad and show your force togainyour place in overall Top.• Lead clan wars to show everyonehowskilled your team is.• Each league will give you armor anddamagebonuses.Contra City Mobile is:First person shooter with fresh3DgraphicsFrequent updates and blitzsalesExcitingmultiplayerNeverending shootingPlay for free allcombat modesMorethan 100 types of weapons and equipmentCommunication andcompetitions among the players all over theworldOnline shooteroptimized for a comfortable game on the weakestdevices
Dungeon Legends - PvP Action MMO RPG Co-op Games 3.2
Help your people! Join the fight against the Skeleton Boss,andbecome the best hero in the dungeons. Live a real adventurewiththis online Action MMORPG game. Enjoy Dungeon Legends for free,anddiscover an endless world of battles, quests, and epiccreatures.Dungeon Legends is a hack & slash game optimized formobiledevices. A classic ARPG experience adapted to touch screens.Fightagainst other players in the pvp multiplayer modes like theArena,and become a legend of the dungeons. Go over the dungeonslookingfor incredible adventures, and legendary treasures, or askfor helpto overcome the quests of the online cooperativemultiplayer mode.Join a clan and fight the most epic battles toconquer thedungeons. Adapt your hero to your gameplay. Turn yourDwarf into anepic warrior, a healer, a hunter or a protector. Trainyour hero inthe adventure quests, and fight other heroes in theonline pvpmultiplayer arena. 🐲 BUILD YOUR OWN ADVENTURE It was along timeago, but Dwarfs remember the Skeleton Boss. He attackedthevillages with his army of goblins, skeletons, trolls, andbalrogs.But Dwarfs do not surrender, they fear nothing, and theycooperatedto hunt their enemies, and battle that army. Dwarfsdefeated theSkeleton Boss, and force him to hide in the ancientDungeons. Now,the Skeleton Boss is back. He is summoning an army toleave hisprison, and take revenge on the Dwarfs. The Skeleton Bossiswaiting in his throne, deep in the Dungeons.The only hope fortheDwarfs is to find him, cooperate, and hunt him before herecovershis power. 🔮DISCOVER AN ENDLESS ADVENTURE RPG GAME Eachquest inthis Action RPG is unique. Unleash your arcane powers, andhack andslash the evil creatures with a good strategy to obtainlegendaryrewards. Hunt the evil in the campaign or take part onthemultiplayer battles onlines. ⚔️ FIGHT IN THE ONLINEMULTIPLAYERARENA Fight epic PvP battles with other heroes, or theonlinemultiplayer modes. Enter the arena alone or with friends, andproveyou are the best evil hunter in the dungeons. 🏆 PARTICIPATEINPVE/PVP EVENTS Help your fellows dwarves in the PvE events,andcompete with them in the PvP battles. Each week there is anewopportunity to prove yourself as the best dwarf. 🎮 ENJOY ATRUEACTION RPG GAME This mmorpg controls are designed fortouchscreens. Hack & Slash game mechanics adapted to mobiledevices.🎁SHARE YOUR ADVENTURES ONLINE Explore the onlinemultiplayer coopadventures with your friends. Cooperate with otherepic heroesonline to complete the hardest quests or fight againstthem in theonline multiplayer PvP arena. ⭐️ AWESOME FEATURES: -Play a trueAction RPG adventure - Enjoy the Hack & Slashmechanics - Fightin epic multiplayer battles against other heroesonline - Joinother heroes to complete the online coop quests - PlayPvP fightsin the dungeons - Participate in weekly PvE events - Teamup withyour friends in the online coop adventure - PvE events,PvPbattles, online multiplayer battles, and coop battles can beplayedfor free If you are looking for a new hack & slash gameandmobile action rpg game, this mmorpg adventure game will be yournewfavourite RPG, action MMO, online RPG, and PvP game. Will youbethe best dwarf? Be prepared for amazing boss battles,legendaryonline PvE quests, coop multiplayer levels full of action,and anew world full of arcane magic. Please note: - This epicMMORPGgame is free to play, but in-apps items can be purchased withrealmoney. To restrict in-app purchases adjust the settings onyourdevice. - Dungeon Legends is an online ARPG game, and requiresanInternet connection to play. --- Like thegame: Followus: Join the OfficialForum:
Skullgirls 2.7.2
"Far and away the best mobile fighting game out there."-Toucharcade "This game is perfect for fighting game lovers."-Dispatch Skullgirls is a 2D Fighting RPG packed withunique,colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize asyousearch for the mysterious SKULLGIRL! STUNNING 2DANIMATIONThousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn 2D animationdeliversone of the most visually polished games you’ll play onmobile! AFIGHTING GAME FOR EVERYONE - Custom controls designedspecificallyfor mobile allow you to effortlessly execute a widevariety ofamazing moves and combos with a single tap or swipe. -New FightingGame player? Use Fight Assist and focus ONLY onstrategicdecisions. - Experienced Fighting Game player? Discoverdeeptactical choices, unique combos, juggles, and more! - Finally,aFighting Game for everyone! FULL RPG PROGRESSION - RPG playerswillfeel right at home! - Collect dozens of Characters that caneach becustomized in a variety of ways to suit your playstyle! -Level Upand Evolve your Fighters to maximize their potential -UnlockSpecial Moves and Blockbusters that can be upgraded andequippedbefore each battle - pick the perfect loadout! - Buildteams of upto 3 Fighters - find the best combination to maximizesynergies! -Explore an ever-growing collection of characters GAMEMODES - StoryMode - Seek out the Skullgirl before she destroys NewMeridian! -Prize Fights - Compete with other players to unlock newFighters! -Daily Events - Character-specific events are added daily- can youconquer them all? - Training - Practice combos, trydifferent teamcombinations and perfect your technique! - More modescoming soon!
Clash Of Robots
Timuz Games
Fight against the best robots only in ClashofRobots!With Clash of Robots, Get ready for the action-packed realtimemultiplayer combat of the decade! Combine your humanintelligencewith the strength, resilience and tactics of a robot inthisfuturistic robotic game. Engage with the enemy, spottheirweakness, formulate a strategy and dive into this fight andgiveyour 100% for glittering rewards. Join epic PVP battlesagainstrivals from all over the world!FUTURISTIC FIGHTSEnroll into Career Mode to fight one on one in 3 rounds tolearnmoves. Rule the robotic world to get maximum benefits intheTournament Mode. Climb to the Leaderboards of Clash of Robots tobethe most respected fighter of them all! You can also join aleagueto play with a single combatant one on one from all over theworld!Win Challenges and exhibit your achievements in an all newTrophyRoom.TOP THE FIGHTING PACK!Enjoy the seamless melee combat mechanism and teach your robotsomesick moves in this skill based fighting system. Throw yourrobotrivals off their game with hard hitting attacks andbewilderingmoves. Unleash your robot rage with deadly jabs,uppercuts &special moves against rivals to win worldchampionship belts,collect trophies & knockout allopponents!EYE CATCHING MOVESWant to win the fight with the smartest moves? Then unlocktheunique knockout attack of your robot and use it for themaximumimpact! Each one of the 40 fighters are assigned grapplingattackslike Power Punch, Doom Attack and Mega Trample! Thisperfectbalance of fiction and realism and the combat physics issure tospice up the match to put up an amazing show! Fill up yourpowerbar to unleash special fatal attacks to reign supremeincombat!MOUNTING DEFENSECreate a war machine to fit your own play style manypossiblecombinations of robots and weapons. Unleash special powerslikeAegis Defense and Magna Shield to dodge the attacks of yourrivals.Put your best efforts and get ready to for an amazingcombatexperience. Prevent yourself from an untimely defeat and showyournerves of steel by using the Health Kit in your hour ofneed.TECHNO UPGRADESChoose from over 45 options, a robot that expresses yourpersonalitythe best! Face your biggest rivals in your best avatarthat has lifelike intricate details and immaculate animations.When the biggestrivals clash, make sure you stand out of the rest!Join the ranks ofthe Metal Warriors! Unleash the champions, enterthe ultimatecontest!UNLOCK EXOTIC BATTLEGROUNDSTake a step back and watch in awe as we take you tohauntinglyrealistic locales like Desert Safari, City Square Bridge,Tomb ofthe Kings, Doctor Dragan’s Labs, Mother Ship, Streets ofMoscow,Amazonian Trenches and many more. Reign supreme inhugebattlefields that can barely contain these toweringcombatmachines. Prove yourself in each map and use differentstrategiesand tactics to emerge victorious from battle!
Skyblock Island Survival Games 1.37
Aeria Canada
Skyblock Islands is the unique multiplayer hit you don’t wanttomiss! Combining strategy, RPG and FPS into an action packedarenashooter where you must choose your cards wisely and shootfirst!Annihilate your opponents in one-on-one brawls where goodstrategyand quick reflexes are key to survival! BRING YOUR CARDS TOBATTLEBring powerful heroes or explosive spells locked away inuniquetrading cards for you to collect! Shape your deck before thebattleand see your strategy blow your enemy away! Find the cardsthat fityour play-style and put them to the test in one-on-oneskirmishesin tight and deadly arenas! REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER FIRSTPERSONSHOOTER Make your strategy, then shoot your way throughdozens ofhigh-octane maps as you destroy the opposition! Chooseyour Hero,upgrade your troops, then bring them to the arenas whereyou willdodge, shoot, and destroy! Features: Multiplayer Chooseyour heroPlace your troops and win against your opponents Upgradeyour cardsIn app purchases for spell and unit upgrades A lot ofincredibleweapons and skins!
Combat Pixel Arena 3D - Fury Man 1.4
New block environment world & weapons pixel style in game .Ingame Smart AI Bot and funny pocket fps block style shooterOnline.Perfect game to play with your friends around the worldagainstenemy AI.Please connect the game server by WIFI or 4Gnetwork.Thereis No in app purchase , is free game .Have Fun !
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure - Online RPG 3.5.3697
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is an incredible mix of best RPGsandMOBAs with action games elements. Show off your battle talentandtactical thinking, build an invincible team of heroes, defeatotherplayers in realtime PvP battles on arenas, and destroy hordesofenemies in exciting missions. Join the fantasy world ofroleplayingand battling. Cooperate with other masters and contestin real timeplayer vs player war of guilds. Download the game forfree and getready for an RPG adventure! Realtime PvP battles! BAHAwill let youchallenge mobile game players from all over the world.Crush yourenemies in the online hero battle arena and become thebest of thebest. Control your team in multiplayer PvP battles andmake yourunique strategy even in defence. It isn't enough to havepowerfulheroes to win this war - you also have to make the rightdecisionsat the right moments. Build your own team! Choose fromover 50heroes: a merciless undead leader, a furious gnome berserk,thekeeper of an elven forest, a menacing robot shooter from thefuture,and many more, they will remind you about your favouritecharactersfrom movies, books and games. Combine heroes and build abalancedteam. The improvement of your in game team equipment andtrainingskill is the key to be a winner on online arena in thatnew roleplaygame. Improve the quality of your gear or find anotherrandom one inchests invite a friend and win a battle to completeepic quests.Upgrade your magic warriors by winning legendary dailycontest ofchampions or take part in defending your guild of heroesagainstepic boss. Find your own unique combination of heroesevolved to bea winner in every multiplayer battle. Battle monstersor shop heroesto improve your power rating. Excellent graphics!Over 60 amazinglocations neverseen in other games. Your journeywill take youthrough virgin elven forests, scorching orcish landsthat werepartly destroyed by guild wars, the mysterious city ofAtlantis, andthe cold cliffs of the gnomes. BAHA will guide youthrough theheroes adventure. Lots of heroes with gorgeouslyrendered abilitiesfrom a wide variety of universes that is so rarefor MOBA roleplaying games. Heroes have all sorts of attacks soyou can fightyour enemies any way you want. There's something foreveryone:snowstorms, fireballs, poisoned arrows or missiles,blasters, andflashbangs! And it’s not only a game for boys becauseof pumpingheroes and fantasy tactics, a lot of cute heroes arewaiting too,anyone would like to set up a good team, level it upand chargeheroes to battle! Play the game with your friends forfree! Anywherenot only with wi fi connection. Invite other playersto enjoyplaying mobile RPG and make a clan. Trade heroes andequipment withyour friends. Chat, share tactics, fight friendlycooperativeskirmishes and all that in one mobile game. Follow uson: Facebook:
CyberSphere: TPS Online Action Game 1.69
Online Cyber Robot Game! Twin stick deathmatch Multiplayer -playfriends or gamers all over the world. Plot: Mankind is at warandunder attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs! Choose your armorandweapons, manage combat unit “Cyber-sphere” to defend the basefromthe advancing enemy across the planets. Use armoury such asguns,missiles, energy weapons, support drones, camouflage andexplosionsto destruct the enemy. You can fight alone or joinforces, killingon the battleground with other pilots in new onlinemultiplayermode! Good luck, solder! Civilisation as we know itdepends uponyou. Key Features: ★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics -making it feellike reality. ★ Single-player - you only haveyourself to rely onto prevent the apocalypse. ★ Crossplatformmultiplayer - up to 8players with iOS and Android devices can playtogether. ★ Offlinemode - you can play without internet connection.★ PVE with friends- join forces and increase your firepower invirtual fightin! ★ PVPmode - find out, who is the best pilot! ★Plenty of weapons - morethan 32 deadly guns. ★ Many support dronemodels - The drone squadyou want to be a part of, so use yourAI-controlled guardians. ★Lot of character types - managefuturistic tanks, walking mechas,cyborgs and solders, each withunique special ability! ★ Easinessof control - you can manage itintuitively using on-screen controlsor gamepad ★ Global ratings -become the best robot destroyer inthe world! ★ A variety of enemies- fighting robots, aliens,cyborgs ★ Small size - under 50 mb! ★Non-stop Sci Fi Top downcyborg shooter action - one of the mostinteresting games of 2018,it will not let you relax even a singlesecond! Your new favouritein the shooting games industry, withtwinstick control system,fighting to the deathmatch. The onlineScifi game that will get youhooked! Player, are you ready? Now,aboard the Spaceship
War Machines: Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games 3.9.1
Are you ready for war? Download this explosive multiplayertankgame, it's FREE! Choose your tank and gun and clash withyouropponents in fast paced realtime combat. Challenge your friendsandfire up in this fast-paced action game! FAST PACED SHOOTING GAME3minutes! That's the time you have to take down as many tanks asyoucan in a perfectly balanced tank game designed from the groundupfor mobile. DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY Defend the honor of yourcountryagainst your enemies. Battle against players from China,USA,Russia, Japan and more. The world is full of tanks! TWOEXPLOSIVEMODES Fight in team-based battles or in the free-for-allconflicts.ICONIC TANKS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD Choose your tankfrom a widerange of powerful beasts depending on your strategy.Choose a lighttank to fast scout the enemy's territory and provideyour teambattle changing intel. Or take the heaviest and strongestof all,the Panzer, and give your enemy what it deserves. DEEP TANKUPGRADESYSTEM Unlock new tanks and make strategic decisions overwhat partyou want to upgrade. Show your enemy who you are withtankcustomization with decals and patterns. Are you ready to beatthebest? VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDS TO EXPLORE AND MASTER Fight andshootyour enemies in various World War II battlefields: Europeancities,industrial zones with robots, no man's lands... Knowthebattlefield and get the edge on your assault over theenemy.Download now while it's free! From Fun Games for Free, thesamedeveloper behind games like Sniper 3D, War Heroes and CastleCrush!
Old Gold 3D: Dungeon Quest Action RPG 3.1.1
Gelios Software
Raid the dungeons full of evil defenders to fight againstpowerfulbosses guarding ancient gold. Improve your adventurerabilitiesalong this deadly quest. Addictive fast action rpg hasclassicsingle player retro gameplay of the best free old-school 3Dgames.You start your quests with one of the weapon like: 1 oldbrokensword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow, 4 assassin'sthrowingknives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger, 7 raider'smace, 8heretic's magic staff and 9 spear of doom. Your hero will beableto journey through deadly 3d labyrinths full of rare items andoldtreasure chests. Your dungeon hero will engage in battleswithawful beasts and hordes of skeleton warriors. Over the courseofthe game, improve your combat skill of sword fighting andbowshooting to defeat the army of the evil dead and destroyUndeadKing once and for all! This game is for all fans of 3Dactiongames, fps games(first-person shooters), old rpg games, andfor allthose who like - 3d sword fighting, bow and arrow, findtreasurechests, evil dead, dungeon monsters, knights and dragons,epicheroes and army of darkness. If you want to download paid gamesforfree, new action adventure and shooting games for free, justplaythis one of the top action games 2017.Facebook:
Hero Wars - Men’s Choice Epic Fantasy RPG 1.38.3
Hero Beautiful Fantasy Battle Adventure: fight for an Ultimatepowerin PvP arena battles, guild wars & rpg battle campaignsFightfor the Ultimate power in a Major War. Tame the chaos, cleartheattacked by the Evil lands of Dominion. Set your rules. - It’syourworld from now on! Dominate it. Gain the collection of themightiestHeroes, unlock all their skills and abilities. Power themup to alevel beyond attainment, experience them in PvP Arenabattles, Guildwars and RPG battle campaigns - make your armyinvincible and win aMajor War. Establish your own everlasting RPGlegacy. Dominion iswaiting for its Hero! Top 6 Reasons To DownloadHero Wars: 1. Dozensof unique mighty heroes with unique skills togain and to crank up;2. Hundreds of enemies - Bosses, Archdemonsand other hellborncharacters - to challenge and slay; 3. Thousandsof epic multiplayerPvP Arena and Grand Arena battles to join; 4.Numerous colorfulfantasy action-packed RPG battle campaigns toslake your thirst foradventures; 5. Large-scale Guild wars toprove yourself; 6.Multi-tiered ranking to immortalize yourvictories and legacy. Thegame is also a good chance to train yourown tactic and strategyplaying. Free and addictive. Be careful.Good luck with battles,Brave Hero, and remember! – We are alwayshere for you [email protected], Your Hero Wars Team.
Annelids: Online battle 1.112.5
Michal Srb
Worms battle in fully destructible underground world. •Deathmatch,Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Conquest and King ofthe Hilland more game modes. • Offline single player with greatartificialintelligence. • Online and bluetooth multiplayer. PvPandcooperative modes. Up to 6 players at once. •Procedurallygenerated maps. • 68 missions, 17 maps, 33 uniqueweapons and 9secret ones. • Supports MOGA and other bluetoothgamepads.
LOSTGUNS: 2D pixel online Shooting game, PVP 1.311
** This game requires WIFI or 3G/LTE connection to play. **『Over3million downloads』 The best 2D online shootinggame,LOSTGUNS!Compete and cooperate with your friends and usersallaround the world!co-op, pvp now in real time!For new users, youcanget various free items to be the best shooter!*Features - PVPmode,Play with multiplayers online up to 8 players (1vs1 ~ 4vs4).-Various modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Installation, GoldenRobotetc - More shooting More points! Gain valuable prizesthroughladder points! - Collect different weapons like rifles,shotguns,snipers, and rare skins! - Clan system updated! Make yourown clanand receive precious rewards.**COOPERATIVE MODE - Cooperatewith upto 4 multiplayers online. - Defend your nexus against wolvesinmission mode.***COMMUNITY - Enjoy the game even better withfriendsaround the world. - Supports convenient functions such aslobby,shop, and mailbox.◆ Permissions that are used in the game-AccessContacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to yourGoogleaccount, Google will be able to identify your handsetregistered inthis app. The game will not be logged reject theauthorizationrequest.- Device photo, media, and fileaccess(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Variousoptions(ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the game areneeded totemporarily store or load the status on the device.* Allstatementsused in the description may be slightly differentdepending on thedevice and OS version.
Arcane Soul 1.0.6
mSeed Games
** All your game data will be reset if you delete the installedgamefrom the device.* Game IntroductionDefeat the wicked evilgroupswith the sword of unparalleled magical power and experiencethethrill of adventure! ArcaneSoul is Hack and Slash actionRPG!Makeyour character more powerful by leveling up, obtainingskills andcollecting and strengthening items to battle with everstrongermonsters!* Game Features[Characters] You may play with atotal of 3characters including a 1 supplementarycharacter![Skills] 47different skills total![Battles] Dynamicbattle using active,command skill, jump, and running attack andmore![Item Farming]Collect items with a 45 different optionstotal![Graphic] 60FPS ofsmooth gameplay!* Note1. All your gamedata will be reset if youdelete the installed game from thedevice.2. Gamepad supported.3.There are no additional downloadsneeded after the game download.4.The game is available in English,Spanish, German, French,Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese andKorean.5. The languagesettings for the games can be changed withinthe game.* CustomerService CenterIf you have any inquiriesregarding the game, pleasecontact us using the [email protected] Facebook:
Robots Battleground 1.0.25
Robots Battleground — this is a dynamic multiplayer onlinePvPaction shooter, war robots.The Earth turned out to be aplatformfor battles of mechanized robots! Most of the robots are amixtureof the combat power of the tank and the maneuverability ofthemechanized suspension of robots, the symbiosis ofthesetechnologies is embodied in menacing machines, which you willhaveto control.Reincarnate in one of them and join the battle!Shoot,destroy, kill, remember the tactical maneuvers, earnrewards,improve your robot, increase your level. The moreexperienced you,and your machine is more perfect, the more powerfulyou on thebattlefield.Destroying enemy robots, earn and buyyourself a newmore powerful machines and then the honorable placein the rankingwill not keep you waiting! Choose your tactics ofwarfare, sit inambush or throw into battle, it all depends onyou!——— FEATURES———🔸 dynamic online (PvP) battle robots🔸 uniquemachines, a mixtureof the power of tank weapons and maneuverabilityof the robot🔸chatting with friends and enemies in the chat🔸mini-map will helpto find the enemy🔸 multiple modes of battle🔸bright, saturated,voxel graphics🔸 ratings of players, total andweekly🔸 destructibleelements of the environment on maps🔸 explosivefun in everybattle——— NOTE ———🔹 Robots Battleground — free game,but some ofthe game items can be purchased for real money.🔹 Thisgame requiresa good, stable connection to the Internet! (e.g.Wi-Fi)If you likedthe game, join our groups on social networks andwatch thenews:Facebook:
Dual Multiplayer Shooter 1.0.20
Local + Offline multiplayer for 2 devices! In this free actionappis your aim, to hit your opponent with one of the 32 weaponsuntilhis/her health is below zero. You can choose between 3 weapontypesand one bomb type. There are real-, fantasy-, andcrazy-weaponslike miniguns, Sniper rifles, gravity balls,electrical clouds anddifferent bombs (multi-bomb ...). Each weaponhas a special effect,for example: confusion, slow, attraction...During the fight powerups will spawn randomly. These power ups canhelp you to survivethe classic duel longer or win faster! If amissile leaves yoursmartphone screen, then you shoot from yourscreen to the screen ofyour friend over bluetooth and he has tododge the bullet or lose!You should also calculate his movement, ifyou wanna hit him.Features: - its a free bluetooth game for 2players - one can playtogether on 2 devices (local + offlinemultiplayer battle) - youcan use 2 phones, while playing together.- buffs/ power-ups(speed, healing, points x2 and more) - bombs,rockets, bullets,funny missiles like gravity bombs or electricballs, etc. - unlockweapons or skins with gems - skins for the duelcharacter -background skins - dual purpose: multi- or singleplayer- 3monsters: Knight, Boxer, Marlin Roadmap / future features: -32different weapons - Wifi support I hope you enjoy myBluetoothGames. 2017 by This game is free, butshows adsfrom
Cutie Raid - Angels Tale 1.0.78
Nuts Games
**Anime battle arena with cute girls as heroes, custom storylinewith outcomes you determine and PvP multiplayer cardcollectingbattles – Cutie Raid is the best anime game of 2017!!hmm**It hasbeen 17 years since the wicked Orenda's Monster Armyattacked theeden* city and dethroned the Queen. As Master, it isyour missionto gather the brave and beautiful heroes of the Queen'sbloodlineto defeat Orenda and take back the city! Summon theCuties' warriorsouls from the Chronos Entrance and realize theQueen's dyingwish!Cutie Raid’s thrilling story mode, PvP arenagames and TCGstyle card battles are sure to amaze you, withalluring anime artand an epic choose-your-own-adventure storyline.Collect, combineand summon cute anime girls to battle in anexciting TCG meets RPGadventure like none other!❤ Cutie RaidFeatures ❤ Summon Cute Girlsto Battle! ❤ Brave knights, ninjas,witches and more – Summon over150 beautiful and powerful Heroes tobattle on the frontier❤ War ishere! As Cutie Master, use battletactics and special moves uniqueto each Hero and defeat yourenemies❤ Summoners battle with quicktap controls, amazing magicabilities and vicious monstersChooseYour Story❤ Story line andCutie gameplay are completely dependenton your choices❤ Story modefeatures tons of different outcomes andoptions. Choose your pathand change your destinyDating SimulatorGameplay❤ Anime romance isin the air! Increase your intimacylevels with Heroes and discovertheir unique story and true power❤Dating sim gameplay feeds intocharacter growth, powering yourHeroes up for battle❤ Strengthenyour bond with each Cutie bytalking, steam baths, dinner andmore!Execute Strategy and Tactics❤Creative battle strategy! RPGtactics and thousands of battleskills give you unlimited options❤Strategy and timing will be thedifference between victory andhumiliating defeat. Time your tapsjust right and unleash yourCuties true potential!PvP MultiplayerCombat❤ Battle online withother players and prove your Cuties arestrongest❤ Multiplayerbattle arena – see how your friends trainedtheir Cuties and fightback❤ Online events for unique Cuties &rare items are addedfrequently!TCG RPG With Addictive CollectingMechanics❤ RPG cardgames with unique abilities for each Cutie❤Card collector? You’llfall for our amazing Cutie cards. Collectthem all to crush yourenemiesManga Fans Will Love the AmazingAnime Art❤ Manga and animefans – experience lovingly-craftedcharacter designs rendered ingorgeous anime art❤ Cute girls andoriginal anime style! Otaku andmanga fans will feel right athomeCutie Raid takes free role playinggames to an amazing newlevel! Battle, collect and date braveknights, powerful ninjas,devout nuns, whimsical witches and more inanime card games. Chooseyour story and build girls eden*with over150 unique Cuties!Battleme, Senpai! Download Cutie Raid and join inthe slg card game ACGfrontier wars today!NOTICE: Items areavailable for purchase inthegame.------------------------------------------Find us onFacebook:
Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS 1.2.19
Good Games LLC.
Pocketgamer –"Galaxy Reavers is a spectacular lookingstrategyspace-sim"FEATURES>>> PICK UP AND PLAY<<<Slideyour fingers on the screen to aim at enemies andfire at will! Thisis the essence of Galaxy Reavers! Best 3D Spacesi-fi games of2017! EVE on mobile!>>> COMBAT MODES<<<Survivalmode, rescue and escort missions will alwayskeep it surprising andinteresting!Victory in Galaxy Reavers dependson your split-seconddecision-making!Best 3D Space si-fi games of2017! EVE onmobile!>>> INFINITE CUSTOMIZATION<<<Collect 25+pieces of equipment and customize yourwarships to fit yourplaystyle, create truly unique fleets!Best 3DSpace si-fi games of2017! EVE on mobile!>>> MIGHTYWARSHIPS <<<Thereare 8 types of ultimate warships tocollect and use in your fleets.Think wisely as this choice willchange everything in GalaxyReavers!Best 3D Space si-fi games of2017! EVE onmobile!>>> IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE <<<3Dbattleswith detailed warship graphics will make you feel like atruegalactic fleet commander!Best 3D Space si-fi games of 2017! EVEonmobile!Download Galaxy Reavers and join the fight in this 3DRTSgame!Need more updates or support for this grandstrategygame?Connect withus!Facebook:[email protected]
The Adventures(SEA)
"The Adventures”, the latest Cute style ARPG mobile game of 2017.Itis 3D Western fantasy, engaging players in the conflictsandcooperation among the three Clans of the Lorant Continent.Throughcontinuous adventures and collecting, players can experiencethevicissitudes of history, the romance that transcendsbeyondcultures, and warfare against the ancient continent. -GameFeatures -【Extensive Landscapes & ExcitingAdventures】 TheZur Forest, Tamar Sand Land, Stormrage Plain,Giant Stone Relic...From the forest to the glacier, from the plainsto the sky.Sweeping terrains offer you the most excitingadventures. 【3DNon-locking Movement With Smooth Strike】3D stylewith thenon-locking mode, micro-operation with multiple skillcombinations,connecting all skills with a freestyle to offer youthe bestfighting experience.【Cute Pets Help You WithAdventures】LearnSkills, Pet Bonding, Melee Battles, TeamAdventure... Bring yourcute pets, prepare for battle. Remember, youare notalone.【Thrilling PK Experience By Moving Your Fingers】Arena,ClanWar, Guild War, and Destiny Battlefield etc various PKGameplays.Fight for your own name and the Clan.【Cool Avatars WithMultipleStyles】There are different fashion styles withpersonalizedcombinations, offering you new visual enjoyment!
Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG 2.1.0
~NEW~ Player Housing system - get your own little piece ofArlor!~NEW~ Pet Animancy system - combine your pets into asinglepowerhouse! Arcane Legends is the best fantasy action RPGandMMORPG game on mobile, perfect for both tablets andphones!Adventure through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses,find loot,join guilds and collect pets. Explore a breathtaking 3Dworld withfriends in this massive award-winning game from SpacetimeStudios.Build your character and quest alongside thousands of otherplayersonline and synchronously in real time. Your quests will takeyouand your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons asyoufight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting todestroythe kingdom of Arlor. ***** "10 best games for Smartphones"–Kotaku ***** "A Hack & Slash Home Run" – Forbes ***** "Bestofthe Best" – MMORPG ***** "One of the most impressive gameswe'veseen in a long time" – Pocket Gamer ***** "One of the bestmobileMMORPG experiences you can find" - Touch Gen ***** "Asperfect amobile adventure game as one could ask for" - New GamerNation Epicevents every week means there's always new things to doand newways to play! + Three different classes, dozens of skills,andthousands of items to customize your hero. + Collect andgrowmystical pets that help you on quests. + Loot thousandsoflegendary weapons and items. + Play co-op with other heroes inthePvE campaign + Get competitive in three PvP modes: capturetheflag, deathmatch, and duels!
WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game 2.2.1
Jump into WarFriends: the most exciting free online PvPshooterbased on duel matches, packed with fun and challenge! 💣Shoot, blowup, command & win! 🔥🔥🔥 Ready to go to war onlineagainst realplayers from across the world, WarFriend? WarFriends isaskill-based, real-time multiplayer shooter with fresh graphicsandintuitive touch controls. The fast-paced online PvP brawls arefullof action and various challenges. Collect powerfulmilitaryweapons, refine your war strategy and build an unstoppablearmy. ▶COMMAND AN ARMY ◀ ⚔️ Recruit paratroopers, snipers, drones,mechs,tanks and helicopters to create an unstoppable army.Collectarsenal of weapons for various playing styles. Shotgunmadness or apatient sniper? It's up to you! Your army can't do allthe shootingthough! The intuitive touch controls will keep youengagedthroughout every match. ⚔️ ▶ BECOME THE CHAMPION ◀ 🏆 Enlistfriendsto fight alongside you in ranked PvP death-matches. Battleto thetop of the leaderboards for world-wide bragging rights.Become thelegendary hero of the Arena, where the rules and rewardschangeevery week. 🏆 ▶ ENDLESS CUSTOMIZATION ◀ 🤡 Choose yourcharacter,adjust your looks, pick your loadout and build your owncrushingarmy to lead to battle. A zombie with a weak spot forexplosives,or rather a sneaky ninja with mad sniping skills? InWarFriendsyou'll find all that and more! 🤡 ▶ IT'S ALIVE! ◀ 📅 Takepart onlive events, enjoy amazing sales and special offers, havefun withyour friends during thematic holiday missions. 📅 What’s alittlewar between friends? 💙 Stay up to date on the latestWarFriendsnews: ImportantConsumerInformation. This app: Requires acceptance of EA’s UserAgreement.EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy applies. Includesin-gameadvertising. Collects data through third party ad servingandanalytics technology (see Privacy & Cookie Policy fordetails).Requires a persistent Internet connection (network feesmay apply).Contains direct links to the Internet and socialnetworking sitesintended for an audience over 13. Allows players tocommunicate viaFacebook notifications. To disable see the settingsin-game. Theapp uses Google Play Games. Log out of Google PlayGames beforeinstallation if you don’t want to share your game playwithfriends. User Agreement : Privacy&Cookie Policy : for assistanceorinquiries. EA may retire online features and services after 30daysnotice posted on
Hero Fighter X 1.091
Marti Wong
Hero Fighter is a fighting beat 'em up game created and developedbyMarti Wong, the creator of Little Fighter, for nearly 7years.Thereare 22 hero characters with tonnes of powerfulmoves.Hero Fighterprovides 300+ stages in 7 game modes:- StoryMode: Play withdifferent characters of your choice against enemiesand fight towatch their stories unfold.- Duel Mode: 1 on 1 Match.-Team VS Mode:Group-vs-group fighting- Battle Mode: Fight up to 100men in abattlefield with mercenaries, gold mines, soldier campsandcastles.- Tournament: Defeat your enemies each round astheychallenge you one by one.- Mission Mode: Survive therelentlesswaves of attacks from the enemy / bosses.- Training Mode:Receivespecial cards and earn extra experience points.
Dynasty Blades: Collect Heroes & Defeat Bosses 3.4.0
Dynasty Blades, the first Three Kingdoms 3D MMO-ARPGwithMULTI-WEAPON SYSTEM on mobile. CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES, FIGHTEPICBATTLES, AND DESTROY ANYONE WHO STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND THETHRONE.o SWITCH BETWEEN MULTIPLE WEAPONS WITH JUST ONE TAP! o Hackthroughenemies as the mighty Warrior. o Slash your foes withthelightning-fast Dual Blade. o Summon storms and thunderbolt astheFan Mage. o Knock and kick with dazzling Kungfu combos. oShootenemies down with the magic Firelock. TONS OF EPIC LOOT o Lootandcraft rare weapons, armor, gems, pets, battle flags andmagicalitems to make your characters invincible in battles. REALTIME PVPBATTLES o Enter the arena to battle other players online inepicmatches. o Experience the ultimate combat system: 1 VS 1 PK, 3VS 3Cross-Server PVP at all time. GUILDS o Create a guild andinviteother players to join. o Lead your guild in GvG events todominateleaderboards. ALWAYS A NEW CHALLENGE o Take on Daily andWeeklyEvents for more fun and huge rewards. o Unlock unique rewardsinspecial seasonal events. Contact us: [email protected] Like usonFacebook:
Heroes Charge 2.1.94
Join with your friends in the best and latest action RPGmultiplayeronline battle arena, HEROES CHARGE! Collect and trainyour heroes,gather your teammates, strengthen your heroes and wipeout the enemyin thrilling, addictive and fast-paced games. Overone hundredquests for you to partake in the story that YOU tell.Which heroeswill you choose? = AN EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND ADDICTIVEGAME = -Choose between over 50 unique and varied Heroes, frommeleebruisers, agile archers and powerful mages - Fight andexplorethrough the world of Kron, find rare heroes and see if youhave whatit takes to persuade them to join you! - Develop andupgrade yourskills while collecting equipment sets that infuseyour heroes withpower over your foes! - An immersive experiencewith friends or gosolo on your own in numerous battles - Blendcooperation with yourfriends as you battle against competingguilds for elite prizes -Develop team play and strategies to rulethe world of Kron - Buildor join a guild of friends - Fightthrough the PVP Arena for awardsfame! - Collect and develop rareheroes! - Fight against a horde ofenemies in challenging specialevents! NOTICE: Heroes Charge is acompletely free-to-play game,however there are some game items thatcan also be purchased forreal money. If you don’t want to use thisfeature, please disablein-app purchases in your device’s settings.Also under our Terms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be atleast 13 years of age toplay or download Heroes Charge.
Block Battles: Heroes at War - Multiplayer PVP 1.0.1
Pick your hero! Battle your friends!Fast paced competitiveonlinetop-down shooter!Welcome to Block Battles: Heroes at War, afastpaced super fun competitive online top-down shooter. Jumpintothese mobile friendly blocky wars and battle friends orfoes.Unlock new heroes each with their own super power. Rise to thetopof the leaderboard ranks and force your friends to admityoursupremacy.— INTENSE ONLINE BATTLES —Got nimble thumbs?BlockBattles: Heroes at War gives all the power to the player. Youmoveand shoot freely about the map. No auto-aim. No click-to-move.Justyou and your ability to dominate the match. Run and gun or headforcover while waiting for your health to regenerate. Then jumpfromthe black of the shadows, unleash your character's super powerandforce your score to the top. There are a variety of power upseachwith it’s own ability to turn the tides of battle. There are 3mapsincluded with the initial release of the game: Pixel City,IronSpace Station, and Apocalypse Temple. Additional maps will beaddedwith each update.— AMAZING HEROES —Perform well in battle andyouwill be rewarded. Earn chances to gain new blocky heroes. Eachherohas their own unique super power and stylish blocky pixellook.Then give yourself an awesome online name that will strikefearinto the hearts of your foes. Win online, get new loot, showyourstyle. It’s tons of fun!— FAME AND GLORY —Pwn your friends andAIbots. Rise to the top. Block Battles: Star Guardians isfullyenabled for Game Center leaderboards. Chase your friendsscores orgo for the glory of ranking on the global leaderboards.The worldneeds a hero!
Magic Rampage 3.4.5
Exciting new platformer that combines the RPG genre withfast-pacedaction gameplay. Magic Rampage features charactercustomization anddozens of weapons to wield; from knives to magicalstaves. Eachdungeon introduces the player to new obstacles, enemiesand secretareas to explore. Search Bonus levels, strive in Survivalmode,join forces with friendly NPCs and battle it out inchallengingBoss fights. Magic Rampage features an exciting onlineCompetitiveMode where players around the globe compete to see who'sthe bestin randomly generated dungeons; featuring unique bosses,exclusivenew items and content! CAMPAIGN Be brave and venture intocastles,swamps, forests, and fight zombies, giant spiders and manytoughbosses! Choose your class, dress your armor and grab yourbestweapon (knives, hammers, staffs, etc), and be prepared tofightdragons, bats and monsters to find out who's behind allthis!COMPETITIVE Challenge other players to make the most points,byplaying in dungeons with random obstacles, enemies and bosses!Youcan also challenge your friends, as well as honing yourcharacterwith new powers on the Skill Tree. The more you compete,the betteryour rankings will be and you'll be featured in the greatHall ofFame, which rewards the champions with unique weapons andarmor!CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Choose your class (Mage, Warrior,Druid,Warlock, Rogue, Paladin, Thief and many more) and customizeyourcharacter's weapons and armor. You can choose the perfectweaponsand armor according to your class, as well as theirmagicalelements: fire, water, air, earth, light and darkness,furtherstylizing your hero with your playing style. SURVIVOR MODETestyour strength! Enter the most dangerous dungeons of the castleandfight against various enemies. The longer you can stay alive,themore gold and weapons you will win! Survival Mode is a greatwayfor you to gain new weapons, armor and lots of gold to equipyourcharacter and get stronger and stronger. THE SHOP Meet thesalesmanand browse his shop. He will offer you the best weapons,armor andalso rare runes, with which you can increase the damage ofyourshield in your weaponry. The Seller is not too friendly, but heisthe only one that can help you against all the enemies andbossesyou will find in this battle! LOCAL VERSUS MODE Do you haveanAndroid TV? Plug in two gamepads and invite your friends toplaywith you! We've created a versus mode featuring the maincharactersin the game, with battle arenas based on the Campaignmode'sDungeons. You will have to be quick to win! Pick up weaponsthatare in the crates across the arena, kill NPCs and keep an eyeonyour opponent! Magic Rampage brings back the look and feel ofthevery best classic platformers from the 90's, introducingrefreshedand engaging gameplay mechanics. If you miss platformersfrom the16-bit era, and think games nowadays aren't that goodanymore,think twice! Magic Rampage is for you. Magic Rampagesupportsjoysticks, gamepads and physical keyboard for even moreaccurategameplay responsiveness.
Eternal Arena 1.0.9
NetEase Games
Eternal Arena is a fun, challenging Action-RPG with 90 levelsofcharacter evolution, over 120 multi-tiered solo quests, and45+unique, fantasy heroes to collect, equip, and command. Proveyourstrength, then access Global PvP to team up for epic MOBA warswithplayers across your global region.Compete in casual, custom,orranked 1v1 to 3v3 MOBA battles to challenge the community,climbthe leaderboard, and reap generous rewards. The perfect blendofreal-time multiplayer strategy, furious action, and deepRPGcustomization, Eternal Arena is the game you’ve beenfightingfor!KEY FEATURES- 120 Replayable Quests: Challengingsingle-playermissions featuring a wide variety of activities &goals- 10Multiplayer Modes: Play with or against your friends inDuels,Tournaments, Quick Matches & more- Real-time MOBA Wars:Joinplayers across your region for Casual, Custom & Ranked 1v1upto 3v3 battles- Fast-paced Combat: Responsive, joystickcontrolstrigger furious attacks and dynamic signature moves-DeepAction-RPG: Summon and equip heroes, Forge gear, Craftartifacts,Enhance runes & much more- Expansive Guilds: Build amightyclan through Co-op Guild Wars, Rescue Missions & TeamBossBattlesKEEP IN TOUCH- Twitter:
ChronoBlade 1.4.8
nWay Inc.
Put your fighting skills to the test. ChronoBlade is theonlyside-scrolling RPG brawler featuring explosive arcade-stylecombat,and real-time synchronous PvP action.ExplosiveSkill-BasedCombatEach character has over 30 punishing ground andair attacksfor you to chain together for insane combos. Master thecontrols tododge, block and counter attacks. Dominate in Real-TimeSynchronousBattlesCrush your competition in synchronous PvPbattles. Yourskill and timing are key in this competitive actiongame.YourCharacter. Your Style.Play as any of the four maincharactersthroughout the game. Outfit your hero with customequipment forstrategic upgrades. An open-ended progression systemlets you buildthe ultimate character personalized to your playstyle.
Mini Racing Adventures 1.17.4
Introducing Mini Racing Adventures, possibly the best freetodownload realtime multiplayer, 3D endless side scrollingphysicsbased racing adventure game ever created! Meet Martin NitroMinimo,or MnM for short. Now short in stature he may be butunderneaththat facade lies a great big heart with big dreams tofulfill. HelpMartin in his quest to become the record holder as thegreatestendurance racer of his time and overcome his shadowy rivalOminiSpeedario that is in relentless pursuit. Mini RacingAdventureschallenges you to unlock our collection of 26 uniquevehicles eachwith their own feel, to travel across the farthestreaches of 12adventurous stages. Race into action as you selectyour favoriteBuggy cars, ATV, Trial Motor Bike, and even Truck toclimb thehighest hill, dirt tracks, snowy mountains, and otherbeautifullydesigned stages. Maximize your vehicles potential byunlocking 5different upgrades. We wish we could see you at thefinish line butthe road never stops so you will have to create yourown. Are youup for the challenge? Features: ★ Online RealtimeMultiplayerversus other MRA racers and even your friends ★ OfflineMultiplayeragainst CPU or your Ghost! ★ Google Saved Games CloudSave ★Leaderboards & Achievements ★ Smooth and realisticphysics(look at those suspension in action!). ★ Stunning 3D visualsandgraphics ★ Lots of selectable vehicles ( Offroad Buggy, BajaBug,Moto Bike, Truck, etc ) ★ Upgradeable vehicle components ★Controloptions ★ Social Media Sharing ★ Free to Play This game isachallenge for any speed freak, off road climbers, rock crawlingandauto enthusiast, and even asphalt drag racer. No trafficlights,pick your own favourite cars that suit your driving style,fastyour seatbelt, speed up and help Martin win those furiousraces!Like and follow our Facebook & Twitter to get the latestnewsand updates. See what our plans are for the next update ofMiniRacing Adventures. Don't forget to drop us your review andratingto help Martin find more rivals and fans. Happy Trails andTrialsand remember to buckle up as it's going to be a bumpy ride! ✦CloudSave Notes ✦ Please make sure you save the progress manuallyusingthe cloud button in home screen. And please make sure youareonline and logged in with google account. And make sure yourgoogleaccount Auto-Sync App Data is ON. Otherwise your data willnotuploaded and may lost. ✦ Multiplayer Notes ✦ There is a problemtoplay multiplayer on ASUS devices and few other devices. *Forfastresponse, please send us bug report and any [email protected] , report in User Review will berepliedseveral days. There are some bugs and suggestions that wehaven'tfix yet, please be patient and keep us updated. Thanks forthesupport!
Blitz Brigade - Online FPS fun 3.5.2b
You ready for the gun show? Because Blitz Brigade is packingmajorheat in this over-the-top (and over budget) online FPS warfest!Puton your game face as one of seven highly skilled classesand teamup with other players to blast your enemies into theground… Thendig 'em up so you can blast 'em again! Enter anoutlandishalternate history where the world’s military leaders areactuallysensible people, and the warring forces of the Axis andAlliesrealise that a world war would literally be the worst thingever.So, they decide that it would be a lot less messy (and a tonmorefun) if we just picked the greatest, most trigger-happyshootersand troopers from both sides to fight it out in amazingteam arenasfull of guns, bombs, tanks, and other crazy tools thatmake thingsgo BOOM!So why not gear up, join the fight, and feel therush ofMMO FPS combat!*****LOCK 'N' LOAD FOR MULTIPLAYERFPSMAYHEM!*****GIVE AN ONLINE BEATDOWN!√ Up to 12 players canbattleat the same time online for completely frantic combat gamesandmaximum fun.√ Catch limited-time events for newchallenges,seasonal contests and loads of fun new content,including speciallythemed weapons and costumes!√ Create or join aSquad to crushglobal opponents in MMO team games and work togethertowardsgaining glory and rewards.√ Voice Chat lets you plan yourFPSstrategy and call out to allies in the heat of battle.PICK ACLASSFOR KICKING... BUTT√ 7 Classes: Jump into combat as theversatileSoldier, the heavy-hitting Gunner, the supportive Medic,theprecise Sniper, the cunning Stealth, the fearsome Demolisher orthetactical Engineer.√ Customise and master each class'sspecialisedskills to do your best in team games and counter youropponent'splan.√ Unlock each class's Ultra Abilities, which cancompletelyshift the tide of battle. Imagine being a Sniper that canseethrough walls, or a Stealth that can't be seen at all!√Uniquetaunts and kill quotes add character to your team. Because agoodtaunt can do more damage than almost any weapon…√ Top offyourunique look with a wide selection of hats.LOADS OFMODES√Deathmatch: Race to rack up the most kills for your team inastraightforward firefight.√ Domination: Strike key positionsandtake control of the battlefield while defending your positions.Theultimate test of teamwork!√ Capture the Flag: Infiltrate theenemystronghold, swipe the flag and (here’s the tricky part) get itBACKto your base before getting blown to pieces!√ Free-for-All:Takedown the first moving thing you see... and the second... andprettymuch everything after that! In this mad shooter mode, it'severyperson for themselves!PACK SOME POWER √ Roll out in a varietyofarmed and explosive land and air assault vehicles.√ PilottheCrusher—a mech made to step all over the competition!√ Gear upwithover 100 wild weapons to customise your chaos.√ Prime yourskillsin challenging single-player missions that will train you forthemultiplayer PvP games.*****War Is a Heck of a GoodTime!*****Forfans of free online action games, class-basedmultiplayer shooters,first-person shooters, army/war games, oranyone who enjoys a goodMMO fight.Enter the battlefield, get readyfor the war, and enjoyhours of FPSfun!_____________________________________________Visitour officialsite at out the newblog at't forget to follow us onsocialmedia:Facebook: ofUse:
Battlepillars Multiplayer PVP
Crawl into the bug battle with this action packed real timestrategygame! The red caterpillar army is on the attack, so fightback withyour own tactics as you command the battle ready greencaterpillararmy! Battlepillars is an RTS tug of war game where youcommandheavily armed caterpillar soldiers to do your fighting!Armed to theteeth with flamethrowers, sticky honey, mines, machineguns andmore, send your caterpillar troops on the attack usingreal timestrategy and skill! Need some air support? Call in Larrythe Bird todeploy some bird bombs! The woodland creatures are atyour side andready for battle Commander! Once the enemy base isdestroyed, sendyour caterpillar army to the next level with brandnew prestigesegments!Utilize the best strategies and combinationsto form thestrongest squad to defeat your opponents. Fromblitzkrieg and cannoncaterpillars, to robot and ninjacaterpillars, there are an infinitenumber of ways to kill off theenemy army! Looking for an eventougher challenge Commander?Perfect your strategies in the TestZone, then take the battleonline against your buddies via themultiplayer mode! Need to proveyou’re the best? Tackle EndlessMode! Conquer the campaign, thencontinue the battle to overthrowchaotic forces in the newNightmare Mode!***FIVE WAYS TO GET IN THERTS ACTION***CAMPAIGN -Conquer your way through the map and kill 50enemy bases and 5 bigboss Battlepillars poised to halt yourattack!MULTIPLAYER - Takethe battle online via Google Play andchallenge your buddies in amultiplayer battles!TEST ZONE-Experiment battle tactics in theTest Zone!ENDLESS MODE - Survivefor as long as possible againstthe attack of the red caterpillararmy!RAID MODE – Cocoon yourcaterpillars into Battleflies and raidthe enemy applesupply!***FEATURES***-RTS gaming keeps the actionfast paced andfun while you strategize your attack.-50 Levels and 5World Themes:Garden, Jungle, Spooky, Junkyard, Robots.-OptionalGold Challengeslet players challenge themselves while earning moreapples forupgrades, power ups, and rare skins. - Over 20 unique andpowerfulskins to boost your army’s might, including the Shaman andAlienskins!-Wide variety of weapons and upgrades let you createyour ownfighting style. Kill off enemies with cannons,grenades,flamethrowers, mines, machine guns, missiles andmore.-Plenty ofcaterpillar soldiers skins to choose from, all withunique battleproperties: standard, mummy, spider, robot, ninja andmore.- UseStartfruit to get powerful new prestige segments!-Calluponwoodland allies like the Wizard Turtle or Larry the Bird to aidinthe fighting!Battlepillars is an awesome tug of war battlegamethat will have you addicted to the battlefield! With tonsofupgrades, weapons and soldiers, there are endless ways toconquerwith your caterpillar army! So what are you waiting forCommander?Victory awaits you! Download today and launch yourattack, yourtroops need you!
War Commander: Rogue Assault 2.45.1
An immersive combat game in a massive multiplayer online world,WarCommander: Rogue Assault delivers a stunning, fully 3Dbattlefieldexperience like nothing you've ever seen on mobile.Command yourarmy and launch strategic strikes against your enemyfor control ofWar Zones. As one of the few surviving commandersafter World War3, defend your base, customize your units, andattack enemies tosurvive. Become the ultimate warrior in thisonline militarystrategy game by battling to gain control of theworld. RogueAssault is the most realistic military game on mobileto date. Withdirect control of your tanks, helicopters, andinfantry, shoot yourway through enemy hordes and become a master ofcombat. • Immersive3D multiplayer military strategy game •Individual orplayer-vs-player combat • Real-time, individual unitcontrol •Immediate access to riflemen, heavy gunners, and rhinotanks •Level up for access to powerful units and military mightWebsite: Developer: an Empire Build your base and leadyour army to victory.Discover new defense systems, research stateof the art weapons,and destroy any enemies that stand in your way.Fight in StrategicBattles Blend foot soldiers, light vehicles,tanks, and aircraft tocoordinate devastating strikes. Attacking theenemy never felt asgood as in this realistic military game. Defendyour FortressCustomize your defenses to repel enemies and controlthe world’slast resources. Alternatively, play offense and use yourarmy toturn around, attack, and take what’s yours. • Infantry:Standardwarriors required in any battle. Exceptionally well-roundedanddiverse, they are great for attack or defense. • Aircraft:Perfectfor launching surprise strikes against an enemy base. Therightaircraft can provide a strategic advantage over grounded unitswhocan’t shoot from so far below. • Vehicles: The backbone ofyourforce. With huge damage output and defensive capabilities,theseunits are a must have for any invasion No Build Times Don’thavetime to assemble an army the old fashioned way? Don’t worry.Withno build times, you’ll be ready to get into the action in notime.Join an Alliance Forge strategic alliances with other soldiersandform battle tactics in the group chat, or seek advice from apoolof commanders in the live world chat. Those who join anallianceare better set up to thrive in this war-torn world. Monthlyin-gameEvents Show off your military prowess in monthly events.Fightstrategic worldwide battles to top the world leaderboards.
Tiny Gladiators - Fighting Tournament 2.2.4
BoomBit Games
Tiny Gladiators is an action-packed RPG Fighting Game,combiningvirtual worlds, animated characters and high adrenalinefighting!Join the excitement of real-time PvP games, thegladiator-game funand knock out your opponents! Begin your fightinggame journey asyou battle for glory, fight against powerful enemiesand discovernew virtual worlds. Watch out! Your opponents willbecome larger atthe end of every stage in this unique action RPGgame. Crush yourenemies in this dynamic skill based fighting gameusing unique setsof armor and weapons. Pick from 4 differentvirtual characterclasses in this one of a kind PvP online game.Upgrade Your VirtualCharacter Learn powerful new combat skills butalso gear up toprotect yourself in this fantasy RPG game. Whilemost RPG games arelimited in animated character options, TinyGladiators features awide variety of outfits, skills and manyunique pieces of weaponsand armor including medieval weapons. Theseand more can be usedfor protection or to launch attacks on yourenemies! Single PlayerStory or Multiplayer Game Options! Shift intoyour street fightermode and start Tiny Gladiators’ fighting game!You will go on funand exciting single player challenges. Once youcomplete the singleplayer mode you can battle friends or otherplayers around you.Bring your best items, prepare your deadliestabilities and rise inthe global ranks of Tiny Gladiators’ topfighters in this highadrenaline multiplayer RPG! Step into theSurvival Tower if youdare and Battle for Glory!! In the virtualworld of the tower, youwill find the greatest dangers in the game.Strap on your survivalgear and try to make it long enough in thetower by defeatingmultiple enemies in a row! Each player gets onefree pass to theSurvival Tower, after that you will need to useyour in-gameearnings – Take high-risks and earn high rewards inthis one of akind combination between RPG games and fighting games!★★★Available in 24 different languages ★★★ Make sure to check outmorefun games by BoomBit In BoomBit, we make simple onetouchMultiplayer Arcade games that are impossible to put down. Theyaresuper fun, very hard but mega addictive games.
帝国联盟 1.2.5
《帝国联盟》支持多人在线、属于角色扮演和宠物养成类型、具有西方奇幻Q版风格,是经典回合制RPG和流行卡牌结合的一款游戏。---------游戏特色---------首先,《帝国联盟》是一款回合制RPG游戏。她继承了传统的RPG的特色:【城镇场景】、【角色换装】、【带宠逛街】、【宝马坐骑】。战斗系统更是大家熟悉的按回合出招,因此上手十分简单。然后,在这个传统的基础上,《帝国联盟》融入了卡牌游戏的方式:【副本扫荡】、【宠物星级进化】、【异步天榜战斗】。这些设计在很大程度上,摆脱了传统回合制RPG需要长期在线挂机的沉闷体验,更贴近手机用户利用“碎片时间”来玩的习惯。再者,在手动操作和完全无脑的自动战斗之间,我们加入了【仇恨系统】、【嘲讽技能】、以及技能释放顺序设置这些机制,让玩家即使在自动战斗的时候,战况也会更加多元化。还有,《帝国联盟》保留了现在众多手游已经舍弃的系统:【交易所】。对于宠物蛋、技能书、以及装备素材等,可以在游戏内自由交易。最后,本游戏拒绝无尽的开服、合服、滚服,本游戏只有一个服《混沌天开》。独创按纪元年代分榜玩法,让新玩家不再企望老玩家的BOSS排行榜,让新手玩家低成本追赶老玩家。与老玩家同服组队一起打副本,一起PK,一起聊天,一起嗨!一起共创和谐游戏!总体来说,《帝国联盟》并不是一款传统意义上的回合制RPG,但也不是一款单机的卡牌游戏,相信会让你对回合制RPG有一个不一样的体验。"EmpireAlliance"multiplayer online role-playing and belongs to the typeof petraising, with Western-style fantasy version of Q, is aclassicturn-based RPG and popular card game combined.GameFeatures--------- ---------First, the "imperial alliance" is aturn-basedRPG game. She inherited the traditional features of RPG:urbanscene [], [] the role of dress, pet shopping with [], []BMWmounts. Combat system is more familiar by round moves, so easytoget started.Then, on the basis of this tradition, "EmpireUnion"into the way of the card game: a copy of raids [], [petstarevolution], [fighting] asynchronous day list. These design toalarge extent, from the traditional turn-based RPG needs a longlinehook dull experience, closer to mobile phone users use "piecesoftime" to play habits.Furthermore, between manual andfullyautomatic mindless fighting, we joined the hatred of thesystem [],[] sarcasm skills, and skills of the release order to setthesemechanisms, allowing the player even when the automaticfighting,fighting will become more Diversification.Also, the"Empire Union"to retain the current number of mobile games has beendiscardedsystem: [Exchange]. For pet egg, skill books, materialsandequipment, etc., can be freely traded in the game.Finally, thegamerefused to endless open service, combined services, rollclothes,this game is only one dress, "chaotic days open." Accordingto theoriginal era's points standings play, so players no longerlookforward to the new and old players BOSS leaderboards, sonoviceplayers to catch up with old low-cost players. Playing withclothesand old players to team up with a copy, PK, along with chat,Hitogether! Together to create a harmonious game!Overall,the"imperial alliance" is not a turn-based RPG in thetraditionalsense, but not a stand-alone card game, that will makeyou have adifferent experience to turn-based RPG.