Top 2 Apps Similar to IN2 ROUTER

Bluetooth Phonebook 1.3.7
IMPORTANT: App does not work properly with Android8.0!BluetoothPBAP and IrMC/SYNCH Profile for phonebook transferfromphone tocar This app replaces the built-in Phonebook AccessProfile(PBAP)on many phones and fixes some known problems.Pleasevisit and compatibility list. Additionally thisappimplementsBluetooth IrMC/SYNCH profile needed by older carkitsfrom Nokiaand VW. IrMC/SYNCH profile only transfers contactdata,no calllists.
Bluetooth Phonebook (Obsolete) 1.3.6
Bluetooth PBAP and IrMC/SYNCH Profile for phonebooktransferfromphone to car This app replaces the built-inPhonebookAccessProfile (PBAP) on many phones and fixes some knownproblems.Pleasevisit moredetailsand compatibility list. Additionally this appimplementsBluetoothIrMC/SYNCH profile needed by older car kitsfrom Nokiaand VW.IrMC/SYNCH profile only transfers contact data,no calllists.