1.1.5 / July 26, 2019
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Sniper Action School is an interactive shooter training. Youdipinto the atmosphere of the sniper training. It's real trainingforpolice and military sniper, elite fighters and regularofficers.The game has five different types of firearms such aspistols,machine guns, sniper rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun.Gamelevels will increase your skill sniper combat. You need to hitthe80 % of targets to get next level. In case of failure, you cantryagain. Each new level the target will appear faster. Andnoteveryone can get to 8 levels, it is quite difficult. Aftereachshot will automatically reload weapons, it will moreaccuratelysimulate professional combat shooting and sniper work.Shot can bemade only after the bell. In case of error, the audiosignal willbe given. All you need to do is one very simpleoperation, you justpress a finger on the target. The game willimprove your combatskills, such as sniper skills,endurance ,alertness, accuracy,speed and reaction. - = Features = - - Theatmosphere of thetraining combat sniper. - A shot can be made onlyafter the bell. -Target will appear faster at each new level . - Itis necessary tohit the 80 % of targets for next level . - Aftereach shot willautomatically reload weapons , it will moreaccurately simulateprofessional police shooting and sniper work . -Five differenttypes of firearms such as pistols, machine guns ,sniper rifle ,assault rifle, submachine gun . - The game boost yoursniperreaction and combat shooting skills, endurance , alertness,accuracy , speed and reaction. -It's like a real trainningofpolice and military snipers , elite fighters and regularofficers.

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    Sniper Action School
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    July 26, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Russia Adygeya Respublika pgt Yablonovskiy Kobtsevoy N.S. 1/2 385141
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