/ March 23, 2016
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Walk on the wall, and try not to fall.
Management is extremely simple, just tap the screen and leadtheball to the other side.

How far can you go?

App Information ZigZag Ultimate

  • App Name
    ZigZag Ultimate
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  • Updated
    March 23, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
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  • Installs
    10 - 50
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Walk on the wall, and try not to fall.Management is extremely simple, just tap the screen and leadtheball to the other side.How far can you go?
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Pixels - a fairly simple, yet exciting game tothe speed and progress of the reaction. This toy will help you towork out the speed of thought and action in all aspects oflife.The first thing, of course, interested person, download the app -it's a foul. In fact, they are incredibly simple. In order to earnmaximum points, you need to catch a pixel corresponding color. Yourlower pixel must be the same color so that you catch. To implementthe task, you are given several attempts. You can catch a fewelements of another color. Separately, we note that the more youscore before the matching colored pixels, the more opportunitiesyou have to make a mistake. But do not overdo it! Be calm andconditioned to react in time. And do all the details fall and fallat an incredible rate, accelerating each time. Yes, these aresimple and easy rules. Catch luck, earn points and bonuses to go tothe next level. Move forward to new victories, with every passingEarn points to his own heights.Play, learn and catch the details watch. The game is undoubtedlyhelp to train your patience, calmness in all situations. Learn tocommunicate at all levels, without losing self-control.The app is the perfect companion for those who are tired ofmonotonous and slow applications. If you are looking for somethingunusual and easy, then it's - what you need. There are no intricateand complex images. This game will not load your operating system.It is easy to perform. At the same time, it is extremelyinteresting for those who want to immerse themselves in anadventure and journey incomparable pixels. A pool filled with yourresults, will give you the joy of completed tasks.Why choose this particular game? Such entertainment is ideal forthose who wish to spend the time and at the same time take a breakfrom the monotony and boredom. It will help pass the time in lineat bus stops, waiting for a meeting. Without overloading yourthinking, toy, however, help to escape from the constant andrepetitive thoughts.The app installs quickly and works without problems. In addition,you can set it as a child and adult. Universal game will appeal toboth generations, delighting their dynamics and speed.