1.2 / December 14, 2016
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The most powerful lock screen with livewallpaper themes, added new feature zipper lock screen. Zipper LockScreen is a stylized lock screen application. A funny photo zipdisplays on your lock screen while your phone is locked and you canunzip the image to unlock your phone. It comes with cute HDwallpapers and beautiful backgrounds.
Zipper lock screen is a fun and free application for entertainmentpurposes. You can use the application to lock your phone screen.This Zipper lock screen is designed for entertainment purposesonly. Look through the phone’s screen what it would look like tohave HD high quality video on the wall of your house!
✔ Full HD graphics.
✔ 4 Beautiful themes.
✔ Can be set as a screen locker.
✔ Zipper Lock Screen is one of the best Lock screen app in playstore.
✔ Zipper Lock Screen Works as even offline also.
✔ Zipper Lock Screen is free for you to download.

Zipper Lock Screen is developed for the sake of entertainmentand joy.

App Information Zipper Lock Screen

  • App Name
    Zipper Lock Screen
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 14, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Play Slide
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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This is a complete fun gag free ultrasound appwhich will shock your friends for sure,the main thing is that youcan trick your girlfriend that she is pregnant by showing her thatyour phone can do pregnancy test and you have ultrasound scannerinstalled in your phone , do ultrasound scanning in quick steps andshow her that she got a pregnant ultrasound report !!Don’t show these ultrasound pranks in public you friends might getembarrassed. Let the fun begin with this ultrasound pregnancy test.count one more in your ultrasound app list with awesome pregnantscanner.Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone and watch thebaby of your pregnant girlfriend! There is this app is just a funapp, because it is technically not possible to ultrasound with aSmartphone.How to use:- Start the ultrasound application.- Select Options for ultrasound pregnancy test or for ultrasoundpranks.- You can also use Smartphone camera for scanning.-Yieepi ! Now check your result, Easy!Disclaimer:This ultrasound pregnant scanner is fake, not a real ultrasoundscanner,This ultra sound scanner use only for fun and entertainmentpurpose, no ultrasound scan image is real in this app !!In case ofany objections, please do write to us so we may act and rectify theissue accordingly.So, Download and Enjoy and give your valuable feedback...
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This Ramadan 2016 App is the best way to knowImsak and iftar's times. An Android App to give you informationabout Sehr and Iftaar/Aftaar timings of fasting in holy month ofRamadan. Application allowing users to select their desired city tosee the fasting times against each day of Ramadan 2016 month. Italso allows users to set Sehr (Suhoor) and Iftaar Azan alerts.Thisapp can be use as all in one as its contain 2016 Ramadan Calendar,Namaz Prayer TImes, Qibla compass, 99 Names of Allah(Asna Al-Husna), Ramadan Duas and each day's Sehri Timing and Iftar Timing.Ramdan which is also known as Ramzan is a ninth month of muslimCalendar. Its the holy month in islam because Quran was revealed inthis month. Muslims fast for 29-30 days in this month and pay theirduty as it is is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam.This app can be use as all in one as its contain 2016 RamadanCalendar, Namaz Prayer Times, 99 Names of Allah(Asna Al-Husna) ,Islamic Calendar or Hijri Calendar, Hijri Date Converter RamadanDuas and each day's Sehri Timing and Iftar Timing.Features:-Ramadan 2016 Time and Calendar-This App shows whole months suhoor and Iftar time.-Ramadan 2016 Schedule shows Five Muslim Prayer Times:Fajr,Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Sunset, Maghrib and Isha.- 99 Allah Names with English Meaning.- Add a location using manually selected city.- English meaning of Every duas.Each year, Muslims spend the Ramadan month of the Islamiccalendar with fast. The annual fast of Ramadan is considered one ofthe five "pillars" of Islam. Muslims who are physically able arerequired to fast each day of the entire month, from sunrise tosunset.Download this Spiritual App and give your valuable feedback…
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Video Projector Simulator is a prank and funapp for entertainment to watch HD and high quality projected videoson the phone.This is a Simulator to Video Projector. Look throughthe phone’s screen what it would look like to have HD high qualityvideo on the wall of your house! Video Projector Simulator is justa prank app since there is no any real video projector available onthe phone and no such way to project videos from phone on thewall.Pretend that you’re watching HD video projection from phone,make a photo of it and show it to your friendsFEATURES✔ A prank application to collect cheers moment with yourfriends✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of projector✔ Too much user friendly and easy to use✔ FREE fun for all✔ Video Projector Simulator simulates like working of a videoanimation projector by using flash light phone.✔ Video Projector Simulator Prank FREE fun for all.✔ Video Projector Simulator Prank is completely freedownload.Disclaimer : Video Projector Simulator is a prank and fakeapplication It is developed for the sake of entertainment andjoy.
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Blood Pressure & Sugar Checker prank isreally a prank application which calculates your blood pressure andsugar.if you are a prankster you would definitely love thisapplication.it is the best application for fooling yourfriends.it is designed in such a way that one who is not aware of androidcan never get whether it is a prank application or real.people would think as if it is a real blood pressure and sugarcalculating application.Most people with diabetes need to check their blood sugar(glucose) levels regularly. The results help you and your doctormanage those levels, which helps you avoid diabetescomplications.Blood Pressure & Sugar testing is an important part of diabetescare. Find out when to test your blood sugar level, how to use atesting meter, and more.A blood glucose test measures the amount of a sugar calledglucose in a sample of your blood.Glucose is a major source of energy for most cells of the body,including brain cells.Carbohydrates are found in fruit, cereal, bread, pasta, and rice.They are quickly turned into glucose in your body.This raises your blood glucose level.-For playing prank And Fun or joke on your " Friends and Family".-Realistic looking.-Blood Sugar Scanner Prank is only for fun and entertainmentpurposes and a prank application-And no real "Blood Sugar" will Display from your device.This app is only for fun and its purely for prank purpose. Itdoes not provide real results.It just gives out random figures. Please don't use it for realpurpose. Use it to play prank with others.We have made this app to simulate blood sugar and blood pressurescanner.Disclaimer: Blood Pressure & Sugar Checker Prank is forentertainment purposes only.It does not calculates you blood pressure and sugar.Calculating Blood Pressure and sugar is not possible with yourandroid device's screen and camera.The displayed results are random numbers. It is the bestapplication for fooling your friends.
Wifi Password Hacker (Prank) 1.7 APK
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Free Wifi Password key it is a new securityFREE tool for Android now available on play store.It only pretends hacking into secured wifi network.Wifi Hack Prankis the best way to prank your friends into thinking you are atechnical genius.Free Wifi Password 2015 its a new security FREE tool for Androidpretty simple to use.Just open the app and you will see displayed on your smartphonescreen a list of the wifi networks arround Select your network andand this app will generate a random free wifi pass for you at themoment.Please remember that this app was made only for Prank and Fun,It isonly a simulation, so all passwords are randomly generated andfake.WiFi Password Hacker makes it look like you can hack any WiFinetwork. It can pretend hacking into secured wifi network usingWEP, WPA2 or AES encryption and so on. It just presents a fancyanimations and nothing else. So it is not harmful to the network.You can trick your friends that you can hack WEP password , WPA2Password and AES password also . It makes you look like aproficient hacker and a technical genius. This is a very delightfulprank to play on your friends. This app will work like WEP passwordgenerator and will show you some fake password of a wifi aroundyou. You can pretend that you just hack wifi and got a free wifi onyour phone . This wifi hacking is just for prank it will just showyou list of wifi networks around you and pretend to be hacking WEP,WPA2 or AES.You can use it to trick your friends that you can hackinto their private wifi network. Just run this tool in their house,the wifi scanner will detect all the wifi hotspot no matter whetherthe signal is good or not. And then select their wireless wifi id.Fake password will be displayed, but they will think that you havejust broken into their network! Watch the reaction on their scaredface and have a lot of fun.Wifi Hacker Prank is a prank app for fun purposes.Fool your friends and get fun!This app simulates hacking and cracking any wireless encryptednetwork and router.This is the ultimate hacker tool, you can recover password from anyprivate wifi network!So, Do you want to amaze you friends pretending to be a hacker?Download this new and free app Wifi Hacker Prank that will open allthe secured networks to you! This tool is a prank making yourfriends believe you are a professional cracker: it imitates hackingany wifi networks including private wireless networks, wirelesshotspot and wifi tethering. Surprise your friends and family usingthis free Wifi Password Hacker tool.WIFI Hacker Prank is a JOKE app. It only pretends hacking intosecured wifi network.You can use it to trick your friends that you can hack into theirprivate wifi network.Just run this app in their house and select their wireless networkname. Fake password will be displayed, but they will think that youhave just broken into their network!Free Wifi Password Hacker is a funny prank app that simulatesbreaking into secured wireless networks protected with passwordsAES, WPA2 or WPA encryption. This Wifi Password Breaker willdisplay a professional hacking and analysis animation. After thehack program has completed, it will generate a fake password. Allyou friends will be impressed that you can break their WiFi hotspotand believe you are a real hacker and technical genius. This is avery delightful prank to play on your friends.Stuck without WiFi? Just use any one’s WiFi with our awesomeapplication!Get the password to any secured WiFi network with WiFi PasswordHacker Prank and look like a genius!Trick everyone into thinking that you are a cool technical genius!WiFi Password Hacker Prank is the perfect joke to play on friendsand family!Download and Enjoy this Prank App and have fun with this free app.We will appreciate if you give us your feed back.
Finger Blood Pressure Prank 1.6 APK
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If you are a prankster you would definitelylove this application. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is actually aprank application which calculates your blood pressure and is madefor the people who just want to play pranks on others and want toshow off the power of their latest android device. It is a musthave prank application still in its initial stages.FingerprintBlood Pressure will provide you the most easiest way of checkingout your blood pressure. Fingerprint Blood Pressure will calculatesyour blood pressure.This Finger Blood Pressure Prank is just prankscanner app to calculate your blood pressure.It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Blood Pressure will provide youthe most easiest way of checking out your blood pressure.Fingerprint Blood Pressure will calculates your bloodpressure..This app is just prank scanner to calculate your bloodpressure.How to use :- Place your finger on the scanning pad.then wait for only few seconds for the result. if you want the mostaccurate results. The Fingerprint Blood pressure will calculateyour blood pressure rate.- Fingerprint Blood Pressure can Measure your Systolic andDiastolic Blood pressures and heart beat quickly.Features:- Realistic looking scanner- HD graphics and beautiful use of scanner animation- Totally free for Android users- Works with Android mobiles and tablets- FREE fun for allFingerprint Blood Pressure provides best and high definition imagequalities. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is compatible with almostevery android device. Its also tested on various android devicesi.e android tablets and android based mobiles phones. All theactions can be performed very easily without any confusion.Disclaimer:This Fingerprint Blood Pressure is fake, not a real FingerprintBlood Pressure,This Fingerprint Blood Pressure use only for fun andentertainment purpose, no Blood Pressure scan image is real in thisapp !! In case of any objections, please do write to us so we mayact and rectify the issue accordingly.So, Download and Enjoy and give your valuable feedback...