1.01 / July 15, 2014
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Zombie Bird HunterHow long can you survive the Zombie Infection?Zombies Birds are coming, Now the zombie virus infected the birds,which attacking the world. World is in caution, Now you are theZombie Bird Hunter to save the world.You are a lone survivor in aworld gone infected. Kill as many zombie birds as you can beforeyour time is up! and Help the doctor to develop the anti virus tosave the world, else world will be a graveyard. but be incaution... They are everywhere... Don’t be hesitating. Take up yourweapons and shoot these devil birds courageously... Zombie birdhunter is an action game with wide variety of guns and missions. Wehad included clothes shop, wide variety of clothes etc. it is aPerfect mix of strategy, tactics and micromanagement. you willdefiantly love it.Zombie bird hunter will earn gold coins onmissions and by killing zombie birds and spend them betweenmissions to buy most modern Guns and clothes, upgrades, weaponsetc. Game included a leader board of zombie bird kill counts andcoin counts!Game Features * Included Map With 5 different worlds,Gun shop, Dress Shop, Home, Doctors lab and bank. * One touchcontrol, easy to play. * 10 most modern guns. * 4 differentupgrades. * 5 different outfits. * Bonus plane. * Zombie bird Killcount. * coin count. * 29 most dreadful zombie birds. * 100different missions. * Life meter. * Bullet count meter. * Can playoffline * Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!

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    Zombie Bird Hunter
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    July 15, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Stem Softwares first floor, np tower, west fort,thrissur, kerala,India, 680004
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Music Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Are you concerned about battery when usinglive wallpaper, Here is solution, Enjoy the free music livewallpaper with Amazing backgrounds and Realistic music animationeffects, with just a static wallpaper battery usage. Discover apeaceful mind blowing backgrounds with music notes on swipe.This Music live wallpaper makes your Phone/tab screen fabulous.Download it and enjoy the beauty of the natural guitars in yourbusy life.It has scroll effect, swipe your screen to see the full wallpaperscreen with the animation of music notes.Though we had made the best battery optimized technology in thisLWP, which will use very less battery. It needs only a staticwallpaper battery usagemusic live wallpaper uses battery only for swipe animations. If youdisable animations it will work as static wallpaper with scrolleffect.Features• Three beautiful backgrounds of natural music guitars.• Have fabulous swipe effect with different music notes andleaves.• Has Background scroll effect.• Can adjust speed of background scroll.• Can adjust the amount of music notes.• Highly optimized battery usageTo use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersTo develop more free great live wallpapers, we have implementedsome ads in settings.Advertisement can support us to develop more free great livewallpapers.music live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such asSamsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus 7, HTC Oneand Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us if your device is notsupported.Note: If this Music wallpaper resets to default after reboot,you need put the app on phone instead of SD card.
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Galaxy S5 Live Wallpaper has beautiful disco effect with randomlychanging backgrounds & amazing Zoom Effects. Check out GalaxyS5 Live Wallpaper, which offers you stunning high resolutionanimated backgrounds for smart phones. This s5 LWP have Amazingcolorful and abstract backgrounds with disco light effect on touchwith randomly changing backgrounds. Also s5 LWP have random zoomeffect which will be a great experience for you. This HD Livewallpaper makes your phone/tablet really fabulous.“Galaxy S5 LWP”completely free of charge! Features- Have best random backgrounds.-Have zoom animation effect.- Have disco effect with randomlychanging backgrounds on touch.- Enable or disable effects.-Optimized Battery Usage.- Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.- The app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper will not drain your battery.- Fully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on both mobile phones andtablet devices.This S5 live wallpaper has been tested on latestdevices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7, HTC One and Sony XperiaZ. Please contact us if your device is not supported.To developmore free great live wallpapers, we have implemented some ads insettings. Advertisement can support us to develop more free greatApps.Follow the installation instructions:Home - > Menu - >Wallpapers - > Live Wallpapers.Disclaimer/TrademarksGalaxy S5 isa trademark of Samsung. This app is not affiliated with or endorsedby Samsung.
S5 Grass Land Live Wallpaper 1.04 APK
Enjoy the free Galaxy S5 Grass live wallpaper with Amazing naturalbackgrounds and Realistic animation effects. Discover a peacefulGrass Hill teeming with wildlife and surrounded by natural beautyevery time you use your device.This S5 Grass live wallpaper makesyour Phone/tab screen fabulous. Download it and enjoy the beauty ofthe nature in your busy life.It has scroll effect, swipe yourscreen to see the full wallpaper screen with the animation of deerand rabbits in grass!It has doves in sky it is a great animationdon't miss it.Though we had made the best battery optimizedtechnology in this LWP, which will use very less battery. You canselect the effects you like most and can disable other animations,which will make your battery more optimized.S5 Grass live wallpaperuses battery only for active animations. Never takes battery fordisabled animations. If you disable all animations it will work asstatic wallpaper with scroll effect.Features • Two beautifulbackgrounds of natural grass hill. • Have beautiful doves, rabbitsand deer animations. • Has Background scroll effect. • Can adjustspeed of background scroll. • Can Enable or disable each dove. •Can adjust the speed of doves. • Enable or disable rabbits anddeer.To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersTo develop more free great live wallpapers, we haveimplemented some ads in settings.Advertisement can support us todevelop more free great live wallpapers.S5 Grass live wallpaper hasbeen tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, SamsungGalaxy S3, Nexus 7, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. Please contact us ifyour device is not supported.Note: If this S5 wallpaper resets todefault after reboot, you need put the app on phone instead of SDcard.
Rain Forest Live Wallpaper 1.12 APK
The free Rain forest Live Wallpaper android app opens thesurprising picture of live Rain forest on the screen of yours theandroid device. Rain forest Live Wallpaper android app representsthe real Rain forest with amazing features. Rain forest with a lotof birds flying between trees and cute deers as grazing in thegrass looking at you with realistic animation makes your mobilejust like a live Rain forest after a heavy rain. The Rain forestLive Wallpaper android app perfectly works practically for all theandroid devices as with HD or with Full HD. Rain forest LiveWallpaper doesn't demand payment at installation on yours theandroid device. Rain forest Live Wallpaper need to be downloaded onphone and to establish from the section Live wallpaper. Rain forestLive Wallpaper android app smoothly work on such phones, as SamsungGalaxy Note, Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note2, Samsung Galaxy S4.Features1.Had ten birds in which Seven will beflying at a time.2.Three deers with realistic animation.3.Fourbattery save modes.4.Adjust the speed of birds.5.Select or deselectthe birds individually.6.Touch response: Birds will fly away whentouch.7.Realistic animated deers makes Rain forest real.NOTE : Weknow ads are little boring inside a wallpaper, but we added someads in the free edition for supporting our development team, kindlyco-operate with us. We had our full version WITHOUT ANY ADS andmuch more features for just one dollar. Works for live wallpapersupported phones.Please make sure your phone support Live Wallpaperfeatures.TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers
Forest Birds Live Wallpaper 1.01 APK
The Forest Birds Live Wallpaper opens the surprising picture oflive Forest with birds on the screen of yours the android device.Forest Birds Live Wallpaper android app represents the forest withamazing features.forest with a lot of birds flying between treeswith realistic animation makes your mobile just like a live forestafter a heavy rain.The forest birds Live Wallpaper android appperfectly works practically for all the android devices as with HDor with Full HD.Forest Birds Live Wallpaper doesn't demand paymentat installation on yours the android device. Forest Birds LiveWallpaper need to be downloaded on phone and to establish from thesection Live wallpaper. Forest Birds Live Wallpaper android appsmoothly work on such phones, as Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Sony XperiaZ, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung GalaxyS5.Features1.Ten birds flying at a time.2.Scroll effects.3.AdjustSpeed of scroll.4.Adjust the speed of birds.5.Select or deselectthe birds individually.6.Can be installed on SD card.TO USE:Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers
Sky Birds Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Watch birds happily flying in clear blue sky, winter, autumn andforest in HD quality. Colorful birds and beautiful backgrounds makesky birds live Wallpaper better than the real birds in sky or inwinter or in autumn or in forest, which will work in almost allphones/tabs including S4.Sky birds live wallpaper has a amazingfeature, BIRDS LAY EGGS, EGGS HATCH TO CUTE SMALL BIRDS AND SMALLBIRDS GROW... which makes your phone/tab (including S4) looksfabulous like real bird life.SKY BIRDS live wallpaper has 29different birds, select any 7 birds at a time from 29 birds to flyin your phone/tab and grow and lay eggs and hatch. Sky birds livewallpaper have five amazing backgrounds forest, sky, grass, winter,autumn, also four beautiful branches sakura with sakura flowerpetals falling, leaf branch with leaves falling, snow branch withsnow fall, and autumn branch with maple leaves falling.Branches aresuitable for each background, leaf branch for forest, sakura branchfor blue sky and grass, snow branch for winter, maple leaf branchfor autumn, as user can select any combination. Each branch havetwo lovely birds sitting near the nest, where birds lay eggs.Skybackground with sakura branch has sakura flowers falling, forestwith leaf branch has falling leaves, winter with snow branch hassnow fall also autumn had maple leaf branch with maple leavesfalling which really makes your phone/tab screen dazzling.This livewallpaper have Blue sky and grass background with moving clouds,forest, autumn, winter backgrounds with moving fog, which makes thescreen really alive.Sky birds live wallpaper is in HD quality, withfully interactive features that supports almost all phones/tabsincluding S4. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in bothportrait and landscape modes!FEATURES Sky birds live wallpaper have:1. Five different backgrounds : sky, grass, forest, winter,autumn.2. Four different branches : sakura flower, leaf, snow,maple leaf.3. Have 29 different birds.4. Two different touchresponses 4.1 When you touch a bird it will fly away. 4.2 When youtouch the blank screen makes a new bird fly from that point. 5.Enable or disable melodious bird sound.6. Four battery saving modeswhich optimizes the battery usage.7. Adjusting birds speed offlying.8. Adjusting speed of clouds/fog.9. Adjusting speed offalling sakura flower petals, leaves, snow, maple leaf.10. Fasterbird growth (which makes bird lay eggs and hatching to cute smallbaby birds faster)11. Enable or disable birds.12. No ADS. If youenjoy this, please support us for making great apps in future.TOUSE: home->menu->wallpapers.
Sky Birds Live Wallpaper Free 2.3 APK
Watch sky birds live wallpaper free edition happily flying in clearblue sky in HD quality. Colorful birds and beautiful backgroundmakes sky birds live Wallpaper better than the real birds in skywhich will work in almost all phones/tabs including S4.SKY BIRDSlive wallpaper free edition has 4 different birds, select any 4birds at a time from 4 different birds. sky birds live wallpaperfree has amazing background, also one beautiful branch sakura withsakura flower petals falling. it also have two lovely birds sittingnear their nest.Sky background with sakura branch has sakuraflowers falling which really makes your phone/tab screendazzling.Sky birds live wallpaper free is in HD quality, with fullyinteractive features that supports almost all phones/tabs includingS4. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portraitand landscape modes!FEATURESsky birds free edition has1. 4different birds.2. Adjusting speed of falling sakura flowerpetals.3. 4 Battery save modes which optimizes battery usage.4.Adjusting speed of clouds.
jesus on cross LWP free 2.1 APK
JESUS ON CROSS LIVE WALLPAPER FREE VERSION SUITED FOR GOODFRIDAYJesus Christ died for our sins that he was buried, that hewas raised on the third day as we call it EASTER. this beautifullive wallpaper had so many beautiful features to make this GOODFRIDAY AND EASTER remember able.The Friday within Holy Week, and isa time of fasting and penance, commemorating Jesus Christ'ssuffering,crucifixion, and death.this holy day( GOOD FRIDAY)commemorates not just a historical event, but the sacrificial deathof Jesus Christ, which along with the resurrection which wecelebrate as Easter, comprises the heart of the Christianfaith.Churches on GOOD FRIDAY also offer the Stations of the Cross,also called the "Way of the Cross," on Good Friday. This is adevotion in which fourteen events surrounding the death of JesusChrist are commemorate.Next Sunday after good Friday we celebrateEaster. the resurrection of Jesus Christ. we also join in your GoodFriday and Easter events through this live wallpaper, thatremembers Jesus Christ pain and his resurrection as we call it GoodFriday and Easter.Jesus Christ died for our sins that he wasburied, that he was raised on the third day as we call it EASTER“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten SonJESUS CHRIST, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish buthave everlasting life.” Good Friday also called "Great Friday" or"Holy Friday" is the most somber day of the entire year. JesusChrist had died for US and raised on the third day as we call itEaster.Easter has other links beside those for the Christianreligion. It was a pagan festival celebrating the beginning ofspring with the Goddess known as Easter having a rabbit as hersymbol, hence the Easter Bunny. The Easter Rabbit did not become acommonly used symbol, however, until the 19th century. Similarly,the sharing of eggs was a common practice during springcelebrations, though they may not have been quite as colorful ormade of chocolate.This live wallpaper makes you to stand near thecross of Jesus Christ on the Good Friday. This live wallpaper makesyour mobile screen much more attractive.FEATURES OF THIS LIVEWALLPAPER*Drains very less battery and app sleeps when notvisible.*Random blood drops from the cross.*No Ads.*No specialpermissions required.*Includes random clouds movement.*Angelappears on the screen.BUY FULL VERSION TO GET ALL THE FEATURES