1.0 / August 17, 2016
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It’s time to chase and shoot pixel walkingdead, dude! Mount the mighty gun on the roof of your car, investthe spiked ram, check the level of fuel and start the death race!Save your life and exterminate undead hordes with Zombie CombatRoad game!

Drive your vehicle across the pixel terrain and feel no mercy towalking dead, shoot them before they could attack you and have fun!Earn points for each destroyed enemy and buy new weapons orcustomize your car!
Build a zombie smashing machine and leave those zombies no chanceto survive in this wasteland! Grind zombies to the mince withrotating blades, destroy them this battery ram and spiked platesinto melee, or shoot from your mounted gun from a distance!

Drive for your pixel life against angered zombies and stop thepixel zombie plague with Zombie Combat Road!

Zombie Combat Road features:
Funny pixel graphics
Varies pixel zombie enemies
Wide range of upgrades and weapons for your car
Different missions to complete
Ultimate combination of racing and zombie shooter!

Get fun and ride across the pixel land filled with hungry dead withZombie Combat Road! Stop the Apocalypse right now!

App Information Zombie Combat Road

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Pixel Island Survival 3D 1.10.0 APK
Pixel Island
To save your game progress tap «save»button in the pause menuBe a man survived after a storm! Now you are on a lost desertisland full of wild animals and other dangers! Provide yourselfwith food, explore neighboring islands, battle against predatorsand try to stay alive playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!Are you ready for an island adventure? Picturesque ocean, junglesand mountains looks nice, so explore this desert land with thisawesome survival simulator! Salvage survival tools and weapons, toprotect yourself, hunt or battle against wild animals. Walk aroundthis survival island trying to find something that could help youto get out of this uninhabited place! Enter the wilderness, facedangers, meet wild animals, hunt, fish and gather to stay aliveplaying Pixel Island Survival 3D!You main goal is to survive, so try to make your life comfortableand safe. Build shelters to hide from predators’ attack, find orcraft weapons, hunt, gather or fish to provide yourself with wood.Explore neighboring islands with a boat and try to collect all thepieces of map that could help you to get out of this survivalisland! Are you ready to stay alive on this island? Upgrade anexploration, battling and survival skills and prove your worth as areal survivor playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!Dive into wilderness and be ready for island adventure! Mindindicators - health, energy, water and fullness. If one of thesedrops – no chance to survive in wild harsh conditions! Somesurvivor’s indicators are easy to fill - for example, there is manysources of fresh water here. Find food is not as easy as it seems –you need to gather plant food or even battle against animals tokill them! Craft weapons and tools in your inventory bar or usingspecial workshops - survival tools such as an axe or fish rod wouldhelp you to stay alive! Fish, hunt, gather, battle against animalsand explore this desert island full of secrets! Upgrade yoursurvival skill – find water, hunt for wild animals to make themyour next meal, find weapons, craft other useful tools and try tomake your life better with this island survival simulator in3D!It’s easy to control character playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!Use joystick to walk around the island and press «attack» to huntor battle against wild animals. This survival island is full ofdangers, so keep your weapons alert! Find or craft differentsurvival tools and weapons such an axe, fish rod that could helpyou to protect yourself from predators and provide with food.Quarry resourses such as wood and stone to build shelters and tryto make this island your home! Upgrade your survival skillsspending time on lost desert island – hunt, fish, gather, battleand explore! Pixel Island Survival 3D will give you tones offun!Get home with this island survival simulator in 3D!Pixel Island Survival 3D features:- Different survival tools to find or craft – weapons to hunt wildanimals, fishing rods, knifes, lighters and more- Health, energy, water and fullness indicators – gather plantfood, hunt or fish, find water and sleep well to mind it!- A group of desert uninhabited islands to explore – collect allthe map pieces to get home- Amazing crafting system – special WorkShop, Chemistry Table andWeapon Table- Awesome island survival simulator in 3DSwim, hunt, battle and explore to stay alive! Ever wanted toexplore lost island as a survivor? Spend time on uninhabitedsurvival island and fight for your life living in harsh conditions!Upgrade your hunting, battling and exploring skills playing PixelIsland Survival 3D! Explore neighboring islands, find weapons andtools, build shelters and hunts to hide from the sun and aggressivepredators. Dive into the atmosphere of survival adventure and tryto find your way home! Thrive in this hostile environment – lostdesert island!Privacy policy:https://cam97lgrm3.wixsite.com/pixelisland/single-post/2017/02/16/PIXEL-ISLAND-PRIVACY-POLICY
African Survival Simulator 3D 1.3.0 APK
Pixel Island
To save your game progress tap «save»button in the pause menuBe ready for great survival adventure exploring Africa with this3D simulator! Be a blocky survivor and dive into the wildernessspending time on the island made of pixels and cubes. Fight foryour life against predators, hunt animals, quarry resources tobuild shelters and craft weapons and survival tools playing AfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Make this wild African safari your home andhave fun! Thrive in this hostile environment to stay alive!What is it like to spend time on lost desert island inhabited bywild animals and aggressive predators? Get to know playing AfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Explore unusual pixel reality and prove yourworth as a real survival – learn to hunt, fish, plant, craft andbuild. It’s vital for you, I bet! Complete different missions, findor craft weapons and tools, level up your skills and feel theextreme living on the edge with this island survival simulator in3D! Use all your battling and survival skills to stay alive,salvage tools and weapons to unravel the secrets of this damn hotplace! Hunt for wild animal and find fresh water to increase youridicators, but be careful! Wild cube predators may hunt youinstead! Hunt or be hunted and battle for your life trying get offthis strange survival island! Dive into the atmosphere of desertwild Africa - swim the ocean, walk around and enjoying amazingcrafty landscapes! Stay alive at all costs playing African SurvivalSimulator 3D!Be ready to meet pixel rhinos, cube crocodiles, blocky lions andAfrican elephants ready to attack! Fight for your life, facedangers, but don’t forget to mind survivor’s indicators - health,energy and hunger. Never let it drops – stay alive and try toescape this hot wild place! There are a lot of things that might beuseful on this survival island – look for resources, hidden weaponsand survival tools – it might be very helpful for you! Use survivaltools such as cube axe or blocky fish rod to find food and craft ashovel to dig faster! Hunt, start fishing or looking for plant foodto find a meal for your blocky man to survive! Find treasures, cubeweapons and special tools exploring this mysterious blocky lostisland with African Survival Simulator 3D game!Attack first or die instead… This lost survival island is floodedby wild animals and predators, so keep your weapons alert! Controlpixel man with joystick, explore cube island, hunt, fish and searchfor food! However, be careful! Picturesque woods and ocean might befull of predators ready to attack you! Find weapons to protectyourself from wild island’s predators or even battle against them!Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive atall cost with African Survival Simulator 3D!Are you ready for great African adventure? Get survival skills thatwould help you to stay alive with lost island survival simulator!It’s not easy to survive in tropical environments as itseems!African Survival Simulator 3D features:- Explore wild desert Africa – spend time on lost survival islandmade of pixels and blocks- Mind survivor’s indicators – build shelters to hide from tropicalsun, find fresh water and provide yourself with food- Find weapons, quarry resources and craft useful tools – cubeguns, pixel roads, blocky axes and other- Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stayalive- Amazing survival simulator in 3DTest your skills playing African Survival Simulator 3D game! Learnto battle against predators, hunt, fish and to evade safarianimal’s attacks. Dive into the wilderness being a real survivor tomake unusual craft island your home! Hide in jungles, fight foryour life and thrive in this hostile environment playing AfricanSurvival Simulator 3D! Explore island of pixels and cube enjoybeing a part of the wildlife!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
7 Nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D 1.2 APK
Pixel Island
Welcome to your nightmare with new scarynight adventure in Pixel Pizzeria!Survive 7 nights defending yourself against robot bears, chickens,bunnies and foxes or even more frightening animals hiding in thenight! These robots were made to help at a pizzeria, but somethingwent wrong and now they are ready to attack you! Face yournightmare working as a security guard – watch animal robots withcameras, open and close doors to safeguard yourself! Hide in yoursecurity office until the morning comes! Beware of pixel bears,chicken and foxes playing 7 nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D game!Watch cameras carefully sitting in your security office and neverlet bear robots to get close! Use security doors and the flashlightto protect yourself from robots’ attack! Animal robots are closerthan it seems… Close doors and use lights to scare away angry pixelrobots hiding around the corners of your pizzeria. You have verylimited amount of electricity to use per night and protect yourselffrom bear robots’ attack! Stay in your security office, watch pixelbears, chickens and bunnies with cameras and try to survive 7 scarynights! When you run out of power for the night - all cameras andlight are off and robot animals are able to move! Seems like a realnightmare! Beware of pixel bear robots walking around thepizzeria!Are you afraid of pixel bears or other monster animals? Theserobots are serving the pizza during the day, but at night mightbecome unpredictable! Watch cameras being a security guard andnever let bears attack you! Are you afraid of the dark? Who elsecould be in this nightmare mines? Spend seven nights at pizzeriafull of pixel animal monster! Try 7 nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D –meet scary bear robots and don’t give them any chance to creep intoyour security office to survive!Be a security guard for chicken, fox, bunny and bear robots forfive nights and protect Pixel Pizzeria from total destruction! Uselimited amount of electricity per night to protect yourself fromrobots’ attack closing security doors and using flashlights! Stayin your security office, watch pixel creatures with cameras and tryto survive! Beware of pixel bears and other animal robots walkingin the pizzeria! Escape from your nightmare, but be careful! If anypixel monster has crept too close, it will be the end of yoursecurity guard career… Moreover, the life! Face your nightmare with7 nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D! Are your ready to withstand allseven night? Five nights would also be great… These animal robotsare much more dangerous that it seems…7 nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D features:- Pixel robot monsters ready to attack – chickens, foxes, bunniesand bears!- Use cameras and flashlights to survive being a securityguard- Amazing 3D graphics- Realistic pixel pizzeria with lots of rooms to explore- Seven nights to surviveSurvive as a pizzeria night security guard and escape from yournightmare! Have you ever thought that cute pixel bear robots couldbe so frightening? These seven nights are going to be the scariestnights in your life! Don’t allow pixel bear monsters or angrybunnies and foxes to get close to your security office! Spend 7horrible nights and try to stay alive! Finish your work safe afterseven scary nights with 7 nights at Pixel Pizzeria 3D game!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
Jurassic Island Survival Sim 1.2 APK
Pixel Island
To save your game progress tap «save»button in the pause menuExplore unusual environments made of pixel and blocks and facedifficulties – your enemies are real Jurassic dinos, not simplewild animals or cruel predators!Welcome to the lost survival island – desert uninhabited placeyou’ve appeared on. Fight for your life, hunt and battle againstanimals, quarry resources to craft weapons and tools or buildshelters. Dive into the atmosphere of wilderness exploring Jurassicforests full of fierce dinosaurs with Jurassic Island Survival Simin 3D!Try yourself as a survivor, lost and lonely and stay alive at allcosts! Explore lost prehistorical world – learn how to hunt, fish,craft clothes not to catch a cold and make weapons from improvisedmaterials in amazing cube world where everything is made of pixelsand blocks. Level up your survival skills battling againstdangerous cube dinos – T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus and evenmore wild and fierce dinosaur flooded this tropical survivalisland. Thrive in this hostile prehistorical environments withJurassic Island Survival Simulator 3D game!Dangers are everywhere! Avoid meeting with blocky Tyrannosaurus orpixel Velociraptor (they are as cruel as real dinosaurs, I bet!)and don’t forget that your main goal is to survive! Explore cubesurvival island, hide in bushes and caves, find weapons and blockysurvival tools, which could help you to stay alive! Salvage all thetools and weapons or craft your own ones! Get your hunting,battling skills and exploration to a new level battling againstcarnivores dinos with Jurassic Island Survival Sim game!There is a T-Rex behind this tree, so keep your pixel weapon alert!Explore crafty island, hunt for animals to find food, battleagainst Tyrannosaurs, Velociraptor or other dinos for your life,build shelters to have a rest and discover the secrets of thismysterious place. What happened here? Is it a kind of time paradox?Get to know playing Jurassic Island Survival Simulator!Use all your exploration, battling and survival skills just to stayalive! Mind character indicators - health, energy and fullness.Never let it drops – there is no chance to survive! Find or craftspecial survival tools – weapons, axes, fishing rods or just sticksto make fire. Your ingenuity may help you to stay alive in suchharsh conditions with this desert island simulator! Explore lostworld full of danger and try to make such an unfriendly place yourhome!Jurassic Island Survival Simulator features:- Explore Lost Jurassic island – fight against dinos and other wildanimals, find food to survive and try to make the place yourhome- Cure pixel environments – it’s all made of cubes and blocks here!Trees, houses, dinosaurs and even your own survivor!- Hunt for wild animals, battle against Tyrannosaurs, Velociraptoror other dinos, gather or fish to stay alive- Unique crafting system – craft, weapons, tools and even clothesfrom improvised materials- Ultimate lost island survival simulator in 3DUpgrade your survivor to battle against cube Jurassic dinos, findpixel weapon and make your life in this Lost World environmentsafe! Hunt, fish or gather to find food, fight against dinos suchas T-Rex, Velociraptor or other wild animals and try make thisdangerous place your home! Dive into the atmosphere ofprehistorical wilderness with Jurassic Island Survival Simulator in3D!Are you afraid of wild dinos? Upgrade your hunting, battling andexploring skill with this simulator and make this dangerous placeyour home!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
Pixel Car Hill Climb Race 3D 1.2 APK
Pixel Island
Become real uphill racer! Drive powerful pixelcar to perform stunts full of adrenaline! Control your car to climbhigh hills with this physics based racing game and feel like aprofessional driver! Come to the place where no ride has ever beenbefore with Pixel Car Hill Climb Race 3D game!Gain unique uphill and downhill climbing experience performingextreme stunts sitting behind the steering wheel of powerful pixelcar! Explore outback roads, jump through obstacles, cross hurdlesand fly high performing new car stunt! Start this thrilling rideand feel pure adrenaline playing this extreme uphill climbingracing game in 3D! Drive as far as possible to collect more coinsand use coins to upgrade your pixel car or even buy more powerfulone! Gain bonuses performing stunts and doing tricks with amazingphysics-based mountain climb racing game!Are you ready to ride your pixel car through tricky and slipperyhill roads? Start your hill climb racing adventure now – gainultimate uphill and downhill driving experience! Climb high andconquer each hill, but be careful and try to avoid road accidents!Jump over obstacles, cross hurdles and perform new stunts andtricks! Gain speedy car riding experience full of adrenalineplaying Pixel Car Hill Climb Race 3D game!Ride through hill and mountains and become a professional uphilldriver with Pixel Car Hill Climb Race 3D!Pixel Car Hill Climb Race 3D features:- Physics based car racing game- Ultimate uphill and downhill driving experience- Hill climb race full of adrenaline – extreme outback roads,different obstacles and hurdles, various tricks and stunts toperform- Dangerous hill’s and mountain’s roads- Collect coins to upgrade your carExplore hill and mountain roads to prove your worth as a prodriver! Be ready for a race full of adrenaline! Perform stunts,drive all over pixel hills and have fun playing ultimate uphillracing game in 3D! Upgrade your pixel car using coins you’ve earnedand prove your worth as a driver riding down the highest hill andmountains! Start your hill climb racing adventure now!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
Giant Ball of Death 1.0 APK
Pixel Island
Feel like a Grim Reaper himself usingnotscythe but giant boulder to cut off – it’s better to say to“smashoff” fragile lives of pixel humans! Smash, crash and squishthesefunny cubical creatures without mercy with Giant Ball ofDeathgame!Become an incarnation of rage and anger, crush the peacefulPixelValley… and have fun, smashing funny pixel people with yourlargepixel rock! The more cubical human you squish – the morepoints youearn! Use earned points to buy new types of your boulder– bigger,faster, larger or deadlier!Smash and crush legions of innocent pixel creatures, dominatethevalley with your boulder and have fun with Giant Ball of Deathin3D!Giant Ball of Death features:Funny pixel world and its inhabitants – people, animals, andothercreaturesWide range of different boulders – try to unlock it allDifferent smashing and crashing missionsAmazing 3D graphicsPunish all pitiful pixel hummies!Be the God of Death in the guise of Big Pixel Rock with ourfunnygame - Giant Ball of Death in 3D!
Pixel Crime City 3D 1.3 APK
Pixel Island
Welcome to the Pixel Crime city! Start yourcareer as a real bandit and build your own crime empire! Grabthe auto and drive fast playing Pixel Crime City 3D!Start your career in this world full of dangers, gunshots andbandits as a criminal driver, deal with stolen cars, race fast andnever let cops catch you! Dive into criminal world full of dangerscompleting various missions – steal cars, rob shops and fightagainst other gangs and bandits! Check Pixel Crime City 3D –ultimate crime simulator for those who loves shooting and highspeed racing!Are you ready for a life full of dangers? You, the stolen pixel carand cops following. Feel the adrenaline acting like a criminal –race fast, participate in extreme cop chases, start a gunfight toprove your worth as a criminal or brake the law the way you like!Explore pixel city – start your career as a criminal driver atfirst and then build up your own gang or even crime empire!Challenging criminal missions, extreme city race, car theft andeven more! Survive on the streets full of dangers with Pixel CrimeCity 3D game!Escape from the cops and explore Pixel crime city! Try differentguns and weapon to protect yourself from cops or other criminals,steal cars and show your driving skills taking part in extremepolice chases full of adrenaline! Choose the jobs you like – stealcars, rob shops, fight against other gangs or even become a killer!Break the law playing Pixel Crime City 3D, but remember - the lastthing you like is to get into is a police chase! Overcome yourrivals to become powerful gang leader with this ultimate crimesimulator in 3D!Pixel Crime City 3D features:- Huge pixel crime city to explore – find missions marked on thestreet and start your career as a real bandit- Break the law – steal pixel cars, rob shops, participate ingunfights, kill other criminals and drive fast to get rid ofpolice- Great racing and shooting experience- Amazing 3D graphicsStart your career being a criminal driver and finally build yourown gang or even a crime empire! Explore pixel city full ofdangers, drive powerful cars to escape from the police and shootother criminals to get rid of rivals! Survive in this cruelcriminal world playing Pixel Crime City 3D! Race, shoot and havefun!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/
Pixel Faily Brakes 3D 1.0 APK
Pixel Island
Your brakes are broken and yourcaruncontrollably rushing down the hill. All you can do is toelongateyour braking distance… and have fun!Welcome to the Pixel Faily Brakes 3D! In this game, yourshouldmaneuver an endless mountainside dodging obstacles such aspixeltrees, rocks, bridges. The longer your get – the more pointsyouearn! And – if you don’t mind this before – the whole world ismadeof pixels and blocks, so, even if your car crashes intotheobstacle, no one would hurt really! So, try Pixel Faily Brakes3D,race downhill and get fun!Race across difficult terrain – hills, bridges,naturalspringboards and tunnels! Drive through the snow and rain!Use allyour driving skill to avoid the obstacles at the obscuringweather!Search for power-ups – it could ease your way down. Shieldwouldprotect your car from damage, so don’t miss it!Try different cars and vehicles to drive on! Earn points togetaccess to the in-game store and buy new cars or improvecurrentone! Check the random boxes – there could be very specialvehiclesor bonuses, unaccessible another way!Collect all achievements and share them with your friends!Get fun and run down with Pixel Faily Brakes 3D attractivegamefor all ages!Pixel Faily Brakes 3D features:- Humoristic pixel environment- Different and interesting treks- Wide range of cars to drive on- Unusual cubical landscapeAvoid all obstacles coming in a way and try to ride as longasyou can with this funny and attractive app for all ages!CheckPixel Faily Brakes 3D and get fun!More pixel games, features and fun on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/Pixel-Island-149395085435266/

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Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.