1.0.2 / September 28, 2018
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Zombie Crusher is best sharp killing and challenging game foraction lover. A nearby city is under attack of zombies they ruinthe city completely. You decided to take challenging mission toclear an occupied city from deadly attacking zombies. Load up yourgun take position and start killing zombies. They got aware aboutyour entrance in the area so keep your eyes open as they all arerushing towards you. More than five levels on major locations ofcity defend your city and complete all levels. Each level isdifficult than the previous keep playing and unlocking the nextlevels to clear whole city. You can also play endless mode whereyou have show your extreme combat killing and counter attackingwith tap on sight skills without playing like a sniper shooter orshowing gun shooter skills. 
 Get ready to smash some zombies withyour smart mind. It is a brand new simple Zombie Crushing game. Itis very addictive game to play. Use your little finger and yourpowerful mind to find out a way to Crush Zombies. Mighty Heavy Rockis at your service to shoot some Zombies. Zombie Crushing Madness!Drive your awesome custom Zombie Crushing finger around Smashingand Crushing all things in your way! (Watch out for the perfectterrain). Your turn comes equipped with two sets of controls, Abasic setup that features easy to use the free killing mode andthrottle for beginners, and an expert layout that really has thefeel and maneuverability of a series of levels! In either mode youcan swing your custom turn finger into a knife like axe forcrushing the zombie heads under your finger. Around left or rightwith independent and free smashing on screen using no on screencontrols. Crushing with the finger both keeps Zombies back fromyour area of city, and also earns you even more points! Bewarethere are many different types of Zombies each with their ownunique abilities! 

Use your instinctive killing and army warcombat training skills to become an expert zombie killer withzombies crush. Game controls are very smooth, allow you to freelynavigate the city as per your desire. Start a war against deadlyattacking zombies. The Zombie Crusher game has a pack of endlessand more levels, environments and guns to make zombie crush amaster piece. Keep playing this combat war with zombies. 

Zombie Crusher Game Features: • Experience the best 3D Zombiekilling. Crushing. Smashing and splashing game. • You can shootamong diverse zombie type i.e few crawls, some walk and few runtowards you. • Best sounds, quality graphics and optimizedanimations. • Do not kill the humans that are madly running andwalking among these zombies • Complete missions • 2 Mode easy toplay game • User friendly controls • Beginner levels : Involve lessnumber of zombies • Professional levels: Involve more number ofzombies • You can play story or endless mode. • Multiple weaponswith different features i.e telescope to zoom and aim the deadlyattacking zombies. • Completely free game with minimal hurdles. •Collect power ups. • Complete missions with resulting energyboosting powers • Save your-self from attacking enemies (Zombies)
How to play Zombie Crusher: • Drag your finger on screen to crush.• Use finger to navigate the zombies • Use magnifying icon on leftbottom to view far distance zombies.

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    Zombie Crusher 3D
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    September 28, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Titanium Games
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No police car chase, no criminal chasing in bike. Motocross racingwith latest bike stunts is a dream come true in this ultimate 3Dracing car track game of thrilled traffic race. Get into some realfun to make sure a deadly ride joy on road at highway tracks. Wereyou already missing the real turbo shoot race in nitro horse powergiant muscle cars? Unlock as many cars to ultimately select whichone is the best to play your futuristic racing game with Tarzan CarRace. This is the latest car simulator game in the cityenvironments. Conquer the city streets with drift racing skills.Get an amazing thrill and excitement in this highway game. Thisreal city traffic racing car game is about drifting, riding andracing in the city highway area. The ultimate fast paced real carmaster 3d game set in city streets with unique cars. These cars arespecifically designed for a high racing. This endless racing is inthe city streets countryside roads and city highway. Complete allthe missions and become a new moto car racer hero. This racing carfree game is one of the best car racing games. This crazy cartraffic race game is a challenge for those who are most skilled inracing. Fastest cars are going to burn up the streets. This realcar racing free game is fully packed with super fast cars andenergetic racing levels. 
In this real traffic car racer gameyou have to achieve different aims and show your driving skills.This highway city racing game will take you for the city roadtracks with your expert and accuracy driving such as championdriver. This car racing game is different from the other boringtype drive car games. So hold your colorful car steering and goingto be a best drive. Don’t crash your car with other traffic on thebusy traffic road. This is a very passionate racing game, where youcan drift in the city and city highway. This highway speed carracer game is your best choice if you like fast racing and furiousdrift games. 
Real car racing 2017 is the best mobile racinggame. You drive your car in city view through the endless trafficand realistic environment. The only way to win is that running yourcar as fast as you can. You will have needed to show your drivingskills with him who is the best racer in the world. This fast carracing adventure is one of the best racing adventures. Use yourracing skills to become a furious racer. This heavy traffic drivinggame gives you a chance to play something else other than theregular car games. Leave your rivals far behind with you highspeed. This drive car simulator game is different from the normalcar racing 3d games. Get into your car and prepare for a fast drivethrough the highway. Use your nitro boost to cross the limit ofspeed. In the history of car racing 3d games 2017 this drive car onhighway game is the best game. Whole nation will give you surprisefor winning the race. Many people will like this type of racinggame rather than the other heavy traffic games. Don't forget usingnitro boost during the competition which gives you a significantedge against your rivals. Tilt your device to drag your carwherever you want. 
After completing the first car driving levelyou will permute to the next city traffic level. This car drivinggame is most popular game in the world of heavy traffic racergames. Each level is more realistic than the previous level of thisheavy traffic driving game. During the race you will earn scores.From these scores you could unlock your desired racer cars. Buy andupgrade new sports cars to boost your power. This is the newest anddifferent idea racing game. The environment of this racing car freegame is city highway and city. These racing free games arerequiring racing and drifting skills. 

Features: • Drive withhighway traffic • Amazing 3d graphics • Accurate physics controls •Realistic racer cars • Realistic luxury car driving experience •Easy to play
Heavy Bus Driver 3D 1.0 APK
Heavy bus driver game is one of the best 3d driving games. Thisfree bus game will give you the chance to become the real busdriver. This bus driving simulator game is so addictive and full offun game. In this heavy bus driver game your main job is to drive aheavy bus in the city on busy hours. Roads are full with heavytraffic but you have to find a way and drive your heavy bus. BusDriving is Best driver and parking simulation game for youngster,teens and mature people who love to play time race games in theirsmart phone devices.
Your duty is to drive the heavy bus andtransport passengers between the bus stops around the city. Yourmajor task is to pick and drop passengers to their rightdestination in a given time. This free driving game is actually allabout your driving skills. But if you are not great at driving abus then don’t worry this heavy bus driver game will teach you andthen will make you expert in driving a bus.The game play of thisbus 3d game is very easy. Just go and choose your favorite bus andthen drive on the city roads. This city bus game has differentlevels. Once you complete your given you will win coins. But youhave to be careful while driving the bus. Because roads are alreadyfull with other vehicles so carefully find your way, and don’tdestroy the other vehicles.In this 3d driving bus game you willfind so many hurdles and obstacles but have to do your job at best.And take your bus to the finish line at fast as you can. And obeytraffic rules otherwise you will be fined. So it’s time to get onthe board and drive the bus to complete all the routes. Once youplay this game you will spend yours hours on this. Because thisamazing bus driving game has next-gen graphics including graphics,people animations, articulated, and amazing buses will make thisbus game the best on the Google.So this heavy bus driver game isfor driving lovers. Boys girls every one enjoy this enjoy this bus3d game. You can play this game on your cell phones, tabs andcomputers, so spend your spare time on this game and utilize yourdriving skills with this bus simulation game.Features: • Realisticmaps • Detailed interior • Intelligent traffic system • Addictivegame play • Different numbers of buses • Free ride mode • Realisticvisual damage • Create your own route • Steering wheels, buttons ortilting controls • Stunning 3d graphics • Easy to learn and drive •Realistic game sound • Beautiful animations • Different excitinglevels • Hours of fun • Free to downloadSo Get now heavy bus drivergame!
com.titanium.rail.mine.rush 1.0.2 APK
Tough enough to become miners master. So, come up, dig andtransport the coal mines. Realistic MINE RAIL crafting game thatyou can drive rail carefully in cave because not proper tracks areon the cave. Trolleys are loaded with coal, if you not good driverthan coal will be fall off and you make lose transporting coalduty. Enjoy mine cart driving with powerful engine and make highscores as much as you can. Take the challenge and enter in mountaincave for extraction good coal. Be a good transporter, deliver coalcargo and go through those special levels to earn more that’s allup to you. Enjoy monster rail rush driving challenge on difficultoffroads crazy bumpy jumpy cave paths. Save coal mine because everylevel brings new mines. Take the challenge and enter in mountaincave for extraction precious coal and stone treasure. Prepare for ametaphysical, ambient journey through mine rail Features of MineRail game: • Realistic Coal cave • Bumpy jumpy cave paths • 20 coaltrolley challenges • Make high score • Powerful engine • Addictivegameplay • New type of driving experience How long can you last inthe rail? Find out by downloading this mine rail now.