1.2 / May 1, 2017
(4.4/5) (91)


- Apocalypse, Plague, & Zombies - The world is now overrun withthe living dead, you just need to SURVIVE!

The only way to survive the gruesome world of this zombieapocalypse, is to pull the trigger and kill the undead
or simply use your chainsaw to trigger dead those zombees in a mostgruesome fashion, and finish their evil within.
Save the left for dead civilians from becoming zombie food - Don'tlet them eat your brain!

• Only zombie games with advanced smart AI.
• Fun zombie shooting mechanism with massacre system
• A true to the core, zombie shooting game with real bitesimulation.
• Smell of blood draws evil resident from all around you, there areno second chances!
• Strafe system to move onto the dead.
• Horde escape mode, for trigger happy shooting!
• Mines, which let the dead trigger an instant death in theprovided z corridor.
• Health syringes and medical packs to control the evilwithin.
• Intense gameplay and dark stunning visuals with sound thatdepicts a grim zombie apocalypse.
• A real zombieland to purge, weapons to collect, and heads to blowoff!
• Unlockable arsenal of many powerful weapons with perks that letyou stay alive.
• Massive missions with multiple minigoals & challenges toovercome.
• Rewind days system that let you go back to the previous daysgone.
• Weekly updates that deliver new modes, features, andcontent!

Zombies know no love or compassion, only hunger! Hunting evilzombies and becoming a zombie hunter was never this fun. Experiencetrue evil dead zombeis in a surreal world devoid of life! Don't letthe bloodthirsty zombies dead rising, hinder your survivalplans!

If you love gruesome games , intensive games , thriller games orscary games then look no further!
Thank you for trying out this game, do drop us an email incase youhave any queries or would like any additional features added!

App Information Zombie Dead : Undead

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Battlefield Tanks Blitz 1.4 APK
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Battlefield Tank Blitz is a classic Tanksimulator game, in which you can drive your own Battlefield Tank indifferent environments.Explode the enemy tanker!!Impressive gamewith unique tanks ,stunning graphics, and intuitive touch-screencontrols. Aim and Shoot your War Tank into 10 different locationsaround the world.Battlefield Tank Blitz is a realistic simulator game, Experiencethe Real-life physics to create realistic world war tank movementand damage mechanics. Try your driving skills on the extremelydifficult and dangerous tanks using all the controls you need!Enjoy the diversity of landscapes. Clash and blow up all the hugeenemy tanks and military camps to become the ultimate hero in thisworld of tank simulator game.Extreme level game with different Battlefield tank classesincluding light,medium,heavy and tank destroyers! Dominate theworld tanks with your powerful world war tanks!!Battlefield Tank Blitz is designed to challenge the bravest driversand defend from the brutal opponents in battle field. Find your ownwinning strategy to master the intimidating road, be the dreamsoldier and tank driver in this Tank Simulator game.You feel bore with Sniper Shooting, Zombie Shooting, Angry Shark3D Simulator and Goat Simulator Free..! Then now you try withBattlefield Tank Blitz and get to experience the Tank Battle itsbattle Zone.The Best Features of Battlefield Tank Blitz.*** Ultimate 3D War Environment*** Free Tank Shooting game.*** Most Addictive Game Play.*** Battle field tanks is a thrilling and blasting gameever!*** Perfect tank war game to play.*** Various challenges with high standard shooting levels.*** Highly detailed open world Tank game environment.Make yourself ready to play!!How to play :Use left button to move the tankRight buttons to rotate the barrels and to shoot.Find us onFacebook -https://www.facebook.com/Multi-Touch-Studio-663119887151891/timeline/For more information please visithttp://www.multitouchstudio.com/SUPPORT:We have made this game compatible & user friendly with allmobile devices & tablets, if you have problem duringinstallation, please email us at customer support for help. Emailus at support@multitouchstudio.comDownload World of Tanks Blitz now FREE!
Dinosaur Hunter 2015 : T-Rex 2.2 APK
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Dinosaur Hunter 2015 - Hunt the largest andmost ferocious dinosaurs in the Jurassic world!Dinosaurs were the one of several kinds of prehistoric reptilesthat lived during the Mesozoic Era, the "Age of Reptails". Somedinosaurs were Carnivorous, and some dinosaurs were Herbivorous -but all the dinosaurs are dangerous.Dinosaur Hunter is a Hunting and Survival Simulation game where youtrack and stalk your prey.You need to be aware of yoursurroundings. Its time to load your sniper gun and jump into themonsters of Jurassic world, and become a Dino hunter to take thelife of most dangerous predators like Tyrannosaurus T-Rex,Carnotaurus, Velociraptors, Allosaurus, and Stegosaurus.Remember you're not hunting deer, you're hunting dinosaurs.GAME FEATURES- Realistic Simulator- Huge 3D Safari Environment- HD Graphics- Ultimate Hunting Adventure.- 16+ Unique Species- 60 Epic Missions.- Thrilling Prey Hunting Challenges.Download the Dinosaur Hunter 2015 and go back to Jurassic age ina most realistic deadly jungle environments to hunt.Also try our most popular top new free games - Real Lion Simulator2016, Real Tiger Simulator 2016, Deer Hunter Simulator 2015, andDino Hunter 2016.BYMIDNIGHT FREE GAMES
Pixel Boy 1.2 APK
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Get ready to travel back in time! Travel to atime where the world is full of pixels!Go explore apixellatedkingdom in a brand new retro style pixel themed platformer thatwill take you on a magical adventure ofepic proportions.Rock in old school classic cutting edge retropixel graphics.In this fun FREE pixel game,all you have to do is tap to steer the pixel boy left and right ashe descends through various obstacles.Look out for trees, falling rocks,push levers to open trap doorsand take massive leaps!Fall in stylewhile collecting pink pixie cubes in this free game of pixelpushing perfection.Grab those pixie cubesto reach the highest score and to challenge your friends in a pixelrun!Try our all new and exclusivemultiplayer feature where you run against another pixel boy untilyou drop!Gang up and compete with each other!There's never been a better time to enjoy Pixel Boy!Just remember,when the pixels collide, its Game Over.Master the simple one touch control and navigate throughobstacles in this free endlessly addictive,procedural generated retro platform runner.Get awestruck with ourpixel art and be ready for a challengingand exciting experience that is going to get you hooked!*Relive the classic pixel art*Simple running and collecting game-play*Tap to change direction*Challenging obstacles*Stay inside the screen!*Multiplayer to run with your friends!*Variety of environments*Collect pixie cubes for the highest score!*Now optimized & compatible for all tablets!*Artistic 2D Pixel Graphics!*Engaging and lively soundtracksHow to Play:Tap to change direction.Thank you for your support!Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Subscribe to our channel & Play our new games every week.If you face any problem while installing this app, please emailus at support@integerproductions.com,we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
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Enjoy the BEST GAME in PARKING AIRPLANESIMULATOR!Download to PLAY your new game "Airbus Parking 3D" in “Arcade”category on Google play now!Manage airbus planes and level up to more difficult assignmentsassign to you like big aircraft carriers, cargo airplanes and hugeairbus Boeing. Park your airbus in the parking zone within time towin the level. Upgrade and unlock new airplanes from the airportgarage. If you love car parking games and simulator game, this gamewill entertain you! Earn pilot badge and win medals in every level.Best of Luck!GAME FEATURES:-*FREE game to play.*Different airplane like Boeing, jets, aircraft carriers &jumboairbus to upgrade.*NEW Realistic physics controls of airplane to feel.*Amazing flight simulation features.*Real 3D environments, with multiple camera angles.*Smooth controls of racing & parking your plane.*Explore different airports & new mission objectives.*Google Play Game Services integrated for leader boards andachievements.*UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on leaderboard.*Share on Facebook and Google Plus.How to Play:-Tap your phone/tablet on your right side to race, brake andcontrol the speed.Tilt or move steering to control the airplane.Tap on right to take your plane gears up & down.Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES & NEWLEVELShttp://www.youtube.com/user/gamesgeni?feature=watchLike us on Facebook:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES & NEWLEVELShttps://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutionsThis game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girlsand boys of all ages.Install and Play your new game in "arcade" game category –Airbus Parking 3D for free on Android now!This game is COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of androidphones & tablets like nexus, samsung, lg, nokia, motorola,panasonic, HTC, Sony etc above 2.2 and up.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soonas possible.To get new updates of Timuz games, Please subscribe us onfacebook, Youtube and Twitter!
Dinosaur Simulator 2016 1.2 APK
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From the creators of Stag Hunter 2016, andDinosaur Hunter Simulator 2015.Dinosaur Simulator 2016 3D - Hunt the world’s most exoticdinosaurs!Take control of a huge Tyrannosaurus (T REX), rampage the jurassicworld, and eat everything you find on your way. Hunt the world’sbiggest, fiercest, and most dangerous dinosaurs includingTyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor(Raptor), Gorilla and many more. Moreover, chasing your targets ona hill climb makes the game even more challenging.Join the hunt now and become a hunting legend!GAME FEATURES- Realistic Role Playing Simulator with lush visuals- AAA graphics provide the most stunning fantasy gameplayexperience- Over 15 immersive hunting missions to complete- Immerse yourself in diverse jurassic park environments filledwith several dino species- Next level hunting with high-end tablet gameplay!- Ultimate adventure of hunting.Download the Dinosaur Simulator to experience the life of realdinosaurs.BYMIDNIGHT FREE GAMES
Stag Hunter 2016 : Real Deer 2.1 APK
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Stag Hunter 2016 - Experience the thrill ofbeing an actual hunter!Stag - a male deer, especially a male red deer after its fifthyear is a popular hunted Animal, during the hunting season.Be a Wild hunter and survive in the wilderness as long as youcan. Grab you gun, aim, and don't let the animals escape. Alsoprotect yourself and fight against fierce predators like Deer,Zebras, Boars, Foxes, Wolves, Hippos, Rhinos, Bears, Gorillas,Elephants, Panthers, Jaguars, Cheetahs, tigers and Lions. Theanimals might be unaware of your presence so take your best shotand become the expert shooter!GAME FEATURES- Realistic Simulator- Huge 3D Safari Environment- HD Graphics- Ultimate Hunting Adventure.- 15+ Unique Species- 60 Epic Missions.- Thrilling Prey Hunting Challenges.Download the Stag Hunter 2016 to experience the life of thehunter.Also try our top new free games - Real Lion Simulator 2016, RealTiger Simulator 2016, Deer Hunter Simulator 2014, and DinosaurHunter 2015.BYMIDNIGHT FREE GAMES
Unblock - Multiplayer 1.2 APK
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Are you fond of puzzles? Welcome to the worldof fun puzzling with UNBLOCK.We have taken the classic game and given it a smart andglamorous makeover.Fun characters and animations added to transform it from an olddesign to a fresh modern appeal.Simple and addictive puzzle game where your goal is to slide thecharacter block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out ofthe way. Fun play areas with a cute, fresh and playful feel.Breathtakingly beautiful graphics combined with the classicalgameplay to train your brain daily and keep you mentally fit.5 game modes with variety of play scenes worth hundreds of hoursof replay value to keep you challenged and addicted for FREE! Boxesreimagined as fun elements to spark your imagination. Challengeyourself or Choose to lay back and relax.Discover the full value of our multiplayer feature by competingwith your buddies and comparing moves.Earn 3 stars in every level to see your name up in the leaderboardsand achievements. You can do this by finding the best solution forall puzzles in the least number of moves. Need help? No Worries!Hints are always available.Game just gets tougher with the levels. Move those obstructingblocks out of the way. Match your brains with players all over theworld with our latest free game.Features-FREE Gamepaly-Undo Function Supported-Tracking progress of all solved positions-Authentic Sounds-5 Game Modes ranging from Beginner to Expert-Fast loading and easy navigation-Simple Controls-Compelling Level Design-Unlimited Puzzles to complete!-Hints Supported-Different themes in different modesHow to Play:Tap to slide the block left/right or top/bottom.Check out our free games previews, game trailers, videos andmore free apps in the future.Game Videos and Trailers:http://www.youtube.com/user/gamesgeni?feature=watchLike us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutionsThis game is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girlsand boys of all ages.Install and Play our new game (FREE) “Puzzle Game” – Unblock Mefor free on Android now!COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of android above 2.2 andupIf you have any problem in installation, please report to us. Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
Train Simulator : Train Games APK
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Train Simulator provides the most advancedtrain simulator experience that lets you become the best traindriver!Zoom across picturesque landscapes and experience the thrill of anactual train ride with Train Simulator.The game allows, the train express to be fully controlled by you.You may change the camera view as per your comfort; pick up all thepassengers and drop them at their respective destinations.Brake the train before you enter the danger zone and dodge anyoncoming trains whilst keeping in mind that you do not cross thetrains speed limit. You may also earn XP and level up your skillsto be the most skillful train driver of them all. Increase speed,apply brakes as you go round the map picking up passengers tofulfill your train transport duty. Go ahead and explore the vastcollection of trains from the old steam locomotive simulator to amodern high speed rails!It really has tons of exciting engine driver adventures that youcan enjoy for free!Train Simulator : Train Games, Features :*Entertaining train transport levels*Realistic Open/Close Doors Animations*Unlock and Explore 7 huge regions with 35 levels*Accelerate upward to move forward & downwards to slowdown*Press emergency halt to stop the train*Simply swipe left and right to take turnsBecome a pro train operator and engine driver with this traingames.Thank You for your support!