1.1.1 / April 26, 2017
(3.8/5) (2142)


Zombie Defense Shooter 2018 Under zombieattack, human race is in great danger and the survival is at thehands of zombie shooting guys with bigger guns. Gunship helicopterhas failed to wipe off the existence of zombies. No cure justdiscovered yet against zombies. Commandos sent to take control ofthe brutal situation. Take the survivors to the safe points. Loadthe guns with heavy ammunition and bring the hell to the zombies.Addictive action packed zombie defense shooting is dynamic gamewith extremely well game design. Ultra realistic and smooth gameplay for the blood sucking vampires and running zombies after thehumans. Awesome head shots and gut spilling on the floor with theshotgun attacks. Attack those empty head zombies with the baseballbat. Virus spread from biochemical labs changing the brain cellstructures of the dead and turning them into zombies. Weaponcombination are best assistance to build war strategies. Burnzombie bodies to finish their existence. Use sniper and other bigguns to mass control the herds of the zombies. Real zombie huntingtasks in the most amazing missions. Annihilate the opponent andtake control. Bloodthirsty zombie are numb minded slags unaware oftheir existence.
In last few days zombie virus is spread everywhere in the world.Many people effected with this virus and this is turn into a worldepidemic. Thousands of people infected by the virus and that turnspeople into flesh eating terrible zombies. These monsters wants tokill every one. Kill these bad zombies down before you prey.

#1 FPS game of zombie defense shooter intense killing
UHD graphics for action against the life threateningcreatures
Efficient controls to take control of the violent situations andkill the enemy with perfection
Shoot zombies on legs, arms and head
3D zombies land environment
Powerful weapons rifle, Ak47, Pistol & sniping gun for zombiedefense shooter to save humanity
Enough ammunition, sharp blades and lethal bullets to catch theprey.
100% free game.

How to Play:
Tap and move on screen left side of your device to move yourposition.
Tap and move on screen, right side of your device to target onzombies.
The zombies will attack on you when they see you.
Guns show on right side of the screen.
Choose your desired gun tap on it.
Fire button is on right side of the screen tap fire button toshoot.
Guns are reloaded automatically.
Use your rifle or pistol to aim at zombies from a distance.
If you don’t respond quickly zombies may be kill you.
Tap back press button for pause any time.
Best zombie assassin will never be hunted by those slag. Catch thezombies in the old factories and ruins and enjoy the biggestshootout in the open. The anarchy and the chaos created here willlead to the collapse of life on earth. Highway roads and thestreets are the marching tracks for the zombies in this time ofzombie attack. Kill those stupid random killing zombies with modernautomatic weapons. Destroy the zombies with the iron fist. Commandosoldier is expert in the zombie shooting and if the target is deadzombies then the aggression of commando reaches skies. This zombiedefense shooter in the real haunted environment is depiction ofreal apocalypse in ultimate zombie shooting scenarios. Throw knifesat moving targets with precision. Aim at zombies with snipers fromwatch towers to kill maximum in limited time. Align zombies and puta bullet through all of them.
We look forward to your opinion on the game, Use the reviews andratings to say your likings. We’ll try to respond as quickly aspossible and try to resolve issues regarding game.

App Information Zombie Shooting Ultimate Apocalypse 2018

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    Zombie Shooting Ultimate Apocalypse 2018
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    April 26, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Free Hard Games For Fun
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    100,000 - 500,000
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Deer hunting game is full of adverse huntingconditions. Deer hunting shooter game 2018 is miraculous inperformance and smoothness. Best shooter game of 2018. This huntinggame free have no lags. This hunter game is dandy. Stylish hunterwith backpack on, collection of hunting weapons and fine bullets inthe endless ammunition storage. Time to shoot target, aim at deerand take out the threat. Notice bullet trajectory and appreciatethe graphics and simulation in the slow motion bullet camera. Takebreathes for accurate aiming in the deer hunting game 2018.For hunting thrill in jungle, play this game. Deer Hunting is afree android game, to focus on the most beautiful and addictivehobby of hunting deer. If you have ever been a hunter, or you havebeen shooter, it will really relax your mind. Deer Hunting Game2018; Wild Shooting have elite graphics quality.Deer Hunting Game 2018; Wild Shooting have beautiful action huntingin various locations. A perfect shot to take down the predators inbest shooter 2018 games. Classic animal hunt shooting on the epicjourney to darkest jungles of the worlds. Don’t become the prey ofthe predators.There are different kinds of deer in the world, and, most deer aresimilar in shape, size and gender. The simple deer game we areoffering is to shoot and hunt the deer, the deer will move around,and when they come in the center of your gun's aim, shoot them withaccuracy. Hunt the exotic birds from all over the forest. World’sgreatest hunting experience is guaranteed in this Desert huntingacross the globe.First time user can hunt the deer in different environment in agame like forest snow desert city and other attractive scene.You have to shoot more, collect them and count the most score youhave been hunting in a spell. Your suggestion would be our greatpleasure for the improvement and addition of near features time totime.Deer Hunting Game 2018; Wild Shooting FEATURES:Best ever graphics and backgroundMultiple backgrounds with jungle, snow and bushesThe natural sounds of deer and bullet.High score and present score display on the top.Easy to download, and small in sizeNo connectivity required while playingAddictive, and kids loving.How to play:* Hunting the deer you got 20 point on each deer hitting.* If you shoot walking man then your score deducted -40 so don’tshoot the man* if you hunt the bird then you get double point 40 on eachhunt* When you finish the first level then you unlock the nextadventure mission.Like and Follow us onFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/freehardgames/Twitter: https://twitter.com/freehardgame?lang=en
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Best Army shooting game featuring hunterkiller 2018. Go crazy with 3D shoot like a pro hunter killer. Mostappropriate army game for kids. Get the army game free, a blessingfor free army game lovers. Shoot hunter killer in 3D action basedenvironment is best shooting game. Halo of explosion sparks andbullet fires over shoot hunter head, life threating danger in eachmission makes it the best army shooting game. Forget deer &wolf, this hunter killer go for enemy killing. Free Action Gamesarmy game, where you show hunting fury & shoot to killadventure. Shoot hunter is best 3D action game for brainbattlefield and shooting people. Welcome to 3D fighting games,shoot hunter 3D is warfare against enemy invasion. Ultimate shootercredentials put the shoot hunter to frontline with contract killerskill set & weapon operating like machine guns and rocketlaunchers. Kill terrorist to Fight global war & don’t getkilled by patrolling enemies Shooting Games.Shoot Hunter 3D, a realistic 3D battle army shooting game. Join thewar and start greatest combat experience now. Don’t forget to ratethis army shooting game named Shoot hunter 3D and share with yourfriends if you like it. Hunter killer thrives on your shootingpeople’s skill.Commando Missions Hostage Rescue Features:* #1 military action Army shooting game game.* Variety of Sniping gun, Ak47, assault rifles & Rocketlaunchers.* SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPER SKILLS* Fabulous Sounds Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and coolanimations* Excellent city and forest environment in this Army shootinggame* First person Army shooting game. ADDICTING game play (FPS) &EASY and INTUITIVEcontrols* Sniper scope views for hunter killer* Different geological locations hunter killer to explore and dothe job of shooting peopleNote:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for new updates on:https://twitter.com/freehardgame
Border Army Sniper 1.2 APK
One Man Army Front line Combat Strike AttackReal Border Army Sniper It is a brand new action-packed world crossborder issues first person sniper shooter game. IGI Commando BattleWar elite thrilling mission cross border Ambush and kill theenemies Ultra realistic 3D. Elite Commando Secret Spy MissionBefore few hours your opponent army attack on your border withtank, armor vehicles and helicopters. Commando Adventure ShooterStop your enemies to cross the border world war II| (Third worldwar). Commando Surgical Strike Operation It is a big attack on thehub root of your base line.Intelligence Headquarter Red AlertAmbush and kill the enemies Your commander and other leader havebeen fallen. Enemy soldiers are very clever in gorilla war.Yourarmy needs your help because you are a brave soldier. Army shooterwarrior You are promoted your job anti-terrorist squad to borderarmy. You are a modern sniper and ready to play your role indangerous attacks. This is the time to pay back your soil and saveit from bad terrorists.Grab your gun and breathe slowly aim and shoot on your target insilent assassin mission. Sniper Warrior Trust on your snipingskills and go for head-shot. The enemies are fully equipped withmodern weapons keep safe yourself from them. Use the best tactic tohit the tanks or Humvee. In these convoys a huge number of modernweapons.So Sniper Killer must be very carefull when he is makinghis first target. Their destruction is important because theenemy’s mission is to use these weapons against your country. Don’tworry about that you have enough arsenal to fight back them anddestroy all those who comes in your way. Navigator helps you insearching of you target. Fight as frontline commando until youachieve your target. Don’t allow your enemies to cross the borderand hold control of your base. Play your sniper duty, eliminatethese terrorist squad and kill them in stealth mode. This operationis like cold war.Take clear Head-Shot when your enemies are too close to you don’tmiss your target. Play the role of patriotic national hero. Usemodern long range sniper gun to kill enemy soldiers by taking clearhead-shot. Always stay calm it is not an easy mission as it looks.Mountains will restricts your sight visibility and time is veryshort so you will get no time to waste. Just ready to shoot youraim and be a phantom in the battle field. Hunt your enemies like aprofessional sniper hunter.This complete game is totally free for all peoples all over theworld.Features:• #1 FPS (First Person Shooter) game• Ultra realistic 3d graphics• Smooth game control.• Efficient controls• Amazing sound effects• Single sniper war• Advanced weapons rocket launcher & sniping gun• Sniper scope view• Enough Sharp bullets• Challenging shooting game• It is 100% free game.• Play anytime anywhere without internet.How to Play:1. Slide right of the half screen to adjust the direction of theshooting.2. Use both hand to control your character.3. Guns show on right side of the screen.4. Use your sniper rifle or rocket launcher to aim at terroristfrom a distance.5. Touch right below fire button to shoot.6. Shoot terrorists on legs, arms and head.7. Guns are reloaded automatically.8. If you don’t respond quickly the enemies attack on yourbase.9. Press any time back button to pause the game.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required. If you havefacing any problem contact us.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like and Follow us for new updates on:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asg.officalpageTwitter: https://twitter.com/asg_offical
Jeep Parking 4x4 1.2 APK
4x4 Crazy Jeep Stunt Parking Start yourweekend with our brand new 4x4 jeep parking driver simulation game.Offroad Jeep Driving parking expert It is a complete adventuresgame with ultimate action and thrilling movements. 4x4 jeep luxuryjeep drive If you have a big heart and leaver then try this HUMMERJEEP game.Jeep Grand Cherokee Ride your 4x4 horse power engine jeepon hill climb, desert, mountains, forest, and jungle, on road andoff road different tracks.Crazy Suv Offroad Jeep Start your nitro speed jeep and enjoy everyday a new journey. In this game different task gives to you.CrazyTaxi Jeep Drive parking When you complete your first task then nextone is ready for you.Snow Jeep high speed car jump.Being aprofessional driver follow all the driving rules. Drive jeepcarefully and park it in right destination in given time. Avoid tohitting obstacles because if you hit anyone your level will befailed and the game is over.Some levels are on destroyed roads and in this situation your realdriving test being start. Off road driving is a skillful work andmany drivers failed in this situation. In this game you enjoy BeachIsland, snow and other beautiful sceneries. On screen map guidesyou right directions. Check your fuel and don’t drop the level offuel because it is a dangerous sign for you. Be furious and fastdodge to limited time.Smooth controls steering, clutch and brake pedals provides youcomfortable driving experience. A tons of levels. Every level isunique in its kind. This game is totally free and available ongoogle play for all genders and all age persons.How to play: Move staring left and right to control tractor. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed. Gear is for forward and reverse. Use gear lever up for forwarding and down for reveres. Use brake pedal to stop. Pause button to stop game at any time. Camera button for adjusting camera angle. Clear every level with 3 stars for getting more tractors. Play anytime and anywhere: without internet access.Features: Realistic 4x4 jeep physics engine Ultrarealistic Graphics & 3D Environment Real jeep sound effects Time based levels. Complete the challenge in limited time. Stunning racer jeep riding experience On-screen vehicle controls Smooth steering control with hydraulic break and accelerationpaddle. Different camera views: up & behind, driver view, near thewheel. Cab view with side mirrors Totally free of cost game.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like us on Facebook & follow on twitter: - FOR NEW UPDATES& NEW LEVELSFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/asg.officalpageTwitter: https://twitter.com/asg_offical
Commando Adventure Game 2018 : Jungle Shoot Hunter 1.2 APK
Commando adventure game 2018 is the best offree adventure game. Time to excel at killing with ballisticmissiles, assault gun attacks and sniper rifle strategic kills.Take down enemy in this commando game like the expert enemy hunter.Come on, take adventurous team partners like Lara with you on thisjourney of action against the injustice and cruelty by the enemy atthe border. Commando action mission game to fill you weekend withreal joy and happiness. RPG machine guns and other big guns, whichwill kill your enemy. Adventure scape and stealth action againstall threats is guaranteed in the commando adventure game. Take ahike of the mountain and reach at the top. Take the aim from thebattle advantaged point and start shooting incoming threats. Secretagent commando strike war game is best action and drama. Trainingacademy has taught the commando adventure warrior the lessons toovercome the enemy.Commando assassins are furious attackers fighting for thenation.Kill squads and assassin gangs by the enemy are heinous. Commandoadventure game has large environment for the battle and actionadventure. Enemy tanks and bullet proof vehicles are the lessvulnerable to the gun bullets. Acquire the high military gradeweapons to destroy their toughest war tools like tanks, gunshiphelicopters and war cargo transport trucks. Use the rocketlaunchers and sniper guns to take aim at the strongest items.Pull the trigger at the target like a pro. Precise shooting isrewarded with coins and health package in the game. Bring the coinsin use, by buying the stuff that will hurt the enemy army most.Take down the gangs of hostage taking brutal army of terrorists.Put their wild jungles and hideouts to the fire.If enemy terrorists throw a stone at you, commando adventuresoldier must burn their camps and finish their existence. Mostclassic way of competing the enemy is from front and that needs alot of firepower. Bring the most lethal assault rifles into actionand get the job of city cleaning from the enemy terroristsdone.It is a best chance to hit and fight a guerrilla war againstterror. Enemy’s arsenal is bigger but your arsenal is better beingconfident and wins this war field with modern war techniques. Aimand shot no enemy behind and become historic war hero. Your singleefforts give victory to your whole nation.It is a test of your military skills to rescue these people andmake the city peaceful. Patrolling criminals ready to kill you, youmust save yourself and keep eye on them also watch tower soldersfor your successful complete mission. This is the military actionoriented shooting game for all on Google play.Commando adventure game 2018 features:* Great action in this amazing FPS game* Futuristic action portrayed with the Amazing 3D graphics* Challenging missions* Excellent city and forest environment for battle against theheinous enemies.* Destructive Weapons of military grades.* Auto reload of different guns in the game makes it morefun.* Sniper scope view for the distant enemies to kill* On screen radar for identifying enemies* Fabulous sounds.* Completely free gameYour ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it. Download the commando adventure game for freeover the Google Play Store. All the ratings and reviews by theusers are welcomed. Provide your feedback for commando adventuregame freely.Like and Follow us on:https://www.facebook.com/freehardgameshttps://twitter.com/freehardgame?lang=en
Farm Tractor Simulator Agri Land : Tractor Driver 1.2 APK
Agriculture lands needs to vaster, toencourage farmers agriculture lands are supported by professionalfarming consultants. Become the hero of the family by growing cropyield to a new maximum. Real farm needs a perfect tractor driveroperator to pull off all the task that the ranch employees requiredto do. Rural environment with peaceful themes are added to increasethe user interest. This tractor driver is multi talented guy. Fromsloughing the fields to maintain the grain stock in the storeseverything is controlled by one man. Now ship the crops to themarkets with the amazing tractor cargo skills of driving. Thissimulation has a major part of the job as plowing the fields beforethe big crop harvesting day come. Best technique for agriculturesuccess are rewarded with coins and points in the game. Extensivedetails in the environment just to make sure the greatness in thequality of simulation for the farming. Authentically equippedinstruments are made in the best agriculture manufacturing firms.Cut the plants and timber to sell in the market. Make fences of theextra timber to protect the farm from the invaders. Animaltransport to the city for sale to the slaughter houses and meatmarket is profitable for the business of farm tractor simulatoragri land owner. Start your weekend by driving 4x4 tractor onmountains. It gives you a complete experience of farming in a newway. So are you ready for this amazing tractor driving craze? It isreal fun to ride and drive on it. This game is especially for thosewho loves farming and ploughing in real farms.You’re a farmer and your grains are ready for cultivate. Drive yourtractor from your farm house and go to your fields for cultivateand plow. Your farmland living with cowshed pet cat, stray dog andhorse. Work on a livestock environment. A jungle is also held onyour farms way where lion, deer, bear, and other animals arewalking. You can also enjoy hilly area with grass, rocks, largemountains etc. When your grain are ready harvest it with harvestermachine simulator. After harvesting put this grain into trolley andjoint this trolley with your tractor. Work like atransporter.Park trolley into right place in given time. Make your way aroundthese farm roads then park up. Drive careful and maneuver this bigfarmer vehicle parallel or in reverse for various situations. Onceyou have complete your task you will move onto the next level andneed to park up in a new spot. getting more powerful tractor youhave to complete every levels with 3 stars. After getting 3 starsyou have enough dollars for purchasing a high powerful tractor. Indifferent locations load your tractor with other realisticattachments like harvester, seeder, backhoe and more.Farming is not an easy work it is very hard working for a farmer.This game is totally based on a real farmer life. Tractor drivingand parking gives you real driving vehicle simulator environmentfrom start to end. Complete missions survive through differentmission and complete tasks to unlock the next mission. Afterplaying this game you become parking master. This parking maniagame available on google play for every age and gender and betterthan other driving games. So download and play this extreme tractordriving game.Farm Tractor Simulator Agri Land features:• Ultra realistic endless driving environment.• 30 addictive levels.• Realistic vehicles• Time based levels.• HD quality graphics.• Realistic animated people• Energy boosting game sound.• Cab view with side mirrors• Different camera views: up & behind, driver view, near thewheel.• Smooth steering control with hydraulic break and accelerationpaddle.• On-screen vehicle controls• Totally free of cost gameHow to play: Move staring left and right to control tractor. Use accelerator pedal to increase speed. Use gear lever up for forwarding and down for reveres. Use brake pedal to stop.This free game is supported as per Google Policy.
Army Cargo Truck Simulator : Transport cargo Army 1.2 APK
US Military Transport cargo Army DriverOne Ballet One Road Ultimate shooting by armies at the borders haveturned the little quarrel into a war. Armies in need of full scaleattacks over each other with full force. They need weapons and bigarsenals on each side. Become the military transport big cargodriver to pull of the transportation needs of the army. While theenemy army sniper commando sharp shooting beasts look forward totake the military convoy out with drivers and passengers. Drivingskills through the mountains will come in handy. Curve Zig zagthrough the hurdles and save the day for the army units and savethe fellow soldiers with ease. To avoid helicopter strikes andgetting the army truck destroyed over the battlefield. 4x4 truckswith better handling and truck physics are added. Assist the navyby taking the cargo trucks to the military ships. Soldiers travelin the military trucks and buses which is totally different thanriding city bus and wagons.US Military Transport cargo Army Driver features:Beautiful high power 4x4 Army Trucks to pull of the most dangerouswar zone transport jobsUltra realistic endless driving environment to feel best at thedrivingAddictive levels & army truck driving physics.Realistic military transport vehicles ranging from small vans tothe army jeeps and the transport cargo trucks.Drive the whole units to the battle area with precise drivingLimited time to reach the destination in the military transportcargo army driver game.High definition graphics to keep the interest in the game and makethe game play even more interestingRealistic animation for the brave army commando action adventuresoldiers competing in the warEnergizing game sounds for the virtual soldier games.Get the best cab view with side mirrorsDifferent camera views: up & behind, driver view, near thewheel.Smooth steering control with hydraulic brake and accelerationpaddle.On-screen brake pedals, acceleration, transmission and steeringcontrol.Totally free game.Major gunshot at the bay is clear indication of enemy army fullscale attack plan in the future. Shoot duty among bitter soldiersand war puppets is crucial to both sides. Impossible to drive onslippery roads and steep mountains. Gang lords and drug dealersteamed up with the enemy making the military transport jobimpossible. Be careful driving the army truck while transportingthe weapons. All the explosives are highly vulnerable and they areprone to explosion on the heat and pressure. Military strikes Warbegins a new state of emergency for every army personal so pull upyour socks and get excited like military skydiver before jumping.Eyes on the horizon and the focus on the goal makes the journeymore fun. Best army vehicle driver fighting with the odds all thetime. Explore war environment with driving fanatics and othermilitary soldier off road driving frames. Driving from subway tocookie stores is much easy and make the driver feel like a bigballet. Drive around earth starting from the middle of the battlefields and brutal manhunt by the enemy. Long military drives ofmore than five nights’ long journey through the barren war riddenlands. No choices to choose between candy and guns for a soldier.Don’t be a wrecker on the road. Blast the enemy toy camps. Speed upthe military truck like on the run after stealing from the cartel.Run like hell through the enemy areas and become the escapist champwhile keeping the army goods and arsenal safe and untouched. Slotsfor the big arsenal truck drivers are thin. Get into the line andstart traffic bullet speed driving warriors. Away from the citystreet tiles so it is time to show the magic of driving like a pro.Marines are riding with iron nerve extreme driver so don’t let themdown with crashes or getting hit by enemy missiles rocketlaunchers. Bring home glory and escape the trouble with ease andgrace. Super rattle effect on the steering wheel due to the bumpyroad.
Off Road Tuk Tuk Rickshaw : Passenger Transport 3D 1.3 APK
Auto Tuk Tuk Futuristic Driving Read to play abrand new most realistic off road tuk tuk rickshaw game PassengerTransport Rickshaw Drive. It is an adventures and thrill givinggame. If you likes to play off road car driving or off road truckdriving game then this traditional auto rickshaw game is best foryou. Get the real fell of nature with real and beautiful hills andmountain tops. Explore the new way of driving with dynamic vehicleengine physics.Let’s start your high velocity turbo engine rickshaw. Drive as alegend hill station rickshaw driver on mountains. Driving is nevereasy on hills compare to city roads. The roads on hills are verydangerous and narrow you need to focus on driving. Pick up thepassengers from their stops and drop them at their destinationssafely, avoid to get harm your passengers from deadly driving. Fuelis limited so be fast and carefully complete the given task ontime. Your auto will be crashed if you hit other vehicles andanimals like deer, lion, etc.Auto rickshaw also used passengers pick and drop service door todoor because it easily comes in narrow streets. Fulfil the needs ofpassengers, they always need safe transport especially when go innew area and tuk tuk auto rickshaw is a reliable source oftransportation in many countries.You can enjoy driving, racing, transportation and parking, fourdifferent driving experience in this one game. Let's drag your TukTuk Auto Rickshaw among offroad vehicles, pk truck and enjoy a realsim of pk driving. A tons of levels. Every level is unique in itskind. This game is totally free and available on google play forall genders and all age persons.Passenger Transport Rickshaw Drive 2018 Features:• Awesome 3D hilly environment.• Advanced vehicle physics engine.• 3D graphics.• Challenging tasks.• Addictive game-play.• On-screen vehicle controls• Smooth controls and modified auto rickshaws.• Real auto rickshaw sound effects.• Different camera views: up & behind, driver view, near thewheel.• Totally free game.HOW TO PLAY:1. Tap on play button.2. Tap and select your favorite vehicle.3. Select your desired level.4. Tap on left to turn left.5. Tap on right to turn right.6. Tap on throttle to accelerate.7. Hit brakes to stop and keep it hold to reverse.8. Tap on hand brake to completely stop the vehicle.9. Pick up the passengers from their stops.10. Avoid to hit other vehicles.11. Drop the passengers on their destination safely.12. Congratulation your level is complete13. Follow these instructions in every level.14. Play anytime and anywhere: without internet access.Compatibility:Android 2.3 or later all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly and ready for further improvement if required.Your ratings and reviews are our motivation to make moreenhancements in it.Note:This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the Apponly as per Google Policy.Like us on Facebook & follow on twitter: - FOR NEW UPDATES& NEW LEVELSFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/freehardgamesTwitter: https://twitter.com/freehardgame?lang=en

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Sangiorgi Srl
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344