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ZOMBIE DESERT ARENA hunting in ZOMBIES - is a real physics enginegame and hunting ZOMBIES.Hunting zombie on the SUV in destroyeddesert city.Your goal is to kill all zombie in your range. Duringthe game, you will enjoy the realistic graphics.Hunt zombies fromyou locate and kill themall!************************************Desert Gas Station 3Dfeatures:- This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring youhours of fun.- High quality graphics.- Easy controller.- Off-roadsimulator military car.- Open 3D environment.- Realistic animatedzombies to hunt.- Realistic sound effects.- Full 3D - 360 DegreesAction.Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!https://www.facebook.com/OppanaGameshttps://vk.com/oppana_games


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    May 25, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Oppana Games
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Russian Hunting 4x4 1.5.2 APK
Oppana Games
Russian Hunting 4x4 - hunting on the SUV in russian forest. Movearound from point to point on the Russian offroad suv.Your goal isto kill all animals in your range. Use sniper view for betterprecision. During the game, you will enjoy the realistic graphicsof the russian forest.Hunt different animals: bear, wolf, deer,fox, hare, elk and other animals hid from you locate and kill themall! Hunting 3D features:- High quality graphics.- Off-roadsimulator 4x4. - Open 3D environment.- realistic animated animalsto hunt.- Realistic sound effects.- Full 3D - 360 Degrees Action.https://www.facebook.com/OppanaGameshttps://vk.com/oppana_games
Russian Cars: Priorik 2.2 APK
Oppana Games
Is a real physics engine game and simulator.Ever wanted to try arussian cars simulator and city driving? Now you can drive, driftand feel a russian car for free! Accurate physics engine that candeliver the most realistic racing fun possible. ****GAMEFEATURES****- Destruction of a vehicle.- Real dynamic game feelingwith endless fun.- Car tuning.- New city nightlife. - Easycontroller.- Realistic acceleration.- Beautiful graphics.- Accuratephysics.Keep for updates. Expected more interesting!
Car Simulator OG 2.50 APK
Oppana Games
You will really feel like you are behind the wheel of a car. Cruisearound the city in your car with friends, and experience how cooland difficult it can be at the same time. Explore the city, andperhaps you will find something interesting. You have a 360-degreeview of the cabin. Fun companions are waiting for you to join themin the game. Set up a race according to your own rules! Turn on themusic and let's go!!!! The game offers online mission races (inmultiplayer mode) where you can compete with real players, defeatthem, and earn more money. Tips: 1. Do not speed. Drive carefullyin order to avoid crashing or damaging your car. 2. Beware of thetraffic police. If you speed, then you will get a ticket. 3. Payattention to the interactive hints. 4. Don't forget to fill up yourcar with gas at the gas station. 5. It is cheaper to pay a bribethan the official ticket. 6. For your convenience, please keep thedoors locked when driving. Please note: The input area for theinteractive buttons is around the center of the screen. The sideareas with the control buttons are inactive. To successfullyactivate the interactive parts of the game, you must first drag thecomponent of interest to the center of the screen while in360-degree mode. Press to confirm your selection. Game features: -Fun interactive game with endless replay value. - Daily bonuses. -First-person mode. - Richly detailed car models. - Many of thecomponents inside the car are interactive. - You can modify andtune your car in a large number of ways. - Interesting map of thecity and its environs. - Interactive gas station. - Fun quest- andarcade-style missions. - Additional multiplayer-mode missions.Additional bonus! The game contains an additional 4 cars. One ofthe cars has a dead battery, the second lacks one entirely, and thethird is missing a wheel. Find a way to get them going again, andthey will be yours!!! Hint! There are 3 ways to acquire new cars:for free, at a discount, or by buying the car in the showroom.Bonus! Police cruiser. Play the beta versions. Follow us! Tell usyour wishes for new features and comments about the game. Downloadand play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!https://www.facebook.com/OppanaGames https://vk.com/oppana_games
Offroad Car G 1 APK
Oppana Games
This luxury 4x4 SUV driving simulator ensures realistic car damageand accurate driving physics. A free app lets you drive an off-roadvehicle and even drift. There are three different game modes tochoose from. 1. CITY. In the CITY mode you are participant of thecity traffic. 2. FOREST. This is an off-road mode in the forest. 3.DESERT. This is an off-road mode in the sand dunes. *** GAMEFEATURES *** - This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring youhours of fun.- Car damage is extremely realistic. - There are threedifferent locations.- It's very simple to select a drive mode. -You get realistic acceleration. - Great graphics. - Plenty ofcamera settings. TIPS. 1. Do not accelerate while cornering! 2. Usethe camera settings to choose the most convenient view for driving.3. Camera View 4 allows you to set camera mode to 360 degrees.Download and play OPPANA GAMES! And enjoy yourself!https://www.facebook.com/OppanaGameshttps://vk.com/oppana_games
Tinted Car Simulator 1.1 APK
Oppana Games
Get the experience of wheeling a car with tinted glass.Drive aroundthe city at night with your friends and feel how cool andchallenging this can be at the same time.Explore the city andperhaps you'll find something interesting.A 360-degree view of theinterior and fun co-travelers will add to the experience.Turn onthe music and hit the road!Tips:1. Press '?' in the top rightcorner to highlight the interactive elements.2. Take notice of thedialog tips: they'll put you on the next step.3. Don't build upspeed and drive with care, to keep the car intact and avoid theneed to visit the maintenance station and pay for repbodyshopsairs.4. The body shop can repair the car's body, remove the tintingor change the wheels.5. Look out for the traffic police. If youhave not removed the tinting, you'll be fined.6. Make sure you fillup your car at the gas station.7. Bribe cheaper than the officialfine.8. Find a map of the city in a social network.Please note! Theactive area of the interactive buttons is closer the center of thescreen. Side areas with control buttons are inactive.To ensure theinteractive areas of the game respond use the 360-degree view tomove them closer to the center and then press.Features andcharacteristics of the game:- This exciting and dynamic game issure to bring you hours of fun.- The model of a car is accuratedown to the last detail.- Plenty of interactive elements in thecar.- An interesting map of the city at night.https://www.facebook.com/OppanaGames
Russian Cars: Offroad 1.2 APK
Oppana Games
Russian Cars: Offroad - is a real physics engine game.Ever wantedto try a offroad car simulator 4x4 and impassability ofroadsdriving? Now you can drive and feel a russian offroad SUV forfree! Accurate physics engine that can deliver the most realisticracing fun possible.Drive through real Russian forest. Do not getlost! ****GAME FEATURES****- Real dynamic game feeling with endlessfun.- Easy controller.- Realistic acceleration.- Beautifulgraphics.- Accurate physics.- Real Russian forest.
Russian Cars: 8 in City 3.0.4 APK
Oppana Games
Russian Cars: 8 in City - is a real physics engine game. Everwanted to try a muscle car simulator and city driving? Now you candrive, drift and feel a russian car for free! Accurate physicsengine that can deliver the most realistic racing fun possible.****GAME FEATURES**** - Real dynamic game feeling with endless fun.- New Сity. - Easy controller. - Realistic acceleration. -Beautiful graphics. - Accurate physics.
Russian Traffic Flow 1.0.6 APK
Oppana Games
Drive your car through traffic and enjoy the fast paced, thrillingarcade racing game. Become a best racer and drive through trafficat crazy speeds. Earn points and buy faster cars andupgrades.------------ Features:- Beautiful 3D graphics.- Easydriving controls.- 20 different cars to choose from.- Upgrades:handling, speed, braking. - Bonus points for close overtakes.- Twomodes: "Simulation" and "Arcade racing games".- View from thecockpit.