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🏥 ** Crazy Doctor: Zombie Hospital ** is theperfect fun kids game for free who love playing doctor games withreal surgery and hospital games! Start working as a crazy zombiedoctor today!

🏥 In this amazing crazy doctor game, your task is to treatbrainless zombies from different diseases or injuries! Perform realsurgery, fix broken bones, cure stomach viruses and much more!Zombie doctor mania is taking over the world, so come to zombietown and start curing cute little green monsters!

🏥 Realistic medical equipment makes our "zombie games for kids"more fun than any other "crazy doctor games" and surgery games youplayed before! Cure an entire zombie village, be quick and preciselike a real emergency doctor working in a crazy hospital! Come and"cure zombies now"!

🏥 Amazing zombie doctor game features:

- 5 different zombie monsters to cure in your emergencyroom!
- 9 injuries and diseases – pick the right tools to treat eachmedical problem!
** Fever – like a real er doctor, take the patients' temperatureand give them a medicine!
** Thorns – extract thorns using real medical tools & apply anointment!
** Ear infection – find and kill bacteria that are hiding in theears of crazy zombies!
** Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, make zombies feel better& be the best at kid doctor games!
** Bites – make a potion to treat zombies that got bitten!
** Cuts – clumsy zombies often get cuts and bruises while runningaround, eating brains and wreaking havoc!
** Stomach ache – perform an ultrasound, kill the bacteria insidethe stomach, and feed your little zombie patients!
** Broken bones – your crazy hospital for undead creatures has anX-ray machine, too! Fix broken bones by doing extreme surgeries inour top zombie surgery games for kids!
** Toothache – virtual dentist surgery on zombies – imagine how funthat is! Remove rotten teeth and cavities, and give zombies abeautiful smile!
- Open new zombie hospitals and unlock more illnesses! Everysuccessful zombie surgery will bring you stars that you need tocollect in order to unlock all hospitals – kids doctor games aretotally free if you're a good zombie doctor!
- Exciting and realistic surgery simulator!
- Get ** Crazy Doctor: Zombie Hospital **, the best zombie doctorgame, FREE!

🏥 The Halloween night is fast approaching, but instead ofplaying Halloween horror games, enter the world of scary zombiesand get to know real horror and fright! “Halloween zombie games”bring regular Halloween games for kids to a new level ofexcitement! Join the mania of free Halloween adventure games thatare taking over the world, just like brainless zombies are tryingto do!

🏥 Enjoy the incredible "fun zombie games for free" and beginyour medical career with these amazing hospital games! You'll gethooked on our little doctor games for free and virtual surgerygames; but, don't worry, we have a lot more doctor simulator gamesthat you can try! Wanna be a pet vet and work in an animalhospital? Well, we have fantastic pet vet games, too!

🏥 Awesome "kids doctor games for free" with real doctor toolsand a crazy surgeon are so much fun to play – join our er medicalstaff and experience first hand how exciting surgery games are!Download ** Crazy Doctor: Zombie Hospital ** and try your lucktreating spooky zombies from different diseases, infections andinjuries!

🏥 Crazy doctor games for kids are educational and beneficial –kids will learn about different medical tools and equipment andperhaps discover their passion for medicine! Of course, free zombiegames for girls and boys bring many more fun surprises! You're notjust a regular er doctor, you're also a surgeon, dentist, littleear doctor and much more!

🏥 ** Crazy Doctor: Zombie Hospital ** is the best of the bestwhen it comes to zombie doctor games and zombie games for kids ingeneral! Your adventure to become a successful zombie doctor beginstoday with our hospital games!

App Information Zombie Doctor: Crazy Hospital

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** Perform the cutest cat makeover in our petsalon for pretty kitty cats with fabulous 2016 "cat dress up games"and start you pet story with the most adorable virtual pet cats!Download our fun and free cat games for kids and dress up cats inbeautiful cat costumes and accessories! Complete the dress upchallenges in your "cat salon" and make all the cat customers inyour pet dress up salon pretty and happy!** Dress up games for girls are amazing and creative, and nowyour can play dress up games with your favourite virtual cat pets!Feel like a true cat fashion designer and play the ultimate catdress up salon game for little girls and boys who love cat gamesand cat care!** Begin the cutest cat story in your own makeover salon for petgrooming, pet care & dress up! Many cute cats are waiting foryou to pick their cat costumes and put cat makeup on their adorablefurry faces – in your pet cat makeover salon game you can evenchoose trendy accessories for your crazy cats and beautify themwith this cat dress up game for kids!** It's time to open the doors of your pet salon for your littlefurry kitty cats that want to get a cat dress up and "catmakeover"! They came to you because you own the best pet shop forcat dress up & make up! Be the cat fashion expert and fulfillall of their fashion makeover wishes – dress up cats just like theydesire!** Have you played "dress up cat games" before? They are thecutest cat games for kids where you can play cat dress up withcrazy cats and have the best time picking costumes for your cat!Virtual pet games offer so many cool pet grooming, cat care and petdress up options – and our fabulous dress up and makeup game hasthem all!** You must check out this 2016 kitty dress up is the cutest ofall animal dress up games on the AppStore! Pet spa & beautysalon games will make you feel like the best fashion stylist &dress designer for kitty cats!❥ KITTY CAT PET DRESS UP❥ 6 fluffy cats to play with – give all of them a cat fashionmakeover they are looking for so new cute kittens can come to yourpet beauty salon with new cat dress up ideas!❥ FASHION ROOMFashionable shades, trendy blouses and shirts, fancy pants andskirts, dresses, vests, and lots of stylish accessories! The mostadorable cat costumes are ready for you!❥ CAT MAKEUP & HAIR SALONBeautiful lipsticks, different mascaras and false eyelashes,eyebrow pens and powders, and lots of chic hairstyles! Our cat hairsalon is the best pet shop in town!** Kitty cat dress up games for kids all ages! Animal games suchas virtual pet games, animal dress up games, animal care games,talking pets and much more, are a great educational games for kids!Kids will learn to be creative, they'll improve their hand-eyecoordination, time management and colors and shapes recognitionskills!** Infinite fun awaits all kitty cat lovers & fashion anddress up addicts in this cat story - makeover salon game! So manybaby kittens and cute cats are patiently waiting in your pet catsalon for a dress up and makeup makeover games from you! In thiscat dress up game, your job is to dress cats as they want, putmakeup on their cute furry cat faces, fix their bushy eyebrows,choose some trendy accessories, and give them the look of theirdreams in your cat beauty salon!** Download our new kitty cat salon game **Pet Salon: KittyDress Up Game** and explore all the "cat dress up" possibilitiesthat our pet salon game has to offer! Make your favorite kitty catshine with new dresses, hats, jewelry and many more clothing itemsand accessories by playing these super fun virtual pet dress upgames!
Princess Coloring Book Games APK
** Puzzle and coloring book lovers all aroundthe world – a new princess coloring game is here, with beautifulprincess coloring pages for those that love coloring and paintinggames, as well as amazing prince and princess games!** Princess Coloring Book Games ** has 3 exciting coloring bookmodes:-- COLOR GAME MODE – pick your favorite scene and color it as youwish! Express your creativity!-- BUILD GAME MODE – arrange the elements as you wish and buildyour own coloring page! Then, color it as you like!-- PUZZLE GAME MODE – complete a task and create a coloring sheet –put all elements of a princess puzzle in their marked place! Ofcourse, now you should make princess and her animal friends come tolife by coloring them!** Interactive and animated coloring pages are even more enjoyablethan real coloring books – in this princess color book, objects onthe coloring sheet can move, dance and wave to you! Princess andanimals start to move when painted!** Coloring games can help you learn colors and shapes whilecoloring pictures of princesses, animals, cars or anything else!Also, with our fairy kingdom coloring book, you can learn animalsounds! Every animal makes a sound when you tap to color it!** You will enjoy "princess coloring" because this animatedcoloring book allows them to paint pictures of princess in amagical farway kingdom!** Our interactive coloring book is one of the cutest coloring appsfree! Drawing and coloring games have many amazing benefits, so ourprincess coloring book game is both educational and fun coloringgame!** In ** Princess Coloring Book Games **, you'll find many freecoloring pages with different scenery – a beautiful castle,enchanted forest, lakes – there are so many fantastic princesscoloring sheets for teenage girls 13 and up!** Choose your favourite "princess coloring game" mode and enjoycoloring pages for girls!Feel like a true artist while coloring princesses in our princessgame for girls!** If you're looking for a great free game for 13 years old girlsor free girl games, our fun coloring books for girls with princesscoloring pages are the best drawing and coloring games and "how tocolor" games for AndroidTM!** Best cartoon coloring books free are waiting for you to downloadthem and discover why everyone loves coloring book - free games! Inthis coloring game, you can play, color and draw!** All "coloring pages" are amusing, but we know that all girlslove princesses and fairy tales, so we designed this beautifulanimated princess coloring book especially for older girls whoenjoy princess painting games! Get princess coloring pages free andsee for yourself how much you will love this coloring app!** Explore the breathtaking kingdom of coloring games for girls 13and up with free princess coloring pages, amazing prince andprincess coloring sheets and different girls coloring game modesthat make this virtual coloring and painting game special!** Virtual coloring is amazing, you must try out animated coloringbooks and princess coloring games and see how coloring shapes cometo life!** Popular coloring games are perfect activity games – don'thesitate and download this free 2017 princess coloring pages game** Princess Coloring Book Games ** right now and have a fantasticcoloring and painting experience! Discover all the amazing benefitsof a coloring book and enjoy the beauty of princess coloringpictures!
Fashion Tailor Designer Game 1.0 APK
Little tailors and fashion girls all overthe world, it's time to fulfil your dreams of becoming top dressdesigners and make your own clothes inside our tailor store! Designclothing items such as dresses, skirts, pants, T-shirts and blousesand decorate your fashionable dresses with patterns, pockets,buttons, belts, collars and stickers! Our "dress making games" willteach you how to become a tailor! 💫 Fashion Tailor Designer Game 💫 is a clothes designer game that iffull of incredible features:Make clothes games have easy and intuitive gameplay, perfect forkids all ages!High quality graphics and cute sound animations for a pleasantclothes designing experience!An abundance of fabric coolors and patterns are available in yourtailor shop for fashion divas!Cute stickers, buttons and other decoration for clothes – combinethem as a real top stylist!Many sewing patterns – make all types of clothing for little girlsand boys with tailor designer games!Realistic sewing and dressmaking process: pick the fabric, wash itand iron it, and then play exciting sewing games and dressdesigning games!Add bags, jewelry, sunglasses and many other modern accessories tocomplete your fashion makeover!Take a photo of each customer when your dress up adventure iscompleted – designing clothes games are just so much fun!Enjoy "stitching games" and become a dress maker and fashiondesigner! Your dress up salon will always be filled with amazingdress designs and stylish clothes! Don't miss out on this babyfashion tailor and dress maker game for future tailors!** Sewing games for girls help you become a famous star fashiondesigner and perform a beauty makeover on your customers! Onlystylish kids come to your trendy dress up boutique, so you mustmake and decorate their new garments as they wish!** "Tailor designer games with customers" are fun and easy to play:first, pick the right fabric and sewing pattern! Then, you need towash it and iron it! Now, the most important part in all tailordesigner games – cut the material, turn on your sewing machine forkids and make amazing stylish dresses for girls, T-shirts, pants,blouses and other fashion clothing items!** Your princess fashion salon is the best dress designer shop intown, so all little kids come to you to design and sew clothes forthem! Prove that you're the top outfit designer and dressmaker ever- play sewing games for kids and soon you'll rise to fame with yourclothes making and dress designing skills!** "Fashion designer games" have always been the most popular dressdesigner games for girls, but our tailor games with levels makeclothes making even more fun! Cut, iron and sew materials to makeamazing clothes – this sewing simulator is so realistic, you'llfeel like you work in a real fashion boutique as a little tailorfor kids!** In 💫 Fashion Tailor Designer Game 💫, you are the proud owner ofyour dress up salon for little fashion divas and superstars andyou'll have a lot of different customers that will have differentdressmaking requests – from pants and shirts for boys, to summerdresses for little girls, you must make any type of clothes theydesire as the best dress designer!** This design your own clothes game is a kids tailor game &sewing game designed especially for all fashion dolls that enjoysewing and stitching games and want to become star fashiondesigners!** 💫 Fashion Tailor Designer Game 💫 is one of the best free tailorgames for kids for AndroidTM! So, don't hesitate to download thisfree making clothes game for kids and enjoy being a baby fashiontailor and doing fashion makeover! Start your fashion story byworking in a little tailor shop!Like us on Facebook so that you don't miss our new games for kids:https://www.facebook.com/BubbleBee123/
My Baby Doctor: Newborn Clinic 1.1 APK
Great news for all the kids who dream ofbecoming famous surgeons and doctors, baby care and “baby hospital”games are here to teach you how to treat injuries and diseases, andtake care of a newborn! Download “My Baby Doctor: Newborn Clinic”to work as a neonatal surgeon and save children's lives!** Fever – help your baby patients by taking their temperatureand giving them a medicine!** Thorns – extract thorns with real medical equipment, spraymosquitoes & apply an ointment!** Ear infection – find and kill bacteria that are hiding in theears of helpless newborns!** Sore throat – spray the nasty bacteria, cure cute babies and bethe best new born doctor in the world!** Bites – make a potion to treat babies that got bitten!** Cuts – little kids are clumsy, so there's a lot of work for askilled "baby doctor" to clean wounds, play stitching games and puta bandaid on!** Stomach ache – in this crazy baby surgery game, you can alsoperform ultrasound like in a real newborn hospital! When littlebabies are cured, feed them with food for new born!** Broken bones – baby caring games also include fixing brokenbones! You're the best newborn doctor & surgeon so you must dobaby care & baby surgery all alone!** Toothache – your cute little patient has some cavity issues!Feel like a real dentist & have fun because crazy dentist gamesare so addictive!Oh no, your ambulance is full of cute little babies that gothurt and need your help! You have to be quick and use your firstaid kit and the latest medical equipment to clear their wounds andbruises, and give them injections and vaccines to prevent furtherinfections! Be the best baby surgeon in the toy hospital, somenewborns may need stitches, so you'll have to give them thetreatment they need to feel better!You can also choose to be a “baby dentist” and treat littlepatients from tooth cavities and fix broken teeth, wash their teethproperly with a toothbrush and a toothpaste or teach them how tofloss! Educate your kids about proper dental care through playingthis fun dentist game!Cure cute toddlers and collect stars to open new baby clinicsand help more children! You will love being a little doctor playinghospital games and surgery games! Diagnose which disease your babypatient has, check for a fever, check x-ray for bone fractures,clean blood stains, and be the best Dr. in the toy hospital! You'llhave at your disposal almost any possible medical equipment andmedicine real pediatricians use, such as tweezers, scalpel,stethoscope, thermometer, and much more!5 babies need your help, so if you like playing baby surgerygames and pregnant mommy games, download My Baby Doctor: NewbornClinic right away and be the best mommy maternity surgery doctor inthe world. Maternity is very demanding, it's good for moms to knowthey have a good pediatrician and surgeon they can rely on! Becomea real surgery doctor and help concerned parents when they bringtheir sick baby to the hospital!Help infants recover quickly and return to the kids playgroundhealthy and strong, prove you're the best pediatrician! First youhave to diagnose the baby, check for a fever with a thermometer andstethoscope, listen to it's heartbeats, pulse, blood pressure, oreven use an x-ray! Then you have to use doctor's equipment toys totreat the disease, such as medical injection, medicines, colorfulbandages, and so on!My Baby Doctor: Newborn Clinic is the most addictive game forkids for Android in 2016, and it has it all! Medical tools andtoys, adorable newborn babies, realistic hospital simulationexperience, just like all the best baby hospital games! Get thissuper fun newborn ambulance clinic simulator to become the bestlittle “baby doctor” and help our little kids get better and behappy to play with their friends!
School Girl Beauty Salon Game 1.1 APK
💝 Best beauty salon for fashion girls is openfor business! Turn regular school girls into stylish divas: givethem a facial treatment, take them to a pro makeup artist andhairdresser salon, and finally dress them up in the trendiestfashion outfits for school! Your top stylist adventure startstoday! Download this celebrity makeover salon now, and play**School Girl Beauty Salon Game** for free!* 6 different fashion models to choose from!* A huge collection of eyeshadows, blushes, lipstick colors,mascaras and other makeup products!* Different hair colors and hairstyles – try them all!* Trendy clothes and stylish fashion accessories – dresses, pantsand tops, shoes, bags, sunglasses and much more!💝 Amazing "hair and makeup games" features:👱 Facial beauty salon: wash your model's face, put a face mask on,get rid of pimples and apply an expensive face cream - pamper yoursuperstar in our princess beauty spa!💇 Hair salon: give her a virtual hairstyle makeover. Choose thehair color, cut hair and make the perfect hairstyle! High bun,loose waves or braids, the choice is all yours!💄 Make up salon: apply makeup step by step with our beautifulmakeup game! Put on mascara, lipstick, blush, eye shadows and muchmore! Be creative like a pro makeup artist!👗 Dress up room: be a stylish fashion diva and choose the bestfashion women's clothes in our latest dress up game! Fashion &beauty game for you to create the most beautiful styling for yourrunway show!👜 Accessories & jewelry room: choose the best hair accessories,bows, handbags, sunglasses, cool hats and much more to complete thedream outfit for your runway girl!📷 Photoshoot: Take a picture of your model! Pick the background, doa photoshoot and save beautiful pictures of your amazing "hair andmakeup makeover"!🏆 Enter a beauty pageant and win the fashion competition for thebest dressed fashion doll! Compete with other fashionistas in thisfashion show game with judges!💝 Do you have what it takes to turn regular girls into fashionicons in your "celebrity salon"? Prove that you're the top designerin town by performing fabulous ugly to pretty makeovers! Piecetogether glamorous outfits or street style urban wear – you're theoutfit creator so let your creativity go wild!💝 Make your fashion diva look like a stardoll and feel like a realprincess in an enchanted fashion world! Find the best makeup lookfor your prom queen and make her shine on the runway! Only thecoolest and most popular high school divas come to your beauty spato get professional makeup and hairstyle! So, make sure all fashiondolls leave your exclusive "makeup salon" happy and pretty!💝 **School Girl Beauty Salon Game** lets you play all beauty gamesin one – makeup games, hair salon games and fashion dress up gamesfor girls! Come to our beauty heaven and you'll catch fashion feverin no time! If you're already an ardent fashionista, this makeupand dress up adventure will fulfil all your dreams!💝 We offer you a complete "fashion designer" experience – combinedifferent trendy womenswear pieces, create the most beautiful glamoutfit fit for a fashion queen and complete your masterpiece withstylish accessories like handbags, hair bands, watches and muchmore!💝 Get your runway girl ready for a new day at school! Like allpopular girls, our high school models must follow latest fashiontrends! Download the most popular superstar beauty salon for girlswho love dress up games and fashion games! **School Girl BeautySalon Game** is the best free hair and makeup salon with colorfulmakeup, gorgeous hair styles and incredible dress designingoptions!
My Princess Doll House Games 1.1 APK
💫 ** Ready to write your own princess storywith our doll house decorating games? Our latest "house decorationgames" take the fun and excitement of girly room decoration to awhole new level and bring smiles to little girls' faces! Create themost amazing "my fairy tale dollhouse" for your little princess andher family! Download **My Princess Doll House Games** right now andenter the mystical kingdom of fairy tale stories and beautifulprincess dream palaces! 💫** "Doll house decoration" is a creative way for you littleprincess dolls to have fun and discover your inner room designerand house makeover expert!** Make your princess dream palace stand out with our housedecoration games!* Miniature dollhouse furniture in accordance with the latestdollhouse design trends!* Decorate a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom for yourprincess doll!* Show you're a true doll house room designer by choosing from avariety of modern chairs, tables, beds, bookcases, and muchmore!* Give your baby dream house a unique look by decorating it withcute lamps, flower pots, and carpets!* Beautiful princes and princesses to play with!* Take a photo of your princess dream palace!* "Doll house decorating games free" for all girls who love babydoll games!** This girly room decoration game will show you what it's liketo be a dream house maker! Decorate your own house and start thecutest fairy tale adventure – our doll house games with people havemany princesses, princes and cute princess palace pets to collectand play with in your play home!**My Princess Doll House Games** offers princess doll housedecoration for girls all ages, because all girls love cute babydoll house miniatures and little princess dolls - well, our dollhouse games combine both!** Decorating rooms in an entire princess castle may seem like adaunting task, but once you start playing doll house decoratinggames you'll get hooked on picking out and arranging miniaturedollhouse design items, from the cutest beds and sofas, tomagnificent chandeliers and paintings!** Looking for popular games for girls? If you love fairy talesstories about princesses, faraway kingdoms and brave knights, comewith us and immerse yourself into princess doll house games – thebest of dollhouse decoration games that include magic roomdecoration and royal princess doll family that you can playwith!** Express your unique style and get ideas how to decorate yourroom by playing dollhouse decoration games! There's nothing like"my princess castle games" if you wish to experience being a realprincess, living in a princess castle with your pets and yourprince charming! Doing princess room decoration will become yourpassion!** It's time you start decorating a fantasy baby doll house foryour fairy princess doll – complete the house makeover and makeyour little doll friends a nice place to live! Download **MyPrincess Doll House Games** , create a stunning dollhouse mansionand let everyone admire your dollhouse design!
My Sweet Baby: Kids Dress Up 1.1 APK
 Hey, little girls who love playing dress upgames and taking care of baby dolls, we have a perfect baby careand dress up game for you! In our baby daycare salon, there aremany cute baby girls and baby boys that need a fashion makeover tolook pretty and be happy! Come work in our fashion spa for baby princesses and feel likea true fashion stylist and mommy's little helper! Download thisfree baby game for big girls and play creative games and dress upgames all day long! It's never boring in our baby salon for fashiondress up!👶 My Sweet Baby: Kids Dress Up 👶 is the ultimate baby dress up& makeover with amazing kids' game features:🌠 Simple and intuitive gameplay, perfect for kids allages!🌠 DRESS UP BOUTIQUE🌠 Pick one of the cute baby dolls that are waiting in your fashionstore and begin your baby princess makeover!🌠 Fulfil your dress up tasks, complete cute baby outfits with bowsand ribbons, hats, bibs, pacifiers and baby toys!🌠 MAKEUP AND HAIR SALON🌠 A fashion makeover isn't complete without a nice hairstyle andcolorful makeup! Make your baby doll a real fashion star ready fora beauty pageant!🌠 PHOTOSHOOT: TAKE A PHOTO WITH YOUR BABY🌠 Once your dress up and makeup adventure is finished, take a photowith your baby girl or baby boy and save it to your phone! You canhave an adorable baby wallpaper! All kids love "baby girl games" because they can take care ofa baby like its real and choose from the cutest baby clothes, shoesand accessories to dress up little baby. In our sweet baby girlbeauty salon, there are beautiful baby pajamas, onesies, leggings,t-shirts, socks, shoes, baby pacifiers, newborn bibs and many morebaby clothing items and fashion accessories – download 👶 My SweetBaby: Kids Dress Up 👶 , free baby care and dress up game, and haveendless fun in our baby tailor game! Take good care of your sweet little baby and dress it up likeit's real – it's your task to design outfits for your babies, andpiece up the best baby costumes! Become a famous baby clothesdesigner and you'll get more cute baby doll customers in your "babycare and dress up" salon! There's no reason to hesitate – if you're looking for coolbaby games for little girls and you love dress up games and beautygames, our "baby dress up" is exactly what you need. Try out manybaby clothing items, from PJs and onesies to dresses, shirts andskirts, and don't forget pretty socks and shoes, together withjewelry, hats, sunglasses and much more. Best baby toys anddesigner baby clothes are waiting in our fashion & beautysalon, so come and play this "my little baby" game today! Do you have a passion for fashion and dream of being a babyfashion designer? Make your dreams come true with this baby dressup game for kids and express your creativity and unique fashionstyle by dressing little baby free! Dress up games for kids are a perfect way to let little girlsand boys explore the world of fashion and feel like real creativebaby outfit designers! If your little ones enjoy playing this babydress up game, you can try out our other fashion games for kids,such as pet salon: cat dress up and dress up animals in amazingoutfits! It's time to download 👶 My Sweet Baby: Kids Dress Up 👶 forfree and start your "sweet baby beauty salon" adventure right now!Play one of the best new 2016 dress up games for girls and enjoythe beauty of baby care games for kids! An abundance of babyclothing, colorful fashion accessories and baby toys is ready foryou to pick and choose from! Start your exciting fashion story as ababy clothes designer with our 2016 baby game!