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Are you ready to kill undead? In this gameyouhave a chance to shoot as many hordes of zombies as you want. Itisreally an enjoyable and addictive game despite of the horrifyicon.Zombie Elite Killer is designed especially for kids where youdonot need complex strategy for attacking, all you have to do ishitthe fire button and shoot zombies.
Zombies are generally described as a bloodthirsty rooted meetthatlife on eating human brain. In this scenario you are militaryelitekiller and your only mission is to kill the walking dead. Youwillbe driving a war jeep on an oasis and equip with the mostpowerfullaser weapon to hunt and kill zombies. You do not need toreloadyour weapon or refill your war jeep focus on your objectivetodestroy and survive.
There are three types of undead your need to becaution-yellow,green and brown (the strongest). They are movingslowly but tiedwith deadly TNT explosive. Therefore, a collisionwith one of themwill result a massive explosion. Another challengefor you’re toface is that they spread deadly plague/virus. You mustdodge thisvirus or you might get killed. The dwarfs like undead aremovingvery fast and they are the highest point if you can kill themdown.Because of their small size and speed you need a steady aimtoshoot them; the good news is they do not spreaddeadlyinfection.
Zombie Elite Killed is designed with super sound quality anddynamicvivid picture. Game play is fun entertaining, andchallenging. It is100% satisfaction guarantee to make you enjoyit.

Most of us are aware that violent video games can triggeryoungpeople to transfer feelings of aggression to actions in therealworld. Yes, there are incidents where socially isolated,mentallyunstable teens have committed acts of violence based onvideo game.But there are also positive effects on this. One studyfound thatcompared to teens that did not play video games, teensthat playedreported more family closeness, higher involvement inactivities,greater attachment to school, and positive mentalhealth. Besidethat it promoted helping behaviors, sharing,cooperation, andempathy actually contributed to the development ofthose sametraits in young teens.

App Information Zombie Elite Killer

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    Zombie Elite Killer
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    December 29, 2014
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    Android 2.1 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Zombies Racing Kill 1.0.0 APK
What if a horde of Zombie is trying to chase and kill you? What areyou going to do about it? As the one of the last remainingsurvivors in the Zombie Apocalypse you have to be the fastest andbe the most badass biker racer throughout the road of dead. ZombieRacing Kill is game about escaping from Undead. The infected oneare dress up as a knight, princess and baby. Do not get intocollision or clash with these zombies. Once you get into contactwith them, hordes of bloodthirsty rooted meat will attack you.Feature:Endless gold to collect and endless roadCartoon style ofdying, suitable for all age’s players.Specific graphic arts andanimationsVaried but always simple game playExperience variouskinds of monsterMove up, down, left and right to dodge attack. Thegame is very addictive, fun and challenging if you are diehardsurvival fan. It is similar to other endless runners but is lessviolent, suitable for all ages. The game is still currently inactive development so we would like to get feedback from you guysto improve gaming experience. Let us know! KEEP THE SURVIVORS ALIVE– YOU MUST LIVE
World History: Ancient History 1.0 APK
World History: Ancient History is a complete apps for you to learnworld history in an ancient civilization. It covers pretty wellfrom the age of dinosaur up to the great war of ancient times.Although it does not talk a lot about dinosaur, there is lots ofinformation about our originality or it is best describe inDarwin’s theory of evolution. Although, there heavy argument aboutthis theory, it is still a logical theory to consider and learn.Ancient time such as the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age are thetimes where ancient civilizations learn to use metal to builtbetter tool for farming, daily life tools or for warfare purpose.From the archaeologist we discover valuable ancient discovery aboutthe history of the first cities or the first farming tools that usein the pass. The life style of ancient people also can bediscovered from archaeology. In ancient world history you willlearn some of the great civilization that we all known. These oldcivilization come from ancient Mesopotamia, ancient Indus andAncient Egypt. These ancient civilizations have great effect on howwe live today. The mystical Egypt mythology, weird ancient Crete,all the great pyramid with pharaohs that rule Egypt and their Egyptbelief of after dead also included in this complete miniencyclopedia.Besides that, the Ancient China is no doubt having ahuge impact on the world today in every area of our lives. Thisincludes our transportation, medicine, food and our way of life.This world ancient history application will educate you some ofChina famous dynasty, their Myths and Chinese Divinities. Notforget to mention about the epic war of ancient time. Ancient warsthat are well known such as the Trojan war, Mayan battle, Persianwar, The Assyrians ultimate battle and famous historic ancient iconsuch as Alexander the great, King Darius, Yellow Emperor,Tutankhamun, Odysseus and the Odyssey are all mention in this WorldHistory: Ancient History. Surely all glorious battle won bylegendary hero or king will always be remember by all for time totime. For example; The Art OF War by Sun Tzu is being practiceuntil now by most of the militaries today because of its efficientand effectiveness in warfare.The list of content for world historyancient: ancient history are as below:Mankind OriginalityAncientHandy ManAncient Man became the HunterAdvance HunterNew ModernHumanCave Painting by AncestorThe Stone AgeThe Bronze AgeThe IronAgeArchaeology SecretOur First FarmsOur First CitiesBetween twoRiversThe Indus CivilizationThe Great MigrationsAncient EgyptTheEgypt GodsFamous BabylonThe first: MesopotamiaEarly Stage ofChinaThe Han DynastyChinese MythsChinese DivinitiesEgyptianWritingLife of EgyptianThe Egyptian MythologyMystic AncientCreteGreat PharaohsPharaohs and PyramidsEgypt After lifeIndianMythsHindu DeitiesThe Ramayana EpicSemites PeopleAssyriansWarlordOceania OriginThe Aboriginal BeliefsPolynesiansGreat Storiesfrom South PacificThe PersiaPersia BeliefsThe PersianPantheonAncient Weapon of WarFamous TutankhamunThe Epic TrojanWarOdysseus and the Odyssey VoyageThe AeneidEarly GreeceThe MayaCivilizationMayan MythologyConfuciusChinese TechnologyThe Search ofTroyCity of GreekThe Zhou and QinAncient Famous GeneralsUnlikeother world history in Google Play Store, this application has abeautiful graphic to illustrate and to make the explanation moreclearly. It is free for you to download and you can use it althoughwithout internet connection. Educate yourself about world historyespecially ancient history, it if fun and lot of fascinating factyou can get. Download now, you will not regret.
Complete Novena Prayer 1.2 APK
Complete Novena Prayer is a wonderful app for those that loveNovena. This app consists of Novena Prayer in individual, NovenaPrayer in Mass and Song and Lyrics of Novena. With this CompleteNovena Prayer you do not need to bring your booklet prayer anymorejust download this in Google Play and everything is ready foryou!Novena is the main attraction of the shrine to the thousands ofdevotees. Novena is the traditional and popular prayer that thethousands of devotees recite and sing together every Wednesday. Anovena is a series of prayers said over nine days or nine weeksconsecutively, usually in preparation for a major feast or to askfor a special favor.Every Wednesday, the commentator announces thenumber of letters of petition and thanksgiving received for thepast week. A chosen thanksgiving letter of the week is also read.These letters are proof of the devotees' faith and gratitude forthe perpetual help and hope that Jesus has bestowed upon themthrough the intercession of Our Mother of Perpetual Help.Oh Motherof Perpetual Help, grant that I may ever invoke your powerful name,the protection of the living and the salvation of the dying. PurestMary, let your name henceforth be ever on my lips. Delay not,Blessed Lady, to rescue me whenever I call on you. In mytemptations, in my needs, I will never cease to call on you, everrepeating your sacred name, Mary, Mary. What a consolation, whatsweetness, what confidence fills my soul when I utter your sacredname or even only think of you! I thank the Lord for having givenyou so sweet, so powerful, so lovely a name. But I will not becontent with merely uttering your name. Let my love for you promptme ever to hail you Mother of Perpetual Help. Mother of PerpetualHelp, pray for me and grant me the favor I confidently ask ofyou.(Then say three Hail Marys).There are several Novena song lyricwhich include:Opening HymnsBe Not AfraidCome holy ghostSpirit ofGodTrinity SongHow Great Thou ArtGlory and Praise to our GodMarianHymnsO Come To the Throne of GraceMother Dearest Mother FairestOPurest of CreaturesCanticle of MaryDear Lady of FatimahHail MaryGentle WomenHail Holy Queen EnthronedHail Queen of HeavenI’ll singA hymn to MaryOn this day O beautiful MotherHoly Queen we bendbefore TheeMother dear O pray for meI Hear the bellsMary DearestMotherMary is our QueenMary Immaculate Star of MorningSalveReginaAs the Dewy shade of evenMacula Non Est in TeVirgin full ofgraceShe will show us the promised oneMary is my mother tooDaily,daily sing to MaryO Queen, yes, we call YouMy soul is joyfulOMother blest, whom God BestowsHail Heavenly QueenAveMariaImmaculate MaryEucharistic HymnsAdore TeHumble we adoretheeJesus My Lord my GodO Sacrament Most HolySoul of My SaviourOSaving VictimThere are several Novenas that you can pray asindividual;Novena to the Immaculate Heart of MaryNovena to thesacred heart of JesusNovena of Confidence to the sacred HeartNovenaof the miraculous medalNovena of the infant Jesus pragueNovena toOur Lady of Month CarmelNovena to the assumption to the virginMaryNovena to Saint Rita of CasciaMass Novena prayer is alsoavailable in this app. If you forget to bring your Novena booklet,just download this Complete Novena Prayer and you are ready for youNovena Mass. God Bless You.
Dinosaur Photo Sticker 1.0 APK
Dinosaur Photo Sticker is a perfect platform for those who lovedinosaur. This amazing application allow you to select youfavorable dinosaur and stick it to your photo. Imagine the reactionfrom your friend or whoever received the photo you had edited. Itwill be a truly shocking moment for them but a funny moment foryou. This dinosaur booth sticker maker has a lot of dinosaurvariety to choose. You can choose flying dinosaur, runningdinosaur, fierce dinosaurs, cute dinosaur, big or small dinosaurand many more in this incredible sticker maker application. Youdon’t have to worry about the photo quality of the sticker. It is ahigh quality art design that fit for all kinds of picture photo.Your even can easily blend the sticker so that its color matchesyour photo. This mini editor function is very simple and easy touse. If you can carefully edit your photo with your sticker, yourphoto can surely be an outstanding picture and some may look youlike a professional art photographer. All of the photo is a realdinosaur picture. Next update, we will include some cute clipartdinosaur for kids to stick their dinosaur. This simple dinosaursticker maker will be enjoyable for them to play with. It is sosimple, just stick it. Select a rampage dinosaur, and then stick itto your photo. This simple dinosaur photo booth not only can makeyour photo look outstanding but also you can enjoy your time beingan editor for your real dinosaur sticker maker. To make it morerealistic looking, try to find a jungle surrounding as youbackground. After position yourself in a nice posing, take apicture, then stick dinosaur in the jungle background. Blend yourdinosaur sticker with the jungle background using the simple photoeditor tool. You will shock with the result, it seem that thefierce carnivores are hunting and ready to kill you. Besides that,this dinosaur collage maker can easily make beautiful them for yourphoto; theme like Jurassic park, Jurassic world, lost world ordinosaur or anything that related with the time of dinosaur caneasily be made here. The best part is that, you can make your photoof dinosaur to be your dinosaur wallpaper in your phone or desktop.Your customize dinosaur wallpaper will make you impressed and selfsatisfaction for the wallpaper your done. Dinosaur Photo Stickerconsist a complete species of famous and well known dinosaurs. Theuser can easily recognize the dinosaur sticker. With 200 wilddinosaur stickers, you will spend hours decorating and editing yourphoto. That dinosaur picture will make your photo look special. Sostick that furious looking jungle dinosaur in your photo and letyour friend judge about the picture. You can stick the dinosaureverywhere in the photo. Photo selfie with the whole dinosaur gangwith this Dinosaur Photo Sticker is also a great idea using thisphoto studio art. How UseStart by tapping “Open”. Choose whether totake photo with camera or select photo from gallery.After that, tap“Mask” and then Choose your desired dino sticker. To make thedinosaur blend well the photo, use “Alfa” to adjust ittransparency. The size of the dinosaur sticker can be adjusted androtate. You can enlarge it by double tab on the dinosaur or you canpinch it to make the size smaller or do a bit rotation. To deleteunwanted sticker, just select the delete button or drag the stickeroutside of the photo.Sometimes, the sticker that you selected can’tbe reselected to resize. To solve this, all you have to do is tab“Mask” then tab back dinosaur sticker that you want to edit.Needmore cool photo effect? Tab on the effect menu and choose whichEffect to do want. Grey Color Sepia. These customize effect willmake you photo look like a pro. After you have finish and satisfiedwith your edited photo tab “Send” You can save it to Gallery orShare via apps (watsapp, telegram, chatO, Line, facebook, email orBluetooth).Have A Great Dinosaur Day
Animal Encyclopedia: Mammals 1.2 APK
Animals are found in every part of the world, from the warmrainforest to the freezing poles, and from high mountains to thedeepest oceans. Animal Encyclopedia: Mammals tells you all aboutthe amazing world of animals. You can read about the many differentplaces where animals live, and find out how animals survive intheir surroundings. You can also learn how many animals are underthreat and what we can do to help them. The best part is that youcan read this encyclopedia using you Smartphone. You do not need togo countless pages of books or Google to get information aboutanimal. This is the perfect apps for animals, especiallymammals.Mammals are vertebrates- the phylum of animals that havebackbones. They are often the best known and most studied animals,in part because we humans are mammals. Mammals are warm-blooded, orendothermic, which means that they can control their internal bodytemperature. This allows them to remain active when theirenvironment is very cold or hot. Except for echidnas and theplatypus, mammals give birth to live young. They all have mammaryglands that produce milk to nurse and nourish their young. Mammalshave hair, even those species that spend most to their lives underwater. There are 4,000 species of mammal and they all have certainin common.Mammals evolved from reptiles about 196 million year ago.The first mammals were small, shrewlike creatures about an inch(2.5 cm) long. Today, they can be as small as field mice, the sizeof the thumbnail, or as large as blue whales, which can reach 110feet (33.5 m) in length. Mammals live in many habitats - on land,underground, in the air, and in both fresh and salt water- and thegroup has adapted to these habitats in different ways.There are alot of animal pictures for you look at. The picture and descriptionincluded in Animal Encyclopedia: Mammalsare:MarsupialsOpossumsShrew-opossumsMonito del monteMountainpygmy-possumPossumsKangaroosWombatsKoalaSpotted-tailedquollTasmanian devilThylacine (Tasmanian tiger)Southern marsupialmoleFairy armadilloAnteatersSlothsPangolinsSouth Africa's giantgolden moleRuwenzori otterCuban solenodonPhilippine flyinglemurMalaysia flying lemurCommon tree shewLarge treeshrewPen-tailed tree shrewMalayan flying foxGambianepaulettedIndian flying foxEastern tube-nosed batThai hog-nosed bat(bumblebee bat)America false vampire batGreater bulldog batNewZealand lesser short-tailed batYellow-wingedbatBushbabiesTarsiersSlow LorisAngwantibo (goldenpotto)Aye-AyeBrown lemurFork-marked lemurRuffed lemurWeaselsportive lemurGolden lion tamarinSpider monkeysNorthern nightmonkeyWhite-faced SakiLion-tailed macaqueProboscismonkeyMandrillChinese snub-nosed monkeyVervet monkeySumatranorangutanChimpanzeeMountain gorillaSiamangBlack gibbonRed wolfWanedwolfBengal foxBush dogGiant pandaBrown bearSloth bearPolar bearSunbearBadgersSkunksBlack-footed ferretSea otherEuropean otterSiberianweaselMediterranean monk sealRibbon sealWalrusSouthern elephantsealNew Zealand fur sealRing-tailed mongooseRaccoons YellowmongoosesSuricate (meerkat)IberiantigersTigerJaguarLeopardLionCaracal ServalBobcatJungle catIberianlynxAfrican elephantsAsiatic elephant Borneo elephantRev’szebraKiangHosesAss wild formSteller’s sea cow (in beringsea)DugongCaribbean manateeAfrican manateeAmazonian manateeMountaintapir South American Andes Roxk hyraxesAardvavkMalayan tapirAvanrhinocerosBorneo rhinocerosesIndian rhinocerosBlackrhinocerosCattleBisonBig hornMountain goatBlackbuckGreaterkuduImpalaGazelleDeerAnimal Encyclopedia: Mammals is the perfectway of dinging out all about the exciting world of animals. Packedwith fascinating information, interesting activities and brilliantpictures, it can be used as a reference for school projects of justfor fun. Download this e-book encyclopedia now and happy reading.
Iron War Tank Battle 1.0.0 APK
Get ready for modern tank warfare in this war tank game. Iron WarTank Battle brings you a new feature of modern tank battle and insimulation 3D environment. Experience the blitz of war in abattlefield of tank warfare.There are 3 levels than you mustcomplete and the higher you are the difficulty will increase. Youwill not only combat with other war tank but you also will beheavily bombarded with fighter aircraft with their missiles andgunship helicopter. Be extra caution with apache helicopter attack,they are the deadliest gunship fighter coming from skies. Theirfamous apache gunship reputation gain from being the top of tankdestroyer. With heavy enemy attack from both air and land you willfeel the blitz of war tank terror. Iron War Tank Battle game ismore like a shooting tank game, which you require to target andattack enemy tank. This modern warfare of tank is packed withstunning graphic background that take place in savannah green glassfield, desert dry field and oasis environment. Operation desertstorm are the most difficult war campaign to conquer. Your Irontanks are specially designed for battle especially in field ofdesert, savannah or oasis. Organize a systematic war plan to winyour battle war of tank and be the hero of your country. You canshoot and destroy all tanks but do not shoot your medic vehicletank that drop you emergency supply aid for you to heal damages. Asa commander of an elite tank force your task is to stop enemy tankfrom invading your territory and to lead your ground force tovictory in this epic tank war. Feel your adrenaline rush as youenter the world of tank war.Iron War Tank Battle featureinclude:Stunning graphic BackgroundDestroy enemy tank to gainpointEasy and smooth control and shooting tanksModern warfare usingtank force.Destroy final enemy boss to be victorious in the tankwar campaign. For a new age of tank war download Iron Tank WarBattle now to feel the real world war of tank. Built anindestructible force of tank that sealed with an iron will. Bringyour might modern tank to war to create havoc and totalannihilation to your opponent. Good Luck.
Furious City Car Racing 1.0.0 APK
Furious city car racing is ready for you to experience a newfeeling city racing. You can turbo fast in various street in thecity and compete with other racers. Feel the joy and satisfied youlust of crazy driving in the city highway street race. Furious citycar race can be you final stop for city racing gameThis can be yourcity car stunt race as you are racing the opposite way of the road.So be careful while you step on your gas. Do not ram the driveropposite you, any collusion will damage your car and you are out ofthe race. While you are in city driving, do collect some coins tofuel you car as your thunder city car need lot of fuel to burn.There is a turbo button for you to press if you want to active youthunder city car to its fullest potential. But use it wisely as itcan easily dried out your car fuel. Drive your car to all the townand street that you want, you do not need to bother about thetraffic light. Traffic light is the traffic racer hang out place.So it’s a great place for you to find you competitor. Do notunderestimate their driving skills. They have performed dangerouscity car stunt and death racing for many years. Racing with theircity bike are their specialty. So beware of these trafficracers.Furious city racing is not a city racing 3d stimulator.However, the game has good quality graphics and supreme audio foryour enjoyment. You can drive furiously fast various street andhighway in the city town. Choose a long road for you to test youturbo driving skill. Go crazy, go fast and go furious as you playthis fast and furious race. Different Street or track requires youto change your city driving skills. So be sensitive with thesechanges and adapt you city driving skills according to situations.Furious City Car Racing Feature include;+ Lots of long racing trackfor turbo fast race+ Can perform car stuns. + Almost like a 3D cityrace+ Full Automatic transmission+ There is a Turbo Button for youto go crazy high speedDriving high speed in city is dangerous in areal world but play fast and furious car racing in this excitingracing game is worth and guaranteed to satisfy your need for speedrace. In this long road race, not only you need for speed you mustalso need to win the race. The prize that you won can be use to buynew equipments to boost up your car performance. For beginner modeall damages are freely automatically tuned and repaired, however inadvance and expert mode, repairing damages comes with some extracoins. As for now don’t worry about the car performance or tuning.It is all automatically tuned and repaired. So, press that turbobutton and rock your city with your racing fever now. Break thespeed limit and go city driving your car in fast and furious racingstyle. Be that Furious car driver you always wanted to be.Completewith friends and find out who collect the highest point and whobreak the fastest time to finish the race in this supreme FuriousCity Car Race. With the latest update, you can race with friend inmultiplayer mode. This will surely give more excitement to you torace longer. Unleash the furious driver car driver in you; let thatbeast furiously roam the town street with high speed. So downloadthis game now and have furious great racing time.
Apology Card : I am Sorry 1.1 APK
To say I am Sorry to the one you hurt is one of the most difficultthings to do. Therefore, Apology Card: I am Sorry is design toillustrate and enriching your sincere apology. But bear in mindthat these beautify cards should be used to support your apologyand show how you deep is your to love her/him, but NEVER theapology itself. These sincere I am Sorry card can also be youwallpaper if you wish to set it up in your phone.Some quotes thatyou can use to ask forgiveness;One of the hardest things in life ishaving words in your heart that can’t utter. The first to Apologizeis the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. And thefirst to forget is the Happiest..Forgive them even if they are notsorry. Holding on to anger only hurts you, not them.Forgivenesssimply means loving someone enough to pursue healing instead ofpunishment when they have wronged you.To forgive is to set aprisoner free, and realize the prisoner was you.A sincere apologyhas three parts: I am sorry, It is my fault, What can I do to makeit right?I’m sorry that I’m so complicated and mess everything up.Imay get mad at such little silly things. I may cry over ridiculousshit.But when I apologize for anything I’ve done, I truly meanit.I’m sorry I constantly want to talk to you.I’m sorry when youtake long to reply, I get sad. I’m sorry if I say things that mightpiss you off.I’m sorry if I come off as annoying.I’m sorry if youdon’t wanna talk to me as much as I wanna talk to you.I’m sorry ifI think about you too much and too often.I’m sorry if I tell youabout my pointless drama when you don’t really care.I’m sorry if Icome off as being clingy, but it’s just me missing you.I’m notperfect,I make mistakes,I hurt people.But when I say sorry, I meanit.Two words I need to tell youAnd this isn’t enough I did hurt ourfeelingsAnd even made you cryI’m just a type of girlWho can’t holdher tongueTwo words I need to tell youThese words are:I’m SORRYSORRY, I am not PERFECTBut, I’m definitely not FAKE!I am sorry forbeing jealous. It’s just that I’m afraid of losingthe best thing tohave ever happened to me..By lying to you I broke your heartBut indoing so I broke mine tooI made the biggest mistake of my lifeBybetraying a love so true..I AM SORRY…because I hurt you, I hurt metoo.. I AM SORRYGet your special design apology card to show howsorry you are.Choose the best I am sorry card in our gallery andsend it to your loved one. There are lots of choices for you tochoose and it is all customized and design by us. These apologycards can only be found in Apology Card: I am Sorry and nowhereelse.Send your sincere I am sorry card now and you are forgiven.