2 / August 6, 2018
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Its time to escape from the zombies with over 7 completelydifferenttypes of levels. Avoiding zombies, spinning saws, acidbaths andspiked pits, while collecting various treasures along theway.INCLUDES 6 heroes to chose from 6 types of zombies 7 Stunninglevelsincluding bonus level 12 types of collection items BonusScoreTimer. Variations in starting and ending level signs SeveralSpookySound effects Background Music to Set the MOOD CONTROLS Justswipefinger to move jump etc no virtual joysticks with this one.Collectas many treasures as you can along the way, warning it wontlet youcomplete level until you have a minimum of 11 collectedThis is anearly release in-time for Halloween

App Information Zombie Escape

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    Zombie Escape
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    August 6, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    15 Dunrobin street Black Forest South Australia 5035
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