1.0 / June 16, 2017
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The horror story of Strange Hero Jungle Survival is begin! A virushas spread by zombie apocalypse, the z war against deadly zombieshas been started and people are in fear and danger of death. Zombieapocalypse is upon us, your village is dropping its shooters indifferent regions. As a human survivor and zombie gun shooter, it’sup to you to save your village, change yourself in modern combatand fury shoot to kill zombies through numerous challenging missionof dead target. Your mission was to find hidden enemies andperfect shoot before they attack on you. Resources briefed youabout exotic virus that change enemy dead bodies into bloodyzombies. Z war start in that area zombies attack on our urban areasand destroy the life. This is an airborne mission to get rid ofquickly spreading of these beasts, human eating blood thirstyZombies. Assault rifle will give him its best when he will besurrounded with the killers and they will start coming fromeverywhere, the bursts of bullets will lay them down and fight willcontinue till the last breath.The 3D forest with all the originalenvironment and horrifying zombies, this game will give your spinea dose of chill.  You have a selection of guns from which youcan select a shotgun a sub machine gun or a machine gun. Selectyour weapon and start shooting the crazy zombies to free the worldfrom their evil.Game Features:- A fight against apocalypse virus.-3d dead land jungle environment.- Deadly attacking zombies allover.- An immerse first-person shooting adventure.- Multi levelsfor dead trigger to unlock.- Stunning graphics and animationsprovided.- Unlock an arsenal of modern weapons collection.

App Information Zombie Gun Shooter : Strange Hero Jungle Survival

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    Zombie Gun Shooter : Strange Hero Jungle Survival
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    June 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Arm yourself with drastic sniper riffles, deadly assassin weaponsand assault military gears to cope with beasts attacking at thevillage. Block the enemies as soon as you can otherwise they willdestroy the city and can steal your resources. The entire valleywill fall into darkness of blood and horror. Story Line:There was avillage on the coast of leafy jungle. Villagers were leading asimple life. Wood cutting was only their source of income. Theywere well aware of the dangerous animals of jungle. So they alwaystook care of themselves by protecting them with weapons. One day aherd of lions attacked at the village. There are check posts onevery corner of this valley. You supposed to be a survival ofhumans by lifting up sniper guns and set your position of thetowers.Many innocent people of village have been killed and some ofthem moved their residence to the next town for the survival oftheir lives. but some hostages as well, this is your importantmission and different than the previous rescue missions. A majorchallenge bunch of enemy kill villagers. Escape to the green junglefrom the wild enemy and to rebuild their towns. Kill the lions andgive back to the people to save hostages. If you complete your duty! EPIC challenging missions waiting for you. Choose between Russianand American weapons wisely and after the incoming brutal enemywave. Its time Show your anger at your public enemies and eliminatethem using your modern battle weapon like a sniper rifle, SMG,Ak-47 and the modern Four Power. Give protection and reload yourweapon..FPS sniper came to the final survival mission, on thegrounds of jungle sniper mafia. you are the only commando select inthis USA Army mission, surrounded by black forest full of wildanimals, lion, dino and wolf etc are ready to hunt down. Villagehumans are seeking hidden places for survival. You are the onlyhope of special force of snipers to kill the fury lions andchallenge them to attack humans standing on their townborder.. SWAT fps sniper selected by captain.You are thespecial commando left here to hunt the Wild lions and win this FPSshooter survival mission by saving the life of hostages. Captainyou must be ready to shot this hunting mission, you are thefrontline US Army commando Sniper and you specially assigned forvillage survival mission.Encounter different lions and sharpshooting as combat battle objectives. Save the citizens choose themost fury sniper guns and shoot the public enemies to fulfill thechallenge. Shoot to kill or wait to human die. You are a modern FPSsniper ready to play your part in dangerous jungle and huntingmissions.How to Play:1) Select the gun of your choice from weaponselection.2) Navigate in scene by tip of your thumb moving onscreen.3) You can use zoom buttons to set view of scope onenemies.4) Use shoot button to kill the bloody lions for humansurvival.Game Features:1) A realistic village environment.2) RadarSystem to locate lions in the scene.3) Real effects of bullets fireand guns reload.4) Roars of lions and other animals give impact ofjungle.
Zombie Frontier Assault 2017 1.0 APK
The horror story of Zombie Frontier assault is begin! A virus hasspread by zombie apocalypse, the z war against undead zombies hasstart up and people are in fear and danger of live death. As ahuman survivor and zombie assault sniper, it’s up to you to saveyour city, change streets in modern combat and fury shoot to killzombies through numerous challenging mission of dead target. Holdrifle, Keep your finger on trigger for survival in a apocalypsevirus world. Awake your skills of survivor and zombie frontier infrontline commando z war, upgrade your arsenal of modern weapons,such as sniper gun, mini machine gun and rifles.Fight for yournation survival. Test your skills in sniper assassin missions andcontrol virus for city safety in frontline commando defence ofsupport human. Be the zombie killer of this doom.Come and attack toa immersive dead world to shooting zombie game! The zombieapocalypse destroy the city and eat humans and virus increase timeby time and people change into zombies Take a role of a zombieassault terminator against the force of the walking dead and shootthe dead target.Game Features:- Fight against strong apocalypsevirus- 3d immersive dead land environment- multi levels for deadtrigger- stunning graphics and animations- Unlock an arsenal ofmodern weapons- addictive and thrilling game play- Free for nationsurvivors- zombie waves come from different streets- controlharmful virus as frontline commando
IGI Desert Storm - Frontline 1.0 APK
IGI Desert Storm 2017 for Shooting Games fan , Welcome to IGIDesert Storm, SWAT commando adventure, SWAT commando action game.Now a days World is facing terrorist rivals and a specialprotection unit has been formed to counter terrorist strike. Youare a playing this frontline commando adventure game as a SWATSpecial Forces , your duty to Shoot grand criminals by counterterrorist strike in desert storm to counter attack terroristoperation.†the sole surviving elite army force of a renegade attackagainst a ruthless terrorist mafia, you are best stranded on thebattlefield It is a Counter gangsters and counter terror strike FPS3D shooting game in which a IGI commando fps sniper shootterrorists, it is counter terrorist shooting simulation game insahara desert storm. The game is about counter terrorist VS IGICommando missions, Army commando strike on enemies to destroybrutal enemies and kill all terrorist through counter attack withfury shooting sniper guns and other weapons.As a SWAT IGI commandodesert storm with a soldier support in combat commando actionagainst terrorist during the operation as Pak India fight inkashmeer, American commando fight in Afghanistan, your job is killenemies, and shoot all the terrorist in minimum time.. criminalsand terrorists has occupied some high strategic Place in desert,and they are planning heavy attacks, IGi Commando you are pointedon a special anti-terrorist mission by SWAT Counter Terrorist armyunit. Now itís time to Commando adventure! Start frontline counterattack on the terrorist and shoot all enemies by perfect headshoot.Terrorists are in desert houses, enter into desert storm andstart shooting, accurate shoot all the terrorists with deadly gun.user sniper rifles or your special guns, fury assassin do it fastyou have short time to do the Duty, be a super hero and fight withdeadly terror! This is the best counter terrorist IGI commandoshooting games in 3d desert storm. You are a special force agent tokill enemies by IGI desert storm 2017 counter attack . gunshipstrike not allowed because rogue nation, you mission is to shootdown terrorist , brutal enemies will attack back to you, you shoulddo a deadly anti-terrorist IGI commando attack on the terroristsand take down all public enemies. This Frontline Commando Adventure- IGI Desert Storm game is so addictive , you will be like thisdesert war game. Hit enemies with Rifle gun like hitman. Takesignificant sniper shots. Deadly Terrorist attack like contractkillers.take IGI commando action, kill shot bravo sniper assassinman. Start combat action and war against terrorism in desert storm.Aim target ,take action like super hero, Fire Furious and do panicattack on enemies,head shot. SWAT Commando like action hero, dosurvivals service to your nation. its modern commando strike,select gin before action use machine gun , sniper rifle and ak-47in which the desert soldier fight with the enemy . counter commandostrike by bullet force in IGI Desert Storm. Its forge terrorist& frontier mission. This is the best IGI Commando shootinggames in 3d for shooting Action players. You are a special SSGforce agent, kill enemies by counter terrorist attack.NOTE:Frontline Commando Adventure - IGI Desert Storm 2017 is completelyfree to playGame Features:- Realistic 3D simulation of Commandoshooting- Multi Weapon with different features†- immersivereal-time FPS action- Realistic Desert combat action†- Enemiesídestruction with special guns like, sniper, rifle, ak47, machinegun.- Addictive game play and animations- Frontline Commando actionin desert storm- Modern shooting game for action lovers- ALL Freefor you.
Ultimate Soccer Flick Shoot 1.0 APK
The Ultimate Amazing soccer game on your mobile, Free flick shootsis all about increase your skills for free penalty kicks , throughplayer sweat, tears, motivation on the football ground.Soccer flickshoot with an addictive brand new look! and feel, real play groundthe essence of the thrilling sport.THRILLING GAME MODES Select amode from three ultimate Euro Soccer league- Practice Mode - EasyMode- Hard ModeFirst practice session for new players, training toget more skills and ready for soccer league championship.Play asyou Feel the pressure of live football match for victory and glory.get high score as more goals you can in minimum time and competewith furious goal keeper. Also wall of players at front for moretwist in match. 12 Countries team participate in ultimate soccerflick shoot.select your favourite country team with country flagand uniform.Just Flick to shoot, you’ll be a super soccer leaguewinner!Game Features:- Realistic football ground ply- Amazing 3dsoccer stadium- Sharp and furious goal keeper- Different shootingmodes- Players wall- Modern kick style
Goat Rescue Mission 2017 1.0 APK
Goat Rescue Mission is a bloody Wolves, Loins and wild hunting gamewhere your first mission is to rescue the pets as goats or stagsetc. Hungry beasts are wondering for food.You would focus on petsin different jungle places, where you feel the cool air and enjoythe green environments of big mountains, black forests, andelephant grass.excellent cloudy blue sky,air passing through thedry bushes you will hear the rustling of the green branches andfully immerse into hunting in the forest. choose your sniper rifle,take the challenge to shoot Loins for keep save the mini life ofbeautiful white goats.Take down predators before goat become theprey.with your special sniper gun perfect shoot the Wolves, Loinsand wild to rescue the goats. If you can’t perfect shoot, thenLions will hunt the goats and game is over. You are equipped withspecial guns that you can unlock by overkill lions and clear morerescue missions and you should survive with your accurate safarihunting tactics. If attacking wild animals kills single goat gameis over.Get high score and points for unlock modern weapons andaddictive challenging levels. Become a big hunter! In this bestshooting and hunting game, you need perfect and accurate shootingskills, sharp focus on your prey, make a quick and fast decision inthis amazing action game. Game of seconds,if your trigger late justnano second, beautiful goat will become prey of angry lion. Becomea goat survival!Goat Rescue Mission Game Features:- HD realisticgraphics- Different view of black forest- Modern weapons, Unlimitedammo- Sounds control.- Addictive, hunting fun- Target wild animals-Goat Survival- World’s greatest hunting challenge- Realisticattacking animations.
Galaxy Sniper Robot War 1.0 APK
This game, which is about future robots, is going to be your upcoming crush in modern era. In this game you are a FPS Sniper ongalaxy with a secret mission, in order to complete your firstmission you will have to clear a secret neon robot base. Be carefulin that secret neon buildings there are combat robots of enemies onduty to hack galaxy . Your important mission is to kill them alland keep silent movement moving in your special mission. There aremulti levels, every game level has different story line thanprevious .Fight as a sniper assassin gun shooter!GALAXY SNIPERSHOOTING AT ROBOTIC WARIn this galaxy sniper shooting robot gamethere is Fps shooting challenge, there are multi game levels inthis galaxy fight of robots. This modern robotic fight isdangerous, this robotic killer fight is going to held betweenmachines and Commando Sniper shooter. These enemy robots in thisfuture fight game are alien robots of galaxy, they came from otheralien world and these brutal robots are wishing to take the chargeof our galaxy or land. This swat sniper force against robotic warin this Galaxy sniper robot game is the reason this future robotgame is going to be immersive and addictive. this modern snipershooting game is with other robot force. You may have played commonshooting game but this army sniper shooting in this robotic fightgame is very thrilling because in this robot fight the opponent arenot live humans, terrorists, army or tanks but the alien robotsfrom galaxy. The enemy robot force that will fight in future combatis consisting on fury sniper and real robots who are take rival ofthis planet . Alpha Sniper of future force.Save the securitysecrets from the robots and spies. You must Help your land in themassive nuclear robot competition. Be accurate and save thesecrets. Help the resistance of the future war 2045. But becareful every bullet must target's head. And don't forget ourSniper: this is very dangerous mission and you are stillalone! REL STEEL WARFARE OF MACHINESMachines warfare beginswhen the robot from the galaxy came to this planet and take holdthe charge of earth. After this there are lot of futuristic modernshooting robots from the sky came here and start rival and finishthe peace of earth. Then after Major take decision and startfighting against them. The human army Sniper has selected robotmachines overkill . In this future warfare game there are shootingmachines wish to destroy the peace of earth so commander decided tohave start robotic combat , they make think centre for making warstrategy. You are best sniper in this big fight of aliens toeliminate robots. evil alien robots have come here to hold yourgalaxy, this is important time to save the mother land, you are asniper assassin you can destroy all these machines within secondsby using modern assault and accurate target.You are sniper assassingun shooterSniper assassin 3D not require to online for fun. Youcan enjoy it in the bus,truck, subway, while flying on a jet orplane, in the fast car on the asphalt road, during function in atemple or any where . Galaxy Sniper Robot War - Real SteelKiller 3d Game features:- Futuristic but gorgious Robotbattlefields- Classic but destructive weapons- Classic but smoothcontrol- Modern galaxy environment game play- Alien battle,don'tforget your weapon- Addictive game story with multi levels- ALLFREE
Secret Agent Commando Mission 1.0 APK
Warm welcome to new year and Enjoy the best shooting games of 2017!Lets come to the secret agent's world of commandos who’s missionand work under the security force, moving with order around theworld to complete secret commando missions in modern warcraft .Agent Alpha selected and training given by sniper assassinfrontline commando to ensure the security of country headquarters,secret states and army base. Alpha sniper is swat spy and operateby special force and complete secret missions. Now you are in Armybase stealth mission as a frontier commando . Be a army sniper forRescue mission in battlefield, take target for kill and defeat theruthless armed enemies who attack on army base. Also shoot zombieswith deadly force.You should remain out of sight from terroristsand come as a elite killer . Enemies with modern assault and viruswant to destroy our nation and country , Army recruit you forsecret mission to execute war strategy and destroying enemy basewith their deadly zombie virus and weapons. If you fail in yourchallenge then civil war start, enemies overtake our nation andhome land. Army soldiers become prison! People change into zombies!Blood will every where. Alpha agent You are last hope of your armyand nation.As frontier commando get ready to execute criticaloperations, keep away from terrorist if anyone see they would shootyou and missions get failed. Protect your country and hostage inthe nuclear competition.It’s last impossible mission of secretservice agency in game. You haven’t play such thrilling challengesin rescue agent and army sniper games. So play Secret AgentCommando Mission and get freedom by destroying the terrorists anddead zombies.Secret Agent Commando Mission Game Features:- Armycombat experience- Army base 3D environment with HD Graphics toshow the real secret agent- Modern Sniper guns and rifles, you canunlock by clear critical missions- Sniper Assassin for zombietrigger- Multi Secret missions with new different challenges- Aimand Shoot- Advance radar system for impossible mission - Notrequire to online every time- FPS action game play- All Free foraction lovers
Dinosaur World Hunter Horizon 1.0 APK
Pro hunting challenge that is completely true to dinosaur worldlife! play and explore a huge 3D Dinosaur world inhabited by largenumber of monster dinos and carnivores. Use a special huntingassault! Be a frontier hunter.Carnivores world of dinosaur:Dinosaur world horizon Hunter is a safari life hunting challenge.where the wild hunter face realistic extreme big dinosaur age, withsafari shooting, hunting and survival. Unlock weapons by clearmore missions,as more mission you clear more weapons unlock,pistol, ak47, m4, sniper rifle which suits your combat style ofhunting!Addictive dinosaur world horizon environment includingblack forests, muddy land and high hills for different shootingtactics, Be a frontier assassin and kill all dinosaur forsurvival.Game Features:- Multiple hunt missions.- Great shootingtactics.- Multiple shooting guns on your choice.- Awesome dinosaurshunting animations.- Realistic Jurassic safari world.- Killdinosaurs in given time scale