1.8 / November 15, 2019
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Zombie Aircraft Battle for Survival game puts you in the gunnerseat of a heavily armed ground attack Gunship. A shooter game whereyou strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless waves ofzombies and build your defenses to repel Zombie assaults. Shoot thezombies, while trying to stay in the air. Take to the skies withguns, zombies and explosions! DIVERSE MISSIONS Disrupt the enemycontrol, provide close Air Support and raid Enemy Bases worldwidebefore they take you out. Fly a Gunship Helicopter controlled byyour movements and defend against a zombie apocalypse. ZombieAircraft Battle for Survival Be the ultimate head-hunter sniper andfinish all the missions! In this action packed 3D sniper shootinggame " Zombie Aircraft", Kill all the zombies and leave no oneundead. Zombie Aircraft is the most immersive and realistic 3DGunship battle action game available on Google Play. Survival theundead nightmare, save the world from this unprecedented pandemicplague outbreak! Guide with precision your combat aircraft anddemolish the enemy military bases in the world’s greatest combatexperience! FEATURES: ● 3D night vision display ● Use your radar todetect the undead threat walking towards your base. ● Completeobjectives, earn ranks, and out gun others on the leader boards! ●Collect a bounty for each plague infected dead zombie. ● Increaseyour zombie shooting efficiency. ● Fly 5 different types of Levels!● Collect realistic weaponry and increase your zombie shootingefficiency ● Defend your base against zombie assaults ● Survive ina hostile environment and unleash hellfire from your gunner seat! ●Fight hordes of zombies. ● Arm your gunship with guns, cannons,rockets, missiles and the sniper pod. ● Fast-paced zombie killingaction! ● Very challenging! Zombie Aircraft Battle for Survivalcombines tactics, flying skills and the right amount of ruthless in#1 military Gunship action game!

App Information Zombie Aircraft - Battle for Survival

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    Zombie Aircraft - Battle for Survival
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    November 15, 2019
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Artoon Games
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    C-301, Diamond World, Mini Bazar, Varachha, Surat-395006
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Mindi is a well known card game in India which is also knows asMindiKot, Mendi Multiplayer, Mendikot, Mendhi Coat, Mendhi . InNorth India it is known as Dehla Pakad . Mind is the Most Popular,Traditional, Time Passing game known in India. People of Indialoves to play Mindi countless hours with their Family &Friends. Artoon Solutions brings you Live, Online, Real-Time,Multiplayer Mindi which you can play with your family, friends orpeoples from all around the world. Mindi is designed for fourplayers playing in two partnerships. The game uses a standard 52card deck. The ranking of the cards in this deck are as follows(from high to low); Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,3, 2. MORE FREE CHIPS: 1. Initial Chips: Download now and get 25,00FREE CHIPS Get Extra Double Bonus In FaceBook login! 2. Daily FreeChips: Get up to 25,000 FREE CHIPS everyday! 3. Weekly WinnerChips: Get up to 70,000 FREE CHIPS on every week! Awesome FeaturesIn Mindi: 1. Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface.2. Play With Your Friends: Locate your friends and join their tablewith a simple click of a button. 3. Play On Table: World's only 1game which provides you features to play on your Favourite Table!4. Private Table: Create Private Tables and play with only invitedplayers. 5. Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange giftsand have lots of fun. 6. Works Fast On Slow Internet: Workssmoothly on slow Internet connection even like 2G. How To Win InMindi In Mindi Multiplayer Winning depends upon the cards you getand moves that you play. Initially, all players get 13 cards. It’sa team game so you and your partner have to collect more Mindiesthen your opponent team. There is a total of 4 Mindi in 1 deck gameand 8 Mindi in 2 decks game. Mindi Online Card Game is a well knownas MindiKot, Mendi Multiplayer, Mendikot, Mendhi Coat, Mendhi,Dehla Pakad.
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Court Piece is an Online Card Game in which the eldest hand makestrumps after the first five cards have been dealt, and trick-playis typically stopped after one party has won seven tricks. CourtPiece Game is played by four players in two teams. It is also knownas Court, Court piece, Hokm, Rung, Band Rung, Coat Peace Or KotPees. The game Court Piece/Rang card game is a very interestinggame. It's Live, Online, Real-Time, Multiplayer card game which youcan play with your family, friends or people from all around theworld! More Free Coins: INITIAL COINS: Download now and get 25,00FREE CHIPS Get Extra Double Bonus In FaceBook login! COIN BOX: Youwill get Free Coins Continuously while playing. DAILY REWARD: Comeback everyday and get Free Coins as Daily Bonus. Weekly WinnerChips: Get up to 100,000 FREE CHIPS on every week! Lucky Draw: Getup to 25,000 FREE CHIPS on every day! REWARD: Get Free Reward byAndar Bahar Game, Scratch Card, Hi-Lo Game. Awesome Features:1.Extreme User Friendly: Easy and refreshing interface. 2.Play withFriends: Locate your friends & join their table with a simpleclick of a button. 3.Play On Table: World's only 1 game whichprovides you features to play on your Favourite Table! 4.PrivateTable: Create Private Tables and play with only invited players.5.Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat and exchange gifts and havelots of fun. 6. Works Fast On Slow Internet: Works smoothly on slowInternet connection. 7.LEADERBOARD: You can compete with otherplayers around the world for getting the first position on theLeaderboard. FOUR MODES: Single Sir: Game will be played with allbasic rules. The team who won seven tricks wins the game. HiddenRung: In this Double Sir variant the first player chooses trumpsfrom the first five cards dealt by placing a card of the trump suitface down without telling the other players what it is. A playerwho is unable to follow suit may ask for the trump to be revealedand must then play a trump to the trick if possible. Double Sir:Player must have to win two consecutive tricks until then thetricks pile up in the center. When a player does win twoconsecutive tricks, that player takes all the cards from thecenter. The player who wins the first two tricks cannot pick themup (but a player who wins the second and third tricks can pick upthe three tricks as usual). Double Sir with Ace: Player who winstwo consecutive tricks with aces is not entitled to pick them up.The trick with second Ace is not counted as winning the trick. Theplayer who played the second highest card (after Ace) will get achance to lead the next trick. How To Win Coat Piece: Players mustfollow suit if possible, and the highest trump, or the highest cardof the suit led, takes the trick. The winner of a trick leads tothe next trick. The team that wins seven or more tricks wins thegame. The Court Piece game is a mind-blowing online card game. Itoffers you a great experience against Great AI. Play the best courtpiece online game and improve your skills.
Mindi - Desi Indian Card Game Mendi with Mendikot 7.6 APK
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Mindi is the Most Popular, Traditional, Time Passing game known inIndia. People of India loves to play mendicot game countless hourswith their Family & Friends. Mendicot game is considered to bea game for smart people and needs some strategy to win it. MindiCoat is designed for four players playing in two partnerships. Thegame uses a standard 52 card deck. The ranking of the cards in thisdeck are as follows (from high to low); Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10,9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. Game is split into two modes: Hide Mode -The player to the dealer’s right selects a card placing it to tableface down which will be declared as trump suit for that play. KatteMode - Play begins without choosing trump suit when the player isunable to follow suit then whichever he/she chooses becomes thetrump of the deal. Features of Desi Games: 1. Two game modes - HideMode & Katte Mode 2. Extreme User-Friendly: Easy and refreshinginterface. 3. World's only 1 game which provides you features toplay on your Favorite Table! 4. Endless Entreatment with offlineversion. You don't even need an internet connection. 5. Excellentgraphics, optimized to run on all devices Mindi Offline as it ispopularly called is an exciting Indian card game that is easy tolearn and offers a unique game experience every time you play it.It is a team game and the ultimate objective is to win maximum no.of 10 numbered cards for your team and complete as many Coatsagainst the opponents. If you’re enjoying popular Indian card gameMindi Coat, please take a few seconds to give us a review!
Gin Rummy Online - Multiplayer Card Game 13.0 APK
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Join the world’s most popular Gin Rummy Game and play live withthousands of real players! Playing Gin Rummy Multiplayer withfriends, family, and millions of players worldwide has never beeneasier!  Join one of the largest free online gamingcommunities and enjoy an all-new FREE Gin Rummy Multiplayerexperience, competitive leaderboards. FEATURES ♠ PLAY FOR FREE- Experience all features totally free. ♠ ENJOY UNIQUEMULTIPLAYER MODE - Compete with hundreds of thousands eliteGin Rummy players all around the world and prove you’re thechampion of the leaderboard. ♠ PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS - DoubleYour Gin Rummy Fun with the biggest win of your life! ♠ PLAY WITHBUDDIES - Invite your friends and have much more fun anytime,anywhere. ♠ SOCIAL EXPERIENCE - Play with your friends or makenew ones, Gin Rummy has the strongest community. ♠ LEADERBOARDS- See how you stack up against other players or your friends.♠ AUTO SORT - Your cards get sorted automatically. ♠ FREEBONUSES - Countless opportunities to earn free chips, easierthan ever! Gin Rummy is a terrific game that you're sure toenjoy and if you are new to the game then provides everything youneed to learn it! Experience a variety of high-quality Gin RummyLounges for ultimate fun like never before! Do remember to rate“Gin Rummy Multiplayer”. It makes us happy to serve you evenbetter.
Tonk - Online Rummy Multiplayer Card Game 15.4 APK
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Play TONK - ONLINE RUMMY CARD GAME for free with your family,friends or anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. It is also knownas Tunk. Play the world’s #1, top rated, multiplayer, 2 playergame. Which is a popular form of rummy free and similar to GinRummy Online, Rumi, Rami, Remi, Romme and Ramino. In Tonk fivecards are dealt to each player. It is a challenging and fun gamefor everyone. It supplies classy graphics, super smooth gameplay,highly scalable difficulty & much more! It is a relatively fastpaced multiplayer card game that can be played by 2 players or 3players. JOIN THE LARGEST GAMING COMMUNITY WITH THOUSANDS ONLINEGAME PLAYERS! It comes to your mobile device with all-new rules,tournaments, modes of play and much more! It is the ultimatecompetitive family-friendly game! Features: 1. Extreme UserFriendly: Easy and refreshing interface. 2. Play With Your Friends:Locate your friends and join their table with a simple click of abutton in this 2 player game. 3. VIP Room: Unlock VIP rooms andplay with VIP users! 4. Chat & Gift: Live in-game chat andexchange gifts and have lots of fun. 5. Works Fast On SlowInternet: Works smoothly on slow Internet connection even like 2G.6. Play your way to top the Leaderboards! 7. Tons of Achievements!Get Free Chips: 1. Initial Chips: Download now and get 10,000 chipsFREE! 2. Daily Chips: Get more FREE BONUS chips than any othergames. 3. Invite Bonus Chips: Get more chips on inviting friends.4. Weekly Winner Chips: Get Millions Chips every week byparticipating in Weekly Contest! Tonk is a most popular pastime forlunch breaks and family nights. Try now this interesting 2 playergame on your Android Phones & Tablets! Have you ever playedTunk, Gin Rummy Online, Rumi, Rami, Remi, Romme and Ramino? Thenthis free game is for you. The game rules are easy to learn. Have aseat at your private table and play now for free! Tonk Card Gameapplicable to Any Ages!This is a funny, addictive and challengingonline rummy game. This Tunk multiplayer card game will give youendless fun for FREE!
Kachuful - Desi Indian Card Game! 6.8 APK
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Kachuful – one of the most popular mobile card games finally comesto Android! It is interesting advanced variation of spades game.  Play the famous game of Kachuful against opponents simulatedby advanced artificial intelligence. Kachuful Free provides classygraphics, super smooth game play, highly salable difficulty &much more.   Kachuful is variation of Spades. At starting ofeach round you have to BID the number of tricks you expects to win.  At the end of the round you must have to win that manytricks to get winning points. If you win one more or less tricksthan you have BID then you will gets 0 points. If you wants totest/improve your judgment power then this is the right place foryou.   This is the game which your kids loves to play. It's sosimple to understand all the rules and yet more simple to play it.Your child have fun to play this game.   Kachuful GameFeatures :  1. Extreme User Friendly. 2. Easy and refreshinginterface. 3. Play your way to top the Leader boards. 4. Hours ofcard game fun with this exciting Spade variation. 5. Drag and dropto move. 6. Large, easy to read cards. 7. Universal App. 8.Miscellaneous cards animation.   Play this timeless classiccard game Kachuful anytime anywhere! Kachuful is a popular pastimefor lunch breaks and family game nights. Try now this interestingcard game Kachuful on your Android Phone for FREE!!   Inshort, Kachuful is indeed the best game app for Android devices. Itcomes with one simple-yet-effective User Interface and the bestgame play experience. Go ahead, download and start your world ofKachuful card games.
Indian Rummy Offline - Free Rummy 13 Card Games 7.2 APK
Artoon Games
Indian Rummy easy to understand, challenging to play! Originatingfrom India this game of Rummy is conquering the world! So watchout! It gets you before you know it and you will have a hard timecutting yourself loose. Indian Rummy is played between 2 to 6players and each player is dealt 13 cards. For 2 or 3 players, two52-card decks (104 cards) and 4 jokers (wild cards) are used. For 4to 6 players, three decks (156 cards) and 6 jokers are used. TableRules: 1. Played between 2 to 5 players 2. Each player brings aminimum amount to the table. 3. Minimum two runs (sequences) arerequired. 4. One of these runs (sequences) must be pure (calledFirst Life). 5. The second run can be pure or non pure (calledSecond Life). A valid declare must have minimum two runs and out ofthese runs one run must be pure and one run (pure or impure) musthave 4 or more cards. On a valid declare the scores of the rest ofthe players are counted.   The requirement of first life andsecond life makes Indian Rummy interesting and challenging. To wina game of Rummy requires skill, use of memory, complete focus, andinvolvement in the game Developed specifically for the Phone andTablet with an intuitive interface, Indian Rummy will be a pleasureto play and pass time anywhere, anytime. Bored sitting at home orthe subway? No problem, just launch Indian Rummy and rack yourbrains and win!
Gin Rummy - Best Free 2 Player Card Games 21.1 APK
Artoon Games
Play Gin Rummy card game which is a most popular, top rated, bestcard game in the world. It is a free classic card game also knownas Knock Rummy, 500 Rummy, Basic Rummy and Standard Rummy. Play thebest Gin Rummy ever conceived the American players. It is 100%free. With an amazing artificial intelligence that auto-adjusts toyour playing level you are sure to have the best gin rummyexperience ever. Play the best card game and improve your skills.Play gin rummy offline with unique variation Straight Gin, OklahomaGin & Undercut! You can play Gin Rummy Offline anywhere youwant. There is no need for an internet connection. You can earnmillions of chips and play in high-bet rooms against artificialintelligence if you are a really good Gin Rummy player. Features ofGin Rummy: ♠ Get Highest Free Chips as a “Welcome Bonus”. ♠ GetFREE CHIPS everyday as Daily Bonus. ♠ Get FREE CHIPS every afterfew minutes as Magic Box Bonus. ♠ Different Modes: Straight Gin,Oklahoma Gin & Undercut ♠ Easy options to sort your cards. ♠Daily Quest & Life time Achievements ♠ Most authentic cardgames experience ♠ Timeless classic card game ♠ Hours ofentertainment! ♠ Do not Requirement Internet. It’s an Offline cardgame. ♠ Completely FREE best card game! Gin Rummy Offline is a cardgame for two players. The main contribution of our game is playingoffline gin rummy and its room structure. You never run out ofchips. We always send you millions of chips as gift. By this way,you can always play in high-bet rooms. Gin Rummy is a hugelypopular card game for 2 players, where the aim is to form sets andruns of cards before your opponent. It's simple and quick to play,and if you are new to the game then Gin Rummy provides everythingyou need to learn it! Gin Rummy supplies classy graphics, supersmooth game play, highly scalable difficulty & much more! GinRummy free is kind of Rummy. If you like rummy card game, you willlike Gin Rummy offline. Play Gin Rummy to get your brain flyinghigh! It can be relaxing, challenging and far more! Stay sharp!Variations of best Gin Rummy Offline: Gin rummy offline: only aplayer with 10 or fewer points of deadwood may knock. Knocking with0 points of deadwood is known as going gin, while knocking withdeadwood points is known as going down. Straight Gin: players arerequired to play until one of them can go gin. Knocking is notallowed. Scoring and rules remain the same as standard best ginrummy. Oklahoma Gin: The value of the first up-card is used todetermine the maximum count at which players can knock. If theup-card is a spade, the hand will count double. Download Gin Rummyoffline on your phone and tablets today for hours of fun. Gin rummyoffline is a terrific best card game that you're sure to enjoy.Download Gin Rummy card game and improve your skills. It's time toplay Gin Rummy!