1.1 / November 4, 2017
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Zombie Hunter into the dead is anultimateaction game of 2017.A deadly plague virus pandemic hasturned theworld into a dead zone full of unkilled zombies.You cantrust onlyyourself in this post apocalyptic game infected withwalking deadzombies.The unknown virus infects human beings; thezombies ruleall cities. As the Zombie Hunter, can you escape fromthe city. canyou find the antidote to rescue human beings?FPSaction in thisZombie Hunter into the dead, the best zombie shootergame: A gamewith a combination of weapons, strategy and gore zombiestyle. Takecontrol of a sniper and clean up the streets of thewalkingdead.The new real zombie war game with incredible 3Dgraphics.Yourgoal is to survive the undead apocalypse in thisfirst-personliving dead shooter.Annihilate the waves of zombiesbefore theinfection spreads and the zombie tsunami becomesunstoppable.Adjust the zoom in your rifle, keep your finger on thetrigger andmake awesome headshots. Can you stop the epidemic and bethe realzombie hunter?Killing zombies and stop the zombie assault,equipthe guns and unleash the massacre! Stay alert to the actionsof theundead, select your target, aim with precision andshoot.However,those who really ruled the world were prepared - andescaped.Suddenly billions of people died from a strange virus,while othersturned into butcherly beasts with just one thought tokill.You arealone against other survivors and an army of walkingdead zombiesand other unkilled in this free zombie shooter survivalandstrategy game. Shoot and gunship zombies and other unkilledtosurvive in this post apocalypse game or they will killyou.Annihilate hordes of living dead, with simple movements ofyourfinger you will have to destroy your enemies.Zombie Hunter intothedead is about the Journey through the zombie apocalypse in araceto save your family. Arm yourself with an arsenal ofpowerfulweapons and do whatever it takes to survive. Maim, mowdown, andmassacre the Dead - anything to keep moving! In a worldwhere noone is safe, how far will you go to make it out alive? Onemorething in this Zombie Hunter into the dead is to improve yourgamestrategy and survival craft skills and create more deadlyweaponsagainst the unkilled walking dead zombies and enemies.Choose atarget wisely and shoot zombies or pull a dead trigger inwildfowlto get some food And remember! Unkilled walking deadzombies areeverywhere! Kill zombies, shoot zombies, gun zombies,fire zombies,plug zombies, smash zombies, slash zombies and gunshipzombies tosurvive. In this free zombie shooter MMORPG game youreverydecision matters.Is it Last Day on Earth? Not yet, this is aFREEMMORPG zombie shooter survival and strategy game, whereallsurvivors are driven by one target: stay alive and survive aslongas you can in this post-apocalypse game and shoot walkingdeadzombies. There is no place left for friendship, love,andcompassion. A deadly plague virus pandemic has turned theworldinto a dead zone full of unkilled zombies. You can trustonlyyourself in this zombie hunter apocalypse game infectedwithwalking dead zombies.The country’s doom is getting closer whenCSinfected a whole city, jungle to prove that they are serious.Aspecial commando hero team was hired to head to thefrontlinefrontier and collect information before the army can openthecounter strike operation Apocalypse. Too bad dead zonezombiecrisis everything went wrong, you and agent black are theonlysurvivor on the route.There is no excuse for the stupidmistakewhich may pay with your blood.

Zombie Hunter into the dead Features:
- Bring smash death to zombie hunter apocalypse
- Be a killer to slay zombies in style with epic weaponsystem
- Upgrade your gears to face the upcoming terminatorzombieswaves
- Experience 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter
- The zombies come in many forms and abilities
- The Big Boss looks like a crazy terminator which huntingyoudown.

App Information Zombie Hunter into the dead

  • App Name
    Zombie Hunter into the dead
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  • Updated
    November 4, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    MegaVision Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
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Crime control department doesn't wantpolicearrest for cunning criminals master in grand theft. Play USBankRobbery 2017: Truck Simulator 2017 as ultimate angry copgameagainst chasing for planned crimes. Prison break and escapefromjail and now they are robbing as burglars going for bigloot.Police scanner alerts you for the railway station and banksunderattack. Secure hostile situation and release all hostagesfromterrorist custody. Kill the bank robbers before they run awaywithsuccessful robbing. Don’t let them steal money in ultimaterobberymission. Drive super fast cars to city bank and steal moneyin thegrand robbery. Park outside and start shooting securityguards.Enter the building and take manager as a hostage; demandcashier tofill money bags with cash and gold. Exhibit skills ofbadasscriminals and take advantage of the hostile situation. Policecarsarrived at the robbery crime scene to capture crooks. Prepareforthe epic clash of cops and robbers in wildest crimechase.Let’sbecome Bank Cash Truck simulator 2017 in best bankrobberysimulation game. Transporter of supermarket cash to citybanks withsecurity. Get in the 4x4 offroad truck Race to thedestination likehero escape in bank cash manager mission. Do notbreak indicationsor smash your ride into other vehicles in thissimulator game. Youneed to take up the driving simulator challengeto deliver cashmoney to all the banks in the USA.They make bankcashier hostage tosecure their escape route from town. Othergangsters are planningfor stealing lockers from the subway stationin Los Angeles city.Inthis outstanding devil evil game, shootpolice officers and destroycameras to steal cash counter and spreadterror in New York City.Forget all secret agent & spy assassingames, play this newestheist robbers crime simulator and seekvendetta from police squaddepartment by extreme combat shooting.Release passenger andcashier from the hostile situation withsneaking police attack. Nomore car chasing with police siren it'shardcore FPS game forshooting lovers to kill robbers before theyrun away. As cops in LAshow aggressive strategy to eliminateplanned robbery with youarrested. Use heavy weapons for shootinggangsters.Take advantageof the hostile situation, a getaway fromgrand theft heist and makesafe gangster escape before policeofficer shoot you.Gangsters plana Grand robbery & Escape so bealert & transfer moneysafely in this driving simulator. Killpolice & us army who tryto catch you in the city of crime! Raceto the destination &escape as a superhero in crime chasemission. Do not break signalsor bump your ride into other buses orvehicles in this USA bankcash truck simulator game Don’t getarrested by city cops, finishall challenging gangster escape andstealth mission to involve inthe biggest bank robbery in suburbantown.Try this brand new Bankcash transporter game in a big van andbecome the ultimate crazytruck driver with bank cash. It is aunique driving transport gamesof Bomb Proofed armor vehicle. ThisUS Bank Robbery 2017: CashTruck Simulator 2017 will definitelyfulfill your need of big truckdriving games with steering and gearIn this crazy gangstersurvival game, shoot security guards withassault rifle gun and getaway from security police patrol in thebuilding.US Bank Robbery: Cash Truck Simulator 2017 Features:-Challenging gameplay to avoid accident and criminals attacks-Transporting of Supermarket Cash Register-Transporting of currency notes-Make a successful escape story in driving trucksimulator2017-Ground Breaking Physics for Smooth Control-HD graphics and sounds to enhance your gaming experience
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A hunters dreams come true when he getstheopportunity to test his shooting skills in the jungle andshootwhatever animal he likes for a day???Isn’t it? It's a dreamofevery hunter…but we bring an exciting Jungle sniper Herowarsurvival Escape hunting game for you to fulfill yourdreams.You must have played other deer hunting games, jungle games,snipershooting games, but this game is unique in the sense thatitprovided you all in one. Whether you want to hunt Boar, Wildpigs,Stag, Deer or Bear, this forest gives you all and invites youtotake the challenge if you can. Test your sniper shootingskills,your jungle survival skills, your temperament, your staminain thisdangerous forest game.In this game, you can hunt different wild animals likeDeer/stage,Gorilla, Zebra, Elephant, Crocodile, and Bear. Use yoursniper gunto shoot them. Kill or be killed, be a part of anultimate battlebetween you and wild angry gorilla or other animals.In deerhunting games you just have to shoot deer with your gun orriflesbut in lion and wild animal, hunting this animal can attackyou andcan kill you. Show your brutal attacking skills to hunt downwildbeast in the jungle and save yourself from their counterattacks inthis survival island. Rival business tycoon conspired tokeep youlocked up, now it's time to take your respect back.Hunt for real animals in Hunting Safari now! In this escapemission,you will have to use all your skills for survival in thisjungle!Shoot at dangerous crazy animals. Unleash skills forshooting assniper shooter. Don't let the deer escape. Come of age,like a realhunter, improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey,and put yourhunting skills to the test in the hunt of real wildanimals. As aheroes survival, Apes return find cave & huntdown animals. Yourrise of apes jungle adventure is about to beginin this game.Thegame includes deadly attacks, extreme wilderness,survival escapemissions and you need to be a Survivor Hero!! Hey,Commando has yougot all skills, Army Commando training test,power, assaultshooting, and wilderness to evolve as brave huntingwarrior in thisthrilling adventures game for a life escapemission. Test yoursniper skills by choosing targets carefully, orgo into assault modeas you clear the forest of the wild beasts!Become the best Commandoon this Survival Island. Trap carnivoreand predator animal inJungle Sniper. Use all the possible toolsand weapons to defendyourself from wilderness creature.Even from old era soldiers are trained as archery shooter andtheyalso learn archery hunting. All warriors and knights wereexpert inhunting the running animals. Fight with bear & Gorillain thejungle. Deal with the counter attacks of these beasts withuniquecombos. Knockout monkeys before gorilla rampage atsafariJungle: Sniper Hero war survival Escape Features:- Realistic game play sounds.- The first person shooting.- HD Jungle Autumnal environment and Camera zoom to getaccurateshots.- Wilderness of Assault shooting guns to kill.- The radar system is integrated to locate the enemies.- 3D shooting environment.- Efficient gun control.- Thrilling FPS sniper game.- A variety of levels in jungle mission.
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Grand Superhero Fighter Pro 1.0 APK
This is the best game for legendarystreetfighting fans.Are you ready for the world of GrandSuperheroFighter Pro Kungfu Fighting? You can choose the hero thatsuits youfor fighting.Now, do you want to feel the thrillingsensation ofacting as super fighters and using destructive weaponsand theirskills to combat with your rivals? Challenge yourself inthisfast-paced, easy to play an old-school arcade FTG game.Be readyforCity rescue mission with different combat style likeKickbox,Sambo, Martial Arts, Muay Thai, BJJ, Ninja martial fightand manyothers dodging, rage, cuts, knockouts, technical knockouts.Startfighting in the city to safe city people from mafia gangstersandchoose differently.In ring fight, you can choosedifferentcharacters for hero some of them can only be unlocked whenyouachieve different levels. It is important for you todefendyourself from Monster.Use Flying superhero iron fullabilities toprotect people in the rescue mission and use Kickbox todestroywarriors in the city.It’s all depends on your skills andexperiencethat win the grand ring fighting game against the monsterhero.Showyour skills in the street rush and become a Master of RingBattle.ultimate Kungfu monster is the game of sharpness andcelerity ofmind and eyes to make your focus on warriors in the cityand savepeople from Incredible Monster.You are on the right trackto getyour daily adventure doze with this fantastic fighting gamesandboxing games! Control, Punch, Jab Punch, Super Punch,Superkick,Flip Kick and fight with all opponents carefully anddefeat thembadly, told them who is the boss. You will enjoy thefeatures ofall other fighting games and ring fighting games in thisGrandSuperhero Fighter Pro game.You might have played many ringfightinggames, but you would have never experienced the futuristicone onone hero fight before. It’s time to play the eventual monsterherogame of this era. You can take pleasure in this futuristicmonsterbattle and experience the fight of monster hero in thering.Thisone is specially designed for the extreme fans of monsterhero ringfighting games and monster hero city battle games.Takedown theultimate robot warfare with its ring fighting and monsterheroboxing skills.This game is just fiction.Play kungfu fight onyourmobile when you try to fight your enemy. kungfu street is thebestfree games in the genre of street kungfu.You have to beat allofthem to become a master of this battle. Fight for your glory,fightfor your dignity, fight for the clan.Get Ready to playthisfighting simulator – the super monster hero fightinggame.Enjoythis monster hero game of futuristic monster battle andexperiencethe fight of monster hero in the ring.This is for thefans of comicsuperheroes and fans of monster hero wrestling in thering andmonster hero city battle games. Enter to the fight club andstartrobot warfare with monster hero boxing and taken fightskills.Showoff your quickness ability and win the chaos war in theimmortalbeast, the summation of monster battle games and monsterwar games.Inheriting an above-average combat system from theWrestlingRevolution series, this game supercharges the action withnewpowers, technology, costumes, and locations!Watch your favorite incredible monster hero in the one toonesuperhero vs superhero combat contest.In this futuristicsuperheromonster bulk game - the big man game become atrulyincredible.Knock punches with rapid intensity and proveyourself tobe a superhero robot in this monster superhero robotfighting gameagainst the robot transformer.Enjoy the blend ofboxing game fightand battle game with the extreme simulator ofmonster robottransformation.Get ready to test your fighting skillsin thissingle invincible combo of Monster hero bulk games andimmortalcombats.Grand Superhero Fighter Pro Features:Realistic superhero soundsRealistic superhero fighting animation, flying kicks, punchesandcombo attacks
Independence Day : US Army Superhero war fight 1.0 APK
Independence Day US Army Superhero war fightisan ultimate action game of 2017.In this game, the MilitarySecuritybuilding is under attack & you are the one who savesthisgangster terrorist attack and saves the counter-terroristteam.Youare the experience commando of us army that could doeverything todefend this building. People said that you are thesuperhero of usarmy and neighbor armies.Your mission is to clearthe building andyou should that you are the frontline warrior.Also, us army saidyou are our hero and you are our black panther.Full action andthrill game where you can find different excitingmissions.Though you are a superhero commando with super experience &newabilities that don't mean your duty would be easy. Rescuingfellowmilitary army commando soldiers from the war zone where thebattlewith modern weapons & guns is taking place is averychallenging task. The plus point is that the more challengingtheduty the greater sense of achievement and satisfaction itbrings.So serve your nation, your country & your people byperformingyour duty whole heatedly because people look up to you astheirsuper commando hero & the military army is counting onyourhelp to save as many lives as possible during the war.Run for your life, meet your team soldiers, fight thebrutallytargeted missions in office, escape from the inescapablebuildingenemy security chase and use your action skill in the warzone, thefirst person shooting skills. Escape, Run & Shootsecurityofficers in Independence Day: US Army Superhero war fightaction!As a mastermind, use weapons to help you attack your rivals.Useall the possible tools to defend yourself from army, navy andkillthe rivals. The hard time will pass away once you break outfreefrom the shooting and attacks. Try escaping from even thenarrowestways. Running fast can make you farther from being caught.Givethem a hard time. Bang the rivals and thrash into wardens. Haveasafe survival from enemy soldiers! Fight the brutal army menandwild dogs with hints and tools. Grab your weapons, making useofyour agent skills to fight for your life survival inIndependenceDay: US Army Superhero war fight action game.FEATURES:- Sneak & Kill Enemy Soldiers or terrorist- Real Thrill of Escaping from prison.- Thrill of Playing the Role of a War Survivor- Escape Gun Shot & Dodge Enemy- Save your Men from the US ARMY- Multiple Gameplay challenging Escape Missions- Heal your Injuries & Help others to Survive War Zone- Super Fast & Smooth Controls of car and gun.- Action packed challenging missions with driving a Raft- A Complete Survive & Survival Escape Story toAccomplish- Amazing 3D City Environment & Excellent Shooting Sounds-Elite Army Force Shooting simulator includes differentguns,bullets, and hand grenades